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Author's note this is a story that's been on the backburner for nearly a year after I started it and today, I finally sat down and wrote around 5000 words to get it done. It's slightly different to my norm but hey, the only way you learn is by experimenting! Hugz. Andy xx

Billy Bitch
Andy Mann


Chapter One




Excited? Me? Much? Damn straight I was!


Why was I so excited? Well, the fact that I was in my Dad's car going to the house of the guy that he knew. Why would that excite me? Was it because we were going to go to the football that afternoon? No. Was it because he had a fantastic pool in his back garden? Well, he did have one but as it was pissing down with rain, obviously not.

So why was I so excited? Because Malc was the guy who had been organising the sex parties that Dad had been taking me to for the last ten months. Ever since I turned eleven, I have been sucked, wanked, fingered, had my mouth fucked and my arse buggered time after wonderful time. And I loved it. Malc was a fixer, a pimp, a whatever you want to call him. He was the guy that had all the contacts and organised the meets, be they with single guys or mass orgies. If there was a need for a boy or girl to get fucked, Malc was the guy that you talked to.

Dad had got me involved after he caught me wanking off to porn videos on the internet, sliding a stolen candle in and out of my boy hole. After a quiet talk that ended up with the pair of us in my bed, Dad ramming his cock inside my arse, taking my virginity, I was more than happy to be Daddy's little sex toy. Mum had walked out on us some time ago, for another bloke apparently, but I had always got on better with Dad. He always spent time with me, playing football in the garden, wrestling and generally doing lots of stuff that would end up with me needing a shower, which he took with me to make sure I was extra clean when he scrubbed me. Of course, now I knew the reason. He wanted to touch my naked body!

It was about a month after he started to fuck me every morning, evening and night that he introduced me to Malc. Or rather Malc's organisation. Dad had been introduced to him through a friend who had discovered our secret one evening round our house. We had been watching the football on telly, Dad and Steve getting drunk, even letting me have some beer as well. By the time Dad and Steve had gotten onto their third ten pack of beers, Dad got horny and slurring drunkenly, he fished his cock out of his trousers and told me to suck him off. I did so, being slightly merry myself, and it was only when I slurped Dad's spunk down my throat that I felt my head being guided to Steve's cock. He fucked my mouth, feeding me a second helping of man juice before the pair lost interest in the football. They pulled their clothes off, led me upstairs to my room and spent the night fucking my hole. Steve told Dad that if he was interested, that he would introduce us to a group of guys who liked that sort of thing and we were soon in the fold.


Malc was definitely the man in charge. He was an oldish bloke, Dad said he was like 50 or something, and when I first met him, I saw him pop a boner straight away. Mind you, I was in my football kit, having come straight to his from my under 12's match that morning. I still had smudges of mud on my legs and face, and smelled of sweat. Malc just pulled me towards him, pulled off my shirt and stuck his nose into my smelly pits. I remember giggling out loud as his beard tickled my skin before he turned serious and kissed me full on the lips. I groaned and gave myself to his enjoyment as he stuck his hand down my shorts, first groping and jerking me to a hard on before slipping his finger around to my bum and pushing a finger inside me. I squeaked in pleasure and was stripped naked in front of my father. Malc picked me up and carried me into his lounge where he had strung up a harness. He fixed me into it and with a pull of a lever, spread my legs apart. He lubed up his fingers some more and worked two, then three inside my little boy cunt.

He told my Dad that I had an arse primed for fucking and fished out a cock that was around the same size as my Dad's, seven and a half inches. I should know that as I measured my Dad's cock one evening to see how big it actually was. The difference between Malc's cock and my Dad's though was Malc had this earing pierced through the slit of his dick. That must really have hurt! I didn't give a shit though as Malc soon had his cock inside me, earing and all and every time he thrust it into me, my whole body shuddered in pleasure. I had three dry cums before he spunked inside me.

Now before you think that I'm stupid or stuff, Dad, Steve and Malc are the only guys who have spunked into my arse. Sure, other guys do cum while fucking me but Malc always makes them wear rubbers while they do. Well, mostly. There's this one guy who doesn't like wearing them and Malc has told him as long he is tested all the time, and he pays extra, he can bareback me. I kinda do like it as he always wants me to clean his cock after he fucks me and tasting his cum mixed in with my bum juice is so fucking horny.

So ever since that first time, at least twice month, sometime more, we go to parties that Malc arranges and there are normally at least three kids there and at least a dozen men, all of who want to fuck our boy pussies or girl cunts.


So this one Sunday afternoon, Dad had watched me play football as always. I play central midfield and love getting dirty, for the obvious reason that Dad showers me normally, but today he told me just to get in the car and that we were going to Malc's house in the country. That is where nearly all of the parties took place as it was an old farm and he had installed security fences all around it and cameras and stuff. This meant that no one could get in without an invite, and we were always invited!

As we drove the ten miles from our town to his house, Dad was rubbing his cock through his trousers and I could see him getting boned up. Knowing that he would want relief, I undid my seat belt and leaned over to his side of the car. I unzipped his flies and reached inside and wasn't surprised to find that he was going commando. He always did when we went Malc's. I fished his cock out of his trousers and kissed it before sucking it in to my mouth.

In the ten months that I have been sexed up, I have probably sucked over two hundred cocks so I've gotten really good at it. I can keep a guy on edge for ages, teasing him to the point of cumming before making him wait and wait, or if needs must, I can get a guy to cum in less than two minutes. Knowing that we didn't have a lot of time and that there is always the risk of being caught in the open, I went to work of Dad's dick and sure enough, just ninety seconds later, I heard him grunt loudly, hold my head in his lap and he fired seven heavy shots of spunk into my waiting throat.

I pulled off his dick, savouring the last shot in my mouth, rolling his slime around my tongue before he pulled over as we approached the gated driveway. Dad grabbed my shoulder length blonde hair and pulled me into a French kiss, allowing me to feed him the remainder of his spunk before he roughly grabbed my three and three quarter inch erection through my football shorts. I groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as he harshly jerked my cock through the nylon shorts and my cotton boxers and I moaned as my third climax of the day hit my body. Dad had already fucked me before breakfast causing my first two cums before I went to football.

As Dad buzzed the button on the gate entrance, we smiled at the camera and as always, I mooned it, pulling down my shorts and briefs to give Henry, Malc's main security guard a view of what he might get later. Henry was cool. He was muscled like Hercules and his dick, well, it was huge. He really liked my arse and I really liked him fucking me.

We pulled up to the front door, knowing that we had no need to hide and as I bounced out of the car, Henry greeted us at the entrance. I jumped into his outstretched arms, plating kisses onto his face, wrapping my legs around his firm body as his hands cupped my bottom to support me. I could feel a finger probing at my crevice but with being still clothed, all it did was tease the pair of us.


"So are you ready for today, scamp?" he asked me, using his favourite nickname for me. I earned it from scampering between men to suck dick or offering my arse for fucking.

"Sure thing Henry," I smiled back at him. "How many men are there?"

"There's around twenty people here, scamp," he replied, a strange expression on his face.

"How many other kids?" I was wondering if Johnny was going to be here. He was a hot fourteen year old who had fucked me a couple of times, although he obviously spent most of his time getting his own arse banged.

"Just you, scamp," Henry frowned, flashing a look at my Dad. "Haven't you told him?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Dad responded, stroking my back as I let out an audible gulp.

"Twe twe twenty guys are gonna fuck me with no one else here?" I almost sobbed at the thought of how sore my hole was going to be tomorrow. Fortunately it was half term so I didn't have school but still, twenty cocks meant I would spend most of the day in bed.

"No son, there isn't twenty guys," Dad started. "And none of them are here to fuck you today, but to watch."

"Watch what?" I asked, confused.

"You'll find out, but I know you'll love it." He kissed me before motioning to Henry to put me back onto the floor and they led me inside.


Now I knew most of the house like the back of my hand, after all I had been fucked in most of the rooms but as they led me through the long hallway and into the kitchen, my confusion must have shown even more. Finally we passed through the kitchen door into the back yard and headed towards the stables. I knew that Malc didn't keep horses or anything but I had heard him mention last time that I was here that he was renovating them. My dick started to grow hard as I wondered what kinky pleasures awaited in the out buildings.

Malc must have heard us approaching as he walked out of the stable and breaking away from Henry, I ran towards him, replicating my jump. We kissed deeply, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth as his hands roamed underneath my football shirt.


"How are you, kiddo?" he asked.

"Better now, but I wanna know what's going on," I whined slightly. "Dad says there's loads of cock here but I'm not gonna get any." I pouted my lips and tried to give him my world famous puppy dog baby blues but he was far too experienced in dealing with me to fall for that.

"Oh, that little butt of yours is going to get a good working over, don't worry about that," he chuckled, giving me a firm, hard slap on my rear, causing me to yelp and rub it to cool it down.

"Henry, you can watch from the camera feed in the security room, but we need to make sure that we are not interrupted today, of all days," Malc told his friend and employee. I waved a small goodbye to the big guy before turning back to Malc.

"So what's the plan?" I asked. I was used to Malc wanting me to role play for certain clients of his and was guessing that today was one of those.

"Simple really, you will walk in to the stable and walk up and down and around the centre piece. Then you will remove your shorts and do another circuit, and then your shirt, circuit before removing your underwear and walk the circuit."

"Huh? Why?"

"The clients are positioned around the centre piece and they want to admire your body before the main action takes place," Malc told me. "I will then enter and we will do some preparation before the fun begins."

"Well son, I'm going to go and take my place," Dad said to me, giving me a kiss on my forehead. "Put on a show for everyone, and enjoy yourself."


I watched my father leave me with Malc who turned to me with a leer.


"Now you do this perfectly and we will have the clients eating out of our hands, begging for further visits," he told me. "Today has bought in more money, and some of the most important people that I have ever had here." He grabbed my shirt collar, pulling me towards him. "So don't fuck it up and don't you even consider rebelling against anything."

"Malc!" I squeaked out. "You know I won't. I love what we do and I'll do anything, you know that."

"Well, make sure you do and step up to the plate," he said a little more calmly, ruffling my hair. "I'm going to go and introduce you. You remember the sequence?"


I nodded and within seconds heard his booming voice from inside the stable.


"My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your entertainment and pleasure, we have scoured the country and found the most desirable, eleven year old that you will ever have feasted your eyes upon. A virgin in this field of sexertainment, this young boy has yet to taste the experience of true pleasure. May I introduce your willing sexpot, Billy Bitch."


I shyly entered the stable to an impressive round of applause as I heard the people in attendance clap. I tried to keep my focus on Malc, but I did have to glance around the inside. It no longer looked like a stable but was whitewashed on each wall, with a circle of comfy chairs placed around in a circle. Bright lights shone from the walls which blinded my view of the people sat in the chairs but as I heard the different voices call out their opinion of how cute I looked, I heard at least six different female voices.

This was something new for me as I had never, ever been involved with a woman in any form. I had never had sex with any of the girls within Malc's circle of kids so the realisation that I was going to be naked in front of women sent nerves shuddering through my body.

A harsh cough brought me back to the moment and I saw Malc frowning at me and I quickly got into the act that I needed to perform and slowly walked in a circle, between two painted lines on the floor. I knew that I was supposed to be smiling and giving the audience my attention and so I fought against my desire to look at the centre of the circle.

I finally completed the first circuit and as I pulled off my deep red nylon football shorts, I glanced upwards and saw that there was something covered up with a big white cloth. Knowing that it would only be revealed to me when Malc was good and ready, I shrugged to myself mentally and started my second circuit. With no shorts on, my football shirt hung loose and it covered up my briefs and upper legs, causing moans from the crowd who obviously wanted to see flesh.

As my nerves at the situation started to fade as I figured that this was just going to be a kinky sex show in front of a crowd of people who must dream of having a boy but not having the balls, or guts in the case of the women, to do it themselves. They obviously wanted to watch someone else fuck me so that they could have their fantasies when they wanked their cocks or fingered their pussies. I played up to them on my second circuit, flashing my bright white toothed smile at them, pausing at certain points with my hands on my hips, pulling my shirt taut against my slim body.

I reached the spot where my shorts lay on the floor and with the grace of an experienced striptease artist, I eased my shirt upwards, turning my back to the majority of the crowd. This allowed me to slip my shirt off, exposing my brown tanned back to them along with the white cotton briefs which covered up my pert bum. Dad and Malc had these exercises that I had to do, as well as some massages that kept my buttocks in firm shape for fucking.

I turned back to the centre of the room, gaining the appreciative oohs and claps that I expected as my tented front came into view. Walking the circuit once more, this time I blew small kisses to each chair as I passed. I could already hear faint slapping from several of the chairs and I guessed that some of the male voyeurs already had their own hard ons in their hands, jerking at the sight of my still non-naked body.

As I completed my second circuit, the thought flashed into my head that this was it. I was going to take off my briefs, leaving myself completely naked, with a hard cock, in front of people that I couldn't see including some women. What if any of them knew me? What if, oh god I hope not, but what if one is a teacher at my school? Another cough from Malc and I was naked. No messing around, teasing it this time. I needed to get naked before I bolted from the room and now that I was, I relaxed as the weight left my shoulders.

There was almost silence in the room as I walked my circuit, again pausing in front of each chair, giving my three and three quarter inch cock a couple of tugs for each viewer. My balls were yet to drop so my nutsack wasn't much to see and of course, with puberty yet to start, I was completely bald down there. I thought it would worry me when I first figured out about the women but now, hearing some whispered comments about how fuckable I was, how one woman wanted to gobble my cock and balls and lick me all over, I paraded like the sexed up boy toy that I was.


"One final circuit," Malc whispered to me as he came up to me. "This time, I want you to pause by each chair, bend over and show them your fuck hole."

"Sure thing," I grinned back at him, now totally at home with the situation. I heard at least three men pant and grunt loudly as they shot their loads as I exposed my hole to each viewer. I guess that the plan was that they wanted to see my little pucker that was going to get fucked in front of them, so it would further feed their dreams.


As I completed my final circuit, I noticed that a second man had joined Malc. He was hooded, giving him the anonymity that he probably wanted and needed as if he was the man who was going to fuck me in front of people, and with the cameras recording if what Malc had told Henry was correct, then if this got leaked out, the man could face serious trouble.

I paused at my spot, waiting for the next instruction from Malc and he nodded to the unknown man. They reached for the sheet and pulled it back and away, uncovering what looked almost like one of those multi workout benches but clamps and clasps around it. I gulped slightly, as while I was into most things sexually, I didn't really like the BDSM side of things and being tied up meant handing myself completely over to the person or people to use my body however they saw fit.

Malc motioned me forward and biting my lip and nerve, I stumbled slowly forwards. I had given him my word that I wouldn't back out of anything today, and he must have known that I would keep my word despite my dislike of being strapped up.

I looked at the, well I didn't know what to call it really. It had padding on it and as the two men picked me up, Malc holding my arms and the other man my feet, they carried me towards it and lifted me over it. I was placed face down, my head resting over the top edge. My hands were tied into two straps and a further strap was looped over the small of my back, pressing my upper body into the padded surface. There was then a small gap where my crotch rested so that my dick and balls hung free. In my worry of what might happen to me, my cock had lost its hardness and now hung limply next to my ballsack, shrivelled to its one inch length. My legs were placed onto the lower part of the bench, straps fixing my ankles to it.


"And there we have our little sexpot, Ladies and Gentlemen," Malc announced. "Immobilised and in position for his little boy hole to be exploited for your viewing pleasure." He paused for a moment. "Well, almost ready."


He motioned to the other man and I saw the pair each reach for a lever. I let out a whimper of surprise and slight pain as my arms were pulled outwards so that they were horizontal to my body, as if I was making a T shape. A second lever raised the upper section slightly, lifting my chest, while the lower section bent underneath, bending me at the waist. My dick was now completely exposed and with a final lever, my legs pulled apart into an inverted Y.


"Hmmm, this still won't do," Malc sighed as he ran his hand over my buttocks, pushing a finger inside my crack. "We need to widen this out so we can see the action."


I felt padded clamps fixed onto my cheeks and around underneath my groin. I could glance down underneath the bench and saw that they were joined in the middle and had a screw like device on them. Malc's hands stroked my cheeks as the hooded man twisted the screw, pulling my cheeks apart until I squeaked in pain as they could open no more.


"That's perfect," Malc announced and I then discovered that the bench had been mounted onto a turntable, as with the press of a button, it started a slow but steady revolve allowing everyone in the chairs a perfect view of my exposed hole.

"God I want to fuck that arse!" a voice grumbled from the audience only to be hushed by a female complaint as her husband had just voiced his darkest desire.

"Another time maybe," Malc told him. "See me afterwards and we can always book you in to a more conventional party."


I was just about to start wondering what he meant by that when I heard the familiar opening of a jar of Vaseline. Now I did start to wonder as we never used Vaseline for anything other than the largest of dicks, double penetrations or fisting. It kept its sliminess better than KY but it tasted awful when you sucked off the cock afterwards.

I glanced backwards and saw the hooded man removing his jumpsuit to reveal a fit, firm body and I was surprised to see that he only had an average six inch cock. I would have thought that if these people were paying money to see me fucked, they would want me begging and screaming on the end of one of the huge dicks that some of the other guys had.

He walked over to me, the jar of grease in his hand and he spread a glob on his finger as he stepped onto the rotating platform. He held his finger up to the audience before pushing it into me with no hesitation. I yelped out at the sudden intrusion. While I had been on the end of some really hard fuck sessions, normally the lubing process started gently but the hooded man had other ideas and after moments of finger fucking my arse, he pulled out.

Two fingers were pushed inside me and I grunted as I clenched my teeth, knowing I was in for a hard ride but I wouldn't give anyone the satisfaction of crying out. Malc had said nothing about playing the scared boy so I wouldn't let him down.

I heard catcalls come from a couple of people as three fingers stretched my hole to the limit of the brief intrusion before I heard faint slapping from behind me. Suddenly a cock was in my face and I opened my mouth to allow him to slide it into my oral hole. I concentrated on slurping as much spit onto it as possible, guessing that it was going up my arse with just my saliva for lube.

Sure enough, it was pulled from my mouth and within seconds, I felt the mushroom head press against my small pucker. Pushing down like I was taking a dump, it popped through my defences and I let out a whimper of pleasure as I was now fully involved in my favourite activity, sex with a man, being bent over with a cock in my arse.

All thoughts and memories of the twenty people in the chairs scattered around in the circle vanished from my mind as my body gave itself over to the wonder of man boy sex. This is what I was born for, what my arse was made for, taking a fully grown adult cock in to my anal passage. I squeezed and flexed my arse muscles, trying to milk the cum out of my hooded lover and again, to my surprise, within a couple of minute the thrusting of the cock got more insistent and harder and I heard a Welsh accent curse out as the dick inside me throbbed and pulsed.

I was sure that I recognised the voice but would have to find the man at a later date to see if it was who I thought as my mouth was invaded once more, this time with a cock dripping with cum and my anal juices. Unfortunately the slimy, waxy taste of the Vaseline also joined the flavours but I sucked and licked him clean as I had been taught.


"Now that he has been lubed up, are you all ready for the first of tonight's fuckers?" Malc shouted out to the crowd. Yells of damn right, get him in here, let's see that arse fucked properly, came out from the audience and I started to quiver in anticipation of who was next. I heard the door opened and started to turn my head to see who it was.

"Oh no, my little sex toy, we can't spoil the surprise," Malc chuckled. He pulled up a previously unseen part of the bench. It looked like one of those things that you rest your head and chin on when you have your eyes tested and the optician wants to look inside your eyes. He fixed it to my head and it had the job of fixing my head in place, only being able to look forwards. The turntable did two more revolutions before it stopped with me facing away from the door. Once again, the door reopened and I heard footsteps. Well, it sounded like them until they got closer and I was able to tell that there was a pair of footsteps that belonged to a man and then what sounded like click click sounds. Double the amount of click clicks to the footsteps of the man. Like it was four legged.

My cock that was only just hardening after the very short fuck from the hooded man sprung to life and back to full hardness as the perverseness of what was surely going to happen to me hit my mind.


"Look, his little prick has gone hard again!" A woman's voice shouted out.

"He must want what's going to happen, the dirty slut," a man replied.

"Of course he wants it, he's a little bottom boy who likes cock," another man commented. "That's so obvious from how he took the hood without a complaint."

"But really, is this right?" a female questioned suddenly. "I'm not sure about this."

"Honey, we've paid a fortune for this and you said that you wanted to see something like this."

"There are no returns and each of you signed agreements that if you leak anything to the press, then the information you have given to my organisation will be made public," Malc snapped harshly. "In your case, madam, I really do not think that you want your employers to know about how you finger young boys arses and use rectal thermometers instead of taking their temperatures in the normal fashion."

"Oh that's so horny!" I heard my Dad's voice chuckled. "Maybe I can bring my son for a check up with you one day."


That caused general laughter amongst the audience, even though they did not realise that his son was in fact the boy tied up and ready to get further fucked for their pleasure. The woman voiced her approval of that idea and no further comments were added.


"Well, if we are all settled back down, it's time to introduce Billy Bitch Boy to his first dog," Malc announced.


I heard a growl and a bark from behind me before a couple of small whines.


"We don't want to scratch the boy's body after all," the Welsh voice drawled. "Just to get his hole fucked!"


I felt something sprinkle onto my bum before I shivered and gasped out a loud shout of pleasure as a long, rough tongue licked its way around my hole. I had been rimmed before but never with such a tongue. I pleaded with Malc to free my head so that I could see the animal that was about to breed me and surprisingly he agreed. Seemingly reassured that I was not going to cry out in shock and horror but in fact, was looking to enjoy the experience, my head clamp was removed and I turned to see my dog lover.

A coat of golden fur covered a medium sized body of the Labrador who had its muzzle firmly buried inside my crack. I discovered later that Malc sprinkled sugar into my arse which encouraged the dog to rim me, forcing its long tongue almost inside me. My body suddenly shook underneath me as the tongue swiped along the underside of my balls and caught the uncovered tip of my uncut cock.


"OH FUCKING HELL!" I yelled out as my climax overtook my thoughts and it was while I was cumming that I felt the dog lifted up and onto my body. I was expecting pain as its claws dug in but I discovered what the hooded Welsh guy meant when I felt sock covered paws work their way onto my back.

I felt prodding against my hole and was surprised to feel that the dog wasn't hard. However, with my well lubed hole, it didn't seem to matter as after three or four missed aims, I felt a slim, slimy dick enter me. It felt to be just bigger than me which disappointed me, as I thought that I was going to be treated to a big, hard fuck when I had figured out what they had in store for me but as the lab started to thrust into me, I felt my insides start to fill as its cock swelled up with blood.

The thrusts started to hit my immature little prostate and my dick, still erect despite my cum, began to jerk itself around with the force of the inwards thrusts. Once again, my mind blanked out my surroundings as my body gave itself over to the sex, albeit perverted in this instance and I groaned loudly as I felt my arse lips quiver as the lab's dick continued to swell. Suddenly the dog let out a loud growl and pain shot through my arse as it felt like someone was trying to force a fist inside me without any lube.


"It's trying to knot the boy!" the woman who had previously voiced an objection cried out. "Oh that is so fucking horny!" I heard her cry out in pleasure as she must have been fingering herself to the point of orgasm over the sight of my dog fuck.


I cried out, wanting to stop the pain, no longer wanting the dog to fuck me but if anyone had any inclination of showing any mercy to me, they kept quiet as cry after cry of orgasms echoed around the room.

The pain lessened as I felt my arse pop open and the lab shuffled itself forwards further to continue its thrusts into me. My ring piece screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure as it stretched against the knot in the dog's cock and I couldn't help but throw my head back in glorious orgasm as I felt the dog unload its spunk deep into my innards. It seemed like it would never end, but of course it did.

Unlike being fucked by a man, who usually went limp and pulled out once he came, the lab remained knotted inside me, despite its efforts to pull out of me. I guess my arse was just too tight, unlike a bitch's cunt, for immediate removal but still it tried for the next ten minutes, making me cry out in pain and joy. Finally my arse expelled not just the dog's cock but also what seemed like ten gallons of dog spunk. I was pleased that my legs were well spread as I'd hate to think the mess that would be soaking down them if they were tucked underneath me.


"Okay everyone, as agreed and paid for, some of you bought tickets to be the clean up," Malc announced. "Underneath each chair is a balaclava with eye holes and a mouth hole. The winning person can either use the cloth to clean up Billy Bitch's arse or your mouth."

"Damn, I wish I'd bought one now," the same woman complained, much to my relief. It was one thing to let women watch me being fucked by a man and a dog but to have them touch me, URGH!

"The first winner is ticket number eight," Malc said.

"That's me!" a Scottish male voice crowed from in front of me.


I lifted my head weakly up to see a naked fat man waddle his way towards me. My Gran is a fan of wrestling but not the cool stuff like Triple H, or Kane but some old crap that is on one of those repeat channels. There was some old dude called Big Daddy and he was really fat and just used to bump people out of the ring. Well, this guy was fatter than he was.

He had his balaclava on as he obviously thought that it would protect his identity but a really fat Scottish bloke must be recognised by people who knew him? He approached me, his laughable hard on looked tiny against his fat gut but as he approached me, he walked up to my face and pressed himself into me. I gagged slightly as he stunk of sweat and piss but he quickly moved when Malc reminded him that he wasn't there to get a blow job or to fuck me.


"You can rim him, and finger him if you want, but that's it," Malc warned him.

"Oh I'm gonna do both of them!" he laughed and for the first time in my sexual life, I really didn't want to be there.

"Ah man, how come some fat git like him gets to enjoy the boy," I heard several mutters but the `fat git' didn't seem to care as he pushed his face into my crack. He must never have had a boy before, or anyone for that matter as he had no idea how to rim. All he did was lick around my bum, lapping up the dog spunk which I giggled to myself thinking how gross that must be but when I felt a finger press against my pucker, I winced.

"NO!" I whined in pain as the fat digit pushed inside me.

"Billy!" Malc warned me.

"He's not using any lube or anything," I complained as the fat git tried to press a second finger into me.

"Did you not read the agreement?" the hooded Welshman hissed as I felt the fingers pulled away from my body.

"Yeah, but he's just had shit loads of spunk in him," the Scot tried to fob off.

"Too late, you've lost your chance to finger the boy," Malc told him. "Back to your seat."

"But, but," he complained.

"Do you really want me to show the pictures of you in the morgue?" Malc hissed quietly. I think that only the fat git and myself could hear him, and I gagged in disgust as I saw the guy's body almost drain of blood as he shook his head in the negative. "If you try to lose some weight and learn how to pleasure properly, you might get a chance of fucking a kid that alive rather than the ones that lie on your slabs."

"What's next?" I asked quietly, wondering what else was to come.

"Horny?" Malc chuckled, reaching underneath me to give my limp cock a quick grope. I groaned in delight as he teased me back to hardness.

"Um, well, I do normally get with a few guys when I come over here," I grinned. "So far I've only had two cocks!"


Malc answered me by delivering a couple of quick smacks across my behind before turning around to his horny audience.


"Okay then people, we still have a lot on the menu. However, as you're the paying audience, why don't you decide what's next?"



End of chapter


Author's note :- So then, my horny audience...what do you think should be next for our Billy Bitch? Feel free to email in with your perverted ideas of what we can do to him in the next chapter. After all, poor Billy has only had two cocks so far and they still have all afternoon and evening to play.


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