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Billy Bitch
Andy Mann


Chapter Two


 "What's next?" I asked quietly, wondering what else was to come.

"Horny?" Malc chuckled, reaching underneath me to give my limp cock a quick grope.  I groaned in delight as he teased me back to hardness.

"Um, well, I do normally get with a few guys when I come over here," I grinned.  "So far I've only had two cocks!"


Malc answered me by delivering a couple of quick smacks across my behind before turning around to his horny audience.


"Okay then people, we still have a lot on the menu.  However, as you're the paying audience, why don't you decide what's next?"

"More dogs!" I heard a male voice shout out.

"Fist the boy's pussy!" came another.

"Make him suck animal dick!" a woman shouted.

"Get him fucking something," another voice demanded.


However, the general consensus seemed to be that my holes needed filling and I winced in pain as the straps tieing me to the chair thing were undone by Malc. He stood me up, turning me around on the spot to allow the audience to see my naked body once more, my little pricklet fully erect after hearing all of the suggestions for my next sex. Malc reached down and slowly wanked my three and three quarter inch nail as the platform rotated.


"How do you feel about being filled at both ends?" he whispered in my ear.

"Depends on who's doing the filling," I smiled at him. "I don't like that Scottish guy," I whispered.

"Don't worry about him. He won't touch your beautiful body again," he kissed me on the ear, running his tongue inside it, causing me to giggle as his beard tickled my skin.

"COME ON! Let's see the bitch fucked again!" the fat Scot called out, and there were several murmurs of agreement.


I looked up at Malc before flashing a glance to where I knew my Dad was sitting and with an apprehensive smile on my face, I allowed my body to be bent over and Malc gripped my cheeks pulling them apart. The rotating platform gave everyone another chance to see my now abused hole.


"So we want this little hole filled up with cock, do we?" he called out, gaining groaned agreements from the watching audience. He stuck a finger deep inside me, causing my nearly four inch erection to quiver as I let out a loud moan of joy. He finger fucked me for a few moments before pulling his digit out. He walked around my body until he stood in front of me. "How about this hole?" He placed his finger on my lips and I willingly opened my mouth and sucked in the finger which has just been making my anal insides feel wonderful.

"Christ! He's sucking his shit spit!" someone gasped and I decided to show them what my mouth could do. I licked around Malc's finger, slurping it inside, pretending it was a cock that I was blowing rather than just a finger.

"Get him fucked at both ends!" I heard my Dad shout.


Malc motioned to me to get down onto the floor, which fortunately had a cushioned blanket on it so that my knees wouldn't get hurt and I was soon in one of my favourite positions. I was on my hands and knees, legs spread apart waiting for the next cock while my head was looking forwards, wondering who's cock would be pushed into my mouth. I heard Malc whistle and as the platform continue to rotate, the hooded Welshman walked back into the room, this time hold a dog's lead in each hand. My eyes widened as I saw a German shepherd and a Doberman, both fully grown, both with their bright pink cocks already showing out of their sheaths.


"Now then, ladies and gentlemen, these fine specimens have been kept on the point of sex for the last week in preparation for this afternoon's show. I think it is only fair to them both to be able to breed like they were born to do," my bearded pimp announced.


He walked over to the pair and took the lead of the German shepherd. The dog immediately tried to jump up to hump his leg but with a harsh word of command from Malc, the dog settled back down and allowed itself to be led until it was in front of me. Another command word was barked at him and I watched as the dog laid down and rolled onto its back. I could clearly see the glistening tip of the dog's cock and despite my initial revulsion at the idea, I found my mouth salivating at the thought of taking the cock into my mouth and sucking it.

I crawled forward, covering the three foot gap with a few hand and knee steps, causing some of the audience to cat call about what a little bitch boy I must be. I didn't care. I wanted the dog's cock in my mouth and as I tentatively moved my mouth onto his cock, I heard the dog let out a yowl of what must have been pleasure. The dick certainly didn't taste like a human cock but there was a weird taste of what seemed like peanuts. I didn't mind that as I loved the peanut butter sandwiches that my Dad made me and I was soon licking and sucking the cock, feeling it swelling inside my mouth.

Again, I heard the name calling coming from the audience, telling me what a dirty dog cock sucking bitch that I was, but it just turned me on even more. I guess it was turning on the crowd as well as I heard a high pitch squeal from over my left shoulder as a woman screamed her way to an orgasm.


"Time to complete the doggy sandwich I think," Malc said as he slipped his two fingers back inside me, causing me to moan around the seven inches of doggy dick that I had in my mouth. "Now then, I think that we need to lube him up a little if he's going to get Rex's dick inside him." I heard a rustle of paper and the Welshman called out a number.

"THAT'S ME!" A female cried.

"Well, come on down and let's get his arse slick," Malc replied.


I let out a groan as my worst fears for the day had been realised. A woman, a horrible woman was going to touch me! However, knowing that I had to do everything that Malc said, otherwise I would find myself on the outskirts of his stable of boys, meant that I kept my head bobbing up and down on the German shepherd, who's tongue was lolling out of his mouth. The nasty thought that I would like to suck the tongue into my mouth in a French kiss crossed my mind. All thoughts soon vanished though as I felt slim fingers push inside me as the woman, whoever she was as she had walked from behind me so that I could see her, started to finger fuck me. She must have done this to other males, boys or men as she soon had my cock back at full hardness, having shrivelled at the prospect of a woman touching me.


"That's it you little bitch boy, let's get this arse ready for banging," she growled lowly.

"See if you can get four fingers inside him," the fat Scot called out.

"Fuck four fingers, you may as well go with your whole fist!" another shouted.

"Maybe later," Malc calmed everyone down, me included. "We're only getting him ready for nine inches of Doberman meat, not a horse dick."

"Damn, now that's something I'd love to see," a voice murmured.


I tried to block out that thought as the woman continued to loosen me up, shoving three fingers inside me, stretching me further open, while her spare hand sneaked underneath me, alternating between cupping my little nutsack and using two fingers to gently tease my foreskin back and forth over my cock head.


"Do you like that, little boy?" she whispered to me. "I know that all little boys like their willies and bum holes played with. My little cub scouts love it when Akela makes them feel good."


I couldn't answer her of course, as my mouth was still full of doggie dick, but at least I now knew where she had gotten her experience from. The thought of a room full of uniform clad boy scouts, all waiting their turn for Akela's treats nearly sent me over the edge but I managed to pull myself back. I didn't want to have a cum while I had a woman's finger inside me. Anyone might think I was turning straight!


"Well, I think he's about ready," Akela announced, with a slight sigh. "Why don't you bring the dog over?"


I felt her pull out of me, leaving an empty feeling in my anal passage, one that I knew would soon be filled to the extremities if Malc's assessment about the Doberman having a nine inch dick. Claws tapped on the concrete floor until they stopped with a slight whine. I took a risk and pulled my mouth from the dick I was sucking to cast a quick glance behind me. Sure enough, the hooded Welshman was putting socks over the dog's front paws once again, saving my naked torso from being scratched and as I looked underneath the dog's body, my jaw dropped slightly. There was a huge pink cock hanging from its sheath. It wasn't even erect and it looked to be as big as my Dad's. I gulped as Malc turned my head back towards to German shepherd who had barked a couple of times in frustration at the interruption to his dick being sucked. The dog had rolled over and stood up and Malc held my head still as the beast jumped up and mounted the front of my body. I felt a brief pain as his claws scratched my back, no socks on this one, but as he stabbed forwards, his dick found my mouth and I opened my lips to allow the dog to slide into me.

A weight landed on my back from behind as the heavy Doberman was let loose to join in the fun. Rex shuffled his way up my body until I felt the slimy doggy dick slip against my bum cheeks. He let out a yowl before the Welshman took hold of my bum and parted my cheeks, exposing my hole to the mutt. I let out a squeal of pain as with one thrust, Rex slammed the whole length of his cock inside me, taking no prisoner as he started his breeding of me.

My cock quivered underneath me and I was assaulted at both ends by canine cocks, each of them looking to breed my holes with their rapidly expanding dicks. I felt the German shepherd's cock start to swell in my mouth as I tightened my lips and tongue around it, trying to imitate a bitch's pussy for him to fuck, with some success by the feel of it. I could feel the girth of the cock widen and with heavy, hard thrusts, the knot of the dog forced its way past my lips. I opened wide to allow it in before sealing my mouth around it, sucking it into my mouth like the hard-boiled egg that I had eaten for breakfast just this morning.

Rex was not to be left out. Half a dozen hard thrusts had the dog panting and my body sweating as my innards were being stretched. My mind flickered back to my first meeting with Tyrone, one of Malc's black friends who introduced me to the pleasures of a ten inch long, four inch girth cock. I didn't think that Rex would be quite that big but it felt like he was getting there.


"Now this is what I paid to see," came a pant from the audience. "There's nothing like a sexy young boy getting it at both ends."

"I'm not sure about this," the woman who likes inserting thermometers in all of the wrong places whispered out. "He is going to be okay, isn't he?"

"Of course he is," Malc reassured her. "Our little Billy Bitch can take a cock this size sitting down, if you'll pardon the pun."

"Man, look at the Doberman go!" another gasped.


And boy was Rex going! My arse felt like it was on fire as the nine inches of hard dog cock was slamming back and forth into my now abused hole. The dog was letting out growls of what sounded like pleasure as he bred me, made me his little bitch. The German shepherd on the other hand had reached his own peak and I felt the knot swell even further, stretching my mouth wide. Doggie spunk spurted out of his cock, firing straight down my throat and as I started to struggle to keep up with the flow, it began to fill my mouth. I started to panic about being able to breathe until I remembered that I had a nose and with a couple of deep breaths through it, I returned to swallowing the bitter liquid. As Rex powered into me, I could feel my anus beginning to open wider and wider and as the German shepherd pulled out of my mouth, his cock spent, I cried out in pain as Rex's knot began to form.


"Maybe he can't take it?" the female doctor suggested, concern evident in her voice.

"Oh he's got to take it," the fat Scot sniggered. "I know what is coming up later."

"What? Come on, tell us!" another man shouted.

"Let's get the bitch through this first," the woman who had prepared me said.


She knelt by my side, placing her hands on my trembling body as Rex's thrusts were getting more and more insistent to insert his knot into me. She slid her hands around my body, scratching me gently with her nails before snaking a hand underneath, trailing it down my hairless chest. Reaching my cock, she rubbed her thumb over the exposed cock head, causing me to moan out loudly in the wonderful mix of pain and pleasure. She took hold of my near four inch shaft and with practiced ease, she set about wanking me hard and fast. My body reacted in the way it knew best, with my ardour rising rapidly and my legs shaking as my climax hit me like a speeding truck.


"Aw fu fu fu fucking hell!" I cried out as my cock throbbed in her hand. My head shot up and back as my release opened up my arse muscles allowing Rex to finally achieve his target and I was knotted. Tears of painful ecstasy ran down my cheeks as the big Doberman thrust further and further into me. It felt like he was fucking my upper intestines at one point but as he growled loudly, his own body shook as he released his doggie spunk inside my inner canal.


Of course, Rex tried to pull back once he had finished but there was just no way that my slim, small frame would release him until his knot went down and as I yelped in pain, the hooded Welshman took hold of the dog, calming him down and holding him still. My arms lost their strength and my head nearly bounced on the blanket as my upper body wilted down, leaving my arse in the air with Rex still attached to me. I heard a few moans and groans from the onlookers as they must have been reaching their own climaxes, having seen me spit roasted by two dogs.

Eventually Rex managed to free himself from me with a plop and my arse felt like it was a gaping chasm. I started to lower my body to the ground to rest but the woman stopped me with an insistent pull on my hips as she positioned herself behind me.


"Finally, I get to taste this boy pussy," she crowed and leaned in. I could only grunt and groan in pleasure as I felt her tongue my hole, lapping at the sides of my valley before locking her mouth in an imitation of a French kiss. I could feel the doggie spunk oozing from my pucker and the woman was lapping it up and drinking it.

"That is so hot!" I heard my Dad say.


As she released my hips, I let my body collapse onto the floor, my limp dick being cushioned by the blanket. I lay there, panting in an exhausted bliss, wondering if that would be it for the day. I doubted it. Not only did that fat Scottish git mention something about he knew something planned for later, but if they had paid money to see me shagged, then an hour and fifteen minutes of my body being abused surely would not be enough. I began to regret my assertion that I was a willing bottom and being pleased to be the only one here. How I wished that Johnny and some of the other boys were here, sharing the burden of getting my hole filled but I guessed that Malc and my Dad would reward me well for doing this without any complaint. I looked up at Malc, seeing him grin at me suddenly when movement from the corner of my eye caught my attention. Hot liquid spurted all over my body as Rex cocked his leg and let loose with a long stream of piss.


"Oh gross!" I gasped out, turning my body in an effort to avoid the stream. All that I did was get more of my naked form covered in the yellow liquid, even to the extent that it ran down the crack of my bum and pooled around my balls on the blanket.

"Oh FUCK!" A clear Scottish accent gasped out and as I looked in the direction that he was sitting, I saw white shooting from the darkness onto the floor in front of his chair. "Man, I'd love to lick his body clean."

"Well unfortunately you messed up, boyo," the Welshman chuckled. "You'll not be touching Billy Bitch's body again."

"What's next Malc?" a low voice asked from somewhere behind me.

"What do YOU think should be next?" came the reply.

"I'd like to see the boy fuck something." There were murmurs of agreement and as Rex finished his piss, the Welshman led the two dogs out of the stable.

"Looks like this is going to be called into action," Malc whispered to me as he leaned over and started to pump my small dick with his two forefingers. I let out a small groan as my cock hardened back to the near four inch weapon of boyhood and slowly rolled over onto my hands and knees before taking Malc's hand to stand up.


I heard a strange noise come from the door and as I turned around, my mind fought with itself to get over what I was seeing. The Welshman, very aptly I guess, was leading in a pure white lamb into the building. As they reached the centre stage, I bent down to stroke the lamb. I had never been this close to one before and the kid in me came bursting through as it looked like a stuffed toy. I guess if I stood up, the lamb came up to my knee so I had no idea how old, or young, it actually was. As I was making a fuss over it, I heard Malc start to address the crowd once more.


"Now then, I think we all agree that age appropriate sex is always acceptable so to have our young Billy Bitch here, with Flossy, well I think that is more than acceptable, don't you agree Ladies and Gentlemen?"


Of course the various calls of horny agreement came out but I was too busy chuckling at the fact that the lamb was called Flossy. My Dad loved the Blackadder programme and there was a character in the second series who had been having sex with a sheep called Flossy! The Welshman put his hands underneath my armpits and lifted me up, forcing me to stop petting the animal. He placed me in front of the lamb and told me to kneel but in an upright position. He took hold of the lamb and moved its head until its mouth was in my crotch. I got the idea of what he wanted and so I proudly stuck my dick forward, which the lamb in whatever confused state it must have been in, must have thought it was the nipple of a feeding bottle and took my dick into his mouth. I let out a yelp as it ground its teeth over my shaft before sighing in pleasure as the lamb starting to suck on my cock. I had been sucked off by some of the best in the past but nothing had prepared me for the suction on the lamb's mouth. It's tongue was rough as well and as it licked around my exposed cock head, it was all that I could do to stop my quivering legs from buckling underneath me in pleasure.


"I think he's just about ready, don't you?" Malc said to no-one in particular and the Welshman pulled me out of the lamb's mouth. My dick was glistening with sheep saliva and as I moved around to the rear of the animal, the hooded man took hold of the lamb.

"Um, is it a boy lamb or a girl lamb?" I asked, wondering where I was to insert myself.

"For you, my Billy boy, of course it's a boy," Malc laughed. "Get that sweet little cock of yours up its arse and fuck the shit out of it."


I needed no further instruction and pressed my dick next to the lamb's tight opening. I felt it try to pull away from me, and having been in this position before with another lad, I took hold of the back of the animal and with a hard forward thrust, I pushed past the lamb's sphincter, entering the warm internal back passage. I almost shot blanks there and then as I felt tightness wrap itself around my thin shaft but bit my lip to cause me to keep a grip on my ardour. I looked up at Malc who was beaming in delight at me.


"Now then people. If you look at the monitors on the chair, you will see the close up action captured by our cameras or you can watch the live flash," he told them. He nodded at me and I pulled my dick back out of the lamb before pushing back inside. As much as I love having a dick inside me, and for it to remain inside me while I'm being fucked, there is also a certain pleasure to be had from your hole stretching wide open as a cock is pulled out, only to be thrust back in. I knew that the viewing audience wanted to see my dick, not just my body so I was determined to give them a show.

Holding Flossy tightly as he struggled underneath my assault, I picked up my pace of fucking, causing my little purple mushroom head to be battered against the opening and insides of the young lamb. I could hear the grunts of the watching adults as I fucked Flossy with all of my might, panting loudly as my cock strained to shoot. My balls began to tighten underneath my dick and I was there. Crying out in pleasure, my cock throbbed inside the lamb and I leaned forwards, holding its wooly body against my smooth chest, revelling in the sensations that can only come with a climax induced by fucking a tight hole.

As I pulled out, Malc stopped me from backing away from Flossy.


"Don't you think that you need to clean up?" he asked.

"Huh? But I didn't spunk," I replied confused.

"That may be so, but there is still some anal juices that were flowing," Malc shrugged at me. "Clean it up. Now."


I thought about what he was asking and turned my nose up. I have rimmed men and boys before but never an animal. Surely he didn't want me to? Surely he wouldn't make me actually lick an animal's arse? As I looked up at my mentor, I saw his expression darken as I obviously was not acting quickly enough on his instructions. I screwed my nose up but turned to face Flossy's rear end. I leaned forwards, hearing a gasp from a woman and sniffed. It actually didn't smell of shit, which was good and so, with a heavy heart, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Taking a deep breath, I ran my tongue over the hole that I had just fucked. Flossy let out a startled baa, and for a moment I thought that a quick swipe of my tongue would satisfy him but as I heard the now all too familiar sounds of men wanking their dicks, I knew that I would have to give them a show.

I started to lick in and around the hole, grimacing slightly as some of the lamb's coat got stuck in my teeth, but before long, I had my tongue lapping against the bum hole. Flossy was making a lot of weird noises as for maybe the first time in history, a lamb was being rimmed by a boy! I was pleased that there wasn't too nasty a taste but as my tongue started to ache, I felt the animal's body quiver slightly and it's anus opened. A stench like nothing I had ever smelled before escaped from the rear end as Flossy farted in my face. I gagged slightly and went to pull away but Malc must have seen it and he grabbed my head and held it in place, forcing me to breathe in the smell.


"I bet the little bitch likes the smell of that," the Scottish git laughed. "How about to get the animal to shit on his face?"

"I don't think so," I heard my Dad reply immediately. "I've not paid to watch scat. Totally not into that!"

"I agree," the thermometer woman added. "Look at him, he's the picture of perfection and you want to ruin him with sheep poo? What's wrong with you?"


There were several other added comments telling the fat git to shut up and I let out a breath of relief as I realised that Malc wasn't going to make me do that. I had played around with water sports a little, especially with old man Garner who liked taking me to the shower and peeing on me before turning me around and shagging my bum with the water flowing over us, but I have always avoiding the poo side of things. I know that Johnny does it cos I've seen a couple of the dirtier men smear crap all over him but it's not something that makes me want to do it.


"Well, now that Flossy is clean and ready to go back to his pen," Malc interrupted the brewing arguments. "What would you like to see next?"




End of chapter


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