A friend and I had discussed obtaining an intact male dog after we had spent the night in his playroom with an out of state visitor and his dog. We were ready to engage in our new found interest with dogs! The friend's dog was old and could only perform once that night but we sure had fun exploring various aspects.

It all started when I was asked to come over to the playroom to act as photographer for my friend Joe and his out of state visitor Sam. Sam had brought along his dog, Buck, an older German Shepherd. When I got there, they had already been playin' around in the attic playroom so were naked and sweaty and ready to continue playing. I stripped down and grabbed the camera and joined in the fun. Joe was in the sling, his 8-inch cock sticking up straight as Sam was playing with his ass, teasing it first with his thick, uncut 9-incher then his fist. I could hardly concentrate on the camera and laid it down and joined the fun, my cock already throbbing anticipating the fun.

First, I went to Joe's cock and sucked on it as Sam kept playing with his ass. Sam grabbed up the camera and took a few shots of my mouth full of Joe's cock. Then I crawled under the sling and started sucking on Sam's thick cock and heavy balls as he started to really tease Joe's ass with his fist.

About this time, Buck, Sam's dog, comes over to investigate and sticks his nose in my ass as I'm sucking on his master's huge cock. Since this wasn't the first time I'd had some fun with a dog, I wasn't really surprised but the initial shock of his nose in my ass did send shivers up my ass. When I realized what was happening, I relaxed and sucked harder on Sam's cock as his dog licked my ass and waiting for what might happen next. I didn't have long to wait as Joe and Sam had already talked about this possible scenario and were as eager as I to see it happen.

Sam and Joe stopped what they were doing and concentrated on Buck and me and encouraging Buck to mount me. As I said, Buck was older and while he really wanted to join the fun, he was a bit limited in how long he could perform so Sam helped him along and guided his cock into my ass as Buck continued humping me. Since he was well experienced, he didn't take long to find the target and I could feel his bony cock enter my ass and his furry sheath rubbing up against my cheeks. About the second or third hump, and Buck was into my ass up to the hilt with his knot inside and beginning to swell up as he humped my ass. I could feel his cock swell up inside me and the know getting bigger and bigger feeling like it was about to pop my ass wide open!

From the looks of Buck when he was laying on the floor I could tell his knot had to be bigger than a large orange and it felt like it was more like a grapefruit filling my ass. His humping slowed down as he tied with me and I could feel him shooting inside me. Sam and Joe were standing there with the camera trying to get some good shots of Buck's knot in my ass and then they came around and Sam sticks his pre-cum oozing cock in my mouth while Joe crawls underneath me and Buck and starts sucking my cock. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Here I was with a nice big German Shepherd's cock and knot up my ass, a juicy big thick cock in my mouth and a hot mouth on my cock! I knew it was too good to last and sure enough, it didn't take Buck long to fill my ass with his cum and pop that knot out of my ass. With the feeling of that, Joe's hot mouth on my cock was about to get a throat full of my cum and I could feel Sam's cock stiffening and the ridges telling me he was about to bathe my throat with a nice full load of creamy white sauce.

While all this was happening, Buck had cleaned his cock off licking it as it withdrew into his sheath and then he concentrated on licking my ass, cleaning his dribbling cum.

We all took a break and talked about how hot that was and how Joe and I wanted to find a dog of our own since Sam was only visiting and wouldn't be available to share Buck. Buck on the other hand had found an out of the way corner and was sleeping it off, no matter how much we wanted him to repeat the performance. Sam said in his earlier days, he would fuck guys all night long but the last few years he had lost a lot of his stamina and couldn't satisfy the guys like he did.

That set the stage. Joe and I wanted to get an intact male dog of our own. It wasn't long until Joe called me with an amazing bit of information. One of his chat room buddies had seen a listing that someone had a two-year-old male lab that needed a home and wondered if I could keep it. It didn't take me long to make that decision! I said I would like to meet the dog first but I felt I could keep it. We made arrangements for the guy to meet us in Joe's play room in the next few days!

When I arrived at Joe's house to meet, I was introduced to Jed and Bosco, a really sleek, friendly chocolate lab. Jed was an older man who had acquired Bosco but because of where he lived, he couldn't keep the dog at his place. We went up to the playroom and started undressing. It didn't take Bosco anytime at all to get into the mood in fact he had his nose in our crotches at every opportunity and seemed like he couldn't decide which one he wanted most! He licked Joe's cock and balls first and then he went for Jed's thick, nine inches and enormous ball-filled sac. He came over to me and lapped up my cock putting it all in his mouth and wrapping his tongue around my stiffening rod. I couldn't wait to see how this was going to proceed.

Jed told us that Bosco didn't need any encouragement and if he didn't get to fuck some ass ata least once a week, he'd want to mount anytime dropped trou! We couldn't wait! Joe was on his knees in an instant and Bosco was on his back like the proverbial stink on shit! As Jed and I watched Joe get his ass pumped hard with Bosco's cock striking the mark and going into his ass up to his furry nuts. Humping hard away, Bosco soon swelled up and his knot hit Joe's sphincter muscle and began to swell, Joe moaning with lust as the lab's dick swelled to it's full 8 or nine inches and the knot as a large orange!

Jed and I didn't waste any time either as he began poking my hole with his cock and as eager as I was, I was bucking back against his cock waiting for it to fill my ass. As Joe is getting his ass filled with Bosco's cock and pumping his cum in his hole, Jed is pumping away at my ass filling my hole with his big cock! As I am bucking up against Jed's nuts and groin, he decides he is going to really fill my ass good and slows down and starts to lather up his nut sac with J-lube a really slick lube that makes insertion really easy. Then I notice he's sticking his nuts into my ass along side of his big thick dick and working his cock and nuts into my ass!

WOW! It felt just like when Buck had stuck his doggie dick in my ass and his knot swelled up and tied with me. Jed was fucking my ass with his cock and nuts and Bosco was filling Joe's ass. We were in orgiastic ecstasy moaning and dripping precum, and oozing juices out of our ass! Joe was writhing in lust as Bosco had tied and turned off his back and they were ass to ass. Joe was stroking his cock and squeezing his nuts as he was pulling against Bosco's knot. Jed was fucking my ass with his cock and nuts and reaching around stroking my cock as he thrust and twisted and hit the mark driving me over the top as I filled his hand with gobs of cum! I could feel him shoot his load in my ass as I collapsed on my face and enjoyed feeling his complete package up my ass!

As Bosco's knot diminished in size and popped out of Joe's ass, Bosco began cleaning his cock as hit slowly withdrew into his sheath and then he gave Joe's ass full attention and cleaned up any dribbling cum and moved up to his cock, licking the head and swallowing Joe's fully gorged cock. Joe began dry humping and moaning as he unloaded his cum and Bosco eagerly lapped it up as he shot stream after stream of creamy white sauce.

As we began to regain our strength and energy, Joe and I discussed keeping Bosco with Jed. Jed said he really didn't want to part with him but his landlord just wouldn't let him keep the dog even though he was well behaved. It didn't take Joe and me long to decide we definitely wanted Bosco! Jed was happy with the decision because he knew he'd be seeing a lot more of Joe and me as well as getting to play with Bosco.

But that's another chapter. That is if you want to hear about it. Let me know at