Bosco II

Bosco had found a new home when his owner, Jed, had to give him up because his landlord wouldn't allow dogs. Well, Jed not only found a new home for Bosco but he also found a new playmate at Bosco's new home.

Jed was in his late 50s but he performed like a man much younger. His large, thick cock and low hangers were as much in demand as was his ass. Jed really enjoyed getting his cock in and then stuffing his nuts in too, as I mentioned earlier it was much like having a dog fill your ass with his cock and then have his knot swell up inside you! I say this from experience. It was an awesome feeling!

One day when Jed had come over, Bosco was outside and Jed and I were playing around in the bedroom. He liked to put my 3-pound weights on his low hangers and stretched them more. I liked for him to fuck me with the weights slamming against my ass as his swollen cock pumped my ass. He was working my ass good, pumping it hard and then he pulled out to remove the weights so he could stuff his nuts in my ass as well. We got down on the floor and I kneeled down for him to start fucking my ass again and getting his nuts shoved inside my ass when we heard Bosco come into the house through the doggie door.

Jed had just finished forcing his nuts in my ass with his huge swollen cock when Bosco came into the room and started sniffing and licking, eager to join in the fun. First he licked at my cock and balls then he came around to lick Jed's equipment stuck in my ass. This got him really excited and he started whimpering and his cock was showing pink out of his sheath. Jed was hot and ready for some excitement so he had me lower myself so he could get in position for Bosco to mount him. In no time, Bosco was up on Jed's back humping his ass, poking his pink cock in Jed's ass hunting for the hole he knew was there. I could feel the humping action of the dog on Jed's back as well as Jed's action in my ass. Then Bosco hit home and plunged his cock into Jed's ass, almost instantly swelling up, knot and all.

Jed loved this feeling of a big thick dog cock in his ass and the knot swelling inside him. He moaned with pleasure as Bosco humped him a few more times, giving a chain reaction of Jed then thrusting harder into my ass. It was getting me really hard and my cock was oozing with precum as Jed and Bosco humped in unison, Jed the filling between the sandwich of me and Bosco! As Bosco was pumping cum into Jed he was wriggling and writhing in ecstasy driving his cock into me in a frenzied state almost as though it were an automatic reaction. I wasn't far from being in that same sexual high with all this action of thrusting in my ass filled with Jed's cock and balls pumping my ass and rubbing my prostate.

I knew Jed was going to be tied with Bosco for at least 20 minutes if not longer and wasn't sure if he could stay hard and in my ass without cumming himself. I didn't have long to wait for an answer because just as I was wondering about his stamina, his cock took on what felt like a huge increase in girth as he exploded an enormous load of cum in my ass and ground his cock and nuts further into my ass. I felt like my guts were going to explode with his load. Then he slowly went soft and pulled out of my ass leaving me with a handful of hard cock and wanting relief.

When I looked at Bosco pumping Jed full of cum I noticed his ass was puckering with each shot of cum and it just looked like it would be one awesome fuck so I grabbed up a generous glob of J-lube and lathered my cock and in Bosco's ass and began to enter the dog. He didn't seem to notice or mind as I stuck my hard throbbing dick into his ass and began fucking him. I was correct in thinking this was going to be a really great fuck. As he shot his load in Jed's ass, his dog ass puckered and puckered working my cock like it had never been worked before. Not only was I pumping his dog ass but his dog ass was squeezing my cock like I imagined a milking machine would do. It was unbelievably hot and sensitive. My cock was getting the massage of it's life and I was in another world. I wondered how long it would take for Bosco to literally fuck my cock. I really didn't have to do anything but keep it inside his dog ass and let it squeeze my cum out of my nuts but it was so tremendous to also pump it at the same time I couldn't stop.

Meanwhile, Jed was still moaning with pleasure with Bosco's huge cock and knot in his ass. He said it felt like he had a softball inside his ass and he could feel each shot of Bosco's cum as it filled his ass. While I was pumping Bosco, this only made him pump into Jed if only from my movements in his ass. Jed was moaning ecstatically, all the while exclaiming how his guts were filling with cum and his ass was feeling like it was going to burst with each thrust of my cock into Bosco's ass, forcing the knot's movement in Jed's ass.

We were so hot and enjoying each other's sexual gratification we didn't hear Joe come into the house or notice that he had come into the room and stripped down eager to get in on some hot k9 action. As he crawled under Jed to suck his once again hard and oozing cock, he just casually greeted each one of us, patting Bosco on the head and scratching his ears. The dog gave a little extra humping and continued to be tied to Jed with my cock in the dog's ass.

Joe's big cock was standing up at attention and just in the correct position for Jed to open his mouth and swallow it down to the base, a pretty good feat since Joe was very well endowed with a nice big, thick cock. As Joe was working Jed's cock with his mouth, Bosco was working his ass and Jed was bucking and humping both of them in unison with their movements. I was barely able to notice all of the action because Bosco's quivering asshole was doing a real number on my engorged cock.

I'm not sure which one of us was the first to explode but I know it was a pretty awesome event when my nuts boiled over and exploded into Bosco's ass as he milked my cock for all it was worth. About the same time, Jed let out a loud long moan as he shot another big creamy load down Joe's mouth and Joe must have been pretty hot and horny because Jed began gulping loads of cum down his throat in between moans of orgiastic ecstasy!

As we all lay on the floor exhausted watching Bosco clean cock and ass for each one of us with his tongue, we just grinned at each other and anticipated more escapades with our four-legged fuckbuddy.

Thanks for the favorable input on my first story. I guess I should put in the disclaimer that if anyone is so self-conscious and vain to think these stories depict them, I must remind them they are suffering a severe case of terminal uniqueness and that they are not the only ones to find themselves in a similar situation! These stories are from my overly active fantasy-engaged mind! If you want to contact me with positive input, I'm