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My Neighbor's Incest

By BiStander

Part 2

Brains, Balls or Just Plain Evil?

Summer vacation was growing short. I knew that meant there weren't going to be many more opportunities to make my plan work. That was my motivation when I saw Susan in front of her house with some friends. I got my nerve up and called her from my driveway, "Susan."

She must have felt important having an older boy calling her name because she told her friends she would talk to them later, and walked right over to me. An older girl would have made me walk over there and an older, hot girl, like Jasmine, would have ignored me altogether. "What?" she said.

"I have something really important to tell you."

She smiled and her eyes widened. "What is it?"

I told her it was something that had to be told and shown at the same time, so she had to come with me. She eagerly agreed, and we went in my house.

Susan's ass felt good in my hands when I pushed her up into the attic. She had more meat back there than her skinny frame led me to believe. I looked up her legs into her shorts and my dick jumped. I don't think I saw panties. Was that exciting or was I just excited anyway because of my plan to blackmail her? If I actually had the balls to go through with it. I pulled myself up and listened to her complain about how hot it was. I knew that already, so I certainly didn't need her reminding me. "This won't take long. Come on, this way."

At the far end of the attic, Susan watched curiously as I moved the vent slat out of the way, then her eyes bulged she and said, "Look!" Her sister was laying naked in the backyard.

I think she knew where this was going because her attempt to speak was just stumbling over words. Her face turned red. Her eyes went from the many cum stains on the floor to the bulge in my shorts, then back outside to her sister. She finally spoke, "What did you see?"

I told her I saw a lot of things, and pointed. Jasmine spread her legs and allowed the sun between them. Susan stuttered, "Did you see me?" Before I could answer, she added, "Did you do that while you watched me?" She pointed to the cum stains.

I was probably turning red now. She had sucked her father's dick and taken his cum on her face, of course she would know that was cum and that I had been up here masturbating. I started to answer, but saw their dog prancing over towards Jasmine, so I quickly turned the table on her. "Look at your sister."

The dog was already sniffing between Jasmine's open legs and Susan's eyes didn't move away from the vents. Jasmine held herself open and the dog licked away. We watched and I noticed Susan's breathing change, then I saw her touching herself. Finally she said, "My god, you can see everything from up here." Susan was almost panting as she spoke. "What is she doing?"

I was surprised she didn't know. That meant she had never seen her sister doing their dog. I said, "You haven't seen anything yet. Keep watching." My balls were throbbing. I gave Susan the binoculars and while she focused in on her sister, I pulled my cock out of the leg hole of my shorts. I stepped back, and over a little bit behind her. I started rubbing my dick.

Susan had obviously zoomed in close. "Look at that, look at his dick. It's big and red, really red."

I asked her if she had ever done anything like that. She turned quickly and gasped at the sight of my cock standing straight up. "No! What are you doing?"

I was busted, cock in hand, but she was smiling, so I played it cool. I told her I saw her touching herself, so I didn't think she would mind if I touched myself. We both turned back to Jasmine, without saying anything. Jasmine was now spread eagle with the dog's head in her grip, holding him so he would keep eating her pussy.

Susan's hand moved inside her shorts while her sister thrashed in orgasm. Her legs closed tight on her K-9 lover. Susan said "My parents would kill her if they knew she was doing that."

OK, I guess they do draw the line somewhere, I thought.

Without looking at me, Susan asked, "What else have you seen?"

Before I could think about how much to tell her, Susan blurted out, "Is he going to fuck her? Look, it looks like he's going to fuck her! Can a dog fuck somebody?"

Jasmine answered for me. She got on her hands and knees and the dog mounted her. My eyes moved back and forth from Jasmine to Susan's hand working between her legs. The girl wasn't afraid to play with her pussy right in front of me. Her shorts were pushed down in front. The dog was now stabbing his rod between Jasmine's legs, fucking her hard and fast.

Susan gasped and her shorts inched lower. Her firm little butt was clearly visible. When I leaned forward I could see her finger sliding through her bald pussy slit. I locked my gaze back on her smooth sexy ass and stroked my dick.

Susan's hips were rocking as the dog fucked fast and furious into Jasmine's hole. Susan struggled for breath as she spoke, "Oh, look, look how fast he's going in and out of her."

Without warning my sperm launched from my dick and splattered on Susan's ass. She turned to see what happened, and a second blast flew at her, hitting the bald spot above her slit. I froze in place, holding my jerking cock as it spurted cum.

With a slightly evil smile, Susan scooped some sperm off her belly and licked it from her fingers, then she went back to watching through the binoculars. The dog was humping her sister silly. I stood behind her, admiring my juice as it slid down the perfect skin of her ass cheek. My cock was only inches away from touching her flesh. I realized I was imagining what it would feel like to stick my cock inside her little body.

It was obvious to me that the dog was just about to spill his clear fluid into his human bitch. Susan gulped hard when his fat, red rod spilled out of her sister with a huge quantity of liquid. The dog licked Jasmine clean and I wrapped my arms around Susan, pressing her hard nipples into my palms. I kissed her on the neck. She exhaled hard. It was a sigh of pleasure to my ears. My dick pressed against her back, just above her firm butt. I lowered one hand to the wetness between her legs. The heat emanating from her smooth parted lips surprised me.

This was not part of my plan! I had never considered that I might fuck Susan, but now I was seriously considering a change of plan. I whispered in her ear, "I saw you sucking your father's dick."

She said, "Did you get excited and make that mess?" She pointed at one of the many dried up cum splatters.

I ignored the question and said, "I want you to help me fuck your sister. Will you help me?"
Susan looked like she was considering my question, but when her shorts slid down her legs and she stepped out of them, I thought she might have been considering something else. I kissed her ear and neck, my hand firmly planted on her bald mound. She moved her feet further apart and my fingers moved between her legs. My middle finger was on the slit between the two puffy flaps of moist flesh. She was so soft. A Playboy picture or even seeing Jasmine from a distance, hadn't prepared me for how good it felt touching the most private part of a girl.

Susan pushed her hips forward and applied more pressure on my finger with hers. Her smooth skin separated and my finger slipped between her lips. It was like the gooey center of a candy, except hot, so very hot and wet. I was almost terrified at first, but her soft moan of pleasure let me know that I hadn't hurt anything.

There was a hard nub at the front of her slit and the channel got deeper and wetter at the back. I knew there was a hole somewhere, and I was supposed to stick my finger in, but I didn't know where it was. I had never been to third base, even though I had told my friends I had. I relaxed as Susan rotated her pussy. My fingers slid easily over her flesh. She got wetter with each forward motion of her hips.

The pointy tip of her tit was between my fingers. I rolled it and pinched gently. Her body rocked forward and backward. My erect cock slid up and down her back and my balls pressed into her ass crack. It was hard to believe that I had formed a plot to have sex with Jasmine, and I couldn't even properly finger the pussy that was being thrust against my hand.

Susan thrashed and ground her pussy on my fingers and my cock against her back. Her puffy cunt lips had spread enough to allow two fingers to glide through the hot mysterious groove. My fingers were getting soaked. I knew I should probably do more, but I was enjoying my first real pussy too much to worry about it. Susan was moaning with excitement, pleasuring herself.

There was a whimper, her legs went stiff and she squeeze my hand, then shuddered and closed her legs tight. An excessive amount of fluid covered it my hand. I thought she might have pissed on me, but it felt too thick and slippery. She clamped down tighter, exhaled, let loose and said, "I came, I just came so hard."

I had finally fingered a girl, for real.

After a minute of holding on tight, we both let go and took a deep breath. We were covered in sweat from the excitement, but the attic had also become overwhelming. Susan pulled up her shorts and said, "Let's get out of here. I'm burning up."

Down in the house, we sat in front of my fan to cooled off. I listened to Susan as she tried to explain her family. Not only did they get naked in their yard, they went to nude beaches and a nudist community in California. On top of that, her parents were what she called, swingers. I didn't know what that was. Susan explained that was when people came over to their house and had sex with each other. She told me that Jasmine and her were always sent to their rooms during these sex parties, but they had both secretly watched many times. She told me the stories to prove it. Susan knew more about sex than I did.

I listened to Susan's tales of people sucking and fucking each other. It was exciting, but my eyes kept falling to Susan's crotch. When she shifted or uncrossed her legs, I was treated to another peek at the sexy flesh. The idea that my finger had been inside that tight hole a few minutes ago, was hard to believe. I smelled my fingers as inconspicuously as possible and proved it to myself. The aroma was thrilling. What would it feel like to have my cock in there?

The more I listened, the more clear it became that there was much more than your average sibling rivalry between Jasmine and Susan. It seemed Susan really didn't like her sister. It might have been because Jasmine was older and got to do more, but I didn't know for sure, I'm an only child.

Susan caught me off guard when she said, "You want to fuck Jasmine, what about me? Don't you want me?"

I said, "Susan, you're eleven!"

She quickly reminded me that she turned twelve last week and that I hadn't even wished her a happy birthday. That probably wouldn't have bothered me if I hadn't put my finger inside her.

I asked, "Have you ever, um, you know, with your dad?"

I watched her face to see if she was mad that I asked, but it looked more like disappointment on her face. She told me she hadn't done it with anybody, yet. I crossed my fingers and told her what I saw the night Jasmine pissed, then I asked if Jasmine and their father had done it. She told me Jasmine swore they hadn't, but she thought they had.

"Why do you think that?" I asked.

"It all started when I was seven. I got up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. I went to get in bed with my parents, but when I got near their room I heard something. I looked through the cracked door opening. Jasmine was in front of daddy and she was licking the tip of his cock. I saw mommy kneeling behind him, her face in his ass. Her hands were lifting his giant balls. I kept watching. She licked and sucked his balls, then she helped Jasmine take his cock into her mouth. I totally forgot my stomach and watched closely as my daddy stretched Jasmine's mouth open with his dick. I found myself rubbing between my legs without realizing it. His balls disappeared into mother's mouth. White juice was spilling out of Jasmine's mouth all over her tits. Mommy's tongue licked it off. That's when I had my first orgasm. I was so jealous that it wasn't me. Jasmine had bigger tits when she was ten than I have now, and she gets all the attention."

I think I could have comforted my little depraved friend with a mouthful right then, but I wanted to hear more.

Susan continued. "I went back to bed that night and thought about everything I had seen and wondered about that feeling I had between my legs. I was touching myself. I tried for two days to make it happen again, but it just didn't happen. I would get in bed with my parents and try to touch my daddy, but they always told me I was too young. I have never seen Jasmine get fucked, but she gets to stay up later than me and I'm sure they send me to bed so they can fuck!"

Like I thought, not normal sibling rivalry going on here. This was a girl who wanted to have her pussy executed by her father's massive pole because she thinks her sister gets to do it. I said, "Susan, what about the other day? I saw you help your mother?"

She said, "They finally let me do that recently. I snuck into their room while my mom was sucking dad. I begged them to let me help and I got my first taste of cum."

I wanted more details, but I needed to get this plan settled before my mother got home. "So, will you help me fuck your sister?"

Susan smirked like the thought having some power over her sister would be a good thing, but said, "I don't know about my sister. I think you'd have a better chance with my mother. My sister is such a bitch, but I'll try. That is, as long as you do something for me. If I get you some, then you have to help me do what Jasmine was doing today. I can't get it out of my mind. I have to know what it feels like."

I tried not to shit myself with excitement as I pictured Susan's tiny hole being pulverized by Buster! I had to stay cool so she didn't realize I would do that without anything from her. What an unbelievable stroke of luck. We formed a plan and right before my mother got home, I sent Susan out the back door with a quick rub on her ass. It truly was an exact replica of Jasmine's, except in a smaller package.

Two nights later, the phone rang once, then stopped. A minute later it did the same thing. My dick tingled because I knew that was my sign. "I'm going to Bobby's house, Mom. See you later."

I went out the door and I waited across the street until Susan signaled me from her room, then I ran over and climbed in the window. For two days I had resisted beating off because I wanted to have a full load to empty on Jasmine. Now that the sneaky business had started and things were getting exciting, I wondered if that was a good idea. Hopefully it wouldn't back fire or misfire, I guess.

We slipped into the TV room where Jasmine lay on the couch, watching TV. Susan looked nervous. I knew that feeling. We crawled over to the couch anyway. I moved to the end where Jasmine's head was and peeked down her body. Her big nipples were visible through her white T-shirt. Gravity seemed to have little effect on her tits. They barely fell to the sides of her body. Her tan legs stretched to the other end of the couch. I scanned them from her perfectly manicured toes, down her petite feet, up past the muscles on her calves, over the kneecaps to her glorious thighs. Her inner thighs were slightly separated and led the way for my eyes straight up to the bottom of her shirt. According to Susan, that shirt was all she had on. I knew right under the edge of that shirt was a pantie-less pussy. It was the pussy I was expecting to get inside. My cock was completely stiff. I had to catch my breath for a second.

Jasmine jumped and tugged the end of her shirt down. "What are you doing in here? You know you can't have anyone over when they're not home."

Susan said, "You know you shouldn't let Buster do those things to you, but you do."

Jasmine's face changed quickly. I thought she was about to say something, but Susan spoke first, "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody, if you do something for me."

Jasmine looked like she was trying to figure out what or how we could have known about her and the dog. "What do I have to do?"

I'm not sure if Jasmine was more upset about having sex with a pitiful thirteen year old nerd or her little sister being the one to make her do it. I didn't care which it was, I just wanted to feel her nipples between my lips and her fuzzy pussy sliding down my dick. Susan was grinning at the thought of finally having the upper hand, but I was afraid we had underestimated Jasmine.

"Fine, but let's go outside," Jasmine said.

I smiled at Susan. We were victorious. Jasmine got up and even after pulling her shirt down it still didn't completely cover her ass. I watched her walk out the backdoor. Each step she took, her ass cheeks winked at me. My knees got weak. I was terrified that I might shoot my load before I even got outside.

Considering this was my plan, I should have had some idea what I was going to do first, but Jasmine decided for me. "Get undressed!"

Jasmine sat down on a lounge chair. I stripped and stood there with my boner standing straight up against my stomach. She grabbed it and pulled me toward her. I was inches from her, my cock level with her face. She lifted her shirt and her brown bush appeared, her flat stomach and finally her incredible tits. I could have shot all over her face right then, but I forced myself to calm down. I looked nervously at Susan. She gave me a smile of approval.

"You want to have sex with me? Okay, but you're going to make it good for me, too."

She got up, I sat where she was and she pushed me down, flat, then straddled my face. I was staring up into the pussy of the most worshiped girl in my school. Jasmine said, "You have to eat me out first. To get me ready." She squatted. "Lick it! Stick your tongue in me."

I had never even thought about this happening and I had no idea what to do. Jasmine smelled like my finger after it had been in her sister. Susan's hole had been amazing. I closed my eyes and shoved my tongue out. Once it made contact with her flesh, like Buster, my animal instinct took over. I licked the length of her pussy slit a few times. She pressed down on my face and my tongue sank between her swollen flaps. I thrust it out as far as it would go and easily found the hole my finger had so much trouble finding between Susan's legs.

Jasmine was riding my face like she had ridden her hand that night on the picnic table. I licked and licked and licked. I felt something on my cock. Susan's mouth! She got her lips over my head, then I felt them sliding down my shaft. Wow, she took a lot of my dick. I could feel her throat around my cock head. She slurped. Jasmine lifted up and looked back at her little sister. "Look at you, you little cock sucker. You like sucking dick, don't you?"

Susan answered by sucking me down, and Jasmine turned around so she could watch her sister inhaling my dick. I stared at the beautiful heart shaped butt approaching my face. The closer it got, the more her cheeks separated. I was face-to-face with her asshole. My mouth had no choice. It tasted good on my tongue. I pierced the outer ring and sank deep into her shit hole. Up and down, Jasmine fucked my tongue like a dick in her ass. I couldn't see, but I could hear and feel Susan slurping away at my cock. It felt wonderful, better than I ever imagined. I was going to erupt in Susan's mouth before long.

Jasmine was using two fingers in her pussy while her ass bounced on my tongue, then her ass ring started convulsing. I thought it could be the start of an orgasm based on my experience with Susan. Jasmine confirmed it and finished with a loud moan. Her back arched and she trembled.

When Jasmine stood up, I could see Susan's head eagerly working me towards what was sure to be a mouth filling cum load. I was ready and willing to let it go, but Jasmine used Susan's hair to pull her off my cock. She looked down between her legs at me and our eyes locked in an intense stare. What was she going to do?

I watched Jasmine shove a finger into her well eaten asshole, then spread her pussy lips with the other hand. Her crotch trust in Susan's direction and a golden stream burst out of it. Hot fluid splattered over my stomach, cock and right into Susan's face. Piss splashed off her face onto my cock and ran down my balls.

When the stream faded, then trickled, the drops landed in my open mouth. I was right, we had underestimated Jasmine.

Jasmine ordered Susan to finish sucking my piss covered cock and told me to clean her cunt, then she went back to grinding it on my tongue. It only took two minutes for my balls to shoot their stuff inside Susan's throat. At the same time, Jasmine's body convulsed with another orgasm. She filled my mouth with the same fluid Susan had covered my fingers with. It tasted so sweet. I hope my cum tasted that good because Susan swallowed every bit of it.

"Look at you," Jasmine said, "you little cum eater. Did you like cum filling your mouth? You might be an alright sister after all."

She looked at me. "That's an impressive dick for such a young boy. Think you can get it up and fuck me now?" I was kind of upset at the young boy part, but proud that she liked my dick.

Susan's mouth had been incredible, but when Jasmine took my cock between her lips, it was unbelievable. She sucked me so seductively. Her lips slowly wrapped around the head, then went down the shaft. Once I was completely inside her mouth, she poked out her tongue and licked at my balls. Then she alternated between sucking my dick and sucking my balls. Occasionally poking her tongue in my asshole. Getting hard wasn't a problem, not blowing my load again before I got to fuck her, might be.

She stopped sucking me, took a fat rubber band off her wrist and said, "This should help." She stretched it over my dick, under my balls and doubled it. My cock and balls started turning beet red and the veins bulged. My dick tingled and burned at the same time. She tucked her finger under the band and sucked more blood in, then snapped it. I was bigger and harder than I had ever seen my dick.

Jasmine straddled me and said, "Get ready to be fucked," then she rocked, sliding my purple cock head through her wet pussy groove. I watched it get wet with her juice and open her flaps, then she sat down. I saw all of my engorged prick vanish. She leaned back and forced me deeper into her body. I was inside a girl, the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. It was ecstasy. My balls tried to release my load inside her, but the rubber band held it back. She took my hands and planted them on her chest while my cock jerked inside her. I quickly started fondling her melons, pinching her erect nipples.

Jasmine lifted off my cock. Her pussy tube sucked me hard, trying to pull the cum out of me. The veins on my throbbing dick bulged even more. "Mmm," she purred as my cock disappeared again. Slowly and methodically, she rose and fell on my bloated dick. It felt so swollen I thought it might burst open.

There was a new sensation on my balls. I looked around Jasmine and saw Susan standing behind her sister. She was holding her cunt open and directing her hot piss at Jasmine's ass crack. It was a wonderful burning pleasure running over my balls while Jasmine's flesh hole rode my cock.

"You nasty bitch," Jasmine said. "Yes, piss on my ass. Fill my asshole with your hot pee."

While the pee was still flowing, Jasmine pulled me out of her and pressed my cock head against her asshole. I couldn't believe my eyes. My dick popped inside her soaking wet ass. I squeezed the hell out of her tits and she plunged onto my dick. In and out, in and out I went. Her asshole was so tight. My balls jerked in pain, needing to shoot. I shouted, "I have to cum!"

All in one fast motion, Jasmine got off my cock, turned and stretched the rubber band away from the base of my balls. My cock shot a huge blast of cum straight up into Jasmine's waiting mouth. She closed her lips and gulped. My dick splattered her face again and again. When it finished, she looked up at me and smiled. My ball juice was all over her face, dripping from her chin.

There is nothing like teenage sex, but this was something I was going to remember for the rest of my life. The three of us got into the pool to cool off, and clean off. The sibling tension seemed to have eased tremendously, even though I know Susan was upset that she didn't get to fuck me.

When it was time for me to go home, I asked Jasmine, "What was that rubber band for?"

She said, "Shit, it was to remind me to call Stacy...and I forgot."

I pictured her friend Stacy, who was almost as hot as Jasmine. Maybe she would tell Stacy about me and the three of us might--Probably not, but I would have never expected any of this to happen. Who knows what could happen next?