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by Bistander

Chapter 17

The Truth Will Set You Free

Deana's day was ending the way it started, in disappointment, but she only wasted a minute sulking about what happened in the hallway, then eased back into bed.

"Well, what happened?" Rebecca asked and rolled on her back next to Deana. “That didn't take long enough.”

"What are you talking about?"

"Evan, I thought you left to go find Evan?"


"I thought after this morning; you'd make sure it happened. Did you change your mind? You don't want him to be your first, anymore?"

"It's midnight."

So, isn't that why you snuck out?”

I didn't sneak out,” Deana said. “I had to pee. I was being quiet, so I didn't wake you, that's all.”

And you just happened to have to pee when Evan finished showering.”

No, I had to go before that, but he was in the shower, so I had to wait. And I didn't go when he finished, I waited a few minutes.”

You chickened out.”

"Reb, this is a big deal."


"That's right, huge. Maybe reality hit. He's my brother. It's not like we can have a relationship. Everybody knows he's my brother. Shit, we're twins."

Dee, what's really bugging you?" Rebecca asked. “I saw you kick Teddy. Are you scared?”


It's normal, even if he wasn't your brother, but you said you want your first time to be with somebody you really, really love, and you don't want to wait.”

Okay, so I'm nervous,” she said. “Let's not talk about it anymore...Today has already been a letdown, and it's late.”

Rebecca sighed. "Okay.”

Thanks, Reb. I love you.”

"Prove it, kiss me."

Deana felt her tension ease. She put her hand on Rebecca's stomach. “Hey!” She felt around under the covers. “What happen to your PJs?”

I took them off.”

She considered the situation for a second, then said, “We can't cuddle like this.”

I know,” Rebecca said.

Deana pushed her cotton pants down, kicked them off and removed her top; then she threw them. “Now we can cuddle.”

Baby, you can spoon me all night.”

Mm, you're so good to me,” she said.

Friends with awesome benefits.” Rebecca got on her side and wiggled back into the silky curves of Deana's body.

Deana put her arm around Rebecca's waist and slipped her thigh between Rebecca's. A soothing peace warmed her heart, and a tear trickled from her eye. She had fallen for the tumbler in a bad way.

The last summer vacation of Evan's high school years was the one he expected the most out of. Making out with Deana in front of Rebecca had kicked it off with a bang. Did that foretell of or pave the path to this?

If his mother hadn't stopped him, he would have had her ass in his hands, and he would have been ramming his cock into her crotch when Deana opened her door. Shit, if his sister hadn't interrupted them, he would have fucked Candy right there without regard for anything or anyone. His father, who lurked around in the night, had been home. What if he had caught them?

You pussy, he thought. He had imagined it for years, and over the last few weeks, he had touched his mother with purpose, gone in her room and peeked at her pussy, shot a load in her panties and rubbed his erection against her back while his arms sank into the overflow of her braless tits. What had he expected would happen?

If Evan had a container large enough or a window he could get away with peeing out, he would have chosen one of those over leaving the safety of his room. He grunted and got out of bed, then pulled on a pair of boxers. He had gone to bed naked, just in case his mother came to finish what they started. How stupid it had been to think she would chance getting caught in his room.

The stairs groaned under Evan's feet, so he stepped as close to the wall as possible to limit their cry. Eventually, he would have to face his mother, but not yet. Deana, he thought, I need to talk to Deana, first. Too bad he couldn't tell her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Jeez, when was the last time he told the truth? Deana had to know something was up, she'd seen them. If he could find a way to start a conversation, his sister would do the rest. But what about kissing Deana, seeing her naked and wanting to shove his raging hard on in her?

They were twins, connected like one, so what if they kissed or saw each other naked. That barely raise the needle on his moral meter compared to committing adultery with his father's wife. Shoot, ten years from now, what happened with Deana would be something they laughed about, but sex with the woman he had to call mom, had the potential to alter life like a Back to the Future time machine.

After pissing, Evan brushed his teeth, washed his face and peeked into the hallway, expecting his mother to appear out of thin air. When she didn't, he stuck his head out and listened. Gloria's voice was distant, and Deana's door was closed. Perfect, his mother and Gloria were in the kitchen and Deana was in her room. All he needed to do was get in there without giving himself away. He felt like a cat burglar sneaking around his house.

"Deana," he whispered outside her door, then decided these were extraordinary circumstances, and he opened the door without knocking.

His sister was sound asleep, spooning Rebecca. Holy shit, I should leave, he thought, then closed the door behind him and walked towards the bed. Pajama tops and bottoms were scattered on the floor. The girls were facing him, only a sheet partially covering them. Deana's arm was around Rebecca's waist, and their legs were a tangled mess. His sister's dark complexion was the only thing that distinguished hers from Rebecca's. As creepy as it was, he stood at the end of the bed and watched them sleep. They were naked. Shouldn't Deana have been worried about their parents?

Deana's face was in Rebecca's scattered hair like she might have been kissing the tumbler's neck. It was a beautiful scene, and part of him was jealous, the rest of him found it erotic. He went around the right side of the bed, behind Deana, and lowered his butt to the mattress. "Dee, I need you," he said.

When she didn't even twitch, he laid next to her and put his arm over both girls. "I need you...need to talk to you."

Rebecca stirred long enough to pull his arm against her chest. He moved his face closer to Deana's ear, ready to try again, but before he spoke, his sister's scent and exposed neck reminded him of the previous morning. She told him he could kiss her anytime he wanted, and right then, he wanted to. He licked his lips, then placed them on her skin. It was moist and salty on his tongue. Rebecca shifted, and the silky center of her tit moved under the palm of his hand. She must think it's Deana's hand. It was clearly a breach of ethics, but the thrill it gave him made it easy to justify.

He opened his mouth and placed it on his sister's throat. "Dee, wake up, or I'm going to kiss you.” Nothing, so he used his teeth and tongue to make her respond. "Wake up."

Mmm, I am,” Deana said.

Dammit, he was holding Deana's best friend's tit while sucking on his sister's neck. Fuck the moral compass. He rolled Rebecca's growing nipple between his fingers. "Why didn't you answer me?"

"Ah, why would I when you were promising to kiss me?"

"Because I told you, no more kissing. I need to talk to you."

We could kiss first, then talk?”

Rebecca didn't make a sound, but she had his hand in hers. Her mouth encased his finger and sucked it. How much did Rebecca know about him and Deana? “I told you, I can't kiss you anymore.”

Then why are you in my bed whispering, 'I need you,' in my ear?”

"Because I do,” he said. “Shoot, I didn't mean it like that. I wanted to talk, um, to you, and I didn't want to wake Rebecca up."

"Don't worry, we could bounce on the bed next to her and she wouldn't wake up."

Wanna bet, he thought and pictured the cute tumbler's face grinning as she moved his spit-slickened finger back to her nipple. "But it's private, ah, what I want to talk about.”

Kiss me before you talk, or I won't be able to concentrate," Deana said.

Nah, we shouldn't do that anymore.” He watched Deana turn her head towards him, then said, “Just one,” and placed his lips over hers. It was one thing to kiss your sister in front of her friend on a dare, but making out with her while feeling her friend up, that was bizarre.

He got his hand out of the way when he realized where Deana's was heading. His sister wanted to feel Rebecca up, too. “Deana,” he mumbled, "this is weird, what we're doing right now."

"What, you rather talk?” Deana huffed. “Racing, right? You ask mom yet? I'm telling you, she'll help you. She's been acting, um, acting different, you know, like she used to. I'm sure she'll take up for you."

"I told you, she was acting weird, but you didn't see it.”

So, I noticed, recently. It's not a big deal.”

I still don't think I should put her in that position."

"Ooh, what position you got in mind?"

"Jeez, what's wrong with you."

"Me? You're the one who got a boner while talking to her. What if your towel had fallen and that—”She shoved her butt back into his groin—“popped up in front of her?"

He sighed. "I didn't get a boner talking to mom. I had it when I ran into her."

"It's hard to hide something that big under a towel. I saw it and I bet she did too. What was she doing up?"

"I think you're spending too much time with the tumbler. She's rubbing off on you."

"I'm asleep, not deaf," Rebecca said. "Is it really too big to hide under a towel? Can I see?"

"Asleep my ass,” Deana said. “Eavesdropper!"

"Jeez, I gotta go...go talk to mom."

Deana bumped him again. "Better take care that or she might notice, again."

Rebecca popped up like a Jack-in-the-Box. "Might notice what? Maybe I can help take care of it for—"

"Go back to pretending you were sleeping," Deana said and shoved her friend.

"Holy shit, I came in here for help," he said.

I can help,” Rebecca said and tried to get up, but Deana held her down and said, "Go give her a massage. That will distract her or give her an—"

"Shut up,” he said.

Give her what,” Rebecca said, “an orgasm like you supposedly had when—”


Evan wasn't sure if his sister was serious or fucking with him, but either way, it was time for him to get the hell out of there before Jason's three favorite words happened while his mother was two rooms away.

Jason had taken a shower the night before, but he sensed there was still dirt in his pores, so he decided another wouldn't hurt. Once the water was hot enough, he got in, closed his eyes and started thinking about Billy Joe. He had gotten so close to sneaking her away while Evan was busy with Cindy and his uncle. Ticket girl had to go check in with her mother and BJ loosened up. It might not have been a sure thing, but the vibe's he was getting from her had him feeling fairly confident that he would get in her pants or at least find out if her tits felt as good as they looked. Mm, ripe peaches.

They found themselves frozen in the awkward stare of two people about to kiss for the first time. He moved his hands to her waist. She grabbed his forearms but didn't push his hands away, so he angled his head and moved in. She rose to the balls of her feet and met him. Without hesitation, their kiss went straight to demanding and hungry, like they had both been waiting for it too long.

Their passion and his expectations had been shut down by the approaching KK. Billy Joe reverted to her quiet demeanor, and it was ticket girl who took her some place where nobody could see them. If it weren't for Evan driving, he would have spent more time trying to find them. Cindy was wrong; they weren't a little off, they were way off.

Now that Jason was in the shower with his eyes closed, imagining Billy Joe's mouth and how her kisses set him on fire; it was easy to see how familiar it had been. If he had gotten her into hiding, maybe he could have found out if she was as willing and wild as Becky, also.

Becky slipped inside the shower curtain at the end of the tub and squeezed under the cone of water with him. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"You're gonna use all the hot, so I figured I'd get some now."

"I locked the door."

"I know," she said. "I used my nail file."

"Fuck, what if I was—"

"I would have watched until you finished. I've always wanted to see a guy jack off."

He huffed. "Figures!"

"Don't act like you're not glad I'm here," Becky said and grabbed his partially erect cock. "Look, you been thinking about me."

Jason looked down at the tiny hand grasping his dick. "That's not the point,” he said and watched her tongue curl around the corner of her mouth. “Mom's home."

"You worry too much." Becky turned into him and sandwiched his leg between her thighs. "I'll put on my robe and say you barged in on me because I was taking too long. That wouldn't be unusual."

He flexed his muscles against the pussy that was smashed on his leg and tilted her head back, then convinced himself that without pigtails his sister didn't look like Billy Joe. Then a toe curling kiss confirmed they used their lips and tongues alike. He pumped his thigh up and down on Becky's crotch. A hot spike drilled into his skin. "Are you—" His sister bit his lower lip.

"Ah, yeah, yeah, I am. Isn't it amazing how hot pee is?"

He watched Becky's face while she relieved herself. It resembled the stages of her orgasms. When the boiling fluid stopped pouring down his leg, he said, "Yes," and started kissing her again. He could only hope Billy Joe was one-third as wild as his sister.

Becky got a bar of soap and started lathering his balls and cock. He stared, trying to comprehend how good it felt. She pulled his flesh back with one hand, then the other twisted on his knob like she was revving a motorcycle. "Mmmm,” she purred. “It feels good, mmm, good and ready." He was disappointed that she didn't finish him off and let him watch her face while cum squirted on her stomach. "Turn off the water," Becky said. He did and followed his sister out of the shower.

"This will work," she said and knelt down in front of the toilet. "Yeah, it will." His sister bent over, and her ass cheeks separated, displaying her puckered anus. He got down behind her. Becky's pussy swells appeared between her legs and parted, revealing her red inner meat. It had seemed like a big target that morning she bent over brushing her teeth, but now, compared to Darlene's fat cunt bulging between her thick thighs, it seemed too small. He wouldn't be able to fuck his sister in this position the way he plowed the redhead.

"Fuck me like a dog,” Becky said. “Hard...the way you fucked Darlene."

He pulled back and clamped down on his shaft, then poked the dome between her legs. His sister's hand was on her pussy, spreading her flaps. She extended her fingers and formed a scoop to guide him in. The flesh groove was warm, but the mouth of her pussy was hot on the tip of his cock. He applied a steady pressure. Becky's fingers worked around his pancaked dome. He gasped, and Becky grunted.

Ahhh, fuck yeah,” she slurred. “Do me, do your bitch. Show me how you gave it to Darlene.”

"Not so loud. We don't know where mom is."

Just fuck me. Mom's got her ear to the door and she wants to hear you fuck me hard...make me scream.”

His sister's words should have been a bucket of cold water thrown over two stuck dogs, but they made him shove into her violently. Becky's back arched like a swatted mutt. “Ah, too far, that's too far.”

He eased back and moved his fist further up his shaft. Before he pushed in again, Becky shoved her ass at him. He looked down, and her tiny butt hole stared back at him. His sister's body started moving, building up speed and force while her fingers whaled on her clit. She was fucking herself harder than he would have done her. He reached under her chest and found her nipples. They were extended the width of his thumbs. He pinched and milked them out to their solid tips.

Becky's whimpers changed to moans when his hips started moving. She shoved back as he thrust forward. His sister swung her arm across the top of the toilet tank and discarded all of the items, then she planted her elbows on the lid and grabbed the back of her head with both hands. Her groin was smashed down on the oval front of the bowl. He forced one of his hands between the seat and her body. The tips of his fingers reached around her pubic bone. He could feel his wet prick sliding in and out of Becky's stretched pussy. Her groin bulged against his palm each time he thrust into her. Their mother wouldn't need to have her ear on the door anymore. She wouldn't even have to be near the door to know what they were doing.

Oh, yes, yes, big brother, oh, big brother you're fucking me so good.”

Ah, ah, you little...” He bit his tongue, and his strokes became shorter and faster. His balls weren't swinging anymore, and his cock stiffened and swelled. Becky's body undulated, meeting his short stabs and humping her crotch on the toilet. He could feel her tunnel clamping down on his bloated dick head in an orgasmic rhythm, and the last thing in the world he wanted to do was pull out of his sister.

Ahhh, shit, shit, do it...ah, yeah, do it, do it on my ass,” Becky said. “Cum on my ass.”

There was a split second of sanity, and Jason yanked his body backward. His orgasm was flying through the air when his cock emerged from Becky's cunt. Her pink anal bud flexed in response to the bullseye his hot cream made. He ran his slippery, spurting cock up his sister's back. He wrapped his arms around her chest and pulled her against him, still humping her back. His dick ejected the rest of his cum between their bodies. They panted and rubbed together, smearing the creamy load on their sweat coated skin.

Becky, oh, Becky, we can't keep this up,” he said. “Not without getting caught.”

Mm, but that was so good,” she said. “Wasn't it?”

Yeah, it was,” he said. “too good.”

We'll be more careful...ah, next time.”

You think so?” he asked.

Honestly,” Becky said, “I don't know. I get so, um, so...I lose it sometimes.”

Mm, me too, I guess, but let's try because I don't think mom will really be into hearing us fuck.”

His sister turned her head, and he saw the same evil sparkle in her eyes that he had seen while she pissed on Paula's book bag. “You never know,” she said. “I need another shower.”

Me too.”

Evan stood outside of Deana's door, staring into the empty hallway. To his right, was the basement door that his mother had appeared in last night. A few paces ahead, outside the door to his room, was the spot he would never step on again without thinking about how his mother's lips felt on his. He should go to the bathroom, find some panties, and shoot a huge load of incestuous lust into them, then face his mother, but he pivoted on a socked foot towards the living room, instead.

He paused outside Gloria's room and looked in. It was a mirror image of Deana's room. Gloria's softball bat was lying on the floor. It made him smile. At least things with her hadn't gone past the point of no-return. Do what you gotta do, he told himself with confidence.

His moment of courage was flattened like a beetle underfoot when he turned into the kitchen. Gloria was sitting at the table, and their mother was standing behind her, looking over Gloria's shoulder. The large bay window on the opposite side of the table created a halo of morning sun around Candy. Neither of them noticed him, so he inched closer, sliding his feet on the tile. The ponytail his mother had the night before was gone. Her strawberry-blonde hair was in a bunch on top of her head. The sleeveless shirt she wore had a large, looping neckline that could have easily encompassed her shoulders. Her breasts swelled past her frame, and the threadbare, Lee jeans strained to contain her ass. She was a fuckin' hourglass. It was hard to believe she was the woman he was supposed to call, mom.

When he got close enough to touch her, his chest felt like it had been wrapped too tightly with an Ace bandage. She was aware of him but remained silent. Gloria was drawing with colored pencils. Maybe Deana was right, he thought and placed his hands on his mother's shoulders. Her muscles were guitar string tight. His fingers gently strummed. Gloria continued to draw, engrossed in her work; she was clueless about the changing atmosphere.

The chemicals that had been released the previous night, the ones that drove him insane with lust, they were already coursing through his veins. He had just felt Rebecca up while making out with his sister; now he was touching Candy's bare skin. All the years of secretly wanting her, yet not being able to pursue her, had stopped up the flow of desire like a beaver's dam. A small leak had gone unattended for two weeks; last night there had been a storm, and now there was about to be a full breach. There wasn't enough moral fiber left in him to keep his lips off her neck.

Evan's hands worked outward, tempted to take the shirt with them on their way down her arms. He kneaded her biceps. She pulled her arms closer to her body, and the globes of her chest brushed the backs of his fingers. Her head rolled to the side, then forward. He moved his hands to her waist; then his arms went around her.

Candy wasn't wearing perfume, but the smell of her shampoo made him want to stuff his nose in her hair. He tightened his arms while his head moved towards her. She was sweet on his tongue. His aching balls were pressed into her protruding backside. He kissed her earlobe, and a flash of realization made him quiver. He was going to have sex with his mother. Maybe not now, but eventually it would happen. Could he really know that with such certainty?

He was about to grab hold of her tits and plunge his tongue into her succulent mouth. Would his mother really let this happen right behind her daughter's back? His lips on her cheek felt like love, but the hot press of their bodies demanded more than love. He pulled his arms outward. His forearms carried the weight of her globes until they rested on the backs of his hands. He moved them up her sides, then started inward towards her tits. He paused on the brink of finally manhandling the objects of hundreds of fantasies.

"Wow, you're the most talented person in our family."

The sound of his mother's voice snapped the insanity that inspired him to grab hold of her tits. He sighed with relief and placed his hands on Gloria's shoulders, but his cheek remained pressed against his mother's. He realized they were both fighting to find their natural breathing rhythm. The steel in his cock didn't yield, and he didn't pull away from her body.

Gloria's pencil stopped. "Evan, I didn't know you were there."

It was a horrible conflict, loving someone one way, yet wanting them in such a different way.

His mother's hands reached back and squeezed his thighs. "Yes, yes you are, Sweetie, very talented."

"You should take art classes," he said.

"But dad—"

"Don't worry about him," Candy said. "You keep doing what you're good at and enjoy it. I'll figure out the rest."

The last remnant of the world Evan knew before vacation started, had just unraveled. “Mom, I'm gonna ride my bike for a while. All right?" He squeezed her shoulders.

"Sure. You know it's sweltering out there?"

He needed to act, pretend nothing had changed, so he said, "I know, but I could use the exercise," then he step back. "Obviously, you don't. You look great."

She brushed his cheek like she always had, but he didn't recognize it as his mother's touch. "You always know how to make me feel good."

Gloria stood up on her chair. "Why don't you work out with me? You're helping Deana get a bodacious booty. What about me?"

"Gloria," Candy said.

"Here, let me see," he said and reached around her body. "Girl, it wouldn't be fair. You got genetics on your side. You don't need any help putting the other girls to shame."

"Evan," his mom said and swatted him.

"Really?" Gloria asked.

"Heck yeah," he said. "If we weren't related, I'd get an engagement ring and keep you for myself."

Gloria blushed. "And I'd say yes."

"You better." He swept her up and twirled her around. "Unfortunately, you're my sister, so I'm out of luck." He faced his mother, then decided not to give her a kiss goodbye. “See ya'll later.”

Okay,” Candy said. “I'll be out some today, so you may need to give your sister a ride or something. Take your phone.”

Girl, you got him right where you want him,” Rebecca said. "Did you really feel it?"

"What?" Deana asked.

"Girl, don't even try that. How big is it?"

"How should I know," Deana said. "I don't have a ruler on my back."

"Oh, so you did feel it. Was it on your skin?"

"What is this fifty questions?"

Rebecca rotated, flipped her leg over Deana and sat on her stomach. "Give me straight answers, and I won't have to keep asking." She held her hands up like she was praying, then slowly separated them. "This big?"

Deana was still asking herself that same question. Only Evan's boxers had separated the length of his erection from her skin. In her mind, she could still feel that line of heat from her butt crack up her back. She tried to calculate the distance it would cover on the inside of her body. "You sure it isn't gonna hurt, a lot?"

"Was it that big?"

"I don't know, but it felt big enough to make me think."

"Think or change your mind?"

"Wonder, that's all," she said. "Other than my fingers…and yours, I've never had anything in there. I heard it hurts the first time."

"Nonsense," Rebecca said. "You'll be so nervous and excited that you won't even notice the pain, and it only lasts a minute, then bliss."

"So there is pain. How much am I gonna bleed?"

"He's not that big," Rebecca said. "He won't break you."

"Are you serious?" She sat up and pushed Rebecca back until her butt settled between her thighs. "It's the first time."

"Oh, you mean that," Rebecca said. "I can't believe you still have that. I popped mine with a carrot years ago."

"What are you, Bugs Bunny?"

"I was horny, and that's all I had at the time. If you're worried about it, I can take care of it with Henry."

Deana's breath blew out, and she fell backward. When her head hit the pillow, she covered her face with both hands.

"Hey, fuck you," Rebecca said. "I'm trying to help you...help you now, since you don't want me to be there."

"Would you want an audience if you were me?"

Rebecca smirked thoughtfully, then said, "No, I guess not."

"Good," she said and sat up again. "I'm not going to yell, 'Oh Henry', but maybe we should. I don't want it to be complicated, you know. If I have to say, 'Wait a minute,' he might change his mind. I don't know where it's going to happen, so I don't want to have to worry about—"

"Stop thinking so much," Rebecca said. "It's all going to work out.”

I know, but I want it, want it to happen.”

As excited as I am, you'd think it was my first time."

"It is," she said and kissed the tip of Rebecca's nose.


"Have you helped any of your other girlfriends lose their virginity to their brother?"

"I don't have any other girlfriends."

"You better not," she said, then paused, stroking Rebecca's hair. "You sure you're okay with this? I might be jealous if the shoe were on the other foot."

"I could be, but even though I don't understand why this is so important to you, I'm happy for you, anyway."

"I'll have my chance with jealousy, eventually."


"If that's still what you want for your birthday, then I wanna give it to you. It'll still have to happen the way we talked about, but if you want it, I want it for you."

Rebecca kissed her, then said, "Thank you, I love you."

"Me too."

"Did Evan really get a boner for her, for your mom?" Rebecca asked.

Deana nodded.

You jealous?

"No, no I'm not, not at all."

"I swear, I'm moving in," Rebecca said.

If she told Rebecca everything, her friend wouldn't think living there was so great.

Evan coasted on his bicycle, threw his apple core into the storm drain, then started pumping his legs like a maniac, trying to outrun his thoughts. What happened in the kitchen, it impacted every aspect of his life. His mother hadn't told him what happened outside the bathroom door was wrong, a huge mistake that could never happen again, as he had expected. He hadn't acted the way he expected, either. How would this affect his family? In a sense, his mother had died again, but she still lived with them.

He had friends with divorced parents, step parents and single moms, like Jason, but he didn't know anybody whose mother died. Even if he did, he was sure none of their fathers married the babysitter. That wasn't all that seem off, either. He needed somebody he could talk to. Maybe Deana needed to know more about what was happening with his mother.

His mother's car wasn't in the driveway when he returned. That was a relief. She must have been off buying food for them or picking up his father's suits at the dry cleaners. Did she ever get to have fun?

In the house, he was disappointed to find out that Deana wasn't home either. Gloria was in her room mesmerized by a hand-held video game. Instead of saying her name a second time, he stubbed his toe on her softball bat and fell headlong onto her bed, sweeping her up in a dramatic landing. "Ouch!" He started tickling her. "You broke my foot."

"Stop, stop, stop." She squirmed and laughed a silent, open mouth, red face laugh. "You, ah, you, you," she gasped, "you messed, ah, messed me up."

"It's your fault for not putting your bat away." He squeezed her against his body.

She squirted out of his arms and jumped on top of him. "I was almost at level four." She bounced on his gut.

"Mercy, mercy, please give me mercy," he pleaded. "How can I make it up to you?"

"First," she did a belly flop on him, "a kiss."

His sister's teary eyed gleefulness was gone. He avoided looking into her sparkling blue eyes. Her hair dangled from the sides of her head, framing her face. He watched his outstretched fingers slice through it. The golden strands swept across the webbing between his fingers as he lifted them. He was holding her hair up on the back of her neck, studying her face. The freckles on her nose and under her eyes; her cheekbones, eyebrows, and ears, were all so familiar. “A kiss?” he asked.

That's right, a kiss,” Gloria said.

The lips that formed the word, 'kiss' were plump and moist. His adrenaline gland was crushed like a grape in the wine press. Thank God she doesn't have her mother's strawberry-blonde hair, he thought, or she'd be a replica of the teenage babysitter he had gotten boners over. He pictured Candy's lips. Twelve hours earlier they had touched his and trembled with his. They had been reluctant at first, then eagerly parted for his tongue. Once their tongues joined inside her mouth, he couldn't get enough. Could the Candy-like girl staring at him use those sexy lips the way her mother had?

Okay, I guess.” He made a face that suggested it was going to be gross and closed his eyes.

Evan hadn't expected gross, but he also hadn't expected Gloria's tongue. His hands were in her hair, pulling her face into his. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and stroked her ears with his thumbs. How could she already know how to be so passionate?

When he opened his eyes and pulled his tongue away from Gloria's lips, his brain was flickering like a light bulb about to blow out. Candy, Gloria, mom, babysitter, Gloria...yes, it was Gloria's beautiful, sexy lips, not Candy's. He stared into her amazing eyes and steadied his breathing. He loved her with all his heart and soul; now he wanted her, too. Or was it Candy he wanted?

"What," Gloria said, "didn't I do it right? Don't I kiss good?"

"No. Yes, I mean you do, but no, that's not why I stopped. Well it is, I mean I stopped because you kiss too good and I shouldn't be kissing you anyway." Kissing her was the least of his concerns.

"If I kiss so good, why would you want to stop? I don't want to."

"You're my sister and kissing your sister isn't supposed to feel good."

Gloria wiggled down his body far enough to pile her hands on his chest and rest her chin on them. It seemed like his sister had matured in an instant, and he was a child. "I'm not your sister," she said. "It's not even illegal to kiss me...or marry me."

"What! How would you know?"

"I looked it up on the Internet." Her cheeks ballooned, and her dimples deepened.

"Hey, but what would mom think about it?"

"She's not home," Gloria said.

"If she was, what would she say?"

"Don't let your father catch you."

It was turning into a stupid conversation that would only serve to prolong his suffering. He started massaging his sister's lower back, and her stomach heaved against his erection. It felt right having her on top of him, smiling at him with that look in her eyes. Could he be in love with Gloria, too?

He rolled her off of him and quickly turned away from her and off the bed. “I gotta go.”

Candy placed her hand on Tonya's glass sliding door, then moved her fingers and watched the shadow on her chest change shapes. The sun's heat made her nipples tingle. She touched her neck where her stepson had placed his lips. If Gloria hadn't been there, she would have handled it better, right?

"You admiring the beautiful garden Evan planted?"

Candy jerked at the sound of Tonya's voice. No, she thought, I was imagining his sweat covered muscles rippling each time he thrust into me. "Yes, yes I was," she said, without turning towards her friend.

It's gotten fuller and plusher.” Tonya placed her hands on Candy's shoulders. “God, you're tense. What's wrong?”

Ah, nothing.” Tonya's hands felt so soft and delicate on her skin. “I've been working out a lot, that's all.”

You should have Evan massage you,” Tonya said.

Did you?” she asked.

You told me to, so I did.”

Hmm, I didn't know you had taken my advice. Was it good?”

You need to find out for yourself, but I can tell you this, that boy is gifted.”

You have no idea, she thought, then immediately felt guilty and vulnerable because of her secrets. “I have to admit, I enjoy it when he rubs my shoulders.”

I'm sure, but you need to lay down and let him do you...all over,” Tonya said. “I was a puddle when he finished.”

Please, oh please don't put those thoughts in my head. “God, Tonya.”

What, you said he had magic hands, and I was in need...in need of a massage, so I asked him, and he jumped at the opportunity.”

I bet he did.” She turned her attention outside so Tonya wouldn't see the envy on her face.

It's not a big deal, just a massage.” Tonya's voice was too husky and too close to her ear. “Let yourself go, Candy, you deserve it.”

The emotional roller coaster Candy had been riding took a zero gravity plummet, and the only word she could get out was, “No.”

Tonya put her hand on Candy's stomach. She stiffened. “Honey, what is it, what's got you so upset?” Tonya asked. “I know there's something going on, I heard it in your voice on the phone.”

It's nothing.” She wanted to pull away from her friend, but that would only exasperate Tonya's concern and inquiries.

"The truth, Candy, it will set you free. Tell me."

The words ripped her insides apart, and her chest swelled with a convulsive sob. She threw her arms around Tonya, their breasts crushed together and her arms clutched for more and more of a hold. Tears flowed in streams down her cheeks. "It's okay, Candy, you're going to be all right. I'm here for you."

"It's a mess, Tonya, a giant, complicated mess." She heard the desperation in her voice.

"It's not complicated," Tonya said. "Watch how simple this is." She pressed her hands to the side of Candy's face, tilted her head and touch their lips together. Candy thought about the last time she kissed a girl. Hadn't that been the worst mistake of her life? She closed her eyes and pictured that girl's intense stare. It had been the most loving and passionate mistake she'd ever made, and she only regretted it because she got caught. She thrust her tongue inside Tonya's mouth.

Candy was panting and dizzy when they separated. "I feel trapped...trapped like an animal in a snare, waiting to die." She could feel her pulse beating in her throat.

"No, you're not trapped, but you've been pretending,” Tonya said and kissed her eyebrows. “You pretend you don't deserve more because you think this is your fault. It's not; you're a victim, so stop punishing yourself."

Tonya was her best friend, and she knew more about her than anyone else, but not about the camera and the secret desires it had spawned. What would the woman think if she knew how badly she wanted to let her stepson fuck her? Or worse, if she knew that other thing Candy wanted. Her nipples were suddenly throbbing. She pressed her chest against Tonya's tits and her lips on Tonya's neck. She took a deep breath, filling herself with the woman's scent. A fire burned between her legs where Tonya had shoved her thigh.

"Let yourself go," Tonya said and started kissing her again. “You deserve to feel good.”

Candy welcomed Tonya's hands on her ass. If Evan had done that the night before, she would have ripped her clothes off and demanded that he cram his massive teenage cock inside her. Her pussy had been drooling down her inner thighs, prepared for him to take her, pound her like the schoolgirl she wanted to be. Wouldn't that be the ultimate, fuck you to the man she had grown to hate? No, she could do better than that.

The orgasm took Candy by surprise. “Ahhh, god, oh, god.” She crushed Tonya's thigh between her legs to stop it from grinding her convulsing pussy.

Do it, Candy. Let it happen, let yourself go completely. Scream if you want to.”

She stiffened and let her orgasm soak into her panties and jeans; onto Tonya's leg. "I can't believe I just humped your leg like a horny schoolgirl. What a mess."

Candy, you have never looked more beautiful,” Tonya said and gave her a tender kiss. “You're allowed to make a mess at my house. You can come here and act sexy, get naked, get fucked silly if you want, and nobody is going to say anything about it."

Thank you, thank you for caring and for the orgasm.”

The first of many...today,” Tonya said, and pulled her towards the bedroom.

After considering his options, Evan decided that jerking off, even with a pair of Gloria's panties, wouldn't solve any of his problems, so he sent Deana a text. His guess had been correct; she had gone to the tumbler's house. She wanted a ride home, but wouldn't be ready to leave for an hour. Rather than chancing another encounter with Gloria or being home when their mother returned, he got in his car and rode around, thinking.

It turned out that thinking wasn't anything Evan was qualified to do, not when girls were involved. His little sister had researched sex between step-siblings and wanted to marry him. What he wanted to do to her was scary, yet he wasn't sure it was her he wanted. It could have been misdirected desire. His mother had welcomed his intimate advances the morning after seeing his erection. It hadn't been just any erection, either. It was the one he got while making out with her. He said the words out loud, “I was making out with mom—” No, those words weren't going to come out of his mouth during a conversation with Deana.

How had seeing Deana naked become the least of his worries? Jeez, he had been in bed with two naked girls. Feeling up the tumbler while his tongue was in his sister's mouth and his cock was pressed against her butt had been wickedly erotic. He let the illicit fantasies blaze, and that eased his anxiety. The fact that he was jealous of Rebecca didn't even cross his one track mind.

It had been sunny and warm during Evan's bike ride, but when he reached Rebecca's house, it was windy and overcast. That wasn't unusual on the Gulf Coast. There would be a thunderstorm somewhere nearby, then it would be sunny again and more humid.

On her way to the car, Deana's hair trailed behind her like a kite's tail. Evan noticed how the blasts of wind pasted her clothes to her body, and, at that moment, it was more arousing than seeing her naked. He could see every groove, hill, and valley that made her body so perfect. She looked like a runway model, and he wanted a wardrobe failure. If a gust of wind gave him a glimpse of her panties, he would be rock hard in seconds. What was wrong with him?

"What is that a shirt you're wearing?"

"No, it's a 32 Degrees dress, Rebecca's." Deana stuffed her hands into the slits at her hips. "See, it has pockets."

Dress,” he repeated and looked her up and down. She could call it whatever she wanted; it was still a sleeveless shirt to him. “Rebecca definitely isn't as tall as you.”

Deana looked down at her lap, tucked the material between her thighs and said, “It's just because I'm sitting.”

He started backing up. "If the wind had blown just right, Rebecca's neighbors would have seen your underwear.”

His sister tilted her head and gave him a suggestive shrug. “What if I'm not wearing any?”

Then they'd be some lucky fuckers, he thought. “Don't tease.”

I don't tease,” she said.

Oh.” He drove away from Rebecca's house. “You smell good. Are you wearing Rebecca's perfume, too?”

No, I took a shower,” Deana said. “Doesn't Rebecca's body wash smell wonderful? I have to get mom to buy some.”

"Shower, why didn't you do that at home?”

Because her parents aren't home.”

Okay.” Don't go there, he told himself. “Do you two always sleep naked?”


Weren't you worried that someone, um, mom or dad could have found out?”

I was more afraid that they might have walked in while you were in bed with us,” Deana said. “That was dangerous...and exciting.”

Stupid, he thought. “Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry I wasn't thinking.”

"You sure it doesn't bother you?"


You know, that your sister...ah, sleeps with another girl?”

"No, no, I told you I don't care,” he said. “I'm mean, I care about you, I don't care, um, don't judge you. It doesn't bother me like I think there's something wrong with it.” I'm getting a boner thinking about it, and I'm jealous as fuck, he thought.

When they reached the four-lane, Evan turned left instead of right.

Where are we going?” Deana asked.

You want Ice cream?”

"What do you think?"

He looked at his gorgeous, perfectly sized sister and said, “You want a sundae.”

You're buying?”


Good, because Rebecca didn't leave any money in her pockets.”

Evan waited until they were almost there before he said, “You gotta do something for me.”

I knew there would be a catch,” Deana said.

No it's something you already said you'd do, but you haven't,” he said. “You have to talk to Gloria.”

Something happen?”

"Yeah, something, Gloria kissed me…we kissed."


"Yes, really," he said. "She said she wanted a kiss, then, bam, we were kissing."


Why had he thought he could clear his conscience by telling Deana, of all people? “It wasn't a normal sister kiss, it was a serious kiss, and she went online to find out if it was legal for us to get married.”

That's sweet. You'd make a good couple,” Deana said. "Did you like it? I mean was it good?"

"Yes, I did. Does that bother you?" He wondered if anything bothered her.

"No, and it doesn't surprise me either. You had a crush on the babysitter, and Gloria sure is turning into a little Candy."

"Don't be stupid," he said. “Gloria shouldn't be kissing me like that, and I shouldn't like it...shouldn't have liked it."

"It's not a big deal. It's just a little crush.”

He turned into the Sonic and parked where they had been last time. “Just talk to her.”

Does she kiss better than me?”

Who?” he croaked.

Gloria, who else.”

No, she doesn't. Different, but not better. Shit, I'm not saying—”

Evan, don't trip,” Deana said. “Kissing isn't a big deal."

Maybe not for Deana, but he was fucked. He lived with three beautiful women, had kissed all of them, but couldn't have any of them. They were all taboo. Was that what made it so hard to resist them? "Let's talk about something else. What do you want?"

Deana didn't answer. Instead, she got on her knees and leaned across him, out his window. "Whatdah you want?" She pushed the red button on the order board.

"Chocolate shake and fries," he said, fighting the urge to lift his hand, so it could accidentally on purpose touch any part of the body that was bridged over his.

"We'll have a chocolate shake, banana split with fudge, and a large French fries, please."

Banana split, shit, how am I going to have a serious conversation while she sucks fudge off a phallic fruit? Evan didn't try. He looked around the parking lot, picked crud out of the cup holder and waited for their order. When it came, he watched Deana turn sideways and fold her legs Indian Style, then he handed her the sundae, still not sure how to start.

Deana picked up a split banana with her thumb and index finger, pinky finger extended, and sucked the fruit clean, then she licked her lips. Fuck talking he thought and continued to watch his sister's mouth while she enjoyed her ice cream. It was impossible not to imagine Deana and Rebecca making out, but it wasn't helping him think about what to say.

Deana licked her spoon and asked, "What's on your mind?"

That was his opening; now all he had to do was tell her what happened without telling her, so she could tell him what to say to their mother. Jeez, that shouldn't be too hard. "You ever had a secret? I mean a major secret, one that you think you'll never share with anyone, no matter what." Where is this going, he wondered.

Deana only nodded, so he dipped fries in his shake and waited, knowing there was more. Four spoonfuls of ice cream later, she said, "I suppose so."

Would it feel better if you could tell someone?”

Deana squinted an eye and tipped her head to the side. “Why, you got something you need to tell me?”

Maybe,” he said, “but what's yours?”

"I guess it's not anymore because you know, but when it happened, when I kissed Rebecca, I was scared because I liked it so much. I think I felt better after I told you.”

Is there something else, something that you don't want to tell me?”

Promise you'll never tell?"

Of course.”

She leaned over and put her lips close to his ear. “Kissing you scares me for the same reason. Now, what's your secret?"

Evan knew his sister's diversionary tactics, but he had some of his own. "It's serious."

"I told you mine."

"It's hard to tell anyone this.”

I'm not anyone, Evan, I'm me.”

Yes, yes you are, but it's embarrassing.”


Here goes, he thought. “I did have a crush on mom. You know, when she was our babysitter."

How is that a big secret? I just told you that."

"I mean it was serious. I pretended I was the daddy, Gloria's Daddy."

"Not surprising,” Deana said. “Candy treated you like her little prince, and she's hot. Why wouldn't you? That's why I told you not to worry about Gloria. You got over it."

His cheeks flushed with anger when his sister compared his love to a silly kid's crush. "I didn't...didn't have to, she married dad, so I had to turn my feelings off."

Deana stared into his eyes with her hand on his. “Oh, Evan, you were really in love with her. I'm sorry, so sorry." She squeezed his hand and clenched her jaw.

"Yeah, I guess I was, then she married dad. How fucked up is that? Jeez, how stupid I was."

"That's not stupid." Deana handed him a napkin. “I think she loved you, too, and she seemed happier...we were happier, then.”

"I was just a kid and she was—"

"A kid, she was a fuckin' kid, too," Deana said. "The only reason she seemed so much older was because we had to listen to her. She was the babysitter, but we were all growing up together. She was our big sister until he—"

"Shh, don't say it, please don't say it again." Evan hid his face in his hands, but his jerking body gave away the fact that he was sobbing. How much was he supposed to take? First, their mother died, then his first love had been stolen from him, but he still had to live with her, and force himself to love her the way his father told him to. Is that why he fell in love with his twin sister or would that have happened anyway? It didn't matter because he forced himself not to love Deana that way. All that love, what was he supposed to do with all his love? “I'm sorry, I shouldn't have—”

"Yes, yes you should have, and don't be sorry. You didn't do anything wrong!”

Evan wiped his face on his arm and looked at his sister. Her face was tight and a vein pulsed in the middle of her forehead. “What's wrong?”

"You would have made a better father than—" Deana stopped herself and looked away. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"It's okay, Dee, you can tell me...anything.”

Didn't she seem happier then, before?”

Deana's anger combined with his and turned into fury. “Weren't we all? What happen? Why would she—fuck.”

"What choice did she have?”

She, ah, she could have—”

"No, think about it, imagine I'm pregnant." Deana straightened up.

"I'd rather not."

"But she was, and she was younger than I am now. I can't imagine that, and I'd have you, mom and Rebecca to help me. Who did she have? Her family? They never even called her. If they weren't going to help her with Gloria, what fuckin' choice did she have?" Deana shook him. "She was just a kid...trapped, and he took her away from—" His sister punched him.

"Take it easy, Dee." He took her dish and put it on the dashboard. "She had us. We needed her, and I guess she needed us, too."

"Exactly, she loved you...us, and we needed her, but what about her? What about her?”

Evan didn't understand, but Deana's rage made it hard for him to breathe. He'd never considered his sister when their father took Candy from him. Her heart might have broken the same way his had, except she wouldn't have understood why, not then, but now—That's why she's so mad. “You really loved her.”

Yeah, I did...I do, and I want her to be happier. She deserves to have a life, a happy life.”

He touched her cheek. “You don't think she's happy?”

How could she be? She has one friend of her own, and us, two teenagers.”

That's what's happening,” he said. "We're growing up. We're old enough to be more like friends to her. That's why she's been acting different, she wants friends.”

Deana sighed. "Or love, maybe she just needs some love, the way a woman needs to be loved."


Think about it, Evan. If you were married to a gorgeous woman with a body like hers, wouldn't you make love to her every chance you got?”

Well, since we're talking about mom and dad, I don't think I can answer that. It crosses over into something kids are never supposed to imagine about their parents.” Not unless he wanted to get angrier. “Dee, what would make you happy?”

Mmm, I don't think I can answer that now. I'll tell you later,” Deana said.

While they finished their ice cream, benign conversation masked Evan and Deana's raw emotions. They each had a secret they were keeping from the other, but that wasn't a secret to either of them. Things were different between them, now. It was exciting and scary, but they'd been there before.

Evan threw their trash in the can and started driving. Deana put both of her feet in his lap. He turned his head slowly. Her eyes pleaded with him, so he grabbed her big toe.

Thank you,” she said.

My pleasure.” Their talk hadn't changed the fact that Deana was his sister, but they were more in sync like they used to be before he started getting boners for her. He realized that the disconnect hadn't been caused by his erections. Love was love, and it wasn't possible to turn part of it off. Out of fear, he'd denied Deana his love, and that had detached him from their shared love.

Does Rebecca do this for you?” He didn't care that his cock was getting hard under the arch of her foot.

Not really, not like you, but sometimes she sucks on my toes.”

Evan didn't respond, but at every red light, he used both hands and poured all of himself into the intimate act of love. Deana's toes rolled between his fingers, then flexed and wiggled while he rubbed the balls of her feet. He ignored the twisting foot on his hard cock and tried to make her feel good.

They turned into the driveway, Deana blew out a long breath and said, “That was great. Thank you. You're the best.”

Anytime,” Evan said and watched her get out of the car, then he rushed to catch up.

Deana started up the porch steps, but he stayed at the bottom. Her right hand was in front of her, clutching her dress. The back pulled tight over her bubble-butt. The hem hooked in the crease below each cheek, creating a sling that strained to contain her globes. His sister took each step deliberately, rising to her toes before allowing the other foot to land on the next step. He watched her ass muscles flow through their systematic motion. They narrowed, rolled upward until they ballooned at the top, then fell with a jiggle.

Deana swung the screen door open, and Evan took the steps three at a time. “Where's mom?” Deana asked.

Not sure,” he said and opened the back door for her.

She turned on the lights and asked, “Want a drink?"

Please.” He pulled out his father's chair and let his body drop. His sister reached into the cabinet, and he remembered when she needed to climb on the counter to get a glass. Now, her long, slender legs tightened, her back arched and her shiny hair swished just above her butt. The bottom of her cheeks came into view, then vanished.

He looked around the room. Nothing had physically changed, but nothing was the same.

"You want Coke?" Deana asked and opened the refrigerator.

When he turned, Deana was in front of the open door. The light shining through her dress created a silhouette of her crotch. He gulped.

"Hello," Deana said, "Coke?"

Yes, Coke is good.” How many times had his mother brought a glass to the table for his father? Yeah, if he were married to a gorgeous, sexy woman, he'd thank her, kiss her and make love to her every chance he got. He wouldn't bother taking her to their room; he'd do it right there, and everywhere.

Deana handed him his drink, then backed up to the corner of the table and put her left cheek down. He watched her long throat while soda moved from her mouth to her stomach, then he lowered his eyes. "Jeez, you got your butt on the table."

"Not really." She moved his glass out of the way and sat down in front of him, then she leaned side-to-side, walking her butt backward. "Now it's on the table."

He had been hoping for a glimpse since Deana came out of Rebecca's house, now his sister's pussy was inches away, hidden behind a thin veil of material. "Dee, why are you doing this to me?"

Deana sipped her drink. "Doing what?"

"Teasing me."

"I told you, I don't tease."

"All right, tempting me."

Her skin squeaked on the wood when her butt slid off the table. For a split second, he had seen it, then she was standing over his lap, her chest in his face. He looked up as her hands moved over his cheeks and through his hair, then she was sitting on his lap. Her tongue wet her lips, and her head tilted. "Dee—"

Is this what true love feels like? “Dee, ah, Dee.” He lifted her and put her back on the table, but this time there wasn't a veil. He fell back on the chair and reached; his hands moved from her knees to the middle of her thighs, then stopped. "What are you, um, why are you trying to—Shit, don't you know what could happen?"

"That's what I want. I want it to happen."

"But I'm…We're—"

"I know, but I don't care, I want to."

"Why me?"

"Because I want it to be with someone I love, really, really love. It has to be special."

"We can't. You'll find somebody."

"I already have," she said. "Evan, I'm not sure I'll ever want to be with a guy again, so it has to be someone I trust and love. Someone I have always loved and will always love, no matter what. I need to find out, need to know if I like...like boys, too."

Before Evan could speak, Deana lifted her knees and put her feet on the tops of his thighs. His sister's labia was pressed together by her legs. It was plump and smooth without a hint of hair. He had never seen anything so perfect. His heart was pounding, and his mouth watered with expectancy. "No, Dee, I can't," he said as his face moved forward. His lips formed the word, no, but they were pressed into the cushion of Deana's pubic mound. He kissed it and inhaled deeply. The sound of his knees hitting the floor startled him, then Deana's elbows knocked against the table, and her crotch rose to meet his lips. He poked the tip of his tongue out. Oh fuck, it was touching his sister's slit.

Deana's legs fell open, and he tasted her. It was a sweetness on the end of his tongue. He followed the groove up and down two times before breaking the seal. His sister was hot and wet; her juices coated his taste buds. Then, without hesitation, he buried his tongue between her slippery folds and sucked her nectar into his mouth. It was unlikely the taste of a girl's pussy would ever impact his life the way his sisters did. Or taste as good.

His thumbs moved up until they touched her lips, then they pressed in and held her open. He circled the tiny hole. Deana sighed. He rolled his tongue up and forced it inside her. She moaned and twisted her fingers in his hair. Her clit was smashed against his nose while he tongue fucked her narrow tube. His sister's panting breaths grew more exasperated.

When he thought she was ready, he moved his mouth close to her clit. Deana whimpered. He surrounded the swollen bud with his lips, sucked and flicked it. Deana squeaked and pulled his hair. He forced his eyes upward. Her silky nipple sacks were bloated and rich with her excitement. She stared down at him. Her eyes were intense and filled with lust. He flicked her throbbing clit and watched her face brighten.

"Mmmm, Evan, oh, Evan."

He licked harder and faster. Deana's cheeks turned crimson, and her eyes rolled. When his finger entered her body, she clenched her fingers and pulled his hair, hard. “Yes, oh, yes...ah, do it, do me, please do it to me.”

That's exactly what he wanted to do, what Deana wanted, but she'd have to settle for him giving her what he hoped would be the best orgasm of her life. His tongue circled, crisscrossed and flicked up and down while his middle finger fired in and out of her pussy. She released his hair and pressed her fists against the table, rocking her body. His mouth ached, but his licking became more intense and his hand thrust with more force, banging his knuckles into her flooded pussy channel.

Ah, ah, ah, fuck...ah...fuuuuck.”

A ridge formed from her pubic bone to her ribs. Deana bit down on her bottom lip. Evan gave her every ounce of energy left in his tongue. Deana's fists pounded wood and her heels kicked against his back. He watched her eyes while she came in his mouth. She had never looked more beautiful.

A flickering light raced across the ceiling. They both turned towards the window. Their mother's car came to a stop. "Shit, oh Shit!" He stood quickly and turned in a frantic circle. “Fuck!”

"Calm down," Deana said and grabbed his hand. "Come on." She dragged him out of the kitchen, through the living room and down the hallway into the bathroom, then locked the door.

Before Candy left Tonya's house, her friend had convinced her that the infidelity was justified, and because it wasn't with another man, it wasn't a big deal. Candy didn't disagree, after all, it was Tonya, and she spent time with her anyway. Too bad she hadn't been smarter last time.

On the drive home, Candy had convinced herself that cheating with another woman was better than fucking her husband's son. Now, she had to go in the house and tell Evan the whole thing was her fault, that it was wrong and it could never happen again. That had been her plan earlier, but it blew up when Evan took hold of her like the man she wanted him to be. His lips on her neck sent chills down her back and hot flashes to her crotch. The passion he had poured into her the previous night and everything she wanted him to do to her instantly returned. She knew what Evan was pressing against her back, and her pussy got wet in preparation for that hard teenage cock. If Gloria hadn't been there, her little man would have tried to take her right there, and she would have let him.

This time, she thought, her lust wouldn't cloud her judgment. Tonya hadn't merely taken the edge off of her sexual desires; the woman had taken her on a marathon of orgasms. The longer they went at it, the more bold and creative they got. Once they were depleted, they showered together. After, Tonya refused to let her get dressed, and they got back in bed, talked, cuddled and fell asleep. Her best friend awoke her with a kiss, then gave her three more exhausting climaxes. It had been a long time since anyone met her needs sexually. She enjoyed being with a woman, but it brought back all those feelings she had for her last lover, the one she could never have again. Would anybody ever meet her physical and emotional needs the same way?

Candy's hand was shaky when she reached for the doorknob. The kitchen lights were on, but nobody was in the room. She was relieved that she didn't have to face Evan right away. It needed to be on her terms when she had the advantage. She'd tell him to come to her room; then she'd lay it out for him; she'd lie and tell him she regretted it. How foolish would that sound?

There were two glasses of soda on the table, surrounded by puddles of condensation. Instinctively, she was about to clean up after whoever, but stopped and sat on the chair that had been pulled away from the table.

"Why did we come in here?” Evan asked. “If she comes looking for us—"

"She won't look for us, and if she does,” Deana shrugged, “I'll get behind the shower curtain if she calls you, and if she calls me, you hide."

"Still, jeez, that was close."

"Nah, if she had been at the screen door, that would have been close."

He shook his head. "No, that would've been death. There's no way she wouldn't have seen us. I should go upstairs before she wonders where we are."

She smiled at him, and he knew she felt it too. “That was incredible,” she said. “Kiss me before you go.”

Deana was smart, confident, popular and gorgeous, in other words, out of his league, so he should have considered himself the luckiest fucker on the planet, but she was still his sister. “No, we shouldn't,” he said and looked into her eyes. His heart swelled.

"We should."

He wrapped his hands around her neck. "I'm going to."


Their eyes were still wide open. Their respiration increased, and their pupils dilated. They both knew this kiss would be different after what happened on the kitchen table. Deana seized his tongue with her sucking lips and pulled it deep into her mouth. Her hand moved between them. He tried to pull back, but she held his tongue with her teeth. “No, Dee, no,” he mumbled into her mouth, but she ignored him and opened his zipper.

He got his tongue free and said, “Deana, please, don't, don't do that.”

"Can't I see it? I want to see it."

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"Evan, I've felt it so many times, can't I see it."

"Felt it?"

"You jammed it against my butt this morning, and it got hard when you were rubbing my feet. It always does. Is it as big as it felt today?"


"I bet it is," Deana said and shoved the front of his pants down. His erection swung free. "God, it's bigger than I thought."

He panicked at the sight of his cock standing in front of his sister's belly and reached for his pants. “You shouldn't, ah, we shouldn't be doing this. Let me go before—"

Let me touch it first,” she said. "It's not a big deal after what you did to me."

It was a huge deal for him."You don't understand."

"I think I do, but you can explain later. Right now, let me do this." His balls rolled in Deana's cupped hands. "They feel so cool."

Evan watched his sister's long fingers wrap around his dick; then he felt her tugging on it. As long as you don't have sex with her, it's not a big deal, he told himself. "Oh, Dee, jeez." He wanted her with the same blind determination he'd had with Candy, but it scared him more. Deana knew what he was feeling.

Her fingertips traced the rim of his purple dome. She looked at it with fascination, then teased the moist slit and followed a thick vein down his shaft. "It's a little scary," she said and squeezed the thick base. “I bet it will hurt.”

Water surged through a pipe in the wall and made them both jump. Their mother was in the kitchen. “How did we leave the kitchen?” he asked. “Did we leave anything that might, um, you know?”

I better go and make sure,” Deana said.

I think you better.” His voice trembled. “I'm going upstairs.”

Yeah, you should because you look guilty and she'll know something's up.”

Sorry, I haven't mastered the art of deception, like you.”

You better work on it,” she said. “I'll go, you stay here for a minute, but put that away before I open the door.”

Duh,” he said and closed his pants. “See you later.”

Let's work out tonight. I need the exercise.”

His sister opened the door and switched off the light. He whacked her on the ass and whispered, “No you don't.”

In Candy's role as an adult, and especially as a mother, there wouldn't have been an acceptable explanation for the ass shaped smudge on the table. Unfortunately, her afternoon affair created another fissure in the dam she'd built to hold back the real Candy. Through that fault-line, she visualized the three most viable scenarios that could have led to the mess, only one concerned her, but for the wrong reason. She tried to imagine how she was supposed to handle such nefarious conduct. What a hypocrite she'd have to be. How many times had she seen or done such things on the kitchen table?

Candy knew she had to stop when her fingertip touched the wood. Then she was watching it swirl in the moisture, telling herself what she shouldn't do next. It would be shameful and disgusting under any circumstances, but licking a tabletop because you want to know what your stepdaughter taste like, that fell into a category of its own.

Whether it was morally and socially wrong became secondary to the emotional impact Deana's pussy juice had on Candy. She savored it and remembered the sexual desire, the passion, the fear of being found out, and the bliss that came when she finally gave in. Candy hugged herself and smiled, thinking about the joy and love she'd shared with those she was never supposed to be with. The misery of losing all of that made tears pool at the rim of her eyes.

Damn it, stop it. She got up, put the glasses in the sink, pushed the chair back and wiped off the table. Tonya was wrong about the truth; it wouldn't set her free, and it had to stay behind the dam, but the floodgates were already open. One more secret might bring the whole thing down. Then what?

After talking to her mother, Deana went to her room. Her hands trembled, and her heart pounded. The woman she had encountered in the kitchen looked five years younger than the woman she'd seen that morning. Her cheeks were rosy, her eyes had a twinkle, and she moved with an airy grace. Something was off, Deana thought. Was she projecting the past because talking to Evan had uncovered buried memories or did their mother get in a time machine and come back as their Candy?

The last thing her mother said to her was, “Honey, when you make a mess...clean up, please.” The table had been cleared. Why did she assume it was me and not Evan? Her brother thought of her as the master of deception, the one who stayed calm and always had an answer at the spur of the moment, but she was frazzled. One day wasn't big enough to hold everything that had already happened.

Deana eased between the sheets and snuggled a pillow against her chest. "I love you," she whispered and wrapped her legs around another pillow. "I love you. I love you. I love you."

Evan was ready to do some thinking, so he sat on his bed, put his elbow on his leg and his hand under his chin. The smell of his sister's pussy lingered on his finger. What irony, he thought, it was the same finger Rebecca had been sucking on that morning. He had started his day in bed with two naked girls. Deana and Rebecca slept together without anything on, and they spooned.

When he had thought of it as a phase that girls went through, like Jayda and Alex, something they grew out of; it was exciting to imagine what they did to each other, but if his sister thought she might be a lesbian, that was serious. In his mind, he compared getting caught with Deana to having to tell his parents he liked boys. Jeez, his poor sister, she must have been going through hell. That could explain why she lost it at Sonic. She might have been thinking about what their father would say if he found out. That sucks.

If Deana loved and trusted him, how could he turn her down? He decided he wouldn't. Love was more important than some rule. He made up his mind; he would love his sister with all his heart and do whatever she needed him to do. “I need to find out, need to know if I like...like boys, too."

Jeez, no pressure there. Deana was going to choose her sexual preference based on his performance. He was going to need every trick Miss Tonya taught him, and more. He grabbed the two bottles of herbs and supplements and took twice the recommended dose.

When her phone rang, Deana sat up and stuffed her pillows behind her back. Phew, here goes. “Hey, Reb.”

How did it go?”

How did what go?”

It happened! You did it!”

Deana moved the phone away and rubbed her ear. “Don't yell.”

Sorry,” Rebecca said, “I'm excited. You finally got fucked.”

You're so crude.”

Fuck, fuck fuck, you got fucked, now give me details.”

Despite her mood, she cracked a smile. “No, I didn't. He wouldn't do that, and if we did, we would make love, not fuck.”

What da ya mean, wouldn't do that? You left here with a plan. What happened?”

He bought me ice cream, and we had a long talk,” she said.

That's sweet, but there's more. I know something happened, so spit it out.”

How do you know?”

Please, Dee, I know you. What'd he do to you?”

He did what you do, except I was on the kitchen table.”

Holy shit, he went down on you in the kitchen. Fuck, that must have been exciting. Can we do that?”

Maybe. We'll see.”

Wasn't it good? You sound disappointed.”

It was incredible.”

You upset because you didn't close the deal?”

Close the deal? Jeez, Rebecca, we're talking about losing my virginity to my brother.”

I know. I'm sorry, but you left here excited because plan C was working perfectly and you were sure it was finally going to happen. Why didn't it?”

For one thing, my mother came home right as I was getting off.”

You're kidding?”

No, no I'm not. We saw her car and ran to the bathroom before she saw us, but talk about exciting.”

Wow, I'm picturing you on the table with you legs in the air. I swear you're killing me. What happened in the bathroom? Why didn't you finish in there? You finally got him where you wanted him, and you didn't—”

I got scared.”

I told you that was normal.”

No, I don't think it's normal,” she said. “You lied to me. There's no way it's not going to hurt. Shit, it's going to kill my little kitty.” Physical pain was the least of her worries.

Dee, take it easy. You'd be surprised what you can fit in there.“

When I grabbed it, it fought back. Jeez, Henry's a twig compared to Evan's tree trunk.”

Deana, if you're not comfortable, it's okay to change your mind. You don't have to do this now or ever if you don't want to...for any reason.”

I know,” she said.

Talk to me.”

What if I like it? I mean with Evan, the same way I like it with you? What will we do if we both like it? How will that work living together or at school? It's hard enough not getting caught with you.”

You might be overthinking it. Take your time and follow your heart. There's plenty of summer vacation left.”

But I told him I wanted to workout tonight. After what he did for me, and what I did to him in the bathroom, he's going to expect it. I told him I don't tease, and now—”

Do the other thing,” Rebecca said. “Tell him you wanna do that first.”

Rebecca, he isn't a banana.”

Why don't you let me be there with you. I'll make sure it's the best time of your life.”

Mm, I sure you would, you always do, but no.”

Well, then blow him, he'll be satisfied. Then play hard to get until it feels right, or not. It's all going to work out.”

Deana wiped her eyes. “You're right. Thank you.”

Can I ask you something?”

You can ask, but I'm not sure I'll answer.”

Does he do it better than me?”

No, he does it good, different, but not better. You're still the best, baby.”

Mmm, thank you. I wish you were here right now; I'd kiss you until your toes curled, then I'd....”