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by Bistander

Chapter 18

Correct and Protect

The decision Evan made—do whatever Deana needed him to do—was easily justified. He would do it because he loved her. As long as his motives were good, the whole thing had to be good, right. With that rationale, the memories of Deana's ass on the table, her beautiful bald pussy and her glazed over eyes flowed freely through Evan's mind, without guilt or remorse. The years of denying and resisting had created a stockpile of desire. Now, that the time for their “workout” was quickly approaching, his excitement and anticipation mounted. Unfortunately, so had his nervousness. He felt like he was going on a blind date with a playboy bunny who expected to have the best sex of her life. He was afraid he'd blow his load too quickly or not be able to get it up. There was something else troubling him, too.

Evan hadn't faced his mother since she came home and interrupted him and Deana while his sister was getting off on the kitchen table. Deana hadn't come upstairs to let him know if their mother suspected anything. That meant the next time he saw his mother; he would have to deal with two colossal worries, kissing her and wondering if she knew something about him and Deana. That was going to be uncomfortable, but it would be worse if his father were home. He decided he needed closure with his mother. She had to be regretting what happened and it was just a matter of time until she told him, so he'd get it over with now.

The hallway outside his mother's room felt haunted. Evan was prepared for some kind of lecture about how big of a mistake it was, how wrong it was and—What? He didn't know and thought about turning back, but his knuckles were already hitting the door. They sounded like thunder booming in his head. He couldn't run away now, so he waited for what felt like five minutes before hearing, "Come in." Shit, this was it. He turned the knob and tried to put on one of Deana's coy, diversionary smiles.

"Ah." His breath caught somewhere between his lungs and throat. He gulped. "Mom, sorry, I'll come back."

"No," she waved dismissively, "come in."

Without makeup, his mom was Candy, a sixteen-year-old girl with a woman's body. He was awestruck. "I didn't realize you weren't dressed. Sorry."

"Dressed, I'm dressed." She pulled the belt tight and made a bow. Her waist was actually that thin in contrast to her bodacious breasts and hips. She roughed up her wet hair. Somehow, even the thick terrycloth wasn't enough to hold back her bulging nipples. He looked down at her short sexy legs and pretty little feet, then her red panties flashed through his mind. “What?” she asked.


"What did you want?"

That was a good question. Why was he there?

"Evan, you gonna speak or stand there with your mouth hanging open?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry." Think, think, think. "Mom, um, I don't think you should get involved in the racing thing.” He watched his mother move towards him and wondered if he was shaking.

"Nonsense." She put her arms around his waist, pulled him against her, then she leaned back and looked up. “That's what I'm here for, to help.”

But, ah—” His arms wrapped around her. “Um.” The fresh shower smell was making him dizzy.

"Honey," she tightened her arms, "we don't need to talk about what happened earlier, do we?"

"No," he said.

"Good. Sometimes things happen that you don't expect, and it's better to keep them secret. You understand, right?"

What the fuck does she mean? “I do, I understand,” he said. So much for closure. “About racing, I'm worried that—”

"Shh, I'll handle your father. He'll be late tonight. It's the last time he'll get to play golf before China, so they went out after, but I'll take care of it, soon."

Thank you. I love you.”

I know, Honey, I know you do, and I love you, too.”

Candy sat and hung her head, considering the ambiguous words she'd spoken to Evan. She had come home from Tonya's with an unwavering sense of responsibility. Her intention was to set Evan straight; he could never kiss her again. Although, the road to Hell wasn't paved with good intentions. It was a Slip' N Slide of wrong choices, and Candy had taken a running start at it that morning. Now, she had to decide if she was going to act like a mother or a character from one of those Sidney Sheldon novels she'd read as a teenager.

As Deana's mother, it was Candy's responsibility to correct and protect. That was why Candy had waited in the kitchen for Deana. She knew Rebecca wasn't there, and she couldn't believe Evan was involved, that meant she only needed to discipline her stepdaughter for the lascivious act. What went wrong?

Earlier, when Deana turned the corner, Candy's heart jerked in her chest, and she grasped Deana's bare arms. The girl was good at hiding her feelings, but the radiating glow from Deana's face couldn't be switched off. She was oozing a sexual energy that made Candy envious. Without saying a word, she wrapped Deana in a firm hug. She had never loved her daughter so deeply.

More good intentions had greased the Slip' N Slide, and Candy continued her descent. Was she weak and driven by the erratic winds of her emotions, or was she going insane?

The pace and intensity of Evan's punches and kicks grew more aggressive. He wasn't mad at anyone or anything, but anger had manifested out of the cluster-fuck of emotions he was experiencing. He still didn't have a clue whether or not his mother wanted him to kiss her and keep it a secret or don't kiss her and keep it a secret. After he left her room and walked through the kitchen, another option had popped into his head; she could have been talking about what happened on the table. Deana was sleeping when he went to ask her what happened with their mother; then he fell asleep until dinner. Now, he was waiting for Deana to come workout with him or do whatever she needed him to do.

His foot slammed into the side of the heavy bag over and over again. He intended to have sex with his sister, and that scared him. More because he wanted to than anything else. He was also nervous like it was going to be his first time. It was Deana's first, and it had to be the best she ever had. Damn it, where is she?

Evan stopped kicking when he heard his name. He turned around. Deana was at the bottom of the staircase, but she wasn't dressed for working out. She swung her head and tossed her hair over her shoulder, then started towards him. Whatever Evan had been feeling a few seconds ago was replaced by bewilderment. What happened to his sister? Deana looked older and more mature. Her eyes made him nervous. With each step, a slender thigh parted the short flaps of her robe. Evan stared and asked, "How long have you been there?"

Deana stopped and said, "Fifteen kicks," then her fingertip drew a line down the center of his sweaty chest.

You're not dressed for working out.” He watched her finger circling his belly button.

Deana said, “I know,” and moved her hands to his waist. Her lower lip quivered after her tongue moistened it. She was going to kiss him.

Discernment came to Evan like an oncoming freight train. He knew what would happen if he let his sister's lips touch his. The impact would be more profound than kissing Candy, and what he had been afraid of for years would happen. It was his last chance to stop it. “Dee,” he whispered and pulled her body against his.

Deana's quick breaths swept over his dry lips, and Evan found little motivation to get out of the way. He closed his eyes and waited for the train to hit him.

His sister's lips were warm and moist. He tightened his arms around her waist and squeezed the air from her lungs. The inside of her mouth was hot on his tongue. They had never kissed without him holding something back. The decision he had made earlier freed him from all of his self-imposed moral restrictions. He felt thirteen again, deeply in love and on fire with new and exciting feelings.

Their tongues and bodies were moving with lustful aggression. Deana slowed down and wiggled side-to-side with a determined purpose. He filled his lungs and let the silky fabric of his sister's nipples slide across his chest, then he stepped back and watched the robe finish opening. Her cotton-puff domes swelled and turned a darker shade of pink. He reached for her neck and moved his hands outward. Deana's robe slipped off her shoulders. She straightened her arms and let it drop to the floor. His mouth fell open at the sight of her bald pubic mound. He couldn't remember if he had ever looked straight down a girl's body while she was standing up. Deana's pussy hill grew gradually, then burst from her groin where a thin line divided it into two plump flesh mounds that demanded his full attention. Evan licked his lips and looked into Deana's eyes.

The sound of his erection slapping against his stomach made him look. His sister's hands were still pushing his shorts down. "I wanna feel it against me,” Deana said and started kissing him again.

He slid his hands down her back, grabbed hold of her ass and pulled her into him. His throbbing dick was sandwiched between them. He hunched and his cock slid up Deana's belly until his balls hit her pubic bone. He moved a hand down to her thigh and lifted, hoping his sister would wrap her leg around him. Then he would lift her, and she could hug him with both legs and arms. His sister could crush him with her love while he eased her body onto his throbbing erection. Years of expectation were about to be fulfilled.

Deana huffed and pushed back. "Oh, Evan." She was staring at the cock that jutted out at her.


It's so big. Let me do this...um, first," she said.

Ah.” His sister's soft hands were cool, and his balls tried to retreat, then settled comfortably into her palms.

Deana started lowering her body. “They're heavy.” She looked up. “I wanna give you a blow job.”

When Evan had his closed, and they were in the heat of the moment, it would have been easy to push his dick inside his sister. Now, Deana was on her knees with his pulsing erection in front of her face, telling him she wanted to suck his cock. That made it real and gave him pause. Deana wouldn't even know how to give head, would she? “But—”

Shh.” She pulled his cock down until the tip touched her lips, then she kissed it. “Let me...I want to.”

Her pink tongue circled the purple head. Then her lips sealed around it, and her tongue flicked the tip. He felt the pull of her mouth drawing him in. His sister made a slurping sound, and her tongue circled the crown of his cock. That pushed his button labeled, blinding-unstoppable lust. “Oh, fuck.”

Her teeth grazed his sensitive flesh; then his head slid across the roof of her mouth. She sucked blood into his throbbing knob. “Ah, Deeee.” Her lips tightened, and her cheeks caved in. His dick head was tingling, and his mind was spinning. He was getting a blowjob from his sister. "Dammit, that feels good!"

Deana forced her glistening eyes up and smiled with her lips wrapped around his shaft, then continued blowing him. He realized his body had started rocking, gently pushing in and out of his sister's mouth. Deana's eager sucking sounds became louder and more obscene. She grabbed his hips and pulled herself forward. The jerking spasms in her throat grabbed the bulb of his cock, and a tremor went through his guts. Deana gagged and backed off. “Easy, don't choke yourself.”

She wiped her eyes and looped her fingers around the spit line on his shaft. "I thought I could get all of it."

"Who cares," he said. "It feels great...what you're doing feels great."

"I thought I'd try, anyway."

He watched her wet lips form an oval and slip around the tip of his dick. Then she sucked it in with a slurp. "Ah, that's good. Fuckin' incredible."

Deana held his cock in her mouth with the ridge of his dome hooked behind her front teeth. Her folded legs moved further apart, lowering her body. She arched her back and tilted her head. Her eyes were big and expressive. His shaft bent at a downward angle that matched the angle of her neck. He could see her determination to please and feel her love. He gulped and watched her face move up his dick. The previous spit marker vanished, and his pulsating head opened her throat. His sister's eyes bulged, and tears ran down her cheeks. He followed the curve of her back to her butt and wished he could hold it.

Air rushed past Deana's lips, and he sank further into her mouth. Her convulsing throat stroked his dick top, and her teeth tightened on the thickness of his shaft. She backed off slowly, increasing the power of her suck as she went. Her eyes never stopped staring him down. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was, even with her mouth stretched around a dick.

One of her hands ceased his balls and the other was between her legs. Only his dick knob was in her mouth, and she twisted on it, sucking and licking like a porn star. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes got lazy with pleasure. His sister was playing with herself while he watched. That was more erotic than the blow job. “Ah, Dee, oh—”

His stomach muscles spasmed and his balls snapped upward. Shit, he was already passed the point of no return. If he were in a porn movie, he'd pull out and blast the girl's face with cum, but this was real life, and the girl was his sister. “I'm gonna, ah, gonna...” He grabbed his ass and leaned back.

Deana's eyes rolled, and her head bobbed on his dick. His balls squeezed out the first blast of cum into her mouth. He saw the initial surprise on Deana's face, then she surprised him. His sister swallowed with a gulp then jammed the squirting knob down her throat. He was shooting a river of cum straight into her stomach, and she never stopped watching his face while he did it. "Oh God, Dee, shit."

Deana wiped her face and reached up. "I almost drowned."

I'm sorry.” He pulled her to her feet and hugged her. "I wasn't thinking. I should have warned you or—"

"It's okay. I guess that's what I expected." She kissed him, her mouth still wet with his orgasm. It tasted better on her tongue than it had on his hand.

"Jeez, Deana, um, how do you know, ah, how did you know how?"

"Rebecca...you know, she gave me some pointers. We used a banana."

"Rebecca, figures, but a banana?" He shook his head and added, "Lucky banana," then he picked up her robe and wrapped it around her body. “Someone might come.”

Thank you,” she said and looped her hair behind her right ear. “Was it good? I mean, was that okay? I know I said I wanted to—”

No, it was great,” he said, “but it's still, um, still not okay.”

"You told me in the bathroom that I didn't understand. Can you explain?"

"I'm not sure this is the right time.” Evan felt the blood draining from his face. “It's gonna sound stupid or like it's because of what we just did."

"No, it won't. Not if it's what I'm thinking."

"It's how you make me feel. How I feel when we kiss and jeez, now, after—I'm scared."

Deana put her hands on her waist and shifted her hips to the left. "Don't you think I am, too? I'm scared, but I don't regret it. I love you, and we'll always have this to remember."

"That's not what I'm afraid of. I love you, too, but I had to stop. Not stop loving you, but wanting to love you the wrong way.”

The springs crunched, and the old boards creaked when Evan's body crashed down on the couch. Deana sat on the arm next to him. "What if I was worried about the same thing?” She ran her hand through his hair.

I can't be in love with my sister. It won't work, can't work.”

"I know, believe me, I know. But what if you are?" she asked. “What if we are? We can't control how we feel. It's not like we did something to make ourselves have these feelings. Who better to love than somebody you love?”

He stared at her. “Jeez.” He wanted to hold her, squeeze her and never let her go.


"Dee, what are we going to do?"

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I guess we should be young...enjoy being young. Once we get older, we won't think like this, you know, about sex, it won't be important then."

He thought about Miss Tonya and their mother. “I doubt it.”

Think about it, Evan, think about how adults act. We'll always love each other, but all this, um, these crazy needs will fade away. Let's worry later and enjoy it now.”

"That doesn't sound like a great plan," he said. "It could turn out really bad.”

But if we never find out, we'll never know, then we'll be grown-ups, and it'll be too late. I wanna be happy Evan."

I swear.” He huffed and pulled Deana onto his lap. “This is nuts.”

Yup, we're nuts.”

Evan squeezed his sister in his arms and looked into her eyes. For the first time since he was thirteen, he wasn't afraid Deana would know his true feelings. “I love you.”

I know. I've always known.”

Figures,” he said. “I don't know how this is going to work or what we're gonna do, but I know we have to be careful. Mom almost caught us. Oh, yeah, what happened when you went to talk to her? She seemed suspicious at dinner. Was that my imagination or did she see something when she came home?”

Deana leaned back on the armrest, stretched her legs across the couch and wiggled her butt on his lap. "That was your guilty conscience, but something is going on. Something happened."

Huh? What do you mean?”

"I don't know if I can explain it, but she was glowing, and she hugged me. It wasn't a quickie hello hug, either; and she wasn't wearing a bra. She seemed happier, too. This might sound weird, but it felt like, um, she felt like Candy, not mom. It was like the way she used to be when she could get us out of trouble."

"No, no that's not weird. Thank God you finally see it," he said. “What happened to her? What do you think she was doing today and why wasn't she wearing a bra? She never does that anymore.” At least not in front of anyone other than me, he thought.

I don't know, but I hope it happens more. I like it when mom's happy. Evan, I don't think she ever got to be young and carefree. How could she have? She was a child, then suddenly married with three kids. Two of them too old to be hers.”

Could he have done that to his mother? “What do think would make her happy?”

Deana squinted an eye, and asked, “Would you?”

Don't answer my question with a question.”

They're related,” she said and gave him her all-knowing glare. "Would you?"

"Would I what?"

"You know, with mom, Candy, really. If she wanted to, would you?"

"With mom! Why would you ask that? Are you nuts?"

"We already decided we're crazy,” she said. “I see how you look at her, massage her, get boners, and you were in love with her. So, would you?”


Not even if she wanted to?”

"What makes you think she would?”

Maybe she wants to be young, feel good, and do all the stuff she never got to do before—”

I'm not talking about this anymore."

Fine, but if you do, will you tell me?"


Deana pouted. “You won't?”

No, yes, I'd tell you, but no, it won't happen.” He watched his sister and tried to read her thoughts. “Would it bother you?”

I knew you would,” Deana said.

I didn't say that!”

Whatever. No, it wouldn't bother me, not if it makes her happy. Think about everything she's done for us. She deserves to be happy.”

Evan wished he knew what was going on with Deana and how it related to their mother.

Jason was watching a Cock Ninja Studios video on XN when Becky opened his door without knocking. His sister was wearing tan leggings that doubled as skin; he could see the slit between her bulging pussy lips. Her shirt was cut off at her bellybutton, and her nipples were stiff. He minimized the browser and gave her a look that suggested he was annoyed, but he was glad to see her. He was super horny and had planned to find her as soon as their mother went to bed. "What?" he asked.

Becky put her finger to her lips. "Shh."

He asked again in a lower voice, "What?"

"I need to show you something. Come on and be quiet."

The look on his sister's face told him she was up to no good, so he followed her out of the room. Maybe she wanted to fuck someplace risky, like on the front porch?

When they were approaching the living room, he heard the news on the TV. Becky reinforced the need for silence with her finger. She slid her socked feet across the wood floor until she was behind the couch, facing into the living room. He could see the top of his mother's head. His sister motioned him to her and pointed over the couch. Her mute lips said, look.

Jason considered pretending he didn't want to be a part of Becky's mischief, but his eyes followed the direction of her pointing finger. Their mother was slumped on the couch with her head leaning to the right. One leg was straight out; the other was bent at the knee and lying over to the side, separating the flaps of her robe. One flap covered the top of her thigh; the other fell between her legs. It draped her inner thigh up to her crotch, but her pink panties were exposed. He considered going around the couch for a better view but looked into the gap between her breasts, instead. He had forgotten how amazing his mother's tits were.

Becky squatted in front of him, her knees spread wide. He watched the stretchy material moisten as it sank into her pussy groove. Her hands slid up his legs into his shorts, and she found his growing cock. She'd never believe he wanted her to stop, so he watched his mother while his sister rolled his balls and massaged his dick. It was just like those hundreds of stupid videos where someone is getting sucked or fucked while their mother, wife or father is right there, oblivious to the slurping and moaning.

The front of his shorts came down, then Becky snapped the elastic under his balls. Panic mingled with lust and made his cock jerk upward in front of his sister's face. She smiled, wrapped both hands around his shaft, and opened her mouth for the bulb of purple flesh. He bit his tongue to stifle his grunt, but Becky slurped loudly. He gave her the universal sign to be quiet and stared at their mother.

When Jason glanced back at Becky, she was looping her fingers around his sack, above his balls, tugging them down. Her oversize mouth was poised to make him moan. He held his breath and tightened like he was about to jump into freezing water. Their mother didn't even twitch at the sound of his balls plunging inside Becky's suck hole. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it while his sister sucked his balls. It wasn't as bad as your sister catching you fingering your sleeping mother, like in the video he had been watching, but he was going to shoot a load on Becky's face right behind their mother's back. The only way it could be riskier would be if his mother was awake.

Before Jason could unload on his sister's face, his balls popped out of her mouth. His hand stopped stroking, and he gave her a questioning look. She grabbed his hand and pulled herself up, then leaned towards the couch. He thought she was checking the state of their mother's sleep, but she reached behind her and pulled her pants down below her ass, then rested her elbows on the back of the couch. There were only a few feet between his sister's and their mother's heads. Becky spread her legs until her pants wouldn't stretch anymore. He shook his head frantically. Becky was a freak of nature, but she had never taken his cock without making too much noise. This wasn't a porn movie. If their mother woke up, she'd notice he had his dick stuffed inside his sister.

Becky frowned, then wagged her tongue at him and pointed at her ass. Fuck it, he thought and got on the floor. Her tiny butt hole looked like a balloon knot between her spread cheeks. Her pussy lips were wet and slippery. He considering an exit strategy. In two seconds he could slide across the hall into the kitchen, out of sight. How quickly could Becky get her pants up?

He pushed his tongue into her pussy and licked upward to her butt-hole. Becky grabbed her crotch and started rubbing her clit. She was drooling down her inner thighs. He started tongue fucking her asshole. She wanted to thrash her body, he could tell, but she only rocked gently and panted. He wondered if she'd have the same self-control when she got off, or would she cry out and wake their mother.

Becky's fingers stopped stroking and clamped down on her pussy. Her legs shuddered, and a moan started then turned into, “Maaah-Mom.” The next thing Jason heard was Becky kiss their mother's cheek. His heart stopped. "Mom, you fell asleep."

He scooted into the kitchen, looking back at Becky's ass and the finger stuffed inside her pussy. His mother's head turned towards her. "I can't believe I fell asleep. Thanks, Honey."

Becky shifted side-to-side, pulling her pants up. He went and got a glass, then turned on the water, acting like he had been there the whole time. Their mother stretched, got up and said, "I'm going to bed, good night," then she kissed Becky.

He said, “Good night, Mom,” from the kitchen.

When they were back in Jason's room, he looked at Becky and said, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

I know,” Becky said and moved with excitement towards him. "That was amazing. You got me off while I was kissing mom's cheek."

"You're crazy.”

His sister giggled and grabbed his dick. "If you weren't still hard I might think you were seriously upset.”

I am. You wanted me to fuck you. If mom woke up it wouldn't have been like one of those stupid videos. She would know what we were doing. Then, you woke her up while I had my face in your ass.”

Becky rubbed her chest against his and stuffed both hands down his shorts. She cupped his throbbing balls and pressed his erection between her soft forearms. “Admit it; you wanted to fuck me while staring at mom's pink panties.”

She'd freak out. Might even throw me out if she caught us."

You've never been so turned on in your life. You wanna fuck her, don't you?"

Without answering, Jason spun his sister around, yanked her pants down and bent her over the bed. Her hands came between her legs, and she said something, but her words were muffled in the mattress. He put his cock in her hands and grabbed her hips. His sister guided his dome to her hole. She was soaking wet and slippery, but she grunted when he rammed into her with more force than he intended. His body immediately started thrusting in short fast stabs. He was more than ready to cum. "Ahh, yeees, fuck me, fuck me big brother. Fuck me while you're thinking about mom."

Jason reached under Becky's chest and pinched her nipples. He hoped his sister's tits turned out just like his mother's big missile shaped tits. Becky was right, he had never been so turned on in his life. "Oh, shit. I...ah, I'm gonna, gonna, shit, gonna cum already."

Becky pushed forward, and his rigid cock squirted out of her tight hole. He grabbed the top of his dick and squeezed it. His sister flipped over and slid off the bed, facing him. He loosened his grip and stroked down the length of his bloated cock. Becky's eyes closed and her face twisted as the white stream splattered her forehead. She quickly recovered and got her mouth over his head. His balls jerked, and Becky's cheeks swelled. She pushed forward, and his pulsing cock head plunged into his sister's throat. She gulped and swallowed hard. A smile formed around his shaft. Jason wondered why everyone didn't fuck their horny sisters. Evan was an idiot.

Late the next morning, Evan came out of the bathroom, still drying his hair. He smelled Irish Spring fresh. Deana's eyes filled his thoughts. He had gone to sleep picturing them, then awoke thinking about the same thing. They had always been intense, expressive and telling, but yesterday, when she was climaxing on the table, and when she was sucking him they became a portal into her soul. He felt her like never before. She loved him, and she was filled with the same passion. He wanted to look into her heart every chance he got.

"Evan, come here."

He looked down at his boxers and smiled, then opened Deana's door. "What's up?"

Deana's head was the only thing sticking out from under the covers. "Could you please bring me a Tylenol and give me a little massage?"

"You didn't even workout with me. Why are you sore?"

"It's my throat that hurts," she said. "The massage is just because."

"Oh, sorry. Should I get your lotion, too?"

No, Rebecca gave me some that she took from her mother. Throw me that towel, please.”

Deana's smirk intrigued him. He grabbed the towel hanging over her desk chair and tossed it on the bed. “Does that lotion smell like almonds?”

No, why?”

Nothing. I'll be right back.”

When Evan returned to Deana's room with the Tylenol and a glass of water, he knew their mother was the only person home, and she was in her room doing her work. He put the glass on the nightstand. “Here."

"Thanks." She popped two pills in her mouth and took a long drink, then she threw the sheet off. She was wearing Old Navy pajama shorts and nothing else.

For a second, Evan thought he should look away; then it hit him, it doesn't matter anymore. He stared at the pink rings on top of her olive complected breasts. “Cover them up.”

It's not like you haven't seen them.”

I know, but mom's home.”

Let me get comfortable.”

Deana turned a pillow, spread the beach towel over it, then she put her chest and stomach on top. He waited for her to finish squirming around, then asked, "Where should I start?"

"I guess at the top.” She put her hands above her head. “Work your way down."

He turned from Deana's body towards the partially opened door and decided it would be enough of a deterrent. This wasn't the right time to consider finishing what they'd started yesterday, even if that's what Deana wanted. “Where's the lotion?”

She pointed with her left elbow. “That drawer.”

Evan started opening Deana's nightstand drawer. It got stuck. “Jeez, how do you find anything in here.” He shoved the pile down and finished opening the draw. First, he saw a small plastic bottle; then he spotted something white. “You have a vibrator?”

No, it's Rebecca's. Now get the oil and mind your business.”

The tumbler left hers here?”

No, I brought it home from her house. Dad may have prevented me from having a serious boyfriend, but he didn't make me a saint. I have needs, just like you. Now get busy with those hands, please.”

He knelt on the bed next to her. “Dee, I'm not sure I can get used to this. Everything is different now...between us.” He turned and lifted his right knee over her body.

I think it's better,” Deana said. “I feel so much closer to you now. Kinda like it used to be.”

Evan didn't say anything. The clear liquid didn't smell like almonds, but it activated his salivary glands like the smell of French fries. He squirted it into his palm, rubbed his hands together, then started on Deana's neck. "I love how your skin feels."

"Your hands, mm, my muscles are smiling."

His sister's tone, the warmth of her skin and the squishy muscles underneath all made him smile, too. His position, straddling her butt, that was making something else smile. He didn't feel inhibited by their bond of kinship. His penis was getting heavy, but he didn't care. Deana wouldn't, either. That invisible line on a sister's body that he should avoid crossing, it had been erased.

The massage advanced quickly from sensual to erotic. Evan searched, using Deana's purrs to guide him to the sensitive nooks that made her moan. Once he found a pleasure spot, he intensified his efforts. His cock had dropped out the leg opening of his boxers, then erected. It was rigid and aimed at Deana like a guided missile ready for launch.

When he reached her hips, at the edge of her shorts, he used the heels of his hands and gouged deep into the muscled hills leading up to the crests of her globes. If Deana was feeling him and reading his intentions, she would lift her ass and make it obvious for him. Then he'd pull her shorts down and massage her ass. Evan glanced down at the menacing log of flesh hovering inches away from his sister's butt. Maybe she was still in the real world because she didn't make it obvious.

Evan scooted down, put his hands on the backs of Deana's thighs, just above her knees, and focused his eyes on the leg holes of her shorts. He started massaging his way towards them. Every time her pussy peeked at him, his determination increased.

His hands approached the smiley face creases, and Deana's fingers clutched the sheets. Her feet drummed the bed. The last time he massaged his sister's thighs, and his thumbs pushed down between her legs, snapping over her tendons, he had accidentally touched her pussy. It had terrified him, and he wanted to run away, even though Deana acted like she hadn't noticed. Now he knew it was a setup, she'd wanted it to happen.

The webbing between his thumbs and index fingers was sliding through the grooves cut into the tops of Deana's thighs. His thumbs crossed over from inner thigh to crotch. The edges of his sister's plump labia were moist, and she moaned into the mattress when he rubbed across them. He pushed upward and forced his hands under her shorts. The material groaned and stretched tight over her crotch. He grabbed her bubble-butt and squeezed it. Her muscles fought back. The squishy firmness thrilled his senses.

"Ah, Evan, what...ah..."

His thumbs pushed deep in the valley between her cheeks and darted across her silky flesh. His sister's middle jerked upward, then pushed into the mattress. He circled the puckered ring, taunting her most private place. "Oh, shit, Evan, I, ah, I don't—"

"Shh." He tugged the moist cotton away from her crotch. His fingertip found the two mounds of succulent flesh and pushed between them. Deana's lower back curved inward and her ass lifted. He slid his finger through the wet channel of flesh, then pulled it back. The tip of his finger dipped in and circled the tight ring at the mouth of her pussy. "Oh, God."

The boiling heat just inside her body made him pause, but Deana's middle thrust upward, ramming his finger into her. He pumped the tight tube. His sister's knees bent, lifting her ass even higher. Her cheeks spread apart and fully exposed her asshole. He pressed his thumb against it and grabbed her pubic bone, then flicked her clit with his middle finger. Her hunching body got more demanding and her juices leaked onto to his fingers. He pulled the shorts to one side and took hold of his throbbing cock. The tip touched the slippery crease, and his brain stopped working. His body jerked, and his sister's flesh channel swallowed his bulbous knob. Deana gasped. "Ahh, Evan, please..."

Evan raked the head of his cock up and down her pussy groove, coating it with her slippery juices. Deana lifted her groin higher off the bed. He leaned forward and supported his upper body with one arm, then steered the crown of his cock to the mouth of her pussy. Her narrow opening welcomed the tip of his dick with a hot, wet kiss that made his body hunch. “Aaah, ooohucch, Evan, maybe—"

Deana reached under her body and grabbed her crotch. Her fingers spread the flesh around the head of his dick. He applied more pressure, and she pushed her body back against his cock. The heat on his dome increase. His body was trembling as her narrow tube started to open.

"Ouch, ouch, shit, wait."

Evan wasn't sure about Deana's tone, but now that he'd made up his mind, he didn't want to wait. His body was on autopilot. "Dee, I'm going to.” Half of his cock head was inside his sister. He wanted to shove the rest in with one quick thrust, but he suddenly perceived Deana's fear, so he paused. “Are you okay?”

I'm, um, I'm—” Deana's head whipped around. "Did you hear that?" She bucked. "Get off, get up, move, I heard someone."

Evan was on his feet cramming his erection back in his boxers. He threw the covers over his sister. "Damn, towel," Deana said pointing at him. "Towel, towel."

Shit.” He snatched up the towel he'd dropped earlier. The floor outside Deana's room creaked, then her door swung open, and their mother said, "Good morning."

They said, “Good morning, mom,” in stereo. He remained half turned towards his mother with the bunched up towel in front of his hardon. "Deana was in pain from working out. I brought her Tylenol, and I was—"

He was just leaving,” Deana said, but her expression said, shut up, dumbass, you sound guilty.

Their mother said, "A little massage, too, that's better than Tylenol."

All of the blood ran out of Evan's head while he tried to figure out if his mother was asking a question or making a statement. “Um, yeah, okay. I'll be back. Gotta go, um, go to the bathroom.” He turned, took one step and realized he couldn't get past his mother unless he acted like a cat trying to avoid getting pet. Be natural, he thought and continued. He paused next to her and tried to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. Fuck, that didn't work.

His mother's arm went out. “Glad to see—” Her hand caught his stomach. “See that you at least wore your underpants.” His abs tightened under her circling hand. It stopped just above his waistband. "I might have you wearing clothes soon.” Her fingers gently gripped his skin. He wanted to look back and see if Deana could tell what their mother was doing to him.

Yeah, ah, yes.” He started walking. His mother dragged her fingernails across his belly and around his side.

Oh, Evan.”

He stopped and turned back towards his mother. “Yes?”

Call Miss Tonya. She has some referrals for you.”

Awesome, that's great, I'll do that now.” He was happy for an opportunity to make more money and grateful for an excuse to run.

Evan, you don't have to give them massages,” she paused, “unless you want to.”

Deana lifted her head. “What?”

Nothing,” he said and bolted for the door to his room.

Candy closed her bedroom door and started pacing. Had she expected that; is that why she had been so quiet in the kitchen? The sounds she'd heard could have been anything, yet she'd inched her way into the hallway outside Deana's room and peeked in. What she saw should have made her scream, but she held her breath and watched Evan work his way down his sister's body. Deana had responded to his touch the same way Candy imagined she would have.

When Evan got hard, it didn't surprise Candy. Although, she hadn't expected him to leave his cock protruding from his shorts, daring his sister to see it. Candy had waited, hoping Deana would. The girl would have realized her brother's intention and her face would have portrayed shock and fear, then logic, ethics, common sense or at least fear of the consequences would have made Deana stop her brother. That's what Candy thought would happen, but things didn't happen like that.

Evan's youthful lust—a force of nature—took over. Candy was fascinated and got lost in her voyeurism. She was watching the past from a third person's perspective. Candy was watching her and Bobby the day their lives changed forever.

That day thirteen years ago, it had been Candy's fault, she had been taunting Bobby, the way Sally taught her. When Bobby finally had enough of her teasing, he held her down and started kissing her. She felt him getting hard, and she moved her body under him, grinding her crotch bone on his erection. Things quickly escalated, and Bobby's primal lust consumed him. She was going to get what she had been hoping for, ever since the night he took her virginity.

Bobby lifted his body and Candy look between them. Her brother's massive cock and balls were out of his pants, hovering over her. The sight scared her, the same way Deana had been frightened when Evan tried to stuff his cock in her. Unlike Deana, Candy had shoved her pajamas down to her thighs. Bobby finished pulling them off. She looked into her brother's eyes and saw how much he wanted her. Her legs opened and moved up Bobby's body. He lower himself between them. She had to spread them further to accommodate his width. His hot, smooth flesh separated her pussy lips, then a sharp pain shot through her. She bit her bottom lip and dug her heels into the back of Bobby's thighs. Her brother jammed his throbbing cock into her, and she cried out but didn't want him to stop. It was her chance, and she knew pleasure would follow the pain.

Now, Candy knew exactly what her mother had seen, but Candy wasn't screaming, "Stop, stop, please stop it," like her mother had. Bobby had been too close, and he couldn't or wouldn't stop. Candy hadn't done anything to try and make him. She felt her brother's cock swell. Bobby tried to pull out, but she wrapped her legs around his back and clung to him. Her brother's hot creamy load of sperm filled her. Why had Candy expected her stepdaughter to have more self-control than she had?

Candy had almost waited too long. Evan was trying to cram that young, hard cock into his sister's virgin pussy. Would Evan have been able to stop if she had let him start humping Deana? Thank God she came to her senses and alerted them before he plunged in. Deana needed protection, too.

The shower water had turned Deana's skin red, but the memories gave her chills anyway. It had been like a dream, without concern, conscience or consequence. Her brother had seen her completely naked and licked her pussy, so there wasn't any reason to fear his hands. She let go, and her mind and body were captivated by the massage. Evan's hands had moved down her body, exploring every inch of it. He knew how to find those sensitive zones that triggered waves of pleasure. When he started on her legs, it was like he was working toothpaste into the end of an unopened tube, except it was an orgasm he was forcing upward. The closer he got to her crotch, the greater the pressure in her womb. She was about to explode and would have begged him to finish her if he had chickened out again. But Evan wasn't afraid anymore.

The hot, silky flesh sliding through her wet groove was a shock but didn't bring her back to reality. It almost shoved her off the cliff into the mounting orgasm. That was when her body started overriding her mind. In her head, she knew she wanted to wait; she had come to that during the night. She needed time to think about what it would do to her relationship with Rebecca. Making love with her brother might end up breaking Evan's heart or Rebecca's or both.

Evan's cock head sent a spike of pain to her brain. That reminded her that she wasn't ready. Wasn't she saying no while shoving back against his dick? It was like someone putting their hand into the fire, then leaving it there after they realize it's burning. If it weren't for their mother, she wouldn't be a virgin anymore.

Deana reached between her legs and caressed her soapy crotch. The tip of her finger circled the rim of her opening. With minimal effort, it slid into her body. Would her brother's thick cock hurt all the way to the top of her tube? She was glad Rebecca was coming over.

Despite his overwhelming need to cum, Evan wasn't disappointed when Miss Tonya didn't ask him to come over and fuck her before he mowed her friend's lawns. She gave him the information over the phone, and he was driving to the first job. He was glad he'd have a day to walk back and forth behind a lawnmower. He needed time to think, after all, he had almost pushed his dick inside his sister. Shit, he'd gotten the best blowjob of his life from her and ate her out in the kitchen, and practically got caught twice by his mother, who he had made out with and fondled.

All of the feelings he had denied and stuffed had been released from his emotional closet. He couldn't lie to himself anymore. It was right there in his face; he wanted Deana and Candy. He loved both of them the way he wasn't supposed to love them, but Deana said she wanted him to love her like that.

Evan went over the scene without the lust chemicals surging through him. The sensitive knob of his cock had been wedged into Deana's tight opening. It was just about to break through and plunge into paradise. His body had gone on autopilot. At that point, he wasn't going to be denied, no matter what, yet he stopped.

His hands trembled on the steering wheel when he realized he wouldn't have been able to stop fucking his sister if he had started. It hadn't been what Deana said that got through to him. It was what he felt. His sister had reservations. Her body had been doing everything to make sure he fucked her, but in her mind, she hadn't been sure. Had she changed her mind about him?

Deana dried her body then put on panties and a T-shirt. She hoped Rebecca got there soon. Rebecca wanted to hear everything on the phone earlier, but Deana needed to watch her girlfriend's face when she told her what happened.

When Deana got to her room, Rebecca was sitting on the bed. “How did you get in?” Deana asked and swung the door closed with her foot.

Your sexy sister let me in,” Rebecca said.

Seriously, my sexy sister?”

Rebecca got off the bed and grabbed Deana's shoulders. “Yeah, and your mother is sexy too, but that's not important now.” She gave Deana one solid shake. “What am I not going to believe?”

Suddenly Deana wanted to curl up on the bed with her girlfriend. She kissed Rebecca tenderly. “Come on, let's sit.” She led Rebecca to the bed. They sat Indian style, facing each other. “You're not going to believe what happened.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Your brother ate your pussy on the kitchen table, so I'm sure I will.”

No, you won't.”

Well, get busy talking then. You're killing me with this suspense shit. You should have told me on the phone.”

Hell no, this is too good for the phone.” She put her hands on Rebecca's knees. “I gave him head.”

I figured that,” Rebecca said. “That's what we talked about yesterday.”

Deana smiled. “I woke up with a sore throat."

Really, how big?" Rebecca held her hand six inches apart. Deana sighed and moved them. "Shit, you said big, that's giant."

"I swear it was all the way down here.” She pointed to her throat. “I can't believe how much squirted out of that thing."

Rebecca swallowed hard. "What's wrong with you? It's your first time giving head, and you try and do deep throat and swallow. You're an over achiever."

"I almost puked, twice."

"I almost did that the first time I tried to swallow. It blasted my throat and I almost barfed."

"Was that when you pulled back, and James squirted it in your eye?"

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me." Rebecca rubbed her eye. “When do I get to try?”

"He's my brother, not a banana."

"Oh, you're no fun,” Rebecca said. “Now tell me the part you said I'd never believe.”

That was this morning,” she said, then she started with the Tylenol and told Rebecca every erotic detail.

When Deana got to the part about Evan trying to stuff his cock in her and the noise outside the door, Rebecca gasped and said, “Holy shit, she, she almost caught you...he almost fucked you, and she almost caught you? Fuck, I thought you were going to wait. Why was your door open? Why didn't you—"

"Reb, take it easy.”

I can't help it. That's unbelievable.”

I told you,” she said.

Rebecca took a deep breath. “How close was it? I mean how close was he? Why did you change your mind?”

I didn't. I wanted to wait, but—I can't explain it. The way he was touching me.” She shook her head. “Phew, it built up slowly and lasted so long. He knew exactly where to touch me, the way you do. You know, all those secret spots that make me crazy, he knew them. By the time I realized what he was doing, it was touching me. I thought I was saying no, but my body kept trying to make it happen. I think I was gonna let him." She sighed. "I knew I heard my mother, but for a split second, I thought I wasn't going to say anything. Then the pain—You told me it wasn't going to hurt, much."

I didn't know he was that big. Use lube next time, dummy. Besides, if your mother didn't come, you wouldn't have cared. Once you had your brother's big, beautiful cock inside this,” Rebecca grabbed her crotch, “sexy little pussy, you would have been in heaven."

"Or hell, if my mother had caught us."

"Yikes, I gotta get one, one of those massages. If Evan made you lose your head, damn, it had to be good. You're supposed to be the one who keeps us out of trouble.”

I'm telling you,” Deana said, “you'll be creaming your shorts before—”

Shorts, why wear shorts?”

Shut up.”

So, what do you think your mom would have done?"

"I rather not think about that." The truth was, she sensed their mother knew too much already.

"I might be feeling a little jealous," Rebecca said.

Deana was glad. It would have scared her if Rebecca wasn't jealous. She would be if the roles were reversed. Deana asked, “Because I got a massage or because you didn't?” then she fell sideways and pulled Rebecca with her.

They were on their sides, face to face. Rebecca stroked Deana's eyebrow with the tip of her finger. "Both, I guess.”

"Hmm, how 'bout I get you a massage?"

I'd like that,” Rebecca said and pushed Deana on her back. “There something else you could do, though.” Rebecca put her hand on Deana's stomach; then it started moving down.

She kissed the tip of Rebecca's nose. “What, I'll do anything for you.”

Will you chance letting your mother catch me,” Rebecca pushed her hand inside Deana's panties, “doing this?”

Yes, and I won't even make you stop if she comes.”

Hopefully, the only one coming will be you.” She pulled Deana's panties down, got between her legs, and rested her chin on Deana's pubic mound.

She smiled because having Rebecca between her legs, looking into her eyes, still made all those feelings bubble inside. “I love you.”

Later that afternoon, Deana entered the kitchen and Candy said, "Honey, I need to talk to you for a minute."

"What's up?" Deana said.

Candy sat down and looked up at her stepdaughter. She remembered the chill she got the first time she saw Sandra in Deana's eyes. Over the past three years, more and more of the woman Candy fell in love with was showing up in Deana. They didn't just look alike, either. Her stepdaughter had the same intense black eyes that made you feel like she was looking into you. She had the same intelligence, wit, perception and cunning ways, also. Now, in what felt like an instant, Deana had gone from being a pretty girl to a gorgeous and irresistible young lady, just like Cindy had. It gave Candy goosebumps and intimidated her. She felt more like Deana than a woman who was supposed to be raising her. "Sweetheart," she said and took hold of Deana's hands. "I know we've already had the talk, but I—"

"Mom," Deana blushed, "I know all about the birds and the bees."

"Sit down, Honey." Candy pulled out a chair, so it faced her. "Of course you do, and I'm not trying to embarrass you." Deana twirled her hair around her finger. "I know you don't, um, you're not supposed to date yet, but sometimes...sometimes things happen, unplanned things."

Candy forced eye contact. "Deana, this is strictly between you and me. Your father would kill me if he knew I was having this talk with you. You understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, yes, of course."

"Honey, I'm not saying you are, and I'm not asking if you are, and I'm not saying you should, but if you think it's something you're going to be doing, you have to be smart. I want you to come to me, talk to me about it, but I know you probably won't. I was your age, once. I want you to be prepared." She reached into her pocket, pulled out a packet and handed it to her stepdaughter.

Deana stared at it. "I, ah."

"It's okay. I'm not accusing you or giving you the green light, but it's your life, and I understand how things can happen."

"You do?"

"Of course I do. You know you can talk to me about anything, and I mean anything at all. It will stay between us."

"I know," Deana said. "Thanks, mom. I haven't, but it makes me feel good that you understand. I like knowing I can come to you with anything, but I haven't."

"I know, Honey,” she said and squeezed Deana's hands. “Everything you need to know about those is in the booklet, but please trust me enough to come to me if you feel like you need those. I love you."

"I love you, too," Deana said and stood up.

When Candy got up, Deana wrapped her arms around her and hugged her like she was trying to crack her ribs. She could feel Deana's heart thumping. “You're good, Dee, you're doing fine.”

I really, really, love you, Mom.”

I know, Sweetheart, I know.”

Deana took a few steps towards the living room, then turned back. “Thanks, Mom.”

Dee, this has to be our secret. Can I count on you to keep it between us?”


Not even Rebecca or your brother.”

I promise.”

Candy watched Deana walk away, knowing the girl wanted to tell her everything, but she was too scared and too ashamed. Candy had been there more than once, and she was there now.

On the way to her room, Candy sensed her life flashing before her eyes. What was she thinking? John wouldn't divorce her for giving Deana birth control, he would murder her. Why was she risking her life instead of telling them she knew and making sure they didn't have sex? It was because there wasn't any part of her relationship with Bobby that Candy regretted, not even getting pregnant. Gloria wasn't a mistake, but Candy had imagined Bobby, Sally and her all raising Gloria together like a happy family. That was what Candy had thought about Sally's baby, too. If she weren't trapped with John, she would have found Darlene sooner and been like a mother to her.