A Short Donkey's Tale 9

The usual warnings apply, if you are under age or are offended by sexual acts between men boys and animals. LEAVE NOW. This and previous stories do not relate to actual occurrences with any persons living or dead but are works of pure fiction, for my own pleasure and anyone who wishes to read them. I hope you enjoy them and wish to thank the guys who send e-mails who appreciate my stories making it worthwhile.

I was relaxing in my favourite chair after a tedious Monday and about to doze off, when the phone rang. It was Jon we had not spoken for a few weeks and after exchanging pleasantries, he asked if I would like to come down for the weekend, as he had a surprise for me but would say no more. I of course said yes never one to pass up on an offer to visit, especially with the prospect of some good hard sex. The week passed agonisingly slowly and I could not wait for it to be Friday when I would make the journey to Jon's. The week passed and it was now time for me pack a few things and be on my way. I had left early to avoid the mad rush and made my way out of town. Gradually the main roads turned to country lanes and I was soon driving up to the house, Jon greeted me and we kissed warmly having become great friends over the past months.

I went off to shower while Jon did some preparation for a meal and made fresh coffee, I returned to the kitchen wrapped only in a towel, he nodded approvingly and went to get a shower himself. When I heard the shower turn off I poured coffee for us and took it to the lounge, we sat and talked for a while but my curiosity got the better of me and I said come on what's the surprise. With a broad grin across his face he started to tell me he had hired some help, although he did not usually; he relied on his neighbour for help but it was harvest and the neighbour was busy. It turned out that a black guy and his son had called to see if there was any work for them, they were hiking across country to his folks place. He had lost his wife a while ago and wanted to set up afresh and be near his relations, at that point I heard footsteps from the patio.

I turned to see a magnificent black man standing in the doorway, he was in his early thirties, tall and broad shouldered narrowing to the waist and widening again at the hips. He had a body hugging T-shirt and jeans that clung to his muscled thighs, doing nothing to hide a considerable bulge in the crotch area. Jon said come in and introduced him as Daniel but as we shook hands he said I should call him Dan. He called out and a slim but well built boy entered the room, he was a carbon copy of his father and Dan said his name was Max and that he was thirteen. He was dressed much the same as his father in clothes that clung to him emphasising his physique, I felt a stirring under my towel, which began to open up at the sight of him and I quickly crossed my legs though I could almost swear Max had noticed my action.

They had been doing the chores that Jon and I normally did, so they went to clean up while Jon and I prepared the rest of the meal. We sat down and talked through the meal and then went to the lounge to relax. After a while Dan told Max to get a shower ready for bed while we had a beer, Jon and I sat across from Dan and I was sure he was eyeing our crotch area from time to time. Just then Max came into the room stark naked and I nearly choked on my beer, Jon laughed and said its OK I have introduced them to our ways. Dan got up and went off for his shower and I could not wait for his return, if Max was anything to go by it would be a sight for sore eyes. Max did not have a lot of pubic hair but his cock was well developed, about 6 inches by 1.5 inches hanging down between his well shaped thighs. He sat across from us where his father had been sitting, my cock began to stir again but I did nothing to hide it this time and Max took a long lingering look at it.

Dan strode into the room his massive cock swinging to and fro as he walked, it took my breath away at the sight of it hanging almost to his knees. Jon said well we had better join our guests and whipped his towel off revealing a seriously hardening dick. I hesitated as mine was now nearly fully hard but seeing Dan's twitch I took the plunge and removed the towel. Jon said you don't have to worry, Dan and Max are not strangers to man on man or man on boy sex, the next step is to introduce them to animal sex but that can wait till tomorrow, Dan nodded and Max agreed saying yes I like the animals. Jon got up and left the room saying are you coming Max who leapt to his feet and trotted after him, Dan and I exchanged glances and looking down saw that his cock had grown considerably. I said shall we go and led the way to Jon's bedroom, Jon was on his back with Max on his knees between his legs sucking on his 9 inches of thick meat.

I got on my knees behind Max and placed a hand on each perfect rounded bubble butt cheek, spreading them wide exposing his little hole pouting at me. I dived in and began licking round and at the edges of it, gradually it opened up and I was able to get the tip inside his little hole. Dan was standing at the foot of the bed and begun fingering my asshole, sliding his finger in and massaging my prostate. He introduced another then another finger until he had four fingers opening me up to accommodate his enormous black cock, which was now a good 11 inches and 2 inches thick. The only sound was Max slurping on Jon's dick and me sucking at his hole that had now relaxed and was opened wide. Dan removed his fingers and I felt the cool lube as he greased my hole, then the warmth of his broad cock head against my ring, He pressed firmly and I felt my hole being forced open again, it slipped in and I gave a groan as it entered, muffled by my face being buried in Max's ass.

Now that Dan was in he gave one almighty thrust and buried his huge piece of meat deep in my ass, I gasped at the sudden total penetration and he took up a steady thrusting back and forth. I was in heaven having this mans monster cock fucking me while I was eating his son's asshole. After a while Jon suggested we changed round and got Max on his back raising his legs in the air, His hole was glistening with my saliva Jon needed no lubrication and entered Max up to his balls with one hard shove, I stuck my cock in Max's mouth and fucked it in unison with Jon. Dan had moved to the side and stood watching his son take a cock at both ends. Max was now erect and leaning forward Dan took his son's cock in his mouth and sucked on it hard, Max was the first to cum in his fathers mouth and Jon unloaded jet after jet of cum in his ass, I followed next ramming my cock to the back of his throat I shot several loads straight down his gullet. Dan having been the only one not to cum so far took Jon's place on the bed, he got Max on his knees with his face down on the bed. Kneeling behind him he guided the massive head towards his son's cum slicked asshole.

Jon and I stood either side and grabbed a cheek spreading them apart so we were able to see as it pierced his little hole. Gradually it began to open and little by little was disappearing inside, suddenly it popped in and Max and Dan both gave a sigh. I for one had been holding my breath and gasped at the fantastic sight, Dan started to work his dick further and further until miraculously the whole thing was engulfed in the young boys ass. I could not believe that this little frame could take this gigantic cock. It was obvious that it was not the first time that it had been in the boy's small body, it had felt big enough when it was inside me but it seemed larger now. With long strokes the huge piston sliding in and out pulling at the ring as it withdrew, Dan increased momentum and it was obvious that he would soon reach his climax, with one almighty thrust he groaned and deposited his sperm deep into his little boy's intestines. I was to learn later from Jon that Dan had been fucking Max since he lost his wife some three years earlier.

It was no wonder that the boy was able to take such a mammoth dick, he would have no trouble dealing with a pony or donkey's tool and I could not wait to see it happen. The day passed uneventfully and my excitement grew as evening approached, Dan and Max were seeing to the animals needs and Jon went down to select a suitable stud for that nights events, They returned and showered while I served the meal, they came into the kitchen naked; as Jon had suggested. I could not take my eyes off Dan's dick it was truly something to behold, my cock sprang to attention as Max walked in his own 6 inches with a lob on. We all ate quickly and left the dishes not wanting to waste time, so donning our boots we strode quickly to the barn. Once we were inside Jon said we would break Max in gradually by fucking him ourselves first, he told Max to lie on the bales of hay and for me to go first. Jon and Dan took his legs and held them up and spread them apart, his little ring exposed for me, I got down and started to rim him hard forcing my tongue into his hole as it relaxed. I then stood up and spitting on my hand moistened my cock placing my mushroomed head against his wet asshole, as I pressed against it with little resistance it went in and his ass lips closed around my shaft.

The pleasure was intense as I looked down to see my white dick enter the perfect black butt before me, I began to fuck slowly at first with long deliberate strokes; pulling out to the head and back in again. It was not long before my pace quickened and I was pounding his little ass hard, ramming until my balls slapped against his boy cheeks, with five or six thrusts I shot my load. As I pulled out Jon took my place and Dan got at Max's head his cock now quite hard, he held Max's feet and fed the massive bulbous head of his cock into Max's mouth. Jon now rock hard wasted no time introducing his 9" to the slippery cummy hole I had just left. Max gave a grunt as Jon rammed it straight in to the hilt, I watched in awe as the two men spit roasted the boy, their cocks going in simultaneously. Jon was able to get his entire length in but Max could not take more than about four inches of his father's thick member and choked on it a few times. Jon was withdrawing his 9 inches completely before slamming it in again, I watched as the little hole closed and was opened again by the stiff cock forcing its way in. By now Jon was near to cumming and ramming in hard he held it in while unleashing the contents of his balls mixing it with mine.

Before Jon had extracted his dick Dan was behind him cock in hand waiting, Jon and I held Max's legs while his father's big purple head penetrated the stretched and slippery hole. Like the night before Dan began to ease his 11 inches in bit by bit until his thighs were against the perfect globes of his boy's butt, he pulled back up to the head and then slowly inch by inch replaced the whole length. Jon and I watched mesmerised by the spectacle of this massive organ penetrating the comparatively small ass, Dan began to breath heavily and beads of sweat dripped from his forehead onto the boys stomach, Max was now rubbing his ample cock and groaning with the pleasure of the rod massaging his prostate. He wanked faster and faster until he shot spurt after spurt of boy juice high into the air landing on his chest and stomach mingling with his father's sweat, Dan was fucking harder now and with the tightening of Max's hole around his dick gave several short thrusts shooting his sperm into the body that it had produced years ago.

Jon suggested that we introduce Max to the pony now while he was still opened up and well lubricated, Max said it was OK by him and he was looking forward to it; so it was agreed and Jon went off. He said it might be best if we got Max face down on the blanket, that way when the pony thrust into him he would not be pushed off them. This we did and Jon returned with the little white pony, it had a smaller dick than the donkey, although the head was bigger than anything Max had taken so far. Jon had got its cock to descend and was rubbing it with lube making it get harder, it soon became quite firm and was twitching wanting to get started. Jon led the pony forward and it reared up forelegs either side of Max, Dan and I got either side and spread his cheeks wide his hole shining with cum; drops oozing from it as we stretched it open. Jon guided the pony's cock to the entrance, the flat head covered it completely, feeling the warm touch of Max's hole the pony lunged forward.

Max gave a cry as the head compressed and suddenly about six inches of horse cock were thrust into his rectum, cum seeped out as the pony pulled back before lunging forward again entering further this time. Max was grunting and groaning as thrust after thrust of the mammoth cock entered him, it was now all in but for a couple of inches, although it was not much longer than Dan's had been once past the head, nearer its body it was probably thicker. It was quite a sight to see, this small asshole impaled on the monstrous thick horse dick, with eight or nine thrusts the pony stood still filling Max with its huge load of seed, after a while it moved back and the now soft dick flopped out releasing a stream of hot juices, the product of all our spent ejaculations mixed together. Jon led the pony away while Dan and I saw to Max who was quite exhausted by now, I asked him if he liked what had happened to him and he was quick to reply that once he got over the initial shock, that he had and was willing to do it again. We cleaned up and returned to the house for a good nights sleep.

The next night was different as Jon had decided it was my turn, we entered the barn as usual but went straight to the back room this time. Laying me face down over the table with my legs tied to its legs and wrists to the opposite side rendering me helpless, not that I was going to go anywhere anyway. Jon greased me up and as he so liked to do rammed his cock in hard, his body slapping against my ass cheeks. He continued to pull right out and ram in again constantly, my breath being knocked out of me with the force each time. I was not complaining as there is nothing I like better than a good hard fucking with a large stiff cock. Dan had moved to my head and stuck his huge cock head in my mouth, fucking it vigorously, I knew how Max felt now as this monster was thrust to the back of my throat making me gag. Jon having shot his load had retreated to the stalls to fetch whatever he had in mind for me.

Meanwhile Dan had moved to my rear and promptly followed suit with Jon's tactics, ramming home hard and fast impaling me on his 11 inches he kept up a steady pace until Jon returned with a young stallion. It had not yet been allowed to mate with a mare but had all the instincts, its nostrils flared and it was snorting as Jon prepared its cock ready for me. I was able to see over my shoulder and watched as it grew longer and thicker by the minute, it must have been a good twelve inches long and its head about three inches across. Dan became excited at the sight and increased his pace reaching a shuddering climax as his cum spewed into my inner most sanctum. He pulled away and made way for the horse, which was now fired up and ready to impregnate its mare. It was led forward and reared up placing a hoof either side of me, I felt its wet pre cummed dick head touch my butt and Jon took hold of its shaft positioning it against my butt cheeks.

The young stallion lunged forward and I felt a searing pain as it opened my asshole and penetrated me, it felt as if I had its entire length inside me but not so, it withdrew slightly thrust again and more of it was lodged in my intestine. As it withdrew I could feel the suction from the broad head tugging at my guts, but it soon thrust again and by now I think I must have had at least ten inches probing my insides. It was as well that Jon and Dan had reamed me out and injected me with their cum, making way for this giant piece of animal flesh. All the while Max was watching open mouthed not believing what he was seeing, he did not even have a hard on and was not jerking his cock even he was so engrossed. Having reached maximum penetration the pony was thrusting hard, I had lost count how many times before with one final thrust it stopped, I felt the large quantity of ejaculate swell my insides, held by the flared head of its cock. After what seemed an age I felt it relax and slowly the softened cock slipped out, I felt relief as copious amounts of juice flowed from my stretched asshole.

Jon led it back to the stall while Dan and Max released me from my bonds, Max wanted to know how it was and if it hurt. I said it was OK and had hurt at first but once the horse got into his stride I enjoyed every minute of it. He said do you think I could take such a large cock as that, I replied maybe but you will need to build up to it gradually. Dan said he became so excited watching that he thought he might like to try it sometime, all things are possible said Jon as he returned from the stalls but another day maybe. Cum was still running from my ass and down my legs so I got the hose and squirted it up my ass to flush the rest out and wash my legs. We closed up and made our way back to the house, Jon said there's another day tomorrow and who knows what it may bring.