Stray and Arrow 2


Bestiality encounters

My time with Arrow, or any dog for that matter, is limited. I can't keep pets where I live and eventually I owe it to the owner to return his or her animal. The longer I keep a dog, the harder it is to return the k-9. Pun intended, because after a day or two of copulating with a four-legged friend and I have an erection when ever the animal comes strutting into the room.

I am sure it becomes a little difficult for them, since very seldom do they get to go back home with a lover who is as easy as me. Of course, with Arrow, that might not be true. Since Arrow lived at the Knottingham Farms Stud Farm, he might get laid on a regular bases.

I had gotten to know Arrow quite well in two days.

After finding him on Saturday, I waited until Monday to call the number on his tag. It is a trick I have learned. If I call the day, or next day, I find the dog --- often the owners are still in the area. Two or three days of looking for a dog can wear you thin and cause you to lose hope. Often the reason they can't find their loved one, is because the dog is loving me.

By Monday I knew quite a few things about Arrow. I knew he liked dry food over canned; he loved his balls held when I sucked him off; and if you said the word 'fuck' around him he had an instant hard on and expected nookie (which I always provided). I could only assume that his owner used fairly coarse language around Arrow. I envisioned that every time this Dalmatian was filling a bitch with sperm, his owner was encouraging with: "fuck her, come one Arrow fuck the doggie."

I would have used that language too, had I not worried about offending the neighbors. I did experiment -- both with the word and the action. I would say something like, "Do you like geese? how about ducks?" or "Do you like does or bucks?" and you can guess which word he would get excited on. More importantly for me, when I said anything that ended in 'uck' he would get excited and end up on me. Considering how I live in a small apartment that doesn't really buffer noise as well as I would like, I had to be careful in playing my rhyming game.

Knowing how well trained Arrow was as a stud, it was pretty tough making that call to his owner. It's always tough, because dog will go back to his owners, never to be seen again. Sure the owners tell me "if I am ever in the neighborhood," I could drop in, but that would be maddening; to see a ex-lover who wants you and you want him, but all you can do is scratch his ears. For me it is just better to spend the time I can and try to remember the loving, but forget the lover.

A woman answered the phone when I called: "Knottingham Farms."

"Hi," I said. "I think I friend of yours is visiting me."

"What?" the woman sound a little annoyed.

"Actually, he is licking my face right now," I told her.

"What the...your face, O MY GOD, YOU FOUND ARROW," she bellowed. "Where are you, O God I can't believe it. Is he okay?"

"He is fine," I consoled her, I wanted to add that he probably had never been happier, but I couldn't really get into details.

"Where are you," she asked and I could tell she was walking around the house, probably grabbing her keys.

I explained where I lived and how to get there. She was more than two hours away from me, but I suspected she would make that trip in lightning fashion.

This is the difficult time for me; knowing that I will likely never see a stray again and still having him in my possession. With Arrow, it was even more difficult. Unlike other dogs, he could not get enough sex. Not to mention --- Pavlov's dogs might have salivated when they heard a bell --- Arrow wanted to fuck when he heard 'fuck.' I decided I needed to find out what that was all about. I knew I couldn't just ask up front, but maybe I could work it into the conversation.

Arrow had not had enough sex, nor had I, but there was no way I was going to risk the chance of having one more go 'round. I am pretty adept at keeping dogs from tying up with me, but I didn't want to risk being tied to Arrow and the owner at the door. "Yelling through the door --- 'come back your dog's dick is stuck in my ass' is not a very good greeting."

Instead I took Arrow for a quick walk. It is better when a dog's bladder is empty when his owner arrives. I wouldn't want an accident on my carpet. My neighbor was putting a suitcase in his car as I walked up the sidewalk.

"O hey there, I see you found another," he said.

"Yea, owner is on the way to pick him up," I said, assuring him he wouldn't have to listen to this dog barking anymore.

"I'm glad I saw you before I left," he said. "Could you check my mail for the next couple days? I need to head into New York City for a couple days."

"Sure," I said with a smile, but I was mentally kicking myself. The duplex would be empty for the next couple days. Arrow and I could make all the noise we wanted, IF I had not called his owner. Well that is done.

When I got inside I realized there was still an hour left before the owner would arrive. I called Arrow over and rubbed his ears and he was looking up at me.

"Gonna miss you boy," I told him. "You are the best."

All I could think of was how I could be enjoying raucous bestial sex with him right now --- had I not called the owner. He whined like he knew we would soon be separated. Then he did something that reinforced he would be departing me forever, but was going to miss having sex with me. He laid down, rolling on his back. Most would have thought he wanted a belly rub, which is what I started to do --- but already his cock was slipping out of his sheath. I knew what he wanted. Knew and was willing to deliver.

The Dalmatian wanted me to suck him off. I knew I was cutting it close, but I also knew I loved sucking his dick. I worked my hands along his belly. His cock continued to expand; he knew a sucker when he saw one.

I licked the shaft to his fur and that was all the coaching his penis needed. He was out and ready. I took him into my mouth. He was sweet, salty and pungent. He was --- in a word --- delicious.

I bobbed my head up and down, using my tongue to lick up his sperm that continued to stream out. He was wiggling on his back, as if he was trying to roll over. He was trying to hump my mouth, but from his back he could barely thrust up. I could feel his knott expand and he was again enjoying my lips.

I held him steady by holding onto his ball sack. It was bitter sweet to be sucking this wonderful dog shaft, knowing Arrow would soon be gone. But I still had ---

Someone was on the porch.

Just as I was getting the head motion going there was a knock at the door and we both jumped up, I wasn't sure who was more startled, but I am pretty sure that Arrow looked just as guilty as I did.

I tried to brush as much hair off me as I could, but it was a losing effort. When I opened the door there was an attractive young woman standing at the door with a leash in one hand and dog treats in the other. My first thought was she is too young and beautiful to be Arrow's owner, but Arrow lunged out to her.

"Hi, I am Sharon," she said with Arrow's paws on her chest, "I guess he misses me."

She pushed Arrow down, but not before a four or five minute hug. She was cooing to the dog in an embrace that hundreds of men must dream about.

She was dressed in a pair of clingy hip hugger shorts and and a red t-shirt that said, "Knottingham Farms." I had not envisioned someone so young (about 22) and so attractive. She looked like Britney Spears, pre-babies, though her chest was a little smaller. She must have been about 5' 2", with nice flat stomach and nice legs. Even though she had long pants on, I knew she had nice legs because the pants clung to ever curve of her lower torso. So much so, you could see the 'camel toe' of her labia, as she stood there hugging her dog.

I invited her in to get re-acquainted inside before they made the drive back to Burlington.

When she sat down, Arrow was licking her face and his cock was ready to go again. He was trying to hump her leg.

"Arrow is one lucky dog," I said and when Arrow barked and turned to me. I realized I had rhymed 'uck' and got him excited. I decided to have some fun. "He really enjoyed riding in my Truck."

The comment was out of context, but it made Arrow bark and dance in a circle. Better yet, Sharon's face turned red.

"Did I say something wrong, your face is as red as a fire truck," I added with evil malice and Arrow barked.

"No, I'm just happy to see Arrow," she said, ignoring his excited state. She might be happy to see him, he was aroused.

"How did you lose him, did he chase a duck?" I asked and Arrow yelped. "Wow, he must rally like ducks."

I was pure evil. No only was Sharon speechless with apparent embarrassment, but Arrow was climbing up and trying to mount her.

"Looks like he really misses you," I said and then taunted her: "Does Knottingham Farms have a kennel or do your dogs sleep with you?"

"Well, um.... Arrow, get down, DOWN," she said, being very firm with the Dalmatian. She was able to push him off of her and onto the floor. "Knottingham is basically Arrow. I have a room, well where the studding takes place, but yes he sleeps with me."

She said it in a way that confirmed to me that 'sleeps' is a euphemism for sex. She used a tone -- or tried to use a tone --- that implied there was a little mat in the kitchen for Arrow.

"That is good, I like to know that someone tucks my little buddy in at night," I said, causing Arrow to burrow his snout into Sharon's crotch. This was great fun. I pretended not to notice the amorous intent of the Dalmatian. "I've always wondered about stud services, can you make a pretty good buck?"

Then I noticed something that was kind of funny. Sharon shifted in her seat. Arrow was excited, you could tell by the way he was fidgeting and barking, but Sharon was also excited, you could tell by the damp spot between her legs.

Any word that rhymed with 'fuck' made Arrow horny, but it also made Sharon horny. Or at least being embarrassed about her dog getting off on the sounds of words that sounded like 'fuck' made her wet between the legs.

I forced a laugh, "O look, Arrow got you wet between the legs when he stuck his nose there.

If someone could die of shame, this would have been the moment for Sharon. I didn't say anything for a bit, letting Arrow try to mount Sharon. She was trying to push him away, without seeming to excite him more. I waited for my moment.

"So, how often do you and Arrow do it," I asked with a slow, measured tempo.

We stared at each other for a minute, I think she was calculating how much I knew or if she should just ignore it all. It must have been tough on her. All the emotions of losing a lover, finding a lover, the taboo of the lover being a dog and sitting right there is a guy who has outed you.

"Da- do what?" she asked.

"You know," I prompted.

"We don't 'do it,' " she responded, but just the fact that was was saying 'do it' with the understand of what 'doing it' meant, said that she did fuck her dog. As I looked at her, she seemed to tremble slightly.

"You don't fuck your dog? hmmm he really seems like he knows what fucking is all about," when I said this her face contorted with terror and Arrow barked, trying to mount her again.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck," I kept repeating it, wondering how far Arrow would go and how far Sharon would let me go. The dog was barking and climbing up to get the goods. Normally I would be freaking out with a dog barking like that, but with the upstairs tenant gone, I didn't care.

"Stop it, STOP IT STOP IT!!!!" she screamed. It wasn't clear if she was saying it to me or the Dalmatian that was on top of her in the chair rocking his pelvis. Both of us backed off.

"So we we …" she was searching for the word and I started to say it, "Please, don't say the word. Yes we . . . 'do it' as you said."

I didn't say anything, I just looked back at her.

Finally, she said: "What do you want from me?"

"Nothing," I said and she squinted at me, not believing or trusting me. "Nothing you wouldn't do anyways. I just want to watch."

"You are disgusting," she said and started to hook the leash to Arrow's collar.

"Maybe I am," I said walking over to my phone. "But a lot of people would think making love to a dog is disgusting."

She stopped and looked to where I had walked.

"I am pretty well connected with the SPCA, since I am always bringing in strays," I explained to her, picking up the phone. "I would be glad to let them know of the weird behavior Arrow has exhibited, I think they would believe me. Especially if the came over here and saw how wet you are between the legs, or Arrow's reactions when I said.… well said the word you don't want me to say."

Again there was the long stare. She was breathing slow, deep breaths. On the third inhalation, she breathed in long and slow, then grabbed her shirt and took it off, under her red t-shirt was a red lace bra. Arrow knew what was up and started licking her chest. She removed the bra, so he could lick her erect nipples. Accept for when the t-shirt was over her face, she kept her gaze on me, ignoring the randy dog.

After she had stood up and removed her shoes and pants, she stood looking at me. She was naked, except for a pair of white ankle socks. Arrow's nose was between her legs licking, she spread some so he could gain better access. Clearly there was pussy juice between her legs.

As bizarre as things were at that moment, they were about to get stranger.

She got down on all fours and Arrow dance behind her, the telltale wet spot on her pants had made it clear she wouldn't need foreplay. As cold and steely as she was, Arrow was opposite. He was jumping around, licking away at his prospective lover --- as I had seen him do many times over the weekend.

"What are you thinking," she asked and it caught me off guard. I didn't think she was going to talk, and found it weird she would be asking me that question while her dog prepared to slam into her.

"How attractive you are," I told her, it seemed like a plausible answer and --- for the most part --- true. Arrow jumped up on her, with his hips humping at the space between him and her puss.

"That isn't it, I can tell," she prompted --- things had become so freakish. Reaching between her legs. She must have directed the dog's cock to her opening and Arrow thrust into her and she let out a little sigh.

"Well, honestly?" I asked and she nodded her head. She was nodding to my question, but she could have been nodding to the thrusts of her dog. "I am thinking how lucky you are to have such a beautiful dog."

At first it didn't sink in to her that I was also in love with Arrow. Or that not only did I love Arrow, but I was longing for his cock to be rocking in me, not her. She must have thought I was avoiding the question.

A moment later another change appeared on her face. She softened some, but the intensity was still there. She crawled over to me. It was a funny sight, her on all fours creeping to me and Arrow hopping and humping to stay with her.

When she got to me, she grabbed my belt, in a motion that made me thing she was trying to stand up.

"Down," she said, speaking to me

I got on to the ground and she undid my pants, pulling them and my underwear off. She licked my dick, which was soft, but becoming excited.

Then she slugged my chest.

"You bastard, you slept with my dog! I can taste it on your cock," she shriek.

"I, I um, ooph" and she slammed her fist down on my chest again.

"I hpme it was good," she said with a shrill and I thought she was going to hit me again, but then dropped her face to my crotch. She pressed her forehead against me, not moving.

"Fuck," she said lifting her head and looking at me. Hearing the word, Arrow started to hump harder. "uMMmmm -- uMMmmm, you -- you, had to didn't you."

She grabbed ahold of my cock and I put my hands over her hands for protection.

"I'm sorry, but but," I didn't finish and she licked the head of my cock. I flinched thinking she was going to bite me. She continued to lick the tip of my penis and I relaxed my hold on her hands. She took all of my cock into her mouth, wetting it with her salvia. I thought she had started to bob up and down, but it was only a motion caused by Arrow pushing into her.

She held on to my cock with her hand, but her body moved forward. It was more like she was holding the horn of a western saddle and not to stroke me sexually.

"Mmmmmhhh, mmmmhhhhmmmph," she groaned, then for a few moments neither Sharon or Arrow moved.

"Arrrow Arrow," she whispered and it sounded like she was crying. As if to answer her, Arrow whimpered. I was touched, there is no way these lovers should be separated.

Her face was pressed against my stomach. She started to pump her grip up and down my cock and I could see what had happened. Arrow was now beside her and had managed to tie himself inside her with his knott. He was panting, the satisfied pant I had seen a couple times. Sharon lifted her head from my stomach.

"As soon as that Arrow's knott deflats, you owe me," she said, shile she was jacking me off with her hand; now she was not just holding on, but playing with my pleasure.

"Owe?" I was bewildered.

"Yea, I think it is your turn to let me watch you get fucked," she said and Arrow let out a tired bark, but it was clear the 'fuck' was out of him; at least for the time being.