The Vessel, Chapter II.

My apologies for the ridiculous delay. I hope this makes up for some of it.

The following chapter contains elements of magic, adult/youth, bestiality, extreme anal penetration, fisting, implied mild scat, and cumplay. Subsequent chapters will continue on to elaborate, impossible bondage, infernal quasi-medical device play, extreme to blatantly impossible anal penetration which could always verge on the unpleasant. And barrels of cum, much of it not human. Your mileage may vary. This is quite obviously fantasy, and should not be confused with the huge complexities that reality brings to any crazy sex fantasy. The exploration and depiction of the events and characters herein is not intended to encourage or condone any type of illegal, cruel or unsafe behavior. Consider yourself warned.

For my league of extraordinary gentlemen.


Tadzio led Amsel through the busy courtyard while Verrochio tended to the injuries of the guards. Amsel craned his head back to catch a last glimpse of Ehrevan. The towering, magical horse-like beast caught his gaze with one golden, glowing eye just before the soldiers shut and bolted the stable door. Tadzio pulled on his hand gently.

"Follow me, I'll get you cleaned up." Amsel's mind was once again flooded with bewilderment, fear and an immature lust for the giant animal. <<Is it really going to try to breed with me?>>, thought the boy. His rough, woolen cassock was still soaked with Ehrevan's massive spray of pre-ejaculate. The smell was still magically intoxicating; to any onlookers, Amsel seemed to be a twelve year-old boy in a trance. "So you like that big beast, huh?" asked Tadzio, pointing down to the jutting erection under Amsel's robe. Amsel smiled dreamily but still blushed, conflicted at what to say. Then he saw Tadzio's own thick bulge pushing out his tunic and down his leg.

"It looks like you do too."

"I think that might be you, actually. But you do smell like his seed. C'mon, let's go to the laboratory and have some fun." Tadzio put Amsel's smaller hand on his crotch; both boys smiled and groped one another in the middle of the courtyard. Though some of the craftsmen and workers may have noticed, nobody seemed to pay them any mind.

The boys left the courtyard down a meandering stair between steep, grey stone walls. The stairs let out into a much smaller, mosaic stone-tile court surrounded by an elaborately carved, arched portico. An octagonal fountain bubbled quietly in the middle. Amsel followed the older youth around the perimeter of the courtyard, staying underneath the portico, then through a heavy oak door that Tadzio unlocked with a heavy, bronze key tied to his leather belt. Inside was dim, but Amsel could smell and hear a busy kitchen a room or two away. Taking advantage of their first moment of privacy, Tadzio quickly shoved the shorter, fair-haired boy against the vaulted stone wall, picking him up so their lips could meet. Amsel, stunned, felt the older boy's fat, covered prick grind into his hips as his mouth was invaded by a probing tongue. The monks at the cathedral school had put many things into his orifices, but none of them had ever tried to kiss him. It took Tadzio a moment to realize the boy's resistance was not out of fear or distaste, merely confusion. He slowed down his amorous assault, became more gentle, and Amsel's body relaxed. Soon the two gained a rhythm of kissing and grinding their erections together. Tadzio's hands reached around and pulled Amsel's hairless cheeks apart and wasted no time in finding the supple, little hole hidden there. <<Not so little for much longer,>> Tadzio smiled at his thought. Tadzio had already been put through the "training" that he was about introduce the boy to, and could clearly picture in his mind's eye what a vast cavern that tiny anus would become before the week's end.

"Who's your new lad there, Tad?" called a rough voice from the darkness beyond the foyer. Both boys jumped, Amsel struggled to keep his balance as Tadzio abruptly dropped him. His young prick was poking out from under the hem of his hiked robe, and his anus throbbed with an urge to be filled.

"Fenring! Uh, Salve, Magus! Uh, this is Verrochio's new apprentice, um... Amsel. Amsel, this is Fenring, he's also one of the Magi..."

"...though I might not look much like one, right Tad?" Fenring grunted a low laugh as he stepped into the half-light of the foyer. Amsel looked up and saw a broad, greying brute, all stubble and fur, dressed like more a woodsman than a wizard. From five paces he could smell the sweat and forest smells of someone who lived in the wilds. A pace closer, and he could also smell the strong scent of... dog? Fenring's wide shoulders and shaggy hair were framed by the rich silver fur of a massive wolf pelt. "Amsel. Salve, tiro." Fenring's expression was kind, his manners gentle and calm, but his stout, muscled figure suggested a mercenary or brute.

"We ah, were just going to the lab to work and um..."

"Get better acquainted? Of course. But doesn't Verocchio already have an apprentice? Isn't that you, Tadzio?"

"I'm almost finished with my training, Magus Fenring. I'm sure I could take the gauntlet before.."

"You're not anywhere near ready, whelp. You've been here what, eight years now? You've seen fifteen, sixteen summers yet? Besides, no magus can have two apprentices concurrently. It's against the Code, and your master knows the Code backwards."

"Master Verrochio said he wasn't worried, and that a tribunal would rule in his fav.."

Fenring cut the boy off.

"If you see him before I do, let him know I will challenge his claim in certamen."

Amsel knew enough Latin to know that meant "a formal competition or debate."

"I will, Magus."

"Either you or this little one will by right be my apprentice. If he objects, I will kindly show him the particular sections of Mercury's Code that allows this privilege. Otherwise, I will come by tomorrow to collect." Tadzio nodded and looked at the floor. He didn't look up as Fenring brushed by towards the exit. Fenring stopped, his nostrils wide, sniffing the air around the boys. He leaned closer to Amsel. "What beast did you meet, little one?"

"Its name is Ehrevan, m'lord." Amsel answered, his throat dry, heart pounding at the thought of the magnificent creature who had charmed him, blessed him with his fragrant seed. Fenring's eyes widened.

"Call me Magus, not m'lord, tiro. So it's about Ehrevan." Fenring growled and scratched his gray stubble. Amsel stood silently, his erection pointed his robe stubbornly. It would not go down, even with his fear. "If Verrochio just wanted a fucktoy from those damnable holy men, he could just name him a custos. There's nothing against that in the code. Why call him an apprentice?"

"Magus, Amsel has The Gift. That's why those monks treated him so harshly, I think. You know what it can bring out in god-fearing folk."

Amsel suddenly blushed, realizing that everyone present knew his role at the abbey, they probably knew exactly the kinds of things that were done to him, and that he loved it. Well, most of it.

"Indeed he does. I can smell it even through all that cum. " Fenring winked at the boy and smiled slightly. "But that is not an excuse for wanting two apprentices. Why is he here?"

"I cannot say, Magus, I don't know and if I did, Verrochio would shove the North Tower's spire up my ass and leave me for the crows."

"You could take it. And probably love it. Everyone knows what you two get up to in that lab... Hm. That's it, isn't it? He wants the boy and Ehrevan in the lab. But to what end... No, just shut up, Tadzio. I'll see you both in the morning. I look forward to seeing you again, little one."

Fenring whistled back towards the Great Hall, nodded to the two boys, and departed. From the Hall came a brace of huge hunting dogs, all muscle, gray-fur and silence. Amsel counted five of them, each one as tall as he, all five huge bearing sheaths and scrotums bouncing beneath them (at nearly the boy's eye-level) as they passed, followed Fenring outside.

"This could be trouble." Tadzio said.


"Because he's right. The Code is clear on that point. And because he wants you, me or both of us, and that horse-thing for himself."

"I kind of like him, I think. Not as scary as he looks."

"Oh sure, he's great if you like living in a hollow tree and being a bitch for his hounds. I bet he's a great master. Anyway, c'mon. Let's get something to eat from the kitchen, and then we'll go up to the sanctum."

Amsel said nothing, but couldn't help but think again of those great, bouncing cock-sheaths and balls beneath the dogs.


Amsel had never seen anything quite like Verrochio's laboratory. It reminded him a little of the big brewery at the abbey, with its high ceilings, giant, bubbling pots and kegs and strange wafting smells- but only a little. There were recognizable tools and equipment, casks and crock pots, lecterns with heavy books and scrolls of vellum stuffed underneath, quills, inkpots, tools for working leather, carving wood, and even what looked to be several different furnaces and anvils for some strange kinds of smithing. The central room seemed both crowded and vast to the boy. Tadzio let Amsel wander some, but the younger lad stayed close.

The majority of the lab was dominated by objects that lacked clear purpose. There were weird benches and chairs covered in leather straps and buckles, that looked like people could be tied down in a hundred different ways. There were elaborate, carved fountains. Scattered throughout the room were strange statues ranging in size from tiny figurines to massive constructs one had to maneuver around to see the rest of the sprawling workshop. They were made of any type of material one could imagine. Some were abstract lumps, others in the shapes of men, trees, animals. Some were impossible to describe immediately, and reminded Amsel of the monsters of his darkest nightmares. Many of these seemed to be articulated at the joints like puppets or suits of armor.

Tadzio said little once inside, but quickly removed his red robes, revealing a lean, athletic, juvenile body. His legs were lightly dusted with very fine dark hairs, and Amsel was incapable of looking away from the disproportionately large, smooth, upward curving cock jutting out from dark curls above full, smooth balls. Its pale, translucent skin offset the wet, pink head that leaked copiously beneath an ample foreskin. Amsel knew it was rude to stare, but such a cock on a boy seemed so incongruous. It was easily longer and thicker than the younger lad's forearm, and as big as any that had been inside him at the cathedral school. Tadzio pulled Amsel's cassock up and off, and immediately reached down to stroke his smaller, but no less excited, penis. Tad's exposed cock was now close enough for Amsel to touch, and he immediately reached for it and and onsat Amsel down on one of two identical, slanted benches made of incredibly smooth-polished wood. Both had elevated footrests on either side of a wide, circular, stone-lined drain, which constantly trickled water like a mountain spring from the gaping orifices of carousing satyrs carved in relief on the stones.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Clean you up. Your insides first." Tadzio removed a wax seal from a small grey, clay pot and sniffed it, drank a swig and made a face. "Gaaaah. Ugh. Sorry this doesn't taste any better, but you must drink a swallow. Not too much." Amsel knew better than to sniff it. It was a black-green, like the fecund peat bogs below where his parents hut had stood when they were still human... That seemed like such a long time ago, before the fire and before everyone he knew had grown afraid of him.

<<Don't sniff it. Right.>> The boy drank.

The two apprentices reclined, naked on either side of the drain. Their chests heaved in unison as they faced one another, backs against the inclined boards, legs splayed. Their feet touched on the lower footrests. Tadzio was smiling, he had enjoyed this obviously. Amsel didn't know what to think. It was certainly... intimate... to uncontrollably, constantly shit every last bit of matter out of one's guts with another boy for almost an hour. Facing one another, with nothing to watch but each other's assholes as they bulged and produced, flexed and spewed shit into a common drain, went far beyond intimate and well into awkward. Amsel was half-mortified; more than half if beautiful Tadzio had not been grinning like a fool, languidly stroking his big penis the entire time. Tadzio's cock and balls looked absurd on his lanky frame, egg sized testicles rode against the thick root of his massive, leaking shaft. Tadzio seemed to love to watch Amsel's hole expand and release in time with his gasps and moans. Amsel tried to look away, but that felt more awkward than looking back right at Tadzio's swaying penis and his pulsating hole. Tad's hole warranted notice. Amsel wondered what must have been done to Tadzio's backside. His hole was as impressive and oversized as his penis. The apprentice's anal muscles bulged out from between perfect, nearly hairless asscheeks. His sphincter formed a pinkish, glistening mound inches high and wide. Amsel was transfixed watching it effortlessly flex and open impossibly wide to expel its contents. It turned him on despite the shit. He remembered the priests at the Cathedral School seemed to have enjoyed watching this too. They had given the boy many enemas on nights that tended to be more elaborate than a quick fuck or suck in the hedge. With Tadzio, it felt different. Tadzio was joining him. Perhaps he was carrying out orders, but he certainly seemed willing, even playful. Certainly he was the most affectionate person he could remember meeting. Once again, he sank into an ambivalence he so often found himself mired in: what he was doing was more than a little gross, and it was certainly rude to stare at someone when they were having a shit. But the boy found himself impossibly aroused. He was suddenly hesitant to touch his own erection.. Amsel had always been fascinated by the sights and sensations of life at its most explicit. He could not remember a time when adults hadn't yelled or laughed at him for staring too long (and absentmindedly touching himself ) at farm animals in the act of breeding or birthing or pissing or shitting.

"Alright. Looks like we're empty. How do you feel?" Tadzio rolled off the inclined bench to a standing position, and began to wipe down his ass and thighs with a wet sea sponge. He never broke eye contact with the younger lad. "There's something about you, Amsel. Maybe it's part of your gift but you make me hard when I look about you."

" you too, Tadzio." Amsel began to stand and rinse his soiled body off.

"I'm glad, because I want to have fun playing some more while we prepare you. Oh yeah, I've got two more charms I'm supposed to give you. First..." Tadzio took down a pitcher from a shelf crammed with huge, inhumanly strange objects that looked a lot like many different species of phallus. The older apprentice reached into the pitcher and with two fingers, carefully tried to extract something that was giving some trouble. "They're so slippery..."

"What are they?" Amsel's wrinkled his face as Tadzio withdrew a slimy, writhing silver worm or perhaps a small tongue, dripping with something like spit or mucous, but the pitcher seemed full of it. It smelled like the air after a lightning strike.

"Master hasn't settled on a name yet, but he made them. Slick as an eel in a bucket of grease. They'll improve your life, no end."

"He made it? It's not alive?"

"Not completely. I mean, I'm not sure. It's a charm he made. I think he grew it or maybe transformed some other creature. They don't taste that bad. Just don't bite it." With that, Tadzio tilted his head back dropped the wriggling thing into his mouth and swallowed. Bewildered, Amsel couldn't be sure Tadzio hadn't just faked the move. Tadzio didn't hesitate. He picked out a second one and held it out for Amsel to swallow. "Here you go. A small one. They're just as potent but easier the first time."

Amsel hesitated for a second, about to ask more questions, when his choice became clear. He wanted to be brave, he wanted to give this handsome older boy pleasure. It suddenly seemed fated that he and Ehrevan should mate, and that he should do everything he could to see it through. He tilted his head back under the struggling silver worm and arched his body up to swallow it, kissing Tadzio's slimy fingertips in the process. "Just swallow fast, yeah, that's it." Oh gods, it was slimy. It tasted like nothing, maybe rainwater, but it felt bizarre as it twisted and turned its way down Amsel's throat. The boy clutched at his stomach, worried about what he had just done. "No no, it's alright. You're going to like this." While the two apprentices waited for the little worm-thing to take effect, Tadzio gave Amsel his next charm. After some searching through the laboratory, Tadzio found a pair of very elaborate, slender collars. He gave one to Amsel and put the other one on his own neck. It was fashioned in the image of a dragon made of silver and tendon. The collar was cold as ice and made the fine hairs on Amsel's body stand on end when he held it. Tadzio sang a few words in strange latin as he helped affix the collar around Amsel's little neck. The clasp was simple and clever: as the magic words were spoken, the dragon bit its own tail. "There, that's it."

"So, what does all this... Oh god. Ohh..." Amsel felt a dull pressure in his stomach, which gurgled loudly. "What's happening?" Tadzio's wicked grin widened and his cock got so hard that it flexed and slapped against his belly. Amsel had to go. He jumped back onto the inclined board and squatted, clutching his stomach as it cramped. Tadzio's stomach gurgled as well, but he calmly followed the younger boy towards the satyr fountain.

"It's okay, nothing bad's about to happen. Maybe a little weird but you'll get used to it." Tadzio squatted down and put both hands on either side of Amsel's asshole, and began to alternately push and stretch the skin there, as if feeling for something. "There."

Amsel let out a very wet fart.

"Oh, fuck yes. You're almost ready. Let me see!" Tadzio, leaking precum, straddled the basin of the fountain and lifted Amsel up and splayed his hairless legs wide. This brought the boy's deceptively tiny pink hole to "Push a little. Let it out." Amsel heard Tadzio let out a similarly embarrassing fart. The little boy felt the pressure inside him rising, and it looked like his belly was swelling as the gurgling in his guts got louder. Tadzio's face was inches from his hole, but he couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Oh god... I can't hold it. You should move..."

"Let it out. C'mon. Push. I want it. I want everything inside you."

But before the boy could object, he felt his ass give way with a loud sputtering rip. Amsel was surprised to see Tadzio's face suddenly covered with a nearly clear, odorless slime, that clung to him and slowly ran in gobs and strings. The stuff was almost transparent, a bit opalescent. Tadzio smiled, and shoved his mouth over the little gasping hole while Amsel uncontrollably shat what felt like pints of this weird slime. The older apprentice made out with Amsel's asshole like he was trying to shove his chin inside the supple little hole, all the while sucking this magical lube down his throat, collecting it with both hands, wiping it all over himself, lubing his big cock. For all the things that those priests and monks had done to Amsel, none of them ever kissed, much less sucked his anus.

"Ohhh.... that feels...oh god..." Amsel began stroking his own prick with one hand ran the other through Tad's dark, curly hair, pulling his mouth hard against his slime-filled hole. Tadzio's throat flexed as he swallowed and swallowed the magical substance that was being pumped from somewhere deep inside. Obscene slurping noises filled the lab for many long minutes. Finally, Tadzio looked up at the boy, his eyes filled with lust and his mouth filled to overflowing with the strange ass-juice. Still holding Amsel's legs apart, the older boy stood and stretched. His face, neck, torso and dripping cock were dripping with the stuff. He jumped up, grabbing the very top end of the inclined board, and straddled the younger boy between his legs so that Amsel could see the older boy's arching cock and heavy balls swaying above him. But this was not the point. Amsel's eyes grew wide upon seeing Tadzio's huge anus so close up. He could see the fine, dark hairs on the bulging mound, nearly as big as a single ass-cheek. A single thread of slime dripped down from the very center of the massive-but-tight pucker. Ever the exhibitionist, Tadzio loved how Amsel couldn't look away. "I was going to save this, but we're not going to run out any time soon." Tadzio relaxed and pushed. Amsel gasped. This charming lad's anus suddenly gaped several inches wide with a wet schlupping sound. Instantly, a quart or more of opalescent slime gushed forth, spraying with force all over young Amsel's face and hairless body.

"Hahaha! Fuck, that's so hot seeing you covered in my ass-juice. Oh don't look so shocked, I can tell you love it." Amsel was shocked. Tadzio's hole remained wide as the mouth of a bowl, its pink lips giving way to darker crimson interior which continued to belch forth more of this supernatural lubricant. But Tadzio was right though. Amsel loved it.

Tadzio slid back down unti their slime coated bodies were sliding together almost frictionlessly like a pair of writhing eels. They were so worked up they had trouble balancing. Both boys automatically reached for the other's anus, shoving fingers from both hands deep as they could. I want this. All I want is this, everything he will give me, was all Amsel could think. His little hands slid in and out of the older boy's obviously overstretched hole. Tadzio hadn't pushed that far into the younger anus, but four fingers of each hand were pulling the little hole open to where he could get his first glimpse of the deep red lining... the entry gates to a strange territory he would soon be exploring. Tadzio had never felt a texture as smooth and warm and perfect as this young rectum, and his entire body throbbed in anticipation of what was to come. And come. And come.

The boys licked and rolled and slurped and stretched each other further. Amsel was terrified to go deep, but quickly found that when Tadzio relaxed his ass, he was as tight as a bowl of warm water. Both of his little boy hands practically fell into the huge, supple rectum- which made them both moan in ecstasy. The boys were head-to-ass now, Amsel on his back, looking directly up and deep into his new lover's slimy cavern. Even without prying it further, the boy's colon seemed to have been straightened out and impossibly widened, the velvety red walls just receded into a dark tunnel at least four inches across, and showed no signs of narrowing even a foot deep. Meanwhile, Tadzio continued to gently pry Amsel's hole with eight fingers as he shoved his tongue deep inside, almost pushing his chin inside as he sucked out the endless gurgling flow of ass-juice. Athough reluctant to stop feasting on this perfect, trained boyhole, he lowered Amsel's legs and turned around. Amsel watched the gaping red chasm above him began closing in on itself like a flower, as Tadzio tightened down on the boy's hand which was still inside exploring. The walls of his rectum protruded out around Amsel's wrist with another loud squelch, then pulled themselves back in as the powerful anal ring tightened down. his The pressure was incredible. Amsel began to cry out in mostly surprise and a little pain. Relaxing just enough to let him go, Tadzio pulled his his own mouth out of Amsel's asshole long enough to laugh and say "Careful, I'll break your arm!" Then, in a nearly frictionless maneuver, the older boy spun around and sat on the bench below Amsel, lifted the child up from his thighs and spread his hairless legs like a wishbone. The young boy slid effortlessly down the slime-covered board and was impaled on Tadzio's big prow of a cock.

"WAAAAIT!" Amsel screamed in fear as his body slid down the entire length of meat without pause. He felt the lad's internal muscles tighten down in fear and the brief pain of too quick and deep a stretch. It only took a few seconds for Amsel's surprising level of training kicked in. The monks had been far less kind and much less beautiful than Tadzio. His internal muscles relaxed, and immediately Tadzio felt the boy's wet, warm guts sliding in counterpoint against the motion of his own foreskin buried somewhere well past the child's navel. Tadzio lifted the boy and began pounding his hole in full, steady strokes; his big ball-sack swinging like a bell-clapper against Amsel's smooth buttocks. "Oh....yessssss....unh... So deep....oh Christ...." The huge cock had immediately straightened out the slick, prepubescent channel. They lost control. Tad pressed his body against Amsel's and brought their faces together while he piston fucked the lad. Their lips about to touch, Amsel, reeling in ecstasy, closed his opened his mouth to receive a kiss. His eyes shot back open as he felt his own mouth filling with hot slime. Smiling Tadzio brough his mouth against the lad's. Before he could object or spit, Amsel felt a tongue exploring his mouth, sharing even more of the mysterious goo that had moments before been deep in his own ass. It tasted clean, maybe a little like rain-water. The monks had always used some kind of unpleasant grease when they wanted to shove something big inside Amsel. It's what was available. This mucilaginous stuff was much better. He could feel every ridge of Tadzio's big cock moving effortlessly inside him, and he found himself wanting more as if that were possible.

"Unh...fuck, you feel so good. I can't believe...oh fuck fuck fuck I'm not gonna last long, Amsel... " Tadzio's dark eyes rolled backwards.

Amsel knew that whenever the men completed, they always lost interest and seemed ashamed of what they'd done. At least until the next time they were riled. One moment they were lording brutes, swelled with pride and control- seconds later, they would be doddering idiots. At the cathedral school, Amsel had to be careful not to laugh at the stupid expressions the holy men would make once an orgasm took them. Still, there was something about receiving male seed that fascinated him, even from someone as cruel and awful as that Inquisitor had been, that made him feel better. What he felt for Tadzio was leagues beyond any of his old tormentors; the boy imagined being flooded to overflowing, drinking, bathing in this gorgeous youth's seed. Having it inside him would make him feel... honestly he had no idea, having never felt this good before.

Tadzio began pounding faster, his cock swelling even larger and they both knew what was about to happen next... "Ohh...gods! Fuck I'm gonna fill you...." Tadzio grabbed Amsel's head and kissed him hard, pulling him down and back, both boys falling backwards. The sudden loss of balance pulled Amsel from his ecstasy, but Tadzio was already in mid-orgasm. Amsel fell forward, his stretched out hole slamming hard base of the youth's cock, his big hen-sized eggs almost threatening to squeeze on through as well! Amsel yelped at the sudden pain as the uncut cockhead jabbed something deep and tender in his little body. <<Oh god, did he juts hurt me? Will I bleed?>> His former tormenters had not been gentle at times, and he had bled.

With a splash, Tadzio was now on his back in the shallow fountain. The horny young magus was laughing again, still hard and thrusting, cock still spewing like one of the stone satyrs. His big balls were pulled up tight, pumping huge volumes of thick semen colon-deep. The pain faded as Amsel got his bearings; he squeezed his talented internal muscles in time with the pulsating cock as it ejaculated. Somehow he knew that this boy could do almost anything and not hurt him. Amsel thrust back, matching his strokes.

"Unnnnnhh....fuck! Keep doing that!" Tadzio kept cumming even harder. Amsel loved to imagine what it must look like so deep inside his guts when he was full of seed. The idea made him wish he could orgasm, but he knew it wasn't his time just yet. Tadzio made his little body shudder, he could feel the smooth, prow-shaped cock pulse and flex inside him, pushing deep against unknowable organs in what had become an incredibly long orgasm. Both boys shoved their fingers in and around the slimy juncture where the two were joined, stretching Amsel's rubbery anal ring even further. Both boys looked down to examine the slime on their hands. No sperm yet, just lube. This fuck was deep enough that nothing would pour back out until this big plunger of a boycock had fully retreated.

Tad was still reeling from his orgasm.

"Oh gods, you're incredible. Can I keep going? Sorry I fell. You'll be okay though. I won't hurt you. There's something about you....I don't want to stop. I don't think I need to, actually, unless you need a break. Fuck! There's so much to show you! I can feel why Ehrevan picked you." Indeed, Tad's erection was still buried balls-deep in his guts and hadn't diminished a bit. Tadzio reached for Amsel's smaller hand, and pressed them both firmly together against the younger boy's slim little belly. Then they both felt it, the rigid column of cock far up inside a cum-and-lube-swollen boy colon. Tad flexed his thick penis again, and they could actually see the throbbing glans pressing out against the pale flesh like some kind of creature inside Amsel. It made Amsel remember the strange little worms they ate, and he wondered where it was inside of him now. Otherwise, Amsel didn't know what to think about this strange sensation. He saw that it turned the older boy on immensely. Tadzio couldn't stop flexing and changing angles of his thrust so the bulge protruded in different ways above the boy's navel, so he let him. "Master Verrochio loves doing this to me. I've been wanting to feel what he's felt for the past eight years. You're the first person he's ever allowed me to take like this... That's why it didn't take very long...Fuck this is hot."

"I liked it, Tadzio...I mean, I like you doing it. Most of the men I did this know, before? They couldn't keep going after they shot. If you can keep going, I want it. I don't understand, but I trust you. You can do anything you want to me. I just want you in me." Amsel pressed harder against the thick shaft inside him, trying to wrap his hand as much as he could around it, and began stroking, jerking the fully embedded cock from the outside. It felt weird, but Tad groaned in lust and began thrusting again.

"Hahah. You may not be a magus yet, but you have the gift. So be careful what you wish for, little one. You will get it."