Look, But Not Touch

A friend of ours knocked on the front door one day while my wife was out. Kelly wanted to talk to my wife about something, so we sat in the family room and chatted while waiting for her to return. When I asked how things were going for her, she told me that her husband had left her because he had found her in bed with another woman. Kelly couldn't stay for long and asked me to have my wife call her.

My wife and I have enjoyed a fantasy during sex in which she is being pleasured by another woman while I watch. "I dare you to do it with another woman!" I had said a few nights earlier as we made love. "Just be careful, I might just surprise you one day," was her response. Well, with Kelly's revelation, I wondered whether that day had come. I resolved to talk to my wife about it. While Kelly was with me that day, I looked at her in a different light. Like my wife, she is not what you could call slim, but neither was she huge. I noticed her nipples standing out through her bra. I looked at her ass as it filled her pants. Her thighs also filled her pants and I wanted to see her without those pants on. In fact, I wanted to see her take everything off. But would my wife react favorably when I suggested Kelly might be the one? I told my wife that Kelly had stopped by and asked her to call. There was no answer when my wife did call, so she did not know what I knew.

While we were enjoying foreplay while preparing to have sex that night, I once again dared her to have sex with another woman. Again, she replied that she would surprise me by doing it. "OK, do it with Kelly. She is bisexual," I said. "How do you know?" she asked. "She told me. Her husband left her because he found her in bed with another woman," I replied. My wife went very quiet for a minute and asked, "Would you really mind if I tried sex with another woman?"

"Mind!!! I would love it and I would love to help you!" I said. "Don't fuck me, use your hands and your mouth. Let me pretend you are Kelly making me cum. " she said. Ever happy to oblige her, I gently started to fondle her tits and tweak her nipples. They were larger and harder than normal. She moaned out loud as I sucked on them and tried to take her entire orbs into my mouth. I slid down her body and rubbed my fingers along her labia. She was wet! I began to think seriously for the first time that she really would have sex with another woman! As I plunged my fingers into her twat, she moaned even more. When my tongue touched her clitoris, she screamed and came violently, liquid pouring out her vagina. Did the fantasy that it was Kelly instead of me do that? After her orgasm, she said that it was the strongest cum of her life. Knowing I like anal sex, she rolled over on her side and pushed her butt at my prick. She pulled her buttocks apart and reaching down between her legs, took some pussy juice and rubbed it on her ass hole. I needed little bidding to gently push my prick in and slowly ream my lovely wife's ass hole. I left about a gallon of cum in her bowels.

"How do we broach the subject with Kelly?" asked my wife. "No idea, but how about you just come out with it and ask her to have sex with you?" I replied. She thought about it for a moment and said, "OK, next time I talk to her, I will try." As luck would have it, we did not see Kelly again for over a week. My wife managed to talk to her on the phone and invited her over for coffee. I did not hear the conversation, but my wife told me the gist of it afterwards.

"Are you sure? I have never done it with anyone not experienced before. Am I the right one to give you your first experience?" Kelly had asked. "Yes, I am sure. I would not mention it if I were not," said my wife. Kelly had got up out of her chair and gone over to my wife. Putting her finger under my wife's chin, Kelly had lifted her face and gently kissed her. My wife said it was so different, so soft and tasted unlike anything she had experienced before. "I wish we had time to do it now," said Kelly. "I did not want to do it now. I hope you don't mind, but my husband wants to watch. Is that OK?" responded my wife. "Lucky you having a husband who understands women. I would be happy for him to watch, however he can only look, but not touch," was Kelly's answer. "I will tell him that. Kiss me once more before you go," said my wife. She pushed her tongue into Kelly's mouth as they mashed their lips together.

Kelly came round to the house one Saturday around 2:00pm. Before she arrived, my wife was very nervous and I wondered if she might chicken out. I had agreed to the "look, but not touch" rule. My wife told me I could watch as much as I wanted, but I had to stay in the chair. I let Kelly into the house and she greeted me cheerfully. "Is she ready?" she asked. "Come on up," called my wife from our bedroom. Kelly took off her shoes and climbed the stairs. I followed her admiring the way her bum wiggled as she walked. "We have lots of time. Are you ready?" asked Kelly. My wife, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, nodded nervously. Kelly approached and reaching out took off my wife's glasses. When they were on the bedside table, Kelly gently stroked her face. My wife looked up at her expectantly. Kelly bent down and kissed my wife gently on the lips, then with a little more urgency. They separated briefly and then kissed again. I watched as their mouths opened and they French kissed. Kelly's arm went around my wife. My prick was so hard! They broke apart and, taking my wife's hands in hers, Kelly gently pulled her to her feet. They kissed again and Kelly's arms went around my wife as she held my wife to her. My wife's arms remained at her side. Again breaking apart, Kelly lifted my wife's tee shirt over her head. She stood there in her bra, the nipples sticking out. Kelly turned her around and undid the clasp on my wife's bra. She put her arms around my wife and cupped her breasts. Then she removed the garment and cupped my wife's naked breasts. Her nipples were standing out a mile! Turning her head around, my wife sought Kelly's mouth with her own. They kissed again while Kelly fondled her naked tits. They broke apart again and my wife turned round. She lifted Kelly's tee shirt over her head and undid the clasp at the front of Kelly's bra. Kelly's tits sprang out as she discarded her bra onto the floor. Naked tits to naked tits, they embraced and kissed again. this time my wife's arms went around Kelly's back as they held each other tightly. Kelly put her hands up to my wife's tits and fondled them while they kissed. My wife's next move surprised me. She broke off the kiss and undid Kelly's pants and pulled down the zipper. She took hold of the waistband on either side and pulled them down. Kelly stepped out of them and stood there in just her panties. Taking hold of the waistband, my wife pulled these down too. Kelly stepped out of them and stood there naked. She was magnificent! Her tits drooped just a little and her nipples stood out out proudly. She was a natural blonde and her bush was untrimmed. Kelly undid my wife's pants and pulled them and her panties down in one movement. Naked, they embraced and kissed again. My wife moved her legs apart and Kelly pushed one of her legs between them. They clamped their thighs together and rubbed their pussies on the other's thigh. Their tits were mashed together. Kelly's hands wandered down to my wife's ass and she caressed her buttocks. My wife's arms went around Kelly's neck and held her tightly as they kissed deeply.

They broke apart again and my wife lowered herself onto the bed. She lay on her back with her legs open and Kelly climbed on top of her between her legs in the missoinary position. I watched as Kelly's tits lowered themselves onto my wife's and the four globes flattened each other. As their lips met again, Kelly lifted one thigh over my wife's so they each had a leg between the others. As they kissed, Kelly was rubbing her pussy on my wife's thigh. I could see my wife doing the same. The kiss finished as Kelly broke off and moved her head down to my wife's neck. She loves having her neck nibbled and I knew Kelly had found a good thing to do. Moving further down, Kelly kissed between her tits and then all over them except for her nipples. My wife was moaning and squirming on he bed. Kelly fastened her mouth onto one nipple and started to suck it. Her hand played with the other one. My wife's eyes were shut and she lay there in ecstacy. Kelly swapped tits after a while. Then she moved up and dangled her tits over my wife's mouth. She took one of Kelly's nipples into her mouth and Kelly moaned in pleasure. After both had been sucked, Kelly lifted up and started to kiss lower down my wife's body. She kissed her tummy button and moved lower. My wife's legs opened wider as she she exposed her sex to another woman for the first time. Suddenly Kelly plunged her mouth down onto my wife's twat. She went wild bucking her hips and moaning. Kelly took hold of her thighs and moved her mouth over my wife's twat. I could not see what she was doing, but my wife loved it. It was all Kelly could do to hold on!

My prick was huge and harder than granite. I had slipped my hand down inside my pants and started to gently rub myself. To get better access, I undid my pants and slid them down to the floor. My underpants followed and I kicked them off. I took off my shirt and sat there naked playing with myself while my wife was being eaten by another woman. Her climas was approaching, and so was mine. With a scream, my wife went rigid and threw her hips in the air. Her thighs locked around Kelly's head as she had what was obviously a very powerful orgasm. My cum erupted out of my balls, and out of the end of my prick like Old Faithful. A geyser of cum shot into the air and splattered over my belly and chest. The two women separated and looked at me. Kelly had juices all around her mouth and my wife was panting quite hard. Kelly climbed up and lay on her back alongside my wife. "Looks like you came as well!" she said as she eyed the mess up my front. My wife smiled and then climbed on top of Kelly. They kissed again and then my wife began her oral journey down Kelly's body. She copied what Kelly had done to her and ended up between Kelly's thighs. She lay there for a minute just looking before she tentatively stuck out her tongue and applied it to Kelly's pussy. After a few licks, my wife clamped her mouth over Kelly's twat and started to lick her in earnest. At this sight, my prick grew hard again as I watched Kelly approaching her orgasm. Kelly was quieter than my wife, but I still knew when she came! The two women broke apart again and my wife climbed up to Kelly. She mounted Kelly and their lips met again as they ground their tits together. Their legs were interlaced again and they ground their pussies on each others thighs.

They broke apart again and lay back panting and sweating. Both had had a pretty strenuous workout! "Our turn to watch you," said Kelly. My prick stood at attention as I put my fingers around it. While two naked women watched me, I masturbated in front of them. They got up from the bed and walked over. They put out their hands and took mine off my prick. "Reward time. You lived up to your side of the bargain by staying in your chair and not trying to join in," said Kelly. Two hands, both of them right, took hold of my prick. Jointly they stroked up and down the shaft. Kelly put her lips over the end and increased the speed of her jerking off. For the second time in an hour, the cum spurted out of my prick. Kelly took her mouth off the end before I came and a spurt hit her on her cheek. My wife bent forward and licked it off. The two women kissed again as they obviously shared that morsel.

Three tired and sweaty bodies made their way to the bathroom for a shower. I manged to rub against Kelly and her skin was so soft and warm. My wife saw me and grinned. After a refreshing shower, we all dressed and went downstairs for a much needed drink. Kelly kissed both of us on the cheek as she left. I look forward to her next visit.