Written by: Sandy Smith


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Looking For Pleasure at Work - 1

In our office complex there is a free recreation facility complete with exercise equipment, floor areas for classes and well-furnished locker areas complete with saunas and spas. I was bored one day and hadn't had a cock in my mouth for a while, my boyfriend was travelling for work, so I decided to see what pleasure I could find in the recreation complex. I told my manager I was going to start working out around mid-morning to avoid the before work and lunch-time rushes.

My gym bag contained very little gym equipment; running shoes, shorts, socks and a tee-shirt and combo-lock. As well I had lube, condoms and a cock-ring in case of `emergencies'. I went down to the complex and first walked around the free exercise and weight areas, there were a few people there, some of both sex. I stopped to admire a beautiful woman in workout gear so tight I could see every crease and bump on her body, yummmm. There was the usual collection of hard-core jocks and some who looked more like me, a casual exercise participant. A couple of the men caught my attention; I could see what teased to be large cocks outlined in their shorts.

My initial tour complete I went into the men's locker and stripping I put all of my gear into an available locker, grabbed a towel from the waiting pile and headed to the shower. If there is any particular thing that I like to do it is to put on a show for anyone who will watch. There were a couple of guys already showering, one appeared to be in his final rinse and the other was just starting to shower. I grabbed one of the shower heads in line of sight of the second man and began my shower/show. Wetting myself all over I started to soap myself, closing my eyes to slits while I did so. My nipples are quite large and very sensitive so I started with them. I soaped them gently and started to stroke and lightly twist them to make them stand firmly out.

Without looking I could feel my cock beginning to stiffen and through my slit eyes I could see the man nearby watching me and in particular looking at my stiffening cock. I soaped my belly and before reaching my cock I turned my back to him and began to lather up my bum. I paid rather a lot of attention to my rosebud and slipped my index finger in to massage my prostate briefly. This resulted in my cock becoming rock hard and standing straight out from my belly. Next I turned sideways and began to lather my stiff cock; stroking it firmly with alternating pressure I teased it mercilessly. I began to thrust my hips forward in response to the downward stroke on my cock and let some moans escape to insure he was aware of my pleasure.

With this first stage complete I rinsed under the gentle rain of warm water and opened my eyes to look at my watcher directly. He was still staring at my cock and I could see that his own had risen to my erotic performance. Sensing I was looking at him he glanced up and nodded hello indicating some embarrassment at being caught staring at a man's cock. I smiled and grabbing my towel I walked naked and aroused to the sauna. Grabbing the handle I turned and smiled again to the man jerking my head to encourage him to join me in the sauna.

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see that this was a hot rock sauna and that a pail of water and a ladle stood by to allow you to raise the humidity by splashing water on the hot rocks. There were no other occupants and the sauna was only lit by a single, low-power bulb giving it a rather cozy and private feel. I took a seat on the upper bench which was about 6 feet long and waited to see if my invitation was accepted. I could hear the shower still running outside and after a few minutes the door was pulled open to reveal my watcher. He glanced quickly to see if there were any other men in the sauna and with a somewhat relieved expression he entered and took a seat at nearly the other end of the upper bench.

"I like it hot and humid, do you mind if I put water on the rocks?" I asked the other man.

"No, I do too, go right ahead."

I splashed two ladles of water onto the rocks and the immediate effect felt like the temperature rose by 20 degrees. I gasped quickly as I jumped back onto the bench, this time I positioned myself a little closer to my watcher.

"My name's Sandy, it's my first time in the centre."

"I'm Rod and I haven't been here before either. I just moved to headquarters earlier this month."

I lay back and rubbed my thighs and stomach where the sweat was beginning to trickle in the heat. My stiff cock was still pointing to the sky, begging for attention. Glancing to my right I placed my right hand on my cock and began to stroke it slowly. Rod smiled at me and his own hand found its way to his also rigid cock to match my actions. We sat there stroking our cocks for a few minutes and each time I looked over at Rod he was obviously enjoying looking at my cock as he stroked his own. I thought that I noticed an increased tempo to his stroking that might indicate an impending orgasm.

"Rod, would you like me to help you with that?" I said pointing at his cock.

Rod gulped and nodded his head apparently unable to voice the response.

I hopped down from the bench and moved to stand between Rod's legs. Taking his hand off of his stiff cock I was pleased to see it had substantial girth and a red mushroom head which at the moment looked like it could spit in my face. I smiled up at Rod then drove his cock all the way down my throat in a single swallow.

"My god Sandy, that feels so good, I'm not sure though how long I can last"

I pulled off of his cock and said "Rod, I can make this last as long as is necessary for you to have the most fantastic orgasm you have ever had." Having said that I grasped the root of his cock between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed gently but firmly. I could feel Rod relax a bit as the feeling that he needed to cum passed. I returned to sucking, licking his shaft, the sensitive area under the cock head and sucking each of his rather large balls in turn. This cock held promise I thought to myself as I settled back to enjoy it. Twice more I brought him to the edge of orgasm before he finally croaked "Please Sandy, please let me cum"

Looking up with a smile and his cock head just on the tip of my tongue I nodded that he could cum when the urge overcame him. Sucking and stroking alternatively with more and less pressure I heard him groan "I'm cumming..." as I felt the first stream of hot semen rush up the shaft and explode onto my tongue. I swallowed as he pumped stream after stream of thick, creamy juice into my mouth. He must have filled my mouth 3 or 4 times and when he stopped ejaculating I coaxed a final few dribbles of semen from his still stiff cock.

"Thank you Rod, that was fantastic, you sure do cum a lot and your juice is very thick and sweet."

Rod smiled in appreciation "No - thank you Sandy, that was the best cock sucking I have ever had. I do drink pineapple juice every day to sweeten my cum. It's been 2 weeks since my last orgasm when my girlfriend returned home to begin to pack for the move. I really needed that, will you do it again?"

I smiled and said that I would suck his cock anytime he wanted, whether his girlfriend was here or not. I hopped back up on the bench, right next to Rod and began to masturbate. Rod watched closely and when he thought I was near he got down and positioning himself between my legs he said "Sandy I've never sucked a cock but if you want to cum on my face you could, maybe in the future I could learn to do to you what you did to me."

"Thanks Rod, I'd like that. I'm going to cum now." I pumped streams of my own semen onto Rod's waiting face, I saw him open his mouth to catch one or two and swallow with no obvious sign of disgust. I finished ejaculating and looking at Rod his face, hair and chest were slick with my cum. I hopped down and began to lick the juice from his chest, then his chin and cheeks. Finally I kissed him so he could taste his own semen mixed with mine. He didn't tense up at all but sank into my embrace as our tongues explored each other. Pulling back I said "Thank you very much, I can teach you how to suck a cock Rod. How about we meet tomorrow at the same time?"

"Sure Sandy, I can't wait, now we'd better go and shower off all of this semen." Rod leaned back into my arms and we kissed gently.