Written by: Sandy Smith


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Looking for Pleasure at Work 2


I had given Rod my extension number and told him to call when he was ready to go to the gym. At 10:15 I got his call and having already gotten my boss' approval I left to join him. As I walked into the gym I saw some of the same people, including the beautiful woman with the super tight exercise clothes. As I lingered to look at her I saw her blush and her nipples practically explode through the very sheer top she was wearing. I nodded with a smile and continued toward the locker area. This woman might be a possibility for the future I thought. Just before I went into the locker room I glanced over my shoulder to see her looking intently at me while stroking her left nipple. With a blush at getting caught she quickly dropped her hand and turned back to the machine she was using.

I saw Rod at a locker and taking one of my own I quickly stripped and headed to the showers following my new lover, I wrapped a bottle of lube in my towel. We both soaped up paying particular attention to our cock, balls and bums then rinsing we practically ran to the sauna. There were no other occupants thankfully and we were soon in an embrace kissing. "Rod, I have something I want you to do to me today, something you may never have done."

With a look of curiosity Rod nodded "Ok Sandy, what do you have in mind?"

Unrolling my towel I revealed the lube and said "I want you to fuck me and cum inside of me."

"Wow Sandy, I've never had anal sex with anyone but would sure like to give it a try. Can you start by sucking on my cock to get me ready?"

I motioned for him to get on the upper bench and started to lick and suck on his beautiful cock. He groaned in satisfaction as I swallowed all of his stiff cock and bobbed up and down giving him just the right amount of lip pressure necessary to raise the erotic tension to near boiling. After a few minutes of my attention Rod moaned that I had better stop before he came prematurely. I pulled off and then applied lube to his cock and my bum. Standing on the floor and leaning against the upper bench I invited him to fuck me in the sluttiest voice I could manage.

Rod stepped behind me and with a little positioning help from me he began to push into my rosebud. At that moment I pushed back to allow his mushroom head to pop past my sphincter and then impaled myself all the way on his cock. Groaning in pleasure I urged him to fuck me, to use me, to make me his. This got Rod going and he began a furious session of fucking while he grabbed me by the hips to drive his cock as far as possible into me. In a few short minutes he started to pant that he was getting close and I pled with him to fill me with his juice. This vocal encouragement was all that he needed to peak and begin to ejaculate hot semen into my bowels.

It seemed like he came for several minutes until with a sigh he slumped onto my back signalling the end of his orgasm. With a soft plop he pulled out and I felt streams of semen running down the back of my legs. "What about you Sandy, how can I get you off today?"

"Can you sit on the lower bench Rod and I'll stand in front of you and masturbate, when I'm ready I'll shoot all over you."

Wasting no time Rod positioned himself where I had indicated and I hopped up to stand in front of him. I was very horny from the fucking he had given me and in no time I groaned that I was cumming. Pumping shot after shot on Rod's face, into his mouth and hair I continued to orgasm until with a small groan I finished. Rod leaned forward and in addition to the mouthsfull of semen he had swallowed he gingerly placed my cock at his mouth and tried to swallow it. He only got a couple of inches before I saw him gag and with a smile I pulled back and leant down to kiss him. "There will be plenty of time for that, I'll show you how to swallow a cock completely Rod, but thank you for showing your interest."

We were both drained and hopped back to the showers to clean ourselves up. I dressed and going back into the exercise area I saw the same beautiful woman working on another machine. As I passed close to her I smiled and looking directly at me she asked "Did you have a good time in there?" Stopping dead in my tracks I asked her what she meant.

"Well you never came out to work out and I saw the other guy go in and then you both came out looking very relaxed. I figured that you were meeting for a little pre-lunch quickie and wanted to know if you were leaving satisfied or not."

"As a matter of fact yes, I was satisfied and I think he was too. But I have to tell you that I also enjoy a beautiful woman I'm bisexual. My name is Sandy."

Holding out a beautifully manicured hand this delicious beauty told me her name was Jackie and she was also interested in some relaxing fun. I shook her hand and then leaned in to kiss her on the lips while I used my other hand to stroke her breast like I had seen her do. Jackie groaned into my mouth as I teased her nipple to a rigid peak. Jackie quickly responded by using her free hand to stroke my previously soft cock that now rose to stiffness.

I stood back and looking at my handiwork while Jackie surveyed the effect she had on me she said "Why don't you join me in the dressing room, there aren't any other women here and there usually never are."

My answer was to pull her up from the machine and looking around to see if anyone was there or even watching I led her toward the ladies locker room. Once inside we quickly stripped each others clothes off, got wet under the shower and then retreated to the ladies sauna. This woman was extremely beautiful, full tits with long stiff nipples, she was a natural blond with a closely trimmed blond pussy and sitting her on the upper bench I could see her stiff clit already standing guard at the entrance to her cunt. I love oral sex, on a man or a woman, and I tried to give this woman the best pussy licking I could.

Jackie must have been very horny, she came in less than 2 minutes with a gush of sweet juice that I was able to swallow. I continued to lick her pussy, finger her cunt and suck on her clit through 3 more orgasms. With a groan she pleaded to me to stop and let her recover. I let her lay back panting while I stood in front of her and masturbated. I came in several thick blasts spraying my semen on her face, tits and stomach. Then I leant down to lick all of it off of her and feed it back in a juicy kiss. Jackie smiled a satisfied smile and asked "Did you suck his cock and swallow his cum?"

"Yes I did and he cums a lot, then I had him fuck me and cum in me. Finally I masturbated just like this and came on his face and into his mouth. Maybe he could join us some time in a threesome, would you like that?"

A look of pure lust at the thought of having two cocks passed on her face as she nodded in agreement. I asked her to sit on my cock and cum for me as I lay down on the lower bench. This beautiful woman was a wound up sex slut who seemingly couldn't get enough and came loudly through 2 or 3 more orgasms. I came again filling her pussy with my juice. We lay panting in each others arms and kissed. I thanked her for the wonderful sex and suggested we get together regularly. She agreed and told me I could invite Rod to join us, she really wanted a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy (or bum she added).

We quickly showered, dressed and I slipped out of the ladies locker room glad that there was no one else in the exercise area that would notice. I had gotten her phone number in the complex and when I got back to my desk I phoned Rod to tell him what had happened. He whistled in appreciation and was very happy when I told him she said she would like him to join us. I suggested that this might better be after regular working hours when there were not usually any people around the gym. Rod agreed and I phoned Jackie to tell her my thoughts and to arrange with her for our first threesome the next day at 5pm.