Written by: Sandy Smith


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Looking for Pleasure at Work 3


As previously agreed Rod, Jackie and I met in the gym at 5pm the next day. The place was completely deserted as the employees fled the building as soon as their work day was finished. I introduced Rod to Jackie and she quickly set the tone by kissing him and running her hand across his crotch until his erection was evident. "Let's go into the ladies locker room, it's guaranteed to be empty" Jackie said.

We undressed and Rod whistled as he saw Jackie's firm but voluptuous body. His stiff cock was standing proudly out from his belly and mine rose just looking at his erection and Jackie's stiff nipples. For her part Jackie absentmindedly stroked one of her nipples as she surveyed the scene. We went into the shower room and played `soapy sandwich' alternating one of us in between the other two with all of us slick and slippery with the lightly scented soap. When Rod was in the middle facing Jackie I took the opportunity to press my cock into his rosebud and whispered into his ear to relax. With minimal effort I was able to push into him and he groaned as I filled him with my stiff cock.

Jackie dropped to her knees and started to suck on Rod's cock causing him to groan again. As I pushed my cock into him I forced his cock further into Jackie's mouth and down her throat. She had practice at this, she didn't gag and she effortlessly swallowed all of Rod's cock. This was such an erotic situation that in only a few minutes I had to tell the two of them that I was ready to cum. Rod then told Jackie that he would cum in her mouth when I came in his bum. I grunted into my orgasm and he began to fill Jackie's mouth with his own hot semen. She swallowed it all and as my orgasm finished I pulled out leaving a trail of semen running down the backs of Rod's legs.

Another round of washing was necessitated and then we retreated to the sauna to warm up and give Jackie some attention of her own. I had shared with Rod the erotic image that Jackie had of two cocks at once. When we were warmed a bit I had Jackie stand and bend over at the waist. Rod stood behind her and pushed his cock into her bum (I had brought a tube of lube into the sauna) while I fed my cock into her mouth. We settled into a push/pull rhythm using Jackie for our own pleasure. She was groaning in pleasure at the realization of her most erotic fantasy.

With both of us having recently cum we were able to delay our next orgasms to enjoy the tight lips and tight asshole for nearly 10 minutes. Rod finally began to pant and told me "Sandy, I'm getting near to cumming, how about you?"

"I'm near too, tell me when you start to ejaculate and I'll start as well."

Rod took only another minute or two before he grunted "Now Sandy, cum now".

I love to be directed to cum and at his command began to spew my own stream of juice down Jackie's throat. She swallowed each mouthful groaning at the feeling of semen being shot into her from both ends. Rod's orgasm peaked and he slumped in exhaustion. With my own finished I pulled out of Jackie's mouth and helped her stand up. Her eyes glistened with her pleasure and she thanked us both for fulfilling one of her long-time dreams. Semen was running down her legs so I suggested we go back to the showers to clean up, including Rod's cock.

The following hour was primarily aimed at pleasuring Jackie with our tongues, fingers and cocks. She loved to have her clit sucked and gently nibbled and I was able to give her a 10 minute plus g-spot orgasm that had her begging for me to stop. I replaced my fingers with my stiff cock and produced another stellar orgasm that filled her pussy with cum. Rod quickly knelt to lick any dripping semen from her just-fucked pussy and to clean my cock as best he could. I told Jackie that I had to train Rod in cock sucking and proceeded to give him his first lesson on swallowing a cock without gagging. Jackie watched the process masturbating and playing with her nipples. We heard her pant through an orgasm as I quickly peaked and shot cum into Rod's mouth. I gave him credit for swallowing all of it and not wasting a single drop.

"How was that Sandy?" Rod asked as he sat back on the sauna bench.

"You show promise as a cock sucker Rod" I responded with a smile. "What do you think Jackie?"

Jackie was in post-orgasmic bliss as she responded "That was so hot Sandy, I came on my fingers, may I suck them clean?"

I nodded and with relish she sucked each finger clean. We were all pretty much drained and agreed that we had probably better stop and pick up next time when we could get together. Trooping back into the shower we were enjoying a leisurely soap and grope when from the entrance of the shower we heard a loud gasp. Looking over we saw one of the female security guards standing with her mouth open at the sight of the three of us naked.

"Do you like what you see, Tammy isn't it?" Jackie asked as she walked across the tile floor to the guard. The woman blushed but her stiffening nipples gave Jackie the answer she was looking for. Reaching out her hand she stroked Tammy's cheek and in a soft, but insistent voice she said "I can tell you are turned on Tammy, join us for a little fun. Here I'll help you undress."

Not waiting for an answer Jackie began to unbutton Tammy's blouse to drop it outside the shower entrance. Next was a sheer bra that supported large breasts but didn't restrain stiff nipples nearly a half inch long. Jackie rolled each nipple between her thumb and forefinger causing Tammy to groan in anticipation. Quickly Jackie undid the belt holding Tammy's uniform trousers up and as they dropped we were all pleasantly surprised to see her naked pussy. "Oh, you go commando, naughty girl" Jackie said as she stroked Tammy's bald pussy.

"Ungh, ungh, that feels so good. I'm gonna cum, I'm sorry"

"Go ahead baby, cum on my finger, that's a good little girl, cum for me now!" Jackie commanded Tammy and the latter pressed her pussy onto Jackie's outstretched fingers and groaned into an intense orgasm. With that first one done Jackie led Tammy into the shower to introduce her to Rod and I. Tammy couldn't keep her eyes off of our cocks and tentatively reached out to stroke each one. "I've never actually stroked a man's cock before. I've only had sex with women" Tammy told us blushing furiously.

"Well now, we'll have to introduce you to the pleasures of sex with both men and women" Jackie announced. We all began to soap and stroke Tammy and though we had had many of our own orgasms Rod and I managed to regain our erections. For her part Jackie was busy soaping Tammy's breasts and playing with her nipples.

"Let's go back into the sauna where it's warmer" I suggested taking Tammy by the hand.

When were in the sauna I asked Tammy if she was a virgin and she told me that no she regularly had vaginal sex with a somewhat steady girlfriend and a double-ended dildo. I asked her to turn and lean against the upper bench so I could fuck her. Rod sat on the upper bench to present his cock for sucking and Jackie lay on the lower bench to stroke and finger Tammy's clit. I slid my cock into her sopping cunt with little difficulty and slowly fucked her. The feeling of a man's cock, the thought of men getting ready to shoot their semen into her and Jackie's attention to her clit soon had Tammy groaning around Rod's cock. I looked at Rod and nodded that I was close and he grabbed Tammy by the head to face fuck her.

We came simultaneously as she did from Jackie's clit fingering. She gagged slightly as Rod pumped a couple of large streams of semen into her mouth and down her throat. I filled her pussy with my own cream and Jackie was able to capture what leaked on her fingers to suck clean. Having used Tammy for our own pleasure we withdrew our cocks and she gushed "My god that was fantastic, I loved the feeling of you cumming in me, sorry I gagged a bit Rod but I'll get used to it I'm sure. Sandy I could actually feel your cum splashing on my cervix, wow what a feeling. Thank you Jackie for bringing me off at the same time."

I didn't want Jackie to do without so I told her to lay on her back on the lower bench and directed Tammy into a 69 position telling her to eat Jackie until she came. For her part Jackie sucked on Tammy's recently fucked cunt drinking all of the semen that leaked out of it. Jackie had obviously had female lovers in the past, pussy licking by a woman wasn't new to her and she was soon enjoying a well-deserved orgasm of her own.

Tammy was satisfied that this first session gave her something to dream about and she told us that we should all meet again the next week. We agreed and after yet another soaping we dressed, kissed goodbye and left for our respective homes.