Written by: Sandy Smith


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Looking for Pleasure at Work 4


We had agreed as a foursome that we'd get together in a week so I was a little surprised when I got a message Monday from Tammy, asking me to call her at her home #. I dialed the # and it was answered on the first ring. "Hi Tammy, you wanted me to call you?"

"Yes Sandy, I did, I wonder if you could join my girlfriend and I after work today. She has never had a man's cock and when I described what we did last week she had a spontaneous orgasm and pleaded with me to set her up to sample a cock. Would you be interested?"

My cock was on auto-pilot and rose to tent the front of my chinos, good thing I was sitting behind my desk and no one could see the erection. "Sure thing Tammy, what time and what can I bring?"

"How about 5:30 and just bring your stiff cock please." Tammy gave me her address and I was pleased to see it was in a new apartment building not far from the harbour.

I busied myself with my work schedule for the day and in the back of my mind I was anticipating the evening's action keeping my cock semi-stiff all day. I had to be very careful when I left my desk to keep my stiffie from being seen. At the end of the day I packed up and got in my car to drive to Tammy's place. This is a beautiful part of our city, I love the water, the activity that always seems to be going on around the harbour and the smell of the salt water. Tammy's building was well positioned to get views of the harbour in either direction so there wasn't a bad view from any of the apartments.

"Brrring Brrring" went the buzzer in the front entranceway.


"This is your stiff cock calling Ma'am" I answered in a servant's voice.

"Come in slut, apartment 1025, and be quick" was the reply as the door latch was released. I hurried to the elevators and took the first available one to the 10th. floor.

Before I could even knock on the door it was swung open by Tammy and I was pulled into her front hall. She was wearing a sheer negligee that hid none of her body from my hungry eyes. I averted my eyes to the floor and stood like the slut I was waiting on her direction. Taking my chin in her hand she raised my head to kiss me deeply. "Well slut, take all of your clothes off right here and follow me."

I quickly undressed and followed her down a beautiful hall to the living area. Entering it I was presented with an entire wall of windows overlooking the south harbour and of a beautiful redhead sitting wrapped in a silk dressing gown on a very expensive leather sofa. "Slut, this is Wendy my lover and you are here to let her sample a man."

I nodded to the woman and averted my eyes to the floor, my erect cock stood proudly out from my belly giving my arousal away.

I was led toward the sofa and told to stand still while I was inspected. Both Tammy and Wendy took their time stroking my cock, wrapping their fingers around it and in playing with my balls. Wendy ordered me to turn around and they also investigated my bum, slipping a finger in to massage my prostate causing my erection to stiffen even more.

Next I was taken by the hand and led into Tammy's massive bedroom, again with a wall of windows and harbour view. "Lay on the bed on your back slut."

Doing as I was told I waited just a few seconds before Tammy positioned her pussy at my cock head and sank down with a sigh. She began to use my cock as her own personal dildo while warning me I was not to cum. In an effort to comply I was forced to think about non-sexual things, my taxes, the work I planned to do in my garden the coming weekend...anything to keep from thinking about the pussy lips sliding up and down my cock. Tammy soon began to pant "I'm cumming Wendy, god I'm cumming..." she wailed into her first orgasm of the night. I felt her juices flooding her cunt and the smell was out of this world.

With her orgasm over Tammy pulled off of my cock and lay back on the king bed for Wendy to lick all of her cum off of her puffy pussy lips. I could hear Wendy slurping and sighing at the taste of Tammy's orgasm. When she had finished licking Tammy clean Wendy turned to my erection and licked it tentatively to capture the rest of Tammy's juice.

"Now it's your turn Wendy, sit on Sandy's cock."

With her own head averted, a sure sign of a slut, Wendy nodded "Yes Mistress, whatever you wish" she replied as she positioned her cunt at my cock head. Carefully she sank down on me until she was fully penetrated. At her Mistress' direction she started to pull off then push onto my cock with a slight rocking motion to keep her clit aroused on my pubic bone. For my part I played with her puffy, stiff nipples with my fingers and by sucking on them and nibbling gently. In short order Wendy began to moan and pant "Mistress, I'm going to cum, may I cum Mistress?"

"Yes slut, you may cum, cum on Sandy's cock" was Tammy's reply.

Wendy wailed through her first ever cock-made orgasm and I could feel her pussy flood with girl-cum. When she was done Tammy ordered her to pull off and to sit on my face, for me to lick her clean while Tammy sucked all of Wendy's cum off of my cock. I enjoyed the taste of Wendy's orgasm, it was slightly sweet.

Addressing me Tammy said "I don't know whether to have you cum in her mouth, her pussy or my pussy slut, what would you suggest to give her the best introduction to the taste of semen?"

"Mistress, I would suggest having me cum in her mouth, that way she gets both the delicious taste as well as the sensation of ejaculation into her mouth."

Nodding her head Tammy ordered Wendy to kneel on the floor and for me to stand up and start to fuck her face. I pushed my cock into her mouth slowly so she had a chance to lubricate it and hopefully not gag. When her nose pushed into my shaved pubic bone I knew she had no trouble swallowing my cock and began to fuck her face. "Grab her by the ears and use her mouth for your orgasm slut" my Mistress ordered.

Taking Wendy's ears in my hands I began to pump in and out of her mouth, telling her to provide more and less lip pressure, basically giving her a lesson in cock sucking. Knowing that this woman was a virgin when it came to sex with a man made it all that more erotic and in short order I panted "Mistress I am getting near, may your slut cum?"

"Yes slut, you may cum in her mouth."

I pulled part way out so I would ejaculate onto her tongue not down her throat and began to blast streams of hot semen into this virgin mouth. Wendy swallowed frequently to prevent losing any of the valuable juice. When I neared my peak I pulled out of her mouth altogether and sent several streams of white juice onto her face, into her hair and onto her beautiful tits.

Tammy hadn't told me to do that and in response to my choice she slapped me on the bum "Slut, I did not tell you to do that. You are not to make your own decisions on where, when or how you will have your orgasm. Is that clear?"

Dropping my head like a bad little slut I responded "Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress, it won't happen again."

"Get the strap-on Wendy" Tammy ordered. Wendy stood still savouring the taste of my semen, with it running down her face and dripping from her chin onto her tits, then onto the floor, and retrieved a substantial sized strap-on cock from a side drawer.

"Put it on and lubricate it well. Sandy, turn around and bend over the bed."

I did so and felt fingers of lube being applied to my rosebud. "Now fuck him slut and do not cum on the dildo before I give you permission."

"Yes Mistress" was Wendy's reply as she positioned the fake cock head at my anus. Pressing in there was a momentary flash of pain before she was into me and pushing the dildo fully into me. I grunted in pain and pleasure and began to push back onto her thrusts, giving her pressure on her clit as well as the feeling of a deep fucking for myself.

Wendy was really getting into fucking and I could tell that my pushing onto her clit was having an arousing effect, she was panting and grunting. Tammy was enjoying the scene and stealing a sideways glance I could see that she was masturbating, playing with her clit and driving her fingers into her slippery cunt. Nearing a possible orgasm Wendy slowed the thrusting and practically mewed her need "Mistress, Mistress please let your slut cum. Oh please let your slut cum Mistress!"

"Not yet slut, I am enjoying this" was the reply.

Tammy got up on the bed and positioned her pussy in front of me directing me to eat her and make her cum. I got into licking her puffy, wet pussy lips and sucking on her clit as I was being fucked. I was the meat in a sex sandwich and was enjoying being used. Tammy came once, twice and then a third time with a howl.

"Slut, you may cum now" she ordered Wendy.

The response from Wendy was a furious fucking and pressing of the dildo against her clit and into her sopping cunt. She screamed through an orgasm that lasted at least 2 minutes and Tammy came with her own wail to match her sluts. Having reached their peaks both women pulled away / out of me and left me with my own erection painfully bulging. Wendy took the dildo to the bathroom to be washed later and Tammy lay back on the bed deciding what to do next.

"Slut, you will masturbate and shoot your cum over both of our faces. Do you understand slut?"

I nodded and murmured my positive response. Both women knelt on pillows on the floor positioning their faces side by side only inches from my straining cock. I began my long, often practised pattern of stroking with varying finger pressure on my cock shaft. I had decided that I wanted to give these ladies a taste (literally) of their own medicine and would withhold my orgasm as long as I possibly could. Looking down at their beautiful, expectant faces I saw both of them lick their lips at the thought of my impending orgasm.

I continued to stroke my cock for several minutes until I could not possibly hold off my orgasm any longer. I grunted that I was cumming and began to ejaculate onto these two beauties. I shot semen into their open mouths, onto their foreheads, cheeks and chins as well as into their hair. I swung my semen shotgun from side to side so each got their fair share of juice. With my last blast I began to use my still stiff cock to paint the semen onto their faces and to feed it on my cock into their mouths. Both women groaned in erotic unison, I think they both had orgasms while I was ejaculating onto them.

When I was complete I leant down and kissed them both on the lips "Thank you Mistress, did your slut satisfy you?"

Tammy responded "Yes slut, you did well. Now come with us into the ensuite to clean up."

The three of us were now on the same level as we soaped and fingered each other to ensure we were squeaky clean. I dressed and standing in front of them in the living room I asked if I would be allowed to come back and provide services to them in the future. "Yes slut, you will be welcome here to service us and you will be used at our pleasure and at our calling, is that understood?"

I nodded that I understood and then was released to leave. Glancing over my shoulder as I walked down the hall to the front door I saw both women locked in a torrid embrace, kissing and rubbing each other's pussy. I could envision them heading to bed and making love for the next few hours as they relived the activity of this evening. Smiling and with my cock rising once more I left the apartment and walked to the elevator bank.

Waiting for the elevators I watched as a late middle-aged woman, already with a head of silver hair walk to the elevators. Standing beside me waiting for the elevator she must have looked down to see my erection because she said "Well now, I haven't seen or had one of those for a long time. Young man would you care to give an old woman some pleasure?"

Smiling I replied "Certainly Ma'am I would be honoured" as I stepped aside to let her enter the elevator before me. As soon as the door closed I turned toward her and she slid into my open arms turning her face to me to kiss. She wasted no time in pressing her firm body into mine to feel my erection pressing into her tummy. Groaning in pleasure she broke the kiss and said "My name is Helen, what's yours?"

"Sandy, Helen, my name is Sandy."

"Were you servicing the two lesbians in 1025?" Helen asked.

"Yes ma'am, one of them I am servicing at work as well, the other it was her first time to have sex with a man."

"Did she enjoy it Sandy?"

"I think so Helen, she came quite a few times and enjoyed my orgasms as well."

Helen pressed into me harder and began a light rotating motion against my cock. "I think I would like some of that as well."

I kissed her with more urgency and put my hands on her firm bottom to press her into my erection. This beautiful, though aging woman must have done without for quite a while because she came just from the feeling of my erect cock pressing against her pubic bone and stomach. I felt her stiffen in her orgasm then slump slightly into my embrace.

"God Sandy, I haven't had an orgasm for a long long time. Would you care to take me home and give me some pleasure?"

"Yes Helen, I would be honoured to give you the pleasure you deserve."