Ski Nights

by Shane Mathews

Part 1 Seduction Night.

I can't be quite sure how it happened. But it did. I didn't know I liked it that way. But I do. 

I'm a mad keen skier. Since being I'd been at university I'd joined in keenly with the ski club and for each of the last two years I'd organized a highly successful group ski week at the snow. I looked after everything; accommodation, meals, lift tickets, lessons for beginners and organized races, all for fun. The pay off for me was I skied free. In two short years my ski events had became a hit on the yearly social calendar. This year I'd organised two trips four weeks apart. This was the second week. There were extra rewards as well. Each ski week I'd usually get to screw at least three different girls. They'd see me as the 'ski stud' just open their legs and ask me in. And I'd usually have my choice of who I'd screw. 

There was an unspoken protocol about couples fucking on the trip. I'd book accommodation in a small sized hotel and with the 50 or so people on the trip we took over an entire hotel. I had my favorite place, Eugines! It had a good restaurant, common lounge, spa and hot room. The only draw back was that the rooms slept thee people making privacy difficult. Most people on the trips were single and usually only a few couples attended. I'd allocate rooms with all male and all female and give couples rooms to themselves where possible. What happened after that and where people ended up was not my concern. But after a good communal dinner each night with lots of red wine, the more than occasional half dressed body or bodies could be glimpsed running between the spa or hot room and into bedrooms. When this happened the cavorting couple were left to their play for a few hours when their bedroom partners would finally wander in to crash in their own beds.  

It had happened to me a few times. Each trip I'd shared a room with Jon. He was my regular three times a week jogging partner at home and we knew each other pretty well. I was lucky because in allocating the rooms I'd make sure I had only two in my room. Ah the perks of being the organiser! Jon enjoyed a fuck, as did I. We'd give each other a signal if we were about to score with one of the girls and the other would know to stay out of our room for a few hours while the 'scorer' did his thing with one of the horny girls. Then we'd wander in and hit our own bed while the other was curled up asleep with his new temporary lover.

As a consequence of these arrangements, I'd been in bed with a girl and Jon would come in and go to asleep in the bed next to us. I'd wake up in the early morning while it was still dark and feeling horny would start another fuck session. I'd always hear Jon stir and then it'd become obvious he was furiously masturbating while I fucked my willing wench under the bed covers. In the dark your ears are sensitive. It happened also in reverse. Jon would be with a girl, he'd be fucking and I'd be masturbating. In the mornings our female bed mates would rise, slip on clothing and sneak back to their rooms. There would be a pretence that they had been in their own room all night. But everyone knew they been up to fun, but with whom was not always known. With several separate fucking session in our shared room over the two years of the ski trips, Jon and myself had seen each other naked and with a boner several times. Sometimes there was with a  girl who'd stay under the bed covers not wanting the other fellow in the room to see them naked. Either of us would boner bounce around the room just before or after a fuck in the dark, but when we'd wake in the mornings we'd have a piss hard-on and we'd rush naked in the morning light from our bed to the bathroom/toilet with a bouncing cock leading the way. Sometimes there was a still girl in the room mostly not. Jon and myself saw each other this way but thought nothing of it, other than the sight of another males hard cock added to the atmosphere of normal hetro-sex on the trips.

So we both became familiar with the sight of each other naked and with swinging hard cocks and familiar with the sound of each other fucking or masturbating. That sort of sexual familiarity with my male buddy came with the communal fucking of these ski trips and was part of the experience of being sexually active in our early twenties. We heard each other having sex within each reach of each other in our separate beds, but did not think of each other sexually. It was just part of knowing each other. I'm 22, just on six feet tall, slender, not really muscular but with a tight body and strong lean legs. No fat at all. Tight stomach muscles. No hair on my upper body. Okay face but not model looks or anything. I'm happy with my cock. Its not big, about 7inches and average thickness. But boy does it demand my attention. I was a virgin until I started uni but ever since my early teens I've masturbate up to 5 times a day. And when I blow, I feel I can shoot almost across the room. My nuts ache sometimes from the demand to let go of built up cum in my balls. Sometimes I have to find a public toilet in the middle of the day for a quick hand job into a toilet bowl, which is a bit weird I suppose. Now at uni, I've had a few girls but I wouldn't say I'm a great lover or been with girls who've been greatly experienced. I get by, but my imagination usually outstrips my actions, like most guys I suspect.

Jon has a slightly better build than me being more muscular. He's got good looks although oddly he can be a bit shy on occasions! I've no idea why! He's a year younger than me. He has a strong chest and shoulders. More a sprinters body than my middle distance runners shape. He's a good skier. He's a noisy fuck. He grunts like crazy when he cums. The last ski week this year, when he had a girl in the room, he woke me four times with his loud, prolonged groans when he ejaculated. The following morning I jumped out of bed desperately needing a piss. I charged into the bathroom (his girl had gone) and burst in on him as he was frantically stroking his standing cock over the toilet. He's cocks almost my size, cut and looks okay. "Hurry up" I yelled "and finish yourself off,  I need the toilet bad". He stopped, looked at me a little embarrassed but I yelled, "hurry up and blow". He returned to his hand job and let out a massive groan. His throbber burst all over the toilet seat. "Fine" I said and pushed past him to the bowl. I held my cock and released my bursting bladder. He was standing beside me calming down from his man explosion, panting a little and with cum still oozing from his deflating cock. I'd never seen another guy masturbate before. Funny how I was so, matter of fact about watching him! We were shoulder to shoulder because Jon hadn't had time to move back from the tight space around the toilet when I pushed in to piss. 'You're a noisy fucker" I laughed and suddenly and unconsciously I slid my cock free hand between his legs and gave his balls a quick squeeze. I have no idea why I did it. "Watch the jewels" he laughed.   

This was the fourth ski trip I'd organised over three years and Jon had came on each trip. This year I'd organised two trips. I gave Jon a discount because he helped with some of the organising. The first week we'd had good snow. We had skied hard each day and were tired each night. Surprisingly, we'd only had one girl each in that first week. It was the week I'd grabbed his balls. After that ski week and back home we'd had our usual jogging sessions. The ball grabbing wasn't a sexual thing between us and we didn't discuss it! We'd talked about how one fuck in a ski week just wasn't good enough and we'd better do better the next week. But we didn't talk about me seeing him masturbate over the toilet, or me squeezing his balls. I wondered if he'd been embarrassed but he didn't show it. But oddly I kept thinking about that brief moment. When I went to bed at night and began playing with my tool before blowing and sleeping I'd find my mind wandering to the feel of his soft balls between my fingers. In the dark I'd see his hard tool reacting to his strong strokes. I'd see him blow in my mind and I'd blow myself. A naked Jon, his solid cock and his sweaty masturbation played on my mind. But I didn't show it, to him. He wasn't gay. I wasn't gay. But men who had sex with women in full sound and some sight of each other have an odd bond! The quick 'touching' session had implanted a strange allure in my mind that I couldn't shake. I wondered if it had had any effect on Jon felt but dare not ask. 

He was well aware that I'd watched him fuck in the near dark that prior week. He'd seen me pull myself in the bed next to him.

The one girl he'd had in the prior week was quite a performer, and they'd performed for me. He had fucked her in the room while I'd stayed out and I had timed my return sure that he'd be asleep in bed with the girl. I quietly came back into the room about 12-30am, didn't turn the light on, stripped naked (I always sleep naked) and climbed into my bed. There was a full moon outside and our bedroom had a dull moon glow. We'd left the window drapes open. No sooner had I crept into bed and had begun my pre-sleep pull session when Jon had stirred with his partner. I lay on my side watching the two forms in the bed next to me under their bed sheets shifting and crawling over each other. Hump moved over hump. I quietly stroked by strong rod watching the bed covers move, not wondering or caring if they knew I was observing. But then they shifted their body positions substantially, enough to cause their bed sheets to collapse to the floor. Because my eyes had adjusted to the low light, I had a clear view of their naked forms glowing a shade of blue in the dull moon light. She, who ever she was, threw her legs up over her shoulders fully presenting her arse and cunt to Jon. I couldn't see her tits, face or cunt but just the smooth side of her right thigh and bum and right arm holding her knees. Jon knelt at her rear looking at her. He'd lifted his torso erect and had his hands on her bum cheeks and wild grin on his face. My focus fell on his rigid rod pointing hard at her rear, his balls hanging low. He dived his head onto her cunt and began licking and slurping her noisily.

Surely he knew I was in the bed next to him? If he did he obviously didn't care! He pulled his head back from her cunt, threw his arms up on the bed head and reared his whole body up and over her so his cock was pointing down at her cunt. I suddenly realised how good the show was and became conscious of my wild masturbating under my bed clothes. Jon swivelled his hips to position his cock in her cunt then dropped his body thrusting deep into her with one lunge. He then fucked her furiously. His bum pounding wildly in the dull light. She was panting loudly. He growled loudly with his heavy thrusts. I could clearly see his cock crushing in then out, in motion. I suddenly felt fantastically hot under my bed sheets and threw them off revealing my nakedness, my full cock and my furious masturbation. I did not care who saw me. Jon pumped wildly. His head turned and he seemed to see me in the dimness. He kept pumping, kept his eyes firmly on me but said nothing. I was now on my back masturbating at the same pace he was fucking, my head turned staring at him. His back arched. He let out a huge growl. His hips thrust forward and he held steady in that position, his head arched high in the air staring at the ceiling, his buttocks pulsing. I arched. My hips lifted from the bed. My cock exploded. Cum spurt forward out over my chest. Several globs landed on my face. I stopped, panting, holding my cock firm as it kept pumping. Jon had collapsed on his woman, him still in her. She had dropped her legs down beside his. She turned her face and looked at me. I smiled in the dullness, reached to the floor for my bed sheet and pulled it over me. In the morning she was gone.

Jon and I did speak about our mutual sex display in the morning. We woke and were both still naked in our beds.  I turned to him. "You put on a great show last night" I said. "You obviously enjoyed yourself as well" he replied. We both laughed and made complementary remarks about each others cocks, but in a very macho kind of way. He got up to shower first. I watched his naked torso disappear into the bathroom and I began masturbating even before the shower began running. I masturbated in bed with visions of the night before in my mind. I was sure I could hear low grunts and groans of Jon pulling himself in the shower. He'd left the bathroom door open! I got off the bed my boner very hard and walked to the bathroom door. I peered toward the shower. Through the shower steam I could see him 'doing' himself. I edged back into the main room, put my back against the wall next to the door and concentrated on my wanking. I had to cum. I pumped leaning back against the wall conscious of the sound of Jon doing the same in the shower. When I came I suppressed any groans but heard Jon come shortly after me. I now had white liquid up my stomach and was holding a wad of it in my hand at the tip of my cock. I didn't want to get a mess on the floor. "What the heck" I thought. I moved into the bathroom. I needed the toilet anyway. As I entered I said to Jon, "Have a good pull?" "Yeh" he replied from the shower. "I didn't get to fuck her again this morning. Do you want the shower?" "Leave it running" I replied. He stepped put. He saw me with my dripping cock and glob of cum dripping through my hand. "You relieved yourself too!" He stated. "Well you got to fuck, I only got to watch" I said. I had a quick piss into the toilet then stepped into the shower. Globs of his cum were on the shower floor and mine joined his as I washed and kicked the cum toward the sink hole. As I showered I watched him, naked as he stood in front of the mirror shaving. It was a very macho sharing of sensual, hetro-sexuality..       

That was the prior week. Here we were again. Back at our ski hotel. A full group again! Three guys to a room. Three gals to a room. Four couples and Jon and I sharing again. The first two days skiing were great. This time in fantastic powder. We had eight really good skiers in the party and we had spent two days chasing each other through snow covered pines groves. The nights were brilliant. The hotel had a new chef and the food was stunning. After dinner and red wine, the spa seemed to fill quickly and being the tour leader, I always seemed to find my way into the tub even when it was crowded. I'd learnt with the spa, not to wear skin tight swim trunks. The spa sessions were always mixed. I'd found that once skin pressed against skin in the tub with pressing legs, thighs, feet, hands, buttocks and shoulders, my cock would rise to the occasion. Bikinied females with firm tits staring me in the face always helped my cock rise too, a common male problem! Not only could I not adjust myself in tight swimmers but it was awkward getting out with a boner for all to see through the lycra material. Instead I wore surf shorts allowing my cock to hang free, rise as it wanted and I could tuck it to one side as I left the spa..

It was about 11pm. I was relaxed to heck lying in the spa with about seven others. We were all full from a great meal and red wine. Sandra was opposite. She was part of the good skier group. We'd chased each other down the slopes and she gave all of the guys a good ski work out. This night many legs in the spa seemed to wander. Then I felt a foot move high up between my legs. Sandra smiled at me. Was it her? I grinned and lay back pushing my crotch toward the foot. My cock reacted. The foot slid up my left leg under the cloth. Toes touched my balls and the base of my cock. My boner exploded into full hardness. I thought I might cum if I wasn't careful. Sandra was staring at me. I had an awkward smile. I pulled back, sat up sliding the foot away from my shorts leg. I placed my arm casually across my crotch hoping my boner would not be observed and might deflate. No luck! I better get out of here I thought! "I'm tired" I announced. "See ya all in the morning." To the sounds of 'goodnight' and 'don't leave' I turned, raised myself from the tub, grabbed my nearby towel, got out and wrapped the towel around my middle covering my boner. As I looked back to the group in the tub, my eye fell on Jon. He had a knowing grin on his face. He winked and nodded toward Sandra. I hoped he was right and I knew I had an hour or so alone if all went well. I dried myself down and with towel round my wet surf shorts left the spa room. As I closed the stained glass door I could see Sandra getting out of the spa. Her low cut bikini top revealed her good shaped firm tits. Her wet, dark but cropped hair accentuated a fine face. My boner persisted.

When I reached my room, I fumbled for the keys and managed to get in. Once in, I dropped my shorts in the darkness and let my boner spring free. "Shit," I thought to myself "I'd better dry off, dress and go back and find where Sandra is and see I'm 'in' tonight". I didn't need to worry.

 "Great arse!" I heard from behind me as the light went on. I swung round, boner still in action. "Good cock to suck as well!" It was Sandra, in towel and bikini. I was speechless. I'm not sexually forward. I'm actually a bit slow when it comes to initiating the moment. But Sandra was something else. She had a tone of voice and manner, a confidence in her stance that said, "I know what I want and you're it". My heart pumped. My cock arched another notch. She closed the door, moved to me, placed a hand on my chest and pushed me back against the full length wall mirror. The cold feel of glass on my back and buttocks heightened my arousal in the warm room. "Stay" she said. I daren't move, my cock at full alert. She dropped her towel and plunged a hand down her bikini front. She lightly glistened from spa water still on her body. She began to writhe in front of me just out of reach playing with her cunt. Her fingers, unseen under her bikini cloth, dug deep into her female crevice. I stared astonished. My boner seemed to look straight up at me! She moved fast. Her hand came from her bikini. "Taste" she demanded and thrust her cunt wet fingers into my mouth. I sucked. I smelt. Pre-cum oozed from my untouched tip. Boy this was quick!       

Next her bikini top seemed to disappear and I found myself with two beautiful tits thrust at my face. She moved forward pushing against me. I dropped a fraction and she forced my face between her inviting boobs. My mouth found one teat and sucked hard. Then the other teat. My mind became lost. I was hard up against the mirror sandwiched between this female sex form and the glass. She was seething, writhing. I grasped her hard. My hands fell down her back and inside the back of her bikini bottoms. I grabbed her buttocks and squeezed. "Fuck Me' she almost growled. My cock now had taken control. It seemed to ignore the barrier of her bikini bottom cloth  and pushed the cloth to one side successfully searching for her cunt opening. With one thrust I was in. Her wetness spilled immediately down my cock through her cunt opening and saturated  by balls and down the inside of my legs. The sex scent was terrific. I raised my legs extending to my full body height lifting her from the floor. "Put your fingers in my arse" Sandra commanded in a low growl. Ordinarily, in my normal sex activities,  I would have had immediate thoughts of sanitation. But she had control of my cock in her, and in turn me. Without hesitation two fingers of mine climbed inside her rear. Together we bucked and reared, in full light against the mirror. My full cock pumped deep in then almost out. With each thrust I found a deeper angle in her arse with my inserted fingers. My head pounded the mirror. We both came in a rush. We collapsed. I slumped to the floor, somehow my cock still in her. My cock pulsed with more cream filling her full. My fingers fell out. I lay awkwardly still in her, on my side. For the first time in those quick few minutes I came to the full realization that the lights were on. The room door was not fully closed. I saw myself and her, connected, in the mirror. I pulled out and crawled to the door closing it with a stretch out hand. My cock still leaked. It had been a fast fuck.

Lying flat on the floor I turned and looked at Sandra. "Your fucking .." and before I could get out the word "brilliant" she seemed to spring the distance of my body and planted her legs across my chest dropping her soaking cunt direct onto my face. Somehow her bikini bottoms had vanished. "Drink" she ordered. With no option, I began to suck on her cunt. My face and eyes were buried by her groin. I slurped. Never before had I drank my own cum. But here was my brackish, liquid coming back into me mixed with the pungent ordour of woman cunt. I liked it. I liked it a lot! My tongue craved for more. I slurped and sucked. My cock continued to drip. Then I realised. She was smooth, hairless. This Sandra had a full cunt wax job. It drove me crazy. Women I'd had before, hadn't cared. Some were trimmed but most retained full pubic hair. I never found cunt licking great because of the hair, but this hairless Sandra sent me nuts. I couldn't stop. But I did, on her command.

"Enough" she suddenly said. "Bed." She raised off me and I crawled to my bed. She got there before me, threw back the covers and I slinked up beside her. We lay, naked, sticky without sheets, together in the full light and disappeared into a temporary, groggy sleep. I don't know what time it was but I roused with an odd sensation. I was flat on my back, my legs apart, with a strange tingly sensation around my balls. The light was still on. I raised my head and saw Sandra. 'Don't move" she whispered. Then I realized what was happening. She had my razor and had smeared my cock and balls with shaving cream. I froze in fear. "Keep very still" she cooed as she began running the razor over my balls. After the first razor sweep I strangely relaxed. My cock rose again. She knew what she was doing. Gently she removed my pubic hair from my balls, took away all hair around my now erect cock and cleaned from around the base of my cock and balls. I reacted to the shave job by putting my legs on the bed and lifting my buttocks up in the air. My arse hole was calling, "shave me too!" Sandra didn't need words and shifted cream then the razor down round my buttocks and into my crack. She separated my buttocks with her fingers and ran the razor round my arse hole. I felt my hole quiver and pulse. I'd never felt that before. My head was right back, eyes staring at the ceiling, buttocks in the air, cock erect and flopped down my stomach. She left hair above my cock but neatly trimmed it. I knew what she was doing by touch sensation not sight. Then, when finished, she disappeared to the bathroom.

I had my hands over my head holding a strut of the bed head. I didn't look toward her but stared at the ceiling, legs wide apart, bouncing my cock by pressing my prostrate muscle. I heard noises. She returned unseen by me and placed a warm, damp towel on my balls and proceeded to clean me of cream and shaven hair.  My cock partly deflated. "That nice" she said. Then I felt her warm mouth on my balls. She licked then sucked. She took each ball, into her mouth one at a time. My cock sprang forth. Pre cum began to seep, again! She took both balls into her mouth and rolled them with her tongue. She moved up off my balls and to my cock running a wet mouth and tongue up, down and around my shaft. She attacked my super felt sensitive cock tip with her tongue but refrained from giving me a full head and cock job. I wanted my cock in her mouth so bad but she had control. I stared at the ceiling with only a faint sense of time and space. I was lost in a sweet gentle eroticism.

Then the unexpected. I felt a warm, wet  mouth on my anus. It licked and probed. My anus quivered. I'd never had this done to me before and had no idea my anus and mind would react with such strong pleasure. I instinctively grabbed the bed head struts hard with my hands, squeezing. I felt my shoulders, chest and chest muscles tense. My stomach muscles followed suit and without thinking I raised my legs up and into the air pulling them back toward my torso exposing my anus hole to the tongue and wet mouth that were giving my anus such deep erotic pleasure. Every muscle in my body quivered. Then the mouth stopped and without a word a finger slipped into my virgin arse. It probed. Then two fingers. Then three. I shook without control. My legs slammed back down on the bed planting my feet firmly on the bed rear. My back arched lifting my buttocks high from the bed. I squeezed the top bed strut hard even harder with my hands I wanted those fingers in me, deeper, deeper. She found my prostrate. I never really knew the extent of it as a sex stimulant. My eyes seemed to roll back into my head. Then she took my balls deep in her mouth again. I ceased to be aware of anything other than raging pleasure. They say that, for men, when the intensity of great sex peaks, the cock takes such mental control that the man feels his entire body is an exploding cock. I did not realise this could happen free of a cunt fuck. I lost all sense of self control. Sandra did not touch my cock. I did not touch it but when three fingers pushed hard inside by anus, I exploded with great flying globs of sperm. They hit my face. Slapped into my chest and stomach. It was in my hair. I exploded unbelievably a second and then third time. I don't know if I passed out or simply collapsed into a sudden deep sleep. But I didn't remember anything again until what I assumed was early the next morning, perhaps it was still night!.

I woke in a semi daze. It was dark in the room. I became aware of Sandra lying to my side. We were cuddled. Her front against my back. Her hand across my limp cock. A sheet was lightly across us. The room was warm. I needed the toilet. I moved trying not to disturb Sandra, slid out of bed and edged to the bathroom knocking my feet on small objects on the floor. I switched on the bathroom light, closed the door behind me and walked to the toilet. I lent over the bowl to let out a pee. I felt down to my balls. They were hairless, smooth. My fingers reached to my arse hole. It too was hairless, smooth. I played with this new sensation of balls and arse. I finished my piss and shifted the small distance to the basin. I looked in the mirror and stared at myself. The night just passed was fabulous. I felt my balls again, looked at the hairless smoothness. I smiled. I remembered the arse probing. My cock rose to half mast. I smiled again looking at myself. "Lucky, lucky man" I thought. I want more of this Sandra. But sleep first!!.

I left the basin and pushed open the bathroom door. The bathroom light fell into the darkened bedroom hitting the two single beds. I stopped. There were not two single beds but one large bed. The hump under the bed sheet was too big for Sandra alone. Then the realization hit me. A hairy male leg, rounded strong shoulders and one naked male buttock clearly protruded from the bed sheet on the far side of Sandra but pressed up against her. It hit me! Sandra had done Jon. Jon was in bed with Sandra. I was in bed with Sandra. Sandra could not be satisfied and had fucked Jon when  he came in and while I was asleep. A huge grin burst across my face. "Big fuck!" I said to myself. I turned off the bathroom light and made my way in darkness back to the bed. I slipped in beside Sandra and resumed our cuddle position, and still with a gin lay for a moment thinking. We were three in two single beds pushed together. Me cuddled by Sandra. Sandra cuddled by Jon. This was erotic and made my stomach respond in an odd sort of way. My heart beat slightly faster. My cock stayed hard for a few minutes for I fell back into sleep.

Was I having an erotic dream? I wasn't sure? Had I fallen asleep or not? A warm hand was down on my chest, playing, massaging. I was on my right side. Sandra warm and 'spooning' beside me. The hand found my left nipple and played with it hard. I slowly emerged from my dream. The squeezed my nipple hard. Pain, sexual pain ran through me pulling me fully from sleep. The hand dropped to my now standing rod and played gently, masturbating me. I took the hint! Sandra wanted more! I shifted and turned to face her. My mouth found her mouth and planted a long kiss to which she responded with an inviting tongue session all the while quietly masturbating my cock. My right hand dropped to her cunt feeling for her hardness at the top of her clitoris. It was as hard as my cock. My head dropped in the darkness under the bed sheet searching for her breast. My torso arched so her hand continued to have access to my cock. On finding her breasts my mouth attacked her nipples. They were hard. I sucked deeply, child like. Then my head wanted to drop further to taste and lick her cunt. She pushed back stopping me and keeping her firm control of my cock. She moved my cock toward her wet cunt openin,g forcing my body back to full length and resuming our long kissing. I moved my right leg between her two thighs searching for her wetness between her legs. I pushed my thighs up and flexed my thigh muscles in a massaging motion of her cunt. She dropped her weight to my thigh responding and squirming. My right knee in the mean time became aware it was touching another body behind Sandra pushing hard against another leg. My knee pushed against the softness of another cock and balls. My knee knew it was touching Jon but my mind, cock and other senses were aware only of Sandras warm mouth, smooth breasts, wet cunt and my own cock wanting to enter. Jon was asleep. We shifted. Sandra pulled my cock to her opening. I dropped my right leg from between her legs, pushed my pelvis forward with a tightening of my buttocks and entered. Her inner cunt wall squeezed down and enveloped the full length of my shaft as I pushed into her as far as our position would allow. This was not noisy. This was slow, gentle love making. We began a slow rhythm enabling my cock to slid in then almost full out. Jon remained, it seemed, asleep so close and touching yet not involved. We built to a high, still kissing. She tensed, almost biting my lower lip. My buttocks pushed and squeezed forcing my cock as high as it could reach. My cock head opened and leg go. The inner dams burst releasing its liquid flood. She tensed again, without a noise. My heart pounded. My breathing went heavy. The pulsing continued, then subsided. Still in her, quietly locked together in embrace and cock in cunt we descended back into blissful unconsciousness.         

How long later, I don't know, but a dull early morning light took over from total darkness creating misty shadows in the room. I blinked through my half closed heavy eye lids. In my still half sleep I remained conscious of the smooth body close beside me. We were no longer locked but must have in the night separated turned and returned to the side on cuddle. This was nice. My deflated cock and balls were sticky. It had not been a wet dream! The room was still warm, almost hot and the bed sheet had fallen to the floor. It was not needed.  My mind wandered through a semi sleep, in a near full dream back to last night wandering in and out of the four sensual experiences. First a fast fuck standing at the mirror. Then the unexpected sensuality of my groin shave job. Then the arse probing and violent cumming. Finally the deep, quiet love making and inner, held together connection. The experiences moved in and out of my morning memory.  My cock swelled. My hand dropped and played with my swell. I shifted and felt again the full contact of Sandra's body against my body and to my side. She had an arm laid across my side touching my chest. My left hand played with my cock giving myself that gentle semi-sleep stroking that is the prelude to an early morning pull session. I gently rolled and my left hand deserted my cock, shifted across her and gently landed on her top right thigh. I caressed her skin and my hand drifted up to her groin slot. I was waking slowly and first instinct was to feel her smooth cunt warmth. I'd forgotten about Jon who'd be at the other side of Sandra.

But, hang on? I was still half asleep. Something different greeted my hand. Not a slit, but two soft round items; balls! My mind rolled into a sleepy confusion, not aware of what I was doing and still not yet awake, I gently touched these male objects. My fingers wandered searching this new curious feeling exploring fully this soft roundness. Above, below and underneath the moving roundness I could feel the emerging hardness of a shaft. The feeling was familiar, the same as when I played with my own balls but this time also different. I kept caressing the balls and shaft but without thought, and my own cock hardened strongly. But then my sleepiness began to leave me and my brain shook into reality. I must have Jon in my hand! It was his balls between my fingers and I was experiencing erotic satisfaction exploring them. Sandra had left. Jon was beside me. Confused, I took my hand from his balls. Do I move, stay still, shift? What do I do?

I became aware the legs beside me were lightly hairy. A different sensation of skin to skin than being with a woman, but still a sensation that held the mind to wanting more. I rolled back to my side, disconnecting from this male warmth beside me. Maybe he was asleep and not aware I had just fondled him. I blushed with embarrassment. What if he found out? What would I say? Would my embarrassment cause him to realise I'd become erect when massaging his balls, that erotic senses from touching his manhood had grabbed me? I had to stop and not think. I had to move away from him and avoid any altercation! The body beside me stirred. It rolled. His arm repositioned and came across my side and lay down my leg. Was he awake? Asleep? Should I move and wake him? His buttocks shifted. I was frozen by indecision but a heavy alluring grip that had taken me in that moment. Then shock! I was startled! I became aware of the feel of a long hard shaft suddenly pressed up against the crack of  my buttocks. Still desperately groggy from the heavy sex session with Sandra last night I did not move. My eyes were still closed. My heart began to thump. Not from horror, but something else. This feeling of a mans hard cock pressed and planted between my buttocks had my senses thumping. This was also cosy, nice, erotic. This was not woman but this was the touch of a warm human full against me. His hard cock was stimulating my bum crack. Not moving but planted. I did not understand. I did not comprehend. I felt caught, but did not object to being caught the way I expected. The hand moved from my chest and stretched down over and across my pelvis. My cock was at full stretch above my navel. A finger touched the soft sensitive skin of my cock head. My cock reacted. Fingers swirled around my cock head touching my tip then walked up and down my enlarged shaft. The touch was arousing, sensitizing. My eyes rolled back. I gave way to the light pleasure. I let out an involuntarily slight moan. I was being lightly masturbated, by a man! My mind wanted to scream to pull away but the erotic moment held me frozen. The fingers lightly touching my cock held my entire body me in the grogginess of the moment. I become lost. In my semi-consciousness my inner mind focused on my rising cock. I have no idea why, but at that moment I did not pull away but was captured by the full sexuality of the night before and of the current moment. The sex of the sex partner disappeared as a factor. Male or female ceased to be relevant! Only sensuality had hold.

Then, another urge. I needed a piss. NOW. My bladder was full again from the wine the night before and demanded release. I slid down and under the hand on my cock, sliding my buttocks down to the floor then standing full erect. I moved from the bed away from the other body. I walked to the bathroom and in the half light I was well aware that if Jon were awake and looked, he would see my disappearing taught shoulders and back, my slender but strong buttocks and large and stronger legs and my full on cock bouncing in front. I stood tall as if to show off. I ran one hand down to my smooth balls the other over one back buttock. Was I showing off? Showing my naked form  to another male?  But I had conscious more immediate thoughts only for the need to empty my bladder.

In the bathroom I lent across the toilet bowl. With a full hard on it was hard to piss. I had to angle myself so I'd piss into the bowl. I had one hand up against the wall. I let out a long steady stream relieving the pressure within. My cock remained hard.

 "Unbelievable night last night!" came a low voice almost whispering.  It was Jon. He was standing, full naked in the bathroom doorway. Still pissing, still leaning, I looked across at him. He was silhouetted in the doorway. For the first time I probably truly looked at him. He looked good. All muscle, but not muscle bound. Good cock currently erect. And his cock looked BIG. Was it just my focused mind? But I was also very hard. Early morning hard ons always feel huge! I said nothing. I kept pissing although my hard on made pissing awkward. He stood still, watching me, his cock still hard. His left hand wandered onto his cock and he stroked.

My senses came together. I decided not to give away my reaction to what had been happening a few minutes before and focused on last night. "Fucking unbelievable last night" I replied with a mild but unsure grin looking him direct in the eyes. "Sandra is the best, most domineering fuck beyond anything I could have imagined." I said. "What happened with you and her. You too obviously fucked last night also. Where is she by the way?" "Don't know" said Jon softly. "She's gone, probably back to here own room". "Well what happened with you and her?" I asked. I could feel my cock wanting to stay big with the thought of Sandra and Jon fucking. But it needed to piss more. Finally I finished empting my bladder, flushed the toilet and sat on the closed lid of the toilet to rest. "Do you really want to know?" he asked. "Yeh, tell me everything" I demanded good humouredly. I was now awake. I needed to cover up the desire my hands produced in feeling his cock and balls and my bodies willing reaction to his hands fondling my cock. Did he know I'd sensually touched my? Had he touched me in his sleep? I was confused by this early morning sequence of quick events. 'Tell me about fucking her!" I demanded almost too forcefully.

Jon smiled a fraction. "Well, we fucked but also something else!" he said. He went sheepish. He moved, dropped and sat squat legged on the cold tiled floor. It was as if he had something he needed to hid but could not. His cock was still fat and he cupped his balls with one hand and gently stroked his cock with the other while he let go with the truth. He stopped looking at me and stared at the floor. His strange change of mood puzzled me but I grinned in expectation of the fuck details. "I walked in on you when you'd just finished doing it. Or at least I thought you had done it. The light was on. I thought you would have been in bed, like other times. But when I came in you were flat on your back, legs bent up on the end of the bed and you were staring at the ceiling with the biggest boner I reckon I've ever seen. But you were a mess with cream all over your balls, cock and bum. I was caught by surprise." I went bright red but he continued without looking at me. "I couldn't see Sandra. Then she came from the bathroom naked and we bumped into each other. She's got a great body. She had a towel in her hand. I just about came in my pants on the spot. I stared at her and couldn't say anything. Sandra is fucking beautiful naked. She smiled at me then grabbed me by the hand and pulled me over to the base of the bed. Jeeze she moves fast! She made me squat down at the end of the bed while she cleaned you up. Then when she finished and with me kneeling there she started sucking your balls. It was fucking unbelievable. I was staring at your smooth balls and bum while she sucked you hard on your balls. I've never seen a hairless cock and balls before. My cock just oozed cum in my pants as I watched. I was up real close. She sucked your balls like no tomorrow then you just exploded. I've never seen so much fucking cum slap all over the place. You're fucking unbelievable man. You've got a great cock!"

Those last words especially, made me was speechless for a moment. I had a huge hard on again and was stroking my cock as he talked. He stroked his cock. It was also fully erect. He did not look at me but I stared at him. He wasn't telling me the full story. There were bits missing. I remembered Sandra finger fucking my arse last night. That's what made me blow! Why didn't he mention that. Then it hit me. "Jon, you put your fingers up my arse last night. You made me blow!".

Jon looked at me, shocked, startled, scared. He then prattled out the missing details almost in a panic. "She made me man. She was sucking your balls then suddenly reached out and grabbed my hair at the back of my head. She stopped sucking and pushed my head into your arse. I didn't intend to but I sucked your arse boy. I lost control. She then forced me back and grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers in your crack one at a time. You just bounced man when I did that and I couldn't stop. I just played with you inside man. I've never done that before. I've never done anything to a man before. Sorry. I didn't mean it to happen." He stopped. He stared at the floor. Then almost under his breath. " But it was fucking amazing." he fell silent for a bit.

I was dumb struck. I was unconsciously but furiously playing with my balls and finger probing my anus.

"Then when you finished blowing you seemed to pass out" he continued. "You went into a really deep sleep. We cleaned you up".

"And then you fucked Sandra?" I stuttered. "What could I do" Jon replied. "Of course! You'd blown. She was butt naked and dripping wet from her pussy. My pants were wet from pre-cum. I was horny as hell. She was on me before anything. I couldn't even get my pants off the whole way and  kept tripping. She demanded that I doggy fuck her. I banged her from behind like no tomorrow. Then she grabbed a condom and insisted I fuck her ass. I've never done that before. Fuck it was warm and tight in there and she just squeezed on my cock with her muscles. I filled that condom so full. Shit! Then when I pulled out and she removed the condom then she made me drink my own cum."  "You just lay on your back on the bed, asleep but your cock still dripped cum."

I then asked the strangest question. "Did you like your cream?" I asked

"The truth?" he responded. "At first not, but then fucking yes!" "Then we went to bed and here we are now."

Jon went sheepish. "How are you?" he asked. He had not looked at me. I looked at Jon. I squeezed by balls. I had a finger in my anus. I went from being numb to full realisation of events. I'd exploded by being finger fucked by a guy. I looked at Jon. He'd stopped stroking his cock but it was full and hard. He looked helpless but desirable. "What about just now?" I said. He went dead silent. "You cuddled me. You pushed your boner up my crack. You weren't asleep. You played with my cock. Your weren't asleep." I accused. He went bright red. "Man I woke feeling real horny wanting to fuck Sandra. But she's gone" he said almost apologizing. "And you were hoping you could fuck me" I said almost with disgust in my voice. My running buddy said nothing. There was silence. He starred at the ground. Then, "Your cock seemed to like my fingers. How come your arse squeezed around my cock?" 

The it came on me and built quickly. I was swept with an urge. I don't know where it came from but I could not take my eyes of his cock as he stroked it. My senses took over. All at once in my minds eye, my fingers 'felt' the massage of his balls, I 'saw' him masturbate and plunging into the woman from the previous week. My cock pained from the size it had become. I got up from the toilet and moved over to where he sat on the ground. I walked right up to him, grabbed his hair, bent his head back so he faced up to me. I pressed my groin hard into his face. My cock lay against his nose and up over his left eye. He opened his mouth. He bought his free hand up between my legs pushing my left ball into his mouth. He sucked. I groaned. I pulled my pelvis away from him forcing my ball to pop from his mouth. I grabbed my full cock and pointed it dead at his mouth. He opened. I pushed hard against the rear of his throat. I hardened more as he slurped and sucked. "Go get some condoms" I said. "What" he asked mumbling from a mouth full of my cock.  "I need your cock up my arse" I said. I stepped back separating mouth from cock. He raised himself from the floor and stood to disappear into the bedroom. As he turned away I pushed my hand between his legs and grabbed his hairy balls and stared at the soft down around his arse crack. " You're going to need a good shave" I said and let him go. 

Morning male awaking

I went to the basin, grabbed my razor and shaving cream and returned to stand silently by the bathroom door. I heard Jon in the bedroom rummaging around. He was having trouble finding the condoms. "Ah" I heard him mutter. I smiled. Soon he appeared in the doorway and took one step past me. I grabbed him from behind with one hand around the back of his neck, and pushed him toward the basin. He momentarily looked at himself in the wall mirror but I pushed his head down into the basin causing him to bend over exposing his rump to my clear view. "Keep very still" I ordered repeating Sandra's instruction to me. For extra fun I sprayed nearly a full can of shaving cream across his back, buttocks and down each leg. I bent over him rubbing my body all over his whiteness and spread the cream around to his stomach. I pushed great globs of cream up into his head hair and forced it round onto his face. Then I backed off, moved and caressed his arse. I was doing all this without thinking. I wasn't rational. I'm not gay. But something deep inside had taken control. This man had done something to me I had not willed. My arse had never been finger grilled, let alone by a man. Now I must have control. He knew it. He submitted, perhaps from guilt but not from fear. It was if I was watching another person, me, acting out what perhaps had been a deep, long suppressed desire. A sexual desire, but also a primal need to maintain sexual control. 

I smoothed the cream round his anus swirling his light bum hair. I ran my hands down to his balls, massaging them with cream and onto his now aching cock. I grabbed the razor and with full sweeps from his ankles, up past his knees, over his thighs and round his buttocks I shaved him clean. I was gonna have one heck of a smooth fuck buddy. The razor quickly clogged and I repeatedly had to wash it in the basin right under Jon's face. Water, cream and hair splashed over his face. I held his head down in the basin with one hand. He kept perfectly still and silent except for low moaning. My hard cock slapped around his lower body as I did my job. Once I'd finished both legs and buttocks I went for his balls.  I grabbed them and squeezed them one at a time in one hand so his scrotum was firm. He automatically spread his legs to give me good access from behind. Carefully I ran the razor round each ball several times then down his hardness between his balls and right up to his arse. Not one knick! I was pleased with myself. Then carefully I ran the razor up and down his very hard cock. I looked. It was dripping cum. With one finger I pulled some ooze off the end of his rod and placed it in my mouth. Salty. Sweet. Musty. Sex. My arse suddenly felt empty. The fullness of fingers in me from last night flushed my memory. His long, now shaven cock filled my minds eye.

Him in my arse! I needed to be filled! I put a finger in his arse and twirled it around. Then quickly put in the end of the razor. This made him start with a shock. I held the razor shaft in him for a few seconds, pulled it out then plunged my face hard into his crack sticking my tongue into his opening. Twenty four hours ago, what I was now doing was beyond any thought. If I had thought of it, I would have been repulsed. But now lust, of mind numbing dimensions had taken control. Jon too was overtaken by the same sense. Common sense should have perhaps prevailed but now I had no thoughts, only senses for sex and Jon's arse hole was all sex. I pulled my face out.  

"Where's that condom?" I commanded. He still held it in his hand. He still lay bent with his face in the basin. I grabbed the condom. It was hard to tear the packet with cream in my hands but I did, and extracted the rubber coil. "Stand Up" I said. Jon did without a word. He had an exhausted look on his face. Eyes bulging. His body in the half light was heaving and a mess of cream, sweat, and globs of cream, encrusted shaven pubic hair and leg hair. I reached round and down to his cock and rolled the rubber down to the base. His manhood bounced at my touch. "Fuck my arse"

I pushed him to one side. I was in control but he was going to fuck me. This time it was my turn to bend with my head down toward the basin. But I kept my head up looking firmly at Jon's image in the mirror. My arse hole was at his mercy and demanded him. He looked at my back in a daze. He grabbed his condom covered tool in his left hand. His right hand, searching for my hole began to play with my opening. First gently. Then he forced two fingers in at once. It hurt, at first. Then he played inside me. Rampant pleasure took over. Just like last night. My bum squirmed and pushed toward him. He took his raging cock and placed the tip at my opening. He pushed forward. I pushed back. First nothing, expect firmness and pressure. His face was contorted with that familiar slant eyed looked I'd seen in the mirror so often when I'd watched myself pulling to a climax.  My own cock was only half hard but I was fully aware of my arse. Suddenly my crack opened. It gave way. Jon slid in with a force and ease that was surprising. His cock and my arse hole had become so lubricated from the cream that he went in full length with one push that neither he nor I had  anticipated. I reared from the shock. He let out a roar. This was the signal that he was a millisecond from exploding in me. He burst. I could feel his cock pumping in pounding gorges filling the rubber. He was huge and deep in me. My own eyes had bulged. My mouth wide open. My head arched back." AAAAAH" I hissed without realising. And also without clear consciousness, my cock had reared to full erection. I too exploded.

We collapsed back falling to the floor. Jon with a thud that would bruise him. Me on top. Him deep in me still pumping his own cream. Would the condom hold? I was still pumping . My sprog had flung around the bathroom as we fell white globs landing on walls, tiles and  then across my naked torso. What a mess!

We lay both panting. Him now pumping in me less furiously. Me still streaming sprog down my right leg. We started to calm.

"Fantastic" she said. She??!

Sandra was in the doorway. Jon and myself went bright red. We started to move but it was awkward. Jon became aware that his bum was sore. The bruise later would be hailed as a trophy. "I love my lovers to be gay" she continued. Jon and myself were shocked. With his cock still up my arse but now beginning to deflate Jon stammered. "We're not gay". Then we suddenly all laughed. "Maybe not yesterday" said Sandra. I carefully lifted off Jon. What a sight we must have been. My legs felt shaky as I stood above him. His still large but softening cock was condom covered and bulging with off white cream. He began to carefully remove the condom from his cock. He stood up. My back was too him. Unbeknown to me he held the full condom aloft for Sandra to see and it draped full and long. He held it over my head with a grin and squeezed the contents all over my hair until empty. Still unaware of what he had done I stood with my hands on my knees until I felt him massaging my hair. "What the.." and put my hand in my hair. "AHHHH"

"You two gay boys are a mess" said Sandra. "Have a shower. We have to go skiing." I looked at a grinning Jon and pushed him into the shower. "You gonna wash my hair" I instructed. We both felt a bit weak. We turned on the water which took a minute to warm up. The burst of cold water made us jump at first but soon we were soaping and washing each others bodies. We embraced. We hugged. We kissed. Deeply. We washed. We finished. We dried and walked from the bathroom together into the bedroom.

"Present" said Sandra when our two naked bodies emerged. She threw dark strips of cloth at us. "G Strings" she said. "I make all my lovers wear them or they can't touch my pussy. I make them myself." "We're dealing with a sex freak" said Jon and proceeded to slip on the G string. "You two can talk" she responded. I followed Jon with a smile. However on pulling these leather supports up full distance, which we both did at about the same time we stopped. "I make them special myself" said Sandra. Somehow Sandra had sewn into the rear leather string, a line of different sized, smallish, hard balls. Not only did the rear strap settle into and against ones rear crack but the small balls rubbed against the crack. To move meant a stimulating sensation in the bum. "Put your ski gear on and lets get out there" said Sandra.  

I looked at Jon. He looked at me. We rummaged for our ski clothing and started dressing. Every move meant sensation but we dressed. This was going to be an interesting ski day. Even more interesting would be sitting on the ski lift.

With Sandra, we left the room and locked the room and moved downstairs.  

Now I know, I like it all ways!!!

Outside it was biting cold. This was top, dry powder snow weather. The three of us walked to the nearby chair lift. It was odd walking with a thong up your crack. I'd never worn a G string before. It was even weirder with those little hard knobs running against my anus. I'm sure Jon felt the same. We met a large group of the early eager skiers at the lift and loaded onto the quad chair for the long ride to the top. Sitting made me squirm a bit. Jon was next to me. "Bit weird" I whispered in his ear. "Gives me bit of a hard on" he whispered back. I smiled and nodded agreement.

That day was good skiing. Just as we'd banged in the room last night, we banged down the slopes today. I didn't really think about it although perhaps I should have. But if I'd stopped, the realisation would have hit me that I'd just had a gay fling with a good mate. Twenty four hours earlier, there is no way I would have planned or consciously done what I did this morning. Having my cock sucked by a guy and getting fucked up my arse had never occurred to me as something I'd do, let alone do with such abandoned lust. The sensation of my cock hitting hard against the inside of his throat, and my bum full of his hardness, and him cuming in me, and me exploding as a result, were totally alien thoughts let alone experiences. Yet my first gay experience of this morning was so connected with the lust session with Sandra the night before, that male and female sex seemed to have become one and the same. Lust was lust. Sex was sex. I yearned for more fucks equally with Sandra and Jon and probably both at the same time. "I'm bi!" I realised. "I love it all ways." Off I skied.

After each long run however, the ride up the lift was a little on the quiet side. The cold and the wind on the lift made conversation with my ski buddies difficult. Each of us would hide under our jacket hoods keeping the cold out. My mind would wander back to last night and this morning. "Come to think of it" I said to myself. "How did I come to be gay/bi so easily?" I thought of Sandra saying this morning that she loved her lovers to be gay. The realisation then happened. She was the one who pushed Jon's face into my bum. She had grabbed his fingers and pushed them up my arse. She had got up early and left Jon and myself together in a naked cuddle even though we didn't realise. Had Jon put his hand on my cock, or had someone placed it there? It dawned on me that Sandra's a gay seductress! There was no accident to last night and this morning. There was design! I wondered if Sandra was bi and fucked other women. Now there's a fantasy I'd often masturbated over! I'd always wanted to fuck two bi females, watch them lick each other out and then fuck one while the other sucked my balls. Oops, I'd better be careful or I'd cum in my ski pants while sitting on the lift.

We got to the top again after many runs. It was well after midday. We hadn't yet had lunch and I was feeling really hungry and starting to ache in the legs somewhat. I'd skied every run real hard. There were ten of us in the group. "Anyone hungry?" I asked. There was universal agreement. Two or three admitted to being very tired. We were standing near the top of the lift. The wind was blowing hard and visibility getting poor. The lift attendant slogged through the deepening snow over to us. "Sorry guys" he shouted over the wind. "We've just been advised a deeper low is about to hit with big winds. We're having to close the lifts for the day. This'll be your last run". Half of the group immediately decided to head back to the ski village. I was still hungry. "Anyone for I quick bite" I inquired. The remainder in the group all agreed and we headed to the nearby mid-station snack bar. Inside it was warn and cosy. It was one of our favourite on mountain eateries. We took off our coats, goggles, gloves and and grabbed big bowls of warm soup and crusty bread. Five of us sat round a table eating and warming up. I got everyone a beer. Jon and Sandra were at the table and two other guys from our group who were first timers on my trips and I didn't know them well. We chatted lightly about the great skiing and what to do from here. A good afternoon sleep started sounding real good to me and this was the opportunity to catch up on lost sleep from last night.

With the closing weather the only option for everyone was a quiet afternoon at the hotel. We got up and left to go outside. Near the doorway Sandra stopped Jon and myself. She put her arms around our shoulders and pulled us together. 'Tonight boys" she informed us in a low voice, "I want a good three way love session. You two in?" Right up your pussy as far as I can go" I replied with a lustful grin and careful that I could not be heard. "My cock wants your cunt" added Jon. "Good" said Sandra. "Because I need a bang from both ends at the same time." She was a full on wench! I wondered if this was just the ski holiday Sandra or was she like this all the time? Then without seeming to care if she was seen or not, although no one did, but she grabbed us both hard in our crotches. My cock was at full mast. I assumed Jon was the same. "Nice and hard" she whispered to us. "Seems the leather keeps you both hard!. Now don't either of you pull yourselves this afternoon. Save up all your cum for me. And no fucking each other either. That's for tonight." She squeezed our hard cocks and let go and walked out into the blowing snow. Jon and myself followed but as we exited the door we were momentarily alone in the anti-way. Jon suddenly turned, thrust his right hand down to my groin, grabbed my balls over my ski pants, squeezed, planted a sudden tongue kiss on my lips, pulled away and said, "We've been given our instructions!" I looked at him wide eyed and said nothing but grinned. He turned and went to his skis. I did the same and we joined the others for the 15 min ski to the base village and our lodge.

On arriving, we were happy to be finished for the day. Once in the lodge and with skis and boots deposited in storage down below we trudged upstairs in our socks taking off, parkas, hats etc as we went. Everyone disappeared to their rooms. The full warmth of the hotel enveloped us, slowly warming our cold faces and hands. Jon and I entered our room and threw jackets, hats and the like to our respective corners and began the job of taking off ski pants and other layers of clothes. Almost simultaneously Jon and myself were down to our long thermal underwear. Jon had his back to me. The light was not on and the room was a bit dull with only dim light coming through the window from the snow storm outside. I stopped undressing and look at him intently. His light blue long underwear ran round the shape of his body. His shoulders were broader than mine. His buttocks stood out as firm, round and inviting. He had those large bum dimples that only come from muscled buttocks. His upper thigh muscles slightly bulged out and down from his buttocks creating a nice form. He bent over to take off his socks. We hadn't said anything since entering the room.

I approached him from behind and silently knelt behind him. I embraced him and pushed my face up against his buttocks. He stood up full erect and took in a deep breath. He said nothing and kept his hands silently beside his side. I ran my hands around his buttocks kissing him through the material I ran my left hand under his legs and grabbed his balls holding them firmly. I ran my right hand to his front and felt for his cock. It was hard under the underwear. With my teeth I began to hull down his long johns. With his two hands he assisted. Soon I had bare skin against my lips. I kissed and sucked my way round each cheek. I let go of his balls and cock and pulled Jon's long underwear down to his ankles. He kept still except for a muscle quiver that ran through each bum cheek. I pulled my head back. In front of me was the smooth, white bottom of my friend framed up the bum crack and across the top by the leather outline of Sandra's G string. I ran a finger into his crack and along the leather feeling the small sewn in balls which I pushed into his crack. Jon lifted his thermal top off over his head and turned. He stepped back from my kneeling form and stood in the half light, legs apart, hands on shoulders. The G string shaped down round his cock and balls but with his full erection, half of his cock head tip protruded from the G string. I watched, me still kneeling as he moved, then shifted to the bed.

The house keeper had made the beds and separated the two single beds. In his near total nakedness Jon pushed them back together. He lay down on his back, placed his legs apart and hands above his head. I stood up, took off my socks, and walked to him. I stood on the end of the bed, his feet touching mine. "No fucking, no cuming" Jon said quietly. "We have our instructions" I smiled and decided to do a slow strip. I wriggled my hips as I lowered my long bottoms down across my pelvis. I slowly lifted my top up over my head and threw it across the room. I pulled my bottoms down to my ankles until, like Jon I had only a G string. But my slightly larger cock had freed itself from the leather and half protruded to the right of my body. I dropped and went down on him, pulling his straining cock free from the leather pouch taking it almost total in my mouth at once. Without practice, I couldn't take his cock down my throat but consumed a fair hunk of it. He groaned. I swung my torso round until my body lay over his; my head over his cock. My cock square over his head. This was my first sixty niner with a guy. I pulled his G string down off his cock and under his balls. He pulled my G string to one side so both cock and balls dropped free. We sucked. Cock, then balls, then cock, then back. We rolled over. He was on top of me. My neck was wedged between his muscular thighs. My eyes peered direct at his drooping balls and firm buns. Then it happened.

I had his cock in my mouth slurping hard, at the same time pleasuring in my right ball being suck up into his mouth. He dropped his pelvis. His cock was well in  my mouth and suddenly his shaft slid down into my throat. I did not gag. I took it full length deep into my throat so that my lips came hard up against his scrotum. I could feel the bulge of his cock head locked in my throat and my throat muscles tensing and squeezing. I breadth in hard through my nostrils. I could feel Jon start to shake. His buttock muscles quivered at my eye level. I pulled back quickly off his cock thinking he was about to cum. He collapsed on his side coming off my balls and flopped beside me on his back panting. "I almost blew" he managed to say through deep pants. I let him calm down. Cum was dripping from his cock head. I took it with a finger and tasted this mans, sweet salty sex juice. We then pulled each others G strings down our legs fully freeing our respective manhoods. There was plenty of pre-cum from both of us. Enough for both of us to drink, but according to Sandra's instructions we had to keep back from the brink. When  Jon's cock calmed from its throbbing hardness I gently returned my mouth to his balls. He groaned again and swung his head to my cock. We played like this for, how long I don't know. We played with our erotic bum cracks but no finger insertions. That could have resulted in climax! This was slow, gentle erotism. And in this state, when, neither of us were aware, we rolled into quiet slumber.

I woke with a start. My head was planted on a strong naked thigh. My eyes were lying against another thigh. At the tip of my mouth was a man's scrotum, his limp cock at my chin. I could feel a hand gently cupping my balls. What's the time I thought. I shifted so I could see the bedside alarm clock. 3-30pm. I moved, swung my body round to face Jon. I placed an arm on each shoulder. "Hey bud, I'm going to the hot tub. Wanna come?" He shifted out of his sleep. "yeh, ah sure, ah good idea." I lifted from the bed and naked, rummaged until I found my surf shorts and slipped them on. I looked around for Jon's, found them and threw them onto the bed. "See ya down there", grabbed a towel and disappeared out the door.      

As I walked down the corridor, towel over my shoulder I passed other rooms with tired skiers, resting, chatting, laughing. Being the tour leader I popped my head in the occasional door to say "hi" and "good ski day!" I walked down the carpeted stairs to the spa/sauna room. There was a hand written sign on the door, "guys only until 4-30." I walked in. "What's up?" I asked. There were about 5 guys in the tub. They turned and looked at me. Joel stood up and answered loudly. "We're doing the Japanese hot baths thing!" Joel's flaccid cock hung from his torso his thick cock tip dipping the bubbling water. They were all naked in the spa. Through the door window of the sauna two more guys could be seen sitting naked. "Fair enough" I said and dropped my shorts and kicked them to the pile of clothes in the corner. I walked to the shower rose beside the tub and and washed off the days sweat before stepping into the tub. I'd forgotten about my shaved balls but I don't think anyone noticed. I dropped into the hot bubbling water. The guys had to shift across to let me sit down. It was becoming fairly squeezy. A few of the guys had beers and were very relaxed. There was a general noisy banter and movement. Bodies sort of touched each other but in that sort of male bonding, non sexual way.

I'll admit, sitting their soaking in the hot tub, basically bum to bum with other guys was very relaxing. Arms flung around each others shoulders was necessary because to place them in the tub inevitably meant placing a hand close to another males groin . That would be gay! The door flung open. It was Jon. He looked, and asked the same question I did. He received the same response from Jole. I smiled at Jon. He repeated my actions, stripped, showered, and squeezed into the tub. It was getting very tight. The sauna door opened. Two naked males appeared. They wanted the hot tub and went to climb in. There was no room around the edge of the tub so they placed themselves in the middle. We all had to move our legs round their naked torsos. While this activity and movement was going on I did what I don't normally do. I'd seen males naked many times, in showers after athletics or swimming training and so on. Sure I'd looked at dicks and bums but just in a curious way to compare mine to other cocks but never thought any more of it. Sure I'd looked at handsome males, with bodies to die for but always with envy because I assumed they'd pick up girls faster than I. The only erect cocks I'd seen were my own mirror reflection when I observed myself masturbating, and of course porno movies, and yeh, Jons boner, now very familiar to me. This time as I sat in that crowded man tub, joking and talking about skiing with the others my thoughts became very sexual. I was secretly eyeing each of the young taught men. I admired shoulders, chest muscles, the different shapes and sizes and sorted through my mind who I'd want to fuck and who were not my type. With this selection of young men, I'd fuck most of them I decided. I wondered what was going through Jon's mind.

Then I realised the conversation had turned to sex. Jole of course had started it. He was the brash, very forward type and funny to boot. He seemed to have no cares and I knew he caught women with ease. This was based on my knowledge of his previous trips with my groups. I liked him a lot. He had a solid body but carried a touch of fat around his middle. He'd been telling jokes and had us roaring. Most jokes were about sex. Then he blurted out with, "what I wouldn't give for a wet, sloppy cunt in my face right now." One of the other guys replied "what I wouldn't give to see you with a wet sloppy cunt in your face right now." "Careful" he cut back, "I'll get a big boner and that'll scare the crap out of you." "Yeh, yeh" someone else said, "little tinnie weener, we'd all need a magnifying glass to see." We roared laughing but Joel could take any jib and come back better. "Watch out" he said, "Its gonna crash across the room and kill someone!" With that he stood up, placed his right arm down by his cock pretending it was his cock in full erection and 'masturbated' his full arm with his left hand. "I'm a cuming" he yelled and proceeded to splash us all with water. We all yelled and told him to sit down; that he was an embarrassment to civilisation etc etc. He crashed into the tub ducking his head under water. He re-emerged with a grin. " I saw some hard ons" he chided. Several of the guys blushed. I was one but smiled. "Watch out you don't get five cocks up your arse at once" another fellow chided but not with much humour. "That'll shut you up for a few minutes" He was a bit pissed off with Joel I think. Joel was smart enough to know when to quit. "Okay, quiet time" he said and settled down but immediately recited a stream of new jokes.

It was 4-30pm and a sudden banging started on the door. "Get out of there you guys it's out turn". It was the girls. Joel sprang from the tub and moved to the door. He had a boner. "Careful" one guy said. "Don' let the girls see you with that thing". Joel swung around his boner pointing it at us. "Ah, yeh, sorry guys!" He reached for his shorts. They were wet, as were all the shorts from his wild splashing. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it round his middle. "We better go" he said. "Back to my room for beer" he invited. We all started scrambling out of the tub. It was awkward all moving at once in the relatively small area. Just about every guy had an obvious erection which each of us tried to hid with our hands. We grabbed towels and clothes, wrapped towels around our middles and exited the spa room in file. About five girls were waiting outside, Sandra among them. They teased us as we file passed and starting giving marks for our bodies."2", "5", "hopeless!" they said of Joel who proceeded to drop his towel and wiggle his bum at them. "Yuck" the girls chorused as the went into the spa room. We could hear their objections to the wet mess we'd (Joel) had left behind.

I didn't go to Joels room but went straight to mine. So did Jon. Once in, we both dropped our wet towels and dried off with fresh towels from the bathroom. "I think I might dress for dinner and go downstairs for an early drink" I said to Jon. "I'll join you!" Without any word or thought, Jon and myself immediately picked up our leather G strings and put them on. Sandra had trained us well. "You look horny in that thing" I said to Jon as he searched to find a shirt and jeans. "Your cock makes me horny" he replied. "So did some of those cocks in the spa" I replied. "yep!" said Jon. We finished dressing and went downstairs to the bar.

The dinner was a special one put on by the hotel that night. They'd pushed all the dining room tables into one long table and all fifty of us in the group were to share a group dinner. Jon and myself went to the bar and settled in for a good night. We had a few beers and chatted with fellow skiers as they turned up at the bar in small groups. There was great chiding over the spa experience between the girls and the guys, with the girls complaining loudly about the mess they'd had to clean up. All the guys were more than willing to place all the blame on Joel. Around 7-30 most people had settled into seats at the long table. Joel was down the far end, making his usual huge noise but as always attracting interest from 2 or 3 of the girls. Sandra was at centre table talking non stop with the boys around her. She had the ear of most of the younger guys in the group who were first year uni. Jon and myself were sitting opposite each other at the other end talking to several girls.

One of the girls had taken quite an obvious liking to me. She kept running her hand down between my legs under the table cloth and giving my cock and balls a good massage. I didn't stop her and simply laughed and whispered in her ear to be careful not to be seen. "Who cares" was her reply. She'd had a bit to drink. She repeated the 'massage' about 10 times during the dinner which I enjoyed. She didn't know that at the same time Jon and myself played footsies under the table. The meal was a superb Greek special with spreads of dips, breads, hot melted cheeses, followed by platters of grilled meats, green salads, plenty of red wine completed with strong coffee, Greek cakes and several glasses of oozo each. By the end we were full, relaxed and amicable. The group had moved seats and mixed and chatted. Laughter, jokes and ski stories flowed. Couples were obviously pairing up. My dear 'roaming hand' women had found another cock to interest her and was kissing passionately in a corner with a first year fellow while clearly rubbing up his crotch.

Couples started to peel off into the night leaving about half the group behind. Sandra was across the table from me talking to Jon. Then she wandered across to me and joined in the conversation I was having with three others. Then she moved toward me and whispered in my ear, "I'll see you and Jon in your room in about 15 minutes. It's time for my threesome. Behave yourself, stay dressed and don't touch each other. Wait for me." I grinned and looked at Jon who was at the far end of the room. He grinned back and disappeared out the door. Sandra moved back to her adoring group of young men. I waited a few minutes and informed my small conversation group that I desperately needed a pee. I departed the dining room through a different door to Jon and proceeded upstairs towards our room. 

When I entered our room Jon had pushed the single beds together and was laying fully clothed on the bed watching TV with the volume down very low. "You got the same instruction" I said. "Yeh but that doesn't mean we can't watch some porn" I then realised he had the adult cable channel on. It was a pirate porn with the pirate queen being fucked by two sailors. "Puts me right in the mood" I said. I kicked off my shoes and jumped down on the bed next to Jon. We allowed our socked feet to touch, but behaved according to Sandra's instruction and waited for our temptress although we both had to adjust our rising cocks in our pants. The fucking TV pirates and anticipation of what was to come had produced an expected response down below!  Sandra seemed to take ages. "Where the fuck is she" asked Jon. "I'm gonna cum in my pants just waiting". We waited some more and eventually heard noises at the door.

And more!!

She flung it open. "Hi boys" she announced. "Good to see ya" I replied and Jon and myself climbed off the bed to great her. I had ambitions of immediately pulling down her willing pants and burying my face in her wet cunt. The only light in the room was from the TV but that's all that was needed. We reached her. "Change of plans" she announced. She reached back behind the open door and pulled a figure into the room. "You remember Brendan" she stated. Jon and myself stopped in our tracks. What now? Brendan stood before us looking very sheepish and awkward. He was probably a bit drunk as well. He was the youngest in the group. Only 17 but clearly a bright fellow. He was a little taller than myself, broad shoulder and well framed body but needed a few years of growth to fill out to a full mans shape. He'd been in the, 'go for it' ski group all week. He skied well. Sandra closed the door and stood beside Brendan. "This boy" she said "has a sad tale. He's still a virgin. Never even sucked a cunt or had his cock sucked." I smirked, looked at his face. He did not look back but looked at the ground. He had loose sports pants on and I don't think any underwear. He clearly had a big boner flopped toward his right leg and it was rising up his trouser leg.. "I've told young Brendan" continued Sandra "that it would be my pleasure to take away his virginity. Tonight I am going to suck him and fuck him. My rooms full of people, so is his, so we need your room for a few hours. Ooo, and you've got a porno on as well" she said. Brendan's cock was now near full mast and he'd dropped one hand to try and hid it. I was devastated. I'm sure Jon was the same. "What about our fucking?" my loins seems to say with an ache. I looked at Jon. He looked at me. We both raised our eyes to the ceiling and smiled. I wondered if the babe who'd been feeling me up at dinner was still downstairs and available? "Looks like we better get out of here quick" I responded, "before that huge fucking boner in Brendan's pants bursts out the top and attacks us all!" Brendan looked up. He burst into a huge smile. "Thanks guys" he said and laughed but not sure quite what to do with his lanky body or his out of control boner. I lent over, tapped him on the balls and said, "Enjoy, she's fucking fantastic!" Jon laughed. We both turned to leave the room but Sandra grabbed us both across the shoulders as if to hug us. "Come back in in ten minutes" she whispered. Brendan couldn't hear. She gave us both a kiss. We left the room but without our shoes and closed the door behind us.

Outside we stared at each other. The corridor was empty and a little dark. "What's she up to?" asked Jon. "Don't you get it?" I whispered. "She wants a foursome. You in?" "what, the three of us and him?" "What ya think he'll do? He's a virgin. Never fucked a girl let along a guy?" stated Jon. "Keep ya voice down" I ordered, then lent toward his ear. "I'd never fucked a guy until yesterday" I whispered. "and never thought I would. Lets see what game Sandra plays." Jon smirked and nodded. " I like the not knowing with Sandra" he admitted. We stood outside not sure how long ten minutes was and hoping that no one would pass our door and see us. We heard some voices down the hall and that made our minds for us.

I pushed the unlocked door open slowly, "ah sorry" I said, 'but we, ah forgot our shoes." We both pushed into the room with the half blue light from the porn TV giving the room a shimmer and closed the door behind us. Jon snipped it lock silently. We'd sort of crouched into the room. What a sight! There was Brendan, standing hard up against the wall mirror, the very mirror I'd pushed against when I first pushed my cock all the way up in Sandra and lifted her from the ground. Brendan's sports pants were down round his ankles. His shirt was unbuttoned. He had beautifully formed, long muscular defined legs. His dimpled left buttock squashed hard against the cold mirror front. He had turned his head toward us, jaw wide open, eyes popping in shock and confusion. We could see his fair sized balls dropping between his legs. His cock was unseen as it was enveloped in Sandra's mouth. Sandra took no notice of us. She deep throated his cock right in front of us. We both watched, grinning and started rubbing our crotches. Sandra then literally 'pooped' off his cock, went down to his cock base and sucked in his left ball, then took his right ball. Brendan's eyes rolled, his head slammed back against the mirror. I thought the mirror might break. Possibly 45 seconds had passed since we walked in but time had frozen. Brendan arched and thrust his hips forward. A white stream shot from his cock head, then a second, a third. Each stream pushed high into the air, and slapped down across his chest and stomach. A fourth and fifth but smaller stream shot out. By now he had his right hand around his cock. He was breathing heavily. Sandra still had one ball and was sucking. His cream began dribbling down his chest and stomach as more flowed from his cock head. Sandra pulled away from his balls releasing him from her control and moving her clothed body back toward us. "What are you two doing here?" she pretended to ask. Brendan now had cum dripping all over his right hand and oozing down his balls and the inside of his legs. His shoulders and head still rested against the mirror, his pelvis still forward, his legs bowed and slightly shaking. His shirt draping down behind him exposed his full nakedness except for arms. Jon and I sat down on the bed edge. Jon started clapping. "great show" he said. "Best porn I've ever seen. What a cock!" I joined the clapping. "And what about me?" said Sandra "Brilliant cock job" "Great ball crunching" we answered. "Oh FUCK" groaned Brendan and slid down the mirror to semi sit, semi collapse crossed legged on the tiled floor. His cock flopped onto the floor. Creamy cum reached all over his cock, balls chest stomach, and inside legs. He didn't know where to place his cum covered right hand and sort of suspended it in mid air.

"Oh my poor poor Brendan" said Sandra. She stood up and went over to him. "Boys, come and help me. Get that stool. Take his shirt off." he was helpless. We did as ordered, lifted him by his shoulders onto the cheap plastic backless stool that was part of the room furniture and took off his shirt throwing it into the corner. He was like a large floppy Ken doll. He had a very good, lean body. His cock was almost oversized compared to mine and Jons. I had a good look. Then Sandra's game really began. From nowhere she seemed to produce some heavy duty tape. "Tape his legs and arms to the stool" she told us. We did. It was surprisingly easy and soon he was trussed to the stool before he had a chance to realise. He has sitting bound to the stool legs taped at the ankles. His pants still at his ankles. Arms were behind him secured to the back stool legs. Sandra looked him closely, pushed his legs apart so they flopped to the sides fully exposing his floppy cock and hanging balls between his legs. Sandra gently nudged him back against the mirror. "Don't say a word" she instructed straight in his face and gave him a great long tongue kiss which bought him to. "Just watch". "I'm feeling so horny" she crooned. "I want a double fuck, right here, right now". She turned and faced Jon and I.

She looked at us now standing side by side in front of the beds. "Strip" she ordered. "slowly and seductively" We nodded. She sat down beside the exhausted Brendan, leant against his naked left leg, draped one arm down his inner thigh and rested her head on his top thigh. We began. She watched our show. We weren't good but we tried to to look like male strippers. We probably looked stupid. First, unbuttoning of shirts and then slow removal. Socks taken off without falling over. Belts pulled through their loops. Fly buttons slowly undone one at a time to reveal our top pelvic regions. Jeans slowly pulled down over our bums as we gyrated pushing our pants to the floor and kicking them to one side. Simultaneously we stood only with our G strings on, hands at our sides to pull them down. Our straining cocks aching to bounce free. "stop" she ordered. As we stripped she'd slowly played with Brendan's inner thighs then moved to his limp manhood, first stroking his sticky balls then played with his limp cock. It was no longer limp. His eyes were firmly fixed on Jon and I. He face was intense. His body now looking alert again although trussed to the stool. "One thing I love about young boys" said Sandra, "is one minute they blow out of control, yet in two minutes they are hard again and ready for action." She was still fully clothed. "Kiss" she said and stared straight at us. Brendan's face changed to anticipation. "reveal ourselves?" I thought to myself. Jon moved. He planted a hard kiss across my lips. "tongue" said Sandra. We embraced.

"Enough. Come here. Undress me." Sandra stood up, placing her legs either side of Brendan's and faced him full on. Jon and myself stopped our embrace and advanced to Sandra. I adjusted by cock in the thong so it protruded full out over the top. Release at last! Standing on either side of  her, Jon and I began to undress her. We took no notice of our legs touching and pelvis pushing and rubbing against naked Brendan's form. We lifted off Sandra's top up over her head. Brendan's head was against the mirror looking closely at this woman. I undid her bra and let it drop falling across Brendan's erect cock. Jon pushed one hand down her front into her crotch and with the other undid her jean buttons. Taking off her pants was difficult. In the end we lifted her up above Brendan to let the pants fall from her legs. She had no panties. Then she stood. Naked cunt dead at Brendan's eye height. He stared. She pushed herself forward and thrust her cunt into Brendan's face. He consumed her nosily slurping her wet juice using the limited movement he had available. She groaned.

She looked at me. I had my cock out and was playing with myself. "get a condom" she said. I let my G string drop to the floor from my legs and walked naked the few paces to the cupboard draw where we kept several packets. I fumbled took out a single, tore open the seal and pulled the round object out. I walked back. Jon had dropped his G string. His cock was handsome at full mast. He was kissing Sandra. Brendan was lost in her pelvis. Standing beside Sandra she ordered me, "Put it on his cock and hold him" I knelt down lying over his thigh, grabbed his erection and gently rolled the membrane over his his ample tool feeling the contours with my fingers. I grabbed his balls and held him upright. This cock throbbed. Sandra pulled away from his face, spread her legs and began lowering herself down over his rod. Her cunt lips reached his cock head and embraced it. Brendan's eyes widened. "slowly' cooed Sandra as bit by bit she let her insides envelope this virgin rod. "Don't come" she quietly told him. He barely breathed. Her cunt reached my hand and I removed it to stand beside her. She settled down on his full rod length.

"Sooo deep" she hissed. "Keep still" she calmly instructed him. Her right hand dropped to grab my cock. Fully one with Brendan deep in her, she lent forward to engage in a passionate long kiss. He responded breathing  heavily through his nostrils. Her right hand guided my cock and body toward her head. It was a bit awkward standing there half leaning over this entwined couple. She pulled her head back and took my cock full in her mouth. My head pushed back and I stared up at the dim ceiling. Her mouth came off but she pulled me closer forcing my cock between her mouth and Brendan's. He had no choice. Trussed by legs and arms below him, his rod impaled deep in this female form, he kissed Sandras lips over and around my cock. Then his own lust exerted extra strength as he freely started licking, sucking and breathing in my cock. I face fucked him. Sandra pulled back, She had Jon's manhood firm in her other hand, pushed me back and replaced me with Jon. Brendan resumed his taking of cock on Jon who in turn face fucked this once virgin. Sandra pushed Jon back and began a slow pelvis gyration. She built slowly, then faster moving up and down on this young stud pole. Her hands pushed against his shoulders forcing him hard against the mirror. His face contorted with ecstasy. She humped. He erupted, his buttocks rising high above the stool lifting Sandra from her feet. He collapsed back onto the stool heaving and still cuming. Sandra was sweaty. The musty smell of sex juice hung thick in the warm room atmosphere. She lifted off him with care. The condom had a bulge of white over the tip of his cock and was still filling. His pumping erection fell against his stomach. Jon and I stood on either side.

"You two guys ready!" she said as a demand. Our full cocks were the reply. I had my hands up against my nipples squeezing them hard. She dismounted Brendan. and pushed us back toward the beds. I reached for the draw pulling out two more square wrappers. My bouncing boner seemed to keep getting in the way. I passed one to Jon and we both undid the packers and rolled the rubbers quickly over our boners. I lifted some precum before rolling and put the salty taste to my lips. Sandra had grabbed a small tube of jell. She'd rubbed some around and into her rectum. She turned to Jons condomed cock and smeared it with jell dropping the tube to the floor. "Fuck my arse" she demanded as she bent over face away from him but facing me. Jon grabbed his cock and eased up against her rear pointing his cock where she wanted it. He pressed and pushed gently. She used her hands behind her to spread her opening. He entered, gently then seemed with ease to slid in a full distance. She moaned with pleasure. Jon's face was ablaze. His chest puffed as his cock felt up the length of her rear. She had my cock in her left hand half hanging her body weight off my boner. "My cunt" she moaned pushing back to stand and forcing Jon to bend back a distance till she was lifted from the ground, her body impaled on Jon's cock but held up by his steady legs and muscled thighs. It was quite an athletically sexual, balancing feat.

I balanced and moved into position needing to squat down low spreading my legs to enable my eager rod to find her wet cunt. Somehow in that tangle of legs and torsos, breasts waving in my face, my cock found its mark, and slid straight in and full up in one thrust. "Oooohh". We were in full connection and in full sex communication. Inside her I could feel the full length of Jon's cock on the other side of the membrane separating her two openings. Our balls were slammed hard against each other. We began to move. Together. Pumping. We found a rhythm. This is what she wanted. Wow am I glad she wanted it. As we pumped John and my cocks interacted in her. It was male to male and male to female sex all in one action.

Jon came first. I could feel him. First from his balls which hardened, then the base of his cock enlarged and bulged up through his full length. He throbbed against my cock. I was not conscious of sound. I came. I came hard. I delivered my erupting sensation through Sandra's inner membrane to Jon's cock. Was he aware of my surging man juice? I felt my cock was going to burst from the sides not just from the top. But then I could feel the great release though my cock tip. Our balls slapped hard against each other. Her breasts pounded my face. My hands had his arse cheeks. He had mine. He squeezed too hard and created large scratches. I did not realise. How long did we contort like that? We had stopped our universes!

But stop we did. We thought we had! Then Sandra started. She started to shake. I've never experienced anything like it with a women before. Jon and I were still full hard in her, still pumping. I could feel him. I assumed he felt me. She began to convulse. Every muscle in her body went into spasms. Between Jon and myself we had a third body that rose and shock and gyrated. We had to hold on tight and balance hard to prevent from falling over. As she spasmed her cunt and arse muscles tighten locking my and Jon's cock firmly in their embedded positions. What's more her spasms induced further heavy stimulation to the full length of both our cocks. Where we had both cum and should have been reducing ready to slid out, our hardness had remained almost unnaturally. I could feel Jon's cock hard against mine inside her. It was pain. It was pleasure. My balls ached. My cock again pumped. My legs were shaking. It was hard to stay standing. I came again. Jon came. I don't know where my cream came from or if I was firing nothing, but a full eruption again swept over me. Jon was the same. His legs and mine hitting and banging against each other. Our balls slamming into each other. Sandra's legs were twirled around ours. She kept gyrating. Her love juices poured down my inside legs through her opening them smeared around and across Jon and her legs. The smell was pungent. Suddenly she stopped and slumped.

We descended from that peak. A sharp pain emerged from our entwined legs. Both our manhoods were still inside her. Sore. Aching. Dripping. oozing. With care I pulled from her, still fully erect. I had to take care not to hurt her or cause us to fall. We slid across the bed in a heap. She collapsed across me, John still in her. He braced his cock and carefully removed it still full engorged up her rear. The three of us sunk into the bed, Jon and I still with cocks pumping slowly into our condoms. The full length of both our cock covered condoms were heavy ribbons of cream cum. We heaved together, aware of each others heat and forms. Sleep took our consciousness. We had lost all thought of 'poor' Brendan!                    

Part 2. Another Morning awakening

I woke. Naked but with no condom. I don't know how it was removed. TV was off. I was flat on my stomach head buried in pillow. A weight was on me from my waist down, firm, strong, warm against my bare buttocks and thighs. My legs pushed apart and held there by two strong knees. I was semi aware but in darkness. Dreaming? A firm pole pushed down and in between my buttocks filling the space between my buttocks with its full length. The pole pushed up and down gently between my buttocks controlled by the movement of someone else's pelvis. Two hands were on each shoulder pushing me had into the bed. I could not move. I didn't try to move. A third hand landed from one side and spread cool slime across my bum. The rod pulled back. The weight moved off my middle. The hand caressed my crack spreading the slime in the crevice and reached my rectum. It touched my hole swirled, left, came back. A small insertion entered. My back arched a little into the air. Two thin, firm objects entered me fully and swirled inside me. They touched my inner prostrate. My erection went full. The two objects retreated. My pelvis dropped. The strong weight returned across my bum. The weight on my shoulders became heavier. I was pinned hard. The long rod refilled the length of my crack. It pulled back. Its end pushed against my opening. Probing. It found its spot. It pushed. My legs were parted further by the two knees. My bum raised institutively a fraction opening my hole. The firm rod pushed and slid, in. It hurt for a millisecond. But then pleasure. Deep in my pillow, my head groaned. The rod moved up inside me, filling me. Cum oozed unseen from my cock tip wetting below me. The rod in me pushed higher then pulled back. Again up, then back. Again deeper then back but faster. I breathed heavily. Was I still asleep, wet dreaming? The bigness pushed hard into me. Almost pain but pleasure! Faster. Then deep in me and it burst. I felt it pulsing hard, pumping my inner anus. Heavy balls pushed hard against my cock base. The weight collapsed upon me. The rod pulsed heavily further filling my rectum. I could not move. No sound but heavy panting. I heard a slap. The warm body mass shifted heavily on top of me. It pulled back off me. The manhood in me diminished in size then moved back and out. Was I awake? Asleep? A dream? I'd been man fucked. I slipped into unconsciousness.

Then out of my dream I emerged. How long was I unconscious?. I don't know. I was lying on my side. I was strangely aware of my rectum, aware in a dazed way that it had been pleasurably probed. My bladder needed attention. A warm body was to my side. My eyes blinked. I squinted. I looked across the beds. A dull light gave vision. Two naked male forms were to my side. No bed sheets covered us. We were hard against each other. I looked and studied at them sensing their warmth and the firm touch of connected skin. Alluring male forms, both of them. I reached out and touched each limp cock and massaged drooping balls. The room was still, warm. I went to the bathroom.

On returning from my piss I reached the bathroom door and standing naked in the doorway stopped to look at the two bed partners. They had both woken up and were lying lazily on their backs, heads on pillows, quietly and slowly playing with themselves. The were not touching each other but only themselves and as I watched their private masturbation session slowly increased. There long tools increased in size and thickness. My tool had risen as well and I began to masturbate in front of them. They both looked at me. Nothing was said. They glanced at each others actions. I'm a 'right hander; balls held in my left hand and masturbate with my right. I moved my left hand middle finger between my legs and searched for my anus to give it a rub. Brendan masturbated with his left hand. He slid his right across to Jon taking Jon's balls in his fingers. They both started to become more excited. I decided to join them, walked across the room, stepped up onto the bed and placed each of my feet in between their legs wedging my feet under their anuses my ankles hard against their crotches. They squeezed their thighs around my ankles giving me a secure position to stand on the mattresses. With bending knees I began to pull my rod more seriously. The intensity of all three of us increased. We concentrated on just ourselves but intimately connected together by physical position, sight, smell and our increasing rhythmic body movements and low groans. Brendan came first shooting skywards, then Jon and myself in quick succession. The three cum loads smacked back down on Jon and Brendan. I collected some on my lower legs. With three cocks still pulsing I dropped upon them shifting my feet from their crotches and instead jammed my knees up toward each mans rectum. We three embraced and kissed and squirmed hard. Our collective cum squelched between our three embraced bodies spreading like oil over our chests and stomachs.

We settled and fell back into a quiet doze, re-woke and one at a time moved into the shower where all three of us squeezed in for a warm wash down. Once cleaned, and after more embracing in the shower we dressed ready for another ski day. Brendan returned to his room to fully dress for skiing. Nothing was mentioned about who climbed up my arse earlier that morning.

I didn't find whether it was Jon or Brendan who was my morning fuck lover, until the following day. It was the last day of skiing for this trip.

Part 3. Skiing to an end.

We were due to load the bus at 4pm for the six hour drive back home. We'd had to pack our bags and leave them outside our rooms. The cleaners were to move in. It was 11-30am and I found myself on the ski lift alone with Brendan. The weather was overcast but no wind. We'd being skiing in a group but become separated. This was a long lift taking about 30 minutes to get to the top. We started talking about the skiing but quickly turned to discussing the sex of the last two days. Brendan opened right up. He couldn't believe in his wildest masturbation session that sex would be such a mind blowing turn on. He was now sex obsessed he claimed. He wanted to be naked with people all the time and said he had had a boner almost all the time since our first big session two nights before. He admitted that his balls however were aching and his penis head had become a little sensitive. He carried on about how being full up inside Sandra, his first fuck, was amazing and much more mind blowing than he could ever have expected. It was as much a psychological thing as physical he said and felt than being totally naked with others and uninhabited forced revelations about himself he had not realised. He asked me how long Jon and myself had been gay lovers. About 24 hours longer than him I told him. He was staggered. I recounted the story of Sandra being a seductress and sexual plotter and that I'd never before had a gay thought in my mind. Now however I felt not just comfortable and relaxed with the idea and experience, but bi and gay sex turned me on completely. I'd never contemplated I'd be bi, but there it is! However I wasn't going to 'out' myself publicly. Gay sex was fabulous and I'd do it again but it was my private business and the private business of guys I had sex with! I wasn't yet game to ask him if he'd fucked me the morning before, in case it had been Jon and if Jon wanted it kept private. After all, for all I knew Brendan had only sucked Jon and myself in a forced bi situation, which he seemed to enjoy, and all three of us had masturbated and showered together but no further.

Brendan moved into describing his huge surprise at being caught literally with his pants down with Sandra, but how this had only made him hornier when he realised he was being watched in his first fuck and this made his eruption all the bigger. I told him I was envious at his ability to get hard again so quickly after cuming. He thought all guys were the same he replied. He explained how watching me and Jon double fuck Sandra in front of him was incredible and it had mad him ooze cum all down his cock and balls while we did it. I told him the feeling of a threesome with another guys cock inside Sandra against mine was a first experience but I wanted to repeat it. I described the sense of sliding inside Sandra and feeling Jon's cock also inside her was erotic plus. I also told him I thought he had a hugely sexy body and his legs looked incredible particularly when he came with Sandra because his muscles just bulged. Suddenly he came back to the present.

"Man I've got a huge hard on sitting here talking like this. Pardon me while I adjust myself" I had the same problem. I had a huge cock facing the wrong way in my pants and hurting. We both wiggled a little, dangerously on the chair, moving our pants and cock so they stood straight up. Brendan lent toward me, grabbed my cock over my pants and ran his gloved hand up the shape of my shaft. "Nice" he said. "Thanks" I replied.

"I liked feeling your balls" he said. "I liked being in your arse." "Wha..." I thought. Did he just admit to what I thought he admitted?

"It was you!!" I yelled and pushed him. "I've been wondering for two days whether it was you or Job who fucked me. That was the first time I'd had a cock up my arse"

"Did you like it?" he enquired. I looked at him.

"Oh man, I'd take it again no probs" "I liked it too" he informed me. Then he proceeded to fill in the details.

After Jon and I had double fucked Sandra, the three of us fell asleep on the bed. Brendan was still taped tight to the plastic stool. He'd watched our three way but was unable to do anything to explode his raging cock. He'd had to sit and watch us fall asleep. His cock deflated. He was a complete mess covered in his own sweat and with his cum and Sandra's juices smeared over various parts of his torso, legs and a very sticky cock and balls. The combination of after sex let down, and red wine from dinner, forced him into sleep he'd slumped and fallen, collapsing side on across the floor still taped to the low stool. He didn't hurt himself but was very uncomfortable. In other circumstances he would have felt a complete humiliated idiot, but given the sex he'd just had, and watched, he was in a satisfied strange doze into which he disappeared.

We was woken by a sudden felling of release in his legs and arms. He opened his eyes to see Sandra leaning over him, her firm breasts silhouetted in the half light. She had taken a small knife and cut him loose from the stool. "You need a shower" he heard her say. She helped him lift from the floor. He had cramp in both legs and it took time for the circulation to return. She'd disappeared into the bathroom and he heard the shower running. She reappeared at the bathroom door and he remembered focusing on her smooth, hairless cunt. He raised himself to his full height and followed her into the shower. She washed him. He let her. And then, she taught him! 

She knelt before him and told him it was about time he learnt how to give women prolonged organism. "Do exactly as I say" she gently instructed and then proceeded take his balls in her mouth, roll them round and as soon as he was hard she consumed his cock deep into her throat. She pulled out. "Don't cum" she said. Brendan of course explained how he was about to burst and felt the surge developing in his thighs as they trembled and loins as they filled. Suddenly she grabbed his scrotum, not hard but in a particular way. She grabbed it at the base of his balls and pulled the soft flexh down firmly. "Don't cum" she said. Brendan felt his cock retract. He came off the edge and settled down. She stood up, kissed him and his cock deflated in the warm running water. She went down again and again took his balls, then cock, then as he built to blow, she grabbed his scrotum until he deflated. She did this four times. Brendan said he was going wild. Each time his excitement grew bigger. He had crescending, near eruptions building within, but he was in her total control. Sandra then went down again but this time began running her fingers under and between his legs, just in front of his rectum and behind the base of his scrotum. Here she squeezed the starting base of his cock, the hard lump between a mans legs where his erection is first felt. "Across here" Sandra told Brendan is a muscle, squeeze it and you can control your erection". "Try" she said. Brendan explained how he'd squeezed his body to find the muscle but kept squeezing his anus and buttocks. Then he found it. When he did, he discovered his erect cock bounced. And he could control the bounce. "That's it" said Sandra. "Squeeze that muscle when you are inside a woman and you'll control your cock and timing of when you cum. You'll prolong the time you take to cum and when you do it will be a bigger explosion. Your prolonged hard cock inside women will drive women crazy sending them into multiply organisms and they will line up to be fucked by you."

"Did you fuck her?" I asked. "Did you cum" "She wouldn't let me" he explained. "We finished showering and dried off. I had this massive boner that felt as if it were bigger than me. It wouldn't go down. It was awesome. I felt like some huge sex machine. That's when she grabbed me by the cock and led me into the bedroom. I saw you two guys lying on the bed naked. You were on your stomach. Your arse was pure white. Jon was on his side. I just walked straight over to you and lay down on top. It was heaven having my cock sink deep in between your cheeks. Sandra came over with a condom and lubricant. She pushed me back, rolled the condom on my cock, rubbed it with jell, smeared your arse and played with your crack. While she did that I just grabbed my cock like it was a big sword that had only one place to go. When she took her hand away I just pointed and pushed. I slid in so quick and even though I tried to squeeze my new found muscle I just came man something unbelievable. I blew huge in you. Your arse just wrapped around my cock. It was unbelievable"

I thought I was about to come in my pants! We were near the top of the lift. I leant across toward him. " I need to fuck you" I said. "I know" he replied. "I need you to fuck me." We jumped off the lift. I turned and looked at him. "Hotel" I said and skied off. He quickly followed.

I skied hard, driven by one thought. His bum. My cock. We arrived at the hotel almost together and hurriedly kicked off our skis leaving them in the snow, traipsed through the rear hotel door in our ski boots, kicked off our ski boots in the storeroom and headed quickly up the stairs. The hotel was empty. It was about 1-30pm. In two hours we had to meet the bus. No one was around. All were out skiing. We got to my room. All luggage was in the corridor. Fuck, the door was locked. All room doors were locked. My cock strained in my ski pants. Brendan looked at me almost in a panic as if to say, what are we going to do?" "The spa room" I whispered to his silent question. "Wait" he replied. He found his ski bag, tore open the top zip and rummaged around inside. He lifted his head with a smile and held his hand up. He clasped several condom packets. We dashed down one flight of stairs. The spa door was unlocked. We burst through. No one here! Thank the fuck! Brendan slid the snip across the door to lock it while at the same time pulling down his ski pants. The light was not on but dull light rays came through the door stained glass. I helped him undress almost forcing him grabbing his socks and ripping them off and pulling his trouser legs. His pants slid down and my mouth went for his 'Sandra' G string. I ripped it down and threw my mouth over his balls sucking heavily. While I sucked Brendan lifted his tops off over his head. He was naked. He squeezed his nipples while I sucked heavily on his balls. He was then not happy with my clothed body. "Take that stuff off" he ordered while leaning over pulling at my braces. I released his balls and shed my manufactured skin. Naked, we were both about to dive on each other but the goose bumps all over our bodies and our suddenly retreating balls told us differently. "No heat" said Brendan. "Its bloody cold". "The sauna" I suggested.

Our balls were retreating but our cocks were at full bouncing reach. We moved quickly to the sauna door, opened it and the warmth reached out and pulled us in. There was no light save for that that came through the small window in the sauna door. The heater was in the far corner giving out a small glow. Our eyes adjusted to the dimness and the shadows. It was a large sauna with three tiers of deep wooden steps leading up toward the ceiling. Up high it would have been too hot. It was near total dark at the top. We stayed at the bottom near the door window light. We embraced heavily, kissing deeply. Our cocks hard in between us. The goose bumps vanished. Our skins warmed. Our scrotums descended. Our balls became heavy again. We swirled our cocks around causing our balls to beat together. Furious urges surged. I had to have my cock in his arse. I pushed him around and forced him to bend full over, dropped to my knees and planted my face deep in his arse, licking, swirling and pushing my finger in where it needed to go.

"Protection!" he reminded me. "Oh shit!" I stopped and dashed outside to where he had dropped the 5 or 6 condom packets on the floor. I scooped up a couple, tore the liner off one and as I pushed back into the sauna rolled the membrane over my wanting cock. My eyes had to readjust to the dim light. When they did, Jon hadn't moved and was bending over the lower wide step, his arse in the air pointing at me, him playing with his cock. Then I noticed my cock. The condom was a fucking 'flow in the dark'. My cock looked like some children's sword connected to my groin. I swivelled my hips with a smile. My cock bounced around. "Look at me!" I laughed to Brendan. "Fuck me" he replied.

I stepped to him grabbed my glowing manhood with my hand, pointed at the hole where it wanted to go, paused with my cock tip touching his anus then pushed. "Ohhh" he called then "oooo" as he let our a deep breath. His arse muscles opened then closed round my cock. I pushed in full length. "aarh..hhh" he expelled out more. I took in a huge breadth feeling the sensation of his muscles gripping my cock. I held for a second then began a slow pump. I wanted this so bad. I now had it. I pushed and pumped. I watched his arse. My glowing rod disappearing then reappearing. He played hard with his own cock was in full erection and which doesn't usually happen with an arse fuck. I slapped him on the buttocks several times, hard. He groaned. He suddenly stood up. I stopped, full in him and had to hug him to not fall over. Sweat was coming down my face. His too. Our whole bodies had become slimy with sweat causing us to slide across each other. He turned and gently forced me to sit, me still deep in him. My arse cheeks hit the decking. He on top of me. Me deep in him. His feet planted on the floor, his legs outside of mine. He began to fuck me up and down. I had full view of his arse cheeks sliding up and down my cock pumping up into him. We got into a rhythm with me holding his cheeks firmly. His cock was full erect. I couldn't see but it bounced around with a life of its own as we pumped. He masturbated.

He stopped. Then slowly he lifted his arse off my cock. I was panting. My erect glowing rod shone in the dim light. He stood up turned around, stepped up onto the first step and pushed his cock into my mouth. I took him full in. Without thinking or gagging I deep throated him. I masturbated my glowing rod.  He pulled out of my mouth. He shifted around this time squatting over me with his back to the steps, legs over me, supported by his arms on the step behind us. His arse hole stared me in the face. He dropped his bum planting his arse squarely over my mouth. I attacked with my head and mouth tongued his rectum madly, masturbating myself at the same time with my left hand and my right hand massaging his balls. I had a good feel of his erection from his balls through to his tip. I masturbated him. Cum dripped from his cock to my chest. I finger fucked him then tongue fucked again. He stood up again and turned to face me. Then leaning over me lowered his rear hole back down over my cock. I held my glow tool and guided it into his male cunt hole. His erect cock directly at me. He fucked me. I had full view, his erection bouncing before my eyes. He pushed down forcing me up him full length. He stopped. I began to masturbate his rod. He came with a burst. He splattered direct into my face several times. I lifted and arched my back and moved into a fuck rhythm. He followed suit, cock still splattering out over me. His arse cheeks quivered. I came. I pushed up in him and filled the condom. He collapsed forward across me. Hot. Sweat. Dripping. Musty. We stayed liked that both shaking. We tongue kissed. Then he lifted off me, removed my condom and held it up. It drooped with cum. We both still dripped from our cock heads. It was fast. It was hot. It was intense. It was over.

"Lets go" I said. A little weak we exited the sauna and were hit by the cold air. We braced. We were sticky big time. "Shower" I said. We went to the shower-rose beside the vacant spa and turned on the shower. It was cold. We looked at each others messy nakedness. "We have a long bus trip home tonight" I said. We jumped in under the cold water pushing each other and washing down with speed. We were lucky. There was one small hand towel in the corner. Brendan dried himself down first. While I stood naked, waiting to dry, I got cold and decided to duck into the sauna for a second to warm up. I opened the door a fraction. There was a tall lanky boy in the sauna standing where we had fucked. Shock! He was masturbating furiously. I shut the door quickly and looked at Brendan. "There's a young guy in there" "Whaa" said Brendan. "He must have been in the shadows." "I'll hold the door. You get dressed" I instructed. He threw me the towel and I rubbed myself down with my bum hard against the door so the guy inside could not open it. "Hurry up". Brendan half finished dressing and came over to replace me at the door. "Do you think he recognised us?" Brendan asked with a quiver in his voice. I gathered my clothes and threw them on hastily.  Brendan couldn't stop himself. He peered through the sauna window. "He's having a huge wank" he announced. "Phee he just blew everywhere". "Lets get out of here" I commanded. We rushed out neither of us properly dressed, leapt down stairs, pushed on our ski boots, rushed outside, forced on our skis and pushed off to the ski chair. There was no que. Once on the chair we relaxed, although we both felt hugely uncomfortable the way we had just pushed clothes into our pants etc. We looked at at each other. Brendan stared at me. "Fucking great fuck" he stated. I burst out laughing. We both collapsed on the ski chair. We laughed, pocked, pushed and kidded each other to the top. My stomach muscles hurt.

We didn't recognise the lanky sauna fellow who observed our gay sex splurge. We don't know if he recognised us. Somehow at 3-30am we  returned to the hotel, got our baggage, and loaded the bus. No comment was made to us. We didn't see any hotel staff. We didn't tell Sandra or Jon. Best we keep this little episode to ourselves we both agreed.

Part 4. Bussing it home

It was a long bus trip home. It became dark quickly. I was sitting next to Sandra. I had the window seat.  

After about an hour and a half into the trip the bus fell silent. Everyone was asleep. It was a luxury coach with comfortable reclining seats and good leg room. I needed it with my longish legs! Sandra and I had fallen into a light slumber her leaning against me. We had a rug pulled across the both of us. She had placed her hand across my groin. In a half doze she began to play with me through my jeans. Slowly my cock responded. She played more intently. My pants strained. She came out of her slight sleep. So did I. She undid the top button of my jeans and slid down the zip. I moved my hips and shuffled lifting my buttocks and slid my jeans down over my thighs to my ankles. No one could see. It was dark. We were under the blanket. Sandra's head was half across my chest. She pulled the top of my underwear down over my balls. My cock was free. Gently she rubbed it with her right hand. Relaxing. Horny. Hard. Pleasant. Her head disappeared under the the blanket. She kissed my hardness. Took it in her mouth and slowly bobbed. A male head appeared at the corner of my right eye. In the darkness I saw Jon. He had been sitting in the seat behind us on his own. We had disturbed him. He was standing in the aisle, his legs against our seat blocking the exit with his torso. He was wearing a loose fitting track suit. His right hand stretched out and removed the blanket from over Sandra's head. He watched her head bob above my naked thighs. The dark country road threw only mild moonlight through the window onto our private scene.

Jon moved his left knee in, onto the seat edge and shifted his body toward me. He pulled down the front of his loose pants and flopped out his hardened cock. I reached for it with my right hand, took the shaft, held it firmly and concentrated of the pleasure of the head job I was receiving. Jon fumbled in his right pocket. He pulled out a condom packet. While I held his cock I watched Jon remove the packet. He took my hand away and rolled the condom onto his cock. He began masturbating. I slid my hand between his legs and fingered his rear hole. Sandra lifted her head and looked at the hard masturbation display above her. We were all silent least we disturb anyone. Sandra shifted, twisted and took Jon's balls in her mouth. My cock was in full view. I masturbated. Jon went slanty-eyed. I watched his throbber pump and the condom fill. He moved back releasing Sandra. He flopped his still filling condom covered cock back into his pants. He stood. Sandra turned her attention back to my masturbation. She watched my hand job, placed her hand under my balls cupping them and fondled. I lifted my shirt exposing my stomach. I came. She watched. Jon watched. My cum slapped against my stomach. Some hit my lifted shirt. Some hit Sandra in the face. She came down on my cock sucking me as I pumped. When my cock ceased pumping she licked and sucked the cum from my stomach. Jon watched, the cum filled condom tucked in his pants around his deflating cock.

The bus drove on into the darkness taking us away from our ski nights.