A Strange Affair



Some years ago, I had a very strange relationship with another guy. I am still not sure if I should call it an affair, relationship, friendship or what. Are there other guys out there who has had a similar experience?


I met Victor on a cool autumn night, about 20 years ago. I was 22 years old at the time, and Victor had just turned 18. Another friend, David, came over for a few drinks, and brought Victor along. They were friends from their schooldays, and Victor had just moved to our city and knew no one else in our area.

We played cards, had a few (more than a few?) drinks and listened to some music, all the while chatting about any subject under the sun - except sex, although there were a few vague references to girls which both of them screwed at school. So all and all it was a very civilised, 'grown-up' evening. Maybe I should also add that David was 100% straight, I passed for straight (I had the occasional guy on the side), and there was no reason to suspect that Victor was anything but straight.

At about midnight, David announced that it was time for them to leave. Victor asked him if he was OK as he had noticed some cops preparing for a roadblock near his apartment.

I offered to take Victor home (I had less to drink). We walked David to his car, and then went around to where my car was parked. Victor said that he would like another cup of coffee, and that he didn't have any creamer left at his apartment. So, back we went into my apartment. We had some coffee and another few drinks and just chatted away. By then it was about 2 am, and I definitely did not feel like driving. I suggested that I would take him back in the morning and that he could have the couch. He readily accepted.

I gave him a pair of running shorts and a new toothbrush and he disappeared into the bathroom while I changed into some shorts as well. No vibes, no 'feelings', no knowing looks - there was absolutely nothing between us. I wished him a good night and went to bed. He kept on chatting about his school, his folks, his car, and I started to get tired of it and just wanted to go to sleep.

I had just drifted off when he announced that he was cold and not very comfortable on the couch. Angry at being woken up, I just told him to get into bed with me, which, to my surprise, he promptly did. I turned my back on him and prepared for some serious sleep, complete forgetting that I have slipped off my shorts once safely in my bed - I normally sleep in the raw.

Next thing I knew, there was this hard object poking me in the rear. I was disorientated for a few seconds, and then realised that this guy was trying to stick his dick into me! I did not know whether I should hit him or what, but before I could do anything, my own cock started to get hard from the constant pressure on my anus. It was the weirdest feeling. I was not really horny, but my seven inches stood at full mast. The thing that he was trying to stick into me felt about as thick as a lamppost. He was not doing anything but maintaining a constant but insistent pressure on my hole.

Up to then I had tried anal sex a few times, but never liked it. I always stopped it after a few strokes. In any case, all the guys who have tried were much thinner than this guy was, and I couldn't take it. For some reason or other, I did nothing. I didn't react, I didn't co-operate, and I didn't stop him - curious as to where this was going. Not one of us said a word.

All of a sudden, I felt him starting to enter me, first just the tip, then the broad head of his cock slowly slipped into me. To my surprise, there was no pain, just discomfort. He backed off for a few seconds, then slowly increased the pressure again. He did not try to fuck himself into me, just that slow pressure, never letting up. It took about ten minutes before his entire length was in me and I could feel his pubes tightly pressed against my ass. He relaxed. I felt so full and still did not know why I was doing this. I was hard as a rock, but definitely not horny, there was any desire to make out and have wild sex.

He reached around me and started stroking my cock. After a while he started fucking me, first with short strokes, then longer and deeper, but extremely slow. He kept this up for about an hour, and I could take no more. At no stage during all of this I even came close to cumming, as a matter of fact, I don't even know why I was submitting to this, or why I had a hard-on, because I was definitely not feeling sexy. I moved away from him, letting his cock pull out of me. I turned around. Weird. This guy had fucked me raw, and I still had not seen or touched his dick. His cock was not as long as mine - about 6.5" long, but thick, very thick, cut and absolutely perfect. I started stroking him, but stopped him when he tried to do the same to me. I had absolutely no desire to get off. He started breathing heavier, and after about ten more minutes he exploded with a grunt. I have never seen so much cum in my life. He coated his stomach, his chest. A lot of it ended up on me. I turned around and immediately he pushed into me again.


The first word that any of us has spoken since I told him to get into my bed almost two hours ago.

We fell asleep, all wet and sticky.

When I woke up a few hours later, my ass-hole was quite sore. I did not even have a morning erection. After relieving myself in the toilet, I came back to bed to discover Victor has woken up. He had an enormous erection. I could not resist the temptation to take him deep into mouth. No sooner had I done that, than I remembered that he had that thing in my ass just a few hours ago. I stopped immediately, announced that I had things to do and took him home.


A week later, I dropped by his apartment to see how he was doing. I had the impression that Victor was extremely lonely, and I was just doing the decent thing - or so I told myself.

I think I was right about the lonely part. I found him sitting at the table playing solitaire.

He did not seem very exited to see me, but still offered me some coffee. I accepted, and after some chatting and talking, got up to leave. He asked if I didn't want to join him in a game of cards.

"What do you want to play?"


"I am a very bad gambler - what do you want to play for? Money?"

"No, we can play strip poker".

Just like that. I surprised myself by accepting his proposal. We played seriously, each one trying to outwit the other, but after about an hour, we were both down to our bikini underwear. Although he did his best to hide it, I was sure that he was hard. The next hand I won. I was curious as to what he would do. Just how far was he prepared to go? He hesitated for a moment, then slipped off his briefs. It was impossible for him to hide his thick hard cock. I could not resist staring. It was a perfect example of the male penis. It had a pig purple head with a very well defined and the rest was just a sculptured ivory shaft with thick pulsing veins. There was a small drop of pre-cum leaking from his piss-slit. I could feel my own pole rising to the occasion. My concentration disappeared in a mist of lustful thoughts and the next hand was his. I slowly peeled off my briefs and it was a relief to free my rock-hard member from solitary confinement.

Without a word he got up and locked the door. Shit - anybody could have walked in!

"Come, let's go into the bedroom".

I followed him into his bedroom, wondering how it will be this time and what will happen. I mean, I did not really enjoy our previous encounter, why would it be any different this time? Why was I doing it again? I was so horny that I just let myself go with the tide.

I made myself comfortable on the bed while he got a bottle of hand-cream from his cupboard. He joined me on the bed and I pulled him closer, my hands roaming all over his body. He stroked my back, my arms then skipped down to the back of my legs. I brought my face up to him and tried to kiss him, but he just turned his head away. I took his big head into my mouth and lightly sucked on it. He smelled so good - the aroma of male arousal mixed with a faint smell of soap. My tongue traced the deep ridge behind his purple helmet. I licked down his shaft and played with his balls. He squeezed a huge glob of cream onto my rock-hard cock. He started stroking my fuck-pole with a light grip. Long, slow strokes, twisting his hand around the sensitive head on each upstroke. Not to be outdone, I grabbed the lube and returned the favour. In silence we just lay there, pleasuring each other for a few minutes. His fingers travelled down my crack searching that special place of pleasure. He toyed with my ass-hole for a few seconds. Waves of pleasure travelled from my ass-hole and radiated through my body. He turned me around and onto my side and started to push into me from behind.

Again he just applied the steady pressure on my hole, but this time he entered me much easier and faster. He started fucking me with long, steady deep strokes, once more stroking my cock in pace with his slow intense fucking. I stopped him from touching me - I could feel that I was building up too fast.

All of a sudden I started to feel extremely funny. There was a pleasure building deep inside my gut. I tentatively pushed back against him to meet his thrust - and the feeling just got better. I got into rhythm with him, pushing back every time that he pushed into me. He was still fucking me with those long, very slow strokes. I was enjoying every minute of this; I could feel every millimetre of his thick exquisite length as it moved in and out of me. Time after time he would withdraw to the very point of leaving me and then push back in slow, deep, until I could feel him pressing hard against my back, and then he would slide out again. Then it happened. Unexpectedly, the feeling just got too much. I groaned and cum started gushing from my cock. Never have my prick looked so big or felt so hard. Stream after stream of thick white cum pumped from somewhere very deep inside my body, and I could feel its path all the way until it left me. I blacked out for a few seconds. I have never felt anything like this before. I must have moved suddenly and I felt him slipping out. I grabbed for his cock to guide him back in, but he started to cum in my hand and I finished him off with a few hard strokes.

Without another word we got dressed and I left.


After this, we saw one another at least twice a week. Over the next 2 years, the routine never varied. I would drop in at his place, or he would appear at my front door. We would chat a bit, get naked, and he would fuck me - always very slow, very deep and very intense. After about the fourth time, we were perfectly attuned and would always come at exactly the same moment.

In all that time we never kissed, never hugged, never declared any feelings towards each another. To be brutally honest, I don't think I ever had any feelings for him, he was just a very good fuck-buddy. I kept on going out with girls, and fucked them. I also had the occasional other guy on the side.

I never saw him with a girl. Or with another guy.

He was actually very good looking, and he once told me about the time that he needed some money. So, he went to one of the best hotels in town, hung around the bar area and over a period of a week made much more than what he needed by giving a few mercy fucks to a some rich old ladies desperate for a young strong guy.

I left for another city, and did not see him for more than a year. Then he just appeared on my doorstep one evening. And fucked me senseless. And left.

I saw him about five times in the following three years and then I moved back to the old city. We immediately started seeing one another again for a regular once or twice per week fuck.

One night he arrived as I was leaving to get a file from my office. I invited him along for the ride.

There was nobody in the office at that time of night. I let us in, and carefully locked the door. I got the papers from my office and started showing him around. I was carrying the file in my hand behind my back. As we walked into the boss's office, I stopped suddenly because I was not quite sure where the light switch was situated. He walked right into me and I dropped the papers. I involuntarily closed my hand and ended up with a nice handful of his crotch!

Victor reached around me and rubbed my hardening cock through my jeans. Instantly we stripped and within a minute we were on the carpet, naked and hard, craving release. I jumped up again, searched the secretary's desk and found a bottle of Vaseline.

It must have been the situation - making out (with a guy no less!) in the big man's office, but I was hot and like a man possessed. I pushed Victor onto his back, smeared his prick liberally and began to jack him off. I sat back on my haunches, and while stroking his meat, I coated my fuck-tool with Vaseline. I think he got a tremendous surprise when I started pushing myself into his ass. He did not resist, just asked me to take it slow.

I remembered what he did to me in the beginning, and just pushed steadily until I felt the head breaking into his virgin hole. I rested for a minute and then pushed deeper until my balls touched his butt. I decided that I was not very comfortable and withdrew. I urged him onto his knees and entered him again from behind, sliding my rock-hard cock as deep as possible into him. When I was sure that he was OK, I fucked him with long sure strokes. I reached around and jacked him at the same pace. I must have fucked him for a good twenty minutes, enjoying every stroke, marvelling in the soft tightness of him. It was divine. I felt my orgasm building from deep within, and when I came, it was so intense that I screamed out loud as I pumped load after load of cum into him. I finally stopped shooting my 400 million little selves into him, and with my cock still buried deep in his ass stroked him into oblivion. He came and moaned and came - I am sure he must have produced a gallon of cum. It was everywhere - on his chest, on my hand and puddles of the thick white stuff all over the deep blue carpet.

We got dressed and left - not bothering to try and clean up the beautiful mess on the carpet. (The next morning when I walked into my superior's office, I could still smell that lingering aroma of cum!)


After that, there was a variation in our lovemaking. I don't know why I call it that. There never was any love. Mating. Fucking. We still met at least once a week, but now we would take turns in getting fucked. This continued for another year or two until he moved to a farm very far from the city.

I remember going to the farm to visit. It was a long drive, and I had to leave my car 30 miles from his farm. He had to come and pick me up in his 4x4, as the roads were totally unsuitable for my Alfa Romeo. By the time we got there it was mid-afternoon and I was totally bushed. It was hot, extremely hot. I decided to have a shower and have a short nap while he attended to his chores.

When I woke up, Victor was lying on the other bed in the room, reading, still wet from a shower. He must have been reading something very interesting. He was bare-ass and erect. Without a word I got up and walked over to him, dropping my shorts on the way. Needless to say, I was horny, hard and ready for action. I knelt next to the bed and took him into my mouth, sucking hard at first and then just swirling my tongue around his beautiful cock-head, nibbling, teasing him. At last he gave up. With a soft laugh he tossed the book to one side and pulled me onto the bed. He stroked me all over. He licked my face like a puppy-dog, biting my lips - but still no kissing! He licked his way down to my love-pole, now oozing pre-cum. He sucked on the very tip of my cock trying to get more pre-cum out of it. I moved over into a 69 position, and we sucked and slurped for a while. When he started fingering my hole, I reached for the tube of KY on the bed-stand and slicked his cock up. He then did the same to me, rubbing some KY into my ass-hole as well.

Victor got behind me, took me into his arms and snuggled close. I could feel his hardness seeking entrance to my rear-passage. I moved a bit and he slid effortlessly deep into me, stretching my hole with his wonderful thickness, filling me up. We continued in the old pattern, Victor stroking my cock while slowly fucking me into seventh heaven. Forty minutes into this incredible slow fuck I felt myself getting close. I pushed his cock out of my ass, turned him onto his back, squatted over his pole and sat down, taking him every millimetre of him in. I started grinding my behind into him, seeking even deeper intrusion into my body. I rode him for about ten minutes, impaling myself over and over on his sturdy pole while he stroked my cock with a vengeance. Never have I hovered so close to cumming, experienced such deep intense pleasure, for so long without exploding. Every nerve in my body was electrified. In an attempt to prolong the pleasure, I moved into our previous position again. He entered slowly and all of a sudden it was too much for him as well. He started fucking me like a madman, pulling all the way out on every stroke and ramming himself back into my very willing and by now very open passage.

He pulled out one last time, hesitated a moment and then slammed into me, hitting my prostate head-on with his wildly squirting battering ram. I shot further than I have ever done before. I coated the bed, my stomach, my chest, just about everything in sight with gusher upon gusher of thick cum. Victor kept on rubbing my cock until I had to pull his hand off me; it was just too intense and sensitive. We just laid there, his still-hard cock deep inside me, too tired to move. When I eventually got up, we both just laughed. I was a sight. The front of my body coated in sperm and streams of cum running down my legs as I leaked out his contribution.

Later that night I took my turn to fuck him from every possible angle. The next morning we both suffered from sore-ass disease and could only manage a leisurely wank before I had to leave.

We got together twice after that and then it just broke off. It must be at least ten years since I have heard anything from him.

It still feels weird. We must have shared three or four hundred orgasms, but we never kissed, never became involved, and there was absolutely no sense of loss when it just stopped.


Any comments, suggestions or tales of similar 'relationships' will be welcomed.