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Rich, Dave and I were kicking back in Rich’s backyard with the rest of the gang. Everyone had finished eating, and Joe had just turned off the barbecue. There was plenty of beer and wine, and we were all just chilling.

My girlfriend Cindy decided not to join us. She was still in our bedroom, probably still upset about what had happened earlier. Screw it. I wasn’t going to let it ruin my evening. She’d eventually come around.

Stephanie had just called Dave from the airport and was on her way over. We were expecting her any minute now.

“Didn’t you guys go to Mexico a few months ago, Dave?” Rich asked.

“Yeah. We had a great time.” Dave said. His eyes perked up at the mention of his trip to Mexico.

“And what’s Julie up to these days? Bri, you remember Julie from college, right? Steph’s best friend?” Rich asked, turning to me.

“Uhh… I think so,” I said. “She’s the short, blond girl, right? Really pretty, but kind of stuck up?”

“That’s her!” Rich laughed. “Julie and her boyfriend Eric went down to Puerto Vallarta with Steph and Dave here. I wish I’d known. The four of you could have stayed at my condo there!”

(Note to reader: read about Dave, Steph, Eric & Julie's vacation in Straight-Boys-On-Vacation, under gay/adult-friends)

Rich was really close to Stephanie, ever since we were all back in college. Dave and Stephanie started dating back then. After they graduated, Dave and Stephanie moved up to San Francisco, but managed to make it down to Southern California at least once or twice a year, so we all managed to stay pretty close.

Just then, the screen door to the patio opened and Stephanie stepped out of the house. “Hi everyone! The front door was open so I just let myself in!”

Rich’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw her. “There’s my girl!” he said. He got up and extended his arms out.

Stephanie laughed, and walked over towards Rich. As she passed Dave, the two of them kissed – a familiar, been-together-for-eight-years kind of kiss. I couldn’t help but notice how hot Steph looked. She was wearing a short skirt that showed off her sexy legs, and her long, brown hair cascaded down her back.

“You’re looking great, baby!” Rich said as he held Steph in a long, intimate embrace. They stood very close together. Rich had his swimmer-smooth, bare legs spread slightly apart, and Steph stood in between them.. I glanced over at Dave to see what his reaction was. He looked over at me, and just shrugged his shoulders. He was used to Rich stealing his thunder. We both were.

Rich and Stephanie sat down together, and Steph said her hellos to everyone, including me. “Hi Brian! Where’s Cindy? I’m dying to meet her!”

“Good to see you, Steph! Cindy’s inside… she’s resting a bit.” I said.

Someone offered Stephanie a hamburger, and someone else brought her a beer. We all settled back down, and got caught up on what was happening in Stephanie’s life. We also watched Rich flirt with her, just as he’d done with Cindy. They sat beside each other, and at one point Rich put his arm around Steph’s shoulder.

One of the guys lit a joint and started passing it around. When it came to me, I took a deep hit, and then passed it on to Dave. He did the same, and handed it to Rich and Steph.

“Man, that’s good stuff,” I said. I almost instantly felt the rush of warmth in my lungs, followed by a deep sense of relaxation and mellowness. The joint kept getting passed around, and we just kept smoking.

After several hits, Steph stood up. “I’m dying to see the beach before it gets dark. Anyone want to join me?”

“Hey, I’ll take you, baby” Rich said, standing up. “We’ll let Dave and Brian hang out here. They’re both looking pretty mellow right now.”

At that, Steph and Rich both looked at us and started laughing. I realized we’d both been staring at the two of them. Dave had a really silly expression on his face, and I probably looked just as stupid.

My thoughts were wandering all over the place as I watched Rich and Steph walk towards the beach, hand in hand. Dave watched them go too, a little forlorn. I patted him on the back. “You OK, Dave?” I asked him.

“Yeah, it’s all good. I’m just really mellow,” Dave said. He reached out and patted me on the back. His hand was very warm.

“I’m getting cold,” I said. I was still wearing only my swim trunks, which were still a bit damp, and hadn’t realized till then how chilly it had gotten.

“Me too. Let’s go inside.”

I followed Dave into the house, and he headed for his bedroom. I wanted to change out of my swim trunks and put something warm on, but the door to my bedroom was locked. Cindy was still inside, and I was too afraid to disturb her. “Mind if I hang out in your room for a bit, Dave?”

“No probs,” he said. When we got to his bedroom, he pulled off his swim trunks. “I need to change out of these things. They’re wet.” Then, completely naked, he went over to his suitcase and took out a pair of flannel boxers. He put them on. “That’s much better.”

“Mine are wet too. Could I borrow a pair of boxers from you?” I asked.

“Sure, bro,” Dave said. He reached into his suitcase and found another pair - grey flannel and threadbare. I hated flannel boxers. I was about to ask him if he had a pair of white regular cotton ones, but refrained. Man, I was stoned.

“Thanks, Dave,” I said, taking the boxers from him. As I changed into them, Dave went and lay down on the bed. I got a vague feeling he was watching me as I changed, but then again it could have just been my altered state of mind. Dave was straighter than an arrow.

“I feel so relaxed, man,” I said, stretching out beside Dave on his bed. All of a sudden I felt tired. It must have been the pot hitting me, as it wasn’t even 7 pm.

“Some of the guys said they were heading into town tonight. You want to go?” Dave asked.

“Not sure. Probably,” I said. At that point I could barely concentrate or make any plans. “Depends on what Cindy wants.”

“Yeah. It’s up to Steph whether we’re going or not,” Dave said.

It felt incredibly comfortable to be out of my wet shorts and in dry boxers. My prick and my nuts suddenly felt dry and warm, and were much freer now that they out of the confines of the wet swim trunks. I looked down and noticed my prick had filled out a little. It wasn’t hard… just happy. The boxers really did feel good, and the pot was definitely having an affect on me.

“These boxers are really comfortable,” I said.

“Yeah, they’re my favorite ones,” Dave replied. He then added, “They’re my love boxers,” and made a gesture with his fist like he was jacking off.

“Asshole!” I said, smacking him on the head. He started laughing. I joined in.

After a while, my mind started wandering again. Dave was pretty hairy compared to me. His chest and legs were covered with blond hair, and I imagined he had a dense bush around his crotch. His hands were behind his head, and his armpits both had massively thick bushes of hair too. I, on the other hand, was completely smooth. I hadn’t had much hair anywhere on my body – including my armpits and crotch, in years. I suddenly found myself wondering what it felt like to be hairy. To be wearing grey flannel boxers with a big, hairy forest of pubes.

I tentatively reached out and put my hand on Dave’s chest. He didn’t flinch. In my mind, I was explaining to him that I was curious about how all his hair felt. But I don’t think I said anything out loud. We just lay like that – lost in our own worlds.

“So sometimes I wonder about Steph,” Dave suddenly said, breaking the silence.

“Huh? How so?”

“Well, like, whether she’s -” Dave paused, like he was searching for the right word, “ happy – or whatever - with me.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I was still pretty messed up. I took my hand off his chest and scratched my head. “Are you guys having relationship issues?”

“Nah. Well... maybe a little. But, I see her with Rich – and wonder if she would have been happier if she was with him.”

“You know that’s bullshit,” I said. “Steph is crazy about you. Besides, Rich isn’t the settling down type. That’s why he’s single. And you know how to make it work – which is why you have Steph.”

Dave thought about that for a while. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

“You guys are like a role model couple. I really admire you,” I said. At that, Dave turned towards me. His eyes were red - he was still stoned - but through the haze I saw gratitude, and comfort.

“Thanks, man.”

I was beginning to feel very tired. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I turned around on my side, away from Dave, and started fading asleep.

“Hey Bri?” Dave said softly.

“Mhhh?” I mumbled, barely awake.

“Brian?” Dave gently touched my shoulder. He sounded a little nervous.

“Yeah, what’s up Dave?”

“There’s something else, man, I need to talk to you about – when we were in Mexico, I – Eric and me – we –” Dave then fell silent.

I turned around to face Dave. He had turned the other direction, and was completely still.

“What’s going on, bro?”


I reached out and ruffled the hair on his head, which was incredibly curly and dense. “Yo, Dave-boy!”

At that he turned around and smiled. When we were in college, I used to call him Dave-boy. I was Bri-boy. Rich had christened us when we were freshmen and the names had stuck, but only between the two of us, and sometimes with Rich. But Rich was never Rich-boy. He didn’t like being called that.

I was happy to see Dave’s smile – even though his expression was still slightly clouded over. He seemed like he wanted to share something with me but wasn’t quite ready yet. I decided not to push the issue.

I started lightly massaging his head with my fingers, which were still nestled in his blond curls. I’m not sure why I did this – it just felt like a good way to reach out and bond with my buddy. He didn’t object at all. On the contrary, Dave leaned into my hand slightly, so I continued massaging his scalp.

We lay there like that, facing each other, me gently massaging Dave’s head, until we faded off to sleep.

We must have been asleep for at least an hour. When we woke, it was pitch dark outside. During the course of our sleep, we had moved in closer to one another, and our bodies were gently touching. The hair on his chest and on his legs was tickling my smooth body. My hand was still on his head, and he had thrown one of his arms over my side. His other hand was under his head – exposing his armpit. I was lying right beside him, and my nostrils were filled with his distinctive body smell – a smell that for some reason instantly brought back memories of my college days.

With only the briefest moment of awkwardness at realizing how intimately we’d been sleeping together, we separated from each other and got up. We’d slept off the effect of the pot, and were completely sober now. We were both tented in our boxers. I noticed Dave’s bulge then quickly looked away. He did the same.

“Hey, uh, I’m gonna go check on Cindy,” I said, heading for the door.

“Sounds good. I’ll meet you downstairs, Bri.”

I left Dave’s room and went over to the bedroom Cindy and I were sharing. The door was unlocked. Cindy was in the shower.

“Hey Cindy, are we going out with the gang tonight or do you want to stay in?” I shouted, slightly opening the bathroom door.

“Brian? I’d rather go out. I’ll meet you downstairs in a few minutes,” Cindy responded. She sounded cheerful. Thank God!

I quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I thought of changing out of Dave’s underwear, but decided against it. I was beginning to like thread bare, grey flannel underwear. Love-boxers, I thought, chuckling to myself.

The rest of the gang was downstairs. Most everyone was dressed and ready to go out. Rich and Stephanie had gotten back from the beach and were together. Dave was sitting by himself, not too far from Stephanie. Stephanie looked beautiful. I felt a sudden pang of jealousy towards Dave. How could he be so lucky with relationships and beautiful women, when it was so hard for the rest of us?

I went and sat beside Dave. When he saw the two of us together, Rich came over to us.

“Hey Dave, so I heard all about your trip to Puerto Vallarta,” Rich said to Dave with a cocky grin and a knowing look in his eyes. He stressed the word ‘all’.

Dave’s face went white. He look like he’d just seen a ghost. “What? What did you hear?” he asked.

“Chill, Dave-boy. It’s all good. I’m glad you had fun.” Rich, still grinning, casually ruffled Dave’s hair and walked off. Dave stared after him, mortified.

“Hey Dave, you OK?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah. That was nothing,” Dave laughed nervously. “Just Rich being Rich.”

“I know. He can be obnoxious sometimes. Let me get you a beer,” I said, hoping it would change the subject.

I got us both beers and sat down again. Dave had regained his composure, and was talking with a couple of other guys in the group. Rich was talking to Joe about something, and Steph was chatting with a few of the other women in the group.

All of a sudden, Dave looked up and said, “Whoa!”

Cindy had just walked in. It’s hard to describe how she looked – beautiful, incredibly hot, and extremely sexy. Several of the guys just stared at her, myself included. It wasn’t what she was wearing – it was a simple summery evening dress. It was her. Completely her. The way she carried herself, and the way she looked - or didn’t look - at us all.

She walked through the room towards me, and gently sat down at my side. She put one of her hands on my knee, and kissed my cheek. Just her touch made me feel incredibly horny. My cock was rock hard in an instant, and where she touched me, I could feel my skin breaking out into goosebumps.

“You look… awesome, Cindy,” I said, barely able to find words. All the other guys were looking at us – at her. Including Rich. Rich had that particular look on his face I knew well. His eyebrows slightly raised, his stare intent yet confident, and his mouth slightly ajar. He was very interested in Cindy.

Cindy knew exactly what she was doing. I could sense her raw, sexual magnetism, and the effect it was having on the men in the room. There was no stopping her tonight. She would get exactly what she wanted.

And she knew precisely what she wanted.

“Hello Rich,” she said, turning to my best buddy.

(to be continued...)

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