An Unusual DFW Evening


The following is for those of you who are legally adults in your respective country, province, state, county, parish, district, city, town, village, and said governmental body allows stories describing sexual acts between consenting adults. Yes, all in this story are over 21 years old... Besides, who says any of this actually happened...? Only I and the persons (?) in the story know!

An Unusual DFW Evening

By Bill Neal

An evening not too long ago proved to be rather interesting. I had Jim and his girl friend over for dinner. At first it seemed it would be the usual beer, dinner, and movie kind of an evening interspersed with lots of discussion. But.... Let me explain.

I met Jim over in West Germany, when that country was still called that. Of course, now Germany is united. He was my Sergeant and I was a fresh young Airman Basic from Tech School and Basic Training. We got along rather well. We spend many a night out drinking beer at the local bar, attempting to drink the Germans under the table. I know, a hopeless cause, but one we thought that God and Country had mandated us to do. Jim was an out-and-out lady killer. He had dishpan blond hair and liked to dress in biker type clothes. The women seemed to like his dangerous biker attitude and intriguing good looks. I had the feeling that he was a little loose in the sexual mores department, but I treated it as an exciting taboo in my mind.

He and I didn't have many secrets from each other. We told each other everything. I think that's one reason that Jim caught my attention and we continued to be friends. We would trade stories of sexual conquests and prowess. Both real and imagined. It intrigued us both to see who could come up with the most outlandish story. I always wondered how much of what he said was true.

Carolyn came into the picture about a year after I arrived in Germany. She was a great looking girl. Her skin was fair, hair red, and ample was an understatement when talking about her breasts. She worked in the Commanders office as an administration specialist and did the job very well. Carolyn wouldn't take any shit from anyone... Not even the Commander! Somehow she got away with it.

Of course everyone had to go down to the commanders office to see the new girl. But not Jim. He ignored her. Then one day our work section went to lunch at 10 am with the thought of not coming back the rest of the day. Ya, the whole lot of us. 14 people and our captain. Of course the Captain had to get permission from the Commander to close our shop for the day. In the course of this, the Commander decided that he and his admin specialist would go too.

We all trooped into the local restaurant which served as the neighborhood bar in the evening. We ordered our drinks, beer of course, and lunch. We sat around talking and generally cussing and discussing everything that came to mind. At about 5pm, the Commander and Captain left to go home. By 7pm dinner was ordered, and by 1am the landlord was shooing us out the door as we were attempting to explain our "Mission >From God".

Thank goodness, our barracks were within walking distance just down the street. Then Jim gets the bright idea to stop at the gas station for some more beer! Well, being "On a Mission" we accepted Sgt Jim's idea and loaded up. By this time there were just five of us, including Carolyn, on this mission. We finally arrived at the barracks and proceeded to Jim's room. His roommate was out of town so we got down to the serious business of drinking beer and listening to loud music.

I have to admit, for being in town only a couple of months, Carolyn held up well to the beer... In fact she outlasted the other two left in our group. We dragged those two to their rooms and left them for dead. A fact they would wish for when they woke up.

Jim and Carolyn then sat with arms around each other watching the MTV videos. Things started to get a bit friendly. Pretty soon she has her lips locked to his and those nipples were showing through her T-shirt. Jim was definitely aroused too... I started to beat a hasty retreat, when Carolyn said that I didn't have to go. I thanked her, but went down to my room and passed out anyhow.

They were an item, off and on again, for the next few months until I left Germany. Well, it's been six or seven years since we saw each other. I've been stationed at five other bases since then and am now out of the Air Force. I decided to move to the DFW area, jobs were available and I like Texas. By a fluke I found that Jim was working at Lockheed through a another friend that I've made since moving to Fort Worth. I immediately got his number and found that Carolyn was still with him! Amazing how things work out. Jim and Carolyn think they might get married someday and have somehow stayed together all that time. We settled on a date to meet and voila! They arrived.

We started out that evening with the traditional beer and reminisced about days of old. Then moved into what had happened since I moved from Germany. By this time I had dinner ready to eat. The chicken was roasted to perfection and the mashed potatoes were creamy smooth. The dinner talk was light but there was an undercurrent of excitement and energy. Besides talking of past and current events, talk drifted into such areas as politics, beer, and as always seems to happen when I'm involved with a conversation, sex.

After dinner when Carolyn had gone to the bathroom, I asked Jim what that was all about after that long lunch when she told me that I didn't have to leave as they were starting to get into each others pants. He said that a month or so after I left, she explained it to him. He said that she liked me and wondered what it would be like to have both of us. Of course my eyebrows shot up in interest.

We drank more beer, watched the movie, and eventually finished it. Carolyn asked if I had any other movies when the current one was over, as she went to get more beer in the kitchen. I said that I did have some and named a couple. She didn't like them and started to go through what I did have. One intrigued her and she put it in. Jim and I were engrossed in discussion on the couch and failed to see what she had picked out. When all of a sudden, I heard a familiar tune and credits started to show on the screen. I asked her if she knew what it was about, she acknowledged that she had a good idea from the title name!

Well I had no objection and Jim liked what he saw so far. We settled into watching it. Things were definitely getting a bit warm in the room and I'm not talking about the weather! Carolyn decided to sit between Jim and I. Pretty soon I saw that she had her hand rubbing Jim's inner thigh. There was an unquestionably large bulge in his shorts. He was wearing those skin tight bicycling shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. Those large breasts of hers were also sporting hardened nipples. I tried to ignore the developing scene, when I felt a hand on my thigh. Well, being a normal human male I couldn't help but notice things stirring in my own shorts. Obviously neither could she!

In a flash that hand was on my own growing mound of flesh. I looked at her and then Jim. He looked back and smiled. He reached over and held one of her breasts, thumb rubbing the nipple through halter top material. He then said, "Why don't you take one? There are, after all, two of them." I hesitantly did as was suggested. This went on for a few minutes when Carolyn then asked me to stand up and do a little strip tease. That hand of hers had done the trick and the shorts were very uncomfortable. It seemed like a good idea to me. I again looked at Jim and he looked at me with a look and nod of encouragement.

Now, Jim and I had watched some dirty movies together while drinking some serious beers before in Germany. Of course you get a severe hard-on while watching these kind of movies. We were familiar with each others anatomy in that department and felt comfortable in each others manhood to go ahead and have a good stroke with the other watching... Even to the point of blowing each other.

So, I got up and Jim asked me to turn in profile blocking out the TV. What was showing through my shorts really got both of their attention. I bent down in front of them and untied my shoes... There was that hand again, only this time on my ass. I looked around and saw it was Jim's! Mmm.

I finished with my shoes, turned around, and began a slow grind running my hands up and down my torso letting them get a good look at the bulge in my shorts. I slowly pulled my T-shirt up and off shaking my head as I did to get my hair in place. I then ran my hands behind on my ass and around to my throbbing penis. Carolyn couldn't take it any more and stood up and tore off her halter top. She rubbed those nipples against my chest while her hands were grabbing my ass and then into my shorts. My shorts slipped off and I kicked them into a corner. Ah, it felt good to let my balls hang in the air and my cock rubbing against her stomach.

Somehow my hands found their way down her shorts and felt that lovely patch of pubic hair and lips. Oh ya, she was wet. She broke away and stood behind me with those nipples on my back. Carolyn then told Jim to stand up and face me. He didn't hesitate. She then told me to take his T-shirt off and feel his chest. His nipples were hard and I felt them and his flat washboard stomach. He reached down and held my cock. I felt a shiver, he then rubbed my balls. Jim then put his hands on my hips reaching around to my ass and up my back to Carolyn's breasts. He ground his thick hard cock, still in his shorts, against mine. He then brought his lips up to mine and gave me a hard kiss with tongue... It seemed that it'd reach the back of my throat! I eagerly took it and held him grinding pelvis to pelvis, all the while feeling those nipples on my back and pubic hair on my ass and thigh.

I felt his back and really enjoyed those hard muscles over the whole of it. My hands drifted down to his ass and then worked to his throbbing mass of manhood in front. I thrust my hand into his tight shorts and grabbed his cock, pulling slightly. I then started to pull his shorts off. I slowly dropped down on the toy chest I use as a coffee table, kissing/licking his chest, belly, and finally his thick, long, hard cock as I went. Jim was huge. As big around as the circle my middle finger and thumb made and he must of been ten to eleven inches long! I saw a little pre-cum glisten on the head of his cock and licked it. My hands continued pushing his shorts off, finally to where he could shake it off of one foot.

While I was down below, Jim started seriously kissing Carolyn. She squirmed up onto my shoulders. I could feel her pubic hair on the back of my head and neck, she was undeniably damp as all get out! The short hairs on the back of my neck must of rubbed in the right place because she squealed and squirmed harder. I decided that Jim wasn't so big that I couldn't attempt to go all the way down on him... I didn't get far, but he had a serious intake of breath as my tongue and lips surrounded the head of his pulsating cock.

We somehow got the futon bed unfolded and crashed on it. It ended up that Carolyn was in the middle as we lay on our sides. She was facing Jim and I had her beautiful back and ass to look at and feel. I licked the middle of her back down along the spine down to her waist, then turned around and worked my way back up. I got to her neck and worked my tongue into an ear, teasing the earlobe with my teeth.

Jim then said that he wanted to fuck Carolyn. She said no. She wanted to fuck him! So they rolled over and she ended up on top. Jim starts to reach down to put his cock into her. Carolyn slapped him and told me to hold his cock up and lube him with my tongue so she could mount him. I went down as far as I could on Jim to lubricate him and she eased down on him carefully until his cockhead was just in. Then she just stayed there and asked me to stroke his dick. I stroked him and sucked on his balls. My tongue made it up his shaft again till it came to her pussy. My tongue poked that impaled pussy until she said MOVE! I moved just in time because she slammed down on him screaming. Jim's muscles tensed and a tremendous intake of breath was heard! I think he almost came right there!

She rocked back and forth enjoying the hell out of him. I moved to straddle Jim's head with my knees so that I could kiss her and enjoy those gorgeous tits. I nipped her nipples with fingers and teeth. I had my tongue halfway down her throat too! Jim tipped his head up and licked my balls. Oooh, that felt good. He then reached up and stroked my hard rock cock too. I was sucking on one of her nipples when she started breathing very heavily, then growling deep down, and finally just plain screaming and crying out loud in utter abandon. Carolyn then collapsed into my arms twitching. She finally calmed down. I could see that Jim's crotch and waist looked as if a shower had been turned on!

I left the front area and was going to suck on Jim's balls to get some of that delicious pussy juice off of them when he grabbed her waist and started pushing her up and down on him, hard. All his muscles were in sharp relief, bulging. I could tell it was his turn to come now. With a mighty last thrust he groaned out that he was coming and did. Carolyn leaned down on his chest and I spread his legs so that I could finally lick some of that pussy juice off his balls.

After a few moments I lay down beside them rubbing her back. Jim, turned to look at me and said, "It's your turn now". Uh oh. He turns me around and lays me on my back. He lays down on my right side, in the sixty-nine position and starts to suck me off. I slowly stroke his cock with one of my hands. Then she gets on the other side of me, also in the sixty-nine position. They trade off licking and sucking... He's starting to get hard again. My other hand is fingering her. Finally I tense up and tell them that I'm going to come! Then spew my seed all over. Ah, what a glorious mess.

We rest there for a while watching the TV, wipe down, rest. I'm still gently stroking Jim and fingering her, enjoying the feeling of a large cock in one hand and a wet pussy in the other. Finally Jim and I are intensely hard again. He wants to try something he's heard about, but never had an occasion to try. I ask what. He explains. It sounded most interesting.

This time we had to get the KY jelly out. We wanted things to go smoothly! He takes my cock and licks it until it's good and wet. Then spreads the KY on me. I'm told to stay on my back. Jim then has Carolyn straddle me at the waist. She then lays down on me. He spreads our legs, slathers his own cock, and slides her up so that just the head of my cock is in her. Then holds my cock and his with the same hand. He slowly forces his throbbing member into her pussy while slowly sliding her down toward him. Pretty soon both of us are in her.

Wow, this is the tightest I've ever felt a pussy. He grinds away slowly, careful to not slip out. It's starting to drive me nuts. I want him to go faster. But, oh man, this is the weirdest feeling. I can feel his balls bumping against mine, his cock rubbing against mine, Carolyn is squealing again... She's screaming now! I can feel Jim increase the beat. He's announcing imminent orgasm. He tenses up, and comes! Man oh man, I'm coming, yessss! Ahhh!!!

He finally rolls off us. Carolyn rolls off me. We then take a shower and get clean. Reluctantly we get dressed. They say they have to get home. I hug and kiss both and send them on their way. I go to bed and die for twelve hours. I can't even think of sex now. In fact, for about the last four days, my penis isn't even hard when I wake up!

I wonder what they are doing next weekend...