Chapter Four



When Janet woke up, she was sore as she’d never been sore before. She had been ridden hard at both ends by Cory and Danny. She wasn’t complaining, she had shown them both a night to remember the rest of their lives and taken Danny’s cherry in the process, making it three young boys to her credit in a very short span of a week. She hugged and kissed the two boys waking on their sides under her arms and sporting morning wood that she unmistakably felt pressed against her legs.


Not that she wouldn’t have wished to fuck them again despite her soreness, however she knew her husband would want confirmation that Cory and Danny were cool with sucking each other off for when he would want the uncontested play in an orgy setting.


She insisted that both boys suck each other to the bitter tasting end stressing that whomever came first wouldn’t renege on his responsibility and commitment  to get the other off, wise to the fact that once a guy cums he will roll over forgetting his own obligation to pleasure his partner. She sold it to them as ingesting each other’s cum being the ultimate blood-brother ritual. Who could argue with that logic?


 It would be the final sex act before she checked out of the motel and drove the boys home to Cory’s house with tentative plans on a pool party and BBQ later that afternoon. She warned them that clothing would not optional.


* * *


I allowed the ‘step brothers’ to wear their underwear since sliding down the bannister would be near impossible bare assed, and socks to slide down the kitchen hardwood floor. As usual, on weekends I remained naked doing my share of household domestic chores. The boys ended up downstairs in the rec-room playing video games and pool. I left them to it, thinking that they needed time alone to bond some more. Sex with each other is one thing, but they also needed to forge a deep, loving friendship without rivalry. Their futures in my home depended on it.


Janet found me napping in a lounger by the pool, my book lay open on my chest. Her soft lips on mine and her hand sensuously massaging my genitals, I awoke. She was wearing her thin white robe, the cleavage of which wide enough to see her lovely breasts, I kissed her passionately.

Egan and Troy couldn’t have picked a more opportune time to decide on a swim. Mom was riding dad’s cock atop the lounger, their first exposure to a naked woman not to mention adult heterosexual sex. Embarrassed and unsure whether to leave Janet and I in privacy, I summoned them over to sit and watch. I swear my cock expanded far beyond its limitations turned on by being watched by the boys.It was as fine a time as ever could be to introduce them to their weekend mom’s cunt after I had my way inside it.


Noticeable was Troy’s boner tenting his underpants that he was trying to hide. I removed myself from the lounger that Janet assumed with her legs spread wide and feet planted on the deck. Before Troy knew what was happening, I picked him up, stripped his underwear off. He was quite timid being naked in front of Janet when I held and displayed him to her for a few moments. Janet smiled at the twelve year old before I positioned him between her legs instructing him that he was going to fuck her like a man does a woman.


Shy, and scared shitless, nonetheless, I detected a certain pride in his demeanor as I pointed his cock. He floundered inside the pussy that I had just fucked and came in, his cock fell out a few times until Janet wrapped her legs around his rump to keep him from rearing too far.


Meanwhile I was prepping Egan for the plunge. He was the missing link between ages 10 and fourteen that Janet had not fucked and taken the virginity of. The boys were certainly not expecting our ‘big happy family’ to include Janet in our sex-play, probably thinking that it was to be a secret guy thing. Troy seemed okay with the revelation, twelve years old and fucking a woman; what bragging rights he would have back at Forest Lawn and keeping the bullies at bay. I had no problem with that as long as it didn’t fall into the wrong ears.

Janet had the advantage of being petite, she could basically kiss all the boys at face level and was teaching Troy the fine-art of Frenching. His face was red with embarrassment, nonetheless, he became an avid student with ego boosting words from Janet telling him that he was a great kisser, and a great fuck! He soon squirted his watery boy seed with manly pride.


Egan was scared. I had to unravel his frozen joints even to get him to lay upon Janet. His small dick that I sucked was erect at the moment, but would be lost in her well used abyss, but I insisted that he fuck her regardless. He wasn’t really keen on kissing her, I knew that he was going through the motions in order to please me. He wouldn’t orgasm, that much was certain, but Janet could add an eleven year olds cock to her virginity taking credit.


The rest of the day was spent with Janet and me lazing in the sun naked and the boys downstairs playing Xbox. We took that time alone together to compare notes of our overnight adventures. We both had success and fun in our missions, and that’s all that mattered, there was no jealousy or shame, just fun resentment that she had fucked more boys than I had.


One thing was for sure, I didn’t think I’d be interested in Danny’s big cock upstaging my own in our planned evening orgy with the four boys. In my opinion, it was all about keeping up appearances as the ‘master’ cock of my boy harem. Janet was welcome to fuck his brains out if she wanted, but discretely and away from the others. Sight unseen, I’d never met him, he was too old for me anyway. Funny and Ironic, a week earlier I would have gladly welcomed him in my bed, however suddenly, I had the selfish luxury of picking and choosing my bed-boys, and unfortunately Danny wasn’t on my list of things-to-do. Jealous? Maybe, --but if I wanted a man-cock, I’d go to the bathhouse!


I need not have fretted, Cory showed up without Danny who was grounded for some reason or another, which thankfully, had nothing to do with his being out all night and having to make up an explanation, as far as parents were concerned, the two boys slept over at one or the other’s house as they frequently did on weekends.


Janet was topless, wearing only her bikini-bottoms reading a book, of course I was naked, cleaning the pool when Cory walked into the yard. His eyes surveyed each of us putting on an air of mature nonchalance. He  was somewhat surprised meeting Egan and Troy, clad only in their underwear when I took him downstairs to introduce him. Cory was enthralled by whatever video game Egan and Troy were playing and plopped himself on the floor to join them. I left the trio alone to battle each other in computer animation.


As luck would have it, or not have it, depending on Janet and my views, Janet’s nephew Mikey appeared in the yard for a swim to see his aunt uncle naked. Mikey pretended to ignore the obvious, red faced and very conscious was he trying to look anywhere rather than meet our eyes. Janet nor I made a move to cover ourselves, I was a guy and didn't really have to care when it came right down to it, but I was somewhat shocked that Janet never covered her tits and beckoned him over to her laying on the lounger for the customary family hug and peck on the cheek.


Michael was tall for his age of almost thirteen, inheriting his father’s handsome slavic facial features and his mother’s blond curly hair and sky-blue eyes. His swimmer’s build was his own attribute, a medal winning member of a his swim team. Janet and I often watch him compete at various aquatic venues around the city. When I walked over to shake his hand, his eyes momentarily gazed my genitals before looking away. Assured that he was welcome for a swim, he made his way to the gazebo that I built to house a six-person hot-tub where he changed into bathing suit. I cannot tell a lie that I hadn’t lusted after my own nephew near naked in his skimpy white, almost transparent, Speedo-like-suit that left very little to the imagination. I knew he was cut, his cock clearly displayed tightly contained in an upward position against his groin and his bulging balls lifted by the same crotch lining. Who ever invented Speedos’ had to have been a boy-lover.


Janet called after him that he didn’t have to wear anything, teasing that she had changed his diapers not so many years ago. Shocked by her candidness, I jumped on the bandwagon and told him that we were all family and because of his presence Janet and I would have to cover up feeling out of place in the privacy of our own backyard.


Michael was notorious among his older brothers for doing anything on a dare and a bet. I recalled once when they got in shit for daring him to swallow a worm with the added bonus of five-bucks. The deciding factor, Michael ate the worm and puked his guts out immediately afterwards, however he was five-dollars richer.


I dared him to swim naked. Janet double dared him. I was flabbergasted when he exited the gazebo blushing and naked holding a beach towel in front of his privates that when he sauntered past Janet glancing at her tits with a smug look of self-satisfaction that he had won the dare, she playfully swiped away the towel leaving him in all his unencumbered splendor.


He stood frozen in shock just long enough for me to get a good look at his three inch chubby dick that perhaps only another guy would be wise in knowing that he wasn’t quite semi erect, but well on its way. The head flared and where there should have been a slackness of wrinkled skin, his cock was jutted, arching slightly, hovering over his well developing testicles. A short, but dense prominent bush of pubic hair adorned his groin. Michael was definitely an early bloomer. Gathering his modesty wits, he ran and jumped into the pool. Janet rose from the lounger, peeled off her bikini bottoms to the shock-and-awe of the watching boy giving him a good look before diving in the pool to join him.


I knew exactly what her intentions were, somewhat shocked that she would hit on her sister’s son, but what the fuck, Michael was a hotty and had been right under our noses for a long time. My presence would only inhibit him, so I backed off into the house to leave Janet to seduce her nephew. We had three boys in the basement rec-room that needed to be told to stay put for the time being and not suddenly decide a swim was in order.


By the time I got back upstairs to look out the kitchen window, she already had Mikey sucking her left tit, one arm around his shoulder encouraging his closeness to her breasts, the other I couldn’t see under the water but knew she was into some heavy petting of his genitals. My cock was hard being the voyeur, but when she led him out of the pool and got down on her knees to blow him, I forced myself to refrain from touching my cock for fear of cumming on the kitchen floor.


I couldn’t contain myself, there would be no better time than the present to make my debut. When Michael saw me approaching, he panicked and with absolute fear on his face. He tried to pull away from Janet who also saw me and had the sense to wrap her arms around his ass and hold him in place never losing oral momentum on his cock for even a second.


He was bewildered when I didn’t get angry as he fully expected, instead I got on my knees behind him and hauled his balls to his rear and began to baste his nuts working up his crack that Janet had somehow knew to spread for me to try and force the tip of my tongue into his tight rectum.


Michael’s knees began shaking so uncontrollably that I thought he would collapse at any second. The frustrating attempt to drive my tongue deeper was met with his anal muscles flexing as he orgasmed almost silently with only a few whimpers containing himself from screaming aloud. I heard the giggles and peered at the kitchen window to see three faces pressed together that scattered when caught dead. A lesson learned: never leave kids curious as to why they shouldn’t do something without logical explanation, like not to come upstairs for about an hour.


Janet saved the boy’s load and leaned around his right hip to share it with me in by way of a kiss. When Janet moved in to my face I could smell Michael’s cum on her breath. Even second-hand, it was a hefty load of semen that my greedy tongue scooped and sucked from her mouth.


Laying on the pool deck, I licked his armpits and nibbled his nipples. Janet kept him excited licking his nuts and shaft. Once satisfied that he was primed again, she sat on his cock and fucked the hell out of him. I seen the opportunity and squatted over his face and forced my cock into his mouth with my balls dangling on his chin. Janet telling him to suck it, regardless, I was already on all fours and fucking his face. I have to say again how instinctive sucking cock was to a guy, a phenomena in my mind.


I gathered that he was coming in his aunt’s pussy when he bit down, not really painful, just a noticeable clamping of his mouth oblivious to all else at the moment. If I held off my own orgasm any longer, he would succumb back to his inhibitions and drop my cock like a hot potato, I christened his tonsils before he could even jettison the last drop of his boy milk, his jugular working to swallow or else have his windpipe blocked and choke.


The three faces weren’t in the kitchen window. Nope, they were upstairs in the spare bedroom looking down. Michael would have freaked if he saw them, hell, he didn’t even know they were in the house. I gave them the finger and they scattered. I laughed, no harm done, nothing they hadn’t done since meeting me and Janet.

Michael was a little perturbed when I hollered for the boys to join us, I suspected that they were then gathered in the kitchen foraging for something to eat. Shocked wouldn’t have described his state. naked and cuddling Janet, he bolted up searching for something to cover himself. I grabbed his wrist and held him in place.


It was only Cory who was fully dressed, Egan and Troy were still in their underwear. It was easy to see that Cory was angry with Janet and the rival that he saw fucking her meekly standing naked by my side in a tizzy wondering where the crowd had come from. Janet, detecting his jealousy, grabbed his arm and pulled him atop her forcing him into a sensuous kiss. I thought it cute that the thirteen year-old thought his territorial rights had been violated. He let his buddy fuck her, and of course myself. however those concessions were on his terms, or so he thought.


Michael wasn’t sure what to make of the sight of his aunt smooching with a boy his age whose hands were roaming freely over her body and was being undressed by her, his t shirt already off and sweatpants being pulled down just enough to reveal his plump white ass. It wasn’t long before Cory reclaimed his stake and was fucking Janet like a madman in front of an audience.


I told Troy and Egan to strip out of their underwear and go for the swim they had been wanting and denied. Even Troy seemed a little miffed that an adversary was screwing what he came to believe was his playground. Much to my surprise and amusement, a covetous three-way love triangle had developed, the power of puppy-love and instinctive male need for prowess dominance could not have been better exemplified.


Egan couldn’t give a shit for who was doing who, and was bouncing on the diving board amused at his cock keeping with the laws of gravity. Dismayed that no one else was as impressed as he, what was suppose to be a dive turned out to be a swooshing belly-flop that even the thunderous clap of which made me sore imagining the pain. When Egan didn’t seem to recover and laid still with his body bobbing and face down, I was on my feet in a heartbeat realizing something was wrong, however not as quick as Troy to dive in the water to rescue his new younger brother. Egan’s need for attention was granted. He laughed his heart out when me and Troy came to his aide and lifted him. Troy gave the boy a punch to his shoulder that certainly smarted. Nonetheless, I was very proud of Troy for having the quick wits to try and rescue his friend. Michael knetl poolside waiting to haul the body to dry safety. Janet and Cory were oblivious to the sudden happenings, both lost in passion fucking each other.


I knew what I was getting into when Janet and I decided to bring boys into our bed to spruce things up sexually. I more than tolerated Cory being in my bed with my wife all week after school while I was at work. Janet and I made love every night and she would detail their sex routine, giving him head as long as it took until he came, followed by getting her pussy eaten, and then the inevitable fuck. However, suddenly I was feeling threatened by Cory’s existence. The two of them were getting far too attached it seemed, and I was yet to have the boy as intended.


Prior, I would never have entertained the barbarik concept of spit and push, however he had gotten away with avoiding my presence long enough while he fucked my wife. It was payback time for Cory. He was well aware of my body atop his, he was thinking that I was being affectionate. I was considerate to leave him to cum before I drove into him, my cock was well positioned awaiting the moment that his body would become docile.


His head swivelled back to look at me in total stupefaction, I was at least two inches before he realized it and plowing deeper wishing that I had smoothed the way with lubricant, not for his sake, but my own. I Felt like I was stuffing my aching cock through a garden-hose. Ten year old Jason wasn’t near the effort the thirteen-year old was.


He told me to ‘fuck-off’ and a barrage of insults that followed bringing his plight to the attention of MIchael, Troy, and Egan who were absently playing frisbee in the pool. Laying on Janet, she held him in place ignoring his pleas for her help and trying to soothe him with kind words of how turned on she was by his idle manliness still dribbling inside her and how he could be put to it better use again. When she swallowed his tongue, Troy’s defensive anal mechanisms relaxed and allowed me unrestricted access to worm my way until my groin felt the warmth of his cheeks and the heat of his rear thighs that my balls were splayed upon.


The splashing and laughter coming from the pool told me that the boys had resumed their fun unconcerned that Cory was getting fucked sandwiched between me and Janet. I was also not naive enough to believe that stolen glances weren’t taken advantage of. Egan might even have felt a coy satisfaction knowing he that wasn’t the only butt-boy in the neighbourhood, however, for all intent and purpose, he was the designated family butt-boy to be used by Troy and me and anyone else I seen fit enough to allow his eleven-year old ass to be used.


Pre-cummers were to be fucked, cummers were to be sucked, the laws of nature in my opinion, although sometimes allowances had to be made and I had earned the right to fuck Cory. It wasn’t my fault that, for whatever reason, Janet had not yet used the double dildo on him having ample opportunity to do so. She was growing much too lovey-dovey with the twinkie and that’s what made me want to fuck him hard and furious, and just because, I summoned Troy from the pool to stand with his legs over the lounger and get a blowjob from Cory. The little fucker was again humping Janet before long, my humiliation tactics had failed miserably in the end.


Egan was told to suck off Michael who had my permission to fuck the boy if he wanted, another first-time experience,which the thirteen-year old found the prospect of much too irresistible. Pubescent boys are like play-dough, easily molded and shaped into anything the imagination desired once you get past the stubborn, air-tight packaging.


The night came to an end, both Cory and Michael went home after an evening of eating dogs and burgers, horsing around in the pool, playing Xbox and pool. Janet and I enjoyed having our weekend sons in our bed. Troy fucked her and I fucked Egan. One big happy family!


Cory and Michael came over on Sunday, no surprise, like kids in a free candy store, sex was on their minds. There wasn’t a cock left unsucked, or an ass left unfucked including my own. My only regret was not having a kingsize bed. Something I would remedy come Monday.


* * *


Monday morning, I sat in my Saab on the usual corner awaiting Jason. He never showed. He had sniffles when I had seen him on Friday and assumed he was kept home sick. There would be no blowjob on route to his school, my pants already down and my cock leaking in anticipation. I resisted the urge to settle on jerking off at the eye candy walking past. I decided to wait and skip out of work early to go to the YMCA after school and see if, by chance, Jason was there.


He wasn’t. However, a cute little seven year old that had always appeared fascinated by my junk was. I didn’t have my gym bag with me as I wasn’t planning on working out, however stripping naked required nothing more than grabbing a complimentary towel from the rack and heading to the showers.


As expected, the kid followed me after he changed. Usually I tried to stay semi-erect in front of the kids, I really didn’t care that my cock pointed the way, or the man I suspected as a fellow paedophile was naked and eyeing the boys in his midst who couldn’t help but notice my erection, we acknowledged each other with a nod and friendly smile. He was in good shape for his age of mid to late forties. A keen, knowing eye saw that he was semi-erect, and the regular unobtrusive tug to ensure it stayed that way was obvious to me while boys passing through found reason to linger and gawk on their way to the pool area. We took an instant liking to each other, introducing ourselves.


I guess that I was the one who broke the ice commenting on the grandeur of the young bodies parading past us, and especially the few who stuck around to look at the two naked men, one sporting an erection that many passerbyer boys pointed and laughed at.


The youngster that I found myself strangely attracted to, despite his young age, wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry. My hard-on had him in a hypnotic-like state. James, my new ally, had his own observer, a boy of about eight and suggested we coerce  the boys to the steam-room that he claimed was not utilized by day and off limits to unaccompanied boys fourteen and younger except with an adult.


James knelt down and conversed with the cute brunette, moments later he was leading the kid away. I had lucked out picking up Jason in the same way, and a hard cock has no boundaries, I wanted a blowjob and the kid who seemed overly interested would suffice my urges. I called him over and asked if he wanted to go somewhere private where he could explore my manhood if he wanted. His eyes lit up and off to the steam room we headed.


James had wasted no time. When I walked into the steam-room the kid was already sitting on the lower bench sucking his cock. I would learn later that Grant was one of his regulars at the Y. Dennis, my boy, didn't need much encouragement after seeing Grant chowing down on man-cock. He didn’t need much convincing after that boys did that for men, the proof was right beside him, How fucking magnificently easy it was taking advantage of a curious boy’s total obedience. Dennis got his boyhood curiosity desire to feel a man’s goods, I got a half decent blowjob in return. I did slide a hand down his bathing-suit to find a flaccid noodle and no testicles. Their sole purpose was only good for sucking off men, even James confirmed that he had never fucked one quite that young. He never brought them home, a married man with three sons aged 12 to seventeen. His needs were met twice a week at the YMCA. He claimed that when in the mood, he came earlier when the Y’s daycare was at it’s peak and had a string of 5 and six year-olds groomed and willing to suck his cock. I had to wonder where I would draw the line on age.


Janet and I made love that night, me telling her about my seven-year old conquest and James’ flavor for younger boys. I knew she had fucked Troy and Danny that afternoon, their sticky loads were still evident inside her pussy, not that she hid the fact, when I had called from work to say hello, they had just arrived at the house. They sucked each other off first, the carrot dangling between Janet’s thighs assured that.


She even told me that the boys had a friend, Carlo, almost fifteen, that they asked if they could bring around. I should have known. Most boys flocked in groups of three or four close-knit friends, any other friends were associates, each having their own clicks. Janet told the boys that if they first seduced Carlo into sex with them, she would gladly entertain the idea of a third teenager in their trysts, but not before. I was extremely proud of her and it reassured me that she was not selfish and still looking out for my sexual needs.


As far as the thought of joining James for a daycare delight, she was all for it, even suggesting her other sister’s five-year old son for me to seduce whom we often minded. When I asked what she could possibly get out of a five-year old, she blew me away saying that his little arm up her cunt would be most satisfying. I fucked her hard fantasizing about young Jarrod between my legs blowing me while he fisted Janet. I even wondered what his little arm up my ass would be like.


to be continued . . .