Chapter Five



The paedophile gods were on my side again when the very next day Janet’s sister called to ask if five-year old Jarred could spend a few days while she went to Vegas with her new boyfriend. Sheila had always been a slut, she blew me in an outhouse once during Janet’s family reunion at a campground. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only extended family member that got sucked or fucked that weekend. I never divulged that to Janet, sometimes honesty wasn’t the best policy when it came to such delicate family matters.


Jarred was basically a good kid. Father narrowed down to five possibles, never having a man around long enough at home to bond with, he was extremely vulnerable for male affection. Janet charged me with the seduction process while she was out showing a newly-wed couple several homes that evening.


Getting a five year old to take off his clothes naked was amazingly simple telling him to do so for a swim. They’ve not yet developed inhibitions. What was amazing that I had to do a double take, was his uncut cock. Whoever his father was, Sheila should have been able to narrow down by the endowment of her boyfriends. Jarred had a three inch, thin, someday later to thicken, chunk of meat dangling between his legs. It was longer than I was flaccid. The boy would be a lady pleaser one day, and/or a bloody porn star.


He watched me strip out of my t-shirt and shorts. As expected, his gaze focussed on my genitals, I was semi erect staring at his index finger-size penis dreaming about seeing it erect wondering if he was a grower or a shower. I would find out soon enough.


I don’t know why, perhaps to open the dialog, I asked him if he had ever seen a man naked before. To my astonishment, he giggled, and confided that it was a secret, but one of his mom’s boyfriends, Rick, he had showered with. Innocent enough until he let the cat out of the bag that Rick had taught him to use his hands to masturbate him. Not believing my ears, I had him show me how he did that to Rick. Snickering, he moved behind me and reached a hand around to take my cock and the other between my legs to grasp my nuts and do exactly what Rick taught him in the shower when mom wasn’t around. I pictured Rick showering with the boy who became overly curious, and the man, horny enough, took advantage of the situation, no different than and of the boys were at the YMCA. By then I was rock hard and told him it felt good and to continue. Out of the mouths of babes, telling me I was much bigger than Rick kind of inflated my ego.


Of course my next question was a loaded one, had he ever sucked Rick’s cock like his mother had done to Charles. He said no, therefore, that told me that Rick only demanded occasional handjobs from the boy and never pushed things further than that. What a fool he was for looking a gift-horse in the mouth!


Why Rick had never escalate the opportunity further than hand jobs was beyond me, however where he left off, I was definitely going to take over.

I swung him around  to look my cock in his face,  a mere downward tilt of his head was all that was necessary for cock-sucking lesson 101. Like Jason, Jarred, exactly half the age, would also be groomed into a man-pleaser that the next time he showered with good old Rick, the man would be in for a bonus treat giving better blowjobs than his mother. I also planned on breaking all the rules and try to fuck his extra-virgin ass.


He knew exactly what I wanted when I placed my slimy mushroom-cap at his lips and he took the inch of head without complaint, taking more and more and knowing to use his mouth up and down. I was more demanding in asking him if he’d sucked Rick’s cock, thinking that he was being extremely protective of the man. but what he told me next far exceeded Rick’s hand jobs.


You would have to know Sheila to understand how she fell in love with men. Each was the ‘special one’ that would sweep her off her feet and marry her. One particular lover I had in fact met was a man named Charles. Sheila was gaga for the guy ten years her senior, Janet and I actually thought he was the one that she would finally settle down with. Sharing a bedroom with his mother, he might have accidentally witnessed sexual acts, but when he told me Charles insisted that the five-year old watch him having sex with his mother. I couldn’t fathom how Sheila would submit to the man’s obvious perverse fetish, but that’s how Jarred explained his basic knowledge of blowjobs, he simply mimicked his mother’s actions.


I suppose any other adult would freak learning Charles was an exhibitionist who enjoyed a little boy watching him have sex with his equally consenting mother, who I knew would do anything Charles asked. However, I wasn’t your average morally correct adult. I shoved my cock back in his mouth more turned on than ever. I had one up on Sheila, I could fuck her son without guilt or care if she somehow found out. I thought that I might even tell the slut just for the satisfaction of it.


Jarred was mine and Sheila would have no say in the matter. She had set his early sexual education in motion. I was only doing what Charles surely had in mind had his wife not found out about his mistress and ended the relationship. Had it continued, Jarred would have played a more active role in the their lovemaking, perhaps even fucking his own mother. In my opinion, Rick had no such ulterior motives other than being horny one day and seeing the boys curiosity as a viable means of getting off by  having the kid give him a handjob from behind so as not to look him in the face. I wouldn’t doubt if Sheila wasn’t fully aware of her son’s shower encounters with Rick.


The was no sense explaining to him what cum was and how I was about to  feed him it, assuredly the taste was the only part of a man’s ejaculation process that he had not experienced as yet. He heaved as the first two rapid-fire bullets struck the back of his throat. He was wise enough to pull away a few inches in order to let the rest of it gather on his tongue. I issued very clear instructions that he was not to stop sucking until I told him to swallow the viscous fluid like a good boy telling him that man-cum shared would promote growth and make him big and strong like me, afterall, it was the same stuff that made babies. That made total sense in his five-year old mind and sucked me to the very last drop, smacking his lips when he was done.


His cock was next on my list of accomplishments that evening. I had him lay in the lounger and I sat on the end bent over and fully engrossed in enticing him to erection. Although I had no experience with boys that young, I was aware that even newborns got erections for unknown reasons. Jerred began responding, giggling saying that my mouth and fingers tickled, especially when I pulled up his loose foreskin and tongued the inside flap. As nature would have it, he began reacting to stimulation and began to expand in length only. As a child, I used to suck my middle finger. I felt like that child again, only my parents weren’t around to scold me for the bad habit I couldn't wean off of until I was eleven, and even then, getting caught absent mindedly indulging in a suck now and again.


I would never have believed it possible, but Jarred peaked at what had to be four steely inches. What he lacked in girth, he made up in length. If he continued to grow a half inch a year, --well, enough said, other than I planned on keeping him around to watch him mature into a young man.


Although Jarred admitted that it felt nice, much too young to appreciate a good blowjob, he bellyached that he wanted to go swimming, the sole purpose for us getting naked in the first place. Reluctantly, I granted him his wish. He ran to the hot-tub gazebo where he stored his water-wings and blow-up Barney inner-tube huffing and puffing to inflate it, that, as usual, I blew air into for him. His five naked GI-Joe dolls positioned just right on his raft, Jarred was again the unadulterated innocent little boy that he was. Too bad his innocent little ass was going to be violated before the day was done and Janet would take him next. She was going to be amazed at his cock and fuck him silly. Imagine losing your virginity to both a man and a woman at the tender age of five years old!

Jarred hemmed-and-hawed when I decided playtime was over. I pre-occupied my time by tidying up and started preparing supper. However no matter how I tried to ignore it, my cock throbbed in anticipation of deflowering his boygina. I should have waited for Janet to come home, but thought, “what the fuck!’ She was doing her thing with two boys, one I’d never even met thus far, so fucking her nephew I seen as my prerogative.


He questioned why he had to go to bed so early, I pointed out my engorged cock and told him that we were going to play around some more. Surprisingly, he was okay with that and took his dutiful position between my legs to blow me. I could have laid content with that, other than the fact that he grew bored and absent minded several times, having to be reminded to leave his GI-Joe doll alone and keep on sucking my cock.


I rolled him over and began to eat his rectum, that of course, he thought weird of me, but assuring him to just relax and enjoy it, he soon relented. I used the opportunity to lube my cock omitting trying to finger prep him, that, in my limited experience of fucking boys,  I thought was a useless waste of time when you come right down to it. Grease the rim and rod and take the plunge. Easier said than done with a five-year old.


Like trying to stuff your cock in the tail of a balloon, Jarred was much more tighter than Jason. My technique of sudden attack didn’t quite pan out for me. My head hadn’t even got past his sphincter before resistance was met. It was going to be a painful journey for Jarred. He was already screaming bloody murder, his small frame contained under my larger body. It would be useless to try and sooth him, all I could do was push ahead spreading his intestines to depths in his bowels that I had no idea if I would cause internal damage and hope to bottom out before too much more pain was inflicted. Jarred wasn’t crying, only whimpering complaints that it hurt.


It took a fuck of a long time. My cock ached long before I broke through to a sudden mildly snug abyss that I glided into with very little effort. I had reached the end of my six inches, Utopia reached. I paused to rest feeling the tightness and heat surrounding my cock. I was inside a five-year old, smothering his face in the bed under my lower chest. Without further ado, and lack of faculties, I came early, but very satisfied indeed.


I wasn’t sure if Jarred was pissed off with me, but just in case, I told him to get used to the idea of getting fucked, it was a boy’s duty and that Charles and Rick didn’t think he was mature enough yet, but I did. Bullshit baffles brains, proud as punch he rebounded and marched his naked GI-Joe over my stomach and down to my groin where he made the doll do the splits and sit with my cock between it’s legs and its hands on either side of it. I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt and GI-Joe fell over clinging my nuts in its arms which sent Jarred into hysterical laughter.


Janet was later getting home than expected. She had seen Danny and stopped to give him a ride home and had pulled in behind the Safeway store to give him a blowjob. He proudly told her that he and Cory were having their friend Carlo over for a sleepover where they planned to get him into fooling around. They already had their strategy all planned out, quite simple, really. If he wanted to get laid by the woman he and Cory were fucking every day, that was possible but conditional as per her rules.


Janet was very happy that Jarred and I bonded sexually,  she even fluffed his hair congratulating him on being a good little man pleaser, so grown up now. He smiled proudly.


After dinner we took the boy to our bed. For five-years old, he knew exactly how to lick Janet's pussy; he had paid great attention to Charles eating his mother’s cunt and knew what to do when his cock was inside her. Don’t misunderstand me, he wasn’t at all sexually intrigued, only doing what he was told.


Not that I ever used condoms, I had some in my night stand. Janet and I had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. I rolled a rubber up the entire length of both his slender arms to his elbows and heavily  lubricated him. Squatted between us, he was hesitant about inserting his hand into Janet’s vagina, and especially so into my rectum. In a strict tone, I told him do as he was told.


It hurt like hell at first, a little thicker than our double dido, but once his fist cleared my sphincter, it was clear sailing and I was getting fisted so deep that I couldn't even imagine where the five-year old’s arm was. I had him suck me off at the same time. Sex was meant for experimentation of anything imaginable, and that was fucking awesomely erotic and pleasurable, to say the least. The kid was being sexuallized well beyond his years, I knew that, but I was fucked if I cared. As far as Janet and I were concerned, he was getting an early education into the joy of both sexes, no harm done. We even decided to tell his mother that her 5 year old son was no longer a virgin. I couldn’t wait!


I came powerfully. He wasn’t expecting it and choked. I had his head held down; even though it was running out his nose along with snot, he had to learn to take a man’s semen. I laughed … his first wet orgasm was sneezed out through his nose!


Ten year old Jason showed up that night. Janet, Jarred and I were naked in the pool at the time. He was a little shy stripping off his clothes because of Jarred’s presence, but I had been playing with the 5 year-old’s cock and lifted Jarred out of the water to show him the tyke’s erection letting him know that all was cool, Jarred was a player as well.


Jason had told his mother that he was sleeping over at a friends place; we had him for the night. That night in bed,  on my orders, Janet and I watched the two boys suck each other off, although it was my cock Jason craved and kept going for. I teased him with it, telling him to do what he was told and then he would earn his just reward. We had him fuck Jarred, laying on his back, Janet and I held his legs up and spread while Jason pounded away. Squatted over Jarred, only then did I feed him my cock. He squealed when Janet rammed the dildo up his ass, part contortionist, draped over him from behind, the other end in her pussy.


Bored with it all, I took Jason’s place and fucked Jarred again, then laying both boys on their stomachs, screwed both of them. Five pumps each, I moved merely inches to fuck the next, amazed at how loose both boys were after a while. Jarred was dirty, my heavily oiled cock speckled with shit that did smell a bit, but Janet was quick in wiping him with a warm cloth between fucks. Dirty cock and all, Jason took it in his mouth as I ejaculated four or five good loads before he was sucking the remnants from my rapidly deflating manhood. He was a good boy, knew his man-pleaser role well.


to be continued???