Chapter Six



Fourteen year old Cory and Danny did a remarkable job planning the seduction of their third musketeer friend,  but need not have worried. It turned out the boy was closeted gay, no challenge. He welcomed their advances, wanting to suck his buddies off since he was twelve. Cory and Danny were shocked to learn that their butch, football player pal was a faggot. Cory fucked him, then Danny, the larger cock of the two, giving Carlo his first fucking.


Fifteen-year old Carlo had admitted to sucking off an exchange student from Denmark two years earlier who stayed with him and his family for a month and shared a room with then,13 year old Carlo. The two teens had had never fucked, but had oral sex every night, confirmation to Carlo that his sexual preference wasn’t quite living up to a high school football star image. He had girlfriends, but never kept one for very long.


He could have fucked some girl named Cathy a month ago at a house party, even got half naked with her in a bedroom, however, only heavy petting ensued and he never pushed the issue of penetration, Embarrassed and frustrated that he couldn’t get it up without thinking about Sven’s seven-inch uncut dick in his mouth, he got a very unsatisfing hand job. He couldn’t stand the lingering smell of his fingers after exploring Cathy’s pussy, but later, bragged to Cory and Danny, even allowing them to sniff his fingers.


Carlo told me about his past when I took him to bed leaving Danny and Cory to fuck Janet in our bed. He and I, using the spare room along with Jarred who we were still minding while his slut mother was getting fucked in Las Vegas.


Carlo tossed him around the pool, played Frisbee and general horse-play with the naked lad who grew attached to him in very short order. As young boys are, Jarred was enthralled with the teenager paying attention to him. When I offered Carlo the choice of fucking Janet, or fucking five-year old Jarred, his cock said it all and we headed to our own venue, the left bedroom across from my marital bed where two fourteen-year old boys were getting sucked off and fucking my wife, the giggles coming from the room indicated a good time being had by all.


Carlo admitted he had a thing for little boys. His neighbor, 8, fuelled his fantasies when beating his meat.  Unable to control the impulse, he got the boy alone in a garage one day a year ago and had the kid’s pants down, along with his own, when in walked the boy’s uncle. The moment of so many fantasies becoming reality ruined before he could even have oral sex with the eight-year old. Carlo was scared shitless even though the uncle, 38, said nothing and walked away.


Later that afternoon, in the same garage that he was being paid to clean out, the man unfastened his pants, making Carlo a  deal for his assured silence. The second cock he had ever sucked, and first adult one, Carlo got on his knees and sealed the covenant without complaint and every day thereafter for a few weeks until the soldier was re-deployed to Afghanistan.

As well, the man gave his permission for Carlo to teach the lad how to suck cock. Afterward, sharing a room with the boy in his sister’s home during his furlough, he used his little nephew’s mouth most every night.


Another man that must have believed young boys had a purpose other than whining and being a pain in the ass. I liked him. I had to wonder how many other men enjoyed boys, or wished they had the guts to take advantage of the effortless task of convincing young boys of their usefulness. Charles’ hidden agenda, Rick’s shower based hand-jobs, and then learning about the soldier. No guts, no glory. If only men realized prepubescent boys don’t tell, it’s the man who gets careless and caught in the act.

Carlo had a nice slender 6 inches, full bush, unlike his two buddies who were less-forested. He was a little older than I would have prefered, but damn, he was cute, and of course, I wanted to watch him fuck the little kid while he sucked my cock that he was overly aggressive in pursuing laying atop Jarred, me, sitting with my back against the wall, legs spread wide.


Jarred’s head was crushed to the left side of Carlo’s chest and the mattress, he didn't give a shit if the boy was being smothered or not. All that mattered to Carlo was his heart and soul sucking my cock and pistoning into Jarred so hard and furious that their skin slapped in nanosecond intervals. I told Carlo not to cum in Jarred's ass, at the last minute, to shove his cock down the boy’s throat instead.


Carlo wasn’t gentle when he grabbed Jarred’s feet and slid his ass down the bed, rolling him over and forcing his cock in the boy’s mouth. He hardly missed a beat having my cock back in his mouth quicker than the speed of light. We came together, our timing perfectly, but unintentionally synchronized. A sudden vacuum effect, he sucked my cock deeper into his mouth and let me cum, his enthusiasm emphasized by guttural sounds endorsing his zealous appetite for cum. I didn’t expect that, thinking he would back off at the first salty/sweet hint of my seminal fluid on his tastebuds. Quite the opposite, as it turned out.


To say I wasn’t a bit concerned that Janet and I were breaking our own rule of group sex with boys would be a lie. She had broken that rule and set the precedent by screwing them after school or by happenstance, blowing one of them in her car.


When we joined the orgy across the hall hours later, Carlo had no desire to stick his cock in Janet. I fucked him, suddenly becoming the center of attention, so did his friends use his mouth and ass. The gay quarterback was in his glory that night. It was Janet who was eventually left out as we played with each other, and Jarred, the other two teens anxious to fuck the five-year old. Oh yes, I couldn’t wait to tell Janet’s sister that her son was now a boy-whore. I made Danny and Cory use Jarred’s mouth as their final outlet. The boy complained that his bum hurt when I fucked him. I told him to suck it up and not be a baby as he was doing big-boy stuff and should be proud. Cory, Danny and Carlo reinforced the five-year old’s confidence.


I will say it again. The joy of boys is that their testicles are Ever-Ready batteries powering erections. I made a mental note of going to my doctor and getting Viagra or Cialis for myself. We finally crashed around 6 AM only to wake up at noon and engage in a four-way blowjob before we hit the swimming pool as Janet prepared brunch.


Danny kind of excused himself. When we entered the house, he was giving it to Janet from behind who was bent over the kitchen counter. I knew without a doubt that she loved the boy’s large cock. I was intimidated by the youngster’s endowment and his prowess at half my age. The tub of Crisco that Janet had been using was irresistible. I fucked him hard and furious. He wasn’t expecting that when I stood behind and cuddled him and Janet. He fell to  the floor which made it much easier for me to do him good and proper. He screamed obscenities getting boned for the first time. Don’t get mad, . . . get even. Fucking my wife comes with a price. I even had Cory and Carlo take turns up their buddy’s ass. Jarred wanted to, and we laughed, what the hell. As I learned, boys needed their high-strung spirit broken and a hard cock up their rectum was proving to be the ultimate tactic in ensuring that change of mindset.


I went to work late that day. Well, let’s just say that I attempted to make a presence until I saw Jason in the schoolyard playing with friends on his lunch break. I honked the horn several time before I caught his attention. Recognizing my Saab, he came running over and crawled into the passenger seat.


My suit pants and underwear were already down to my knees, my cock hard as rock that I let go to his due-diligence knowing exactly what was required of him. We barely even shared words before the 10 year-old was hunched over the middle console with the stick shift poking his stomach.

I watched teachers stroll about. The crossing guard not five feet away and oblivious that I was getting a blowjob. Jason seemed overly eager to please and I came in his mouth quicker than I wanted, but unable to hold back. He lapped up every drop from my shrivelling cock. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, however his technique had changed somewhat.


When he was finished milking me dry, he revealed that he was sucking off a man in his apartment building. An old man, at least 40 from his child perspective. The man was the landlord of his apartment building. As I feared he would, even though I preached silence in what we did, Jason innocently offered “Mike” a blowjob when the man was sprawled under the kitchen sink on his back replacing a leaky pipe.


Dressed in a pair of loose shorts and not wearing underwear, the man’s junk was clearly visible to the boy who was making himself useful by handing the man tools. Jason couldn’t resist a feel of Mike’s cock and balls, nonchalantly commenting that he would suck the man off if the repair man so desired. I suppose Mike was shocked at the offer at first, however, reinforcing my theory that most men would take up the offer of a blowjob from any source, morals notwithstanding, allowed 10 year-old Jason free access succumbing to his ever growing cock in the young boy’s stimulating hand.


Why not? The kid offered and his mother was out. Mike laid back with his head resting in the inside the cupboard and let the boy do what he offered, probably amazed at the skill the lad who performed oral sex on him wondering where the kid learned such pleasures. My fear of exposure quickly evaporated, Mike was just as guilty when he came in Jason’s eager, man pleaser mouth. I credited myself for the stranger’s bliss.


Jason told me that he sucked the man off twice since, both times in the landlord's apartment. Like Charles and Rick, the man was a coward not taking further advantage of a willing boy letting guilt interfere with what nature provided. I instructed Jason that his next rendezvous with Mike, he was to ask the man to fuck him.


I was hard all over again. Jason climbed over to the back seat. He was already bare-assed, his little pink button high in the air when I got out of the car and climbed atop him in the back seat. The windows fogged up and the car rocked. I heard the second bell ring indicating all students be in the school. I had cum in his mouth already and I wasn’t going to let him go until a lengthy orgasm worked up and shattered me again. Once Jason got to class, I doubted he’d sit at his desk comfortably the rest of the afternoon. I took him into the school posing as his dad and apologized profusely to the secretary claiming that he had a dentist appointment over the lunch hour that ran over schedule unexpectedly. If she noticed his flushed face and slight waddle, she never commented gleefully issuing an excused late note for his teacher.


I decided to skip work and go home. Sure enough, Danny and Cory were in bed with my wife when I got home. Jarred had already been picked up by his mother. Unfortunately, I would have to wait to tell her what a nice tight ass he had along with his cock sucking mouth that her ex, Charles, had procrastinated enjoying, but perhaps Rick could expand his desired hand-jobs in the shower to something much more satisfying. I hated the bitch.


Shock would not describe Cory and Danny when I entered my bedroom.  Cory was atop Danny sixtynine position. They were sucking each other off, Janet watching over them, the dildo up Cory’s ass who appeared quite content with the large object left idly jammed to the hilt where a flange separated the two silicone cock replicas. Rather humorous was the other end hanging limp from his rectum.


Undressed, a real cock soon filled the void when I pulled the dildo from his denied “queer” ass and replaced it. At least Carlo, who unfortunately was absent, admitted that he loved cock either up his ass, or down his throat, or both. Damn, that Danny did have a big tasty cock! Like a greedy pig, I moved in on it when Cory paused to replenish his lungs, his torso mashed between Danny and me getting fucked silly while I sucked Danny off and ate his balls. He had great view of my cock ramming his best friend, my balls slapping the “straight” boys ass begging me to fuck him harder, blown away by his candidness in front of Danny.


Danny came. I swear it was at least an ounce once it finished erupting and gathered in the crevice of my lower jaw. Sweet, a hint of tanginess and thick as molasses, I thought he would never stop ejaculating. It was probably only six or seven violent expulsions, but every throb and pulse of his cock brought with it a volley of boy cum. Even though Janet had been sucking face with him, his panting was horse with an audible sloshy sound of his saliva rolling his tongue inside Janet’s mouth. Danny may never dmit it, but it was probably the best blowjob he would ever experience leaving him almost comatose when all was said and done.


He never even hesitated when I pulled out of his friends ass and interrupted his kiss with the not so sanitary mushroom head of my cock welcomed with open, and then tightened lips as I blasted my load off his upper palate. Danny had earned his keep. He could use his big cock on my wife anytime he wanted.


Three days later, he fucked me. Danny was getting into guy sex, slowly becoming more comfortable, with me at least. He and Cory and Carlo were getting it on regularly with and without Janet’s presence.


I met Jason everyday that week before school. The backseat of the car allowed me to strip him naked, even off were his socks. I had an urge to suck his toes which evolved into sucking his feet. A fetish I never knew I had. He would squirm and giggle, claiming it tickled, however he knew that I would work my way up his legs and suck his cock, something he was getting to really enjoy. I brought him to his first dry orgasm. I say it was dry, but I could taste a very minute liquidy substance each time I blew him. Skim milk? He was still blowing Mike, the landlord, everyday after school. The man’s morals got in the way of fucking the boy. Silly fool. I didn't really like the fact that Jason was not getting anything in return, strictly Mike's pleasure, not unlike Rick using Jarred’s hands every morning while Sheila went to work .


Speaking of which, Sheila called asking if we could mind Jarred for the weekend while she and Rick went to the mountains, claiming stress, and the need to “Veg out.”


When she dropped Jarred off that Friday morning, I insisted the always harried and hyper woman come in for coffee. I took great pleasure in telling her that I was fucking her son, as well other boys from the neighborhood who enjoyed his ass and mouth. She never even flinched., her quirky smile never left her face even when I told her Rick was getting hand jobs. As I suspected, she knew that, no harm being done by it. Nor did she feel any harm in me and Janet fucking him. She admitted that Charles was planning to fuck him anyway, they even discussed it.


I couldn’t believe my ears. Here I was trying to shock her and the stupid bitch was giving me the green light to use her 5 year old for sex in any way, shape or form. She was of the same opinion as Janet and me, boys are boys and never too young too discover the joy of sex as long Jarred was not being hurt in the meantime. I was losing ground, thinking that I had a bombshell to drop on the crazy bitch. She was ecstatic to learn that her five-year old had lost his virginity to her own sister and experiencing gay sex with me and the boys.


Not that I thought I was an angel, far from it. I wanted to use Charles and Rick against her so that if Jarred ever spilled the beans, my ass would be covered by her own sins. Sheila went as far to say that she told Rick to take the boy into the shower and do whatever he wished, ‘a good sexual education’ about male anatomy. Obeying her wishes to a limit, Rick refused to do anything more than get hand-jobs. The woman was deranged, however, were Janet and I not?


Janet was out showing a home when Sheila was over. She had always been after me and other than the blowjob she gave me in the outhouse, I never caved in to her many advances. I don’t know why to this very day, but I called Jarred in to the kitchen from playing in the pool and pulled down my shorts telling hm to blow me. In front of his mother, the kid bent forward and took my hard cock that his mother had wanted for many years. Holding the back of his head, I fucked his face. We all ended up upstairs in my bed, Jarred watched me fuck his mother, nothing new to him, he played with his GI-Joe doll, even asking us where the man-doll’s dick was. Sheila and I broke into laughter. Out of the mouths of babes.


Much more turned on by his naked body, I excused myself to fuck him. Sheila rubbed her twat, completely turned on watching her 5 year-old getting man-fucked. I did consider having him eat-out his mother. I couldn’t stoop to that level, although I was confident that Sheila would have went for it. Whatever she did with her son thereon at home was none of my business.


Janet never knew I fucked her sister. Once again, some things are better left unsaid. Sheila had left to join Rick for their trip to the mountains before Janet came home. Jarred was playing with his GI-Joes’ in the pool. The twin, triplet, quadruplet naked men were battling out some sort of disagreement that only Jarred’s imagination was aware the cause of the still-dolls’ hand-to-hand combat that afterwards, looked to me like an orgy lying together atop the pool’s edge once he grew tired of them and had moved on to another toy.


Jarred had two real life toys to play with that night. Not as interested as he was with his GI-Joe dolls, but hey, his mother condoned the sexual education of her son, who was I to argue? He was told to fuck Janet, thn I sat on his hard little dick. He ate pussy and sucked cock, followed by another fisting of of both Janet and me.


I slowly fucked Janet afterward, Jarred was made to dig deep and lick my balls, his head buried between my ass cheeks, once he caught on, giving him a front row seat of me fucking my wife. In the early morning before work, he did a supreme job of sucking me off.


It never ruined a second of Jason’s pleasure an hour later. His school blue blazer, white shirt, navy shorts and Spiderman underpants all draped over the headrest as I fucked him in the back seat listening for the first bell to sound giving the kid time to redress before the second bell.


to be continued . . .

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