Chapter Seven



Of course, Danny and Cory were obsessively hooked on fucking Janet after school. She entertained them at home when she wasn’t out selling houses. Even then, she would make time to pick them up after school for a quicky in the backseat between showing homes.


Nine year old Kyle had already been seduced by Jason. Several sleep-overs at one or the others home, Jason had done as I instructed. One morning when I picked up Jason, Kyle was in tow and witnessed his friend suck my cock, his eyes wide as saucers.


I had the both boys stripped of their school uniforms, the clothing scattered about the car along with my own, all three of us completely naked. I stretched back against the door and let Jason teach Kyle how to suck man-cock. What could be sweeter than two cute boys going down on you. I held off purposely until it was Kyle’s turn. He grimaced at the first volley that he was fully made aware would happen, Jason being very thorough describing a man’s orgasm, spermies, to his younger friend days before the kid sucked his first man-cock.


Damn kid had buck teeth and scraped my shaft. Kyle wasn’t catching on to blowjob 101 lessons. What the fuck, I gave up and endured the mild abrasions. At least Kyle was trying, not his fault that his mouth was a human meat-grinder. I thought about Jarred’s missing front baby teeth, they were razor sharp as well, however even he gave far better head with less risk of injury to a man’s most precious possession. Kyle was not going to be a keeper, I was damn certain of that.


The boy’s cut cock was average for his age, but what was interesting was that it bent downward 45 degrees at the tip. I wondered how the doctor had fucked up the circumcision, perhaps forgetting to make the last snip. The first thing I thought of was what a perfect prostate tickler. His short length and curvature would naturally graze a man’s G-spot. There was only one way to find out. I greased his weiner and had Jason direct it, telling Kyle to push. My forehead rested on the armrest attached to the door.The awkward shape did sting when it passed my sphincter, however it hit the mark a second later that blew my mind as he humped me with constant stimulation where it counted. Kyle never had a clue what his cocklette was doing to me. I told Jason to get on the floor and strain his face under my side until he had me in his mouth to receive my second orgasm through my flaccid cock. I had been artificially stimulated to surrender my milk like farmers do with male animals. Too bad more guys weren’t aware of  pleasure a prostate has to offer, even straight guys could have their old lady use a small dildo on them


The boys recovered clothing from as far away as the dashboard, I seen a sock draped over the rear view mirror and another hung over the steering wheel. The first bell had already rang and the boys wasted no time dressing. As they did so, I have no idea how the topic of a certain Mr. Connors arose, who I assumed was a teacher. The boys giggled mischievously, and when asked to reveal their amusement, Kyle snickered telling me that the infamous Mr. Connors always stood a foot away at a urinal during recess with his pants open and his big cock exposed to the boys taking a pee. Kyle had innocently compared my cock to that of the teacher. With a little more prodding, Jason, the expert on male genitalia, confirmed the man was erect every morning and afternoon recess.


 A fellow pervert, I emphasized with the man. All those little dicks lined up in a row of urinals, the dude was getting his kicks by exposing himself in a safe environment no different than I did at the swimming pool showers. I instructed Jason to stand next to the man, tell him that he had a nice cock and ask if he could suck it for him sometime.


As I drove away, I couldn’t help but laugh at what I set the teacher up for. The least I could do without ever a chance of thanks not knowing who his benefactor was. I pictured the man flabbergasted, unable to think quick enough to arrange a meeting place. He would dwell on it all day with a hard on while teaching, by the afternoon recess, he will have formulated a plan to get ten-year old Jason somewhere private after school. The man would have to be a fool to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m sure that Jason would involve Kyle at some point, bonus for Mr. Connors.


I wondered how many other men were out there wanting a boy but too frightened to act on their fantasy. In less than two weeks, I had had sex with boys of every age from 5 to fourteen. I decided my preference was the 11 -13 range.


When I arrived home from work, Sheila's beater Volkswagen was parked out front. She had obviously returned from Vegas earlier than expected and was collecting Jarrod. She was sitting at the patio table watching her naked boy play in the pool. Janet had left minutes earlier to show a home.


It was a scorcher kind of day, the humidity was a killer and all I wanted to do was dive in my swimming pool, not sit and entertain the drama queen. One thing about Sheila, she was a knock out dresser. Her large tits were smothered in a white halter-top exposing her dark brown nipples protruding from inside the material.


She wore a red mini-skirt, legs crossed, no stockings, her bronze fake-&-bake salon tan needed no covering. Her toenails were painted red, matching her long fingernails as well her full lips that had probably housed more cock than all the ‘Hanes’ briefs presently worn within a ten mile radius. The belly-button ring was a new addition.


My cock stirred at the sight of her. When she uncrossed her knees and spread her legs to stretch and meet my hug and kiss, her skirt rode high and exposed her neatly trimmed bush, she wasn’t wearing panties.

Something told me that Sheila had removed them lickidy split when Janet left the house, she was waiting to seduce me one more time. Other than the blow job she gave me in the outhouse many years ago, I had never succumbed to her many repeated attempts to bed me, but at that moment I was vulnerable. Having Jarrod watch me fuck his mother was the qualifier, a great turn-on, enough to make me want to commit adultery.


The friendly kiss on the lips found my tongue inside her mouth and my hand between her legs. She was wet, my fingers easily slid into her pussy. Still bending over her, one swipe removed her top and my teeth bit her perky raisons, each getting the equal attention they deserved.


She took the opportunity to pull the golf shirt over my head and aimlessly toss it into a rosebush. I kicked off my shoes and tugged off my socks. I located the three side buttons that supported her skirt upon her slender hips.


I could hear Jarrod behind my back making strange sounds as he battled his naked GI-Joe dolls on a raft. It must have been quite the fist fight, his voice changed several times uniquely fitting the individual characters. I heard mimicked gunshots and explosions. In his own fantasy land, Jarrod was oblivious to the adult rapture happening fifteen-feet away. He hadn’t yet noticed my bare ass after Sheila unfastened my belt, button and zipper and hauled my pants and underwear down to me knees. I used the heals of my feet on the hems to step out of them rendering myself completely naked. Sheila grasped my cock and fought me off her tits to take a mouthful of meat. She loved cock as much as I did, a rarity within her gender.


I picked Sheila up and carried her to the blanket sprawled pool side deck. Jarrod couldn’t help but notice his naked mother and me settling down, our lips locked, her scream when I entered her, digging her long nails into my back. Not for a moment did I think my modest cock was what excited her, she had had much bigger, it was purely the thrill that she finally got me. Suddenly it occurred to me. Another conquest of hers, fucking her sister’s husband just because she could. Bitch!


The tables needed turning. I fucked her hard and whispered in her ear that her five-year old son was no longer a virgin, that I fucked him just as hard as I was doing her, and how much tighter he was compared to her cunt. I told her what a great cock sucker he was, taking after dear old mom in that regard, and how her boyfriend Rick should now take advantage of a blow job instead of a handjob in his morning showers with the boy.


Sheila was perplexed, her eyes bugged out and tried to fight me off her. However, my large frame had her pinned to the ground. All the more excited that made me. I reminded her about Charles, her married lover, and how she couldn’t deny that the man wanted Jarrod in bed with them for reasons she couldn’t deny, and she would have eventually allowed that to please her sugar-daddy who paid her rent every month had his wife not have hired a private detective, leaving poor Sheila in the poor house again.


I left out the fact that Janet had fucked the boy, nor did I mention fifteen year-old boy Carlo who had his way with Jarrod, as well. No sense incriminating other people.


I pressed the issue of who she was with in Vegas. I knew in my heart that she met Charles. Sure enough, Sheila admitted it. I made it perfectly clear that if she wanted rich Charles, Jarrod could be used as a pawn, the dangling carrot that would be irresistible enough for the man to chance resuming an affair with his mistress. Oh yes, the man wouldn’t be able to resist such an offer.


Suddenly, Sheila wasn’t fighting me off, she met every thrust with vigor. She was turned on by the prospect, or perhaps, knowing Sheila, financially motivated even if it meant bargaining her son for her gain. I told her that Jarrod needed a little more education, and to leave him with me for the night. I came the second she agreed to it. The scatter-brain ate it, hook, line and sinker.


Sheila dressed in a hurry, even took her panties from her purse and put them on. She walk to the pool and bent over to give her kid a kiss goodbye, telling him that he had to stay over another night wit uncle and auntie, Jarrod had no problem with it, he could play in the pool longer than expected.


An hour later, I lifted his water-logged body out of the pool and dried him with a large towel. His dick was shrivelled into his groin, only his reddish head peaked. His immature testicles had always been tiny, but right then, they were unidentifiable other than the darker pink skinned scrotum that was flush to his groin, giving him the appearance of an eunuch.


I carried him up to my bed with my index finger moistened and planted to the third knuckle in his rectum with only minor complaint. I flopped down on the bed and shoved him down between my legs, He was going to get a thorough lesson on sucking man-cock, with no Gi-Joe doll distractions.


If truth be known, I really wasn’t getting off on the five year old. I had had him, that was enough. However, his scatterbrained mother’s financial well being hinged on keeping rich-man Charles coming back for more, the boy’s one-way sphincter valve already modified to open in reverse, and if I could educate the boy beyond basic blowjob-101, all the more reason the man would be encouraged to lavish his mistress financially.


I taught him how to use his tongue, hands and mouth over the most sensitive areas. Jarrod was uncoordinated in using his hand to pump the shaft in sync to his mouth, painfully beating himself on the lips. Another challenge was remembering to massage the testicles with his other hand in unison to giving head, he would forget, unable to concentrate on performing both duties at the same time, or when pausing to replenish his lungs, that same need could be accomplished as he licking inside the piss slit or balls, but never cease to provide oral pleasure. There wasn’t much I could recommend to ease his aching jaw, other than telling him that if he performed well, a man would orgasm much quicker and long before the discomfort set in.


When I hear of guys wanting to be deep-throated, I shake my head. That technique doesn’t add any more pleasure, even lessens stimulation. Everyone has their gag reflex limitations, learning where that fine-line exists is crucial for a good cock-sucker and the recipient must respect that. I couldn’t imagine anything less unpleasant than a boy puking over my groin.


Jarrod might have been a slow learner, A.D.D., when it came to the fine art of sucking man-cock, but he was getting the hang of it. He could practise on Charles, or maybe even Rick, my job was done and I fed him his just reward, another thing he would learn to like the taste of over time. Hell, when he was a few years older, I would have the perfect little ready-made fuck-buddy!


Janet came home around ten that night, Jarrod was asleep. She had shown several homes to a couple from Switzerland with “The most gorgeous thirteen-year old son.” The father, an ambassador, had been reassigned from his post in Holland. The family was staying at the Sheraton Hotel not far from our home. Janet had invited Sven over the next day to meet Danny and Cory, considerate that the blond, blue eyed hunk would need to meet boys his age to help him adjust to his relocation. The kid would most probably attend the same school, she claimed Sven was looking forward to public school, having spent all his academic years at a remote all-boys school, seeing his parents only every-other weekend and holidays.


I asked why she didn’t invite the parents over, the bitch smiled coyly, saying that they had a previous engagement at the Senator’s mansion, an affair that Sven wasn’t overly looking forward to, convincing his parents to excuse him. How convenient, taking advantage of the situation and rallying on Sven’s behalf, Janet had sealed the deal.


Janet undressed and climbed atop me to ‘ride the pony’ horny as hell, not having time to see her two young Tom-cats that evening. Little Jarrod bounced around beside us in blissful slumber. I refrained from telling her that I fucked her sister earlier, but did mention the lurid scenario behind why the boy was still there, and had not gone home with Sheila. She agreed with my theory of seducing Charles back into Sheila’s life by means of using Jarrod to complete the arrangement.


The next morning, 10 year-old Jason and 9 year-old Kyle were waiting for me on the corner. Parked in front of the elementary school again, three naked bodies licked and sucked and fondled each other. I asked Jason about Mr. Connors while Kyle blew me, and what a turn on that turned out to be.


Jason did as I suggested at morning recess, all smiles, standing beside Mr. Connors at the urinals, he commented on the man’s nice cock and offered him a blowjob right there, on the spot. I would have to correct Jason’s overzealous approach to that of something a little more subtle. According to the boy, Mr. Connors blew a load into the urinal a second after the proposition.


As I suspected, by the afternoon recess, Mr. Connors would have formulated a plan. He told Jason to meet him after school outside the janitors room where he whisked the boy inside and fumbled with his trousers to release his cock and balls standing over the lad seated on a mop-pail after he pulled down Jason’s school shorts and underpants, having unbuttoned his white dress shirt to fondle the boy’s torso and genitals first.


The door opened and closed quicker than Jason could determine that Mr. Jenkins, the janitor, had joined them wasting no time in peeling off his coveralls that fell to his feet. Underwearless, Jason described the man’s cock as short but fat compared to Mr. Conners long and slender manhood. Jason feasted on both men who took turns using his mouth, each offering a flow of sticky man-juice that he was fully familiar with compliments of my heavy secretion in that regard.


So, the two men were in cahoots with each other. I wondered how many other boys they had seated on the yellow mop-pail to service them. I’d bet my bottom dollar that they had never had a cock-pig like Jason before! They owed me for that one, perhaps the janitor’s room would include one more cock, no doubt in my mind that they had a harem of willing, or unwilling boys. I would have to introduce myself one day.


Kyle choked and slurped. It was a hefty, two nutter, one of those almost painful climaxes if it didn’t feel so fucking great voiding it in torrents. The elementary school’s extracurricular student activities was a huge turn on!


to be continued . . .

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