Chapter Eight


When I arrived home and saw the pile of sneakers on the porch, counting to eight and dividing by two, simple mathematics told me there were four boys in my home. I could hear the ruckus of slashing coming from outdoors. I went upstairs strip off my sweaty clothes and peaked out the window.


Three teens I recognized, the blond, almost white haired lad could only have been Sven. All were obviously naked, tan lines contrasted by darker pubic patches sen jumping up in a game of water volleyball, two per team, the boys in the shallow-end having the advantage over those treading water in the deep-end.


I smelled the distinct scent of the BBQ and looked to where my sinuses detected the wonderful  odor. Janet was toppless hovering over the grill flipping burgers and wieners. The patio table was already set with paper plates and condiments. It occurred to me that just before I left for work, she complained of that ‘time of the month,’ hence the bikini bottoms worn.


I wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way down to the cedar deck, stopping first to grab a beer, actually two beer, one in each hand to consume quickly for liquid confidence. I kissed Janet, her reception to it was encouraging, I was indeed welcome to her boy-fest. She pulled the towel from my hips and told me that I was overdressed for the pool-party.


Danny, Cory and Carlo greeted me from the pool, the fourth boy, much better looking than from the bedroom window perspective, smiled. His whiter than white perfect teeth gleamed from under his corrective silver braces, the boy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, I hoped that he didn't have the attitude that went along with it.


Janet was right. Sven was a very nice looking specimen. He had a swimmers build from what I could see of his upper body. His medium length hair was indeed white with a hint of blond. His eyes were sky blue and radiated a certain friendliness. I later learned that he had turned 13 only a week prior.


The boys resumed their volleyball game after introductions were made and a friendly hand wave sealed the acknowledgement in lieu of a handshake. From fifteen feet away, it wasn’t my imagination that Sven’s eyes perused my physique from head to toe and back,


Which led to my curiosity in asking Janet how she managed to get the boy to remove his clothes so quickly. She claimed that she had no part in it, the other three boys set the example and Sven simply followed their lead. She removed her bikini bra to give that extra sense of uninhibited modesty and comfort level.


We need not have worried. Sven was quite used to nudity and attended many beaches with his parents where clothing was optional. I had forgotten how liberal the Swedes were when it came to nudity, and living in Holland where the same nonchalant attitude exists. Only in North America can we not separate nudity from sexual connotations.


When the boys were called out of the pool for dinner, I finally got to see the adonis in the full monty. At first, I thought he was yet void of pubic hair, but on closer inspection, a small growth of blond wisps at the base of his uncut three inch cock had merely blended into his pale groin area. The same could be said for his underarms standing with his hands on his head waiting his turn to be served by Janet at the BBQ.


The little slut insisted that each boy suck her tit before they were given a burger and dog. Danny decided he wanted both nipples, and probably would have like to fuck her right then, his bulky cock swelled to half-mast in a manner of seconds, The rest of us balked and groaned to keep the line moving.


Sven didn’t know what to make of the scene just ahead of him. Whether is was the shock of Danny taking liberties, or a fear that he was next in line and expected to pay homage to the chef in such personal way, he turned crimson red, his body covered in goosebumps looking like a freshly plucked chicken carcass. I doubted whether he would remember suckling his mother’s breast, but sure as hell, he would never forget those perky nipples between his teeth for a lifetime to come.


Carlo couldn’t take his eyes of Sven, he was as smitten with him as a schoolgirl. He would have gladly passed on the tittie lick in oder to take a seat beside his object of lust before anyone else could.  He all but dropped his plate of food scrambling to take his rightful spot.


I wasn’t the only one to notice. Danny and Cory were smirking at Carlo, giggling while they shovelled their meals into their mouths. Danny removed his wiener from its bun and began to fellate it, teasing their older gay chum who snarled at him. It was funny, everyone else thought so, including Sven. In no time at all, all of us guys were sucking off our wieners in one big hilarious perverted antic.


Even Janet got into the moment, standing, she pushed down her panties enough to expose her manicured bush and held the near replica close to her groin and dangled it in front of Danny’s face who wasted no time in humoring his kinky mistress and literally acted through the motions of giving her head.


We roared, chanting together, “Suck it, . . . Suck it, . . .Suck it, . . . until Danny bit half the wiener off and chewed it, causing the crowd to squeal in fictitious pain and boo the sadist, each of us cowering to protect our own dicks in exaggeration.


Cory and Carlo couldn’t have sent a more straightforward message to Sven when they both screamed in gest at Danny that they would never allow him to suck their cocks ever again. Sven giggled, then he bent his head to the left in a puzzled expression staring off into space as if questioning what his ears and brain absorbed, maybe doubting his intellect. Some strange gut instinct told me that Sven was not all that naeve to boy-play.


When he excused himself to go to the bathroom, I followed. He knew that I was behind him, however, not for a minute did he think I would follow into the loo, his attempt to close the door blocked by my shoulder. His eyes widened and his mouth formed a perfect ‘O,.’ He blushed, not knowing where to look in his confusion as I stood beside him at the bowl,an arm around his shoulder and let myself spray the porcelain.


Intimidated, Sven forced a few squirts from his bladder. Suddenly, he pulled back his foreskin and relieved himself. Seeing his reddish turtle-like head exposed from its protective sheath, I got a hard on. His eyes were glued to my genitals, I stroked myself. Sven could not retreat, I held him firmly in place and began to pressure him downward to sit on the toilet seat.


My hand at the back of his head, I brought him forward to meet my cock at his lips. As I suspected, perhaps it wasn’t a man he’d sucked before, but the lure I had heard about all-boy-schools couldn’t be all bullshit, I took my chances.


I first basted his lips in precum before prodding between them. Slowly, he relaxed his jaw and accepted my crown beyond the barrier of his teeth. I couldn’t contain a chuckle, proud of myself for concluding that young Sven had sucked a great deal many cock in school, he knew exactly what to do, no grazing teeth, a mouth generating ample saliva, and without being told, a handful of my nuts. His only inhibition was that I was much older than he’d ever had before. I could see it in his face, wanting to please, and waiting for verbal incentive to do his thing. Once granted, Sven devoured my cock proving his worthiness with the possible threat of being beaten up for non-conformity. The boys of St. Vincents had taught him well. I could only hope that his boygina had been well used and broken in paving the way for a man-cock to spread him fully.


Sven never even flinched when I lost all control, wobbly knees, fingers grasping his hair tighter than he deserved. He never lost momentum and  seconds later, allowed the stream to gather in the pit of his lower jaw before swallowing it in two gulps. I thought that every lad should reside at a private boys-school somewhere on the planet.


I ruffled his hair, telling him what a good cock-sucker he was. I’m not certain whether he took that as a complement or not as I think he was struggling with the acidity of man cum in his throat versus the familiar sweater boy cum he was used to.


Any other husband missing so long would have been sought out by a wife. I had all the time in the world to quiz Sven on his private school experiences. He claimed that older boys often used younger for sex. Mostly, it was payment for protective services rendered, nobody messed with a seniors ‘Butt-Boy’ and lived to tell about it. over the years, from age eight to twelve, he had four such senior students, who passed him along to a successor when they graduated middle school, or in the meantime, allow a friend or two to use his butt-boy boy.


According to Sven, butt-boys were sometimes won or lost over a serious poker game. Yes, he admitted that he’d been fucked numerous times, even the center of an orgy when the teens infrequently got drunk or stoned, and even did each other, sometimes relieving him of the burden, only to sit and watch. Sven confirmed to me that the greatest kept secret was boys’ school sexual activity. It was a part of the culture, but nobody talked about it afterward.


When Sven and I walked out to the deck, Janet, Cory, Danny and Carlo were missing. I knew where they were, even gay Carlo was having a good time with his buddies, compliments of Janet.


Sven had to get home to the hotel before his parents worried, if in fact they were home by then. I was willing to chance a delay, pulling to the darkened side of the hotel parking lot and pulling Sven’s pants down to suck his cock. Four inches, silky smooth; asked, and assured that he could cum, I devoured him and rewarded twenty minutes later with a hint of sweetness, his body vibrating at what had must have been a violent orgasm for him, less the abundance of seminal fluid, yet his cock pulsated and twitched desperately trying to void more than his testis could produce. I sent him on his way into the hotel after giving him an open invitation to our home anytime he got bored, even if weren’t home, he could use the swimming pool

It was 11pm, I gambled and called 10 year old Jason, either his mother would still be out or fucking some guy in her bed. He answered. I had a silly, perverted urge to have sex with him in his own bed surrounded by his boy-things. Not disappointed, Jason’s bedroom was everything that I expected and then some. He had a racing-car bed, Winnie-the-Pooh window curtains and matching bedding. The wallpaper was super-heroes, and model planes hung from the ceiling. Other model automobiles shared shelves crammed with board games and children’s books. His room was a mess of dirty clothes strewn everywhere and dirty dishes atop his nightstand and dresser. Typical boy’s bedroom.


He was quite excited showing me his worldly possessions as I stripped off my clothes and was led around the room by my erection. He was wearing only underpants that he removed himself. A blowjob ensued sitting on the edge of his bed and me standing in front of him, followed by a more comfortable position laying on the tiny bed with him between my legs. Damn, he was good. I could have let him do me to the bitter end, however, a long hard fuck was going to be the main course, this time in Jason’s car which had about as much room as the back seat of mine.


I reached for my shorts to retrieve the lube I remembered to take from the glovebox and had him smear it on. He jerked me off a few moments, then applied more. He was testing its sleekness, satisfied, he rolled onto his back and held his legs above his head.


The puckered pink gateway to boy-heaven was begging to be tongue fucked a good long while, he deserved the attention. Placing the two plump pillows under the small of his back, I delved into the intoxicating, musky scent. I was glad that he had not had an evening bath and spoiled the all so natural aphrodisiac boy-spices.


The lube had gelled on my cock after awhile, however, a dab of saliva in the palm of my hand reversed its chemical compound back to exactly what the label claimed, “A long lasting ease of glide for even the tightest of squeezes a man may venture!” The creator of that slogan had to have been a boy-lover himself.


Jason was as tight to penetrate as he was the very first time I laid him. Again, I thought of all the erotic stories I had read claiming the elasticity of the sphincter weakened significantly and molded itself ready to accept penetration of equal, or smaller sized cock without much resistance thereafter. Hogwash.


I pushed ahead an inch and retreated a half-inch, repeat process, and that’s the way to work your cock into very young boy. The old adage of despair, ‘Two steps forward, one step back’ cannot be more descriptive no matter how many times he’s been fucked!


Jason howled a barrage of “owies, grunts and pants. Never once did he formally complain; as in, “Take it out, you bastard!”

 I reached the end of my six inches. My groin solid against his radiant hot crotch, I paused for both of us to catch our breath, My view of his face was obscured by his tightly held legs, body in a ball position. I pried his knees apart ever so slightly to gaze upon his state of well being and laughed aloud when he smiled back at me and his right fingers momentarily left his grip to flutter a wave hello to me.


I slammed his legs closed and confidently fucked the hell out of him. His race-car bed slammed into the wall, its structural integrity was in question; creaking loudly, wood against wood, wood against plasterboard: and best of all, skin slapping skin and wails of pain and pleasure coming together, all of it in perfect harmony.


My mental dilemma was between flooding his ass or battling his legs apart like a wishbone in order to crawl over him and feed my dirty cock for the grand finale. The millisecond of decision time didn’t allow for prolonged debate, I plunged deep with the false feeling that my cock was twelve inches long invading his colon and saturating it.


My orgasm lasted a good minute and a half, my entire body felt like my cum had somehow backed up, unable to expel the volume through my dick and had entered my veins causing an overwhelming tingling from head to toe.Almost epileptic was I in muscle spasms draping myself over Jason completely out of breath. Suddenly, the right side of the bed collapsed and spilled us onto the floor. Throughout the calamity, my cock never lost ground in his ass. We had a great belly laugh over it, or at least I did.


At first, Jason laughed at the splintered pressboard wood and screws protruding everywhere covered in sawdust. however, moments later I saw the look of devastation register on his face. One of his most prized possessions was ruined and he was too proud to cry in front of me.


What could I say but joke that that clunker of a racing car had finally seen its day and crashed in the final lap of the race, time to get a new one anyway. His spirits lifted when I told him that I would pick him up after school the very next day and we would go shopping for later model at ‘Furniture World;’ one that was a little bigger; could accommodate passengers, and take a beating on the racetrack the next time it was taken for wicked spin when I came to visit again.


I jerry-rigged it back together for him, at least to sleep in that night. I worried about how I was going to explain to his mom a stranger carrying in a new bed for him the next day, but I would cross the bridge when I came to it.


Jason had a very keen ear and told me that his mom was fumbling with the tricky front door lock as she always did. I heard the giggles, she wasn’t alone. It was an older building, one that had an outdoor fire escape accessible from the rear kitchen door. Naked as a jaybird, I gathered my clothes and followed Jason to the to the black iron escape route.


I knocked over an Hibachi BBQ, cast-iron crashing on the small metal decking was enough to wake up the neighbors. I pictured someone seeing me running down the stairs; a perverted peeping Tom, and the police screaming to the scene. Not chancing that, I ran down the darkened alley defying gravity as I pulled on my shoes, shorts and shirt  realizing that I had left my socks and underwear behind.


Once within the confined safety of my car, and no racing police cars in sight, I laughed. For the first time in my life I could relate to hearing about men doing the exact same panic exodus from an illicit lover’s home when a husband came home sooner than expected. I don’t think my pants were past my thighs when I fumbled in my pockets for the Audi’s remote door unlock hitting the alarm button instead. Advertising my dilemma was the headlights flashing and an ear piercing shriek reverberating off the surrounding tenements buildings. I wasted no time entering the vehicle and racing off. Somehow, the close call invigorated me, I would be pushing fate and sneaking in and out of Jason’s bedroom via the fire escape regardless if mom was home in her bedroom fucking her own brains out.


My hopes were fulfilled, the three boys weren’t in my bed. However, neither was Janet. A note left on my pillow advised that she was driving Danny and Carlo home. I wondered why the two boys hadn’t crashed next door at Cory’’s place considering the late hour. Most assuredly, she first dropped Carlo off and was soon afterward in the back seat with Danny. I was tired and wasn’t in the mood anyway. But it nagged me again how dangerously involved she was becoming with the infatuated 14 year old.


And who was I to call the kettle black? Three hours ago I drove Sven back to his parents hotel, a six block trip. Surely she concluded Sven and me were parked somewhere and getting it on, and she was quite correct with that assumption, however, she would never have guessed about my detour to be with Jason, at his home, in his bedroom.


Perhaps we were both straying from our perverse agreement of sharing our marital bed. Consensual adultery of the most profound of morals. She had hers, I had mine in the privacy of bedrooms across the hall. We had come a long way, more like a derailed freight-train, than our original planned romps with our weekend adopted boys, Egan and Troy from the orphanage, whom I would be picking up the next day. Our nephew Michael was expected over for the weekend, as well. I had to laugh, I had enough boys to form my own baseball team!


to be continued . . .