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Disclaimers: The use of world famous names in the beginning of this story, specifically President Kennedy, Jackie, and John Glenn, are not meant to imply that these great men/women are, or could/would, ever be involved in any manner of deviant behavior. The names were used as a time/date reference only. This author recognizes their significant and heroic contributions in this world and has, and shall always have, the utmost respect for them and their work as they truly were, modern day heroes.


BY: Cecil Melvin Peebody (or CMePee)




Definition: Sphincter-factor: (I use 'Sphincter factors' to measure fear, excitement, or arousal because all of those emotions have the same physical symptoms IE. rapid heartbeat, heightened awareness, sinking feeling in stomach, loosening and tightening of the sphincter muscle. It's based on a scale of one to ten, one being the least and ten the most.).

How had I come to this point, in my 14 years? My hero, John Glenn, was orbiting the Earth in his totally boss Gemini spaceship; meanwhile, My other hero, President Kennedy, was about to go to war with Russia; yet, here I was, lying on my back, in bed at 5am, peeing on a roll of toilet paper. I had just finished 'pissing for pleasure' in my bed-covers down at the foot of my bed a few moments earlier.

I wondered if John Glenn liked to pee on himself; or, if President Kennedy likes peein' in his bed. Does Jackie know? The visualization of it made me shutter.

As my piss slowed to a dribble, I glanced over to the other side of the room and to my horror, I saw my little brother, Joey, staring at me wide eyed (Joey was 12 years old and slept on the opposite side of our 20ft X 35ft bedroom. We were playmates since birth and rarely fought over anything. This is unusual for brothers, but since my older brothers picked on me so badly, I swore that I would never subject my little brother to that kind of abuse. Besides, I'd always despised bullies and bullying. My love for piss play is the only thing I've ever kept secret from him). Since he'd already seen me peeing anyway, I leaned over and shot my last couple of jets on the floor next to my bed.

What the hell are ya doin'?!” he said in a horse whisper.

Shh! Keep it down and come over here,” I said as I sat up and threw my legs over the side of the bed.

Being wintertime in New Jersey, Joey wrapped his covers around him and scampered across the cold tile floor to hop up next to me.

What's all this?” he said noticing all the soaked toilet paper along the side of my bed.

It's kind of a long story,” I said. “It's just a little game I invented. I wanted to pee in bed without soaking the mattress. I tried pissing in a coffee can but it wasn't exciting enough. I needed something a little more risque.”

It looks like you wet some of the bed,” he said as he pointed to the darkened lines on my sheets.

It's OK to wet it a little cuz I got a mattress-pad on it. Besides, it's fun to pee in bed. I get the 'willies' when I see my pee goin' on the bed.”

While I spoke, I noticed that something kept tenting out from his pajama bottoms as he was staring intently at the wet spots. I figured it was his boner flexing. 'He likes looking at where I peed the bed'! I thought. 'Have I found a new pee partner'? Just thinking about it gave me a 'chubby'. My dick flexed when he said...

I like peein' in bed too. Especially when it's cold and I don't want to walk over to use the bathroom. Only, I don't use toilet paper to pee on. I just roll over and pee against the wall. I like the way it flattens out when it hits the wall. I also like hearing it tinkle as it runs under the bed. I mop it up later after I get up. Sometimes, I hold it back and start slow so my pee leaves a trail on the bed. It makes my wiener hard to watch pee going on the bed. I get really excited when I let go, and it rises up in an arch. I also like peein' where I'm not s'pose to. It gives me a boner; look...” He fished his dick out through the flap in his flannel pajamas. Just as I thought, he had about a 4 inch boner.

I had seen my little brother naked many times but never with a hard-on. Soft, his dink looked like a cocktail wienie. Hard, it looked like a frankfurter. It made me horny to see it. I was tempted to put it in my mouth but I was afraid of what he might think. Mine cock was slightly bigger at 5 plus inches, and was now ratcheting up.

Joey started to squirm around and said, “I gotta go pee...that's why I woke up.” Looking at my comforter at the foot of the bed he said “I was gonna' go on my wall but, since it's already wet...”

Just the thought of it was giving me the 'willies'. I really wanted to see my little brother pissing in my bed-covers! Then, I had a better idea.

Wait a minute,” I said. “Cross your legs and sit in the middle of the bed.”

As he was shifting around to get into position, I got down at the end of the bed and laid down (face up) across the already wet comforter and said, “Make it rain down on me. Point your wiener up when you let go.”

Awww, I wanna pee the bed.”

Later,” I said as I began to stroke my cock. “Do it my way first.”

He looked at me like he wasn't sure and said, “I’m havin' trouble gettin' started.”

I started making noises like running water (sshshhshhshhshhshhshhshhsh).

He stroked it a few times and aimed his dick up so his piss would arc. As he let out a sigh, his slit opened up and a piss bubble appeared. My stomach sank as I saw little rivulets of pee winding through his fingers, drizzling down on my bed. The little drips were leaving dark spots on the sheets. I just knew he was going to hold back because he likes peeing the bed. My heart began to throb when I watched his arc of piss slowly rise and pitter-patter up the sheets. About halfway there it began to diminish and walk backwards. It went back to a dribble and then out again. When it made splishy sounds, he'd aim for a dry area. He let the arc build until it almost reached me and then it retreated again. “Come on, come on, come on,” I thought as I was becoming impatient. His stream retreated about halfway back when he finally let it go. The twisted stream began to get fat and rise exponentially. The pattering got louder as the arc ascended. My heart was beating wildly as I watched the stream climb and leave a dark line where it plopped down on the sheets.

Now whizzing in a high arc, the hot piss came splattering down on my chest and took my breath away. Joey smiled as he panned his stream back and forth over my body. When the hot piss hit my dick, I had to stop stroking to keep from shooting to early. He took special delight (as did I) in splattering my face and hair. “Splishity-splattery-splashity-splat,” the piss said as it came splattering down on my bare skin. I tightly closed my eyes to keep them from stinging.

This is so boss,” he said. “I'll piss on ya anytime ya want!” Giggling, he pointed his 'schween' right at my face. The hot piss drilling into my cheek was bringing me closer to the edge.

I was surprised when he said he was almost done. He'd only been peeing for about 10 or 15 seconds. I watched in disappointment as the pale yellow stream diminished and began to retreat backwards toward its source. Trying to protect what was still dry on my mattress, I quickly crawled over to him and put his, still pissing, dick in my mouth. This made him tense up and stop. I motioned for him to continue as I kept my lips tight around his penis. His dick pulsed at the thought of pissing in my mouth. He took a deep breath and in a few seconds I felt salty warmth surrounding my tongue. He let out a sigh and his piss stream skipped across my tongue, drilling into the back of my mouth. I could feel vibrations under his dick as the hot piss raced through it. It almost brought me over the edge-of-no-return to feel hot piss whiz in my mouth. Try as I might, it was too acrid for me to swallow. When I started to gag and spit, he stopped his pee again.

I gotta finish!” he said squirming. “I can't hold it!”

I thought you were almost done,” I said accusingly.

I am,” he said. “You know you have to finish once you start.”

Since I'd already spit out what I had in my mouth, I resigned myself that my mattress was a lost cause, and that he was going to finish out his piss in the bed. Because I was so close to the edge, and wanted to see him do it too, I sat up and motioned for him to continue. Grinning form ear to ear, he crawled up to the head of my bed and got up on his knees. I was keeping myself on the edge by making small manipulations on my cock-head. In anticipation of pissing in bed, his little dick began to swell, bounce, and stretch out. My heart started racing as the stream slowly started up and then got fat. I came close to shooting as the arc rose higher and higher. I wanted it to last, so I backed off.

We both delighted in watching hot piss plopping down on my bed-sheets. I hopped off the bed to give him clear reign. While watching him splatter my bed with hot piss, I kept bringing myself to the edge and backing off. With a broad smile, he moved his stream around aiming for dry areas. He loved watching the dark lines appear as his hot piss hit the bed-sheets. The resultant pitter-pattering was making my heart pound as the heavy droplets came thudding down on the mattress.

I started my special stroke (everyone has a special stroke they like to use when they cum to maximize the intensity). This time, I wasn't going to stop myself from going over the edge. I wanted to cum...I needed to cum...I was past the point of caring.

As the pressure subsided, he turned to face me. When his stream hit me in the balls and ran down my legs, I went right over the edge. I was past the point of no return. My sphincter got tight as my cum was building. The feelings intensified as I heard the tinkling of his pee hitting the floor. Higher and higher, tighter and tighter. Still using my special stroke, I became weak in the knees, quivering, as I heard the last dribbles of his pee splishing on my mattress. Up and up. Every muscle in my body was at maximum. I'd never had a build-up like this before. It seemed to be taking forever. Little droplets of semen began dancing and bouncing from my slit as my stroke became more purposeful. Higher—higher—higher—higher.

Just as my sphincter opened up and cum was climbing up my tube, he shot his last couple-o-jets on my dick.

Arfnug,” was all I could say, as white, hot sperm roped out in a high arc plopping down on his head. With my knees buckling, I kept up my stroke as another, then another white rope shot from my slit.

It was beautiful! The first two ropes hit him square in the face leaving a white trail that started from his upper lip, crossing his nose, and ending up as two big blobs on top of his head. His hair fluffed out as my sperms landed. Seeing this intensified my orgasm. The remaining spurts rained down as droplets, sizes ranging from silver dollars to pennies. Dark circles, with silvery spots in the middle, stained his PJ’s.

Wow! That was so cool,” he said licking his lips. “Not bad...a little salty though. I'd like to try it fresh from the source sometime.”

I think that could be arranged,” I said. “For some reason, it tastes better when it's fresh, and you're horny. By the tricked me, ya know!”

Wadaya mean?” he said while wiping his face with his sleeve.

You know what I mean. You lied when you said you was done peein'...soz you could piss my bed.”

Yea, well, you seemed to like it,” he shot back pointing to the blobs of cum everywhere. “I ain’t never seen nobody shoot like that before.”

I never shot like that before,” I said. “That was the best cum I ever had!”

While we were talking I noticed that he was using some of my cum as lube while slowly manipulating his own hard cock.

Seeing all this was making me horny again. I reached out and gave his slippery hard cock a few strokes, while watching carefully for his reaction.

Ahhh, that feels good,” he said as he leaned back on his elbows. “Don't stop.”

Satisfied that he was comfortable with my administrations, I said “if ya like that, you'll love this!” I grabbed my pillow and threw it on the floor and knelt between his knees. As he sat up straight, I licked and pursed my lips. My teeth were already out so all I had to do was lube up my lips and close my mouth. I coiled my tongue to make a cradle for his cock. It created a nice tight tunnel (Because of an accident, a few years previous, I was missing eleven of my permanent teeth. [six upper and five lower] I was fitted with a temporary partial denture. I discovered some time ago that my missing teeth gave me a special advantage in this area).

Slowly I slipped his hard dick between my lips and gums until my face was pressed into his tight, smooth abdomen. The head of his dick rode along the roof while the underside was saddled in my tongue (It is especially enjoyable with cocks five inches or less because I don't choke or gag. I also like to have my face planted firmly against a smooth tight abdomen and feeling hairless balls on my chin).

aaahhh!” was all he could say.

My dick pulsed as I thought about his cock sliding into that hot, slick, tight tunnel. I could feel his dick pulse too as I backed off and did it again...and again...and again. I kept up a slow steady rhythm for the first couple minutes and then picked up speed. Joey was 'ooo-ing' and 'ahhh-ing' the entire time.

Finally, I was jacking his cock with my mouth as fast as I could. This wasn't so pleasant for me, but I was into giving him as much pleasure as I could. He suddenly grabbed both sides of my head and tried to get me to go faster. I backed off and said “stand up in front of me.” (I discovered, some time ago, that it's best to let the cock owner dictate the rhythm when getting close).

As he stood up and removed his Pajamas, I turned my back to the bed and sat on the floor. What a beautiful sight he was. Slender, hairless, V-shaped torso, tight abdomen, round smooth ass-cheeks, perfectly muscle-toned legs, and a hard, slightly curved cock with a big head, pointing up at 135 degrees. At 4 ft 8 in and 80 lbs, he was walking proof that there is a God. He sauntered up to me and I let him slip his cock through my pursed lips. With his hands on either side of my head, he began moving his hips back and forth as he started started up a steady rhythm. Soon his rhythm increased in both speed and intensity, as did his breathing. With each inward thrust he would pull my face tight to his firm abdomen.

I ran my hands up and down the backs of his smooth, firm, 12 year old, thighs and over his tight round ass-cheeks as he was humping my mouth. I felt his muscles flexing as his thrusting took on the urgency of his impending release. It felt as though we were one, as I could feel the exquisite pleasures he was feeling. Without even touching myself, I was coming as close to release as he was.

He was thrusting hard now, seemingly oblivious that there was a living being on the other end. All that was important to him now was the imminent discharge of his essence. He began intervals of holding his breath, blowing it out, then quickly sucking in another. All-the-while he was making unintelligible sounds resembling pain. Quicker and quicker...harder and harder. With each thrust he'd let out a grunt (ung—ung—ung—ung—ung). His balls were no longer hitting me in the chin, as they were drawn up tight next to his rock hard cock. As he got closer, I got closer. I knew he was on his final build-up when his thrusting became purposeful.

He sucked in a final deep breath and held it in. I felt his dick get steely-hard. Then he let out an “Aaaagh” and slammed it home. He held my head tight to his abdomen making those tiny little thrusts while his dick pulsed. With each pulse, his dick would jump, tap the roof of my mouth, and shoot hot jets of salty fluid (Tap—tap—tap—tap—tap—tap—tap). I held his tight ass firmly as his knees became weak. His cum was thin and slippery, pooling under my tongue. It was like warm salty olive oil and had a slightly metallic taste. I swallowed it easily. The pulses continued for a while, even after he stopped shooting his stuff.

Oh, wow!” he said. “That was better'n Mar...” his voice trailing off as if he'd caught himself.

Mar, what?!” I said. “This isn't the first time you've done this is it?” I asked accusingly.

Yea, well, you ain’t no amateur yourself!” he shot back.

Hey, I didn't mean nothin' by it...I was just wonderin' if you'd been doin' it with someone, that's all.”

Joey started hemming and hawing “I don't know...,” he said, trailing off. “I promised.”

Hey! Since when can't we trust each other, huh? I ain’t never ratted you out for nothin' before!”

Well, you didn't tell me nothin' about what you were doin' neither!”

Look,” I said, “I was scared to say anything. You know what they do to ya in school if they think you're a 'homo'. Wadaya think they'd do if they knew you liked eating cum and having boys pee on ya?”

Oh man, our life would be over,” he said.

Our?!” have been doin it!” “Who with?”

You first.”

I'll tell you, if you'll tell me...but ya gotta swear, by your nuts, that you'll never tell no one!”

You know I won't tell,” he said. “I can cut off my nuts if I tell”.

Yea? Well first, you gotta' let me put my wiener in your mouth soz' I can say you sucked my dick, just in case you decide ya 'need' ta tell someone.”

No way,” he said. “That'll make me a 'queer'.”

Don't say that!”

Say what?”

Queer, or 'fag'...they're bad words.”


Because they're derogatory,” I said. “Homos aren't bad people...they can't help being who they are. Would you make a choice to be hated and ridiculed by most of the world!?”

No, I guess not. What should I call them?”

Homos, 'cause it's short for homosexual, which is proper. It's like when ya call Negros, colored people, soz' you don't insult them.”

Besides,” I said, “you and I like girls, and ya can't be a 'homo' if ya like girls. Anyway, I gave you a whole blow-job. All you have to do is put it in your mouth.”

What's it taste like?” he said, scrunching up his nose.

Skin, that's all.”

You won't pee in my mouth will ya?”

You know me! I said. “You know I'd never do anything to trick ya, you know that! Besides, you'd probly like it anyway.”

Once he was convinced that I wasn't out to trick him, he sat up and clumsily tried to suck on my half hard cock.

Hey! Watch the teeth!” I said. “If ya want, you can stop now, unless you want to keep goin',”

It doesn't taste as bad as I thought” he said. It's kinda' like sucking my thumb. I'll do more if ya want. I want it to shoot in my mouth.”

Nah, that's OK,” I said. “Later...Besides, I don't think I have much left because of the last time.”

Aw...OK,” he said reluctantly. “ first.”

OK,” I said. “But before I do, lets swap out this mattress with Tommy.” (Tommy's our older brother who's away at college. He had the only other room, next to ours, upstairs).

After we exchanged mattresses and bedding with Tommy I went downstairs and retrieved three mattress pads just for good measure. I also appropriated a six-pack of Cokes from the fridge, and 2 beers from the garage. When I returned, Joey and I made up my new bed. We each popped a beer knowing full well that later on we'd be recycling all of it.

When I told Joey that I first began my pee sojourn with Tony, he could hardly believe it (Tony was my best friend from our old neighborhood, about 5 miles away. We moved about six years ago when our father died, but I would still hitch hike there to see him several times a month. He was Joeys age but seemed more mature. He was about five feet tall, athletic, with a swimmers body. He had auburn hair and, unlike me, he was very popular with the girls. He'd always looked up to me because I was the 'older' kid who treated him as an equal. What he didn't know was that I was attracted to him. This took place in the early sixties, but by today’s standards, he would be called a skater boy, including freckles, backward hat, and all. By all means, a 'kids-kid').

As we drank our beers, I continued...



(Re-cap: In the first chapter, we find our hero pissing in his bed experimenting with a newly invented solo piss-play game. With hot piss whizzing through the air raining down on his bed-covers and comforter at the foot of his bed, all was going fabulously well until caught-in-the-act by his little brother, Joey, whom he'd assumed was fast asleep on the other side of the room. After allowing little Joey to piss all over him, and his bed, and giving him the best blow-job he'd ever had, he goes on to explain how this all came about).

It was summertime, I'd just turned 13, and school had been out for about a week. I hitched a ride to Tonys house and we got together with a his friend Bobby (Bobby was about my age but quite a bit larger and kind of tough looking). We went off to find our usual forbidden spot (The two places that our parents forbade us to go were the rock quarry, and the woods. This was because they found a couple kids dead in the woods and a neighbors kid drown in the quarry. Consequently, whenever we got together these were the first places we would go. The quarry was crystal clear and good for swimming, and the woods had our tree fort).

Bobby looked at Tony and said “guess what?” Without waiting for an answer to his rhetorical question he blurted out “Timmy’s gonna meet us there man!”

“Who’s Timmy?” I said suspiciously, “and why’s he sposta' meet us?”

Tony replied “Timmy’s this kid who lives behind me. He's gonna' meet us in the woods to play.” At the same time he winked at Bobby and started giggling.

I knew something funny was up and not wanting to be the but of someone’s clever (or sometimes not so clever) practical joke I insisted “Who the hell’s this Timmy and wadaya mean by 'play in the woods'?!”

“Don’t worry you’ll love it,” said Tony. “Timmy's meeting us in the woods cause he likes boys to pee on him. He even likes to drink pee!”

“No way. How could anyone like to drink piss?!”

“You’ll see,” he said as we continued on into the woods.

We came to a little secluded clearing about 300 yards from our fort where we met with Timmy (Timmy was about 11 y/o, kind of smallish and cute like a girl. In fact, with a little make up and different clothes, he would have been hot! He had long blonde hair [almost shoulder length] and a clear complexion. I thought he was real good looking and was having trouble not ogling him. In fact, I thought he was downright beautiful, and couldn't keep my eyes off of him).

Tony noticed this. He smiled, and then whispered in my ear, “he’d probly let ya.”

I knew what he meant and just kinda pushed him away exclaiming, “Wadaya talkin' about, I ain’t no homo!” (I think).

Tony just laughed. He walked over to Timmy and said, “ya ready?”

Timmy nodded as Tony placed his hands on his shoulder and had him kneel down in front of him. I began to get a feeling in my stomach like being on a roller coaster ride as Tony took a couple steps back, dropped his pants, and pulled his briefs just below his hairless balls.

I had never seen Tony naked before and was surprised at how seeing his smooth, tight, hairless body was making me feel. He had a nice tan, except for an almost 'albino white' area in the shape of his bathing suit. Although He was 2 years younger than me, his 'schwantz' was about the same size as mine (except for his 'Robins egg' balls). It frightened me a little to realize that I was strangely attracted to it.

I watched, with delight, as his dick began to unfold and swell, like a slowly inflating balloon. This was in anticipation of what was coming next. My own tool was getting harder and I had to readjust it by putting my hand in my pocket to move it around. I kept my hand in my pocket and began slowly fondling my hardening cock. My heart began to beat harder as I watched and thought, “he’s really gonna do it. No way!”

A few small droplets began to seep from the tip of his dick as he strained to get a flow going. By this time his cock was pointing almost straight out from his body (half hard). He took a couple of quick breaths then relaxed, and let out a sigh. A small stream arched out from his penis falling just short of Timmy. It was so quiet out there that I can remember the sounds his pee made as it hit the grass, and the leaves on the ground (You can always tell when someone is peeing by the unique sounds it makes when it hits different things). His piss stream was making a crinkling like sound when it hit the leaves, and a splashy, tinkling like sound as it began to puddle on the ground. This only lasted about a second or two as his stream slowly got fat, and began twisting like a drill-bit. The arch rose higher and grew longer, finally reaching Timmy’s legs and groin area. Dark patches and patterns formed on his jeans and shirt as the hot piss soaked into the material. The sound his twisted stream made drilling into the denim was especially exciting. It sounded like a huge zipper slowly being pulled (sshzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiipp).

I couldn’t believe that this was turning me on so much. I had never watched someone else peeing from this close up before. It was exciting to see the piss lips open up into an ellipse when the twisted stream got fat. I was wondering what it would be like to be peed on like Timmy, but was afraid to mention it. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be pissed on or what Tony would think. I was afraid that, if he thought I was a 'homo', he would start to treat me differently.

In another second he was pissing full force right into his chest and face soaking his t-shirt and causing him to quickly close his eyes.

Just then Timmy opened his mouth wide. My heart began to beat wildly as Tonys' twisted stream began whizzing solidly into his mouth. The hot piss made splashy-tinkle sounds as it began to quickly filling his mouth. When Timmy closed his mouth to swallow, Tony re-aimed his dick and his yellow stream jetted right up into the young boys’ shoulder length hair. I watched breathlessly as Tonys' piss made his hair fly every which way as it went right through. Tony kept readjusting his stream so he was pissing all through his hair. With Timmy's hair flapping and fluttering around it looked like he was using a hair dryer. Then, Tony pointed his cock straight up, and the hot piss whizzed high in the air splattering down on Timmy’s head and shoulders. Some of Tony’s piss ricocheted off Timmy’s head and ran down my arms.

I was surprised at how turned on I got being peed on. Almost instinctively, I reached out and put my hand in the stream. A combination of the warmth, the drilling force of the stream, and the fact that I was still rubbing myself in my pocket was quickly bringing me to the point of no return. My sphincter and dick started to spasm uncontrollably. Tony looked at me and just smiled. I was relieved that it wasn't a look of disgust or dis-approval. It didn’t disgust me either. I was thinking that I might like to be peed on. Also I was starting to become comfortable about trying it.

My discovery was not going unnoticed. Unbeknownst to me, Bobby had been watching me the whole time. He watched as I was staring intently at Timmy being peed on and also saw that I was rubbing myself through my pants pockets. He also took notice of my reaction to being accidentally pissed on.

It was then I heard an all too familiar crinkly splashy sound behind me. I realized that Bobby had begun taking his turn pissing. I felt something soft but forceful hitting me on the back of my legs. Almost immediately I felt the hot piss as it saturated my jeans and was making splashy sounds. By this time it was pointless to object. Besides, I was way too turned on anyway to make him stop so I just turned around to face him and knelt down so I could enjoy the full treatment.

When the hot stream hit my neck and chest, it literally took my breath away. Feeling the pressure and heat of the twisted stream drilling into me, and saturating my clothes, was exhilarating and highly erotic. I almost shot in my pants! I wanted him to saturate my hair and head just as Tony did to Timmy, so I pointed to the top of my head with my free hand. Bobby nodded his head and with a broad smile he aimed his dick straight up. The hot piss went whizzing right in front of my face as it jetted from his slit. It went in a high arch, then came plopping down on my head and shoulders, smackity splat! The heat was amazing and the splashing sounds were amplified, being so close to my head and ears. The hot piss came cascading down in crooked rivulets over my ears, off the end of my nose, and over my lips. I could taste the saltiness of it as I licked my lips. It ran down my front and back completely saturating me. I opened my mouth to try some, and Bobby obliged by pointing his tool right in my face. Just feeling the stream of hot piss whizzing into my mouth was all it took to push me over the edge. I began to shoot in my pants right then and there. I lost my balance as It was the most intense cum I've ever had.

Having that hot stream whiz into my mouth was mind-blowing. Unfortunately, Bobby’s urine was way too bitter and acrid for me to swallow. I couldn’t understand why Timmy liked it. I did, however, love feeling the force of the stream and the heat. Also the fact that it was whizzing right from a dick, was a special thrill. I especially loved the way it made me feel.

Alas, the show began to wind down. I looked on in disappointment as the streams began to wane.

Tony invited me to pee on Timmy, but I declined, saying that I didn’t have to go (Even though I really did). I didn’t want to admit that I had a shy bladder. Timmy said that he had to go home anyway to get cleaned up before his parents came home, and began to head down the path leaving the woods.

We, however, continued deeper into the woods until we came to our tree fort where we fooled around for a couple hours. During which time we were all drinking an inordinate amount of creek water, exchanging winks and nods the whole time. We all held back as much as we could because we wanted the next session to last longer.

I had to pee before we'd even reached our fort, so after a couple of hours, I was beginning to feel pain. I'd been bearing down with my abdominal muscles to keep it back but was beginning to have weak moments. The weak moments were coming with greater frequency and I could feel my pee building up at the last gateway. I was able to catch it just before piss began rushing up through my tube but it was getting harder to do, and the weak moments were lasting longer.

Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer. My body just started letting involuntarily small squirts of hot piss jet into my underwear. I was losing control. At first it was just a couple drops at a time. Soon the squirts were lasting longer and coming faster. As my tight briefs began to saturate, the warmth was spreading throughout my groin area. It was driving my dick crazy. I knew I was going to piss my pants on purpose, and the thought was giving me a 'chubby'.

“Hey, he’s pissin' his pants,” said Tony as a small wet spot was forming in my jeans.

“I told ya he’d like 'warm showers',” said Bobby.

“Would you like a nice warm shower and perhaps something hot to drink,?” He asked seductively. I could see his dick was growing in his tight pants.

“Not yet,” I said as I started to do the 'pee-pee dance'. “Hurry up and strip...I can't hold it much longer!” I liked it when I was watching their dicks get hard before. It was the first time I’d seen anything like that, in person, and I wanted to see it again.

My tight underwear was greatly restricting my ability to get a good solid flow going so, as they were dropping their pants, I readjusted my dick so it was outside my underwear in order to piss in my jeans more freely, and with more intensity. I watched with delight as their dicks began to twitch and bob in anticipation. I noticed that Bobby’s dick was bouncing and swelling ever so slightly in sync with his heartbeat. Once in a while he would flex, and his dick would stretch and bounce. Watching all this was beginning to make me swell up as well.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I let it fly, and hot piss began jetting into my pants. It felt sooo naughty to just let it go and even naughtier as the flow began to quickly increase. Soon I was pissing in my in jeans full force. Just letting go was a wonderful thrill. Letting the piss jet into my pants was so taboo, and the sound it made as it was whizzing into the denim material was like slowly pulling up a loud zipper (zsshszipsshzziiipp). I made the sound louder by straining to increase the pressure.

They must have heard this too as I watched their dicks get fatter and rise (this is what I wanted to see). It was especially exciting to watch the angry round globes under the head get fat, smooth, and tight. I had a powerful urge to put my mouth on them. In the back of my mind, I knew that I would eventually try to make this happen. I could see that both their cocks were throbbing to the beat of their hearts (Ba-bump—Ba-bump—Ba-bump). Their cocks fattened up and rose a little more with each beat. Even though I was pissing full force, I could feel myself boning up a little as I was watching them.

Finally, the show began to wind down. That’s one of the problems with piss play, it doesn’t last long enough. Bladders can only hold a finite amount of fluid and once it’s gone, it’s over. When I was finished I took a few steps forward, pulled down my pants, and squirted the last couple jets on Tony’s shirt.

“Hey 'whatcha' doin'?!” he said. “My old man'll kill me if I mess up this shirt!”

“You looked a little cold and dry,” I said laughing. Besides, how could he complain when he and his cohort were about to saturate me. I loved the way the two splatters on his shirt darkened as the piss soaked into the fabric.

I saw Bobby doing the ‘pee pee dance’ so I chose him first. My cock began to grow as I knelt down before him. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do this, but my dick was telling me otherwise.

He seemed to be having trouble getting a stream going because of his boner so, he tried smacking it to get it to go soft. That must have worked because even though his dick still looked big, a small stream of pee jumped out and was hitting my legs. He leaned back, relaxed, and let out a sigh. I watched with fascination as the stream got fatter and intensified hitting me in the chest full force. The piss splashed and splattered all over the place and I had to squint to keep the over-spray out of my eyes. He aimed his dick almost straight up, and the stream arched high into the air. It came down in very heavy hot droplets, splattering all over the top of my head and shoulders. I closed my eyes as I felt the hot piss striking all around my face and making loud splashy sounds as it pummeled my head and shoulders. Splishhity-splashity-plopity-splat. I've never appreciated these sounds, before today. Also, I noticed that his pee was clear and didn't smell strong like the last time.

All too soon it was over but, there are always the final couple-o-jets at the end. So I opened my mouth wide and Bobby knew exactly what I wanted. He was all too happy to oblige as he placed the head of his penis on my tongue. He flexed three times and the shots of hot piss skipped over my tongue, splashing in the back of my mouth. It was warm and salty but tasted almost like water and I was easily able to swallow. I knew right away what I wanted to do with Tony (We had all drank a large amount of water in a very short period of time. His pee looked clear and not yellow. I correctly reasoned that it would taste better this time).

I told Tony that I wanted to drink right from his cock and he said “not unless you take out your teeth” (Tony was with me when I had my accident and knew I had partial dentures in front. He was in the back seat of our '59' Pontiac. I was in the front passenger seat without a seat belt. The dashboard was made of steel. Need I say more?).

So, I took out my teeth, and wrapped my lips around his expanding tool.

I can remember wondering if wanting to put Tony's dick in my mouth made me a 'homo'. The thought scared me and I put it out of my head. After all, how could I really be a 'homo'? I liked girls. I lusted after girls. I got boners looking at naked pictures of girls! No worries here! I just dismissed it at that point.

I could see that he was straining to get his flow going. Then I heard a grunt, a fart, followed by a small jet of warm piss hitting the roof of my mouth. It was warm and salty but tasted more like water, than pee. I was able to swallow it easily. When I tightened my lips to swallow, his dick flexed and a nice large jet of hot piss went skipping over my tongue. I swallowed again causing another, and yet another shot. After I swallowed the first few jets, I felt hot salty fluid surrounding my tongue. I placed my tongue over his piss slit and could feel the hot salty fluid trickling out. In a few seconds I felt the pressure increase as the stream pushed my tongue aside. My dick was throbbing as hot piss began to slowly fill my mouth. I swallowed at regular intervals and, at first, it was easy to keep up. He let out a sigh and the flow increased exponentially. The hot stream of piss began drilling into the roof of my mouth. I was surprised at the force of the stream and at how quickly it was filling my mouth. In fact, I was having trouble keeping up and I had to loosen my grip so some of the hot piss could escape through my lips. I had difficulty between swallowing and breathing, but quickly established a good rhythm.

I moved his penis around with my tongue causing the stream to drill into different parts of my mouth (Bobby told me later that when the stream hit the side of my mouth and made my cheek bulge, it looked like someone was poking a pencil in my mouth). A couple times I lifted my tongue so the force of the stream would drill into sensitive areas underneath it. Then I took the tip of my tongue and stroked it back and forth over the piss slit to push the stream around. I also liked placing the tip of my tongue right up under his piss tube to feel the vibrations as the piss raced through it. The sounds it made as the hot piss was sizzling in my mouth was amplified for me because it was inside my head. It was a kind of swizzling-sizzling sound as the high pressure stream rushed into the pool that formed in my mouth (shwhizzsssssshh). I would stiffen my tongue and apply pressure to his tube to control the rate of flow. When I did this, his dick would flex and he'd stop pissing for a second or two. It would then slowly start back up. I did this several times because I loved feeling it start up.

There is something somewhat indescribable about having a pissing dick in your mouth. Just knowing that the person peeing in your mouth has completely let go, and hot piss is whizzing in full force, is a special thrill for which I have few words. Only those who've tried it can truly appreciate this unique thrill (Although, I suppose imagining is good too).

As his stream began to wane, I took his still pissing cock out of my mouth and aimed it straight up. The hot piss whizzed in front of my nose, arched backward, and came cascading down on the top of my head. I heard the familiar, splishity-splashity-plopity-splat.

Once he was finished I took the last couple-o-jets in my mouth. After that we both had to stop for a few minutes to catch our breath. I looked over at Bobby, who’d been watching wide eyed, and saw that he was slowly stroking his rigid cock.

“Oh, you liked that,” I asked sarcastically.

“Yea, wow…what a show!” he said as he continued to stroke himself. “I had no idea that you’d be inta' drinkin' pee like Timmy! Me 'n' Tony like ta piss on each other sometimes, but we never liked drinkin' it.”

“Maybe you didn't like it 'cuz it was yellow, morning pee,” I said. “When it’s real yellow, it’s too acetic and salty to swallow, but it feels good when it’s shooting in your mouth. It tastes OK when it’s clear.”

I don’t know if Bobby believed me because all he did was shutter a little and wrinkle up his nose. I was relieved to hear that they liked to be peed on, and that they had done it to each other before. I felt a little more comfortable...and a little more norbal.

After a few minutes had gone by and we were rested up a bit, I told Tony that there was something else I wanted to try for the first time. “I want ya to squirt cum in my mouth,” I said.

“Really!?” he said as his eyes lit up.

“Yea...It's something I was thinking about when I was watching you and Bobby with Timmy. I was getting really horny and I wondered what it would be like to put a hard one in my mouth. Putting it in my mouth when you were about to pee gave me a boner; and besides, it didn't taste bad like I thought it would.”

I watched his dick start to expand and rise at my suggestion and figured that he liked the idea as well. It was rising in pulses that matched the beating of his heart (BA-bump…BA-bump….BA-bump….BA-bump). I love watching that.

As he stepped forward, I took his hardening cock in my mouth and began slathering it up with saliva. As it increased in length, width and hardness, I noticed the skin on the outside stayed very soft and pliable. It felt very much different in my mouth than in my hand. His outer skin was about as soft as the inside of my cheeks and moved freely back and forth over the semi-hard spongy interior. As the inside of his dick got harder, it became more textured, and his tube became more pronounced. Once in a while he would flex. His dick would become super hard and his cum tube would pulse. I liked the taste. It tasted fresh, like he'd just showered. I also liked the smooth globes under the head. As I explored his penis with my tongue, I could feel it in my own dick. It was as if I was doing it to myself. The harder he got, the harder I got.

I began sucking in earnest, moving back and forth. I used my tongue explore every inch of his tasty warm 'scwantz'. As his dick came to full hardness, I noticed that it had a very slight curve upward. Fully hard it was about as big around, and as long, as a regular hot dog. The main difference was, the skin was loose, and it had a sexy head on it. I really loved swirling my tongue around the two globes under the head, and the crevice between them. His dick always pulsed when I’d do so, and he’d let out a little moan, so I kept my concentration there.

Within a few minutes, I relaxed into a steady rhythm, bobbing my head back and forth lavishing special attention to the head. In and out, in and out, in and out it went. When I looked up, Tony appeared to be in heaven. By this time my own cock was as hard as a rock. I noticed that his Robins-egg balls were beginning to go up and down. I knew that this always happened to me about half way through.

I was beginning to get tired (especially my jaws). I noticed that his nuts were staying up longer, and not coming back down all the way anymore. He was starting to buck his hips to go faster. I knew he was starting to get close, so I decided it was time to let him take over for a while. I stopped what I was doing, backed up to the wall, and let my mouth fill with saliva. I think he knew right away what I wanted because he immediately stepped up, placed his hand on the back of my head and eased his cock back through my pursed lips.

“Ahhhhh,” was all he could say as he slowly slid his hard cock into my tight, slick tunnel. He was in heaven. As soon as I had a good suction going he leaned on the window sill and began to move his hips back and forth, essentially fucking my mouth. I cradled his cock with my tongue and held it tight to the roof of my mouth. In and out he went, moving his hips back and forth, shoving his dick in until my nose was plastered to his tight, smooth abdomen. He was in total control, and I loved it! His dickhead and cum tube ran along the length of my tongue. Feeling the head of his dick squeeze back and forth between my upper gums and tongue was bringing me close to the edge (later in life some men, and some boys, would tell me it felt like a tight pussy). All I had to do was close my mouth and suck hard. The gap between my teeth was the just the right size. Being dominated is a special turn on. I was surprised that I liked it so much.

I was stroking his smooth firm thighs as his pace quickened and his breath got shorter. While he was fucking my mouth, I felt his muscles flexing as his need for release became more urgent. He was humping hard and fast now, sometimes banging my head against the wall. His little balls had drawn up tight against his body, on either side of his dick, and they weren’t coming back down. In fact, it looked like his balls had drawn up under the skin slightly above his cock-root. His face had a grimace like he was in pain. I looked over at Bobby and his hand was steadily stroking his five 'n' a half inch dick (he couldn’t wait, evidently).

With both hands grasping the back of my head, Tony slammed his dick as far forward as he could and held it there. My nose and lips were were smashed right up against the tight, smooth skin of his abdomen. His skin smelled fresh and was wet with sweat. I could feel his balls on either side of my cheeks. He held my head tightly making quick short thrusts as if he were trying inch it in deeper. The smooth round globes of his dick-head were on the back of my tongue, just before the entrance to my throat. He made tiny quick thrusts as he went over the edge. I grabbed onto his smooth ass-cheeks and held him tight to me. His cum tube began to flex and I felt small, salty warm jets of semen striking the back of my mouth. The hot fluid was quickly pooling under my tongue with each pulse. He was shuttering, and his mouth was open like a silent scream.

His cum wasn’t full of sperms yet, so it was thin and slippery like salty warm cooking oil. It had a slightly metallic taste, but was quite good nonetheless. Not at all sweet, like you sometimes read about. I could tell that, when his 'nads' become fully developed, he'll have one hell of a cum-shot! (Not that I even knew what a cum-shot was in those days. We called it jiz, jit, or stuff).

We held on tight to each other for about a full minute or so before the feeling in his groin waned, and we let loose. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t have more cum, but extremely turned on that I could give him such exquisite pleasure. To me, it almost felt like I was on the receiving end.

By now, Bobby was jerking like crazy and looked like he was getting close. I opened my mouth and motioned for him to come over. Still jerking like mad, he sat his dickhead right on my lower lip. I quickly closed my mouth over the tip just allowing the piss slit between my lips. Still jerking his dick, his hands were smacking me in the face with some force as he began to lose all control. His smacking got faster and his breathing became labored as I let his dickhead slip just past my gums. I ran my tongue into the crease between the globes under his head...and that was it. His dick pulsed and shot jet after jet of slimy salty hot cum against the roof of my mouth, and the inside of my cheeks. This pushed me over the edge and I shot in my pants without even touching myself. It was really hot in every sense of the word.

Bobby’s cum was very thick and voluminous, which made it difficult to swallow. The taste wasn't bad but I hated the slimy, thick, texture. It reminded me of snot and made me gag (later on in life I would compare it to eating raw Oysters). I did, however, love feeling it shoot in my mouth.

After it was all over, we went for a swim in the quarry (another thing that we were expressly forbidden to do). I wonder which forbidden thing our parents would have objected more strongly to. If they had only seen all the piss flying and dick sucking, would swimming in the quarry have seemed so bad?

Anyway; we just wanted to rinse the pee and cum from our bodies and clothes. Tony couldn’t afford to let his ‘ole man’ see how messed up his new shirt had become. For the rest of the afternoon we just lay-ed back, exhausted.

This was the first of many a good time with Tony and friends. We would have many sleepovers, camp-outs vacations and other erotic trysts in the future but they are for other chapters.



(Re-cap: When we left our intrepid hero in the previous chapter, he was explaining to his little brother, Joey, how he had become infatuated with the thrills of hot piss play. He explained that he was introduced to this new hobby by his best friend from the old neighborhood, and that he rather enjoyed drinking piss and cum, but not necessarily in that order, and only certain vintages from certain select penises. He assured him however, that he is not a 'homo'. And now, back to it...).

It was over a year after my rude awakening, in the woods. Tony and I had gotten together many times for all kinds of mischief, including our new sex games. Mostly I would hitchhike to his house but sometimes our parents would drive us. I'd even talked him into trying a little dick, but he said he didn't like it that much; although, it looked like he did.

It was winter-time now, and I was feeling a little depressed. I didn't have anyone local to pee with and I hadn't seen Tony or Bobby for some time now because, I'd cut back on my hitchhiking (The last time I hitched a ride, this really old guy [about 35] picked me up and showed me books with pictures of men and women having sex. He asked me if I had a boner and how big it was. I think he wanted to have sex but I wasn't turned on at all. In fact, he creep-ed me out and it scared me. I just wanted out of the car. That turned me off to hitchhiking for a while).

I figured I'd try some solitary piss play on my own because I didn't have anyone local to play with and I didn't know how to safely initiate anyone to it. I’m not sure what made me think of it. Isn’t it strange how the mind works. Anyway; what I wanted to do was pee in my bed without getting my mattress soaking wet (a little wet might be OK). It seemed easy enough. All I had to do was bring something to pee in, or pee on, to bed with me and take it from there. Just the thought of doing something like that was giving me a boner. It definitely had a high sphincter factor.

The first time I tried it I used a coffee can to pee in but it made too much noise, and it wasn't exciting. Next, I figured toilet paper or paper towels would do the trick. I would take a dozen, or so, squares of 2 ply Toilet paper and wad them up loosely in my hand. I would place the wadded up paper near the head of my dick and try to let just enough piss through to saturate the tissues but not the bed. That was the game.

So one night after I was sure Joey was sleeping, I put a couple rolls of toilet paper on my nightstand and got under my covers. Just getting ready was giving me a woody. I knew that I would have to start soon or I’d be too hard to pee. With the lights out and most of me under the covers, I took a handful of loosely wadded up toilet paper and held it next to the head of my penis. I tried to let some go but my body wouldn't cooperate. My heart began to throb in my chest as I strained to release some of my pee. Just knowing that I was going to piss in bed was giving me that sinking feeling in my stomach.

You see, pee goes through several stages between the bladder and the end of the penis. The first couple of stages are involuntary. I'm not sure what exactly controls it but it can sometimes be tricked (the sound of running water is one way). The last stage is that stage where the piss is right at the base of the penis and all you have to do is just let go and it starts its’ trip up the pee tube. Past that last stage is the point of no return. Once it starts up the tube, it’s coming out no matter what you try to do. Even if you try to stop it by flexing, it'll just jet out under pressure.

Anyway; I was having trouble getting to that last stage. So I decided that I would have to trick my body into thinking it was safe to let go. I grasped my penis just below the head and pinched it tight so that no pee could escape. I then concentrated on letting go. That did the trick. My body figured, since I was stopping the flow with my fingers, that it was safe to let the pee begin its' trip. I could feel myself quickly going through the stages until the piss was building up at that last stage. My heart was pounding in anticipation, as I knew all I had to do was relax and let go.

I let go.

The piss raced up my tube to where I had it pinched off. My piss tube immediately got fat because of unanticipated back pressure. It began to hurt (burn) as the pressure instantly rose. I didn’t expect this and began to panic. When I flexed my bladder muscle to cut off the flow, a nice size jet of hot piss shot into the tissue causing it to heat up and wilt in my hand (like cotton candy does). That was 'super'! What a nice surprise! I wanted to repeat this accident; however, what I didn’t count on, was that once you started to pee, it’s hard to hold it back. By now, the need to pee was urgent. I figured that I needed to let a little out to relieve some of the pressure. Quickly, I balled up a much larger handful of toilet paper and pulled back my covers a so I could see. I placed the paper wad next to my dick and let go. My adrenaline began to pump as the piss ran up my tube and arced out the end. I felt the tissue heat up and melt in my hands as the hot piss began to flow into it. I delighted in watching the arc build. The higher it went, the faster my heart would beat. I allowed it to build up and flow for a few seconds and then flexed to cut off the flow. This caused a huge jet of piss to jump over the tissue, over my hand, and into the sheets. It pitter-pattered as it landed on the dry cloth.

This was exciting. I was right on the verge of just totally pissing the bed. The small amount of piss I'd let loose so far didn't relieve any of the pressure. In fact, I had to go now worse than ever! This last episode wet my bed a little and gave me a special thrill. I'd realized that I really liked seeing, and hearing my piss hit the bed-sheets. The thought of it gave me that special feeling. This opened up all kinds of new avenues. What about pissing on the couch or other forbidden places?

I wanted to see, and hear, the piss jet again so I quickly wadded up even more tissue and kicked off my covers so I could watch. I let go...then watched with delight as a small arch of hot pee flowed from my piss slit into the tissue. I let the arc build up and then slowed it down. It felt real good to let the arc build because I was letting go. So I would hold it back then let it build, hold it back then let it build. Higher then lower, higher then lower. Each time it went up my heart would skip a beat, and my sphincter would loosen up. I really wanted go let it go completely as holding back was getting harder, and a little painful. By this time I felt like I had to pee real bad.

The paper wad was now saturated and even starting to drip. I flexed to stop the flow and this time my dick jumped. A huge jet of hot piss shot right up over my chest and into my face and pillows. I could feel the light impact from the heavy droplets on my pillows. The soft tuffetting sounded delightful and exciting. This was awesome (even though we weren't using that word yet).

I let the soaked wads of paper drop on the floor next to my bed and glanced over at my brother to make sure he was still sleeping before I wadded up another large ball. By this time I was having a lot of trouble holding back. In fact, I began leaking a little while I was wadding up the next batch of toilet paper. I got it ready just as the piss was arching out. Again, I let the arc build to about 4 or 5 inches then cut it off. I'd let it build then hold it back. Let it build then hold it back. It felt too good to stop right then so instead of stopping to get more toilet paper, I just let let it fly. My heart was pounding as I watched the arc build and pitter-patter across the sheets toward the edge of the bed. As I relaxed my sphincter, the stream got fat and sailed right over the edge.

I braced myself for loud splattering sounds of pee hitting the tile floor, but it didn't come. All I heard was a soft fluffy kind of sound. Then I remembered that I had taken off my clothes and left them on the floor before I got in bed. All I could hear was a soft tuffetting as the hot piss came plopping down on my street-clothes. I figured that I had gotten lucky so I should finish out my piss, on my clothes. I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Watching a stream of piss whizzing over the side of the bed has a sphincter-factor of about 8.5.

As the pressure faded, the piss stream began its' retreat back to the bed. Quickly, I balled up another bunch of toilet paper and I was able to absorb the remainder of my pee before it could get my mattress any wetter. I shot my last couple of small jets onto my chest.

This was sooooo hot! I had managed to empty my entire bladder in bed without getting my mattress soaked. I had to try this again.

I went downstairs and out to the garage for a beer and I filled up a pitcher of water. Drinking beer always made me pee quicker than drinking plain water.

I went back upstairs and, while I was drinking the water and the beer, I picked up my saturated clothes and put them outside on our balcony. Then, I got back in bed with some fresh toilet paper and waited.

It was getting late and I must have drifted off to sleep because, the next thing I knew, I was waking up with a boner and an urgent need to pee. My instinct was to get up and run to the bathroom, but I caught myself. “This is perfect,” I thought. I figured that it would be real easy to start my pee this time because I had to go so bad. So, I got my paper wad ready under the covers and layed there waiting (it was so warm under there that I didn't want to take them off). I was concentrating on letting go but I kept drifting in and out of sleep.

I was suddenly shocked awake when I felt hot liquid running through my fingers and down my thigh. I could hear a light sisssssssshsshssshs, and realized that I was pissing, full force, into the wad of toilet paper which was now fully soaked and running over. I began to panic. It felt good to let go because I really needed to pee but, I knew I had to stop before I completely soaked my mattress. I bore down to stop the flow and kicked off my covers so I could see. I rolled over on my back and I could still see a small one inch arc of pee coming from my dick. As hard as I was bearing down I couldn't stop it all the way. The urge to pee was becoming more and more intense. My body began to let involuntary spurts go. It was like a pee orgasm. The warm pee felt good on my stomach, but it was running run over the side and pooling up next to me. I quickly pinched off the flow with my fingers but this caused it to burn again. I needed immediate relief so, I grabbed a toilet paper roll and placed it near my chest. I aimed my penis up and let go. The hot piss shot out splattering on my stomach. As I loosened my sphincter, the hot piss slowly arose into an arc. When I let the arc build, the warm salty stream walked up my stomach to the roll of paper. I delighted in hearing the splashy-pattering as the piss pummeled the paper. I could feel a warm mist on my face from the over-spray as the heavy hot droplets danced atop the roll. I didn't want it to end; however, I knew this was only a stop gap measure, temporary at best. When I didn't think the roll would hold much more, I tried to stop the flow again.

It was no use. The pressure was too much and the tension in my groin was getting unbearable. I needed a plan, and fast! Any second now I would have to let go. It suddenly dawned on me to use my bed-covers. I quickly kicked my covers and comforter down to the foot of my bed, and just completely relaxed. I watched in both fear, and delight, as an arc of hot piss began to slowly arise from the tip of my dick. Up and up it went. My heart was throbbing as I watched the twisted stream pitter-patter up the sheets toward the foot of the bed. I had to aim up to prevent it from flying over the edge. I was now whizzing at full force, in a high arc, into my blankets and comforter at the foot of my bed. I kept panning back and forth so it wouldn't pool up in one spot. I loved hearing those soft tuffetting sounds as the hot piss rained down on my bed-covers.

Just as I was beginning to feel some relief, I heard loud splattering, splashy sounds. At once, I realized that I was pissing over the foot of my bed. To stop the noise as fast as I could I quickly jerked my dick straight up, and the hot piss came raining down on my face and pillows. To keep things quiet, I kept aiming for dry spots to prevent splashes. I could feel the impact of the heavy droplets as they pounded down on my pillows. I could also feel warm sprinkles as the hot piss splattered next to my face. The resultant tuffetting was delightful! As the pressure in my bladder lessened, the arc of piss shortened. I picked up the other roll of toilet paper next to me and targeted it with my stream. I was trying to spare my mattress as best as I could.

And that's it,” I said. “That's when I saw you staring at me, askin' me what I was doin'. So now ya know what all the toilet paper was about and how it all got started.”

Yea, right. I was wonderin' what you were doin',” said Joey as he finished his second coke. “I'll bet you you didn't know that I was watching you the first time when you peed over the side of your bed onto the floor earlier.”

Yea, well, now your turn,” I said. “Who've you been doin' this with?”

Mark 'n Jeff”

The twins?!” I asked incredulously. “The ones I call Mutt & Jeff?” (Mark & Jeff were closer to my age but I didn't hang with them because I felt uncomfortable around them. They were red heads and cute as hell, which made me lust for them in secret).

Ya know any other Mark 'n Jeff?” he said sarcastically. “We only pee on Jeff though 'cause he likes it. I can't believe you like it! You even like to drink it!” With that he wrinkled up his nose.

Have you or Mark even tried it?”

No way! We only like ta pee on things, and in rooms, that we're not supposed to. It makes us feel good and our wieners get hard.”

You need to try it,” I said. “Not everyone likes to drink it but you'd probably like wearing it.”

Speakin' of wearin' it, I gotta go again pretty bad. Ya want me ta pee on you again?”

Yea, but not here. I just got everything dry. Lets go in Tommy's room. He won't be back 'till summer.”

We went, giggling and laughing, into Tommy's room and, since I had his bed-covers on my bed, we spread his comforter out on his (my) mattress and sat with our legs crossed, facing each other. I knew he wanted to try getting peed on because his pecker was beginning to stretch out.

I was the first to let go. I held back and let it build slow because I knew he liked it. Sure enough, I saw his hardening schween bounce a couple times as my stream of warm piss walked slowly across the bed to meet him.

As soon as my warm pee was soaking his pajamas, his piss stream jumped out and quickly traversed the distance between us. He must have had to piss really bad because his stream reached me in no time at all. His warm piss was splattering against my chest when he started giggling and aimed for my face. His stream was coming out with more force than mine and didn't have much of an arc. His powerful stream was hitting me, at an angle, on my forehead, just at my hairline so that the hot piss was running up through my hair, over my ears and down my back. I, in turn, aimed at his face and pointed to my mouth. He got the message and opened up. He let his mouth fill up and overflow down his front. Both of our streams were making those wonderful splishy-splashy, tinkling sounds.

Just being in my older brother's room, sitting on his bed, with two streams of hot piss whizzing through the air full blast had a sphincter factor of about a 9.5!

I couldn't believe my luck. It couldn't get any better than this. My little brother was going to be my new piss and cum partner. In the back of my mind I also knew that he was going to introduce me to my secret sex fantasy, Mutt and Jeff.

Definitely a sphincter-factor of 9.9!


More to come soon. The next chapter will be entitled “Mutt & Jeff”.

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