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Stuff they make me write: If you are underage or live in a jurisdiction run by Hitler types; and/or the depiction of first time sex, between adolescents, and all its intricacies offend not read any further as this is not intended for you. While many of the events described in the following story are based on actual experiences, it is still a work of fiction (or what I like to call fact-tion). The names and places have been changed and/or invented for obvious reasons. Most of the scenes have embellishments to enhance the boner factor. I like to call it artistic license. Call it bullshit, if you will. If my language or my sex story offends you, I say, good for me...and fucking leave. You have no business here. I also say God bless America and I thank my lucky stars that I live in a free country that has a first amendment.

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BY: Cecil Melvin Peebody (or CMePee)




Recap: In the previous chapters, our adventurous warrior discovers a new local pee partner, his little bother...Joey. After explaining the genesis of his warm salty passion, he finds out that Little Bro is good friends with one of the objects of his many desires...Mark and Jeff. Trying to find a way to meet these two, our story continues...

Wake up—I'm horny—I wanna' play!”


C'mon—get up—I'm hornyI gotta' pee and I wanna' play!!” he said in a whiny voice, doing the 'pee-pee' dance.

"Whaa...(cough), what time is it? I said, in a voice that sounded like I had marbles in my throat.

"What difference does it make," he said. "We ain't got no school tomorrow; it's Saturday."

"Yea, well, that's OK for you, but I gotta' work at the barn tomorrow."

As I spoke, I noticed he had pulled his 'putz' through his pajama flap and was pointing it in my face. Was it my imagination or had his pecker grown an inch since we pissed all over my bed six months ago? What wasn't my imagination was that my pecker was now growing!

"It's only eleven o'clock," he said smiling as little dribbles of pee began seeping from his slit.

While trying to get his pee started, three small jets erupted from his slit and pattered on my bed-sheets. My dick pulsed as I saw the resultant dark splatters as the hot piss soaked into the fabric. I saw his stomach muscles relax and his stream slowly emerged. My dick began to swell when his hot piss reached my bed and ran down to pool against my shoulder.

Wait!—Wait!” I said. “I'll play, but you have to take off your PJ’s so I can see that beautiful body.”

He beamed when I said that, and quickly stopped his flow. I knew he was proud of his body, and why not...he was good at sports, worked out in gym as part of President Kennedy’s physical fitness program, and took care of himself in general. He knew that I loved looking at him naked (and I did!), and was not shy about it. Sometimes he would sashay around our room in his tighty-whities just to tease me, and I ate it up. He was thirteen now and, unlike me, he was popular and outgoing.

After removing his pajamas, he sashayed up to me with his dick between his fingers. I could see it was swelling. He stuck out his hips as pointed his dick upward and hot piss began dribbling through his fingers. I was stroking my hard cock as his little dribbles tinkled on the floor.

My heart throbbed as his stream fattened up and started to rise. What started as loud splashes on the floor quickly changed to a soft tuffeting as his twisted stream reached the bed. I could feel the warm little splashes as his hot piss pitter-pattered on my sheets next to me. In moments, his whizzing stream was splattering down on my face and pillows. As much as I loved this, I had to keep my bed dryer than the last time. Seeing that his pee wasn't yellow, I quickly turned and engulfed his cock with my mouth (because I'd been sleeping, my teeth were already out). He tensed up and stopped for a few moments and I placed my tongue over his slit. Then I felt hot salty wetness coating my tongue. Soon the salty stream was pushing my tongue out of the way and hot piss began whizzing in my mouth full force. It was leaking through my lips as I swallowed trying to keep up. I could hear it swizzling as his stream would speed up, and quickly fill my mouth. Each time I heard it, I got closer to the edge. I poked under his dick several times to make him stop so I could swallow and feel it start up again. I loved feeling the hot salty stream pick up speed. Feeling the piss stream accelerate reminded me of a build up to orgasm. I also liked to tongue his slit and play with the salty stream. The whole time, I was keeping myself close to the edge, rubbing my dick.

As his stream dwindled, the drilling stopped and hot piss began plopping down on my tongue. When his stream finally stopped, his dick flexed a couple times and the salty jets struck the roof of my mouth.

"Wow, what a relief," he said. "I really had ta go. Are you ready for part two? I can shoot white stuff now ya know."

"Yea...but let's try something different. You're gonna love this," I said as I got out of bed and put my pants on. "I'll be right back."

I had purposely kept myself under the edge because I wanted to cum with his dick in my ass. Unbeknownst to my little brother, I had been experimenting with a little ass play using a cut-off broom handle. I discovered, somewhat painfully, that lube was essential for this. Also that lube tends to wear off fairly quickly and needed to be replaced. Since women produce their own lube, and I wasn't a women, I had to improvise. So I quietly tip-toed downstairs to fetch some olive oil and a turkey baster. I put some of the oil in a coffee cup and crept back upstairs. After placing the stuff I'd pilfered on my night stand, I quickly got undressed and hopped in bed. I filled the turkey baster with oil, lubed it up, and proceeded to inject oil into my ass. (Thanksgiving diner will never be quite the same).

"What the hell are you doing?! he said laughing. (I do suppose that it looked pretty funny).

"I'm preparing to show you a good time, sailor," I said as I took a swig of the olive oil and swished it around. As he straddled my chest, his soft little hairless balls brushed against my lips and nose. Neither of us liked pubic hair so we kept ourselves hairless. In anticipation, his cock began to rise and swell. I took it in my mouth and started slathering it with saliva and olive oil. I loved feeling the soft skin of his little 'schween' between my lips. Gently nibbling his member with gums, I lavished special attention to the flared glans of his mushroom cap. Almost immediately he started humping in and out. I could feel his dick growing and becoming firm. I knew he'd come to full hardness when I felt that sexy little curve forming. He grasped my head on either side and was pulling on me to meet his thrusts. When his hard dick went down my throat, I gagged and pushed him off.

" grew!" I said between sputters. "I almost puked!"

"Sorry, I didn't OK?"

"Yea," I said as raised my knees to expose by butt. I wanna' feel it in me...scoot down."

Stroking his hard cock, he shuffled down to where he was between my legs. I could feel his slippery cock riding between my cheeks as he was searching for my button. Once he found it, he started pushing and I felt his cock-head slowly opening my sphincter. I was in heaven as my hole opened wider and wider. My sphincter rode up and over the tight drum-head of his mushroom cap, snapping shut behind it, locking him in. His cock was a little bigger around than a broom handle but more comfortable, as it wasn't nearly as rigid. Slowly, he slid his pulsing member until his groin was tight against my butt. He let out a faint growl as he slid his cock in and out a couple times. It slid easily because of the oil and my practice with the broom. He started up a slow rhythm as he laid down on me and pressed his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I'd never kissed a boy before and was surprised at how wonderful it was. It was just like kissing a girl except naughtier. It made me flush and gave me the tingles all over. He was stroking my hair and toying with my ears. I began caressing his smooth round ass-cheeks. He began humping harder and faster now, panting through his nose as he rammed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues did battle as we kissed hard. As his thrusting became more forceful, so did our kiss. Putting pressure on the small of his back, I began humping up to meet his thrusts. My dick was solid as a rock, rubbing up against his abdomen. It wouldn't be long before I'd spew. He picked up speed as he slid his hard, curved cock in and out. Because of the extra oil, His cock slid smoothly without tugging or pulling. It was wonderful. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I approached the edge. We kept this up for about 10 minutes, speeding up and slowing down.

He began panting through his mouth and we broke our embrace. He locked his arms behind the small of my back and started pulling me toward him to meet his thrusts. He held me tight, and I loved that! His face was contorted as if in pain. I knew that look. He began making little grunts with each thrust and I knew he was close, and so was I. His thrusting slowed a little and became purposeful. Soon I heard...

"Ung—ung—ung—ung—ung——aaaaagh!!” was all he could manage as he slammed it home.

I knew he was shooting in my ass and just feeling his dick pulse in my butt-hole brought me over the edge. As he was still pulsing, my sphincter tightened, building up to my climax. I started humping against his stomach. Up and up, higher—higher—higher—higher——“aaaach!” Hot cum roped out of my slit, smacking us both in the face. My sphincter was clamping on his dick as the next few jets sprayed our chests and bellies. I laughed when I saw my cum all over his lips.

Afterward, we shared a long, tender, spermy kiss. Who knew that I could do this with my little brother? I did love him, but did I really love him in...that way? I didn't really want to think about it. I figured that it just felt really good, so we did it.

The next morning I awoke and showered getting ready for work at the barn. (In reality, the barn was a stables for boarding horses. I worked for minimum wage mucking out stalls, grooming and feeding horses. I would also occasionally get to ride for free. One of the fringe benefits were the girls who had horses there. They were ten to eighteen years old, and most were beautiful. There was also my friend, Richard. He was 18 and a senior in H.S.).

"I found a way for me to meet Mark and Jeff," I said as I was shaking the sleep from my little brother.


"One of the girls at the barn," I said. "She's horny for Mark."

"How do ya know?"

"Wadaya mean, how do I know?...she told me so!"

"She told you? talked to her?!" he said incredulously. (Joey knew I was an academic nerd and socially awkward. I had a very hard time being around popular people, especially girls. That was one of the reasons that Mark and Jeff didn't want much to do with me. They didn't dislike me, they just thought I was...un-cool).

"Yea," I said. "Kelly and Terri caught me giving Rich a blow-job in the loft, and now they think I'm a 'homo'! They all talk ta me now 'cuz they think I'm one of them. They even get dressed in front of me! They wear those tight riding outfits, and all that 'camel-toe' walkin' around drives Rich and I crazy. I walk around with a perpetual hard-on all the does Rich...that's how I got him in the loft."

"Oh man,you lucky dog...which one likes Mark?"


"Really?! She's that hot cheerleader Mark's been pining for!"

"That's the one," I said. "They'll get to meet when I bring her over to Mark and Jeff's party next week. In fact, I'll bring a few girls with me."

"Party?...What party?!"

"What party?...I'll tell you what party...the party Mark and Jeff better have, and better invite me to, if they ever want to meet these girls...that's what party!" I said laughing.

Later that morning when I walked into the barn, all the horses gave me their usual greeting, stomping their hooves and snorting. Unlike some, they were always glad to see me coming. I loved animals! They're incapable of prejudice. They accepted me for who I was. I also loved my job there, especially grooming. (I worked part-time after school and on weekends and would have actually done it for free).

"Hi Cecil," she said in that sing-songy teasing voice.

Geeez, I hated that name, especially the way she said it!

"Hey Kelly" I said as I continued brushing the hind flanks of her horse, 'Brownie'. "Guess who's gonna' have a really boss end of school party next week?"


"Mark and Jeff."

"Really?!" she said as her eyes brightened.

"Yea...they said I could bring a few people if I wanted. I'll take you and a couple friends if ya want. I was gonna' ask Jamie too."

Jamie was a mousey little waif that I met three years ago playing in the woods. She was considered a 'Tom boy' by most because she liked doing what boys normally do. She was short, cute, and had a slim girly figure. I'd had my eye on Jamie for some time now and even had sex fantasies about her. We'd sometimes ride together and she smiled at me a lot. She was the one responsible for getting me started with horses.

"Little Jamie? But she's only thirteen."

"She's cool," I said defensively "She can be with me (I hope). "We're gonna leave from here at seven o'clock Friday. Richard's gonna take us in his van."

"Ooo...Terri's gonna' love that!"

"I thought as much," I said as I slapped 'Brownie' on the butt, and she clip-clopped out into the pasture. "Don't be late."

"We won't," she said as she left to find her friends.

Now I had to find Rich! (Richard was my hero. He had good moral fiber; Eagle Scout, Captain of the wrestling team, student council leader etc. He loathed bullies and fought injustices where ever he found them. He'd defended me on numerous occasions when I was being bullied. At eighteen years old he was six foot one inch and about 190 pounds. With his cowboy hat on, he looked like he could be the son of 'The Marlboro Man'). I knew that Richie also liked Terri and figured this would be the hook to get him to go. He'd been afraid to approach her because, being fifteen, she was underage.

"Hey Richie," I said as I found him stacking hay in the loft. "You're not gonna believe what just happened!"

As I said that, I noticed that he had a raging hard-on snaking down the leg of his tight jeans. I could clearly see the head of his dick bulging from the material. I felt my own loins stirring as he rubbed it a few times.

"Looks like ya got a little problem there," I said.

"Yea...Kelly and Terri were just up here to thank me for takin' em to the party next week," he said, glaring at me.

"Oh...sorry about that, but it was the sperm of...oops, I mean, spur of the moment and I had to think fast. I didn't know what else to say. Will ya do it? Can your brother get us some beer and Sangria?

"Yea, don't sweat it little bro," he said with a chuckle "Gimme the money and I'll get it and meet you here at seven. By the way, I have something for you."

He took a quick look around then he handed me a small flask. My heart started throbbing as he began unbuckling his belt.

"It's olive oil," he said unbuttoning his jeans. "I know you like the taste."

He was right...I did like the taste. Any cooking oil will do but olive oil had a nice flavor. In those days we didn't have a good commercial oral lube, so we had to improvise.

As I was taking out my teeth, he was fishing his swollen cock 'n' balls through the access slot in his briefs. He knew I didn't like the hair and his briefs held it back, besides, his dick looked much larger this way. It was sticking almost straight out from his body. I poured a small amount of the oil on my hand and began slowly stroking his nine inch cock. Man it was big! Richard had the first adult size boner I'd ever come face to face with. It was majestic.

I took a swig of the olive oil and swished it around. I put the head of his cock between my pursed lips and sucked in deep. Cradled in my slippery tongue, his hardening cock slid slowly toward the back of my mouth. His cock was so large, and I had such a good suction going, that I could feel his dickhead brushing my cheeks. I started up a slow rhythm, picking up speed as I felt him come to full hardness. I was stroking on the back of his veiny member while the rest was sliding smoothly through my lips, and over my tongue. He had a large, thick cum-tube and I loved curling my tongue around it. Using this 'suck-n-stroke' technique, I established a fast rhythm and kept it up for a few minutes. In and out it went as he moaned and panted. His thick veiny member glistened as dribbles of saliva ran down his balls. I knew he wasn't going to last long as I could already see his balls climbing and dropping. Each time they rose, his dick would pulse and get steely hard. He was starting to buck his hips and I knew he wanted to go faster, but I wanted it to last so I stopped and looked up at him.

"You're sure ya don't mind goin'?" I said with a Cheshire grin. "You're not mad at me?"

"No...(pant)...I told ya...(pant, pant)... no prob," he said catching his breath . "Don't stop!"

Chuckling, I stroked his raging cock a few times then picked up where I'd left off. After a few minutes I noticed his balls were staying up a lot longer and he started holding his breath for short periods. Suddenly, he pulled his cock out, reached down and picked me up like a sack of oats, and sat me on a bale of hay so I was looking down at his cock. I knew what he wanted. He liked to thrust upwards and he wanted control. I kept my hand on the back part of his hard cock as the head slipped through my lips. I adjusted my grip so his well lubed cock could slide through my fingers. He began humping my face, gradually picking up speed. I positioned my slippery fist on the back of his hard cock so his dickhead would just reach the back of my tongue. The globes of his swollen head rode my tongue while the flared glans popped back and forth through my gums and rode the roof. I sucked in hard so I could feel his cock-head sliding between my cheeks. He was humping my face with a fast steady rhythm. Having a tight grip on either side of my head, he pulled me down to meet his upward thrusts. After about five minutes, he started ramming hard and fast...faster than I could ever go. All his muscles were tensed as if he were running a race. He was losing control as he began to tremble and gasp. I knew he'd gone over the edge when his scrotum wrapped itself tightly around his balls, and brought them up to the base of his cock. Seconds later his rhythm slowed and his thrusts became purposeful. My dick was twitching because I knew his cum was building. I used my other hand to gently stroke his tight balls...and that was it.

"Aaarrumph," was all that came out as his dick pulsed and jet after jet of hot watery cum ricochet off the back of my mouth. He was making those tiny thrusts as his dick continued to pulse. The small amount of space still left in my mouth quickly filled with his hot salty load. As I swallowed, I could feel the pulsing of his cum-tube on my tongue, and in my hand. He had a lot of cum, but it was the kind that had more semen than sperms (I knew this because I secretly watched him jerk-off one time. When he'd shoot, it would be a heavy solid stream for about two feet, then break up into multi-sized droplets, not ribbons). I liked that because it was it was easier to swallow than the thick gelatinous type. When he removed his shining dick, It was beautiful! Glistening, veiny, thick and hard, pulsing with his heartbeat. His tight, smooth bulbous head glistened. Its half inch piss-slit was partially opened in an ellipse, and filled with cum. I saw silvery streaks clinging to the recessed areas on either side of his tube. I licked them off and dug out his slit with my tongue. Inside his pee-hole was slick as glass and I liked tonguing it. As I wrapped my lips around his tight swollen globes, he quickly backed away as he was still too sensitive.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I quickly dropped my pants and started wanking earnestly on my own raging hard-on. It only took about thirty seconds before I was shooting ropes on the bales of hay.

"Thanks...I needed that!" he said with a chuckle.

"No foolin'," I said sarcastically as I pulled up my pants and wiped my face. "Man, what a load. No lunch for me!"

I loved Rich like I loved my brother. He was like the older brother I should have had, and treated me as such. I would have done anything for him and I'm sure he felt the same. I'm sure a lot of people felt that way about him because, well...who wouldn't. (Bullies, I suppose).

When I got home from work, who do ya suppose was there to meet me? Of course, my little brother, flanked by 'Mutt' and Jeff. (Mark and Jeff were, almost, identical twins. I say almost because Mark is slightly smaller than Jeff. Ironically, Mark is the dominate and outgoing one, and Jeff is somewhat introverted and shy. In other words, Mark is the pee-er and Jeff is the pee-ee. They both have shaggy red hair and just a spattering of freckles. They were cute! We were the same age, but they were a little taller than me). Joey introduced us and we sat around for a while talking about school and some of the people we both knew. Just looking at them was giving me a boner and I think Jeff knew because he started to squirm and pull at his crotch. His bulge seemed to be getting larger.

"Excuse me guys...I gotta go to the bathroom," said Joey as he got up from his chair.

My heart started thumping when, instead of turning toward the bathroom, he walked straight up to me. My stomach sank when he unzipped his pants and snaked out his dick. I couldn't believe my little brother had the nerve to do this right in front of them! Just as I was thinking that, his piss jetted out, splashing against my crotch. Hot piss was saturating my shirt and jeans. My cock was twitching as his twisted stream fattened up, drilling into my chest. The hot little splashes I felt under my chin were wonderful and took my breath away. Watching the stream race through his open pee-hole was making my dick hard. As his hot piss ran down my front, I could hear it tinkling on the terrazzo floor below. A small yellow puddle was forming under my chair.

"I gotta go too...So do I," the twins said as they both got up and started unbuckling their pants.

'They planned this!' I thought. 'This is how Joey figured to break the cool!'

The twins stood on either side of Joey as they dropped their pants and briefs. Both had long slender cocks but Jeff's was hairless and looked larger. The heads were disproportionately large for the girth of their penises. Soft, they looked as big as Joey's hard one, except theirs were thinner. By now I was hard as a rock. They stuck out their hips and pointed their cocks upward. Their piss started slow, running over their fingers and splishing on the floor. My sphincter let go and my heart began to throb as I watched the two streams rise slowly into an arch, from their open slits. Their twisted streams were splashing in concert, into the spreading puddle on the floor. As they relaxed, their streams fattened up until they were whizzing full blast in a high arc. Their streams were twice as fat as any one I've ever seen! I closed my eyes as hot piss came splattering down on my hair. Crooked rivulets of the salty fluid ran over my ears, my nose, and down my back. All three began to criss-cross their yellow streams. My dick was pulsing as an immense volume of piping hot piss splattered all over my body. It was running like rivers over my chair. I could see the puddle on the floor quickly expanding into a lake.

I removed my teeth and motioned for Jeff to get closer. When he did, I took his still pissing cock in my mouth. I pressed my tongue to his tube to restrict the flow and swallowed. He stopped for a few moments and I ran my tongue all around the head of his cock. I could feel it swelling and could tell he was having trouble getting his piss started again. I took advantage of this and began sucking and bobbing in earnest. I knew that I had him when he started matching my rhythm. His cock had come to full hardness as the other two streams diminished to a trickle. I could hear the little tinkles on the floor as I took a break and removed his cock and started stroking. Watching intently, Joey and Mark started stroking as well. Still stroking Jeff, I nodded to Mark and he stepped up and slipped his hardening cock through my pursed lips. I gave him the 'tight tunnel' effect as he sighed and his dick slid through to the back of my mouth.

I wanted to try something different. So when his cock reached my throat, I started swallowing and moved forward. I started to gag at first but, continuing to swallow, I was able to get past it. I inched forward until my nose was firmly planted in his abdomen. I backed off and did it again, and again, and again. I could tell by his movements and sounds that he enjoyed this immensely. By now he was completely hard and his cock was at least six inches. Before the next thrust, I sucked in a deep breath. When I had him in my throat I started a fast steady rhythm, and kept it up for about thirty or forty seconds. For the next minute or so I'd go back to 'suck-n-stroke', to catch my breath. I did it two more times just that way. The third time I did it, he took me by surprise. As soon as he was in my throat, he started making tiny thrusts as his tube began to pulse. His face was contorted in that familiar grimace and I knew he was shooting ribbons of cum directly to my stomach. Although I couldn't feel the squirts, just knowing and feeling the pulse was making my dick twitch. When I could see he was breathing again, I pushed him off me and gasped for much needed air.

"Geeez...Loueeze!" he said. "Nobody's ever done anything like that to me before! That was super!"

"You were quick," I said as I licked his cock clean. "You took me by surprise. I couldn't tell you were close."

As I was speaking I noticed the other two approaching and knew I was about to be decorated. Joey was the first to lose it. His first two small white ribbons roped out crossing my nose. As he was pumping out his last dribbles, three thick white ropes shot from Jeff's slit, plopping down on my head and running down my face. His subsequent dribs landed on my legs in big blobs.

As Jeff's cock began to soften, I took it into my mouth and milked it for the remnants of his cum. I felt it twitch as I gently lapped the tasty treat. It twitched a couple more times, and then a hot salty jet of piss ran over my tongue. Then another, and another. I looked up at him as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Hot piss skipped over my tongue and was quickly drilling into the back of my mouth. His stream was too heavy to swallow, so I opened my mouth and let it overflow down my front. He stepped back so Mark and Joey could enjoy the show as his twisted stream whizzed in my mouth. It was making splashy-tinkle sounds. The puddle on the floor was turning into a lake as his hot piss ran like a waterfall out of my mouth. As his stream dwindled, I leaned forward and took his dick back in my mouth and swallowed the remainder of his warm salty piss. After the stream stopped, his dick pulsed and shot the last couple-o-jets on my tongue.

"Oh man...that was soo hot!" said Mark as his dick pulsed and bobbed. "You 'n' Joey gotta come over to our house 'n' play. We'll have a boss time."

"Yea...anytime," said Jeff. "It's been a blast!"

"We will," I said.

I was happy to see that Mutt 'n' Jeff weren't as stuck-up as I once thought they were. In fact, they seemed pretty cool.

"You got a big mess to clean up before mom comes home," I said to Joey.

"Me!?...What about you!"

"Hey, I gotta take a shower...and take care of myself," I said rubbing my swollen crotch. "Besides, this wasn't my idea."

"Listen guys...we gotta go," said Mark as he was tucking in his shirt. "We'll see ya Friday for the party."

"Lookin' forward to it," I said as I gave him a wink.

"Here...get to it," I said to Joey as I handed him a mop and went off to get a shower, and have a good wank.


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