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Stuff they make me write: If you are underage or live in a jurisdiction run by Hitler types; and/or the depiction of first time sex, between adolescents, and all its intricacies offend not read any further as this is not intended for you. While many of the events described in the following story are based on actual experiences, it is still a work of fiction (or what I like to call fact-tion). The names and places have been changed and/or invented for obvious reasons. Most of the scenes have embellishments to enhance the boner factor. I like to call it artistic license. Call it bullshit, if you will. If my language or my sex story offends you, I say, good for me...and fucking leave. You have no business here. I also say God bless America and I thank my lucky stars that I live in a free country that has a first amendment.

Acknowledgments: My thanks to the Nifty archive and all of its learned contributors for the neat-o story writing tips and grammar lessons. The information was invaluable for the completion of this story. The selfless sharing of your knowledge is admirable, to say the least. I used most of your tips and advice; however, I wrote this story to cause boners and create cum...not to pass an English exam. If some of my invented words or my purposeful miss-use of punctuation makes you cringe, please read around them...and enjoy.

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BY: Cecil Melvin Peebody (or CMePee)




RECAP: In our previous chapter our dauntless hero meets the objects of his many desires, Mutt and Jeff. He arranges for them to meet the girls they desire and is rewarded with a christening of piss and cum. By mild extortion, he wrests an invite to an 'end of school' party as our story continues...

I could feel my pulse throbbing in my neck as I reached out to gently stroke his huge hairless balls. I'd never seen anything like this before. His scrotum was dark brown, tight and smooth. His balls were identically egg shaped, almost the size of tennis balls. They looked tasty, like chocolate. My dick began to swell as I fondled his velvety orbs. By the sounds he was making, I could tell he was enjoying himself. His cock-head began to emerge from its sheath as his dick grew. It looked strange. I'd never seen anything quite like it.

I took out my flask and oiled my hand. Gently, I began to stroke his hardening shaft as it continued to grow. With my other hand, I was gently stroking his huge balls. I couldn't believe how smooth they were. Judging from his movements and sounds, I was sure I'd made a friend for life. I kept my ministrations concentrated under the flare of his head. His cock was over a foot long and still growing! The head was getting fatter. It had a large round pee-hole right in the center. The glans felt rough and looked like a large dandelion. Weird I thought. I wondered if it felt the same to him as it does in humans. By now I had a full boner snaking down my pant-leg. I was sure Kelly had noticed, as she was standing right next to me.

'General Lee' was his name, and he was little Jamie's new horse. He was a full 18 hands high. I'd never seen a real live, intact, male horse before. All the ones at the barn were geldings. Kelly wanted her horse to have a foal and I was conscripted to help (not that I really minded, of course).

"I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this," I said to Kelly as I was still stroking his shaft. "I think he's ready. Better go 'n' get 'Brownie' before I make him shoot his stuff."

Out of the corner of my eye I though I saw her touching herself just before she smiled at me, and turned to walk out of the stall.

When she returned with 'Brownie', 'General Lee' began to buck and snort.

"Whoa boy!" I said to the General. "You'll get yours...I promise. Just relax."

I was gently stroking his face and neck as Kelly brought 'Brownie' into the stall. As she tied the rope to the gate, 'General Lee began to snuffle at her rear end. She swatted him with her tail a few times, then lifted it to give him access. His cock went under her belly as he tried to mount. Carefully, I took hold of his cock and backed him up a little, so I could aim for him. When I hit the spot, he lurched forward and began a vigorous humping. I had my other hand in my pocket, stroking on the head of my own member as he was thrusting in-'n'-out. I didn't realize how close to the edge I was until I saw his white cum pulsing out from the edges of his pistoning cock. When he stopped thrusting, my knees buckled slightly as I shot in my pants. My whitish cum seeped through the material on my pant-leg and a dark blue stain appeared, going down my leg.

"It looks like you enjoyed that as much as the 'General'," she said.

"More," I said as I was wiping my pants. "I'm not really sure how it feels for them, but It certainly looks like they enjoyed it. It sure didn't take 'em long though."

"No, it didn't. And I'm sure they loved it," she said as she led 'Brownie' back to her stall. "Thanks Cecil...we'll see you at seven tomorrow for the party."

It was late when I got home, and after a small snack I went upstairs to take a dump and go to bed. As I was about to go into the bathroom, I looked over and saw my little brother lying in my bed with his beige and brown striped pajamas. I could see his crotch was tenting.

"It looks like you're happy to see me," I said as I turned and walked into the room.

"I am," he said. "I've been saving it up for hours and almost started without you."

"Why do we always gotta' piss in my bed...why don't we use yours?"

"Well...we can sleep in my bed, while yours dries out."

His twisted logic, somehow, made sense to me and I crawled up next to him in my bed. He got up and straddled my chest so his cock was just inches from my chin. My hand went directly to his hard cock and began gently caressing it. I loved the way it felt through his flannel Pj's. The slight curve, the expanded cum tube, the swollen globes under his glans. With one hand I went to the base of his cock and stretched the skin tight. I then used my other thumb to gently stroke the crease between his globes and the sensitive skin just below his cock-head. Rubbing him though the flannel fabric heightened his sensitivity like using lube. He moaned as his dick twitched and jumped. I kept this up for a few minutes, intermittently stroking his curved cock.

"I'm gonna' shoot...I can't hold it!"

When he said that, I placed his hand on mine so he could guide me and, following his lead, I intensified my ministrations.

" it comes!"

As he spoke, his body went stiff and his cock pulsed in my hand. A dollop of cum would ooze through the flannel material with each pulse. He bucked against my hand as I made tiny little strokes with my thumb. The material darkened as his cum ran down his flap, and over my fingers. After we had rested a few moments, he pulled his Pj's down below his balls and I could see he was wearing his tighty-whities with his cock pulled through the slot.

"Clean me," he said sticking out his hips out.

"Why are you wearing underwear?" I said as I lapped at his cock.

"Oh...I got my reasons," he said as he pulled his pajamas back up and sat on my chest.

His crotch was just inches from my face and I saw a dark spot begin to form. My heart began to throb as the spot grew and I could feel hot piss dripping down my chest. It suddenly stopped and he bent forward slightly. I could see that he was straining, and then I heard it. It was a soft crackling sound, and then I knew why he was wearing briefs! My dick pulsed when I realized that he was shitting his pants.

I'm not into scat, per se, but hearing and feeling the hot mass ooze between his Pj's and my chest was giving me a raging hard-on. The crackling stopped for a moment, then he strained and it started again. I could feel the hot mass pushing against me as it left his body. Almost immediately as it stopped the second time, a piss bubble popped out in the front of his Pj's. As the dark spot grew and traveled down his leg, I was stoking at my crotch. My heart was racing as the piss bubble would sometimes jump out and plop down on my chin. I lifted my head and sucked on the head of his dick through the fabric. Feeling the hot piss plopping down on my tongue was bringing me close to the edge. I opened my mouth and let the hot piss run over my cheeks. When I saw the crooked little stream running over his ankle and tinkle on the floor, I shot in my pants for the second time today.

After we both had recovered for a few minutes, I got up to go to the bathroom but suddenly stopped. Why not, I thought. I'm wearing underwear, this might be good. As I stood there, I relaxed my sphincter and could feel a turd moving toward the entrance. As it began to push through, my body instinctively closed up and pulled it back in. In and out it went as I tried to decide whether to do it or not. I let go again and my heart began to race as I felt the turd opening my sphincter. Once again, I clamped down but this time it took several tries for it to go back in.

Then I decided to play a little game. I would let go and count to ten, then try to stop it. The next time, count to twelve. The next time fourteen, etc. When I got to sixteen, my hole was almost all the way open and I barely got it back in. As I approached eighteen, I felt my sphincter opening more and more and realized that it was one of those really fat, hard turds that come out super slow. By the time I got to eighteen I could feel the huge hot log slowly moving through my wide open hole and knew it was too late to turn back. So I leaned forward slightly, placed my hands on the back of a chair, and just let it go. It came out slowly, millimeter by millimeter until it finally hit my cheeks. My heart began to throb as I felt the turd pushing through my cheeks. Shitting while standing is definitely strange. The hot slippery log seemed to push through a mile of cheek before it hit my pants and slowed down. I pushed as it stretched the material, making it tight. It got tighter and tighter as it slowed down. I knew something had to give so I pushed hard. As I did that, I felt warmth surrounding my groin as I began to piss from pushing so hard. The rest of the turd was softer so it finally folded and tucked up under my balls. As the rest of my load zoomed into my pants, I could feel the material stretch and get even tighter. At the same time, I began pissing full force in my briefs. The hot fluid surrounded my groin and ran down my legs. A dark stain slowly spread throughout the front of my jeans. I could see the glossy wetness as the denim struggled to confine the hot piss. A small yellow puddle was forming at my feet. Pissing and shitting at the same time in my pants felt sooo good that I began to tremble and get weak-kneed.

When it was all over, we both waddled into the bathroom to clean up and shower. We both tossed our underwear and Joey took his Pj's into the shower to wash them as well. I loved running my hands all over his tight hairless body as I soaped him up. It reminded me of the old days when we'd bathe together. I got boners when I touched him then, too.

The next day, Rich and I finished our work at the barn early so we could get ready for the party. Instead of cases of beer, Rich picked up a Keg and rented a tap. We appropriated a horse watering troth from the barn and filled it with Ice and water. I had already made up a couple dozen sandwiches cut in quarters and Mark said he'd supply whatever else. (I knew from experience that alcohol plus no food equals disaster). After we took the stuff to Mark and Jeff's, we went to the barn to pick up the girls.

It was better than I thought. Kelly had brought four of her friends. Two I knew from the barn, Terri and Shelly. The others I didn't know were Tracy and Angela (Angel). They were all lookers, but Angel...well, let's just say that the name was appropriate. Of course, Little smiling Jamie was there too. It was the first time I'd seen her with makeup on. That, and her tight white pants, made her a major fox! I felt flush as she sat next to me in the van.

When we got to the party, there were about 20 people there already. Most of them I didn't know but had seen around in school. There were a few I'd never seen before. Two in particular were Jacques and Stanley (Stan). They were colored (black, brown, whatever), twentyish, and nice looking. Stan was wearing blue, crushed velvet, bell-bottomed hip-huggers. They were very tight and I could see his cock snaking down the inside of his leg. It didn't look hard, but it was visible nonetheless. He was attractive and had a very pleasant smile. They spoke very quickly with an accent that I was unfamiliar with. I found out, later on, that Stanley was from Jamaica and Jacques was from Trinidad (I also found out that they execute homosexuals in Jamaica!). I saw they were smoking something that looked like a homemade cigarette. It didn't smell like cigarettes, and I became curious.

"What is that?"

"Ari mon...tis ganja mon...sit, enjoy," said Stan patting his hand on the couch between him and Jacques.

"Ganja?" I said looking perplexed.

Jes mon, ganja...erb...grass...reefer," he said with a big smile. "Here, Toke...enjoy."

I'd heard about marijuana before and, as I reached for the joint he was offering me, I began to remember all the warnings we learned in school. Nonetheless; not wanting to be 'un-cool' I puffed on it like a cigarette.

"No mon," said Stan chuckling. "You must keep it in, long as you dees."

He took the joint from me, sucked in a large mouthful and inhaled deeply. He held it in for almost a minute, then blew it out.

"Like dot mon," he said handing me back the joint.

As I was attempting to imitate him, Jacques lit another, and another, and another joint, passing them around. Not wanting to appear diffident, I continued 'toking' right along with them for the next 15 or 20 minutes.

At first I didn't feel anything, except a little light-headed from holding my breath. But after about a half hour I began to notice a heightened awareness of...everything! Smells, colors, tastes, textures, and sounds. I seemed to think clearer and had many ideas popping into my head. My tongue suddenly became untied. I felt intrepid, and dauntless. I also had that horny sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew that I'd found my niche and wanted more. When I asked Jacques, he gave me a couple joints and told me to see Mark if I wanted more.

I looked at Stan and my gaze fell to his crotch. I found myself staring at the outline of his penis. It had hardened a little and I could now clearly see the delineation of his cock-head. When I looked up at him, he was smiling warmly and I saw affection in his eyes. Getting up I reached for his knee to boost myself and accidentally got his thigh. My fingers wrapped around his cock and I felt it pulse. My cock pulsed as well. I couldn't help myself and I gave it a squeeze and a stroke, then stood up.

"Oops, sorry about that," I said sheepishly.

"Tis ok mon," he said as he flashed me a grin, and then gave me a wink.

After I left Jacques and Stan, I began to mingle with some of the people that I had seen at school but didn't know very well. I was surprised at how at-ease I was. I talked a lot about the space program, the upcoming Apollo missions, and model rocketry and they seemed very attentive. I figured that it must be the reefer I was smoking with them. It was definitely a new feeling for me. I had found a new confidence. I was also starting to notice things. I noticed that Jeff was talking to Stan and looking at me, and that Jamie was joking around with a group of guys I didn't know. Mark had disappeared with Kelly and Rich vanished with Terri. I wouldn't have noticed these things normally and I was beginning to realize that getting high was making me think faster and clearer.

After about an hour, and a glass of wine later, Mark approached me.

"You wanna have some fun," he said tugging on my arm. "Follow me."

I followed him down to the end of the hall and into his bedroom. I noticed that his bedroom shared a bathroom with and adjoining bedroom. There were two beds, a chair, and a red crushed velvet couch that didn't look like it belonged there. But what really got my attention was Jeff. He was sitting on the bed with my little brothers' dick in his mouth! Also in the room was a kid I'd seen around at school but didn't know, and Stanley. He was rubbing the snake in his pant-leg and smiling at me. As I thought about what it would be like to suck on that monster, my dick began to swell and pulse. Then I diverted my attention to the new kid.

Stan I already knew, and Mark introduced the new kid as Alex (Alex was about 6 ft. 1 in. tall and 180 lbs. He had short blonde hair and looked like a typical jock...a good looking typical jock).

"I know're on the varsity basketball team," I said feeling sanguine.

"yea, that's right," he said. "You go to the games?"

"Sometimes...but mostly to watch the cheerleaders," I said chuckling. "Hey, I thought I saw you guys go off with the girls. What happened?"

"We did," said Alex. "It was great, but all they did was make us horny!"

"Yea," said a perplexed Mark as he glanced at Jeff and Joey. "Kelly's beautiful, but all she would do is make out. She said that she doesn't do anything on the first date!"

I noticed that he was also rubbing on his swollen crotch.

"Step into my office and let the doctor have a look at that," I said to Mark with a laugh, then went over and sat on the other bed.

On any other day I would have been wary of initiating sex with strangers in the room, but today was different. With my discovery of reefer I'd acquired a new found courage and was feeling intrepid; Besides, Joey and Jeff were already at it and everyone was horny, including me.

Mark was first to step up and drop his pants. I figured he knew what I liked as he snaked his half hard cock through the access in his briefs. I could see that it was on the rise in steps with his heartbeat. It flexed and jumped a few times as I got out my flask (ever since Richie gave me the flask of olive oil I carried it with me almost everywhere). I took a small swig from my flask and swished it around. As the others looked on, I took his hardening cock in my mouth and slathered it up with the oil. My dick twitched as I felt his cock grow and approach the back of my mouth. The harder it got, the closer to my throat it would get.

By this time, Alex and Stan had their pants off and were slowly stroking themselves. Alex's cock was a lot like Richie’s' except smaller. Stan's dick was much larger than I'd imagined. It wasn't fully hard yet and had to be at least 10-11 inches! The head was beautiful. Large with a wide flare, the two very round smooth globes came to a rounded point at the tip where his piss slot was. When he'd stroke forward, his huge pee hole would open up. While I was still sucking on Mark, I handed them the flask and they lubed up their members.

After getting Mark completely hard, I motioned for Stan to take his place. I pursed my lips and he slowly slid his cock between them. The head popped through my gums and rode my slippery tongue to the back of my mouth. I curled my tongue around his cum-tube and stroked the back part of his cock while I started up a slow rhythm. On the out-stroke I'd run my tongue along the ridge of his globes, up into his pee-hole. His dick would flex when I did this, also I knew form his sounds that he liked it. My dick continued to pulse as I felt his cock grow bigger and harder. When he came to full hardness, his dick was over 12 inches! It stuck strait out from his body just like Richie's. It was dark brown but had about three inches of pink area just behind the head. I had to use both hands on his huge veiny member as I continued my rhythm.

After about five minutes I turned my attention to Alex. Fully hard, his cock was about eight inches and had a slight curve to it. Again, I pursed my lips a he slipped his cock through. I cradled my tongue and let his cock slide in and out. I established a steady rhythm and kept it up for a few minutes, then went back to Mark. I made the rounds two more times then realized that I had to do something different. By the time I made my rounds, the first one was going soft again and I wasn't going to be able to keep this up.

At the same time, I could tell by his sounds that Joey was shooting his load. So when he was done, I asked Jeff To get me an irrigation syringe (Mark and Jeff's father was a veterinarian and I figured they'd have one). As he went to get what I'd asked for, joey came over to watch and I took off my clothes.

When Jeff returned, I filled the syringe (needle-less, of course) with oil and proceeded to inject my ass. I had Stan sit on the bed while I took a large cushion off the couch and placed it on the floor for Mark and I. I knelt in front of Stan and Mark took his position behind me on the cushion. He placed his turgid member right at my hole and gently pushed. I relaxed my sphincter and pushed back. My heart was throbbing as his head opened my hole wider and wider. I pushed out with my sphincter as his cock slowly slid in. It slid nice and smooth all the way to the end. As he started up a steady rhythm, I returned to Stan who was sitting in front of me. At the same time, Alex took Joey's place and Jeff began to suck his cock.

I put some oil on my hand and began to slowly stroke Stan's half hard member. It pulsed in my hand as I rubbed my thumb between his swelling globes. I leaned forward and began running my tongue around the flare of his enormous cock-head. Then I slipped it into my mouth. Being much larger than Richards' cock, I had to open wide to accommodate it. At the same time, Mark began to pick up speed. His curved cock slid effortlessly in and out because of the oil.

Although I was distracted by this, I continued to suck and tongue Stan's pulsing cock. Propping myself on my elbows, I went back to using two hands to stroke, twist, and squeeze the back of Stan's big fat cock and established a slow rhythm. As Mark continued to pummel my boy-pussy, he reached around and began stroking my hard dick. The combination of his dick in my ass and his stroking felt wonderful!

Just as I was approaching the edge, he stopped stroking and his thrusting took on the urgency of his impending release. He was thrusting hard and fast when he suddenly slammed it all the way in and held it there. I could feel his cock pulsing with my sphincter and knew he was shooting his ropes deep into my bowels. When he slowly withdrew his cock it felt good, like I was taking a dump.

Now I could concentrate fully on Stan. Using both hands, I was stroking on the back of his turgid member using a slight twist 'n' squeeze at the end of each stroke. At the same time, His enormous head plus 3-4 inches slid smoothly in my mouth, nestled tightly in my slippery curled tongue. On the 'in' stroke I would push my tongue out over my lower lip and curl the tip of it around his protruding tube. On the 'out' stroke I'd let the tip of my tongue dance all around his head. As I picked up speed, I could hear him moaning and panting. I kept this up for five minutes or so and watched his balls rising higher and higher.

Suddenly I heard an all to familiar tinkling behind me and, judging from the heaviness, reasoned that it was Mark that had begun peeing on the floor. When the sound changed to a soft pattering, I knew that he was pissing on the couch that Jeff was sitting on. As Stanley was watching all this, his cock began to pulse. I glanced to the side an saw the dark maroon splatters as Marks' heavy stream came thudding down on the couch-cushions. As the hot piss reached Jeff, and the sounds changed to splashes, Stan's cock became steely hard and his balls drew up tight to its base.

"Better take eet out," he said warning me. "Really, I mean it...eet will shoot!"

When he said that, I tightened my grip as I increased the speed and suction. Realizing that I was going to let him blast in my mouth sent him over the edge. He sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes. grasping both sides of my head, he began to dictate his special rhythm. I went along with it knowing that his cum was building and there was no way to stop it. He sucked in another deep breath as his rhythm changed to slow, short strokes where his cock was only sliding halfway to the back of my tongue.

"Ayeeeeeee mon," was what came out as his tube expanded and pulsed on my lips and tongue. Bolt after bolt of hot slimy cum shot along the roof of my mouth, plopping down at the back of my tongue. He kept up the rhythm and continued to pulse as I swallowed.

When he stopped pulsing, I removed his dick and milked his tube with my thumb as I lapped at the cum oozing from his pee-hole and his cock began to deflate. About the same time, Mark had finished pissing on Jeff when the door suddenly burst open.

"It's an emergency...I gotta' use your bathroooo.....m," said Richard as he warily surveyed the situation. "Sorry, It looks like I'm interrupting something."

"Come in and shut the door," said Mark. "Make sure it's locked."

"Yea, the bathroom's right here," said Joey with a chuckle as he pointed to Jeff on the couch. "I gotta use it too. We can use it together."

My dick twitched as Richard, Joey, and Alex took up positions in front of the couch and began to drop their pants. I quickly got up and sat down next to Jeff, not wanting to miss out on the fun. My heart began to race as Stanley arose from the bed to stand in front of me. He was holding his thick cock and, with a wide grin, aimed it up over my head.

Joey was the first to let go followed by Alex. As their streams began to rise into an arch, Stan began to dribble. I could see that Richards' cock was beginning to swell as he seemed to be having trouble; however, when Joey and Alex's streams fattened up and pattered on the couch, hot piss jumped out of Richards' slit hitting me in the legs. His stream got fat real fast and was soon drilling into my chest. At the same time, Stan's stream started up slow. It looked like a fan-spray as it emerged from his long wide slit. The fan got wider as the pressure increased. After a few inches the fan changed to a fat twisted stream, arching high in the air, smacking down on top of my head. Both Richard and Stan were heavy pissers and they took turns switching between Jeff and I. Alex and Joey took delight, as did I, in pissing on the dry areas of the couch. We all loved the sound it made as their hot piss pitter-pattered on the cushions and the red crushed velvet turned to a dark maroon. They were all laughing as the four streams of hot piss criss-crossed over each other (Mark and Jeff told me, later on, that they'd go around town looking for furniture that people discard by the curb to bring it back home for 'fun-time').

Just then, the bathroom door opened and little Jamie walked in.

"Has anyone seen Cecil," she said as she stepped through the door.

When Joey instinctively turned to see who it was, his piss hit her in the stomach and ran down the front of her white pants leaving dark wet trails. All pissing immediately stopped and her jaw dropped when she realized what was happening. No one knew quite what to do, especially me. I was mortified that she was seeing me this way. Joey was the first to speak.

"Sorry about that," he said sheepishly. "You shoulda' knocked."

"That's okay," she said as she smiled and sat down on the bed. "You don't mind if I watch do ya?"

"No," said Mark. "Go right ahead."

No one, except me, really minded her being there because most thought of her as 'one of the boys' and were used to her being around during boyish activities. So, one by one their streams quickly arose into arches, splish-splashing all over Jeff and I. My dick pulsed as I watched her begin to touch herself. I also felt relieved that she was enjoying the show. My chances with her might not have been dashed after all.

As their streams began to wane and they were pulsing out their last couple-o-jets on the couch, I got up and retrieved my back-pack.

"I gotta' wash up and change," I said as I slung the pack over my shoulder.

"What about me," she said pointing to her piss-stained pants. "I can't walk out there this way. They'll think I pissed my pants!"

"I can fix that," I said as I took her by the hand. "Come with me."

"Where ya goin'!?" said Alex excitedly as Jamie and I headed for the bathroom.

"To the bathroom," I said somewhat puzzled. "We're gonna' get cleaned up."

It suddenly dawned on me that I might not be the only one interested in little Jamie! It sounded like Alex was upset at her leaving with me. 'How selfish is that!?' I wondered. 'He already had one girl.' But it did make me feel good that she was leaving with me.

After we entered the bathroom, I closed and locked the door. I told Jamie to remove her pants and shirt so I could use the hair dryer on them. When she did, I saw that she was wearing translucent bikini panties that rode high up on her thighs. It accentuated her girlie figure. I could clearly see her pussy-lips through the material. As my dick began to stiffen, she took off her shirt and tee-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra! There were two perfect little titties right in front of me! My heart began to throb, as I'd never seen that person, that is. I couldn't help but to stare.

"It'll only take a few minutes to dry these," I said as I continued to stare at her chest.

"I'm up here," she said giggling.

"Sorry," I said apologetically. "It's just that I'd never seen this before."

"You've never been with a girl!?"

"You're the first," I said with a smile.

She beamed when I said that. I believe she took it as a compliment. As if she could have the charm to set a 'homo' straight. Only her! One minute I'm sucking on dicks and letting boys pee on me and the next, I'm succumbing to her feminine wiles. What she said next made my heart skip a beat.

"It felt really good when Joey accidentally peed on me. I got excited when I saw those streams whizzing out of their penises. Boys are so lucky to able to do that. Would you pee on me?"

"Right now?" I said. "Did you bring extra clothes with you?"," she said. "And no...I didn't, so I'll have to do it without any clothes."

When she took off her panties, I got my first look at a totally naked female, in person. I'd never even seen pictures of a pussy before (In those days, all we had was Playboy magazine, and they didn't show genitalia).

"You don't have any hair down there," I said pointing to her groin.

"Neither do you."

"I don't like the hair, so I shave it."

"I shave too," she said. "I also wax."

I made a mental note to ask her about waxing as I continued my examination. When I saw the two small lips of her pussy, I instinctively reached out to touch and then drew back.

"It's okay," she said giggling. "You can touch it."

My heart was beating a mile-a-minute as I reached down and ran my hand over her smooth flat abdomen. I gently ran my finger over the soft puffy lips as my dick began to grow. When I got to the back I felt something hot and slick. Slipperier than oil. My dick pulsed as I slid my finger into her hot tight tunnel. She squirmed as I slid in and out a few times. It was smoother than silk and I began to wonder how my cock would feel in there.

"Go in deeper and push forward, like you're trying to touch the back of my belly-button."

As I did what she said, she told me that it was her 'girl spot', or 'G-spot', and that most girls have it there. She also showed me another good spot just above her pee-hole called a clitoris. As I proceeded to explore this area, I carried some of her lube on my finger and gently stroked on the hood of her clit. She giggled and squirmed as I did this and I bent over to have a closer look.

"It looks like a miniature uncircumcised penis," I said as I probed with my finger. "There's a small head under the hood. They never taught us anything about this in eighth grade health-class...not even close!"

"I know, she said laughing. "It's tragic! They really should teach this stuff. Say, I'm getting cold. Hurry up so we can get in the tub."

When she turned toward the bathtub I could see that she had a beautiful, smooth, round ass with a small hour-glass figure. She may have been a 'Tom-boy' but, in the nude, she was definitely...all girl!

As I was stripping down I felt embarrassed about having a boner and was trying to hide it.

"Relax, I've seen it all before," she said as I carefully stepped into the tub. "I've got older brothers you know. We've done a few things together."

As I stood in front of her I closed my eyes and tried to think of things to make my boner go down so I could pee. Dead babies, chicken pox, The Three Stooges, my grandmothers' corns. The last one did the trick and I could feel my piss building up at the last gateway.

"Her it comes," I said as dribbles began to seep from my silt.

As I relaxed, my piss began to flow, hitting her stomach and running down her legs. I aimed higher and my stream whizzed up in a high arc, plopping down on her shoulders. I felt a stirring in my loins as I watched the hot piss cascade over her shoulders and run in crocked rivulets around her perfect little titties. She was coo-ing and rubbing quickly between her pussy-lips. I pushed and made the stream higher to plop down in her hair. Hot piss ran like a waterfall over her forehead and she licked her lips for a taste. Then she knelt down and opened her mouth. My heart throbbed as I watched the hot salty stream whizzing in her mouth; all-the-while, she was fingering herself and trembling. I could feel myself getting hard again so I closed my eyes to finish draining myself. At the end, I placed the head of my cock in her mouth and shot the last couple-o-jets on her tongue. She engulfed my dick and began slathering it up with saliva and piss. She continued her ministrations until I was completely hard again. I was in heaven.

"Let's shower," she said. "Then we need to find a private room upstairs."

We continued to explore one another as we soaped each other up in the shower. As I stood behind her, my hard cock slipped between her cheeks and along her pussy-lips. I reached around and soaped up her abdomen and cute little titties. She turned around and returned the favor, paying particular attention to my cock and balls. I'd been so horny all night that I almost popped my nut. Afterward, we dressed and skulked upstairs to find an empty room. We found the guest bedroom at the end of a long hallway and figured it would be private enough.

Quickly undressing, we hopped into bed and kissed for the first time. It was definitely different than kissing my little brother because of my deep desire for her. Our tongues did battle as we explored each other. My cock was coming back to life as I gently caressed her soft curves. I was especially aroused by fondling the slight knoll at her pubis. I stroked her pussy-lips and picked up some of her slippery lube. She squirmed as my finger slid all around her hooded 'girl-penis'. At the same time, she was kneading my balls and stoking on my rising star. One thing I especially enjoyed was when she stroked my chest area. No one has ever done that to me before and I could easily see why women liked this.

"Put it in me," she said panting. "Fuck me!"

I wasn't used to girls using the word 'fuck', but the way she said it sounded good and made my dick twitch. In fact, I'd kept myself under the edge throughout tonight’s escapades, and was now horny as hell. I was glad that I'd saved it up for later.

I positioned myself over her as she spread her legs to accommodate me. I lowered myself until I could feel my cum-tube nestle between her pussy-lips as she grabbed her knees and pulled them up. I began slowly rocking back and forth letting my tube pick up lube and drag it to her magic button. It felt so good I didn't want to stop.

Suddenly, she rocked her hips as I stroked forward and my hard dick sank a few inches into her hot slick tunnel. I couldn't believe the feeling! I'd never felt anything, even close, like it. It was like sliding my cock into tightly compressed warm gelatin. Her pussy stretched perfectly to the contours of my cock. It was as though they were a perfect match. I inched in and out a few times, going a little deeper each time until we were pubis to pubis. I laid down wrapping my arms around her and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss. Simultaneously, I began a slow rhythm, driving my cock in and out with hip motion. She matched my motion with her own hip movements. A I ground into her, she ground into me. I wanted to keep it slow to make it last but I couldn't help myself and began to pick up speed.

After about five minutes, I had to start breathing through my mouth and we broke our kiss. I moved my grip just below the small of her back to pull her toward me as I began humping hard and fast. I could feel my cock gliding in and out, through her ass-cheeks. I was just beginning to get feelings like I was closing in on the edge when a thought popped into my head. It was something I did learn in health-class. She could get pregnant if I popped my nut in her pussy! Being with boys, I never had to think about that. I stopped for just a moment to think...and then I felt it. My sphincter began to tighten up as my cum was building. The though of her getting pregnant sent me over the edge. There was no way to stop it so I started humping hard and fast as my balls got tighter and tighter. Just the thought of blasting hot fertile sperm into her pussy was intensifying the feeling as it went higher and higher. I slowed a little as my thrusting became more purposeful. During the last few seconds, my sphincter opened up and cum was filling my tube as I thought 'I still have time to pull out'.

Just as I was about to do so, I slammed it home for one more thrust and my cock began to pulse as jet after jet of hot viscous cum splattered against her cervix. I could feel it racing up my tube and roaring out of my slit. Her pussy got slicker as hot cum came bouncing back to surround my pulsing cock. I continued to pulse long after I was out of cum. It was the most intensive orgasm I'd ever had. I knew it had to be a lot of cum because I'd brought myself to the edge and backed off many times during the evening. From past experience I knew that whenever I did that to myself or anyone else, the cum would be heavier and shoot farther. The orgasm would also be more intense.

After I reluctantly pulled out, we laid back and relaxed for a few minutes. I felt like I was in love with this girl. I'd never felt like that before with anyone. Maybe it was because she was my first. Either way, I wanted her all to myself.

"What would you think about going steady?" I said.

"I don't know," she said guardedly. "I'm not sure I want to be tied to one just one boy. Don't get me wrong...I don't have anyone else. Let's just take one thing at a time...okay?"

"Yea, okay"

My heart sank when she said that. I began to imagine her with other guys, like Alex or Stanley, and didn't like it. However, I was intrigued by the thought of her and I with someone like Joey or Richard or maybe even Mark and Jeff. They were guys that I knew and liked. Also, I was not left out. Then I remembered how turned on I got thinking about me getting her pregnant.

"I realize this may be a little late but, aren't you worried about getting pregnant? Do you take birth control pills?"

"No, and no," she said. "My parents would never give me permission to get the pills, and it's the wrong time of the month for me to get pregnant. Besides, I don't wanna take the pills. You can always wear a rubber if we need it."

After about ten minutes of general BS, we dressed and returned to the party. I managed to talk Mark out of a couple ounces of reefer for supplying the party (especially the girls) and went home extremely happy with my new found confidence. Even though little Jamie wouldn't go steady with me I knew we'd be having a lot of fun together.

My mind kept dwelling on the 'pregnancy' turn on and I wondered if it was a universal thing. Did all guys feel this way? How could I use this to play a game? Little did I know that an idea for a game would suddenly come to me in the next week, and, that I would use this game extensively in one form or another over the next twenty years. But this is for other chapters.


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