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Stuff they make me write: If you are underage or live in a jurisdiction run by Hitler types; and/or the depiction of first time sex, between adolescents, and all its intricacies offend not read any further as this is not intended for you. While many of the events described in the following story are based on actual experiences, it is still a work of fiction (or what I like to call fact-tion). The names and places have been changed and/or invented for obvious reasons. Most of the scenes have embellishments to enhance the boner factor. I like to call it artistic license. Call it bullshit, if you will. If my language or my sex story offends you, I say, good for me...and fucking leave. You have no business here. I also say God bless America and I thank my lucky stars that I live in a free country that has a first amendment.

Acknowledgments: My thanks to the Nifty archive and all of its learned contributors for the neat-o story writing tips and grammar lessons. The information was invaluable for the completion of this story. The selfless sharing of your knowledge is admirable, to say the least. I used most of your tips and advice; however, I wrote this story to cause boners and create cum...not to pass an English exam. If some of my invented words or my purposeful miss-use of punctuation makes you cringe, please read around them...and enjoy.

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BY: Cecil Melvin Peebody (or CMePee)




(Recap: In the previous chapters our stalwart adventurer finds a horny girlfriend, a new game to play, and courage. He also discovers the joys of marijuana. utilizing all these discoveries, he puts the game in play as our story continues.)

He would tell you that he was "almost 12". Nonetheless, here he was; an eleven year old beautiful boy standing in front of me in my living room, with his pants and briefs pulled halfway down his smooth thighs. His uncircumcised cock was resting between his hanging hairless balls. He had a cute face. Not girlie, but boyishly cute. His body was hairless, except for the auburn hair on his head and the tiny amount just starting at his pubis. He still had a little baby fat mixed with his good muscle tone. You could see it in the rounded crease where his legs met up with his abdomen. His skin was smooth as silk and blemish free...not even any 'peach-fuzz'. It was a breathtaking combination and made my heart throb. To top it all were his hypnotic green eyes. This added greatly to his allure and set my cock on the rise.

His name was Philip (Phil) and he was Tonys' little cousin from Pensacola Florida. They'd come up to stay with Tonys' family for the summer. We lived in a mountainous region of northwest New Jersey, so it was much cooler than the summer in Florida. Tony and Phil had come to my house to spent the week with Joey and I. We planned on camping for a few days by the lake near our house. Yesterday, we'd gone curb-side 'furniture shopping' (a trick I'd learned at Mark and Jeff's party) and picked up a couch, two mattresses, an easy chair, and an ornate headboard.

I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before and, at first, I wasn't sure if I liked the look. However, I could clearly see the crown of his dick-head through the soft foreskin. There was a tiny one eighth inch gap at the tip. I leaned forward and probed the opening with my tongue. Letting my tongue explore, I could feel the rounded tip of his cock-head and the twin globes underneath. As his cock began to swell and stretch, It lifted up from its resting place and the foreskin started to unfold exposing the rounded tip of his cock and his cute little quarter inch piss slit.

Joey and Tony were standing on either side of Philip with their cocks in hand waiting to piss on me and the light blue couch we'd picked up. I saw a droplet oozing from Philip's slit which fell to the floor, followed by a succession of droplets as he strained to get a flow going. I pursed my lips over the tip of phil's cock-head and leaned forward allowing my lips to push back his foreskin until the crown of his head slipped through. I probed his slit with my tongue and could taste the saltiness of his piss.

"I really gotta' pee," he said stepping from one foot to another. "If you don't take it out, I'm gonna' piss in your mouth!"

I continued to tongue Philips' slit as Joeys' piss stream started up. It began splashing on the floor. Then, as his arc arose, it started pattering on the couch-cushions. I was rubbing my cock through my jeans as his twisted stream arose to reach the top part of the couch. As his stream accelerated, it got fatter and the twist stretched out. I loved watching that. Dark blue splatters appeared on the fabric everywhere his hot piss pattered. I could feel Philips' cock twitching as he watched.

"I'm not Kidding!" he said with a sense of urgency in his voice. "I can't hold it any longer!"

As he said that, I felt a hot salty jet strike the back of my mouth. Then a slow stream started running along the length of my tongue. He stopped for a moment as I swallowed.

"I told you so," he said sternly. "You better take it out 'cause I'm gonna' let go!"

He hesitated for a moment, still doing the 'pee-pee dance', then he stopped and his stomach muscles relaxed. Hot salty piss went skipping across my tongue and quickly accelerated. Hot salty piss was drilling into the back of my upper palette. I could hear it swizzling as his hot salty piss whizzed in my mouth. I wasn't able to swallow fast enough and some leaked out. I let more of his cock into my mouth to give me access to his tube. I poked it with my tongue and he stopped for a few seconds. Then it started up again and quickly accelerated. It made my dick pulse to feel it accelerate, so I did this several more times. The feelings it gave me were remarkably similar to the feelings I got thinking about pumping sperm into little Jamie to make her pregnant. It was the thought of someone letting go where they shouldn't be letting go.

When I couldn't swallow any more, I sat back and let his hot piss hit me in the face. He aimed his cock up and the hot stream came down on my head. Rivulets of hot piss ran over my ears, shoulders, and down the front of my shirt. Just then, Tony's piss started. His stream quickly jumped out striking me in the chest. Giggling, he stepped up and began pissing down my shirt-collar. Hot piss ran down my back, between me and the back of the couch-cushions. All three were still pissing hard and I could see a puddle coming out from under the couch. All the splashing and pattering was bringing me closer to the edge. I loved watching the hot piss whizzing out of their slits. I loved the way it fluctuated. The twist would stretch out, then retreat, then stretch out again, getting thinner then fatter. I quickly unbuttoned my pants and began wanking on my own aching member. Joey and Phil started pissing on my cock and that was it!

White hot sperm roped out of my slit hitting Philip in the face, then two in the chest. I bucked in my seat as I pulsed out the rest of my hot load on the couch-cushions. It left small silvery puddles on the light blue fabric. As their streams began to wane, hot piss splashed into the puddles forming on the floor.

After we had all regained out composure, I had Phil sit on a dry part of the couch. I took off one of the cushions so I could kneel on the floor. Also so someone else could kneel behind me. Once again, I was going to have someone fuck me from behind while I pleasured someone in front but this time I had been prepared.

The reason that I was interested in the ornate headboard was the design of its bedpost. It had a large round ball at the top followed by a series of tapers, each of which was separated by a half inch spacer. The first taper was about an inch around. The second was an inch and a half. The third was about two inches, and so on. I'd cut off the round ball at the top and rounded off the first half inch taper. I cut the forth taper off near the top of it to give the whole thing a small base. The entire object was under six inches long consisting of three tapers and a base. In today's vernacular, it would be called an ass-trainer or butt-plug. After injecting oil up my butt and coating the toy, I began to slowly insert it into my hole. The first taper was easy but the second hurt a little so I let it go in and out a few time until I became used to it. The third was the hardest but while I began to get accustomed to it my dick began to swell. Soon it was all the way in to the base. The base kept it from slipping into my ass. It was short enough so I could put on my pants without any of it showing. I did all this in preparation for playtime with Joey, Tony and Phil.

Kneeling before Philip, I took out my flask and swished a little oil around in my mouth. I slipped his soft cock through my lips and slathered it up with saliva and oil. I was kneading it with my lips and gums as his cock began to swell and stretch. I could feel the texture forming as his spongy tissues began to harden. His hardening cock was reaching farther and farther into my mouth as it stretched. His glans was swollen to the point where it was tight and smooth. My dick began to pulse when I felt the curve in his cock forming.

At the same time I could see Tony and Joey slowly stroking their already hard cocks. I stopped with Philip just long enough to pull down my piss soaked jeans to expose the homemade toy still plugged into my ass. Their jaws both dropped when they saw it.

"What the hell is that!" said Joey as he started laughing.

"It's an ass toy I made from that old bedpost," I said. "Slowly, take it out and replace it with something...use your imagination."

Joey stepped behind me and began to pull on the base of my new toy. My dick twitched and bounced as the two inch taper slowly opened my hole. The smaller tapers were much easier to take as he completely removed the toy. He replaced the object with the head of his cock and pushed forward. His dick slid easily all the way in through my partially opened hole. He was immediately able to start up a slow rhythm, quickly picking up speed. Within minutes he was ramming hard and fast. It felt wonderful.

"This is great," he said panting. "It's way better than before. It feels like a girls' pussy!"

Still stroking his hard curved cock, Tony watched intently as Joey pummeled my ass and I went back to pleasuring his little cousin. Joeys' cock was sliding so easily that it wasn't distracting at all as I slipped Philips' hard member through my pursed lips. I cradled his cock in my tongue and matched Joeys' rhythm. It was easy. As Joey slammed forward, I went backward. Phils' dick pulsed as I lapped at his glans.

After about five minutes, Joey began to slow down and slam hard. I could tell he'd gone over the edge and his cum was building. So on his out stroke I would tighten my sphincter to grip around his flange to heighten his orgasm. It must have worked because, three strokes later, he rammed it all the way in and I could feel his cock pulse in my hole. I knew he was adding his slippery, hot ropes to my well lubed bowels.

As Joey removed his spent member from my hole, Tony slid his in. Even though it was slightly larger than Joeys' cock, it slid easily as he immediately established a quick rhythm. The curve of his cock allowed it to stroke my prostate causing my dick to pulse and jump. At the same time I could see Philips' balls drawing up and I knew he was close to the edge. He suddenly grabbed both sides of my head and began to dictate his special rhythm. I knew his cum was building so, while he was fucking my face, I picked up some lube on my finger and placed it against his pucker. I could feel his pulses through his sphincter muscle. Between two pulses, I let my finger penetrate to the first knuckle. I could feel his hole getting tighter and tighter as his cum was building. Then he sucked in a deep breath and held it. His hole began to clamp down on my finger as his dick pulsed and shot small jets of thin salty semen against my upper palette. As he continued to pulse, I could feel and taste the slippery fluid skating across my tongue. I swallowed as it pooled up under my tongue. Soon, his pulses slowed down and he started breathing again.

"Oh wow!" he said panting. "No one's ever done that to me before! I wanna' try it."

Eager to be of service, I had Tony stop for a moment so I could get up and sit on the couch. I laid back so my ass was right at the edge of the couch and I pulled my knees back. I could feel cum and oil running down my cheeks as Tony took up a standing position and reinserted his cock into my ass. I was already near the edge as Phil began tonguing the head of my dick. As he took my cock into his mouth, Tony picked up speed and began to grunt as he was slamming into my ass. Knowing that he was approaching the edge sent me over the edge and my sphincter tightened around his cock as my cum was building. Up and up it went and I could tell it was going to be intense. Higher and higher as I felt I was losing control.

Just then, Tony slammed it home and began to pulse in my hole. That was it for me as my body took over and I pulsed jet after jet of mostly semen into Philips' mouth. He gagged a little as my salty load hit the back of his throat. My cock continued to pulse long after I was out of juice. It felt heavenly as my sphincter clamped on Tonys' cock with each pulse.

Afterward, we all showered together. We enjoyed soaping each other up and getting one another horny all over again. We also peed on one another as we showered. Then we cleaned up our mess and put our 'new' furniture out in the garage to dry out.

When we were done we set about planning and preparing for our two day camping odyssey the next day. I told them that I had a surprise planned and that they would love it.

Little Jamie and I planned it a couple days before when we were having sex in my room after school. I came to realize that she was a horny little girl and liked sex as much a guys do. She also liked it as often as guys do, and didn't much care who it was with as long as she liked them. Some of the other guys considered her a slut, especially the guys she wouldn't fuck. Hypocrites! If they fuck a bunch of girls they consider themselves studs, but if a girl does it, she's a slut. Assholes...all of them!

I told her about being turned on at the thought of pregnancy and asked her if she'd ever heard about it before. She said that she didn't but was intrigued by the thought of it. I told her that Joey, Tony and I were camping and I wanted to try a game with them and she agreed to go along with it saying that, although she didn't know Tony, she thought Joey was cute. I reassured her that she'd like Tony and went on to describe him to her.

The next day we set out to go camping. We camped in our usual spot by the lake where our tree fort and rope swing were. After we gathered plenty of wood for the fire, we went into our fort and blew up the beach rafts that we were going to use for mattresses. We laid comforters down on the rafts to make them more comfortable and began sharing horny thoughts. As a matter of course, Tony and Joey were bragging (exaggerating) about their various conquests while Phil and I just listened.

"What about you?" I said to Phil. "Surely, someone who looks like you do must have some horny stories."

"Naw, not really," he said. "I never even kissed a girl yet. I don't really know how. Before today, I've never done anything with anyone besides myself."

"Finally...the truth!" I said laughing. "Such humility should not go unrewarded!'s pretty simple. I'll show you...just follow my lead."

I slowly leaned into him and pressed my lips to his. As I began a slight gyration, so did he. I parted his lips with my tongue and he allowed access to his mouth. My dick was on the rise as we crossed tongues like swords in a sword-fight. I gently stroked his chest and abdomen as he did mine. There was passion in his kiss and it was making my dick swell. My hand went to his crotch and I could feel his cock coming to life as well.

"You're a fast learner," I said as we broke our embrace. "I got a boner already! You'll make a girl wet for sure! Are you guys ready for the surprise I promised?"

"Yea...what is it," said Tony.

"I got a girl coming out here for us."

"Little Jamie!?" said Joey as his eyes brightened and he began rubbing his crotch.

Yea...she thinks you're cute, and I know she'll like Tony and Phil. The only thing is, we gotta' use rubbers 'cause she's close to her period and would probably get pregnant if we didn't."

"Aw...I hate using rubbers," said Tony. "It's not as good 'cause they dull the feelings.

"Yea," said Joey. "Do we really have to?"

"Listen...don't worry about it," I said. "Trust me...I have a plan."

We left our fort and climbed down to build a fire and cook some hotdogs. We were roasting away when little Jamie strolled up and sat down next to me. She was wearing tight jeans and a tank top. She'd let her hair down and had her makeup on so she looked really hot. I could see Tonys' jaw drop, and his hand went to his crotch when he saw her. I knew that he'd thought I was going to set him up with a big fat beast or something.

"How's it goin 'C'," she said. "You got one for me?"

"You can have this one," I said handing her my 'dog on a stick'. "Oh...this is Tony and his cousin from Florida, Philip."

"Ooooo, Florida," she said is a sexy voice. "You must have a wonderful tan."

While she said that, she pulled up his shirt and gently stroked his smooth hairless chest and abdomen.

"Y-y-y-yea," he said with a gulp.

We sat around the fire for about an hour, eating and talking about general bullshit. The boys couldn't help but stare at her. She had the most sexy 'camel-toe' forming in her tight jeans.

Suddenly she leaned over and kissed me. Our tongues danced for a few minutes and I suggested that her and I should go up into our fort. Once inside, I confirmed that she was still game for my little scheme. When she said that she was ready, I called for Philip to come up.

As Philip sat down on the raft, Jamie leaned over and started kissing him. I began to unbutton his pants as he kissed her back. The thought of him having sex with her turned me on; however, something disturbed me about her kissing him. After all, sex was just about sex and feeling good, but kissing was an expression of love and passion. I chose to ignore the feeling as I removed his pants and underwear. I could see his cock was getting fatter as they began kissing harder. As I started sucking on his cock, he began feeling her little titties and stroking her pubic areas. he was doing exactly as I taught him and she started to squirm a little under his ministrations. Then she broke the embrace to strip down.

"You kiss like Cecil kisses," she said as she was removing her panties. "It always makes me sooo feel!"

She took one of his fingers and placed it inside her slit. He began to stroke back and forth as his cock pulsed in my mouth. then I watched as his finger disappeared up her slick pussy. He gasped when he felt the hot, slick tightness of her pussy-walls.

By now, he was hard as hell and ready to be rubber-ed. I opened the package and began to roll the protective device down his hard curved cock. I loved the way it felt as I smoothed it out all the way down to his hairless balls. He positioned himself between her legs and she raised her knees in the air. My cock was twitching with anticipation as I guided his cock between her pussy-lips. He rocked back and forth letting his tube slide along the entire length, from her butt-crack to her clit. She moaned and gyrated as he continued.

"He does this like you do," she said to me. "Did you teach him this?"

"No...he's just a natural, I guess."

As he was still stroking, she rotated her hips and his cock sunk halfway in. He drew in a deep breath as he felt that hot silky tunnel for the first time in his life. Slowly, he began to hump in and out. Her pussy conformed perfectly to the shape of his cock. It was a kind of rounded triangle, and her lips would almost disappear on his 'in' stroke and then roll back on his 'out' stroke. I'd never seen this before and it made my dick pulse. I loved watching his cock go in-'n'-out like that. It seemed like I could feel what he was feeling as my ardor increased. His speed increased and his little balls began smacking into her ass-cheeks. I loved hearing the slap...slap...slap...slap...slap...slap. I could feel his passion building and knew he wasn't going to last much longer. I reached over and cupped his balls in my hands and began a gentle massage.

Suddenly, he grabbed her by the butt-cheeks as his thrusting took on a new urgency. I could tell he'd gone over the edge and his cum was building. His balls had tightened up and I could feel his cum-tube swelling with my fingertips. His thrusting slowed a little but became more forceful. A few seconds later he let out an "Oooooof", and slammed his cock all the way in. He was making tiny motions as his tube pulsed in my fingers. He stopped and collapsed on top of her and his pulses continued for a while.

When he finally pull out of her, I could see see the rubbers' reservoir tip sticking straight out filled with his white cum. Some of it had gone under the crown of his head to fill the gaps. I saw his cock bounce a couple times with after-pulses. I carefully removed the device from his cock and stuck my tongue inside. I loved the salty taste of the slick fluid on the sides of the rubber. I also loved pushing the cum around at the bottom of it. I also liked manipulating the gelatinous fluid by pinching and rubbing the reservoir tip between my fingers. It made me super horny and I wanted to fuck her badly, but I didn't want to spoil what I'd planned for next. I told Philip to go down and send up Tony.

When Tony entered the fort I could see that his pants were already bulging. He gasped when he saw Jamie laying there naked, and the rubber full of cum. I unbuckled his belt then he did the rest.

"One down, three to go," I said as I watched his dick jump.

As he laid down next to Jamie and began kissing her, I began to slobber on his growing member. His cock twitched and grew as I licked and sucked around the crown of his head. I ran my tongue up and down the crease between his globes as they got tighter, larger, and smoother. He had a big cock for a fourteen year old. It must have been between five and six inches long and over an inch or so in diameter. At the same time, he was stroking between her pussy-lips and probing the hood of her 'girl-penis'.

"I wanna' do it this way," she said as she got up on all fours with her butt in the air.

While she had her back turned, I removed the rubber from the package and rolled out about an inch. As I gave Tony a wink, I cut the top of the rubber off with my knife. I stretched it out with my fingers and pulled it over his cock. He flashed me a smile and with his cock-head showing, I rolled the rest of the device down to his balls. This left his cock-head plus about an inch bare naked. I gave his dick a few slurps and then he got into position. I crawled up underneath Jamie and propped some pillows under my shoulders so I could be near her pussy. As I licked at her clit, Tony positioned himself behind her and placed his cock between her legs. My dick twitched as I watched his bare cock-head open up her pussy-lips. I heard him gasp as more and more of his cock sank into her silky tunnel. I could hear a slurping sound as he drove his cock in and out. My cock was aching because I knew what he was feeling. Being a bit more experienced, he kept his rhythm slow and smooth for a few minutes to enjoy the ride.

Soon he began to speed up and his breathing became labored. I could see his balls beginning to go into motion and get tighter. I imagined I could see the little sperms surging from his balls each time they moved. I could visualize his sperms mixing with pulses of semen to be stored up for the big blast-off. It was if they knew that they weren't going to be trapped by a rubber.

I wanted Jamie to enjoy this too so I pushed the hood of her clit to expose her 'girl-penis'. Then I pushed it back so it would ride on his cum-tube. I could feel her contractions as her pussy-walls began to clamp down on his dick. He picked up speed as he felt this, and she began to moan and push back.

After a few minutes of this she began to squeal and buck back hard. Then she began to grunt. With each grunt I saw a squirt of piss shoot against Tonys' balls. I'd felt this before with her but never seen it, and it was bringing me near the edge. I knew this would bring Tony to the edge and he whispered to me.

"I'm gonna' shoot...should I pull it out?"

"No...don't worry about it...," I whispered back. "just let it fly,".

That sent him right over the edge and he grabbed her by the hips and began to pound away. He began to make unintelligible sounds as he lost all control. He had that, all too familiar, grimace on his face as his thrusting slowed up a bit. I placed my tongue where his tube entered her pussy and his balls began to slap my cheeks. Then jets of hot piss began hitting my face.

nug—nug—nug—nug—nug—nug———Aaaaaaaach,” was what came out as he slammed his cock home. Jet after jet of his fertile seed burst from his slit to pepper her cervix. Just the thought of his hot sperm racing through his tube and over my tongue with each pulse made my dick twitch. He shook and trembled as he continued to pulse for almost a full minute. Drips of his salty load began to leak from around his cock and coat my lips as her pussy couldn't contain his copious load. His cock glistened with her lube, and his cum, as he slowly pulled it from her pussy. His slit was partially opened and filled with cum. It was a beautiful sight and made my heart throb.

"I almost passed out," said Tony as he was catching his breath. "That was the hardest cum I ever had!"

"Oh look," I said. "The rubber broke."

"Oh no," she said as she turned around. "I thought I felt it shooting in me. I guess there's no need for rubbers anymore."

Just then, Joey poked his head through the door and his jaw dropped when he saw the broken rubber on Tonys' cock and, cum running down Jamie’s' legs.

"What happened?"

"The rubber broke," I said. "I guess that means that you don't have to use one."

His face brightened at the prospect of fucking little Jamie bareback, and he proceeded to strip off his clothes. His cock was already rock hard and he took no time in kneeling behind Jamie to insert it into her dripping pussy. Again, I watched as another boys' cock slid in-'n'-out of her hot silky channel. I began fondling his balls as he quickly picked up speed. I could tell he was approaching the edge when she stopped the action to lay on her back. He quickly got between her legs as she raised her knees. I gave his cock a few strokes then guided him back to her pussy. They began kissing as he slowly started back up. He kept up a slow easy rhythm as I gently caressed his balls and ass-cheeks. I positioned myself between his legs and spread them a little. Then I took some oil from my flask and poured a little between his cheeks. I lubed up my cock and let it ride between his cheeks as he began to speed up. After about a minute I placed my cock right at his button so that, on his out-stroke, the head of my cock would barely breach his butt-hole. As he got used to it, my cock would breach further and further until the entire head was inside. He began to grunt and pant as he was now thrusting hard and fast, while more of my cock was entering his ass. His sphincter got real tight as he went over the edge and his cum was building. This sent me over the edge and I began ramming into him as he was taking his final thrusts. He finally slammed into her all the way and I felt his sphincter clamping on my cock as he was shooting his fertile ropes into her pussy. I buried my cock balls deep as I pulsed my load into his bowels.

We laid there on top of each other for a few minutes and I could feel his after-pulses on my cock as the feelings in our groins waned. To my knowledge, Joey had never taken anything up the ass before this and I wondered what he thought about it.

"Ouch...ow-ow-ow-owowowowow," he said as I slowly slid my cock from his ass. "What the hell made you do that!?"

"Do what?" I said with a laugh.

"You know what! Stick your pipe up my butt-hole...that's what!"

"Didn't you like it?"

"Well, yea. I kinda' did...that is, until you pulled it out. But it felt super good when I got my nut!"

"Yea, well, that's the whole idea. Now you see why I like it so much. You OK?"

"I'm alright. I'll walk a little funny for a while, but I'm alright. Just don't make a habit of it...OK!?"

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone that you're a 'homo'."

"We'll see who's a 'homo'!" he said as he got up and turned toward me with his dick in hand.

In a few seconds, a stream of piss shot out from his dick-slit and hit me in the chest and then in the face. As the stream got fatter and accelerated he aimed for my hair line and hot piss ran through my hair, down over my ears and down my back. My cock grew as the hot rivulets ran down over my shoulders. I could hear it swizzling as he pissed into the puddle that formed in my hair on the top of my head. It was frothing because of the beer we'd drunk. I could smell the yeast and barley. Hot piss ran down through the cracks in the floor-boards of our fort and I could hear it hitting the leaves on the ground.

"What's goin' on up there!?" said Tony

"They're pissin'!" said Philip. "We're missing all the fun!"

While Philip and Tony were climbing to join us, little Jamie got up into a squatting position inside a window ledge and spread her pussy-lips with her fingertips. Her piss slowly started up and was rising into an arc. She was actually able to aim her stream just like a boy. It was amazing looking. It slowly got fatter and arose, splattering on the floor as it walked toward me. About this time Philip and Tony poked their head in the door and they gasped when they spied the scene. There I was...sitting on the floor, with Joey pissing a heavy solid stream into my hair and Jamie pissing in a high arc into the bubbly pool atop my head. Still being naked, I could see their dicks rising as they watched solicitously. None of them had ever seen a girl pee before and they were mesmerized by the sight.

They quickly snapped out of it and entered the fort to sit down on either side of me. Joey and Jamie took turns alternating between all of us as piss streams started up between Tony and Phil. They were soon peeing full blast on each other and me. I loved the sound of piss splattering everywhere. I could feel it building up in me and my cock began to grow as I just let go. I had to go pretty bad and soon I was pissing full force up into Tony's face and hair. He sputtered as it went up into his nose and he had to open his mouth to breathe. I took advantage of this and aimed right into his mouth. The pee was clear and not acrid because it was beer-piss, so he was able to swallow a good portion of it.

All too soon, the streams died down and we left the fort for a swim in the lake. It was a warm summer night and the cool water felt good. It was also good to get clean. We stayed naked most of the night and we all liked looking at little Jamie, especially Philip. It was the first time he'd ever seen a naked girl that wasn't in a picture. Even then, he'd never seen one completely naked. He had a perpetual boner and he kept squeezing it to make it go down, but it didn't really work. I liked looking at his smooth hairless body and boner as much as I liked looking at Jamie. It was difficult to keep my boner down as well.

After we ate, drank, smoked a few joints, and BS-ed for most of the night, we went up into our fort to get some sleep. I snuggled up to Jamie from behind and Philip snuggled up to her in front. After a few minutes I noticed that he was nuzzling her breasts and gently exploring the rest of her with his hands. She parted her legs slightly to give him better access and he let his fingertip run up and down her pussy-lips. As my dick began to rise, it tucked up into her butt-cheeks and I began slow small motions. She moaned as he slipped his finger into her hot slick tunnel. I reached over and began slowly stroking his rock hard cock.

About that time she leaned over and began kissing Philip. In one motion, he leaned in to kiss her back as she rolled over onto her back. I reached over and turned up our lantern so I could watch. I loved watching his hard curved cock going in-'n'-out of her. She grabbed her knees and brought her legs up while he wrapped his arms around the small of her back. He was pounding away fast and hard now, not caring about being conspicuous. I reached over to gently caress his hairless balls. I imagined the sperms swimming out of them and into his tubes, racing toward their ultimate reward. I knew he was getting close when his balls began to get tight. Suddenly he jammed his pubis tightly against hers. I could feel the pulses between his balls as his sperms shot deep into her. He made small humping motions as if he was trying to go deeper as his pulses continued. She bucked against him and I knew that she hadn't cum yet, and wanted more.

She groaned in disappointment as he slowly removed his cock. It was a beautiful sight. Hard, curved and glistening with her lube and dotted with his sperms. I couldn't resist giving it a few sucks and licks. He quickly backed up as he was still too sensitive for that. So I got between her legs and began tonguing her slit. I loved the taste of her and of his cum. I took delight, as did she, in digging deep with my tongue to get at his tasty load. She ground her pubis into my face as I fucked her with my tongue. I knew I had to be close to her 'G' spot. I couldn't stand it any more as I was close to cumming myself. I quickly mounted her and rammed my cock into her hot slippery tunnel. I was wasting no time. I began humping hard and fast and she bucked right back at me. She began to squeal and then I felt it. Her pussy contracting on my cock and pulses of hot wetness at my cock-root. I knew she was squirting hot piss as she came. That was all it took as I felt my sphincter tightening while my cum was building.

Suddenly I felt something heavy on my back. It was Joey. I hadn't noticed that he'd been watching all this time. He'd lubed up his hard cock and mounted me from behind. Before I knew it, he had his dick up my ass with one fast lunge. It was wonderful. I made one final lunge and began to shoot. It was an extremely intense orgasm. Almost equal to when I thought about getting her pregnant.

I delighted in watching as Tony and Joey took their turns with little Jamie. Watching their big hard cocks invade her petite frame was an awesome sight. As Tony was in the middle of his turn, I heard her say "if I don't get pregnant after tonight it will be a miracle." Within ten seconds he was shooting his sperms deep inside her womb. I knew there had to be something to this pregnancy thing and wanted to explore it some more.

Later the next day, Jamie and I talked about it and decided to play the game with Richard. She always liked Rich, just like me. She'd seen us up in the loft and was impressed by the size and looks of his cock. I told her that he shot cum like a mad man and that he was a perfect choice; however, I didn't think the rubber game would work on him. When she asked why, I told her that Richard was too honorable and I didn't think he'd cum in her if he knew there'd be an unwanted pregnancy. We decided that we'd have to convince him that she wanted to get pregnant. When she asked how, I told her that I'd think of something and we left it at that.

It had been two days since our night in the woods and I had a pretty good idea about how I would get Richard to play the pregnancy game with Jamie, so I went to work as usual.

As I walked into the barn, I saw Richard talking to little Jamie as he was fixing one of the gates on a stall. She had her hair down and looked hot in her tight jeans. I could tell that she was flirting with him, touching his arm and beaming with that sly smile. I could tell that our plan was working as I saw the outline of his half hard cock snaking down the leg of his pants.

"I think she's hot for you," I said as I walked up to him.

"You think so," he said watching her butt-cheeks wiggle as she sashayed away. "But she's only thirteen...and besides, aren't you two going together?"

"Sort of, well...yes and no. She's horny all the time, just like guys. She really likes to ball different guys and I'm sort of in the middle. I like it that way because I get to pick the guys that I like. Besides, she's trying to get pregnant so the more guys the better. That way no one gets blamed."

"She wants to get pregnant!?" he said incredulously. "Why!?"

"She's sick of goin' to public school and wants to be home schooled. You know her parents. They're the liberal type with lots of money."

I went on to describe the accounts of our night in the woods and could see his dick getting harder as he readjusted his pants.

"I think she's coming on to you because I told her about you."

"What! Why'd you do that!? I didn't want any of that to get out!"

"Relax," I said. "She'd already seen us together up in the loft and got turned on. Besides, she won't say anything because she likes you, and I told her not to."

"What did you tell her about me?" he said, getting curious.

"Oh...just that you have a big, beautiful, hard dick and that you squirt cum like a horse."

"Really? And she liked that?" he said as he rubbed his bulging cock.

"Oh, hell yea," I said as I replaced his hand with mine. "Let's take this upstairs."

When we entered the loft I re-positioned a couple bales of hay and laid down a quilt that we sometimes use for the horses. I sat on the quilt as he pulled down his pants and snaked his semi-hard cock through the access in his briefs. It was magnificent as usual. I poured a little oil on my hand and stroked his shaft a few times. Removing my teeth, I took a small swig of olive oil and guided his glans through my pursed lips. I curled my tongue around the underside of his cock as it slowly slid to the back of my mouth. I could feel his cock pulse and get harder as I slid back and forth. I could feel his glans swelling and his cum-tube becoming more pronounced as I increased my speed.

About that time, in came little Jamie...just as we'd planned. She was naked from the waist down. All she had on was her t-shirt. She looked beautiful with her hairless little pussy. I could feel Richards cock pulsing as he stared at her fingering herself.

"Come join us," I said as I let go of Richards' cock.

I turned around and laid face up on the quilt and she bent over me and began to unbutton my pants. I began to stroke her clit with my tongue, allowing it to run up into her pussy a few times. I motioned for Rich to step up and helped to guide his cock to her pussy-lips. She sucked on my cock as I watched Rich's big fat glans stretch her lips and enter her silky hole. It made my cock pulse to watch her pussy expanding to accommodate his huge member. It looked like a two inch pipe. Just an inch or two went slowly in and out and all he could say was "aaaaaahhhhh."

Slowly, he went deeper and deeper. I could hear a slurping suction sound as his turgid member went in 'n' out. Her pussy-lips took up the shape of his huge cock. With his huge cum-tube, it looked kind of like a large rounded triangle. His veiny cock glistened with her natural lube as he picked up speed. I could see a lump in her abdomen appear and disappear in sync with his thrusts. I placed my hand there so I could feel it. There was still about an inch of his cock that wouldn't go all the way in. I loved putting my lips and tongue on his tube as he continued to stroke. I knew he wouldn't last long so I went back to working on her clit so she could cum faster. I pushed her clit with my tongue so it rubbed on his tube as he stroked. I loved the way his balls rolled across my nose as he stroked, and I could see that they were starting to get tight.

When she started to buck and grunt, my cum began to build because I knew what was coming next. So, I moved out of the way a little and spread her pussy-lips with my fingers. A couple seconds later four or five nice jets of hot piss jetted from her pee-hole striking Rich on his balls and legs. I knew her pussy was in spasm on his piston-ing cock as he picked up speed. I saw his balls draw up tight against his groin and knew he'd gone over the edge and so had I.

"Should I do it!?" he said with a sense of urgency. "Or should I pull out. Hurry, I can't stop it!"

"No," I said. "Just let it fly"

I quickly placed my lips and tongue on his tube just under his balls as he took four or five more strokes and then slammed it home. As his tube began to pulse, I could feel the cum racing through it. Each time he'd pulse she would go "oooo" and a jet of hot piss would hit me in the face. I knew she could feel his hot sperm jetting with great force against her cervix. As he continued to pulse, I could see his cum being forced out from the edges of his dick and her pussy-lips. That was all I needed, and my cum shot up into her face and hair while she rubbed on my glans.

We laid there for a few moments as I lapped at his cum and she started a nice slow piss on my face. When he pulled his cock out, her piss accelerated and I opened my mouth to let it fill and run down my chin. In moments, hot piss was swizzling in my mouth and running out like a waterfall. Out of the corner of my eye I could see drips of piss dropping on the floor from Richards' dick. The drips turned into a short stream pattering on the floor, then quickly intensified as it reached my head. In moments he was pissing solidly in my hair and she in my mouth. My dick was rock hard again from feeling those hot streams. I kept my head down so the hot piss would run down over my face and onto the floor. I knew that it wouldn't matter because the pee would drip through the floor-boards into one of the empty stalls downstairs, and I'd be cleaning that up later anyway.

Soon their streams began to wane and diminish. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Later on, Richard told me that it was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had. We talked a little about the thought of pregnancy enhancing the experience and agreed that there must be something to it. I made a mental note to keep this in mind for the future.

School was starting soon and I was going into the tenth grade. High school at last! Just three more years and then freedom! The only thing that gave me trepidation was that Richard wasn't going to be there. He had graduated and was going into the army. The had promised him a higher education. He thought this a good choice as he had no money for college.

My only hope was that the, so called, young adults there would be a bit more mature.

Yea, right!


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