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David and Goliath III

A brief recap from chapter 2.

David is a sneaky, horny boy and cute as hell. Just over four foot tall, brown hair that is halfway over his ears, hazel eyes that twinkle when he gets that I'm looking for trouble and know how to find it look. Thin framed small arms and hands, his legs are in a growing spurt which are thin almost skinny and are too long for the rest of him. When he runs he is awkward and almost kicks his cute little behind doing so.  He has a great smile that will melt your heart when he throws one at you. His two little oval shaped globes that make up his ass are to die for and any boy lover's dream, soft well shaped and closed tight when he walks. He has small feet that are ticklish and so are his ribs, belly and under his arms will drive him crazy. His boy cock is average for his age, an inch and a quarter soft, which it never is, and three and a half at full mast sticking straight out from his body. It is as thick as my pinky but that isn't a fair scale to judge by, the size of an average man's middle finger would do it justice. The pinkish purple head sitting on the top of his cock shows no signs of scarring from when he was circumcised. His balls are small and his nut sac is smooth and still close to his body with no signs of changing anytime soon. He weighs sixty to sixty-five pounds. David is a boy lover's wet dream, well at least to this one.  My nickname for him is sprout, he can sign the difference between green giant and goliath but he likes the name I gave him.

Brian is David's best friend, about a half an inch shorter than David with reddish brown hair cut close and over his ears. He has a few freckles on his face and his arms, fair skinned and burns easily in the sun, light brownish gray eyes that don't show much emotion unless he is with David, then they light up with thrill, excitement and joy. Brian also is slim built very much like David. The outstanding difference is his boy cock is smaller, uncut and hooks to the right with a snorkel for a foreskin covering his crown.

Marie Taylor, David's mother, Five foot four, brown hair past her shoulder blades with a natural curl at the ends, she could afford to lose a few pounds around the middle section but not unattractive or over weight by any means.  Hazel eyes like her son, small nose and pink lips. Her breasts are large, too large for her size, but soft with large nipples.

Jamie is my fourteen year old son is five foot seven inches tall, one hundred twenty pounds, short blond hair with blue eyes, his chest is hairless, and he shows a few blond hairs under his arm pits, he has a patch of blond pubes over his three inch flaccid circumcised cock which stretches to six inches hard and about an inch thick. Jamie is lucky that his boy hood is more normal sized than mine is or ever was. (Jamie is not in this chapter but leaving it here for reference).

Jackie is my twelve year old daughter, five foot three inches tall, long blond hair past her shoulder blades, ninety two pounds, blue eyes, braces on her teeth but not the real ugly ones, the ones that are practically invisible to make her still attractive while her teeth straighten. Her breasts are just forming her nipples the size of quarters, she is still hairless around her small pussy. (Jackie is not in this chapter but leaving it here for reference).

Kate Hayes, late thirties, sandy blond hair cut at the collar, five feet six inches tall, one hundred ten pounds or so, slender waist, blue eyes, small sized but well proportioned breasts.

Kate's son Ronny is thirteen, brown hair, hazel eyes, five foot one and about ninety pounds. His thin four inch cut dick with just a few hairs above. His balls have started to drop but are hairless. Ronny has been deaf from birth.

Kate's daughter Anne is fifteen, short brown hair and hazel eyes like her brother, five foot three inches tall and about a hundred pounds. Like her brother also deaf from birth.

I am six foot eleven, two hundred sixty pounds and try to stay physically fit and yes my friends call me Goliath. My circumcised cock is ten inches plus long and three and a half inches thick.

The Interview

(Board of Trustees) "Can you tell us about yourself Mr. Goalith, I'm sorry did I pronounce that correctly? Please demonstrate for the board your answers in sign as well as verbal if you can. The job position does not necessarily require the use of sign, for teachers yes but the position you are applying for is mostly administrative in function".

(Greg sign/aloud) I have to admit I am nervous about this job interview but this would be a good career move for me. "I like what I do, teach the deaf to use sign language to communicate with others like them and speech therapy so even if someone cannot hear the words they are saying the vibrations of the throat muscles can be learned so that most letters and sounds of a spoken communication method can be generated by the hearing impaired. If someone becomes deaf at a later age speech is still remembered but will degrade over time so speech therapy is a very important tool for the hearing impaired. I currently work for the state as a hearing impaired training specialist, I am board certified as an educator of special services. Since I work for a state funded program and there are always cut backs to balance a budget this Headmaster position intrigued me to apply. I have a Master's degree in education and liberal arts. You say the job position is administrative but I would disagree with that philosophy. Sure there is paper work and schedules and budgets to maintain. But there must be a drive for the betterment of the quality of life, regardless of the situation, if you select me to run your school than every teacher, student, parent, grandparent or aunt and uncle must demonstrate the same drive to improve the quality of life. And not just for a handicapped or a hearing impaired person it just becomes a way of life".

(Board) "Well Mr. Goalith, I must say you have an interesting approach. Most interviewee's give us a rundown of their time in the education system, number of kids, not how you will change the world in one step".

(Greg) I can't believe Kate is sitting there like she doesn't know me but I guess that's part of the process. "Alright Director, I have two children, a son fourteen and a daughter twelve, I am divorced, my kids live with their mother most of the time. I have been in the formal education system for twelve years but in truth it has been more like all my life, my father was deaf and I learned from a very young age to communicate with him and have been teaching anyone that is willing to learn how to communicate. My father did not teach me to sign, nor did my mother. My father went through most of his life in silence, frustration and disgust because he lost his ability of hearing so therefore there was nothing to live for anymore. As soon as I started preschool there was a deaf child and the teacher taught the child to sign, I would not go and play with other kids because I scared them because of my size. I sat with the deaf child and the teacher everyday learning how to communicate with the boy. He was scared because he couldn't understand why he was different and scared of a boy about the same age twice his size, but we learned to communicate and learned that size doesn't matter and friendship does. I cannot for the life of me remember her name, but I remember his. His name was Johnie Coaphlyn, we learned it as J-O-N-E-E C-O-F-L-I-N. I haven't seen him in years, but we still send Christmas cards to each other. He has implants, three kids and lives an almost perfect life and most people that ever meet him will never know he is deaf".

"I took what I learned from school and every day I would make my father learn what I learned. My mother caught on to what I was trying to do so I could talk to my dad, tell him what I did, how much I love him, things were different back then but a child shouldn't have to grow up not knowing a parent because you cannot talk to each other. My father lived and worked a hard life but he learned to communicate with me and my mom and he learned his disability wasn't something that couldn't be overcome. I learned something new every day, I taught my parents something new every day. By the time I was fifteen and close to the height I am now my parents could carry on any conversation in sign language just like it was natural and those that didn't know what was being said was `Oh well their dumb or stupid its hard to tell'. My father passed away when I was seventeen and he was the happiest man that survived cancer and being deaf for that long but could communicate with his loved ones".

Question after question, (Board) "Well Mr. Goalith thank you for your time and we will let you know of our decision very soon".


(Marie) "Well how did the interview go?"

(Greg) "They said they would let me know but I think I impressed them. They drilled me with questions for over an hour. What surprised me was Kate, she sat there and acted like she didn't know me and it was her idea for me to apply for the job".

(Marie) "She probably didn't want to influence the other members of the board. David is in his room doing homework he has a surprise for you".

(Greg) "Homework? What did you do beat him?" Marie pointed to the hallway and turned for the kitchen.

(Greg) "Hi sprout how are you doing?"

David turned from his desk and jumped into Goliath's big arms. (David in sign) `I got three A's and two B's on my report card today'.

(Greg) "Hey sprout that is great congratulations; and you're getting better signing as well". The boy beamed with pride.

(David in sign) `Do you want to make love to my thighs as a reward we have time before mom calls us for dinner? I just washed my butt for you too'.

Goliath carried him to the queen bed in the other bedroom grabbing the lube oil from the bathroom on the way. He stripped the boy and himself and started to kiss and suck every inch of the boy's body driving him crazy. David didn't last long before the tingles came again. Goliath licked the ass crack and buried his tongue inside the boy's butt causing another dry orgasm. David took the bottle of oil and smeared his thighs his cock and balls first then the man's big cock. David was on his back with his knees and ankles up. Goliath rubbed his cock on David's cock and balls and David closed his legs to create a boy pussy for the man. For Greg it is the same sensation as actually putting his dick in the small ass that is way too small for the size of his dick. David rubbed the large crown with both oily hands as Greg pushed and pulled between the boy's thighs rubbing their cocks and balls together, Greg's big hairy balls slapping David's ass as he fucked the boy the only way that he could. David climaxed for the third time before Goliath shot his load in the makeshift boy pussy covering the boy in cum.

(David) "Someday maybe when I get bigger I want you inside me. I know it will hurt but I still want you inside me".

(Greg) "We'll see sprout, I will never do anything to hurt you".

(Marie) "Will you two get cleaned up and get dressed".

David stood up on the bed and wrapped his arms around the giant's neck and his legs around his waist, his cum covered body now rubbing it on Goliath's back. Goliath reached behind him with one hand to support the boy's weight, the size of the one hand was bigger than the tight little ass it was supporting. Goliath's middle finger found its mark between the two small globes of the boy; David lowered himself onto the finger of the huge man.

(David) "That feels good maybe if you keep putting fingers in my butt then I will be ready for your dick".

(Marie) "Greg, David does want you to make love to him, let's get different sized butt plugs for him to stretch him out, give him a few weeks then maybe you can get inside of him".

(Greg) "Maybe, come on sprout let's get a shower I'm hungry".

Greg and David showered, the six foot eleven man holding the four foot, sixty pound boy in the shower with ease as David scrubbed the hairy chest and back, Goliath's free hand washing the ten year old gently, his large finger stayed inside the boy trying to please him and expand him at the same time. David rested his head onto the strong shoulder as they rinsed off. Goliath put the boy down to dry him off, both settled for comfortable shirts and shorts for the evening, David spending most of the time on Greg's lap. Greg's hand spent most of the time inside the shorts of the boy.

Greg's cell phone rang. (Greg) "I got the job".

First day of a new school

The Director of Trustees spent the morning with Greg getting him acclimated to the school property and introducing him to the staff and students, needless to say (or sign) the size of the man as the new Headmaster caused quite a stir, mixed with fear and anguish when the big hand was extended to greet the next person, staff or student, each person that met him had to look at their hand after the firm but gentle hand shake to see if they still had their hand and tested it to see if it would still work after the encounter. Greg made the first command decision at the faculty lunch and before classes resumed for the afternoon.

(Greg said and signed) "Thank you all for the wonderful welcome. I will continue to meet everyone in your classes as well to get to know you all on a personal basis. I would like to meet the entire student body in the auditorium for a brief introduction. I will not take much time but I would like to get things out as quickly as possible and answer any questions anyone may have; that of course includes the teaching staff as well".

(Director) "The auditorium is under renovations right now".

(Greg said and signed) "Very well, outside after the lunch break, teachers please stay with your class and I would like to see as much sign language and vocal response as possible. I will be monitoring everyone on their skills. I may make recommendations for anyone including the staff as for improvements and I will be happy to assist. We are here to provide these students a better means to a normal life. We are also here to enrich their lives, fill their minds, challenge them to accomplish more than they did yesterday and reward and praise them for every attempt they make at learning something or even the desire to attempt to discover something new that they did not do or know yesterday. There is not much time left in this school year, but today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new day". Greg addressed the new school giving the speech that he did for the interview and what he told the teachers at the faculty lunch. He answered questions for an hour before he sent everyone back to classes.

Greg roamed the dormitory after classes were released to get use to the layout and meet any of the students that he may have missed. The dorm rooms would hold four boys or girls up to the age of fourteen then only two residents to a room from fourteen to graduation. The dormitory is four stories with the younger girls on the first floor, then the younger boys on the second, older girls on the third and older boys on the top floor. Each floor had a teacher assigned as the bed master for that floor and each floor had community bathrooms and showers at each end. Greg smiled to himself knowing there would be plenty of eye candy for him.

Kate Ronny and Anne found Goliath at the head masters residence. Greg signed `I think I am going to like it here'. Ronny and Anne signed `We are glad you are here too'. Greg smiled and started to remove the teens clothing. Kate wasted no time to remove Goliath's sport coat, his loafers and socks his shirt and his pants. Kate's clothes ended on the pile as well. Ronny's four inch boy cock was aimed at Greg's face Anne took his engorged ten inch man cock into her bald teen pussy. Greg pushed his middle finger inside Ronny's ass and twisted it until the boy could no longer hold out and shot his droplet of boy cum into the giant's mouth.

Goliath put three of his huge fingers inside Kate's pussy as she waited her turn for the monster cock to be inserted into her body. Anne moaned and groaned as only a deaf-mute teen can do with a ten inch long three and a half inch wide cock filling her as she raised and lowered herself on the huge thing. Goliath pushed another finger into Ronny's hole trying to expand the boy so at some point he too could take the huge member inside him.  Anne climaxed adding her own fluids and lubricating the huge shaft even further to bring Goliath to his orgasm completely filling the vaginal cavity with his cum. Anne removed the cock from herself and her brother Ronny dove in to lick the mixed juices from the huge cock and whatever dripped out of her pussy down her inner thighs. Ronny was careful not to breach the sibling line so he did not lick her pussy directly but gathered and swallowed all the cum he could that escaped her or remained on Goliaths cock.

Anne lay back exhausted but Kate took her place on the huge monster and Ronny recovered from his climax enough to remount Goliath's face for another orgasm and another droplet of boy cum for the giant. When Kate climaxed and Goliath a second time Ronny again licked and swallowed all of the juices he could without crossing the incest line and stopping a half inch away from his mothers pussy only taking what was external to the cavity.

Kate said and signed that it was a school night so she and the teens had to return to the big house and they all needed showers. Greg showered in the house then decided to check out the dormitory before lights out first so he dressed casually but still professionally as the new head master of the school. Greg's timing was perfect he looked at his watch, 8:45pm on the second floor the younger boys were being led to the showers. Greg admired the little cock parade getting showers, brushing teeth and hair then being shuffled back to their rooms for pajamas and bed. Greg ascended the stairs to the third floor but Ms. Doolan didn't think it was appropriate even if he is the new headmaster to be on the girl's floor during showers. Greg climbed the stairs again to the older boys. Greg made a mental note that the younger children are in the showers at 8:45 and the older teens at 9:15. Another parade of teen cock some still hairless or just on the cusp of puberty balls hanging, dicks thicker than the boys downstairs but the only hair is on the top of their heads, others older and well into adolescence with shaggy bushes over their cocks and balls large. Greg looked at one boy coming out of the showers and turned toward the sinks on the other side of the wall. Fifteen maybe sixteen Greg thought.  The boy headed for the urinals so Greg decided that his monster did need a draining so he stepped into the bathroom and stood next to the teen and fished the monster out of his trousers. Greg looked down to the teen admiring the teen cock that started to rise when Greg noticed the boy looking at his manhood. The teen looked up to the giant and moved his lips in a `WOW' motion.  Greg smiled back at him, shook off the droplets from the tip of his cock, zipped and washed his hands cataloging all the boy cock and ass in his mind for future use. Greg descended the stairs to return to the Headmaster Quarters for the evening. His cell phone rang.

"Hello". "Greg its Marie how was the first day of school?" "Good..." "Well Sprout won't go to bed without saying goodnight". Twenty minutes later David finally crawled into bed way past his bedtime but with a smile on his face and love in his heart as he blissfully drifted to sleep. Greg crawled into bed but sleep would not come.

Greg spent the next few days going from class to class to observe and monitor the teachers and students making recommendations as he deemed necessary. Greg walked in the back door of the Algebra I class and took a seat in the back of the class giving the teacher a nod to continue the class and not to pay attention to the headmaster monitoring the class. Ronny was in the Algebra I class and was called to the chalkboard to solve a problem, when finished at the board he noticed Goliath in the back of the room and he smirked wondering when the next time the giant would be sucking his cock or the chance to try and swallow the massive thing. Ronny didn't notice the look and the head turn of Craig Martin but Greg did. The same teenage boy in the bathroom from the other day.

Greg left the math class heading for history class when text came in on his phone from Marie `Can you pick up David and Brian from swimming? Also working all weekend can you handle the little monsters?'

He texted back `Little Monsters? They are my favorite past time and with at least one mother's permission'.

Lunchtime came and Greg found Ronny sitting with Craig under a shade tree. Ronny waved for Greg to approach then signed `Craig and I have been talking can we stop by your house we have something to show you'. Greg smiled at the two teens then said and signed `David and Brian are staying the weekend with me do you want to stay over as well?'

Craig signed `Who are David and Brian?'

Ronny's grin gave away the answer but he signed anyway `David and Brian are two cute ten year olds that like to have fun. David is a brunette and Brian is a smoking red head'.

Craig signed `What kind of fun?'

Ronny signed `If you can keep a secret and your mouth shut maybe and just maybe we might let you play along'.

Craig started laughing and signed `If I keep my mouth shut then what's the point unless you have something else to keep me quiet. I take it your openness with our new headmaster leads me to believe you have played games before. I love boy games. I love man games too. My uncle has been playing games with me since I was nine. He started just sucking my dick but he worked me up to putting his dick in my ass. It hurt at first but now I love it.'

Greg said "Enough you two you have to get back to classes".

Ronny spoke as best he could and signed as well to impress the new headmaster but also the man he loved. "Bear skin rug at my house this weekend? Boys only. Mom and Anne will be going into the city for shopping and maybe catch a show. Mom was supposed to ask you if I could stay with you because I really don't want to be part of four to six hours in a hair and nail salon and the rest of the day getting dragged from women's clothes to my sister's latest fashion fad for a dress. I take it she hasn't asked you yet".

Craig signed to Ronny "I'd like to see you in your sister's dress as long as I get the chance to take it off of you. I'll wear the dress and be the girl if that turns you on. How about you Mr. Greg would that turn you on? Me in girls clothes with your fat thing up my butt?"

Greg signed "Boys get back to class and behave or I will put you in detention". The two teens shared a glimpse and a smile. Greg walked away before he did bend Craig over and shove his cock into his ass. The giant thought to himself now is not the time. Friday night will be the time.

He pulled his phone and texted Kate `I understand you were going to ask me to watch Ronny. I will have David and probably Brian for the weekend so Ronny is no problem'.

Two minutes later `Thanks the house and the horses are yours if you want them'.

Greg texted back `Another boy will be joining us'.

`Fine, enjoy'. Greg left the school at three thirty for the YMCA to work out and pick up David and Brian.

Friday afternoon at last bell (and light flashing for those that couldn't feel the vibration yet) Greg signed to Craig and Ronny `Let's go get David and Brian from swim'.

Craig signed `I've been dying since Wednesday I am so freaking horny I'm gonna burst. Telling us that we couldn't even jerk off was not fair. I want the boys so bad and I haven't even met them yet'.

Greg said "Patience and don't do anything stupid. My son Jamie has taken David. Brian still has his cherry but I think he is willing to give it up this weekend. David gets first dibs if Brian wants it. Otherwise you will have to settle on just sucking his boy cock which he seems quite happy with offering to others".

Ronny signed `Amen. If Brian gives it up can I go after David? Yeah I know it is up to him dumb question.'

"Not dumb just rhetorical. Everyone must want and agree to what may happen".

`Agreed'. `Agreed'.

Greg drove the teens to the YMCA. David and Brian were waiting on the front steps and ran to Goliaths car as soon as he pulled into the parking lot. As soon as the giant stepped out of the driver side he had a boy in each arm with their arms wrapped around his neck and boy kisses on his cheeks. "Boys meet Craig Martin he is spending the weekend with us at Ronny's house".

Brian said "You're deaf too? I don't sign very well but I will try. Last time we stayed at Ronny's we had Jamie and Jackie to help to talk to Ronny, Anne and their mom"

Craig said and signed `Its okay I read lips pretty good and I am really glad to meet you. You must be Brian, Ronny told me about you so that must make you Davie'

Goliath saw the look and before the boy could retaliate the giant put Brian down so he had use of a hand and said and signed "David he prefers David not Davie, not Dave, just David"

"Sorry man you're just cute".

David signed "Don't worry let's just have some fun".

Goliath drove the boys back to the estate. Ronny and Brian took the back seat, Craig sat with David in the middle. They were about halfway to the estate when Craig asked with his hands if he could put his hand in David's pants. The ten year old agreed and let the fifteen year old cop a feel. Goliath looked in the mirror to see Brian the other ten year old being fondled by Ronny. By the time Greg pulled into the driveway of the huge estate the only cock that was not being squeezed, pulled or just generally being toyed with was his own.

Goliath led the boys to the great room with the huge chair and the bearskin rug. Since Brian was the shortest and youngest he was the first to be stripped and put on display his uncut three inch boy dick with its snorkel skin covering the crown.

Craig signed `OMG I am going to cum right now'.

Ronny answered him `Don't you dare this is part of the ritual Greg gets to strip us and do whatever he wants first'.

David was the next boy to be put on display, his three inches of cut boyhood adding more beauty to the room. Ronny waited and then joined the boys' only party with his four inches of cut boy cock and a few sparse hairs over his cock.

Greg gave Craig a finger wave bringing the fifteen year old to him in the big chair. The five feet six inch tall dirty blond teen smiled as he was stripped adding his clothes to the pile the giant was creating on the corner of the bearskin rug. Craig's six inch cut cock about the thickness of a half dollar and a neatly trimmed dirty blond bush over his cock was added to the boy display with walnut sized balls below.

"Do you like what you see? And can I please get that big cock in my ass as soon as possible. I am not one for playing games but it seems you are. I came to suck boy dick and get fucked like there is no tomorrow".

Goliath laughed a hearty laugh then turned the teen around and spread his ass cheeks to see if the boy could actually take his cock. Goliath turned him so Craig could see his lips "Your uncle has used you well but I don't think he is as thick as me". Greg put his middle finger to the stretched pucker and the teen moaned.

"Please fuck me, please".

The six foot eleven giant rose from the big chair, David and Brian had his shoes and socks off, Ronny reached for the belt as the shirt came over his head. Ten seconds later the pants were on the floor.

Greg said "Boys shall we help young Craig with his problem"?

David said "Daddy he isn't the only one with a problem yours is huge today".

Greg grabbed an extra-extra large condom and the KY. Ronny slid to the floor with his back against the side of the big chair and reached for Craig so his leaking six inch cock slipped into his mouth. Brian climbed into the chair so as Craig leaned over the arm of the chair the uncut boy's cock and balls were available for Craig's oral entertainment. Greg rolled the condom onto his ten inch long three and a half inch wide cock and lubed it graciously with the KY then spread more on his finger and coated the teens hole. Greg tapped Craig on the shoulder so the deaf boy could look at him. "Stop means stop. Okay?"

"Please put it in me. I am going to cum any second".

 Craig looked down at Ronny sucking his cock and then went back to sucking Brian's dick. Greg's cock made contact with Craig's hole and with even pressure the massive cock entered the boy. David not to be left out of the fun crawled between Ronny's legs and took the four inch tool into his own mouth. Craig moaned with pleasure getting sucked and fucked at the same time. As the ten inch man cock invaded more of his body Craig lost control of his balls and fired his teen boy cum into his friend's mouth. Craig couldn't concentrate on the small penis he was trying to suck so he let Brian out of his mouth and looked over his shoulder to the giant and moaned `more, give it all to me'. Goliath held the boy's hips as he inserted his cock further. Even with the condom on the warmth and tightness of the boy's ass was amazing but the giant did not want to hurt the boy so only slow motions but the boy was begging for more. Ronny released Craig from his mouth and focused on his own orgasm as David sucked him off. Greg finally made it all the way in with his big hairy balls touching the ass cheeks of the teen he pulled out so only the crown stayed in then pushed in again. Craig pushed back to take more of the cock inside of him. Ronny couldn't last any longer and arched his back as he climaxed in David's mouth.

Greg continued to gently, if that is possible with a ten inch cock, fuck the teen that was bent over the arm of the big chair knowing that he was rubbing the prostate of the boy causing waves of pleasure. Greg reached around Craig and found the still hard six inch tool and stroked it and fondled the walnuts causing more moans from the deaf teen. Ronny watched the show above him wondering when he would have the courage to take the long thick cock into his own ass.

Brian got tired of no one playing with his boy toy so he got down from the chair and offered his three inch boy cock to Ronny. David liked what Ronny was doing to his friend so he took position on the other side so Ronny went from one three inch hairless boy cock to the other while still sitting under Craig getting fucked. David reached for Craig's tit and gave it a playful pinch. Greg pulled a few more strokes and Craig shot his second load of teen cum into Goliath's hand and hit Ronny right in the face with a rope of cum. Goliath licked the cum off of his hand and picked up the pace fucking the teen his big hairy balls slapping the ass bent over in front of him. David's knees buckled and he fell to the bearskin rug with his dry climax. The redheaded ten year old was only seconds behind his best friend with his own dry climax. Both boys panted and watched until Goliath finally came to his own orgasm.

All four boys shared the man cum when the condom finally came off the large cock. Craig found Ronny's four inch cock to return the favor of the blowjob. David and Brian used the KY between their thighs to make the huge cock slide easily as Goliath took turns fucking them the only way he could. He had his thick middle finger in each boy alternating a finger fuck for a thigh fuck for his two favorite boys. David caught the prize when Goliath shot his second load all over the stomach and face of the brunette boy.

Craig signed `That was awesome' and spooned up behind Ronny on the bearskin. Greg pulled David and Brian to his chest hugging both boys until they drifted to sleep.

When Goliath woke with a boy tucked into each armpit all he smelled was cum, KY and sweat, and the teens smelled worse than the pre-teens did. Brian was the first to stir after Goliath he smiled at the giant and looked at his best friend still asleep with his head on the giant. Brian whispered "Can I call you daddy too like David did?"

"I stink and so do both of you how about a shower and get the other boys up. Then we can ride the horses for a few hours".

Brian whispered "We can't all fit in the shower at the same time".

"I'm not asleep anymore so you don't have to whisper and they can't hear us".

Greg said "Wanna bet". The giant clapped his hands causing enough vibration to wake both sleeping teens. He signed `Showers and get dressed'. `Why?' `Because you stink of sex and I am hungry. You two use Ronny's shower I will use your mother's bathroom with these two, and yes we are going out for dinner or even if we call for pizzas you still need to bathe'.

`Sex doesn't smell that bad'.

David giggled "We know he likes his boys clean".

Ronny signed `His girls too'

Greg led the two pre-teens to the bathroom taking his time to clean the boys head to toe and back again. David grabbed the soap and held up his arms so Goliath picked him up. David wrapped his legs around the giant's waist and hanging around his neck started to wash the giant's chest with one hand and switching his hang on arm so he could wash the giants back. Brian had the other bar of soap and worked around the giant's lower half spending extra time on goliath's cock, balls and his ass. Goliath grabbed David's ass to support the weight of the dark haired boy giving David the opportunity to let go from around his neck knowing full well the giant would not drop him. David swiveled and moved to wash every inch of the upper body of the giant including washing his hair. Goliath stuck his head into the shower to rinse then brought David to his lips and kissed the boy deeply. David let the tongue into his mouth and sucked on it trying to pull it into his throat the giant moaned in the sexiness of the boy. Brian used two then three fingers in the giant's ass stimulating the beast from the other end of the shower and the giant.

Goliath broke the kiss with David and said "Come on we have all weekend for the playtime. I'm hungry".

David planted another kiss on Greg's lips "You can eat me if you want".

Goliath got an evil smile on his face then easily flipped David around and over holding him by the hips brought the boy's ass to his face licking the crack as David hung upside down giggling like mad. David draped his legs over Goliath's shoulders as his ass was being serviced. David reached to start to tickle Brian so now both boys squirmed in fits of laughter until Greg stopped rimming David and put the boy back on his feet and turned the water off. He dried the boys and himself.

The boys begged and finally convinced Greg to order pizzas, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks instead of making them get dressed and dragging them out to a restaurant. Goliath had originally planned on making the boys wear slacks, shirts and ties just because it is one of many fetishes he has that boys looking good are that much more fun to strip down again. Oh well he still had time over the weekend for that one.

The boys stayed out of sight when the door bell rang and light flashed for the delivery. Greg opened the door in a pair of shorts and a tee. The teen delivering the food almost fell on his ass and almost threw the food all over the front porch when the giant opened the door. Goliath grabbed the teen's shoulders to steady the boy and save the food. "Geez, sorry mister you just scared me for a second" the teen stammered, looked up at Goliath's face, his chest and arms then down to his shorts, his mouth agape at the outline covered by the cloth. "Uhm, that's, uhm I mean that's, uhm I'm sorry I mean its $29.65 for the food. I wrote it down in case one of the deaf ones answered the door".

Goliath paid the delivery boy and as he closed the front door heard the teen say "Jesus that is one big dick".

David heard the comment as well "Gee Greg you might get to fuck him too".

Greg handed the boy the pizza's giving him a playful slap on the ass sending the boy on his way to the kitchen with the other boys in tow. The boys grabbed slices and settled on the couches scarfing up the pizza. Greg got a couple slices for himself and settled into a recliner. Greg spent the rest of the evening working on David's and Brian's sign language skills so the boys could communicate better with Ronny and Craig. Greg was tired from a long week and retired early leaving the boys to do as they pleased leaving the KY and condoms behind.

The boys played with the game controller for a while taking turns until Craig started to sign to Ronny very quickly. Ronny answered in sign just as fast. David couldn't keep up with the teens. David signed `Slow down I can't understand'.

Brian asked "What are they talking about?"

David replied "Too fast for me but I think it has something to do with us. Jamie taught me the universal sign for fucking and Craig's hand signs come close to `Stick and a Hole'. You should know what the sign means from being with Jackie, same stick different hole.

Craig took the lead after reading David's lips and slowed his sign language asking that he and Ronny would like fuck both boys at the same time.

Brian reached for Ronny's four inch cock and wrapped his hand around the hard shaft. "Ronny's is about the same size as Greg's finger so I guess it won't hurt too badly, but I want you to have me first. We are best friends and ever since we met Greg, well I've been thinking about it."

Brian took a pillow off the couch and lay down on the bearskin rug so his ass was up for David. Craig used his finger to lube Brian's hole then spread the KY on David's three inch boner. David got behind his best friend and started to hump the red head's ass crack before sliding into his hole. Brian moaned lightly as he got his first official fucking. David went a good fifteen minutes sliding all the way in and stopping just his crown was in then pushed forward again. Brian pushed his ass up to meet with David's downward trusts. Ronny put some KY in his palm and reached under Brian wrapping his hand around the uncircumcised boy cock pulling the foreskin back. As Brian pushed up to meet David on the down thrust Brian was fucking Ronny's greased hand. Brian moaned and purred as he was getting his first real fuck. Craig joined the action with a pair of lubed fingers one for Ronny the other for David. Brian and David dry climaxed at the same time. David fell on top of Brian both boys panting from the orgasm.

When the tweens recovered, David and Brian leaned over each arm of the big chair on the bear rug their faces came together and their lips met. Craig lined up behind David with his condom covered six inches and Ronny did the same to Brian with his four inches with the extra small condom and the lube from his hand. Each teen started pushing into a tween. David reached for Brian's face to hold him in place as they kissed and got fucked from behind. David's tongue parted Brian's lips, which the red head joyfully allowed as their tongues danced together and moaning into each other's mouths as their holes were being invaded. David and Brian continued the French kissing Ronny's still lubed hand found Brian's cock again and Craig found David's cock and small balls trying to bring the boy to another orgasm along with his own.

Ronny was the first one to orgasm spewing his small amount of boy seed into the tip of the condom. Even with the condom on Brian could feel the teen cock pulse in his ass as Ronny had his orgasm. The tingling feeling in his own boy cock returned once again. David pushed back against Craig's six inches taking as much as he could. David's body was reacting to the teen cock but his mind was wishing that it was Goliath's thick ten inch cock invading his hole making love to `His Boy'. He wanted `His Daddy' to fuck him forever. David and Brian broke their tongue action as Craig pulled David's hips back and pushed one more time filling the tip of the condom with his own teen juice.

Ronny and Craig once removed from the ten year olds assed removed the condoms and cleaned each other's cocks of any cum that remained. All four boys were spent.

David got an idea since Craig was about the same size as Jamie's dick in length but maybe a little fatter all he needed to do was stretch his hole wider so Daddy could fuck him. David went into the kitchen to see what he could find. He found what he needed in the refrigerator. A cucumber that was about eight inches long and about two and a half inches wide. Not as big as Greg's but he didn't want it to be so. He wanted to feel Goliath stretch him to make love to him. David returned to the big room and signed to Craig `Put this in me'.

Brian said "What are you doing?"

David smiled back at him "Stretching myself for daddy. If he won't to me tonight then it will be tomorrow but I am going to get fucked by him".

Craig lubed up the cucumber with the KY held it up then signed `How are you going to get this out of you?'

Ronny signed `I've got an idea'. He grabbed the cucumber and went to the garage. When he returned the cucumber had been punched through on one side with a nail and a nylon string pushed through it and tied off in a loop so the vegetable could be removed from his friend's rectum so something even larger could find its way in.

 Craig pushed it into David's ass with about an inch remaining and the loop hanging between his legs. David sort of waddled up the stairs to go climb in bed with daddy.

Greg stirred awake as David and Brian crawled under the covers a boy on each side curling up to use his arms and chest as pillows. Greg's long arms wrapping around his boys and finding their way down the boys' bodies to one of his favorite obstacles the soft mounds of their asses. Brian's tight little orbs on his right.

"What the?"

David curled up tighter to the giants chest with a hug "It's for you daddy. I am stretching myself so you can make love to me. I want you to do it".

"David I told you that I will not hurt you, either of you. I am too big for you so get that out of you, what is it?"

Brian giggled "It's a cucumber Ronny put a loop on it so you can pull it out".

Goliath said "Roll over let's get that out of you".

David whined "No. Not yet. Not until you're hard"

The brunette and the red head immediately started to stroke the monster cock to life and rubbing the huge balls to stimulate the giant. Brian slid down the giant's body to help his friend to meet his goal. Concurring Goliath. Brian used his hands and his tongue to bring blood into Goliath's cock. David used his lips and his teeth to suck and nibble at the giants nipples. Greg moaned figuring he would just fuck their thighs as he usually did. David was going to have nothing to do with it. He was determined to slay Goliath once and for all. Goliath was HIS man. HIS DADDY.

Goliath fell to the ministrations of the boys and his cock swelled with blood to its full length of ten and half inches and three and a half inches thick. Both boys used their tongues on around the crown and the long shaft and his big balls. David knew Goliath was ready. So did Brian. Brian removed himself from the cock and got the KY from the night stand and coated the cock. Brian helped David remove the cucumber and made sure David had plenty of KY around his hole and used his fingers to put some more inside his best friend.

Goliath caved "Okay baby, we're going to do this real slow and stop anytime it hurts".

David grinned a huge smile as he straddled Goliath. Goliath grabbed his waist as David lowered himself to the massive cock. Brian aimed the cock to meet the hole. David pushed and squeezed his bowels sucking in air as he impaled himself down onto his man. David yelped as his anal ring stretched, Greg picked the boy off of him to stop any pain.

"NO" David pushed against the giant's huge hands and arms to be lowered down to the cock he so desired. Greg lowered the boy back to his cock. David resumed the assault to get the monster inside his small body. No fear just pure determination.

(Greg) "Real easy now, try to push out like you have to poop".

David cried out again as tears started to flow but his determination withstood the pain as he forced himself to open up. Once the crown passed his anal ring the hard part was over. David whimpered and wiped the tears from his eyes but he pushed down feeling the massive dick fill him. With a final burst of determination and a loud "ARRRRRHHHHHH" David pushed until his bowels filled to capacity and had to stop before the giant ripped him in half. David whimpered to Brian "How far?"

Brian looked and put his finger along the shaft that remained still visible "Two inches".

Greg pleaded "David please don't go further I cannot hurt you I love you too much".

Tears running down both David's and Goliath's cheeks David lifted up on the monster and pushed back down gritting his teeth as he impaled himself again. Realizing that he couldn't take it all and realizing that that was okay, David shortened the strokes to  six or seven inches of the thick meat.

David came forward wrapping his arms around the barrel-chested Goliath below him. "Fuck me daddy, breed me daddy, take me daddy I'm yours".

Goliath raised his hips slightly to push his cock into HIS BOY "David I'm yours". Goliath lowered his hips to the mattress and raised up again with HIS BOY on his chest taking his cock up the ass, Goliath wrapped his huge arms around his boy as the two made love. Greg pushed up as David pushed down; Greg went down David pulled away getting the rhythm and the sensations making his body convulse with sexuality and pure love.

As David and Goliath mated David's little dick rubbing against Goliath's belly, Goliath's monster dick rubbing David's prostate when his orgasm hit the blood must have left his head because he got light headed and seeing stars but pushed harder and harder to bring HIS MAN to the ultimate orgasm as he was experiencing right now.

Man and boy tightly embraced, tears flowing as they made love, Brian must have sensed David's orgasm and desire to bring the giant to the same level, Brian reached for Goliath's big balls rubbing and then licking them as hips rose and fell in front of him.

Goliath's senses in overload he said "We need to stop or I am going to cum in you".

David lifted his head off the chest to look at his man "I know I want you to". He put his head back down on the huge chest of the man he loves. Goliath gave one more thrust and emptied his huge balls into the ass cavity of the boy he loves.

Brian got off the bed and pulled the covers over the sleeping David and slain Goliath, David still on top as the victor of the biblical battle. Brian closed the master bedroom door, looked in Ronny's room to see Craig and Ronny asleep in Ronny's bed. Brian decided that Anne's bed would suite him just fine for the night.

In the morning Greg picked up his cell phone with David still asleep on his chest "Hey Marie its Greg we need to talk..."

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