This is an original work of pure fiction, any resemblance or similarity between the the story and real life are purely coincidental.

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When I was in the 4th grade they moved to the neighborhood.

Hi, my name is Eric and I wanted to relate a story from my childhood.

Mark and his brother Larry (fraternal twins) moved in to a house just up the street when I was 9. I already knew I was into boy but had never acted on it. The first time we met or talked was in school. Mark was half Mexican and half some type of Caucasian, he had a baby face and deep dark eyes, and best of all was his slender frame and cute bubble butt. I was in love at first sight. Larry was the bigger of the two brothers and was a little more of an athletic type.

We walked home from school together that first day and became friends almost immediately. It was still warm out so Mark invited me to go swimming with them at their cousin's apartment complex. I got permission and we were off on our bikes within about an hour of school letting out.

Marks cousin was a girl she was 9 years old as well and actually quite cute, even though I was more into Mark. As we swam Eva, their cousin, kept feeling at my Speedos (I was on the local swim team) she got me hard and then kept playing with me. Mark and Larry got out and headed for the hot tub, and Eva begged me to go too. Needless to say I was still hard as a rock and even though Mark and Larry knew what she had been doing to me I was shy about walking across the pool deck. I did it anyway, walking quickly and watching for the eyes that I knew would be on my protruding member.

Once in the hot tub she didn't stop, as a matter of fact she pulled my Speedos down to get better access, I was not all that upset about this even though I really secretly wanted Mark doing this to me. I has about to explode when I realized that my Speedos, Mark, and Larry were gone. Eva laughed at me as she got up and left as well, and I sat there naked in the hot tub with the nearest towel a good 50 feet away. It felt like an hour, but it was really only a few minutes till Mark and Larry came back and got it with me again. I asked if they would give me my swim suit back and they told me that they ha given them to Eva and she went up to her apartment. It was about that time that a portly woman got in to the hot tub with us just as the bubbles stopped leaving me completely exposed, which Mark wasted no time in pointing out to our new guest. I got up and ran to get a towel and now every set of eyes in the pool were definitely on me.

When we arrived at the apartment Eva was lying on her bed with porno magazines lying about. She came over and led me to the bed while removing the towel. Mark and Larry picked up magazines and watched while she resumed playing with my 3" penis and marble sized balls. We even dry humped in front of them. It was sort of exciting. Then Eva returned my swim suit and we all left with Mark and Larry teasing me the whole way home.

That Saturday I was over at Mark's house playing Atari with him and Larry when they grabbed me and started to pull off my shirt, I struggled and fought but the 2 of them over powered me and I lost my shirt to Larry as my shorts began to come down to mark. I was instantly hard as a rock again, as my penis was released from the prison on underwear. Larry then held me down as Mark put my penis into his mouth and began to give me the greatest pleasure my 9 year old body had ever felt. I was in heaven, this was a dream come true for me so I stopped fighting and began to enjoy it. Larry noticing that the fight had left me let go and began to remove his own clothing. He then lowered his 4" member to my mouth which I eagerly engulfed and began to pleasure him the best I could.

It was then that I heard the click and saw the flashes of a camera, I could not see who it was but I knew that the only other one home was their Dad. I was horrified and began to struggle again as Larry started to fuck my face, holding me down.

The next think I knew I had been turned over and was being invaded by fingers in my rectum. As the lube got spread around I wondered what was to come next. My greatest fears were realized as a full sized adult cock penetrated me. Through my tears I saw that mark now had the camera and was recording my pain. As their father used me I watched while mark and Larry began to have 69 with Mark on the bottom. They had obviously done this before. After a while the pain began to change, it was still like I had a huge polish sausage being forced in and out of me but here started to be a pleasure that is very hard to describe, with each thrust inward I could feel him hitting something that was sending waves through my entire body. I was hard again, and he reached around me and confirmed this for himself announcing to the room that he had found another little faggot cock lover.

Mark and Larry then came over to us as their dad turned me over onto my back and continued thrusting into me. Mark grabbed me and began stroking my little boy cock while Larry reintroduced his penis to my mouth. Their Dad pulled out and came all over my stomach and privates which Mark and Larry both promptly began cleaning up with their tongues. Then I was free, but too exhausted to even move. I slowly reached for Marks boyhood and he moved in closer so that I could feel him for the first time.

We spent the entire day naked, all 3 of us were used by their father at least one more time each and when I finally got home I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 8pm without any arguments at all.