Getting Laid!

Who says that the vast wilderness of the African savannah is the only place rich in big games ?
Cities too are rich... one only needs to know how to bait !

||    PROLOGUE    ||

Hands stuffed deep in his trouser pockets... neck button undone, and tie askew... haversack carelessly slung over one shoulder, Prateek looked a perfect picture of the quintessential schoolboy as he turned into the gate of his apartment block, deep in thought.

Well, exams were finally over, and another school year had ended. The last day of school had been just great, and now his summer break loomed large before him - a vacation that didn't exactly hold too much promise, yet, a vacation that he had long promised himself would be different.

He was in highschool now, damn it! - not a kid anymore - with just another year to go before graduation... and he was desperate for it to happen, had been so for a while now.

Fascinatingly captivated by all the incredible changes his own body had undergone as he shrugged off his asexual boyhood and stepped into the realm of adolescence... thoroughly enchanted by the bewitching changes he saw around him - in his friends, especially the girls... with their budding breasts, and the flaring hips!

Intrigued by all the lascivious new stuff he'd learned over the past years - about the human body and its secret functioning. Impatient to try it out for himself... his loins eternally ablaze as it simmered with the constant flame of teen desire!

Hell! he was a normal teen, like any other normal teen... eager with the usual inquisitiveness, and healthy curiosities... desperately horny, and overflowing with cum... dying to discard his virginity!

Desperate to explore and experiment -- every possibility, and each of the things he'd heard -- feel that spine-jarring tight clutch, and the incredible moist heat... experience the gradual built up as he ploughed in and out... right upto that final, mindblowing orgasmic finale when the velvety vice finally tipped him over and his balls exploded... so much more fulfilling, as everyone claimed, than beating one's own meat!

The curiosity (and the desperation) immeasurably heightened by all those triumphantly shrill boasts he encountered practically everywhere the boys congregated - in the school loo, or the neighbourhood playground!

Oh! all those boastful whispers of conquests they bandied around... all those lewd brags of what they'd done, and how easy it was to 'convince' the girls... all of it exchanged with that sly knowing glance, and that exaggerated wink - gosh! it left him cold, and feeling awfully sick... shamefully disgraced by his utter lack of actual knowledge or experience...

And though he covered his shame well with his own vaunted bravados, and some blatant lies, giving the boys a nonchalant shrug, and an equally knowing smile in return... it still made him feel like a worthless piece of turd, a complete dork... a no-good nerd - the ONLY fucking virgin left on the face of the whole damned planet, while all his friends and peers had long surpassed him!

His feeling of inadequacy further adding to his urgent desperation... and he had resolved to do something about it... repeatedly promising himself that this HAD to be THE summer... HIS summer of discovery, and exploration... his SUMMER of becoming a complete MAN!

And he was determined to make it happen - though he didn't know exactly how, not yet, but he was sure he'd make it HAPPEN!

Yes, he'd get LAID... before school reopened!

And as he closed the gate behind him, he felt a slight tingle of excitement course down his slim teen frame at the thought... unaware of the two pair of eyes keenly watching him from the balcony of the tenth floor flat...

The pair had been watching him ever since they had moved into the building, almost a month back, having spotted him the very next morning, out in the apartment playground.

Observing and devising...

Tall, lean and slender, the kid was sinfully delicious, and devilishly cute... especially with his long-lashed dark eyes, his enticingly small mouth, the cheery lips markedly pouty, sensuously delineated... and that languid swagger of his, forever strutting around like a rooster!

Outrageously cocky, immodestly domineering, and disdainfully arrogant, the boy was constantly hankering for attention as the teens played their various games out in the grounds, or sat around animatedly discussing whatever that twinks and teens generally discuss. Guffawing scornfully as he jeered at the other boys with his air of superiority, quick with his barbed one-liners... but easily offended at the slightest retort... incensed as he sulkily huffed off the ground with derisive smirks, and suggestive gesticulations -- making him all the more alluring to the silently spectating pair!

And as they observed him from their tenth floor sit out, they were consumed by unalloyed lust... incapable of any coherent thought other than simply getting him undressed and ... ... ...

"Gosh, I must have him!" groaned the darker pair of eyes as Prateek disappeared into the building down below.

Hazel-eye giggled in response as nails of the slender fingers playfully scratched dark-eye's swollen crotch through the denim, "Not even a month, and already horny and desperate?!"

"How can you even say that!" Dark-eye exclaimed with feigned shock, pausing for a moment before adding with a sly grin, "And who was it that drew my attention to the kid, huh? You're as hot for him, as I am!"

The hazel eyes blazed with the light of animal lust, the voice suddenly growing husky, "He's a walking, talking wet dream... pure lust incarnate!"

"Then go, baby, get him!" whispered Dark-eye, fingers gently caressing the face.

The hazel eyes twinkled with unconcealed mirth, "Aw, it's always me... I have to do all the spadework, each time! And how about you doing something for a change, huh?!"

"Oh, c'mon," Dark-eye grinned back, "you've perfected the art, and that poor boy, like the rest of them, stands no chance! Besides, have you noticed the way he eyes you... the look he gives, eh?"

"What's in it for me, huh?" Hazel-eye giggled, the tongue shooting out to playfully slither along dark-eye's helix.

Dark-eye let out a groan in response, drawing back from the onslaught of that seductively moist tongue tip, chuckling, "You'll be doing exactly what you love doing the most... play a slow game of seduction, ensnaring the innocent virgin boy, and then ravish him for your own pleasure... of course, introducing him to the joys of sex in the process, while teaching him about the birds and the bees... and that, my love, is your reward!"

... to be continued      
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