Getting Laid!

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Prateek rushed into his room slamming the door behind him...

His ears were burning, and his heart thumped away wildly... he simply couldn't believe it - he'd just made a complete asshole of himself!

And he always insisted that he was COOL -- SHIT!

(Oh, if the boys, his friends, ever found out, he was done for!)

There was absolutely no excuse for his behaviour, the way he'd stuttered and bumbled... almost peeing his pants! What a fucking dumbass!

GOD! he was such a jerk, such a pathetic loser! He could have kicked himself...

And Thank God, for small mercies - his mom wasn't home - or she'd have a million questions... concerned and worrying as she fussed, wanting to know what happened!

Going over to the bathroom door he looked into the full length mirror... and a pair of scared eyes stared back at him, the face a smarting crimson...

Flopping down on the bed he covered his face with both hands, letting out a heavy groan.

'So cute!' - the constant refrain that greeted him ever since he was a toddler was now getting on his nerves... every damned girl squealed the same bloody thing each time they saw him - older girls, classmates, neighbourhood girls... the girl friends of his cousins... his aunts and their friends... the ladies of his apartment block... oh, the list was endless! Each one of them pinching his cheek and tousling his hair... as if he was some sort of freak... a dumb kid!

He never had been one of those stupid, FAT babies; and now, he was a lean and handsome teen - proud of his slender, sculpted frame... his sharp, chiselled features. He was a smart and well groomed young person - academically good, and a star athlete. But that didn't stop those silly girls, or the ladies from still squealing excitedly whenever they saw him... and since they couldn't reach up to tousle his artfully crafted spikes anymore, they simply pinched his cheeks... unmindful of his adolescent feelings, or the sullen dark looks he gave them as he fumed silently...

(And thought the boys, his friends, didn't always comment, he could still see them snigger as they eyed each other!)


He was a man, for Heaven's sake (well, almost a man, would soon be one), and had no desire to be 'cute' -- he was macho and masculine... hot and sexy... like the real man he was!

But that ceaseless chorus had caused a terrible sense of discomfort deep within him... had thrown a direct challenge to his very masculinity, his manful self-esteem... gradually becoming a major part of the desperation... his desperation, his need, to get laid...

Well, over the past year he could have actually done it, gotten laid... lost his bloody virginity.

Yes, the girls were obviously more than 'interested' in being just friends - the way they sought him out, hung around him... like moths near a flame. Yes, the most pretty girls in class... in the building!

The look, the smile... the touch... and yes, all those suggestive hints whispered into his ears as they asked him over for help with school work, or invited him for a movie!

Hell! he HATED those giggly girls... forever squealing excitedly at practically everything!!!

They were so damned fucking stupid... hurtfully vindictive and unashamedly gossipy... eternally caught up in their silly strops and anxieties -- ridiculous worries about appearance, and other such frivolous matters -- and their incessant need for constant reassurances...

God! he wasn't interested in them, not even remotely... simply couldn't imagine making out with them! He had nothing in common with them, and was simply NOT interested in girls his age - Yuk!

He preferred women... wanted women - smart and elegant women... women with class. Women who were self-assured, and knew what they wanted... not dumb, teenage girls!

He had dreamed of them... wanting them ever since he had seen that amazing classic "Summer of '42" the previous year - and had decided that his first time would have to be with a woman... a REAL woman!

But where the fuck do you look for such a woman?!

(He didn't trust the internet for such an endeavour)

The few that caught his eyes, that he seemed to like, where total strangers at malls and such other places, and he had no clue how to approach... or trace them out... hoping that someone like that would move in at his own apartment block... and then, he was sure he could sweep her off her dainty feet!

And then, one fine day his world was turned on its head... his dream came true - the lady of his wildest, wettest dream did indeed move in...

Prateek had noticed the lady almost a month back as he returned from school... instantly sensing a weird flutter in his young heart, and a tingle in his teen loins as he gawped, wide-eyed. And then, three days later, he spotted her again, getting into her car as he left for school in the morning.

He had eyed her once more, slyly, sensing that same sensation - in his heart, and the pit of his stomach - his teen cock tingling as it twitched and shifted in its cosy pouch, threatening to harden into a full-blown erection!

Prateek had never bothered with his neighbours, never concerning himself with who moved out, or moved in... but that week, he'd sought her out, wanting to catch another glimpse of her... had, for the first time, studied the board in the lobby that listed out residents' names against the apartment numbers, wondering which flat she had moved in to. Praying that he'd see her again, soon...

Then, like some miracle, there she was, every single day, down in the lobby as he left for school!

And as he hurried out with sly, stolen glances -- all flushed and flustered, his heart slamming wildly and his hands clammy with nervous excitement -- he could have sworn that she too was watching him, her eyes keenly observing him...

Like, maybe, she was simply there to just catch a glimpse of him!

Tall and svelte, elegant and classy, the lady was the very epitome of the classical seductive temptress... and she was driving him insane... leaving him unable to concentrate on anything as he constantly thought of her... devising ways and means to impress her, make her notice him... make his move!

That day, (the day after his school had let off), as he returned home from a lunch date with his chums and buddies, waiting for the elevator, the sharp report of heels on the marble floor of the lobby made him turn to look... and instantly froze as he saw her enter... walking towards the bank of elevators, towards him...

She came and stood right next to him, greeting him with a dazzling smile, "Hey, Kareena," she said by way of an introduction - the voice incredibly husky, the tone seductively sultry, "moved in recently."

His knees wobbled, and he could hardly breathe... the sudden lump that had sprung up in his throat seeming like a boulder, choking him... feeling the flush rise rapidly as he stared back at her, struck dumb!

She raised her eyebrow, the eyes questioning... but it barely registered, his vision suddenly blurring as he desperately sought an appropriate response, yet unable to either form any, or voice it.

There was a momentary respite as the elevator arrived and the doors slid open... but the relief was ersatz, for he still stood there as she stepped in and turned around... staring blankly, unable to move as beads of perspiration suddenly broke out across his forehead... streams of it trickling down his neck and back.

"Coming, or plan to stand there, huh?" she smiled once more, suddenly galvanising him as he tottered in just as the doors began to close.

It was stifling inside, claustrophobic in that enclosed metal cage...

"I didn't catch your name..." the lady said, the hazel eyes twinkling mischievously as she studied him.

He looked up at her, and immediately looked away, swallowing hard as he tried to clear his throat before managing a hoarse, "Uh, Pra... Pra... Prateek," his voice shamefully cracking in his nervous excitement!

"That's a lovely name," she observed, the tone almost a whisper, the words seeming to float in from a great distant, and then softly added, "Ten please, Prateek."

The sound of his name from between those pouty, Angelina-Jolie lips... in her spine-tingling, cock-stirring sultry voice, left him staggering, and the 'Ten please' didn't even register as he slumped against the cold steel wall trying to steady himself... quite forgetting his manners... and even the need to press his floor button.

She gave a soft laugh, leaning over and reaching for the panel herself... her firm breasts lightly brushing against his upper arm as she pressed the button.

"Which floor?" she enquired as the elevator began its climb, reminding him that he hadn't pressed his floor button, and when he didn't respond, added, "Or, would you like to come over to my place?"

His face went a shade redder with embarrassment as he quickly realised his stupidity, and blindly reached for the '7', fumbling before pressing it.

She gave another tiny laugh but thankfully remained silent for the remaining few moments, (though Prateek was sure she was keenly watching him!), and finally the ordeal was over for him as the elevator eventually stopped on the seveth floor - and not a moment too soon!

Prateek rushed out in his dizzying stupor as soon as the doors began to slide open -- without even a courteous smile, or a friendly good-bye -- stumbling in his tearing hurry as he almost tripped over his own two tangled feet... and then rushed right to his bedroom, slamming the door shut!

With another groan he fell back on his bed... almost in tears at his own shame.

He was such a miserable failure... his self proclaimed manhood a sham! The girls were right, he was nothing but a 'cute', worthless boy... aspiring to pass off as a man!

God! Kareena was simply awesome... and he was a dumb asshole!!!

He simply didn't understand what went wrong... why he did what he did - behaving like a toddler away from his mother for the first time. PATHETIC!!!

And all those masterful plans of impressing her... of sweeping her off her feet with his charm... well, they had simply dripped out of him with each drop of his nervous perspiration as he sweated it out on that brief ride to the seventh floor.

Now, as he lay on the bed, in his bedroom, he could think of nothing but Kareena, and their brief, albeit shameful (for him) encounter in the elevator...

Ah, Kareena! The very name sent a numbing tingle coursing up and down his entire body!

And her smile... that amazing smile - oh! it was like the dazzle of the morning sun bathing the lush, dew-drenched countryside with its radiance - invigorating, and life affirming!

Her eyes... those magical hazel eyes - seeming to caress him... undress him... strip away every shred from him, leaving him feeling bare and naked as they peered deep within; rendered powerless before her gaze like a deer caught in the glare of an oncoming headlight, shaking and shivering as his heart slammed away, the blood pumping audibly in his burning ears...

(And yes, the thought of those mesmerising eyes now made another part of his youthful anatomy grow shamefully taut and tingly as the tiny capillaries got flooded with the gushing grume!)

And her lilting voice -- sultry as a monsoon's afternoon under the laden rainclouds... euphonous as the rustle of rich silk -- the words seeming to gently ooze forth, lovingly caressed by her unfurling tongue... each syllable coated in honey... laden with the fragrance of Paradise!

In the safe privacy of his own bedroom, Kareena's thoughts set his body tingling with an eroticism that he had never experienced in his entire life... and his cock, which had gone all limp and soft once the elevator doors had closed, now twitched back to life... suddenly awake and flexing as it gushed out his slimy pre-cum, coating his pubes, and soaking his briefs!

GOD! What would he do? What was he supposed to do?!

But young Prateek need not have worried... for everything was already taken care of... he had been marked, and things were well beyond his control... Kareena was in charge!

... to be continued      
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