Getting Laid!

||    EPILOGUE    ||

Arnav wrapped his arms around Prateek's slim waist and pulled him close, kissing those juicy teen lips, biting them before forcing them apart and slipping in his tongue... his hands moving lower, groping that awesome teen butt... making the boy moan in breathless arousal, rub his swollen teen crotch against the man's thigh in desperate desire.

And as Arnav pulled back, grinning down at him, Prateek blushed... his gaze quickly lowering as he longingly eyed the grotesque bulge filling Arnav's crotch front.

"Yes, that's for you, Tiger!" Arnav laughed, continuing to pat and fondle the teen buttocks, "Go on, feel it!"

Prateek looked up for a moment, bashful, (yes, Arnav, especially without Kareena nearby, still left him feeling timid and coy), and then slowly reached out, lightly touching the swelling - his breath catching as he felt the fierce rigidity under the stretched fabric, the impossible heat emanating from that turgid bulk concealed within... his anus suddenly twitching with lecherous want.

"And today, no sharing," Arnav whispered, his tongue swirling in Prateek's ear, "you can have it all to yourself!"

Prateek looked up, questioning... his eyes searching the room and passageway...

"Kareena's away for the day, with the girls," Arnav chuckled in answer to the unasked question, grabbing and squeezing both globes, "and I was getting lonely, so I messaged you."

Prateek blushed some more, his heart suddenly beating faster, his breath already ragged - this would be the first time he'd be alone with Arnav... would have sex with the man all by himself, without Kareena... suddenly nervous as his trembling fingers sensed the man's impatient flexing under the material.

Over the past months Prateek had sneaked up to the tenth floor flat every single day of his summer break... and now that his school had reopened, he visited them some evenings, and each weekend - restlessly awaiting Kareena's message, rushing up as soon as he received it.

And once he got there, they almost tore off his clothes in their lustful haste, stripping him naked... their hands and mouth frenzied as they groped and gnawed at his tender teen flesh - so smooth and soft - fondling and pawing, kissing and nipping... Prateek whimpering in response, shaken by spasmodic shudders as he submitted to all their perverted demands, allowing them every sort of shameful liberties in his own maddening desire for sexual gratification!

All three disgracefully loud, and indecently bawdy... outrageously wild as they spent the day indulging in lewd sexual revelry - trying out all possible combination, and every permutation - fucking the day away, copulating non-stop with shorts breaks for a quick shower (that mostly ended up as a continuation of their untamed orgy), and a hurried lunch - mating like feral animals in heat, insatiable!

The horny teen - cute and cuddly - a fascinating plaything for the man and lady to toy with... to be had and enjoyed - his mouth, his engorged teen cock, and his willing anus simply meant for their sole delight - and they did exactly that... thoroughly using, and utilising, him for their own lascivious pleasure!

Prateek wailing and whimpering... thrashing as he cried out, groaning in the agony of impossible pleasure as Arnav repeatedly plundered his tender school-boy bootie; slamming back at the man as the thick shaft tore into his quaking innards... thrilling as the man finally bathed his ravaged rectum with his man-seed, innundating the sore rectal cavity with his soothing semen; Kareena depleting his teen balls with her magical mouth, or ravenous pussy!

The man untiring, the woman insatiable -- till Prateek lay drained dry and exhausted... a limp rag-doll, benumbed and panting - his teen cock a spent stub drooling the final few drops of his viscous teen sperm that had no more semen to make it voluminous... his balls painfully sore as they rolled restlessly in their sagging pouch with nothing more to expel. His entire body coated with his own dried milt... his every orifice overflowing with Arnav's cum - reeking like a bordello on pay-night!

Prateek was indeed living a dream... a dream that he hadn't even dreamt, or imagined!!!

Oh, yes - Prateek had got what he wanted - he got laid... and had lost his virginity long before his school reopened!

And yes, his summer turned out the way he had anticipated... though not exactly the way he had imagined...

Yes, Prateek still loved to fuck Kareena, loved that warm, moist sleeve, the fierce clutch... the awesome sensation of plunging in and out of her tight pussy...

But he'd also come to love the things Arnav did to him...

Loved being touched and groped by the man - the way he reached in and fondled his privates - loved being undressed by the man... loved his caress... and loved being kissed by him... feel those manly stubble rake his smooth face, especially while Arnav was fucking him!

Loved it when Arnav force-fed him that massive cock... stretching his lips and jaws wide and sliding in, filling his small mouth. Had become proficient, under Kareena's expert guidance, at deep-throating without gagging or spluttering - his lips clamped tight around the thick shaft... gurgling as Arnav fucked his throat like a whore's twat. Loved it when, ocsasionally, Arnav rewarded him for his efforts with his sizzling seed, filling the teen belly with his copious man-load!

And yes, Prateek loved getting fucked by his gigantic tool - loved that incredible feeling as Arnav gradually stretched him wide, and bored in... slowly impaling him with that fire hydrant thick monstrosity that passed off for a cock... filling his belly completely. Touching areas within him that nothing else could ever touch... awakening feelings that nothing else could, ever. Making him groan and sob at the incredible arousal that engulfed his entire body... making his cock swell and throb, ready to burst out of the silken sheath that encased it...

Loved that unbearable pleasure the tool aroused deep inside... that amazing sensation it created once Arnav began to move, fuck him... each tiny inch of his being tingling and buzzing... making his teen cock go painfully stiff as it throbbed and flexed... shooting cum without even being touched or manipulated!

Arnav fucking his ass multiple times, like he was a slut... breeding him like a bitch in heat - plundering his tight teen butt while Prateek 69-ed with Kareena... or just ate her out, with his ass sticking high... or fucked her pussy...

Pillaging his tiny boi-pussy when Kareena left them alone to go and prepare lunch - Prateek thrashing under the man, his legs thrown high, over the broad shoulders, groaning into Arnav's mouth at the unbearable pleasure tearing through his young body as the man plough his furrow!

Fucking him all over the place - the bedroom, the living-room... in the shower, or laid across the kitchen table... or while they watched the Champion's League on TV - Prateek sitting impaled on that flesh spike, bouncing up and down... sometimes Kareena joining them, on her haunches between his spread thighs, blowing him till he exploded!

Arnav also fucked Kareena - Prateek between their spread thighs, lapping away at her pussy and the diving phallus... slobbering at the juicy junction - his tongue slurping at the punctum of their slimy union. His eyes unbelieving as he watched that hugely fat shaft stretch her wide, sliding and slithering in and out with a smooth, fluid motion. His nostrils assailed by the powerful scent of sex... his ears filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, and the obscene squish of copulation... his own ass puckering with hunger, desperately wanting that cock in his own ass instead!

Slipping both hands between Prateek's thighs, under his butt, Arnav scraped along the seam of the teen's seat, grinning widely as he whispered, "C'mon, Tiger, lets get naked!"

Prateek shuddered at the words, his hand frantically squeezing Arnav's throbbing hardness... his heart speeding up.

Taking him to the bedroom Arnav quickly stripped Prateek naked... fondling and caressing, kissing and nibbling... tweaking his engorged boy-nipples... and twirling his drooling hard-on...

"Now," Arnav smiled as he pulled back, starting to undress, "let's eat your pussy... get you ready."

His heart pounding, Prateek stared on, mesmerised... his wide eyes riveted to Arnav's crotch, letting out a gasp as he dropped his shorts... moaning as the turgid flesh pole sprang out, swaying and flexing with excited passion...

"And you can blow me," Arnav grinned, taking the boy's hand and placing it on his massive cock, "get my cock wet!"

Prateek curled his trembling fingers around the thick shaft, squeezing the turgid length, as if testing the rigidity... yet, unable to circle the girth completely!

Laying Prateek down on the bed, Arnav quickly climbed over... his knees on either side of his head, and his monstrous erection right over the boy's face... and grabbing the teen thighs, pulled them up... hooking Prateek's knees under his armpits and pressing down on the thighs with his arms as he held them spread wide...

Placing his palms on those plump cheeks, Arnav tugged the buttocks open... his fingers clawing it apart... exposing the tiny orifice - the tender opening quivering and flexing... pouting high in urgent want...

With a groan Arnav lowered his face, his mouth quickly claiming the boi-pussy - kissing the madly twitching anal introitus... Prateek's ass grounding high as he cried out, his hands grabbing the man's thighs!

Swirling his tongue around the quaking hole, Arnav lapped along the deep cleft and perineum... his tongue tip wiggling up and down the ass crack - from base of spine to the teen ball-sac and cock root - stabbing at the anus each time as he passed over it

Prateek could only groan in mindless arousal, feeling that familiar desire surge through him... enjoying the oral attention, but desperately wanting Arnav to enter him... fuck him!

Suddenly remembering what the man had said, about getting his cock wet, and looked up at the throbbing phallus... reaching up and grabbing the thick shaft, pulling it down...

And as Arnav lowered his hips, Prateek opened his mouth wide and sucked in the massive cock-head with a satisfied sigh... swirling his tongue around the ruddy glans... sucking on it like a giant pacifier.

Prateek stretched, arching his slender frame as he thrust out his pecs and lifted his legs high, spreading them wide... offering his bubble teen butt to Arnav... gurgling as Arnav moved in, taking his legs and placing them over his shoulders...

And as Arnav fitted that swollen head to his crazily pulsing hole, Prateek whimpered - the moan a desperate plea to be taken... to be fucked like the whore he'd become over the past two months!

Steadying his hips, and holding the thick base in a firm grip Arnav shoved... unmercifully stretching the constricted muscle ring wide and tearing in... sending his hulking phallus ripping into the sizzling cauldron of tender boy flesh... churning the boy's tormented bowel as he quickly hilted himself!

Prateek cried out, a banshee wail, his ass swaying high as he received Arnav... groaning at the impossible pleasure flooding his entire body... grabbing the man's arms, his nails digging in... Arnav finally silencing the boy as he covered his gaping mouth with his own, kissing the teen as he began to fuck him...

(Oh, if only the boys, his friends, ever found out... he would be done for!)

- a story by Outlaw      
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