Getting Laid!

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"So," questioned Dark-eye as they cuddled, "when do I get him?"

It was late evening, after dinner, and the pair was out on their tenth floor balcony, sipping the last of their Pinot Noir.

The hazel eyes twinkled in the moonlight, "You want a schoolboy and sound like one yourself, horny and desperate to get laid!"

"Oh, c'mon!" Dark-eye cried out, "you too want him real bad, so why the delay, huh?!"

"Um... ah, what's the rush, you already have me!" Hazel-eye giggled, hands reaching in to caress the grotesquely large package under the loose cotton shorts.

"WHAT!" exclaimed Dark-eye with mock horror, "Don't tell me you're giving up, huh?!"

"Nothing of that sort," laughed Hazel-eye, "it's just that you need to be patient, and wait your turn..."

"And that means?" the dark eyes narrowed with question, the brows creasing.

"I need a week," grinned Hazel-eye, kissing Dark-eye's mouth.

"Don't tell me!" cried Dark-eye in feigned disbelief, "You never needed a week to get a kid in bed!"

"I don't need a week to lure him," Hazel-eye laughed, "I want a week with him, alone!"

"Oh my God!" Dark-eye exclaimed, sounding incredulous, and then gave a crooked smile, "Er, should I be worried?"

"The kid's yummy cute... absolutely delicious!" Hazel-eye squealed with sottish desire, giggling happily as the left hand continued stroking the aroused rigidity under the cotton shorts, "Simply adorable, especially the way he almost peed his pants in the elevator this afternoon... so, can't you just let me have him all to myself for a week, huh? Besides, you need not worry, boys are good as an appetiser, but I still need you for my main course!"

Dark-eye let out a exaggerated sigh of relief, "God, and for a moment there I thought I'd be getting the papers from your lawyers tomorrow morning!"

"Aww..." laughed Hazel-eye taking Dark-eye's hands and standing up, "what say we continue with our discussion of the terms in the bedroom, huh?"

Dark and sullen, Prateek had remained in his room for almost two whole day, refusing to stir out of the house, or take the calls of his friends... sprawled out on the bed, listless as the music blared in discordant cacophony in the background; not even bothering to log online for his usual chat and Facebook sessions -- something unprecedented, and unheard of -- initially leaving his mother mildly amused, and then gravely worried as she cautiously (mindful of touchy teen sensibilities) tried to question him... repeatedly checking his forehead, wanting to know if everything was alright...

But that only made him more irritable and sulky...

Oh, the shame of it... and how would he ever face her again?!

It had been so fucking humiliating -- that encounter in the elevator, and the way he had screwed it up -- but gradually, with the initial shock and shame finally wearing off, Prateek realised that he was being utterly stupid, impossibly absurd - after all, he couldn't stay hidden in his room for the rest of his life! He would have to face the world ultimately... and yes, face her too...

He was a man, damn it! and he'd have to start behaving like one, and not act like a sulky child!

That decision taken, Prateek finally ventured forth in the afternoon... wary of encountering Kareena as he sneaked out stealthily to join his friends at the mall...

But alas, Kismet, that unforgiving bitch with her uncanny ways of coming around to bite one's ass got him as Prateek returned home later that evening -- and who should be there, in the lobby, waiting for the elevator - Kareena!!!

His heart slammed, and his hands went ice cold, suddenly unsure as his steps faltered. His initial instinct was to spin around and run away, get out and wait for her to go... but then managed to control his inexplicable terror of facing her and slowly went forward... standing a few paces behind the lady of his dreams, and his recent nightmares.

But Kareena wasn't alone, there was a man with her...

Prateek had seen the man before, almost on a regular basis over the past month or so -- tall, masculine and ruggedly handsome... fascinatingly virile, and disconcertingly intimidating!

For some weird odd reason the man seemed cast a spell over the teen, especially with those piercing dark eyes that seemed to follow him whenever they crossed path... Prateek warily eyeing him... morbidly fascinated, and yet, strangely unnerved... feeling vulnerable, and somehow threatened; and he took an instant (and acute) dislike for him!

There was no reason, nor logic behind any of it -- the unwarranted negative feelings the man had aroused in him, the intensity of that emotion, or his own fierce dislike -- and it intrigued Prateek, making him wonder if it was mere dislike or something stronger... ultimately deciding that he simply hated the man!

Well, some may say that 'hate' is a strong word, and dislike is better... but Prateek decided that no, hate was indeed mild - he detested the stranger... despised him... though he didn't even know him, didn't know where he lived, or why he visited the apartment!

Now, seeing them together in the lobby, he wondered how Kareena knew him? They seemed so friendly... standing so close... engrossed in coquettish confabulation as they giggled and whispered away - neither of them seeming to notice Prateek, (or, so he thought)... not even aware that they were no longer alone, that they had been joined by another person!

It incensed him... filled him with jealous rage!

The elevator arrived at that moment, and they walked in... Kareena finally turning around, for once ceasing in her flirtatious involution as she spotted him, exclaiming, "Hey, Prateek!" dazzling him with her smile.

He gave her a nervous smile in reply as he quickly stepped in, before she could again ask him if he planned to stand there or not, like the other day...

"So, where have you been, didn't see you this past two days?!" she asked in that husky voice, those mesmerising hazel eyes once more seeming to shamelessly caress him... undress him!

Silently sliding into a corner Prateek looked up at her and then lowered his eyes - charmingly vulnerable, and captivatingly cute in his red-faced, adolescent bashfulness... once more tongue-tied, and at a loss of words!

Kareena let out a small laugh as she turned to the man, "Seven for him, Arnav," before adding by way of an introduction, "This is Prateek... and Prateek, Arnav."

"Hello, Prateek," the man smiled.

Prateek looked up briefly, but quickly lowered his eyes before the keen, unsettling gaze of the man, acknowledging the greeting with a silent nod instead, his voice once more failing him!

"And Arnav," Kareena announced excitedly, "you should watch him play football, he's simply amazing!"

"He plays?!" Arnav asked, the tone seeming disconcertingly polysemous to Prateek, leaving him to wonder if the man was impressed, or amused, as he added, "And you've seen him?"

"Oh, yes," laughed Kareena, "I always watch him in the afternoon when he plays..." and then turning to Prateek, added, "Arnav's crazy about the game!"

A weird thrill flooded Prateek's whole being as a frisson of excitement ran down his spine at the thought of Kareena actually watching him play, each afternoon... terribly elated that she liked his game... and yes, her praise of his sporting skills filling him with pride... but somehow, he resented her sharing that information with the man!

"Watched the World Cup, and the Euro 2012?" the man asked, "And what about the Champions League?"

The barrage simply annoyed Prateek, and he didn't feel the need, nor the desire, to answer any of those fatuous questions... but then, Kareena was there, and it might seem rude if he ignored the man's stupid queries... so, once more he nodded his head silently.

"Honey," Arnav turned to Kareena, "why don't you invite him over for dinner sometime and we can watch the games together, I'm sure with school closed, a few late nights won't be a problem with him. Now, would it, Prateek?"

He shook his head, fleetingly looking up at Arnav before turning to look at Kareena.

"Don't you think Manchester United are the best, eh?" Arnav asked.

Prateek wasn't particularly keen on the club, but nodded his head in reply.

"Ah, Arnav, you and your Manchester United!" interjected Kareena with a dismissive laugh before turning to Prateek, "I think Barcelona are way better, I love that team, don't you, Prateek?" the voice nerve-ticklingly, cock-stirringly sultry.

He nodded once more, looking up at her, eyes wide, the face suddenly taking on a ruddier hue...

Luckily for him, the lift stopped at that moment and the doors slid open.

"Your floor, Prateek," Arnav announced with a smile, "and Honey, do plan something and let him know, okay?"

"Sure," Kareena smiled, "Good-night, Prateek, I'll let you know..."

He nodded once more as he hurried out, mumbling an indistinct 'Good-night' as the doors slid shut behind him.

... to be continued      
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