Getting Laid!

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Prateek had just stepped away to drop his empty soda can into the trash bin when he heard the cry: "Hey, Prateek!"

The call took him by surprise, and as he turned to look, he gasped... for walking towards him was Kareena, smiling broadly - as gorgeous and elegant as ever!

"Imagine catching you here!" she exclaimed with school-girlish excitement, embracing him like a long lost friend... her cheek pressed against his own flushed cheek as she pecked the air in greeting... making him go a bright crimson - yes, with bashful excitement, and a fair amount of self-conscious embarrassment.

Well, he wasn't alone - he was out with his school friends, the whole gang - and without even looking he knew they were keenly observing him - some curious, and some querying - the gaze, no doubt, tinged with a large measure of awe... and probably, envy too!

He gave her a nervous smile as she pulled back, managing a decent enough 'Hi...', his heart slamming with joyous exhilaration, and yes, his bosom swelling with impeccant pride...

"With friends?" Kareena asked, looking around at the group of teens - boys and girls - standing a few paces away.

"Uh, yes," Prateek nodded, briefly glancing back at them, "we... um, we went for a movie..."

"And I was simply whiling away my solitary hours," Kareena giggled, seductively sultry as she took his arm... her body pressed against his shuddering frame.

The touch... the feel of her silken skin against his own skin almost scorched him... sending a sizzling tingle surging through his entire body... turning his knees to jelly... and he could simply manage another weak smile, sensing his teen cock twitch and pulse in his briefs with shameless glee!

"Now, won't you introduce your friends, huh?" Kareena asked, pulling him closer as she smiled at the gawking group of highschool teens.

Prateek nodded, desperately trying to control the jitters... stop the quiver in his voice as he began the introduction... calling out names in a flat tone as he pointed out the girls and boys, assiduously avoiding the amused look the guys were giving him.

"And since Prateek seem to have forgotten," she finally said in an amused tone to the accompaniment of giggles, "I'm Kareena, his neighbour and friend!"

They smiled and nodded at her, mumbling a 'Hi...' and a 'Hello!', some of the boys even reaching out to shake her hand.

"Nice meeting you," the lady smiled cheerfully at them before turning to Prateek and asking, "Prateek, any further plans... for if you're done, would you be kind enough to take me home?"

Prateek stared back at her, momentarily uncomprehending... and as it slowly sank in his eyes widened... the jaws almost dropping...

Plans? Of course he had plans... they had plans - for the whole damned day. But, how could he simply refuse Kareena... decline her request?!

It was summer holidays - a time of endless fun and frolic - the only two months of the year when he could hang out with friends the whole day without any hassle, or reminders of the lateness of the hour. And to top it - there was no school, no assignments or term papers, and no fucking homework!

Prateek simply loved the heady days of carefree merriment, and they (he and his school buddies) had it all planned out, each single day of those two months - just hang out doing nothing... watch endless movies... the amusement park... explore all the new malls and joints... drive down to those exciting getaways that lay scattered around town!!!

Oh, their days were packed with plans!

"I'm done with my lonesome loitering for the day," she was saying, the tone teasingly coquettish, the hazel gaze beguiling, "and I'd very much appreciate the company..."

"He will," Prateek heard Kunal (his best friend, and chief baiter) say, a mischievously patronising undertone to the vocalisation, "after all, he's a thorough gentleman, now, aren't you, Prateek?"

Prateek was torn between abandoning his friends (and their plans for the day), and rejecting Kareena's invitation - absolutely reluctant to let her go home, alone...

He didn't know what to do... what to say... staring blankly at her.

"Prateek?" Kareena questioned, the smile breathtakingly bewitching.

"Um, yes... I'm... I'll... I'll come with you," Prateek blurted out hoarsely, nodding his head vigorously.

He could almost hear the sniggers... feel the cold, murderous stares... knew what the guys would say later, but he just couldn't let her down, allow her to go alone... not after she had asked him to take her home!

"The car's in the basement..." Kareena almost squealed like an excited teen, "shall we?"

"Thank you," Kareena smiled as she slid in behind the wheels, her hand lightly brushing his arm, "That was really nice of you... you know, leaving your friends for me, I really appreciate it."

Prateek smiled, giving a small shrug... for the first time in control, feeling comfortable being with her. The first time in that elevator had been miserable, the second time Arnav was there, and today, he was surrounded by his friends... but now, alone in the car, he didn't feel unsettled or jittery any longer...

They drove out of the basement, and down the relatively empty afternoon streets, and were soon driving into their apartment block.

"Why don't you come over," Kareena said as she parked the car, "you know, up to my place... I'd like that very much!"

Prateek could hardly believe his ears... or, his luck!!!

Here was the woman of his dream asking him over to her place... how could he refuse?!

He nodded, swallowing hard.

"Good," Kareena smiled, "then I'll get to properly thank you..."

"Thanks again, Prateek," Kareena smiled as she closed the door behind them "though, you did seem to disappoint at least one of your friend..."

He looked at her, wondering.

"Um... what was her name," she continued as she led him down the hall, "ah, Anauska, an exceedingly pretty girl... and she was very disappointed!"

Prateek almost gave a start, totally surprised... his heartbeat suddenly unsteady.

"Girlfriend?" she asked as they crossed over to the passageway leading off the living area, indicating for him to take one of the high stools that lined the counter separating it from the kitchen space.

Prateek shook his head, a bit too quickly... sensing the start of a flush as he mumbled, "Nah..."

Gosh! how could she even guess?!

"She's not your girlfriend?!" Kareena asked walking around into the kitchen, sounding surprised, "Well, I could have sworn... the way she was gazing at you, that adoring look... she just couldn't seem to take her eyes off you!"

Of course Anauska wasn't his girlfriend... he hated that stupid girl - constantly shadowing him, always sticking close (too close for comfort!) - be it in school, or even after school hours - suffocatingly clingy!

Calling a dozen times, and yapping away for hours. Even dropping in at his place without bothering to find out whether he was interested in meeting up with her... regularly asking him over! Insisting that they were a perfect match... should seriously consider going steady!

"No!" Prateek shook his head once more, emphatic.

Kareena gave an understanding nod, "How about some coffee? I could use a tall glass!"

Prateek nodded, watching her as she got the glasses.

"Frappé good with you?" she asked as she opened the fridge before quickly adding, "I make one real mean cup, slathered with loads of chocolate... and don't tell me you prefer your coffee black, without cream or sugar!"

For some weird odd reason, Kareena's mirthful statement brought memories of 'Summer of '42' come flooding in, making him go red instantly as he remembered the scene where the kid insists on black coffee when he visits his lady love's home for the first time!.

God! this was all so uncanny!!!

"Then how about those other girls... um, Prachi, or Nidhi..." Kareena asked pouring out the milk, "They both pretty too, and seemed equally fascinated, their eyes fixed on you!"

God, this was getting embarrassing... how could Kareena even guess?!

Close on Anauska's heels followed Prachi and Nidhi - constantly calling... inviting him over... and all the other things they...

"Or, someone else perhaps?" Kareena's voice interrupted his thought.

"No..." Prateek shook his head, squirming uncomfortably in his seat as he stared down at his hands on the counter top... for a brief moment even contemplating whether he should tell her... tell her that he preferred women, women like her... not some stupid teenage girl, with all their silly adolescent ego tussles!

Kareena paused, slowly turning around to look at him, "I don't believe this!" she gasped in amazed wonderment, her hazel eyes wide with disbelief, "You mean to say you don't have a girlfriend?!"

Prateek continued to stare at his hands, his face growing redder by the moment... once more shaking his head.

"C'mon, Prateek..." Kareena exclaimed walking over to the counter, "a handsome young man like you, and no girlfriend?! It's unbelievable... especially with all those pretty girls hovering around you, clearly lovelorn... hankering for your attention!"

Oh my God! Prateek was sure his heart would explode and burst into a million bits any moment - Kareena had called him a 'handsome young man' - not 'cute', but 'handsome'... and not a 'kid', or a 'boy', but 'MAN'! - a 'HANDSOME YOUNG MAN'!

His heart slammed with joyous pride - she had said 'man'!!! She had called him a MAN!!!!

God! he could die at that very moment, and have no regrets!!! The woman of his dreams had called him a 'Man'!

But all his joy... all his excitement proved to be short-lived, for her next question shocked the wit out of him...

"Um, a boyfriend then?" Kareena whispered, leaning across the counter, those mesmerising hazel eyes boring into him.

Prateek gasped, horrified, almost falling off the high stool in his shock... stunned into silence as he suddenly realised that his vociferous denials about having a girlfriend had sent out the wrong signal... had created a mistaken impression about his potent maleness...

Gosh, this was so mortifying - NO! he wanted to scream - he didn't have a boyfriend... he was a MAN - a virile, young male who loved women!!!

"It's okay, you can tell me..." Kareena smiled softly, placing her hand over his, "I'm cool with it."

Finally shaking off his stunned stupor, as if waking up from deep slumber, Prateek stirred, looking up at her as he vigorously shook his head, "Um... ah, no... no, I'm... I'm not... ah..." but he couldn't finish his denial... complete his assertion to heterosexual masculinity for at that moment Kareena reached out... her fingers gently caressing his beet-red face... circling his ears... and running through his hair - the touch eeriely magical... setting his flesh crawling with amorous arousal...

Prateek's eyes closed of its own accord, and an involuntary whimper escaped his parted lips... his heart slamming wildly as a sudden tremor wracked his slender frame...

"You like women?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Prateek nodded slowly... wishing, and praying...

"You've been with a woman before?"

He hesitated for a brief moment, wanting to lie, say 'Yes!'... but then shook his head, almost ready to pass out... die, if that's what was in store for him. Sure that he couldn't possibly endure it any longer... survive that level of intensity any further... his heart sure to burst any minute now!

But young hearts are of sturdier construct... and as Kareena leaned forward, covering his mouth with her own... those pouty lips warm against his... seductive as they gently worked over his own quivering baloops... his heart simply beat faster - rapidly fast; while a weird new sensation flooded his every pore... making his young cock grow instantly hard - pulsing and flexing like a crazed, demented animal!

It was a light brush of moist lips against moist lips... and it sent a debilitating jolt surging through Prateek's teen body... his hands shooting up to grab Kareena's arms... his mouth opening automatically to let out a muffled moan...

Suddenly pulling back Kareena came around the counter and straddling his thighs wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing into him... once more gluing her lips to his as she reclaimed his mouth - more forceful this time... more passionate... licking his lips before sliding in her tongue... tickling his palate as she wiggled it about... awakening incredible new sensations in his young body... making his hardon throb crazily in its constricted prison, leaking copious precum with each pulse, like a faulty faucet!

A kiss can heal... a kiss can kill... a kiss can breathe in life... or simply take away one's breath while setting the soul aflame...

And this being Prateek's first real kiss -- a kiss that not only stole his breath, leaving him on the verge of swooning, while simultaneously giving him life and setting his soul ablaze -- it also left him shuddering... shaking uncontrollably from head to toe as Kareena's hand left its perch on his shoulder and slowly slid lower... reaching in between his thighs... covering his manhood... fondling and stroking the fierce rigidity through the bursting denim... making his heart miss regular beats as he gasped into her mouth... his own arms suddenly wrapping around her... clinging on for dear life!

Both horribly noisy... dreadfully sloppy as they moaned and groped... the temperature in the room soaring to dizzying new heights with each passing minute... till once more Kareena broke the kiss and pulled back, whispering in breathless awe, "God, Prateek, you are a big boy... a very big boy!" her hand frantically squeezing the tumescent length under his jeans.

Suddenly sliding off his lap as she took his hand, murmuring, "Come..." leading him towards the bedroom...

... to be continued      
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