Getting Laid!

||    FOUR    ||

Prateek lay awake late into the night, tossing and turning as thoughts of the day's events crowded his already overloaded mind... his cock remaining painfully hard all the while, throbbing and flexing with the memories - continuously oozing the clear juice of desire though his balls had been thoroughly drained by Kareena!!!

Gosh! he not only got to do it with the woman of his dream, but his first time had proved to be way beyond his wildest fantasy!!!

What more could he ask for?!

Prateek never really understood all the hype about the so-called 'glorious' teen years - one is neither here, nor there... neither a child, nor a man... with neither the privilege of a child (anymore), nor the rights of an adult (yet)!

Parents and others expect you to be responsible, and act grownup... and yet, when you do -- act grownup, express your thoughts and views -- they either take offence, or simply don't give a hoot about your opinions, or your feelings... continuing to treat you with disdain, and dismissive condescension. And if ever you protest that patronising treatment meted out, or demand more respect, they simply give you weird looks of contempt reserved for a sulky, problem child!

He wasn't demanding the moon! He simply wanted to be accepted and acknowledged as an adult, as a man... treated as one... respected as such -- but no, he was someone insignificant, almost invisible to the world -- a 'cute' little school boy!!!

Oh, coping with adolescence, and all the associated pangs of growing up, was challenging enough -- what with all those peer baiting, the taunts and innumerable scuffles... the muddle of unsubstantiated myths, misinformation and crazy teen paranoia? -- and to top it, one had to contend with parental and societal pressures to conform too!

God! who wanted such a miserable existence, huh? Who needed it?!

Now, Kareena... she was different! The ONLY person who treated him differently... treated him like a man!

Not just calling him a 'Handsome Man', but actually treating him like a one... and all those other things she had said in the course of their encounter that afternoon... oh! it made his heart speed up each time he remembered her words! And he KNEW she had actually meant each one of those words that she had uttered, KNEW she wasn't being patronising - there had been a genuine ring to her tone... an honest look in those hazel eyes!

Gosh... the mere recollection of the events of that afternoon, and evening, simply filled him with an erotic sensation that was way beyond anything he'd ever experienced in his young life! Making his every limb tingle and shudder... his whole body buzz... and his cock, remaining rigid like a spoilt brat in the midst of another tantrum - refusing to relent and go soft!!!

Kareena had taken his hand and led him to the bedroom... standing him near the bed as she began to undress him... strip him naked!

She had unbuttoned his shirt and slowly peeled it off his shoulders... her hands and fingers loving as they sought out each smooth inch, every little bit of his soft skin as it got exposed by the withdrawing garment... caressing and fondling his bare flesh... seeming unable to get enough of him.

Her mouth frenzied - licking and kissing each inch of his tingling flesh with an ardour that left him groaning...

Prateek had stood there - eyes shut tight, knees trembling... gurgling like a little babe... his whole frame shuddering like a tender sapling in a raging storm!

Throwing away the shirt, Kareena had dropped down on her knees, reaching for his tented crotch... frantically unbuttoning his fly and tugging down his jeans along with the soaked briefs... uncovering his threshing manhood...

And he had heard her awed gasp as his rampant cock sprang out - flexing fiercely!

"Gosh, you're so big, Prateek!" she had whispered in hushed wonder, wrapping her slender fingers around the throbbing erection... gently drawing back the foreskin to entirely expose his twitching glans... squeezing the shaft as she began to stroke his length...

Prateek had simply whimpered in response, his pelvis thrusting into her fist... his hips, beyond his conscious control, swaying of its own volition... sliding his shaft through her tight grip... wondering all the while if he would survive... could last much longer... afraid that all the excitement would simply tip him over, and he'd shoot his load right then!

Gritting his teeth, and holding his breath... Prateek tried to force his balls to calm down; praying he'd be able to stave off the urgent impulse... stop the relentless urge to let go and cum...

God! he wanted to please her... satisfy her... not just buckle under pressure and shoot his wad like some wide-eyed preteen on his first foray with his newly developed cock! Make a fool of himself, once more!!!

But could he?! For as he prepared to steel himself, he felt the wet lash of her tongue... slurping over and along his flexing length... swirling around the exposed glans... and titillating his frenulum...

He growled, almost doubled over as his knees buckled... reaching out to grab Kareena's shoulders for support... his balls immediately scurrying up to form a tight knot at the base of his rabid phallus... the muscles of his stomach tightening as his thighs quivered and his toes curled!

And once he thought that the worst was over, Kareena suddenly opened her mouth wide and took him in... engulfing the bloated and drooling cock-head in her warm, moist oral embrace!

"Ughhh... Ka - ah... Kareena!" he wailed hoarsely, the querulous plea escaping his parted mouth without Prateek even consciously making an effort - the cry a desperate appeal... an urgent request for her to let go... give him some breathing space... give him time to recover and regain some semblance of self-control!

But Kareena seemed lost to his urgent desperation... unmindful to his discomfort... wrapping those awesome lips tightly around the shaft and slowly moving lower... taking him deeper... one hand holding the base in a firm grip, while the fingers of her other hand rustled through his silken pubes!

Prateek was sure he couldn't possibly last a moment longer... moaning and whimpering in despair of his imminent demise, when Kareena, equally suddenly, withdrew, standing up with a final, gentle squeeze as she gathered up his genitals in her loving hand, her voice husky with lust as she whispered, "Prateek, I want you inside me!"

Prateek gulped, blinking open his eyes, wide and glazed, staring back at her... and felt his cock give another violent twitch as a fresh gush of precum oozed out... dangling in sticky threads before breaking off... smearing his thighs.

Could this really be happening?! Kareena, HIS Kareena actually doing and saying all those things... asking him to make love?!

Yes, it thrilled him immensely... and filled him with pride - both, her invitation, and especially her exclamatory admiration of his cock!

Sure, it pleased him terribly, but also surprised him - after all, he was no dumb ass, had read everything online on cock size, and knew he was moderate at six inches... so, what was all her excitement about? -- was it that she'd never seen a six inch cock before? Was Arnav really tiny?!

But then, it wasn't the proper time to dwell on such insignificant queries... for Kareena was already discarding her clothes, divesting her lithesome frame of all garments... smiling up at him, those lips impossibly tumid, "I want you to fill me with that big cock of yours, Prateek... flood me with your love!"

Prateek stared on... his eyes nearly popping... his mouth open and gaping... throat bone dry... his teen heart almost bursting as it slammed away...

He already knew that Kareena was the most awesomely beautiful woman he'd ever seen... but now, as more and more of her came into view, he realised that she was The Most Beautiful Woman to ever walk the planet!!!

"Like what you see, sweetheart?" she asked him, finally standing back, gloriously naked!

In spite of the overload, despite his numbed senses... and a brain that had simply shut down... Prateek nodded, his eyes repeatedly roving - over and along the gentle sweeps, and the sensuous curves... across her firm breasts... and her wide hips... his gaze constantly returning to that spot between her thighs... riveted to her femininity - mesmerised by the sight of her cunt!

Kareena was Amazing, she was Incredible!!!

She smiled, moving in and taking his hands... placing them on her naked breasts, before cupping his face and whispering, "Kiss me, Prateek..."

The sight... and the feel of her firm, warm breasts under the palm of his uncontrollably shaking hands drove him insane, and he tottered, desperately trying to steady himself...

God, the woman was asking him to be her Man... begging him to take her, make love to her - how could he still go on behaving like a scared school-boy? Act coy? Like a stupid fool with a drooling tool?

Grabbing the flesh mounds he lurched forward, claiming her pouty lips... crushing his mouth over hers... thrilling in her surprised gasp... smelling himself in her breath - a scent he was familiar with... had so often caught the whiff of when he'd sniffed his own underwear!

Both breathless as he chewed on those juicy Jolie-lips, pressing into her... his fiercely hot cock crushed against her abdomen... grinding his hips as he tweaked her large nipples...

Kareena moaned in reply... pushing into him... her hands leaving his face to grab tufts of his hair, drawing him closer...

Prateek shifted and turned, pushing her back towards the bed... and as she fell, he mounted her, covering her entire frame with his own slender form... his pelvis pressing down on her womanhood, moving in circles as he rubbed his throbbing hardness against her mound... both horribly noisy now... vocalising their lust in breathless gasps.

He was a novice, but surely not a pushover... and yes, he still didn't know who Arnav was - her boyfriend, lover or husband - but if she had invited him into her bed, he surely wasn't going to fail her -- he'd do all that he'd always wanted to do, had fantasised doing... and let her reaction guide him...

Relinquishing her lips Prateek moved lower... staring at her heaving breasts in awe, and open admiration -- Kareena's breasts were an amazing piece of feminine anatomy - mind-numbingly large, full and firm... with areolas the size of Demitasse saucers... and nipples as large as succulent Sultanas - engorged and russet in her desire for him!

Warm, satiny soft and pliant to touch, Prateek lavished his entire attention on the globose pair - caressing the mounds with shaking fingers... the outer walls and the inner vale... tickling and titillating the twin mounds while his thumbs circled the taut nipples...

Yes, he had read up everything that there was to be read on the net... every single article, at every site dealing with everything about arousing and pleasuring a woman - but information, knowledge and wisdom are for saner intellects, reserved for more sober moments... and at that point in time Prateek was insane with desire... intoxicated in lust... and all those learned dissertations neither held any meaning, nor registered in his rabid brain - what mattered was Kareena's naked form under him... and those glorious, mouth-watering flesh melons staring him in his eyes!

With a demented groan Prateek buried his face in the valley of the twin mound... lapping away... kissing and nibbling in mindless frenzy... holding each nipple between his lips as he flicked them with the tip of his tongue... before opening wide and sucking on them like a hungry baby!

Right and left... on and on... till Kareena was pleading with him, tugging at his hair as she wrapped her legs around his slim waist, pushing her pelvis up at him...

"Oh, Prateek..." Kareena hissed between loud gasps, "take me... take me, honey!"

God! he was super thrilled - he'd never imagined that it would be so easy... so incredibly simple to get her going... have her pleading for him to take her! Oh, yes, he too wanted to just plunge in and fuck her to his heart's content... but before that he wanted to give his woman another taste of his amorous prowess - he'd eat her out first... drive her wild... make her cum before he finally penetrated her... possessed her!

Leaving those heaving breasts Prateek quickly slid lower... pecking his way down her undulating torso... his nostrils suddenly assailed by the headily powerful scent of her arousal even before he got to see her vagina... or feel the tickle of her pubes brush his smooth chin.

Prateek groaned, his heart skipping multiple beats as he finally caught sight of her most intimate treasure... mesmerised as he stared...

Smooth and soft, it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen - the raised mound split in half by the slightly gaping gash... the mouth quivering delicately as it pouted in open invitation, glistening with the dew of her arousal... the tender pink lips peeking shyly from within. And her silken dark pubes - oh, so neatly trimmed and perfectly manicured into what he'd read was called a 'landing-strip'!

Prateek reached in... his shaking fingers gently petting the mound... his index finger lovingly caressing the moist slit... feeling his own cock twitch and throb at the happy prospect of soon entering that orifice...

ENOUGH! - he could take it no more... and with a joyous gurgle Prateek dove in, burying his face between her thighs... his nose squashed in that manicured patch as he insanely, repeatedly kissed Kareena's mons... before letting his tongue slip out... slowly, deliberately lapping along the moist slit... flicking apart the lips as he took quick licks within!

"PRATEEK! AH..." Kareena cried out hoarsely, her pelvis grinding high, her fingers grabbing his head.

Her pussy was warm, and slippery wet... steadily oozing her powerfully intoxicating passion in preparation of her impending penetration...

Like those brave adventurers of yore, Prateek was soon exploring the enigmatic folds of the mysterious female genitalia... unfolding layer upon layer of wondrous plications and flexures as his tongue and fingers probed further, and deeper... suddenly sensing her stiffen as his fingers nudged the upper juncture of her labia, his tongue stabbing the fold...

Kareena shuddered and let out a groan, tugging at his hair as she called out his name in a hoarse whisper...

Prateek thrilled... yes! he'd found it! He had found Kareena's clit - her secret switch to orgasmic nirvana!!!

Holding the quivering folds apart Prateek ground in, his lips forming a tight 'O' and pressing down, sucking on the area... his tongue-tip flicking over the engorged protuberance as it peeked from within those folds...

Kareena heaved and grunted in response... her hips swaying as she ground up into his face... her hands stroking his head... the cry louder now, more urgent...

Prateek didn't care about his lack of experience any longer... her reaction to his actions were enough to guide him... and he knew what he'd found, and he also understood that whatever he was doing was the right thing... and so he continued - lick... flick... lap!

Holding the outer lips spread wide, and his thumbs gently massaging the area around the juncture, Prateek's lips continued to apply a slight pressure as his tongue lapped and licked... flicking and stabbing the nub... and then he let it slid lower... down her quivering slit... slithering and swiping all along the furrow before finally dragging it right up to that junction once more... back to licking and flicking her clit!

Prateek suddenly realised that sex wasn't some rocket science - it was simple, and it was easy... and that realisation gave him a new sense of confidence... and suddenly he wanted to do more... bury his fingers in that sizzling cunt hole and delve deep... finger fuck her... drive her wild... raise her legs high and explore her perineum... and also investigate that other opening which lay hidden in the folds of her buttocks... maybe yes, even fuck her there, later!

But then, he didn't have the heart to abandon Kareena - the woman was out of her fucking mind... crying and thrashing under his oral onslaught... her thighs like a vice around his head, as if ready to crush his skull to smithereens. Frantically calling out his name, pleading for him to continue...

"AH! Yes... Prateek!" she hissed, her voice choked and husky, "Yes, lick me... Prateek... make me cum!"

And suddenly she was arching high... her entire body shuddering as she groaned, and Prateek was almost drowned in the violent flood of her satisfied passion that gushed out of her crazily twitching pussy!

Kareena fell back... her hands back in his hair, desperately tugging at him, "Ah... stop, Prateek... stop!"

Reluctantly he pulled back and lifted his head, looking up at her, and she immediately pulled him over her... kissing his sloppy, pussy juice coated mouth in gratitude, breathless as she giggled, "Thank you, love, that was incredible, absolutely amazing! And you claim you've never been with a woman before, huh?!"

Prateek blushed at her praise, but also felt an immense sense of pride... and terribly happy... kissing her back, suddenly bold as he bit into those juicy baloops, making her cry out in surprise, and renewed lust.

Kareena reached lower, between his thighs, and grabbing his painfully hard cock wrapped her fingers around the insanely flexing shaft, tugging as she guided him to the sopping portal of her sex, "Come, Tiger... take me, give me what I want... fill me with that big cock!"

With a joyous cry Prateek steadied his hip and thrust forward... suddenly sinking in...

GOD! it was an incredible sensation, making the teen groan, almost ready to pass out as the fluid heat engulfed him... a powerful vacuum that simply sucked him in!

It was a mind-boggling vortex of a raging maelstrom... a toothless silken maw that seemed to chew at him... undulating along his length as it squeezed his twitching shaft... tugging him... drawing him in, deeper...

The clutch fierce, viselike... suddenly unable to move as it held him frozen in mid-stroke!

Prateek growled, utterly powerless... shaking and shuddering as the seething sleeve fluttered along his buried organ - a million tiny fingers, nay, ravenous claws, raking his glans... the entire length of his shaft... literally driving him insane!

And no matter what he had wanted, or would have preferred... whatever he had fancied, or planned for... he could bear it no longer -- that fiercely hot vice, that suffocating velvety grip was doing incredible things to his teen cock... making his young balls roll and ramble in their silken sac -- and within minutes Prateek sensed the familiar tingle in his groin... deep in the pit of his belly... and immediately knew what it meant, knew that he was ready to explode, shoot his cum for all he was worth!

Oh, he'd have loved it to last longer... wanted it to go on for ever and ever... but he simply couldn't hold back anymore... things were totally beyond all conscious control... and his hips suddenly drew back, and then slammed in... rapidly repeating the movement a few times - like a jack-hammer gone wild - and then throwing his head back ground in forcefully, wailing as he emptied his balls in Kareena's womb!

He fell over her, panting wildly as he buried his smarting face in her shoulder, utterly shamed - oh, he had failed her... hadn't even survived for five whole minutes in her raging cunt... he was worthless!

But Kareena wasn't probably feeling the same way, for she wrapped her legs around him, keeping him inside her... while her hands caressed and stroked his face and head... whispering endearing nonsensicality into his burning ears...

It was a long while later that Kareena stirred (Kareena had relinquished her hold, and Prateek had rolled off her)... lifting her head to kiss him on the mouth.

"You are so strong, Prateek..." she whispered in hushed awe, "I've never felt a man cum so much, you totally filled me!" giggling like a naughty school-girl as she took his hand and placed it between her thighs, over her sex... rubbing his numb fingers along the still swollen, pouting slit, "Thank God I'm on the pill, or you'd have gotten me pregnant for sure. See, I'm still dripping, your seed still oozing out!"

Prateek shuddered... could barely believe he was actually awake... that all of this was really happening... Kareena actually saying all those naughty things! Suddenly wondering if it weren't all a wild dream... and he'd wake up to find himself in his own bed, in his bedroom!

But his cock was already awake, and very aware of where it had been... and that warm, wet cunt that Prateek's fingertips were sliding through soon got it swelling as blood gushed in and filled the capillaries...

Kareena giggled as she grabbed his erection, "Yes, I want that big cock inside me, I want you to fuck me again... but first, I want another taste of it!"

And she did exactly that, bending over him and taking him in her mouth... driving him crazy, yet not allowing him to cum, asking him to fuck her instead...

He ended up fucking her two more times (managing to give a respectfully better performance!), and had eaten her out once more while they sixty-nined - tasting his own cum mingled with her pussy juice...

It was the sheer power of youth that had sustained him that day... powered him through the four massive orgasms he'd had within the span of a little over four hours... leaving him totally exhausted... his balls entirely depleted, and drained dry!

Later, they had showered together, Kareena's hands all over him... making him hard again... and then they had ordered a pizza, and finally had that promised frappé, before Prateek returned home!

... to be continued      
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