Getting Laid!

||    FIVE    ||

"So, followed him?" Arnav asked, his dark eyes glinting in the scented light of the flickering candles as they snuggled in the warm bath.

"Uh-huh..." Kareena nodded.

"Got him home?" Arnav persisted.

Kareena nodded once more, pressing into him, her hand sliding under the water to caress his sleeping giant as she lifted her face and kissed him on the mouth.

"And how was he?"

"Yummy cute, like I said before!" she giggled, her hazel eyes blazing... her fingers squeezing the flacid shaft.

"Aw, that's no answer to my question!" Arnav pouted, his eyes twinkling.

"Prateek's soft, smooth and totally bare except for that silken patch... just the way you like your boys!" Kareena squealed, her hand lovingly fondling the fast awakening phallus, "Fresh and virginal... deliciously shy, and horny as hell!"

"Hmm, so he made you happy, eh?"

"Let's just say he got me hot, wet and hungry... ready for a real man!" Kareena grinned, now masterfully stroking the throbbing, flexing shaft.

"Poor boy!" Arnav laughed as he wrapped his powerful arms around Kareena and pulled her over him, "You are the most evil woman I've ever known!"

"No," she retorted with a laugh, "a discerning woman, with a very fine taste in boys and men!"

"Hey, can't we reconsider that stupid one-week period that you've set, huh?" Arnav questioned, his strong fingers seeking out her opening, slowly working along the pouty lips before parting them to slide in...

Kareena gasped at the underwater penetration, huskily countering, "Be happy I'm willing to share him, the kid's too precious for that!"

"Ah-huh?!" Arnav grinned, rolling her over and mounting her... and as she parted her thighs in invitation, he withdrew the embedded fingers and gripped himself, guiding his monster between the pulsing lips of her cunt, rocking his hips.

But Kareena's pussy held... refusing to part and open up although she was willing and desirous... her orifice instinctively holding fast, remaining tightly shut against the bath water...

Arnav grunted as he tried to coerce his way in... making Kareena gasp as always... now the passion heightened as they struggled to force their way against her body's natural instinct...

Sliding the bloated head along the pulsing labia, Arnav wedged it in place once more... and then summoning up his might thrust in with savage force... brutally tearing into her protesting pussy... entering her.

Both cried out at the unbearable pleasure of underwater penetration, Arnav quickly taking advantage and sliding in past the furiously tight cunt mouth as it desperately clung to his monstrous shaft to keep the water from entering!

Prateek got Kareena's discreet message early next morning, asking him to come over... terribly thrilled as he hurried out after breakfast, sneaking up to the tenth floor, softly knocking on her door...

They then reenacted the previous day's raunchy play... wild and unrestrained... on and on -- the boy, a teen just stepping out of his virginal innocence, youthfully curious and intensely desirous; the woman, already a mistress of the art, but equally greedy for more -- untiring as they repeatedly reunited... both horribly loud, and boisterously vocal... wet and sloppy... Delirious!

It was well past noon when hunger eventually drove them out of bed, taking a shower together before Kareena finally headed for the kitchen, Prateek following her... both still naked.

"Prateek!" she exclaimed, playfully pushing him away as his hands shamelessly roved, boldly touching her, "I need sustenance, need my nutrients... at this rate you'll wear me down before long, so, let me cook in peace!"

Prateek blushed fiercely, but remained close while she worked... nuzzling, his hands still seeking out every intimate inch of her anatomy, caressing and fondling... fingers fluttering down her front... dipping in and wiggling around... getting her wet as she groaned with desire. Dropping down on his knees as he scooted between her legs, his mouth reclaiming her sex... making her squirm and quiver as she pleaded for him to stop... the ladle clattering out of her hand as her orgasm finally overtook her!

Later, they sat at the kitchen table, in the buff, eating their lunch... hands all over each other, shamelessly groping... touching and caressing, both whispering salaciously naughty things into each other's ears... desperate to return to the bedroom and continue from where they had left off earlier!

Days followed in quick succession - Prateek sneaking up each morning once Arnav had left for work and Kareena messaged him to come over. Both, boy and woman, untamed in their insatiable hunger as they indulged in cacophonous debauchery, spending the whole day in bacchanal wantonness, ravenous as they mated like wild, rutting animals - in the bedroom, in the shower, and in the kitchen... in every conceivable position imaginable by the human mind!

The woman driving him insane as she used her hands, mouth and pussy to set his body and mind aflame... drain him dry of the last drop of his teen semen... leaving him tired and exhausted, but highly satisfied and content... before he finally tottered home in the evening when it was time for Arnav to return...

Prateek seriously wondering if his balls could cope with the regular demands they were making on the pair... would be able to cook up more sperms at such short notice... or would simply shrivel and wither away!

Floating around in a numbing daze -- friends and holiday plans long forgotten, their repeated calls remaining unanswered -- wrapped in a constant mesmerising haze.

Yes, he was in love... he knew it... insanely in love!

Innocent and unaware... na´ve and ignorant... Bedazzled!

Just one single, niggling thought troubled him though - a tiny, but persistent piece of detail that had eluded him, something he simply couldn't fathom - who was that man, Arnav, and what was his relationship with Kareena - was he her boyfriend... her lover... or, her husband?!

And yes, it filled him with jealous rage to think that each night, while he had to return home, Arnav got to be with her - probably even share her bed... touch her in all possible intimate ways... maybe even fuck her - HIS WOMAN!

He wanted to ask Kareena... but could never muster enough courage... remaining silent, hoping that she would reveal everything when the time was right...

"Gosh!" Kareena squealed wrapping her arms around Prateek and kissing his mouth as soon as he entered the house, "I miss you so much!"

The ferocity of the kiss thrilled him... making him grow hard instantly, while leaving his lips puffed and reddened.

"I too miss you," Prateek smiled coyly, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close - oh, yes, he was still new to all this, still bashful... but he was also feeling very grown-up, and learning to act like one too... fast becoming confident, and getting bold!

Kareena giggled like a teenage girl, patting his erection, "Yes, I can feel it!" and then added, "It's been just a week, but it seems like we've been together for ever!"

Yes, Prateek too had kept count... and yes, it was exactly a week since the day Kareena had taken him away from his friends and brought him home - a week that now seemed crazy... a week of living wild dreams... constantly wondering if it was for real, or all a figment of his rabid imagination!

How many teens get that lucky, huh?!

"Come..." Kareena laughed taking his hand, both rushing into the bedroom, "I can't wait another minute!"

There was a weird urgency that day as they stripped each other... hands desperate as hungry lips sought out new areas to kiss... both groaning as they fell back on the bed... Prateek quickly getting between her spread thighs, pushing them further apart as his appetent mouth sought out her wet sex.

Lashing out, Prateek lapped her mons with long, broad sweeps of his tongue... over and around the smooth mound... along the palpitating slit... and as the mouth quivered and pouted, he tugged the fat lips, forcing them apart... and holding them spread wide, crushed his mouth into that gaping, fiery pink chasm, licking the twitching innards glistening with her rising passion... his tongue tip seeking out the hidden nub, stabbing it...

Kareena's response was instant... hissing aloud as she pushed up at him, her fingers wrapping in his hair, tugging, "Yes, eat me out, Tiger, get me wet, I want that big cock inside me!"

Prateek sucked on the labia, gently chewing on them... his thumbs delving her porta, sliding in and out of the moist depth... his nostrils flaring, overwhelmed by the powerful intoxicant of her arousal as it gushed out, lubricating her passage in preparation for a smooth penetration...

Oh, yes, Prateek had learnt a lot in the past week - about his own body, and that of Kareena's... and what made it tick; had gained an enormous amount of knowledge regarding arousing and pleasing a woman. He was no longer an uncertain school boy... nor nervous - he was a confident lover now, ready to drive his woman out of her mind!

And as he repeatedly plunged both thumbs deep in her convulsing quim, his lips holding the engorged, twitching clit in his oral embrace... the tongue unrelenting as it flicked over the tip, Kareena ground her way to the day's first orgasm... wailing as she called out his name, asking him to enter her... fuck her!

Prateek didn't even bother to pay attention to her plea... quickly inserting three fingers of his right hand deep in her furiously convulsing cunt... rapidly rotating them as he pumped them in and out... his tongue all the while continuing to agitate the sensitive nub - drawing nimble circles around it, and then pressing down over the top; least bothered with his own raging desire... ignoring his painful erection as it throbbed and flexed in urgent anticipation, drooling an unbroken thread of precum...

Prateek was intent only on pleasing Kareena - he'd eat her the whole day, make her cum multiple times... drive her insane with want... leave her so totally satisfied (and exhausted), that she'd be unable to even stand up!

Yes, Prateek had plans... had come prepared - he wanted to reward her for the incredible week she'd given him, and commemorate their week of togetherness... only then would he think of his own need... would claim his own reward -- fuck her in the ass... something he'd wanted ever since that first day, a week earlier!

Yes, over the past couple days he'd already touched her there... parting her buttocks and titillating the tender opening... had kissed the tiny portal while eating her out. Had even slipped in a soapy finger while in the shower, making her groan as she pushed back into his hand, calling out his name!

Instinctively he knew that she would probably be willing, willing to allow him the privilege of entering her rectum... though, he'd read that women were generally reluctant, averse to anal penetration... needed to be coaxed and cajoled... convinced before they agreed.

And so, he had made his plans...

Yes, he'd eat her till she was completely sated... could take his oral stimulation no more... willing to let him do whatever he wanted... and only then he'd ask for his reward... would throw her legs over his shoulders and enter her - fuck her ass!

Probably the first man to take her thus!!!

Kareena squirmed and thrashed under him, arching high as she shuddered... her fingers fierce in his hair, tugging at him, "Prateek, ah... slow down... fuck me... pleaseeee!"

But Prateek remained impervious to her pleas, unrelenting as he continued to stimulate her clit... his fingers still merciless as they repeatedly plunged in and out...

And before long Prateek sensed those subtle changes once more - in the sound of her heavy breathing... in the pressure of her thighs against his head... in the spasm that jerked her legs... and, in the frantic contractions that roiled her pussy...

With another loud moan Kareena arched her body, pushing her pussy into his face... and then stiffened before going wild as she had her second orgasm... flooding Prateek's adoring mouth with a deluge!

TWO! Prateek counted in jubilation... his tongue continuing its pleasurable exercise without break... the wet fingers of his right hand for the first time leaving her pussy and reaching lower... slowly crawling in between her heaving buttocks... reaching for that tiny opening he so desired!

Yes, his jaws felt slightly sore, but his resolve was unwavering - he wanted her ass, and he'd not stop till she was willing to let him enter wherever he wanted!

And as he circled the puckered orifice... gently caressing the tight opening with his finger tips... he felt the touch...

Now, Kareena lay sprawled, Prateek crouched between her spread thighs... his knees bent and his teen ass sticking high, just off the edge of the bed... the balls dangling as they swayed with his movements, his flexing cock rubbing against his abdomen...

Kareena's hands had all the while been in his hair, stroking him one moment, and tugging at him the next... but now, he felt her touch him between his thighs... warm fingers cupping his swaying balls... hefting the pair... gathering up the orchises as the digits wrapped around the base of his throbbing shaft!

Prateek briefly wondered how Kareena could possibly manage it - reach that far down and caress his cock... she'd need elastic arms! But then decided to simply enjoy the touch... gently rocking his hips through the fist, giving himself up to the stimulation.

But wait... he could still feel her fingers in his hair, stroking... and yet, the grip around his cock was real too - squeezing and stroking!

Curious, Prateek pulled his face away from Kareena's dripping pussy and looked down... wondering...

But before anything could register in his passion fogged brain... before he could make any sense of the impossibility of the situation, he felt Kareena give a start and gasp: "ARNAV!"

Without even fully comprehending, Prateek froze... his cock instantly going soft as every drop of blood drained from the appendage...

... to be continued      
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