Getting Laid!

||    SEVEN    ||

"Ah, Prateek, don't stop now!" Kareena urged, her voice hoarse with arousal, her pussy frenzied as she squeezed his embedded penis in an effort to force him to resume his hunching... her arms tighter around him as her feet held his thighs splayed wide, "Fuck me!"

Still in shock, and utterly terrified, Prateek could only whimper... feeling his ass cheeks flex and tighten as Arnav's hand pressed down on the small of his back, "Yes, Tiger, hold it right there while I lube you... get you ready!"

The words chilled his marrow, filling him with increased dread and alarm... and he felt his cock throb and flex desperately in Kareena's moist clutch... his ass hole twitching in synchrony - the delicate mouth pouting out with an agonising ferocity...

He had been excitedly planning to fuck Kareena in her ass that day - to commemorate their first week of togetherness - and now, Arnav was going to fuck his ass instead!!!

Suddenly wondering if he'd survive the entry of that gargantuan phallus... or would Arnav's cock simply tear him apart... rend his ass asunder?! His mind quickly going back to the moment when he had speculated about how it must feel for Kareena when Arnav entered her... horrified that he'd soon be the one actually experiencing it... finding out for himself!

He heard the squelch... and the plop... and immediately felt the cold touch as Arnav squeezed out the lube at the base of his spine, just where his budding teen buttocks seductively rose and parted to form his ass crack... feeling the cool liquid gently roll down into his cleft, coating his deep anal vallecula... his cheeks flexing in response as he let out a soft moan... the shudder more pronounced now.

Arnav's fingers quickly followed, working the slippery, slithery fluid between his plump cheeks... down along the cleft... and around his clenched anus - lubricating him, titillating his tight opening... stretching it... before abruptly shoving in a finger!

Prateek groaned, his colon convulsing as the probing digit dug deep... wiggling around... touching areas that sent flashing jolts of exciting sparks shooting up his spine...

"Relax, Tiger..." he heard Arnav urge adding a second finger, rotating them around.

"There, you're ready, Tiger," Arnav finally announced, tugging out his fingers, "now open up like a good boy, and let me in."

"Unhhh..." Prateek whimpered, a piteous plea for mercy... his whole body going numb, his breath ragged as he desperately tried to relax...

But how the fuck does one relax when one's untouched ass is about to be defiled and drilled? Penetrated by a giant battering ram... torn apart by a grotesquely large cock ready and waiting to be shoved in?!

"Honey, don't be afraid," Kareena whispered into his ear, stroking his hair, "you can take it... just let him in, you'll love it!"

Soothing words, and simple assurances had no meaning for Prateek in his moment of distress, the dire straits he found himself in... and closing his eyes tight, he grabbed the pillow with both hands, desperately trying to control the spasmodic jitters, still his limbs... biting down on his lower lip as another sob bubbled out. Helpless as he waited for the inevitable... waited for his ultimate ignominy - the ravishment of his virgin ass by another man!

There was the squelch once more, but Prateek didn't feel the cold touch of liquid this time... and as he remained frozen in his mid-stroke posture, his ass still half raised... he heard the bed squeak, as if with expectant joy, as Arnav climbed in, between his parted thighs!

Arnav had lubed his cock well, slathered the hulk with the gel, and now he was ready... ready to take that awesome teen ass - breach the portal and possess the teen!

Gripping the thick base of his crazed cock he slowly moved in, getting into position... gently sliding the bloated cock-head between the well-greased cheeks, along the slippery trench... giving the boy a feel of what was about to come, before finally guiding it to Prateek's awaiting boi-hole...

"Don't resist," he advised as he felt the tiny mouth flutter and cringe shut, "just open up, and let me in..."

Prateek whined, his heart slamming, his whole body vibrating from head to toe... quaking like the proverbial aspen...

"Relax..." Kareena whispered her sweet encouragement as she caressed his back... his face... her pussy squeezing the teen cock while her fingers stroked his hair, "just relax, he won't hurt you!"

"Please..." Prateek puled, his ass hole flexing like the deranged valve of some suction machine gone crazy as he felt Arnav fit his tool tip over the cringing orifice.

"Yes-yes, I know," Arnav laughed, "you want me inside you, can hardly wait to feel me enter you, huh? But Tiger, I must be careful too, slow and gentle... after all, this is your first time, right?"

But Arnav's laugh was strained - forced in an effort to calm his own desperation - yes, Arnav just wanted to be in, inside that cute teen ass...

He would have loved to simply ram in... send his rigid cock ripping into that tight, virgin boi-pussy... bury it deep in Prateek's churning rectal cavity - plunge in and plunder that carefully preserved teen treasure!

Oh, he'd waited for this day far too long... for over a month now - just watching and yearning, lusting for the boy - and now, seeing the teen lavishly spread out before him like some royal banquet... his thighs splayed wide, his magnificent ass sticking high... and his glorious buttocks parted and thoroughly lubed... Arnav could barely contain himself.

But he had to be gentle... breach that vestal boi-ass with tender care - after all, Prateek wasn't some off-the-street slut, to be picked up, fucked and discarded; besides, they both fancied him, wanted him around... fuck him on a regular basis, and Arnav simply couldn't afford to spook the kid, scare away the boy!

Holding his cock firmly over the fluttering anus, Arnav bent forward... kissing the teen's nape... gently whispering into his ear, "Prateek, relax and let go, it might hurt just a little, like a flu shot... but once I'm in, you'll love it!"

Desperately trying to stop the shiver that shook his slender form Prateek clutched the pillow tighter, holding his breath... willing his ass mouth to relax and open up as Arnav began to apply pressure - gentle, but persistent - the man's hips rocking as he powered his cock tip, repeatedly nudging his twitching orifice...

Prateek groaned... his cock softening marginally, but Kareena's undulating vagina, that hot, moist sleeve keeping him sufficiently hard, firmly entrapped within. Her hands continuing to caress him as she kissed his neck and shoulder, whispering her encouragements!

Arnav worked - slow and steady... on and on - gradually increasing the pressure as he continued to coax the recalcitrant sphincter to relent and part... unceasing in his effort!

His mind and senses benumbed, his body trembling, Prateek lay slumped... all his concentration focussed on that tiny part of his anatomy -- his most intimate, most private orifice nestled within the soft folds of his buttocks... but now on full display, his cheeks parted wide, exposing that tender opening -- each sensation, each limen, each brush of the gigantic tool-head as it repeatedly nudged, pressed down against his quivering portal, magnified manifold by his fevered mind.

And as he whimpered and shivered -- dreading the moment when Arnav would finally breach his virgin portal... penetrate him -- a continuous gurgle bubbling out of his constricted throat... there was a sudden numbing jolt, a tearing pain... and something incredibly huge popped in!

Prateek's head shot up, his eyes bulging, and his jaws dropping low - but no sound came, his breath simply hissing out, as if forced out of his lungs by the enormous thing lodged inside his ass hole... the delicate mouth stretched hurtfully wide by the monstrous girth... flexing furiously as it lay trapped, held in place by the well-marked sulcal ridge demarcating Arnav's mushroom head from the thick shaft!

"You've got it, Tiger!" Arnav grunted triumphantly, amazed by the ferocity of the boy's rectal convulsions, thrilled beyond delight by the furious clutch of the tight ring of muscle!

Prateek's head sunk back... his mouth still open, nostrils flared as he tried to suck in air... gasping... gasping for air - his frenzied lungs unable to retain the much needed oxygen as they expanded and deflated ineffectually... the air repeatedly pushed out by the sheer bulk of the phallus being introduced up his ass. His heart slamming away wildly!

"There-there," Kareena whispered soothingly, her fingers lovingly running through his hair as her lips pecked his hunched shoulder, "you can take it, honey... you will take it!"

But Kareena's adoring fingers, her gentle kisses, or her soothing encouragement meant nothing to Prateek... provided no comfort - his ass was in turmoil... his bowel vicious as it protested against the brutal invasion... his whole body bursting out in a cold sweat, drenching him as every pore opened up, sudating!

Arnav held still for a moment, steadying his hips as he gave the boy time to adjust to the new feeling... get used to having a cock in his ass... and then gradually resumed the hunching... slow and gentle... his thigh and ass muscles flexing as he fed Prateek more of his cock... sliding inch after agonising inch into the boy's convulsing bowel... both man and teen grunting with the effort.

Prateek disbelieving as he felt Arnav slide in deeper... the sizzling heat penetrate him further... and further...

Wondering how it was even possible - a cock, especially of Arnav's immense dimension, actually penetrate his tiny opening... enter him... without splitting him in two, tearing his ass apart!

He was still intact... still in one piece even after his ravishment!

And most amazing -- after that shooting, screaming pain, his ass had gone totally numb... there was just a terrible discomfort in his ass now... an awful sense of being stuffed... his innards being filled with something huge... something hot... of being steadily, but surely, englutted!

He could barely breathe, gasping for air as he lay slumped over Kareena, his head buried in the crook of her neck... feeling bloated... the snug mouth horribly distended... stretched beyond all possible capacity... totally desensitised...

It was a horrifying feeling... and yet, somehow, it was also arousing a weird new sensation somewhere deep within him... making his faltering cock drool copious amounts of precum - the slimy liquid squirting out like it was being squeezed out of him by the sheer girth of the phallus impaling him... pressing down on the base of his penis!

"Honey," he heard Kareena call out softly, "he's losing it..."

"Don't worry, he'll get it back once I'm done and start fucking him!" Arnav responded, panting slightly as he kept up the slow pressure.

But despite Kareena's tight clutch, and that silken heat lovingly squeezing him as she tried to ressurect his faltering phallus, Prateek felt himself rapidly softening... before slipping out of her pussy - a limp sausage with all its stuffing knocked out!

It was impossible! The boy's ass was stubbornly unyielding - fiercely tight, and absolutely unrelenting - the sphincter viselike, clamped around his shaft like a cirriped... practically holding him immobile, making him grunt and sweat as he struggled to delve deeper...

Damn! he'd barely gained a couple measly inches after all that strenuous endeavour... and having sampled a tantalising taste of the boy's innards he now wanted to be inside, deep inside that bubbling, churning cauldron of boy flesh... penetrate him and plumb that juicy teen depth with long, power strokes... relish that moist heat, and the quivering clutch - FUCK THE BOY!

He simply couldn't go on delaying any longer... he needed to act, abandon his kid-glove approach and simply do what was needed - RAM IN!!!

Arnav paused, taking a deep breath as he slowly tugged back, extracting the shaft in preparation for the final assault...

With his cock-head still inside the snug orifice, held firm by the constricted sphincter... trapped in place by that vicious ring... Arnav rammed in!

"Aaah... uh-uh-uh!" Prateek howled, his head shooting up once more as his ass jerked violently, bucking away -- but there was no escape for him, Kareena still had him in her embrace... and Arnav lay over him, covering him!

"I'm in!" Arnav let out a satisfied grunt, panting heavily.

"There, you've got it, Prateek, you've got it!" Kareena chirped excitedly, pulling his face down and kissing him, caressing the perspiration soaked visage, "Now let him fuck you!"

... to be continued      
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