Getting Laid!

||    EIGHT    ||

Arnav had sent almost half the thick length of his gigantic cock tearing in... and now that he was securely planted, firmly in place, he could begin to fuck the boy - fuck him while he worked the rest of his length in... right up to the thick root... till he had his pubes flushed with that bare, smooth teen bottom!

Biting down on Prateek's shoulder, Arnav covered the boy's hands with his own, interlacing the fingers as he began the ancient ritual of mating - slowly tugging back his fat cock, and then shoving in - his hips rocking gently as he powered his tool in and out of that gripping boi-pussy... gradually feeding more of his humongous phallus into the stifling, sizzling rectum... both man and boy groaning as he sank deeper into that stormy petrel of vestal boyhood.

With another ragged sob Prateek slumped forward... his whole body sagging, his head sinking back on the pillow as he clutched at Arnav's proffered hands, his fingers curling tight in his desperate attempt at comfort -- his mind and body numb, totally devoid of all sense and sensibilities... the last, flickering bit of his consciousness solely cognisant of just the dull throb radiating from his horribly stretched sphincter... his ravaged brain merely aware of that awful bloated discomfort...

Dazed, and nearly driven out of his mind, Prateek could simply lie there, helpless, Arnav's marauding menace firmly lodged in his ass... the massive appendage stretching him... hurting him... making his bowel churn, and his stomach flex... allowing the man to fuck him like a brood bitch!

Oh, it was an absolutely horrifying feeling, like Arnav was intent on disembowelling him - eviscerate his innards and draw out his entails through his once snug anus... empty his insides and leave him barren...

But that thick cock was also reaching parts deep within him that had never been touched before, stirring his bowel in ways he'd never experienced, or could have imagined... grazing areas of his hidden depth that was triggering powerful jolts of electric sparks to shoot all over -- the flagitious phallus kindling feelings that seemed totally impossible to his young, inexperienced senses... making him groan with lust, and want... his buttocks lifting high in trembling invitation... his young soul desperately desirous of that nerve-tingling contact - hunching wildly as his ass lurched and swayed!

"Ughh..." he whined, his face buried in his lady love's shoulder, his own flaccid cock flopping lifelessly on Kareena's mons, continuously dribbling his sticky arousal in an unbroken chain, smearing her mound with the slime!

Arnav didn't hear the whine, or the plea... exulting as he gained each hard-fought inch... the demented flesh sleeve a sizzling chute that flexed and undulated along his entrenched shaft, totally deranged as it squeezed him with a force that was thrillingly fierce, and nerve-jarringly exciting, almost inhuman in its ferocity!

Not only was Prateek the BOY of his dream - stunningly cute, silky smooth and bitch-horny... naive and gullible, exactly the way he liked them...

But his ass too was -- oh, the kid's ass was a living fantasy! -- precisely how Arnav preferred his boi-pussy - a raging inferno, mind-numbingly, and hip-stoppingly tight -- the colon a silken sheath of molten heat, fluttering along his buried length, rabid as it gnawed and tugged at him... the ass ring clamped around his sliding shaft like the unmerciful jaws of a clawtrap - savagely vicious!

And Prateek -- oh, the boy was simply perfect! -- shivering and moaning as he lay slumped... his ass responding exactly the way it should, working in perfect tandem with Arnav's powerful hunches - jerking away as he pulled out, and then flexing and bucking wildly as he shoved in!

In all his years of taking virgin boys, of introducing them to the joys of man-man sex, Arnav had never encountered a tighter, more vicious butt hole - Prateek's untouched rectum was simply exceptional!

"You've got it, buddy!" Arnav grunted finally, grinding his manscaped pubes against the smooth teen buttocks, "you've got it all!"

And now that he'd opened up the boy completely, had pierced him fully, he could finally do what he'd fantasied about for over a month - fuck him! - straighten out the convoluted passage... unwind each curve, and unravel each bend... plunge in full length, and delve the teen depth to his heart's content... before filling the boy's belly with his seed!

Raising himself slightly, his weight on his arms, Arnav began to fuck the boy in real earnest -- no more gentleness, and no more tender care - simply raw, hot and horny - slamming into the boy with eager force -- his hips rising and falling in a steady beat as he set the rhythm... the boy's well-greased ass squelching obscenely as he worked the virgin hole...

Pain... pleasure... pain... pleasure - Prateek swayed between the two extremes along with his ass as it rose and jerked in accord to Arnav's movements - his rectum raging like a wild bushfire, the tender lining of his ravaged colon smarting with indignation - slamming back at Arnav each time he shoved in, his fingers clutching Arnav's hands tighter!

"Uh... please... unhhh..." Prateek whimpered, unable to breathe, his ass bucking wildly... Arnav's cock reaching so far deep that Prateek was sure it would pop right out of his throat!

"Don't be a wuss, Tiger!" Arnav grunted, increasing his speed, slamming in unmercifully, "You're a big boy, take it like one!"

"Prateek, sweetie," Kareena whispered, still stroking his head, "you'll enjoy it if you relax and let him fuck you..." her other hand now reaching lower, sliding between them as she grabbed his drooling privates, caressing the shrunken teen genitals.

Was it five minutes? or was it fifteen? Prateek didn't know - he had no sense of time or space anymore - it was just that bloated feeling in his belly... and that impossibly capacious appendage stuffed in his ass... and of course, the things it was doing to his young body and mind...

And then he felt Arnav shift... pushing his thighs wider and moving in... the angle of entry changing - and his mind exploded!

The cock was still stretching him... yes, even hurting him... but it was also doing something incredible as it repeatedly rubbed and nudged something within him that set his body on fire... sending jarring waves of shock radiating out from his crotch... his whole body tingling with an amazing new sensation!

Prateek's whimpers faltered, and his sobs faded as he groaned in response... his hips rocking furiously as he felt his cock stir and begin to harden!!!

He couldn't believe it - his sudden hardening, or the impossible sensation Arnav's cock was arousing in the pit of his belly.

"Yes, Prateek, yes!" Kareena encouraged as she stroked his rapidly awakening phallus, "I want you inside me, Tiger, get it hard and fuck me!"

"Uhhh..." he moaned humping her fist, his teen cock throbbing once more, growing painfully turgid.

Yes, he too wanted it, wanted to plunge into her pussy and pump that moist sleeve... soothe the raging fire that now consumed his cock!

Kareena guided him to her portal, sliding the slimy tip between her wet labia before inserting the tip... and Prateek thrust in, both gasping as his cock sank deep within her sizzling folds...

"Yes, Prateek, yes..." Kareena cried out with lustful passion, her arms wrapping around his hunched shoulders, her mouth frenzied as she slobbered his shoulder with kisses, "fuck me, baby... make me cum!"

Well, Prateek didn't need encouragement, his own body was way beyond his control, his hips with a mind of its own... humping wildly, sending his threshing hard-on tearing into her as his ass rose and fell powered by Arnav's hunching - lunging forward into Kareena as the man tugged out, and then slamming back at his groin as Arnav plunged in!

Oh! it was incredible... it felt magnificent!

He didn't know how long it went on, (he had lost all track of time), but his whole body was atingle, his mind lost in animal lust... his complete concentration focussed on his loins - in the fierce clutch and moist heat embracing his engorged penis, and that incredible feeling in the pit of his belly that Arnav's rampaging shaft was creating - leaking precum like a sprinkler gone crazy... all the while hovering precariously close to the edge... breathtakingly close... yet, somehow, managing to cling on...

Fucking Kareena with a power he didn't even know he had, plunging in and out... going deeper than he'd ever gone before, making her moan and thrash under him!

He couldn't believe it... it was like nothing he'd experienced before - not earlier, during his frenzied masturbatory sessions, and not over the past week he'd spent with Kareena -- he was bursting, his distended phallus, his swollen balls, ready to explode... and yet, amazingly, managing to cling on without going over the orgasmic precipice!

Arnav shifted once more... gently lowering himself, covering Prateek... his mouth seeking out and kissing the boy's nape, neck, shoulders and ear-lobes... nibbling the tender teen flesh...

"Uhhh..." Prateek moaned, his open, drooling mouth clamping on the base of Kareena's neck, stifling the cry of animal lust that rose from the pit of his soul... quivering to escape!

Oh, it felt so incredible - the touch of bare skin on bare skin... surrounded by naked flesh - Kareena below him, her arms wrapped around him, and Arnav on top, covering him, holding him!

Grabbing a fistful of Prateek's spiky hair, Arnav pulled up his head, turning it around as he crushed his lips over the boy's gasping mouth, kissing him for the first time...

Prateek instantly moaned into his mouth, feeling his adolescent cock give a violent twitch... and as Arnav inserted his tongue, swirling it around... the boy exploded with a shudder... his balls liquefying as his teen sperm gushed out with volcanic ferocity!

"Unnhhh..." he wailed into Arnav's mouth, his stomach tightening and flexing as his cock pumped out his semen in powerful spurts... his ass going berserk as it fluttered, convulsing fiercely... literally tugging at Arnav's embedded cock!

His pelvis crazed in the dying throes of passion... plummeting into Kareena and triggering her climax - her fierce orgasmic contractions further adding to his own already mind-numbing pleasure!

With another cry in Arnav's mouth Prateek's hips sagged low as he slumped forward, his wilting cock slipping out of Kareena's clutch - but Arnav wasn't done yet, his hips unfaltering as he went on fucking the boy's convulsing rectum... slamming with savage force as he sent his phallus tearing in and out of the sore opening...

Breaking the kiss Arnav released Prateek's head and lifted off him, shifting and changing his position once more... Kareena quickly claiming the teen's puffed lips, grabbing his face and pulling him down as she covered his mouth with her own... kissing him passionately.

Prateek moaned feebly, his lips lifeless against her -- he was exhausted, totally drained. His orgasm had been massive, and had left him numb... devoid of all sensitivities, immune to all stimulus - exteroceptive or interoceptive; his whole body quaking as he groaned... his long battered ass rebellious as it protested against the continuing violation, the tender linings quivering and pulsing with a vengeance that was unbearable!

But Arnav seemed tireless... unrelenting as he continued to fuck Prateek with long, powerful strokes - pulling back all the way and then slamming in, grinding into that smooth buttock as he rotated his pelvis before withdrawing, only to ram in once more!

On and on, till Prateek's mutinous gut finally got him... transforming his long strokes to short, vicious jabs... grunting loudly as he ground in and ejaculated -- unleashing a deluge of boiling man-seed deep in the teen's churning belly... inundating his ravaged colon with the viscous fluid. The liquid frothing and oozing as Arnav's pelvis tapped out the final glissando of their copulatory coda. His still rigid cock squelching obscenely as his hips performed the final, rapid caprioles... both man and boy groaning with the impossible pleasure of ultimate coital fulfilment!

"Prateek!" Kareena exclaimed breaking the kiss and holding up his face, "You were amazing today, and I'm sure you got me pregnant this time!"

Utterly exhausted, and totally worn - his mind and body numb from an overload of sensation - Prateek simply groaned, burying his face back in Kareena's shoulder, a dead weight on her... still panting... his pillaged and despoiled ass raging as his once tiny and snug anus, now totally devastated, twitched and flexed viciously around the man's thick shaft... crying out for release, begging to be relieved and let go... his stomach fluttering uncontrollably, his rectum roiling with devastating urgency!

Arnav finally moved... slowly shifting his knees as he lifted off Prateek - but the man didn't pull out, his cock still deep inside Prateek's quivering ass, firmly embedded within - and slipping his hands under the boy, passing them between him and Kareena, wrapped his arms around the slim teen waist.

"Tiger, you better get off Kareena before you tire her out," he whispered into Prateek's ear as he physically lifted him off Kareena!

And with him still impaled on that magnificent cock, carried the boy off the bed and to the bathroom, right up to the commode... before finally extracting his stiff phallus, the thick shaft slowly sliding out - grossly squishy, and obscenely loud... like a foot caught in wet mud - making Prateek shudder and groan as it popped out... Arnav's cum instantly gushing forth as he sat the boy down on the toilet seat, grinning broadly, "And make it quick, Tiger, I'm not done with you yet!"

... to be continued      
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