Getting Laid!

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While Prateek sat, head hung and red-faced -- his stomach rumbling, embarrassingly loud, the muscles scrunching vengefully... his agitated rectum still in turmoil, still flexing... and his burning ass mouth twitching viciously, Arnav's seed dribbling out with each pulse -- Arnav didn't leave him, leave the bathroom, walking over and washing his genitals instead!

But despite the discomfort, the embarrassment, and of course, the dull throb rippling through his ravaged bowel, Prateek simply couldn't keep his eyes from the man who had just pillaged his teen ass - surreptitiously eyeing him, totally fascinated as he sneaked stealthy glimpses of that incredible appendage that Arnav was now carefully cleansing...

The man was indeed magnificent - all male, and potently masculine - the powerful muscles of his shoulders, arms and thighs twitching and flexing as he scrubbed between his legs; his humongous cock, in spite of the massive load he'd just dumped up Prateek's butt, still surprisingly firm... sticking right out from his crotch... pointing high!

"Want it that bad, eh?" he heard Arnav laugh and looked up with a start, quickly lowering his eyes in utter shame, his face turning a few shades redder - horrified that the man had caught him staring!

But Prateek need not have worried, for it was now Arnav's turn to groan with amative admiration, staring at the boy with renewed lust... his cock quickly regaining its full rigidity as he noted the delightfully smooth and slender form - so devilishly divine... so sinfully delicious as he sat hunched, shivering slightly - charmingly coy in his red-faced bashfulness!

The kid was truly gorgeous - captivatingly cute, and lustfully enticing!!!

Through the corner of his eyes Prateek saw Arnav turn off the tap and garb a towel, drying himself... before throwing it away and walking towards him...

"Don't worry," Arnav said as he came up and stood before Prateek, his flagrant erection practically poking the boy's flushed face, "you can have my dick whenever you want it. And if you're a good boy, I'll let you suck my dick, and fuck your ass every day... breed you and inseminate you like a bitch-boy!"

Prateek quickly lowered his gaze in abashment... but be it plain curiosity, or desirous inquisitiveness, his powerless eyes slowly lifted in hypnotic trance, drawn to the man's rampant genitals... gasping aloud as he caught sight of Arnav's turgid glory for the first time... eyes widening in amazed wonder!

Yes, he'd seen the man's penis earlier - dangling over his horrified face - but it had been soft then... and though Arnav had fed him his cock, the appendage had remained flaccid... never really hardening completely...

But now, it was fully erect, and Prateek simply couldn't help but wonder how he'd survived having that monster shoved up his bucking tail intact... letting out a soft whimper as he watched it flex and jerk!

Grabbing his jowls, Arnav raised Prateek's smarting face, bending forward and covering the gaping teen mouth with his own, kissing the boy forcefully... nipping his lips before slipping in his tongue...

Prateek whimpered, feeling his limp cock twitch and lengthen, slowly lifting high from between his tightly pressed thighs... his ass hole pouting out with an unknown excitement as his hands reached out to grasp the man's hips... his breath ragged... and his slender frame shuddering once more!

"Now, if you're done," Arnav grinned, breaking the kiss and straightening up, "we can go back to bed!" patting his smooth cheek, turning around and finally leaving the bathroom.

Prateek groaned, his shoulders slumping forward, his heart slamming wildly - yes, he knew what Arnav meant, and he wasn't exactly sure if he could take another fucking... survive that cock a second time... certain that his ass would tear if Arnav forced that thing in once again!

But there was also a weird desire, a fascination - yes, a terrible urge... a maddening longing to feel it inside him... experience that amazing sensation that the cock had created earlier - it had been simply incredible!

It was almost another ten minutes before Prateek finally emerged from the bathroom, his face flushed, but his teen cock unabashedly stiff... sticking out high in the air, swaying with his every step...

And as he walked out, he found them in bed - the man stretched out, legs spread wide, and Kareena between his thighs, hunched over, her lips wrapped tight around that incredible piece of meat!

He almost gasped, feeling a shiver pass down his spine, his cock flex... quickly covering his arousal with both hands, concealing his erection.

"There, he's back!" Arnav announced, grinning up at him as Prateek stood near the bathroom door, unsure and hesitant.

"Prateek!" Kareena exclaimed releasing Arnav's cock and looking up at him, giggling aloud, "Thank God you're back! Now you take care of Arnav, I just can't handle him alone, he's horny as hell today!"

Going a fire-engine red, Prateek stood there all flushed and flustered, staring blankly... feeling his oozing pre-cum wet his fingers and palm.

"C'mon, Tiger," Arnav waved at him, grabbing the base of his dick with the other hand and wagging it, "come here, fast."

"Yes," Kareena sighed quickly getting up and moving aside, "you take over!"

Prateek wavered for a moment - yes, shy... and embarrassed - before finally going forward, slowly... timid as he looked at Kareena.

She smiled at him, patting the space between Arnav's spread thighs that she had just vacated, "Get in, and let me show you how to drive him insane!"

"C'mon, Tiger, you want it inside you, right?" Arnav urged him with a wide grin, "So, get me wet and ready, use your saliva!"

Prateek looked at Kareena once more, and saw her jerk her head in encouragement, smiling at him... and powerless once more, he climbing in... bending his knees as he crouched, slowly lowering his head... shuddering as he saw the absolutely huge object sticking up, right in front of his face!

"Don't worry," Prateek heard Kareena say, her hands lovingly running through his hair as he recovered from another bout of gagging - coughing and retching horribly, "you'll learn soon... will be taking him in completely, blowing him like a pro!"

And as he gasped, blinking away the tears, she left his side and got off the bed, "You guys continue, I need to go take a quick shower and head for the kitchen, rustle up some lunch for you horny guys!"

"Get here, Tiger," Arnav said, grabbing the boy's shoulders and pulling him up, kissing his mouth as he rolled him off and climbed over, making Prateek whimper with lust!

And as Arnav lowered his pelvis... pressing down on Prateek's pubes, the teen thighs parted without any conscious effort... bending at the knees.

Immediately Arnav grunted his approval between licks and bites, "Yeah... Tiger... open up that tight pussy... give it to me!"

Arnav continued to chew his lips... grinding his hips, rubbing that turgid monster over his own flaming teen crotch, making him whine with want - his hands grabbing the man's arms... his legs lifting, wrapping around his masculine hips just like Kareena's legs wrapped around his own slim waist when he fucked her in that position!

"Honey, lube him!" Arnav called out as Kareena emerged from the bathroom, drying herself.

She giggled as she threw away the towel and walked over to the bed, retrieving the discarded tube...

Prateek soon heard the squelch, and felt her hand between his parted butt cheeks... slathering the slimy liquid along the deep cleft... over and around his twitching orifice...

It felt so gross... so obscene... and yet, it filled him with a weird lecherous wantonness... making him whimper as he pushed back at her caressing fingers, feeling his anus pout out!

"There, you're ready, Prateek," she announced withdrawing her hand, "have fun!"

And as she left the room, Arnav raised his hips, grabbing himself and guiding his cock to Prateek's crazy anus... fitting the tip and slamming in!

Prateek cried out in Arnav's mouth, his rectum convulsing as the thick shaft tore in... filling him once more... glutting his innards with the bulk...

It was over an hour before Arnav finally ground in and unleashed another torrent of cum deep in Prateek's belly... flooding the teen ass with the viscous velouté produced by his balls... making the boy grunt and groan in ecstatic agony as the man gave the final, dying thrusts of another highly satisfactory union.

Prateek too had cum, shooting his load while Arnav was still fucking him, his chest and belly cover with the sticky goo his cock had expelled... and he could only mewl, his tired legs finally slipping off Arnav, stretching out... his fingers still clinging to the man's powerful shoulders...

As if on cue, Kareena entered the bedroom at that very moment...

"You guys not done yet?!" she exclaimed, giggling as she stood watching the still hunching mass of flesh on the bed, limbs entwined, emitting agonised groans, "Hurry up, lunch's ready, wash up and get to the table fast. I'm starved!"

Prateek could barely sleep that night as he lay shivering - his ass terribly sore, the mouth swollen and pouty... flexing furiously as the once tiny orifice twitched in agony of its ravishment - Arnav's last load still dribbling with each agonised pulse...

But there was something else that kept him awake... something terrible... something dreadfully appalling...

Something that was also keeping his teen cock painfully hard, and throbbing!

Prateek had never thought of it, had never imagined it... but once Arnav's cock had torn away the last remaining shred of resistance and bored into him, his innocent world had exploded... the secure bubble of his existence bursting along with his bubble teen butt!

That massive cock had (along with his bowel) stirred his very being... had awakened an incredible new desire in his young soul... making him repeatedly reach between his legs and touch his leaking orifice... winching with pain as his fingers gently caressed the aching opening... wishing and praying that Kareena would call him again, like she had done over the past week... and that Arnav would also be there... do to him what he'd done that day!

Yes, he wanted to be taken by Arnav again... be in the safe embrace of his strong arms, as he fucked him!!!

His mind repeatedly going over the events of the day... recollecting every tiny detail as he caressed his gaping anus... and fondled his raging genitals...

With Kareena hurrying them on, the man had finally pulled out and gently lifted him up, carrying him to the bathroom once more...

Both showering together - Arnav soaping him, his hands caressing and groping the teen flesh as he worked up the lather... fingers reaching between his legs to fondle his young genitals... sliding between his plump cheeks to gently touch him there...

And Prateek had simply stood there, shivering and shaking... making small sounds as the man toyed with him... repeatedly kissing his mouth... nibbling his puffed lips... till Kareena's impatient holler drove them out from under the shower... hurrying as they dried each other and rushed to the kitchen... all three still buck naked!

After lunch, they had returned to the bedroom, back in bed... cuddling and kissing... groping and fondling...

And Arnav had fucked him twice more - while he fucked Kareena the first time... and ate her out the second!

With a sigh he rolled over on his side and closed his eyes... hoping, and praying that Kareena would text him the next morning...

... to be continued      
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