This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or events is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now.

Inevitable - Part Ten

"It's not time yet, Anna."

My nine-year-old ward was ostensibly reading, struggling through the original French of Le Petit Prince. She was also sitting on her foot and rocking slowly, her heel pressed into the cleft between her legs. She thought she was being subtle.

"This is hard. I don't know most of the words."

"Look them up as you go. The Kindle is good for that. You can just touch the word and it provides the translation."

"I like the book book."

I appreciated this sentiment. "Perhaps once you've mastered the vocabulary in the digital version, you can come back to the book and get more pleasure from reading it through. And stop masturbating with your foot, please. We have another hour. Unless you'd like to move our session up and start now."

She chewed her lip and looked at me sheepishly, dropped her foot to the floor.

"You still feel that it's bad to like these feelings, Anna. That good girls don't want them. This is an awful lie that you've been taught. You can ask for what you want. It's delightful to be horny. You should celebrate the joy your body can bring, now that it's awake."

"You talk like a preacher sometimes."

"I suppose so. I am trying to save you, in a sense. Save you from your past, from the shame you've been forced to take on." I placed one palm on her forehead, lifted my other hand above my head in a theatrical pose, my voice revival-tent thunder. "I cast you OUT, foul demon of shame! Leave this body, I command thee!"

For the first time since she'd come to me, Anna laughed from her belly, a genuine release, her face aglow and her small frame shaking, the clear peals erupting unconstrained from her throat. It was indescribably lovely.

I pushed my fingers through her hair and pulled her face to me, her cheek on my chest as I sat beside her. She allowed me to hold her for a long moment.

"I am," she whispered.

"You are... what, little one?"


I kissed the top of her head. "That's my girl. Well done." It was the first time she'd let herself utter that word.

"Will you?" she said.

"Will I what?"

"You know."

"I do, but I want you to say it."

She sighed. "Will you lick... me?" I waited. She looked up. I raised my eyebrows. "My cunt," she added. Finally, "Please?"

"I will. And... something else today too, I think."

Her face darkened. "Else?"

"Nothing scary. I promise."

Her babysmooth quim was already warm and salty slick as I sank between the delicate petals. She was fully recovered from her minor surgery so I plunged as deep as I could, my chin nestled at her perineum. Her knees opened wider as she responded, her bottom lifting to press herself against my lips. As she'd said, she was ready. Her first small climax evoked a subtle shudder, gentle hugs around my tongue.

I let her calm for a moment. I knew that she wasn't done. We'd worked up to a solid hour of cunnilingus over the last few weeks as she slowly let herself know the pleasure of it. This time I paused until she opened her eyes, watching me expectantly, waiting for me to resume. Instead I kissed my way up her tummy, turned us on our sides, facing each other.

"Aren't you going to..."

"Kiss me," I said.

"I don't want to." Her automatic response to anything new.

"You've never been properly kissed, I expect."

"Not like this... and you were just... down there..."

I wiped my mouth on my sleeve. Brought myself close and let my hand slide down between her legs... nudged her thighs apart and took her diminutive nub between thumb and finger, began to work it slowly. Her eyes closed. I touched my nose to hers... then my lips to hers, the lightest brush. She withdrew slightly. I pursued... brushed again, pressed to her... my fingers accelerating as I probed with my tongue, tasting her slowly, feeling her yield one muscle at a time, her nakedness squirming closer. I kissed her cheek. "Open your mouth," I breathed. Her eyes still closed, her lips parted slightly and I was inside, snaking along her teeth, winding our tongues together in a slow dance.

Her second climax came with our mouths locked tight, breath mixing hot through our noses, her childish frame atremble. Her third found us taking tiny bites from each other's lips, careful nibbles until she gasped, my middle finger buried deep in her rectum and my thumb relentlessly mashing her clit. I took her hand in mine and led it to the front of my pants, letting her feel my intense hardness, helped her trace the outlines through the cloth with her fingers.

"You did that to me. You made me hard. You're so lovely, Anna. Always, and especially when you cum." She swallowed in response, eyes still closed. When she opened them again a full hour had passed.

I touched her nose with my finger. "Properly kissed."

She blushed adorably. "I'm sleepy," she said.

She rested her head on my chest and let me hold her as she dozed.


"It's not time yet, Jacob."

The boy was squirming in his seat, fully dressed. This time he wasn't impatient to get his clothes off. He'd woken and showered and dressed himself early to be ready to go to the art class I'd enrolled him in. It was an experiment, potentially a dangerous one. I still wasn't sure that he was ready to out in public, but we had to start somewhere.

"How long now?" he asked.

"Five minutes less than the last time you asked. We'll leave in about an hour. This gives us time to review the rules."


"Yes. What are the rules when we're out of the house?"

By now he'd developed a passable mimicry of my manner and voice. He was an observer of people with a keen sense of what they were thinking. Like how he'd quickly sussed out Doctor Cooper's true nature. His teasing wasn't mean so I indulged him.

"No sex. No talking about sex. No asking people if I can have sex with them. No taking off my clothes. No letting anybody else take off my clothes. No letting somebody watch me pee in the bathroom. No watching somebody else pee in the bathroom. No rubbing my penis through my pants. No putting my hand in my pocket so I can rub my penis without you knowing. No putting my finger in my mouth like I'm giving a blowjob. No putting anything else in my mouth. No scratching myself. No having fun. No breathing. No..."

"You may breathe. You may also have fun, if all of the preceding rules are being followed in the process."

"Does pulling down my pants count as taking off my clothes?"



"Why are these rules important?"

"So I can be bored."

"In a sense, yes. If you're bored you're less likely to be doing something that will get you in trouble."

"Bored is boring."

"But it's safe."

He clambered into my lap, facing me.

"Kiss me," he said.


He made a show of looking around. "There's nobody here."

"That is true."

"So. Is this an a-pro-priate time and an a-pro-priate place?"

"I suppose one could say that."

He pressed his lips to mine with the focus and hunger that only a boy can express. His hips pushed forward and we made out like teenage lovers in the backseat at the drive-in, the front of his pants squashed into my groin. His hand squirmed between us there.

"You're totally hard."


"I don't get it. I know you want to."

"I do. We're learning discipline, Jacob. We both are, it seems."

"I knowwwwww. But... a-pro-priate. Right now. It's appropriate."

He was learning how to push my buttons. I sighed and touched his nose with my finger.

"You win," I said. "Blow me."

His face lit up as he giggled. "You first."

In a flash he was standing on my thighs, his pants around his knees, pushing his elegant bare erection into my face. I acceded to the demand, engulfed his entire package and mauled it with my tongue. He clung to my ears for balance. I gripped his bum, pressing a finger inside when I knew he was close, sending his penis into quick dry heaves in my mouth.

"Fuck you're good at that."

"Language, Jacob. But thank you. I've had lots of practice."

"You said we could use those words when we have sex."

"You may use that one as a verb, but not as an expletive. Now suck my cock."

He slid to the floor between my legs, unzipped and extracted, a twinkle of delight in his eyes. It was inspiring I must confess, his nimble little tongue knowing all the right places. He expertly kept me on the edge until I tapped my watch, indicating that it was time to leave. Several seconds later I was thoroughly empty and Jacob seemed thoroughly happy.

"It'll be easier to follow the rules now," he offered, his shiny lips in a grin triumphant. I couldn't argue.

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