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Inevitable - Part Six

Anna hadn't yet connected the dots. I was watching the overhead video feed from her room, one of several available angles. The recordings of my previous ward were taken from this same perspective. I was sure Anna would soon come to realize that she was also being observed continuously. Meanwhile, it was interesting to watch her when she was left on her own.

Her increasing comfort with her nudity was satisfying to see. Much less time was spent bundled in her blankets. In the bathroom, she more often regarded herself in the full-length mirror. When we spoke, she mentioned this topic less frequently and often with an attitude of resignation. I recalled this recent exchange:

"Do you remember the formal name of this equine ancestor, Anna?" I was pointing to a picture we'd found online.

"It's hard to think about school stuff when I don't have clothes on."

"Actually I find that children are more attentive when they're unclothed, Anna. It seems to heighten the senses. Of course it can also lead to other thoughts. Perhaps you're reflecting on the purpose of your nakedness? If you're distracted, we can take a break so that you can masturbate."

She responded with a sigh and a roll of the eyes. "No thank you. And Eohippus."

"Very good. And the roots of the name? They're from the Greek."

"Geez. Hippus is horse. That's easy. The first part... I dunno."

"Enunciation, please. And Eo comes from Eos, meaning dawn. So, dawn horse."

"Like the morning of the horse."

"Yes, exactly. An early predecessor, about the size of a large dog, present in North America about fifty million years ago. It should also be easy to remember the Epoch in which it primarily lived - the Eocene, just as in Eohippus. Now, on to the Paleocene."

She'd spent considerable time with the Kindle. Much of this was reading traditional literature. "Anne of Green Gables" seemed to particularly interest her. I expect it was comforting to know that an orphan could find a loving home.

She also returned quite often to Miranda's videos. I'd allowed her access to more of this material and she was exploring it quite actively. Each time she logged in, there would be a new link available. As she watched she'd sometimes touch herself, but seemingly without serious intent.

When she masturbated in my presence, Anna's persistent body shame inhibited her. She was prepubescent after all, but still wasn't realizing even her current potential for pleasure. I hoped that she'd find her own way to full-fledged orgasms.

To help her along the path I exposed her to some additional content. The new scene featured Miranda retrieving a vibrator from the dresser and masturbating with it. It was a lengthy episode, as Miranda would sometimes lose herself in this activity for hours. It was a way for her to comfort herself and heal from her difficult past, so I never begrudged her. Her multiple raptures were very evident. She had come to understand that she deserved this pleasure.

I generally didn't allow a child to use sex toys until they were more settled, but in this case I thought an exception was warranted. Anna had of course searched the room thoroughly to see if she could find an escape route - or any clothing. There was none, so she hadn't revisited the dresser drawers. But on a recent night I'd quietly placed there a selection of things that I thought would stimulate her in a variety of ways, body and mind. Prompted by the video, this time when she tentatively opened that same drawer, it wasn't empty. She was learning to interpret my signals, a very promising sign.

She took up each object and examined it, her curious mind searching for the intent. Lingered only briefly over the realistic latex penis, its purpose quite evident. The leather collar she studied for a good long while, along with the four padded cuffs. The nylon body harness and the strap-on butterfly appeared to mystify her. In the end, she picked up the simple, smooth oblong device she'd seen in the video.

At first she held the toy like it was dirty, her face adorably scrunched. A few experiments with twisting the base taught her how to control the intensity of the vibration. Still standing at the dresser, she touched it to her wrist... and then to her tummy... then briefly to her mons before withdrawing it with eyes wide. I find few things more compelling than these moments of self-discovery.

Anna took the device to her bed. Laid on her side with the Kindle propped on a pillow, her knees splayed. She dialed up the volume on the tablet. Miranda was a talker, having been encouraged to be obscene by the people who passed for her parents. Fuck was very much her favorite word and she used it in many varied, nuanced and charming ways.

Uuunnnggggg... fuck... fuck yes... fuck meeee... nnnnnnhhhhhhhh... fuckkkkkkk...

Anna's lips moved silently as though she was mouthing Miranda's words. Her hips flexed but in an awkward way, more an imitation than an instinctive response. But after a time she turned to lay on her back, no longer watching the screen, her eyes unfocused, her bottom moving with a more natural rhythm. She learned where to apply the device, never inserting, just exploring... persisted with increasing urgency. The result was inevitable and acutely delightful to watch.... a deep gasp and shudder... lids shut tight and then open like saucers... toes balled into tiny fists.. tummy rolling... a final collapse amidst small short pants for air.

Well done, Anna. I congratulated her silently. You're beginning to understand, to know yourself, to know what's possible. I looked forward to watching the recording of this scene with her and discussing her first true climax.


On Jacob's video feed, I observed as he studied the array of toys he'd laid out on his floor. These were traditional playthings intended to help him build a sense of normalcy. I hadn't allowed him anything remotely sexual in nature. He'd occasionally interact with the model cars, pushing them across the floor listlessly but quickly becoming bored. He would sometimes read as well, though not with Anna's voracious appetite.

Jacob had been sternly admonished against self-pleasure without permission. This was somewhat consistent with his upbringing, similar to rules his father had often enforced. It was clear that the boy was challenged to contain his precocious urges.

Under my auspices he'd begun to show progress. I had to remind him less often to keep his hands out of his pants. He was increasingly able to focus on schoolwork and showed promise particularly in math. But when left alone he quickly tended to manifest retrograde behavior. Idle hands, and so on.

The boy seemed to be systematically examining each of the toys, comparing their size and shape for some inscrutable reason. Eventually he gave up on this and padded to the bathroom. He never closed the door, just the opposite of my female ward. Anna took every possible step to preserve some sense of privacy. Pointless of course, since there are cameras everywhere.

Jacob proceeded to inspect the items on the bathroom counter, touching each in turn until he came to the toothbrush. It's an electric with a replaceable brush head that oscillates very rapidly, very modern and efficient. Oral hygiene is crucial for growing children.

The lad turned the brush on and off a few times. With it on, he touched the base to his wrist. The base is cylindrical, about an inch in diameter. I saw his face light up and knew immediately where this was headed. For all my best intentions, he'd found what he was seeking.

In an instant, Jacob's pants and underpants were around his ankles and he was almost frantically working the vibrating base of the toothbrush against his anus. His other hand tugged at his already-stiff boyhood. With some effort but evident satisfaction he wriggled and twisted the base into his rectum, continuing to push until his small body had enveloped at least three inches. This achieved, he focused on masturbating. An initial climax appeared to ensue very quickly. His orgasms were still dry but all of the other signs were clear, his slender penis atwitch as his smooth scrotum contracted tight against his pubis.

He was far from done. I observed with some awe as he persisted in self-pleasure for a solid forty-five minutes until the battery in the toothbrush was fully discharged. It was hard to tell how many times he reached his peak. At the end, to his credit, he washed the brush thoroughly before he flopped onto his bed and fell asleep.

The question of how to address Jacob's profound sexual Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder weighed on me. This was a different problem than any I'd dealt with before. A child sexualized against their will may act out inappropriately but they still understand the concept of boundaries. Jacob had no notion of boundaries, almost as if he'd been raised on another planet.

If I were a mad scientist, perhaps I'd invent the means to cross-pollinate the personalities of my wards, exchanging some of their respective strength to compensate for the other's corresponding weakness. Jacob would share his utter shamelessness, while Anna would offer up some of her dignity and reserve. They represented two opposite poles, and the path to the middle for each seemed very unclear.

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