Meg’s Bike II – 5


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I was up early the next morning and headed to the garage with my first cup of coffee before 5:30 am. I love the quiet and solitude of the early morning hours. No distractions. I got right into dismantling Allan’s bike. I had a smile on my face the whole time as I recognized the random parts that someone had assembled into a reasonable representation of a bicycle. I had done the same thing many times in my youth.


After I had stripped the fame of its parts and laid them out on the garage floor, I took the frame outside to wash it off. I sprayed it down good with grease remover and scrubbed every surface, nook, and cranny with a brush to remove years of accumulated schmutz. A rinse and inspection came next, followed by a reapplication of the grease cutter on places that needed more attention. When I was satisfied with my efforts and the bike frame was free from dirt and grease, I gave it a final rinse and set it there to dry. Since the sun wasn’t up yet to do its work, I wiped the whole frame down with a microfiber cloth, stopping often to wring it out. As a result, the frame was clean and relatively dry, but needed the sun’s rays to finish the job and heat up the surface.


My unfinished coffee had turned cold, so I went back into the house to warm it up in the microwave. I felt good; I had accomplished something before most people had even rolled out of bed!


As I mapped out in my head the steps I was going to do to finish the bike, I had a picture of Allan appear in my mind. I thought back to all the things he, Donny, and I had done yesterday. I pictured his soft pale body and his developing genitalia. He was a little behind Donny in age, development, and experience, but he seemed to be an eager learner. I wondered if he was truly gay or just seeking any kind of sexual encounter at this point in his young life. I thought about arranging for him to be introduced to some young pussy and wondered what his reaction would be.


While I entertained these thoughts, my hands were busy with the parts on the floor. One by one, I cleaned them off. The really oily bits, like the chain and sprockets, got a bath in a bucket of solvent, while the chrome pieces and spoked wheels were wiped down and then polished by hand with Simichrome metal polish until they gleamed. The rubber parts were renewed with a spray cleaner designed especially for them.


I was well through my second cup of coffee when I heard a tap on the back door of the shop. I took the last swig before I went to the door. I hoped that whoever it was wouldn’t take long because I was feeling that familiar rumble in my bowels that told me I needed some time on the porcelain throne.


I opened the door to see Meg and Laura against the backdrop of the rising sun. Two visions of pre-pubescent loveliness! They were in summer sundresses and flip flops, the preferred mode of dress for young girls at this time of year. Mr. Happy woke up and strained at the fabric of the front of my shorts, but was quickly overruled by the fullness I felt in my bowels.


“What can I do for you lovely ladies today?” I asked. They both shifted back and forth from foot to foot, but Meg took the lead in answering.


“Well, we both talking about coming to see you today, but it’s almost time for school,” she explained. “Can we come over after school and, you know, do some things?” My mind went into overdrive.


“Would you mind if I had a couple of boys here with me?” I asked. “I already have an appointment with them. They might be interested in what you have in mind, too.”


They glanced at each other, giggling while communicating on some unknown girlish plane, shrugged their shoulders and seemed to come to a consensus.


“Sure, that would be fine,” Meg answered as Laura nodded her head in agreement.


“OK, be here right after school,” I instructed. I got down on my knees and beckoned them to me. I enfolded them in my arms for a hug, but more importantly, to get a chance to feel if their little bums were encased in panties this morning. I felt nothing but bare backsides as I cupped their ass cheeks in my large hands. “Where are your panties, girls?” I asked.


They both pointed to the backpacks they had left outside the door.


“We’re going to put them on before we go to school,” Laura piped in, “but we know how much you like our bare bottoms!” I felt them again and let my hands wander further to run my fingers across their bare little pussies. I swear I felt a little moisture emanating from them.


“I do, indeed!” I declared and gave their buns a last squeeze. “Now, off to school with you and I’ll see you back here after, OK?”

“OK,” they said over their shoulders as the picked up their backpacks and started on their way.


“Take your time, though,” I added, “you don’t have to rush. I have another appointment first.” I had to try to arrange to have a couple boys over to match up with the girls. As soon as they were out of sight, I sniffed my fingers. Heavenly!


  1. needed to obey the signs from my body and get to the toilet quick. laid down a crop-dusting layer of farts on my way to the bathroom. As sat down on the john and began evacuating my bowels, my mind was going through all of the scenarios that could be planned for this afternoon. thought of pairing Donny and Allan with the girls, but Donny had already been with Meg. Next, thought of Allan and Mitchell with Meg and Laura, but Mitchell had already fucked Laura. tentatively decided to pair Allen with Laura and Mitch with Meg. That should make for an interesting combination. With that settled finished up the paperwork and went back out to the garage.


Since Mitch was already scheduled to come over for his treatment and Allan was to come to check progress on his bike, I didn’t have to arrange things; they should happen as planned. My only task for today was to get Allan’s bike in order. It was still early and I had all day to work on it. I concentrated on the pile pf parts on the floor and had most of them refurbished by the time the bike frame dried off.


I found two cans of a dark blue metallic spray paint on the shelf that would suit the bike perfectly. I propped the frame up on a homemade stand outside and masked off the head badge and other parts I didn’t want sprayed. After a final wipe down with a pre-paint solvent, I laid down the first coat of color lightly. Being an experienced rattle-can painter, I knew enough not to put it on too heavy, especially when painting the round tubes of a bike frame. This required twisting myself in all kinds of contortions to get full coverage and no runs. I left the first coat to dry outside and went back into the shop. It was nice enough weather to open the overhead garage door, so I did.


I finished up polishing the chrome bits and cleaned and oiled the chain and sprockets. Everything was now in order and I just had to wait for the paint to dry and add a few more coats. Life is good.


As I stood at the open door, looking out at the vacant lot on the other side of the road, I automatically reached down and grabbed my semi-hard pecker. It responded to my touch, so I gave it a couple of tugs. It must have been the anticipation of this afternoon’s activities that had Mr. Happy excited. I pulled my hand away just in time for a car to pass on the street. I didn’t want to get caught petting my puppy in public.


“Mike!” I heard my name called and swiveled my head to try to determine who was calling me. I thought I recognized the voice, but I wasn’t sure.


“Mike,” I heard again. This time I zeroed in on the source. It was Barbara, Mitch’s mom, from across the street. We exchanged waves.


“Are you busy right now?” she asked.


“Just waiting for paint to dry,” I replied as she started across the street. She was dressed simply, like a Floridian, in shirt, shorts, and flip flops, as I was. But, she looked a lot lovelier than I did. I could tell from her movements when she walked that she probably didn’t have a bra on. That didn’t do much to lessen Mr. Happy’s state of arousal.


She came up the driveway and slipped into my arms for a hug. I backed us up into the garage, away from prying eyes.


“Why don’t you close the door, Mike?” she said. Her voice a seemed a little lower and more demanding than usual. I liked it! She ground her chest into mine, confirming the fact that she had no bra on. She also pushed her pudenda up against Mr. Happy, making him even happier. I reached down and took an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her even for firmly in contact with my cock.


“Is there something I can do for you, Barbara?” I asked, mockingly. I already had an idea of what she wanted.


“Why yes, there is,” she answered. “You can throw me over that bench and fuck me fast and hard!” I had a feeling that was what she wanted and I was ready and willing to oblige her wishes. I spun her around and pushed her forward so she caught herself on the edge of the workbench. In one swift move, I pulled her shorts and panties down and off her legs. I manipulated her arms to fold them on the towel on the bench and had her lay her head on her hands.


That left her back horizontal to the floor and gave me my favorite view of her clam nestled between her ass cheeks. I love this view form the rear. So much so that I got down on my knees and stuck my tongue as far as I could into her moist folds. She must have awoken horny, for she was already slick.


As I stood up, I left my shorts and briefs around my ankles as I lined Mr. Happy up with his target. I slid in with no resistance and elicited a moan from Barbara. I did a couple of slow back and forth actions before I remembered Barbara’s “fast and hard” request. I had no real problem with that, I just gave Mr. Happy the reins and began pistoning in and out of her warm and wet channel. Before I knew it, the shop reverberated with the sound of flesh slapping again flesh and the squishing sounds of our efforts. Barbara’s moaning added to the sensual sound level. Before long I heard my own grunts as I reached the pinnacle. Barbara was nearly squealing by then and I was ready to let loose. I reached under her shirt and grabbed unto her tits for the final assault. That put us both over the edge and I pushed in to the hilt to deliver my load. She squirmed and ground back onto me.


I stayed inside her until we both came down and our breathing returned to almost normal. I watched as my dick slipped out of her quim. What a wonderful sight.


“Is that what you wanted, Miss?” I asked.


“Perfect!” was her reply.