Meg’s Bike II-6


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I watched Barbara as she went down the driveway after our tryst. I couldn’t believe my luck. Not only was I having fun with the kids, but the moms were joining in, too! I’ve never felt more sexually satisfied.


Now I needed to get to work and ignore my dick for a little while. I had a bike to fix.


Allan’s bike was taking shape. I had been able to get a couple more coats of paint on the frame and it was looking good. The subsequent coats of paint dried quickly and I was able to remove all the masking tape and start repopulating the frame with all of its parts. Once I got the wheels on and the kick stand installed, I put the brakes and associated cables on. Handle bars and seat were next.


Before I knew it, I had a complete bike sitting in front of me. Time for another cup of coffee. When I went in to make my coffee I realized how hungry I was. It didn’t take me long to throw together a turkey sandwich to go with my coffee and I took them both back out to the shop. It was pleasant to sit at the bench and watch the world go by while I ate my lunch.


With my lunch finished, I went back to the task at hand. I double checked all the nuts, bolts, and screws on Allan’s bike. Then I wiped it down and waxed it. Finally, I oiled up all the parts that called for lubrication. I actually thought of taking it for a test ride, but I would let Allan do that. It would look silly for a grown man to be riding a kid’s bike!


My dick plumped up at the thought of Allan swinging his leg over the seat. I don’t know why it does that so many times a day. It just does. I gave it a little squeeze to acknowledge it and Mr. Happy seemed fine with that. He went back into hibernation until the next stimulating thought or sight got his attention. I didn’t really want to go any further, in anticipation of what I was hoping would happen after school this afternoon. Of course, he perked up at that thought, but I ignored him.


I busied myself with menial tasks around the shop, cleaning up and putting away tools. I finally could see some bench top space. I wiped down the work surfaces and the fronts of the tool box drawers. I thought of sweeping the floor, but I had to leave something for Donny to do.


I sunk into the old recliner in the back of the shop and pulled the handle to kick it back into the reclining position. I watched the scene out of the overhead door for a while until my eyelids began to droop and I dropped off into never-never land.


I awoke with a start and my eyes opened to the light. I heard someone call my name again.


“Mike!” I heard, “Are you awake?” Framed in the garage door opening were three forms, female I think, with the strong sunlight behind them.


“I’m awake now, I replied, “Who’s there?” I shielded my eyes from the bright light and tried to make them out.


“It’s Laura, Meg, and a friend,” Meg replied. Oh shit, I thought, I hoped this friend wouldn’t put a halt to our activities.


As the girls entered the garage and my vision cleared, I could make out the familiar shapes of Meg and Laura in their sundresses. Between them was a girl who seemed the perfect medium. She was a tiny bit bigger than Laura, yet smaller than Meg. She looked bright and very pretty, with a slightly exotic look to her. Her hair was darker and her nose tinier than either of theirs.


“And who is your friend?” I asked, curious as to whether she knew what went on her on a regular basis. I was reluctant to let our activities go public, for obvious reasons.


“This is Amelie,” I was told. Meg explained that she was a new friend that lived in the next development over and had moved in from France a few months ago. Meg had taken her under her wing and was acquainting her with life here in the States. It looked like she had caught on to the dress code, as she was wearing a sun dress and flip flops like the other two girls.


I pulled Meg to the side so I could talk to her while Laura showed Amelie around the shop.


“Does she know what we do here?” I asked.


“She knows you fix bikes, but she doesn’t have one yet,” she replied.


“I don’t mean that,” I said impatiently, “does she know about the other stuff we do? What did you tell her?” At this point I had her by the shoulders during my inquiry.


“Don’t get so uptight, Mike!” she said as she wriggled out of my grasp. “She’s cool with it. She even wants to join into the fun.”


“How much does she know?” I asked.


“She has fooled around with me and Laura, but has never been with a boy,” she replied. “Do you think we can help her with that?”


“OK, if you say so,” I acquiesced. “I have a couple of boys stopping by that you may like to meet. Why don’t you show Amelie the house and I’ll be in when the boys get here. Is that all right?”


“Perfect,” she said. “We’ll be waiting inside.” I pulled her to me for a quick hug before she went into the house. I couldn’t help slipping my hand under the back of her sundress to feel her soft bare bum.


“Did you forget your panties again today?” I snickered.


“We all did!” she answered. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on each of them.


“Group hug!” I announced and all three girls ended up in my arms as I knelt down to accommodate them. I ran my hands up the legs of each of them and found three bare sets of buns. Amelie’s was like holding two apples in my palms. I couldn’t wait to see them all naked!


They hugged me back and giggled before breaking it off and heading into the house. Just in time, too. No sooner had the door clicked shut and I heard a car pull up. Allan’s mom was dropping him off to check out his bike.


They both got out and came into the garage where Allan’s bike was proudly on display.


“Is this my bike?” Allan asked. He couldn’t believe it. His eyes opened wide to take it all in. Hi mother was likewise stunned.


“Hi, I’m Allan’s mother, Jean,” she said as she extended her hand to me. I took her soft hand and brought it to my lips for a quick kiss.


“I’m Mike, the bike guy,” I responded. She seemed to blush at the formal greeting.


“Allan has told me so much about you and how you help these kids out,” she said.


“I’m happy to do it,” I said. If she only knew how happy it made Mr. Happy!


“What do I owe you for all the work you did?” she asked.


“Nothing,” I replied. “I love doing it and I already had the paint on hand from another project.”


“I appreciate it,” she said. “It looks like a brand new bike!” She extended her hand and pressed a $20.00 bill into my palm. “It’s not much, but it’s all I can do at the time to say thank you.”


“No problem,” I said. “I’ll do a final fitting of the bike to Allan, and then I’ll send him home,” I said.


“No hurry,” she stated, “I have some shopping to do. Allan knows how to let himself in when he’s ready to come home.” After giving me a formal kiss on the cheek, she headed back down the driveway to her car. I followed the movement of her lither body as she got into the car and drove way. I felt Mr. Happy chub up once again. The damned thing has a mind of its own!


My attention was brought back to earth and to Allan and his bike when I heard him say, “Wow!” I can’t believe it’s the same bike!”


“I know,” I responded. “I could hardly believe it myself! Do you want to try it out?”


“I sure do!” he exclaimed as he straddled the bike a put up the kickstand.


“Let me see it it’s still fitting all right,” I said. I held the bike up and slipped my hand between his crotch and the seat, feeling the heat coming off his balls. I could resist giving them a rub and a squeeze.


“It feels good to me,” he said. “Can I try it out on the road now?”


“Sure,” I said and gave his bum a little push to get him on his way. He rode confidently down the street toward the cul-de-sac.