Meg’s Bike II-8




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Her awkward first attempts at sucking my cock were, nonetheless, getting me turned on. Fingering and feeling her bald little pussy didn’t hurt the process either. I continued to spread lube in, on and around her little box until I focused me efforts towards the top of her slit. I hit a sensitive spot there, which elicited a groan and a shiver from Amelie.


“Oooh!” she exclaimed in a husky voice, “right there! That’s the place!” I circled it even more intensely with my fingers. Once she was sure I had indeed found her sweet spot, she dove down onto my dick with renewed enthusiasm. I’m not saying it was the most masterful blow job I’ve ever had, but, for a first timer, it was doing the job. In her sexual state of frenzy, she had lost any inhibitions she may have had.


  1. had likewise. adjusted my position to replace my fingers with my tongue. played and strummed her little clit bump with tongue. didn’t mind the taste of the lube and, mixed with her pussy juices, it was sweet and tasty. could tell this action was rapidly bringing her to the boiling point. She became distracted with the task at hand of sucking my dick and focused more on what was happening in her own crotch. Not that objected; I was happy to do it for her and her attention to my needs was close to providing the eventual release I’d come to expect.


  1. cries and moans only added to the intensity and urgency I felt in my stomach and balls. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I redoubled my assault on her clit and felt her going into hyper-drive, humping herself on my face and tongue.


  1. lifted my face from her quim just long enough to warn her. “’m going to cum soon, Amelie,” I said. “You can take it and swallow it or let it go.” went back to her pussy and she didn’t miss a stroke on my dick. took that as a signal that she wanted my load in her mouth. felt it rising and began to involuntarily push into her mouth as my stomach muscles tensed up.


She shivered and shook as her orgasm overtook her and I left my build up seeking release. It’s a beautiful thing when two can reach the plateau at the same time. Just as she reached her peak, I felt mine coming on. It’s amazing to me how a girl as young as she can reach that orgasmic plateau. She writhes so much that she actually broke contact between me and her pussy as I let loose my load into her mouth. She coughed once and then swallowed my offering. Not bad for an initial run!


When the feelings subsided, I flipped her around and kissed her on the mouth. At first, she was hesitant, probably thinking I would not want to take my own cum on her mouth. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Besides, my face was covered in her juices, too. She didn’t seem to have a problem with that.


“Do you want to go see what the others are doing?” I asked. I knew I had to get photos and samples from Mitch and hoped he hadn’t already spilled his seed. I wanted Amelie to see what both couples were up to also. She seemed more than willing and jumped off the bed and started pulling on her clothes. “You won’t need those”, I admonished. “Just stay the way you are.”


Our first stop was at the guest room where Meg and Mitch were. I quietly opened the door and saw them coupled on the bed in the missionary position. Mitch was sliding his boner in and out of Meg’s hot snatch. Neither of them noticed us coming in. I motioned to Amelie to bring her closer to the bed. She bent down and watched in fascination as Mitch’s but drove his prong into Meg. She seemed fascinated by the action.


Amelie looked up at me with questioning eyes. I knew she was seeking permission to explore further which was granted by a nod of my head. She kneeled between Mitch’s legs and reached for the area where the two were coupled and ran run fingers over both Meg’s quim and Mitch’s pecker at the point where they were engaged. She drew her hand back and sniffed the mixed juices. She looked at me approvingly.


I bent down and whispered last minute instructions to Meg, reminding her of the things she had to do with Mitch before they were finished. I had briefed her on the sample-taking, photos and measurements that were a part of his exam regimen. Her nod assured me of her compliance. The container for the sample and the log book were on the nightstand beside the bed, along with the digital camera.


I held out my hand to Amelie, which she took, and we backed silently out of the room. As we approached the family room, we could hear some obvious sounds of love-making. Allan was slouched down on the couch and Laura was riding him cowgirl-style. Both were lost in their own world, oblivious to our approach. Amelie was, once again, drawn to the point where their bodies were joined. Laura leaned forward on Allan’s chest, enough so we had an unobstructed view of her bottom. Allan’s dick was certainly not huge, but it looked more than adequate to fill Laura’s little pussy. In fact, her pussy lips followed as she raised herself up almost to the head of his dick before sliding back down.


Amelie got on her hands and knees and went right for it, placing her face as close to the action as possible. I could just manage to see her pink tongue lashing out to sample their union. Laura flinched a bit in surprise, but soon settled back into the rhythm of the chore at hand when she realized what was going on. Allan opened his eyes long enough to see me and acknowledge our presence. He was too far gone to let it interfere with the act.


“So, how do you like it, Allan?” I whispered in his ear.


“It’s wonderful!” he breathlessly whispered back. “Better than I ever imagined!” I backed off to take in the full picture of what was going on. What an erotic scene!


I stood behind Amelie and watched her go to town on the two lovers. Her posture presented me with my favorite view: the rear view of her little clam of a pussy. Its lips were dampened with lubricating juices and were still slightly reddened and engorged from our previous actions. I reminded myself that I had not fucked her yet and was severely tempted to get down and just ram it home.


Instead, I got on my knees beside her and ran my fingers through the area between her legs to cup her sex in my hand. On the way back out, I crooked my middle finger and let it follow her gash from top to bottom and all the way to her puckered anus. She shivered with delight, so I followed the route again, this time stopping to slip two fingers into her vagina. She took them easily, so my hard dick took over my thought processes from there.


I waked behind her on my knees and nudged her legs apart to get access to her behind. Once in position, I crept forward and took hold of my rampant pecker and slid it up and down her slippery slit, just as I had done with my finger. This time, however, I was armed with a bigger weapon. I paused at her entrance and let my mushroom head soak in the heat of her body momentarily. I leaned forward and placed my mouth near her ear.


“Are you ready for this, Amelie?” I asked. “It might hurt a little.”


“Oh yes, please!” she replied breathlessly. I felt her push back against me and her lips parted enough to allow me to slide in about a centimeter. That was all the encouragement I needed, but I still managed to control my impulses enough to go slow. I matched her efforts with a pushing action of my own and I wiggled side to die. I felt the head go in and heard a slight gasp from Amelie.


“Are you doing OK?” I asked.


“Oh yeah,” she responded, “Keep going!” I applied more pressure and felt my hard member inch into her incredibly tight and warm tunnel. I pushed in further than I had ever gone and then pulled back some. I could tell she didn’t want me to pull out, because she followed me by pushing back. I wasn’t sure how long I could last in this situation, so I immediately thrust myself in as far as I could go. The feeling of her flesh enveloping my cock was intense as hell! I knew she felt the same way because she moaned in pleasure, not in pain. That was my signal to begin some serious fucking.


I was on a tightrope, wanting to keep fucking her forever, yet knowing I was bound to cum soon because of the intense stimulation of her nearly virgin pussy and the sight of her young and nubile body beneath me. Still, I managed to maintain some kind of control and adjusted my entry to maximize contact between us. I reached over in front of her and my finger found its way down to stimulate her clitoris while I pumped from behind.


Amelie shivered and shook from the stimulation and I could tell she was on her way. I was well on the way, and each trip in and out of her love chute brought me closer to the inevitable. I felt my nuts tensing up and got that familiar feeling in my belly of an impending ejaculation. Nature took over from there and I sawed in and out of the little girl until I felt the head of my dick swell in anticipation. I bottomed out and held it there as it throbbed and delivered four good shots and some lesser pulses deep in her cavity.


I know she felt it and I renewed my assault on her love button as she squirmed and make little sounds under me. Finally, she pushed back onto my deflating dick and let out a big sigh and shook like a rag doll. She had reached her orgasmic plateau as well.


We had all but ignored the couple in front of us on the couch, but Allan and Laura had progressed at their own pace. In fact, they both looked spent and were watching as Amelie and I finished up. I could see Allan’s jizz leaking out of Laura’s pussy as she pulled off his dick and sat next to him on the couch. Amelie and I did the same, collapsing in post orgasmic bliss next to them.