Public Transportation

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My car was going to be in the mechanic's shop for the better part of the week for head gasket replacement so I figured away to use public transportation to get to work. I wasn't thrilled with having to use the buses because they are crowded and take too long because of all the stops. But it was a better solution then renting a car since the head gasket was going to cost a fortune anyway.

I walked the couple of blocks to the nearest bus stop, waited about fifteen minutes for the bus. I was right it was crowded. All the seats faced forward, so it wasn't a typical city bus. About half way back an open seat by the window with a boy on the isle. I pointed to the empty seat "Can I get past you so have that seat?"

He looked up to me "I can move over if you want, you are much bigger than me, I can fit by the window easier".

I smiled at him as he grabbed his backpack and moved over to the window. "Thank you that was kind of you. You seem young to riding the bus".

He said "I ride it every day to and from school. I am on this bus every morning and the 3:45 in the afternoon to go home".

I extended my hand to him "I'm Alex".

He giggled "That's funny I'm Alex too. If you are going to be riding the bus every day I can save your seat and you can sit with me since we have the same name".

I looked him over, cute short brown hair trimmed neatly over his ears "I think I will like that Alex, can I ask how old you are?". I was looking down to his crotch but trying not to stare too much.

"I just turned ten a couple of weeks ago, how old are you Alex?"

I replied "Fifty, two weeks ago as a matter of fact. You're right it is funny. Same name and our birthday's' are close together. I didn't think I would enjoy riding the bus, but until my car is fixed I have too. Now that I meet a polite and good-looking boy that has a nice smile and wants to save a seat for me I think I may change my mind and ride it more often".

"You think I am good looking Alex?"

"I do think you are good looking. You are probably the cutest boy in your school. The girls probably never leave you alone because you are such a cute boy".

He smiled at my comment "I go to Saint Joseph, It's an all boys' school. I started there when I was five. It has dorm rooms for boys that live far away. Since I live close I can take the bus to school. Sometimes I stay in the dorm when my mom has to go away for her work".

"Ah I see, no one else to watch you?"

"Nope, just me and my mom. How about you do Alex do you have kids?"

"I have two sons that are both grown up and have families of their own. My oldest Mark has three sons and Alec has two daughters. They both live in Michigan right next to each other".

Smiling and showing his white teeth at me "You must think your grand kids are cuter than me".

I replied "Nope. The next stop is mine."

He said "Saint Joseph is the stop after yours. If you can make it I will save your seat and we can ride home together. Actually, my stop is only one stop from yours when you got on the bus this morning. I like talking to you. We have the same name and we might be neighbors. Do you live alone Alex?"

"Yes, my wife and I separated years ago. She has re-married. We still talk occasionally. I wouldn't mind having a cute boy in my house once or twice. Shouldn't you have a school uniform on. I thought most catholic schools made you wear a uniform".

"Just the jacket, it's in my locker. I can wear it home if you want to see it".

I stood to gather my computer bag. I leaned into his ear so he was the only one that could hear me. "Yeah ok but I think less clothes on you would look even better".

He giggled "Are you crazy?"

I walked forward to the door "Have a good day Alex and yes I am. I will try to get on your bus on the way home".

At 3:50 Alex waved to me and moved to the window so I could have the isle. "How was school?"

"Good. I want to get off at your stop. I want to see how close you live to me. My mom texted telling me that she had an appointment late. I texted back that I met a new friend and his name is Alex".

When we got off the bus at my stop I pointed the way to my house. Alex said "I didn't text my mom that my new friend Alex thinks I would look better with less clothes on but it did give me a boner most of the day. It's a good thing we have to wear the jacket otherwise someone would have seen it".

"My young friend Alex I think you and I are going to be very good friends. And I do like the blazer on you. If what I said gave you a boner I wouldn't mind seeing that too".

"Then I get to see yours as well".

Alex slide his small hand into mine, we walked the couple of blocks and I opened the front door. Alex started to look around. I took his blazer off his shoulders to hang it up in the closet. "Do you want anything to eat or drink?"

He said "No I am good for now, maybe later. I like your house. We live in an apartment".

I said "let's take our shoes off and we can sit on the sofa. I am going to pour myself a wine".

He sat on the couch and crossed his legs Indian style holding his ankles. I came back with a wine taking a few swallows. I sat next to him. I was staring at his crotch in his beige dockers with a blue polo tucked neatly in.

Young Alex smiled "Alex I know what they say at school about stranger danger but I am excited about this. I have peeked at other boys in the dorm but never with a man. I have butterflies in my stomach. Have you ever done this before?"

I nodded "Alex one thing must be perfectly clear. This must be our secret. If you rat me out to an adult or a cop or tell someone at school I will be in big trouble. Let's keep this simple for now, can I put my hand on your crotch to feel what you have behind those dockers. I do hope you are not some crazy kid with a huge boy dick that would make you look funny walking around. I would expect and like boys that are proportionate to their age and size. I did know a boy that was advanced for his age, by ten he had almost a full bush of hair down there and knocking almost six inches and pretty thick to boot. I also knew a boy when I was in Junior High that was a monster, everyone in gym class couldn't stop staring. Most of us were wondering when the hair would start or would it keep growing down there. He was a walking gorilla, hair everywhere on his body".

Young Alex started to giggle "You have my permission if I can touch you at the same time. I won't mind if my dockers were opened and maybe ended up on the floor. I have other pants to wear to school".

Green light. We both reached for the crotch at the same time. Little Alex wrapped his small hand around my growing cock squeezing it trying to figure out how big it might be. I grabbed his crotch feeling him up, balls still small but his boner could have been three inches maybe smaller, and not very thick. He was a perfect young boy.

I thought screw it. I got in front of him on the couch, undid his belt, undid the button on the dockers and lowered the zipper. I waited a few seconds for a stop to come. Then the polo was pulled over his head. Socks came next to last.

I said, "Stand up, I am curious if you like white briefs, boxer briefs or full boxers". It was unheard of when I was a child but new generations seem to like the room of adult underwear versus the standard white fruit of the looms.

"Please pull them off, I want you to see me so I can see you. Or stop at my underwear so I can get you to the same point. We can pull them off together, you pull mine, I pull yours".

"You might have trouble with my button-down oxford, but give it a try if you want. We can do the pants and underwear at the end since we both want to see what the other one is packing. Pants to underwear, then we pull the underwear off".


Standing face to face, me in boxers, him in tight blue underwear with Tommy Hill figure on the grey band. He quickly took the initiative and yanked my boxers to the floor.

"Okay that's how it's going to be" he held up his arms over his head. I grabbed his waist and lowered the high-priced underwear.

OMG. The boy didn't have a hair on him except the top of his head. Thin and straight almost three inches with a circumcised small pinkish and purplish mushroom head that screamed for attention. His balls still high and tight. I couldn't help myself and started to smell his four feet three body for his boy essence. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Alex when was the last time you had a bath or shower? And washed everything properly"

"Once a week usually, what is the problem".

"Well my young friend, you are a smelly boy with crust marks and now I see piss stains in your underwear. For a beautiful boy, we will need to work on hygiene habits".

"Do you want me to leave?"

I said "No but if we let things go for a couple of days, and I would suggest that I meet your mom and offer to watch you so you don't have to stay in the dorm she might let you stay here instead. In the meantime, since we are here and horny will you agree to at least a sponge bath to clean up some of you. I think we were only after a look and a feel at this point. The other option is you can bathe or shower here".

Alex wrapped his small hands around my six-inch circumcised cock. "Yours looks like mine just bigger and you have hair. I will take a bath or shower if you want me too".

"Come with me upstairs, we both can use the shower together if you want. I will make sure you are nice and clean. As for your dirty soiled underwear, why don't you leave them here and I can wash them. Just wear your dockers when you go home. Then you can put a clean pair of underwear on".

Alex joined me in my shower. I used liquid body wash making sure to fondle his little boy package and cleaned his ass completely with his crusted shit going down the drain. I washed his brown hair and rinsed him off. I turned the liquid soap to me to make sure I was as clean as he is now.

"That's much better". I wrapped him in a towel and smelled his body including putting my nose to his cute little ass. I dried him and brushed his hair. "Do you want to stay up here, we can use my bed or we can go back downstairs to the couch".

"Downstairs I guess, can I see your bedroom anyway?"

I showed him all three bedrooms. Then we were back on the couch. I started to fondle his dick and his balls.

He was moaning saying "Alex this feels so good. My tummy feels weird like I have to pee". I kept playing with him until he couldn't stand it anymore. I knew I had him at a dry climax.

I said, "I this your first time to climax Alex?' He nodded his head as he relaxed on the couch.

After his breathing became normal again he wrapped his hand around my six-inch cock again.

"Alex pull it like I did and rub my balls also. You better grab your dirty underwear because when I climax stuff will be coming out. We can use your dirty underwear to catch my cum. Since we just had a shower I don't want you to have another one. Otherwise when I cum I would be shooting it all over your face and body. But that can wait for another day".

I wasn't going to last long with this brunette Adonis on my couch jerking me off and rubbing my balls. I put his underwear in front of me. "Aim at your underwear Alex I am about to cum". Oh boy did I cum, six shots into his underwear before it slowed the rest dripping from his hands.

I pushed him back to the couch and spread his legs apart, then knelt in front of him and sucked his little dick into my mouth and tongued his balls. Alex didn't stand a chance with my moist lips and tongue on his cock and balls. Alex head my head so I couldn't pull away. His dry climax was loud moans and a lot of oh gods.

When he came down, "That was awesome Alex, I hope we do that again, but I should be getting home".

I said "Come on get dressed I will walk you home, and yes we will do that again and more when you are ready. Have your mom call me when she gets home so we can talk about me watching you and you staying here".

After more than thirty minutes on the phone and an invitation to the house to meet me in person I convinced Alex's mother that since we are both on the bus together and he is a good kid, she finally conceded the point with the final comment that a man and a male role model might be a good thing other than the teachers at St. Joes. I showed her the bedrooms upstairs explaining that Alex could choose one of the spares. I didn't think it relevant to inform her that when Alex was to visit or sleep over he would be sharing my bed with me. But Alex doesn't know that yet either.

Alex was in the same seat near the window with his bookbag saving my seat when I boarded the bus in the morning. He smiled at me "Are you getting on with me this afternoon so we can go to your house again?"

"Yep, I plan to be on the bus with you all week. When I get my car back I can drive you to school and pick you up. There is a lot we can do in a car just the two of us".

When we got off the bus walking to my house I asked, "Do you need another shower?"

"I will take one if you want me to but you have to take one with me".

I said, "Okay but we are not going to use your underwear to catch my cum today. I am going to shoot in the shower aiming at that cute little face and body of yours. Then I will clean you up. I will try not to hit you in those beautiful hazel eyes, but that small button nose and those pink lips might be game".

Alex smiled and slid his right hand into my left hand. "You really do like my body. I like yours, I think my mom does as well. She said you were handsome when she got home last night".

I had to think about that one. "We'll see what happens buddy, we are only on day two of knowing each other and she is letting me watch you, and I just told you I am going to cum on your face. What would your mom think about that? We did say this was going to be our secret yesterday. Are you thinking of changing your promise?"

"Nope. I was dreaming about you last night. After mom said you were handsome a thought crossed my mind. I don't know who my real father is but a guy gets on my bus and is named Alex just like me and I offer my seat to him. Then he takes me to his house on the way home. This is strange but I like it and I can dream. Some of the teachers call me the dreamer. I get in trouble sometimes because of it. I saw a plaque or award in your house for AJ, what is your last name?"

"Alex K Johnson, before you ask the K is for Carl with the K in front"

"No way. I'm Alex K Jones, the K is for Kevin, supposed to be named for a grand-father, never met him either".

He squeezed my hand harder. "Okay buddy, do you know what we are going to do for the rest of the day? It's not going to be what I just said a minute ago. We are going to drop your stuff at the house or the apartment and we are going to take a walk in the park or whatever you want to do. Mini golf, batting cages, Walk and talk, anything you want to. Today is a fun day for a recent ten-year-old".

I continued `Okay buddy we will drop your stuff at the apartment if you have a key, otherwise my place. Get comfortable and look on the bus schedule for somewhere you want to go, it's my treat unless your wish is to fly to Tokyo or Paris for meals for an exotic meal that you can't pronounce and my best guess would be wouldn't touch it if you had a vote".

Still hand in hand "The park over here isn't great but it will do for now, or let's walk to my apartment to get out of school clothes. Mom is going to go bizzerk, but talking won't be fun either, can I take you up on the putt-putt golf offer, its sounds like they have everything we need, entertainment, food and someone to talk to".

"Okay Alex, you run to get changed and drop your bag. I want you to look back every few seconds that you can still see me behind you at my best pace. I am going to text your mother that you are in good hands and homework and / or dinner will be completed so go ahead and do what you need to do".

"It's okay, I would rather walk slow and hold your hand until we get to the apartment, we have about thirty minutes before the next bus and the mini golf is on K street which will be Karl and Kevin street from now on".

"I like that, you're not only cute but smart too".

"We can rename A street and J street as well. Since mom is Mary Jessica the J street sign is going to pretty big. All those J's on it. Johnson Jones Jessica street. I think I like Alex street the best".

Alex dropped his bag on the table and pulled me to his bedroom. Within seconds stripped out of his school clothes. I commented "What no underwear today?"

"Nope, it felt good without them yesterday so I didn't put any on today. Besides underwear gets in the way of boy boners and I had one all day thinking about you".

He pulled up a pair of sweats over that rounded ass then a tee over his head and down over his chest without an ounce of fat on him. I was lost in marvel at how perfect his body is. He snapped me out of my day dream finishing tying his laces "Big Alex the bus will be here in a couple of minutes".

We walked to the end of the apartment complex and the bus pulled up a minute later. Alex swiped his transit card, I was looking for small bills, smiling he swiped his transit card again "Got it covered, you should get the transit card if we are going to use the bus system around our town". His morning and afternoon seat was taken so he opted for two seats on the left "I should change seats more often I am always looking at the same thing every day".

I said, "I don't mind looking at the same thing every day".

With a giggle and a smile in a whisper pulling himself to my chest "You're naughty, because it's me you like looking at".

I wrapped my arm around him so he had to stay next to my body, looking down at his sweats his boy boner was obvious pushing the sweats out but no one else would see it on the bus as I was on the isle. When we got to Karl and Kevin street (K) we went to the back doors only a couple of rows back so only one or two people could have seen the tent in Alex's sweats.

A flashback hit me as I remembered myself at his age and my mother would hit me saying "Stop that" when I had a boy boner and didn't care if someone saw it. My mother was very strict but apparently didn't know a lot about young boys and what happens when they get excited. Oh she knew because of my older brothers but she still didn't like it.

We walked the block to the mini golf, I gave my credit card as a deposit as we might play more than one round and the place had three different courses. Alex grabbed the tallest putter from the bin and a green ball.

I said, "Isn't that a little big for you, it's almost as tall as you are".

His smile is priceless "Nope seen it on TV with a guy putting with a huge putter, hands apart but made most of the putts he did. Worst case I can always change it for another but why not try it. The worst that can happen is I miss the hole in the windmill or the crocodile's mouth".

I had to laugh "I take it you have played here before, what is your handicap?"

"Being horny and being next to you. Please don't try to make me win, mom does that trying to baby me. I like that you call me buddy not baby. Mom calls me baby all the time, I love her but hate when she calls me baby".

"Okay buddy, I will play blue and you lead off and pick which course you want to play first. Since you are the mini golf pro are you going to spot me points or is this just strait up or just for fun".

"Just for fun, we will start over here, there are two humps so you have to hit it hard, the best you can do is bounce of the back wall to get close to the hole. If you don't get past the humps on the first shot you will be here all day and I will have finished the coarse and waiting for you inside for something to eat".

I almost fell from laughing so hard, truth be told after all three mini golf courses little Alex sucked just as much as big Alex in the art of miniature golf. We laughed, made fun of each other, high fived for a good shot, didn't keep score because it didn't matter. Walking back to the bus stop Alex took the hand hold to the next level. He wrapped his arm around my waist, looked down so our steps were in tandem, left to left, right to right, I put my arm around his shoulders enjoying the warmth and comfort of this amazing boy.

We got off the bus at the apartments "I promised your mom that homework and dinner would be done so you start on the homework and I will see what I can do about dinner. I assume your mom will be home soon. I am not a bad cook but today someone else cooks what do you want Italian or something else like Chinese a happy meal is not on the offering today.

"I like spaghetti and all the makings are here, you will blow mom's mind if you are cooking in our kitchen while I sit here doing homework. She is going to say something like `What did you do to my child' it will be great. If you give me ten minutes I will be back with bread for garlic toast or garlic bread. You start and I will be right back. I have money for it".

I started looking around to find things in the kitchen. Alex being a little devil pulled his sweats down to moon me giggling "Just to keep me in your mind while I'm gone"

I said, "It's very cute just keep it clean for me, I have plans for those cute buns".

He shot me a quizitive look not understanding my meaning but went out the apartment door to get the bread. I found everything I needed and started chopping vegetables for the sauce. Alex came back a few minutes later with the loaf of thick Italian bread, which I cut and added garlic and butter to put in the oven.

Alex sat at the table and broke out the school work, while I made dinner. The apartment door opened. Jessica in awe "What is going on here".

Alex turned and smiled, I said "Alex requested spaghetti, I said only when his homework is done. If you are offering I do enjoy a dry red wine if you have one, dinner should be ready in about fifteen minutes. You should get comfortable".

Alex came over to give me a high-five. Jessica returned to the kitchen dressed casually offering me a glass of wine. Conversation over dinner was light and pleasant. Maybe Alex had a point as Jessica was about forty, five feet eight with hazel eyes and short brown hair without a makeup fetish, just natural and not bad looking. How could she be with a son that is drop dead gorgeous.

Alex spoke up after dinner was cleared. "Mom I need a shower, Alex can help me if he wants".

Jessica got upset "Alex you are ten you can shower on your own, you don't need help".

"Mom, Alex already called me stinky and made sure I cleaned up everywhere. He has already seen me naked and I like his company, he's fun. You always yell at me to take a bath. With Alex, I want to".

She looked at me "Stinky?"

"Well he was aromatic. I asked how often he bathes and he said about once a week. I said that will have to change so I stripped him and put him in the shower. I asked him if he wanted help and he said yes. No foul play just cleaning up a boy. I did the same thing when my sons were about his age. It is something about boys that they stink but can't smell themselves. Girls on the other hand seem to go overboard with perfumes so they stink too but they like the way they smell".

"Okay Alex and Alex, after you shower or bathe get ready for bed. I will finish the dishes".

In the bathroom I closed the door, you couldn't get the smile off his face. I put my finger to my lips to indicate to keep quiet. He smiled and raised his arms for his shirt to come off then his sweats and socks. His cock sticking straight out.

Alex got my belt and jeans open so my cock was right at his face. He started to pull on my cock. I said "Open your mouth buddy, I am going to slide into your mouth. Just don't use your teeth. I will not cum in your mouth yet. You do me then I will make you feel wonderful."

He nodded and opened his mouth, then closed his lips around my cock. I didn't want to choke him so I stayed about three inched in him. Alex is a natural cock sucker. He started to tug on my balls as I fucked his face. I pulled my own cock and pulled out of his mouth and shot ropes of cum all over his face and dripping down his smooth creamy chest.

Leaving him dripping in cum I picked him up to stand on the toilet. I sucked his little cocklet to full climax.

Jessica knocked on the door. "Are you guys alright I haven't heard the water yet".

I said "We're fine just horsing around boy style. I will get him clean I promise".

I started the water running and his smile wouldn't fade. I took a finger full of my cum and aimed my finger to his lips. Alex wrinkled his nose at me but then took my finger into his mouth.

I whispered, "Good boy, get used to it so I can start cuming in your mouth". I grabbed his two cute ass globes when he stepped into the shower running my finger up his crack "This will be next".

He looked at me but didn't say anything. I washed him and all my cum down the drain. Toweled him off and led him naked to his room to find pajamas for him.

We went back to find his mother to say goodnight. I tucked him into his bed kissing him on the forehead. "Good night buddy, see you on the bus in the morning".

"Goodnight Daddy". He rolled over on his side.

I went to say my goodbyes to Jessica and departed for home.

Jessica said, "Everything alright with Alex?"

"He's an angel, went down with no problem. But I should warn you, he just called me daddy".

She looked at me "Really? Are you interested in the job? I wouldn't mind if you did, I already know you can cook and honestly, I think you are a handsome man. Next time I will do the cooking just to prove to you that I am not a bad cook either".

I said "I know Alex told me on the bus that you thought I was handsome. You are a nice-looking woman but I think we should take our time and see what happens. I know it's wrong to ask a woman's age but are we compatible? I suspect about a ten-year difference since I turned fifty a little while ago. Actually, that was a point from Alex that our birthdays are very close together".

She said, "I'm thirty-eight and don't mind older men to hang on to. Alex and his father were a one nighter that was a mistake. I got pregnant and his father got transferred as soon as he found out. Never seen the bastard since and have raised Alex by myself. Now all he talks about is you. If he just called you daddy that boy is totally in love with you".

I had no idea Alex got out of bed and standing around the corner "Mom's right Daddy, I am in love with you".

I spun around to see the pajama clad boy "Come on Alex I just told your mom that you went down like an angel. Back to bed, you have school and I have work in the morning, I will see you on the bus".

"Good night mom, good night dad or maybe daddy, I don't know which I like better yet. Mommy doesn't seem to work for us so maybe it will just be dad. I will let you know when I decide". He came forward to hug and kiss his mom then I got the same treatment, a hug around my waist then a kiss on my cheek, then he turned back to the bedrooms.

Jessica said, "I know you need to go, I am going to drop some of his clothes, pajama's, underwear and stuff on your back porch, that way he will have clothes over there. Just text me if he is not coming back to the apartment. For now, it will be like a divorced couple that are amiable with a common interest in our child".

"I think that is a great idea. Alex is the primary concern whatever else happens time will tell, I bid you a good night".

I had to take a call in the morning so I missed the bus and would have to catch the next one. I knew Alex was going to be disappointed but that couldn't be helped. Working from home was a pretty good idea. I texted Jessica telling her I was working from home but I could not get a message to Alex.

The text back was `he will be crushed'.

Text: `I can't change international time. I will meet him at the bus stop if he is coming here. Please give him my cell number, he wouldn't give me his unless you said ok'.

Text: He will be angry at you, he may not get off.

Text: Then I will get on.

When the bus pulled up Alex did not get off. I jumped on the bus at the driver door "I am looking for a boy that rides every day, have you seen him or can I look around for a couple of seconds".

The driver said "Alex didn't get on today. I figured he was home sick or something. Kids are always catching something, a little fever the best medicine is keep kids away from other kids. Is everything Okay?"

I said, "I don't know yet but right now he is missing. Can you spread the word to the other drivers? I am not a blood relative but he did call me dad last night. He is pissed off at me because I was not on his bus this morning. He is most likely throwing a tantrum but I can use all the eyes and help I can get".

Without hesitation "Dispatch, Dispatch Amber Alert. 10 yr old boy rides 3712 every afternoon from St. Joes to Willow and is not accounted for. Father or caretaker looking for the boy"

"Copy 3712 Amber Alert, drivers, police and emergency being notified now".

"You want off at his stop to see if he got home another way, no charge, but I have to keep this thing on schedule".

"Thank you".

Driver said `Hey, I've seen the way you interact with the boy. He is starving for a father role. If he is calling you dad then do me a favor and do not screw it up, I like the kid, he kind of reminds me of my grandsons".

"Shit I think I know where he is, do you have a turn point or do I need a different bus. I need to get to K street".

"Dispatch 3712 regarding Amber Alert need car or police in area. Father may have an idea where the boy is, possibly K street".

"The miniature golf but there are three courses he can be anywhere".

"3712 police in route to your gps, stay on route and maintain schedule, you have half the city in search and rescue. Police will meet at Willow".

"Dispatch can you send a patrol to the mini golf on K street, dad will be about 10 minutes out from the Willow drop off".

"Copy 3712"

"3712 this is 3717, Your boy just got on at K street".

The driver handed me the microphone "Alex are you okay?"

"Yeah dad I'm fine, I just got mad for a while. Should I come to your house or the apartment?"

"I'll be waiting for you at Willow".

I handed the microphone back to the driver "Thank you".

The cops showed up just before the second bus. Alex got off and ran to me. He wrapped his arms around me and balled his little heart out. I hugged him tight. "It's alright now buddy but we have to have a talk about this. You scared the crap out of me and your mom".

With tears and snot flowing "I know, I'm sorry daddy".

"Gentlemen thanks for the assist. Young Alex and Old Alex need to have a talk and probably a good spanking for running away, missing school, throwing a temper tantrum and aging his to be father for ten years".

I texted Jessica `He's home'.

My phone went off immediately "Is he alright?"

I handed him the phone "Here wipe your eyes and nose then talk to your mom". Typical ten-year-old tears and snot on his sleeve. Oh well, that is what washers, dryers and dads are for.

He gave me the phone back "I'm in trouble with both of you".


"Are you really going to spank me, don't you think I'm too old for a spanking".

The cop standing closest to us "Kid if he doesn't spank you I will come back and do it myself. You had half the city looking for you and for what, a temper tantrum, what brought that on anyway?"

Alex started crying again, he pointed to me "He didn't get on the bus so I got mad".

The cop looked at me "Do you need help holding him down since we are still here?"

"No, his mother has left work early and on her way here. I think the two of us can handle Alex Kevin Jones fate and punishment".

The cop shook his head. "Central this is 71. Amber Alert is over. The kid is home with one parent, the other on the way. If someone calls in a disturbance at the Willows apartments in the next hour or so do not respond. The boy is about to get what he deserves". He unkeyed the mic, "Open hand only, although my father always used a leather belt".

I chuckled "My mom was fond of wooden spoons or yard sticks, dad could pull his belt off and make a whip crack sound. The sound was worse than the actual spanking. The worst part was it was always done in front of my siblings, a lesson for all. One makes a mistake everyone remembers the lesson. Unfortunately for young Alex is he has no siblings. At least my sister would comfort me after a good spanking".

I think we made our point clear. Alex was now trembling with fear. Good. Throw a tantrum get a beating. Dad isn't going to play spoiled brat games.

"Let's go your mom will be home soon, she gets the first crack at you for skipping school, if I am not satisfied with your mom's punishment then you will feel mine".

Alex tried "I can tell the secret".

I leered at him with eyes of lightning "Go ahead, all they will know is you are a bastard child and your real dad skipped out as soon as he found out about you, I have been taking care of you for the last few years".

Alex lost it and knew it "I'm sorry daddy, I will wait for mom in my room".

The cop asked, "Marriage Issues?"

I replied "Alex is worth every second of time that I can spend with him. Jessica is a good person, but it seems to be on and off more often so I have a house a couple of blocks away, she insists on staying at the apartment. Some days are better than others but we all get along, a fight once in a while, usually over something stupid, but Alex is taken care of and never in the line of fire except for today".

The cops satisfied with my lie got in the cruiser and left us alone. We walked up to the apartment. Jessica came in a few minutes later. "Where is he?"

"In his room waiting for you, do you want me to stay or I can leave you two to have a discussion. I think he is scared enough that we both don't have to go at him".

Jessica said, "I've got it for now for a little heart to heart talk. If you want a crack at him I will send him to the house. He is going to want to be with you anyhow but he will be grounded for a week at least. The only place he will be allowed is here or the house. I will call the school to double his homework assignments. No golf, no fun and games. Just work".

I said "Okay but I have an idea, the library is on O street, make him go to the library after school and he has to write a full book report. I don't care about a topic but spelling definitely counts".

"Alex Kevin Jones come out here".

Alex came out of the bedroom already naked knowing his fate.

I turned him around pointing to his tight ass cheeks, "Don't do too much damage to those, they are kind of cute on him".

I headed for the door "Text me if he is coming to the house, I will text you when he gets there".

About an hour later the text came that Alex was on the way. As soon as he was in the front door I stripped him naked to see how bad he was beaten. Ass cheeks red from the spanking but not too bad. I was already naked. I brought his face to my six-inch cock.

"Today I am not going to pull out of your mouth. Today and from now on you will take my cum in your mouth. If you can't swallow it today until you get used to it you can spit it out, but you will get used to it and start swallowing my cum, do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes daddy, I will do whatever you want. I love you".

Alex was definitely a natural. I said "Turn to the side on the couch, get on your knees. I want to play with your butt hole while you suck my dick. Don't be afraid to suck my balls either. I know they are hairy and you might not want hair in your mouth but it feels good to me".

He followed the instructions I gave him sucking my cock and balls. I had my middle finger in his ass crack and found his little hole trying to push my finger in him. I could feel him trying to open himself so my finger would slip into him.

Without coaching or telling him to his tongue found its way to my asshole pushing his tongue in deeper until he came back for my balls and put my cock back in his mouth. I got some spit on my finger to use on his asshole. He opened up so I could get at least one finger in his tiny asshole.

He was bringing me to the edge "Alex I am going to cum in your mouth now".

He didn't back away when I shot in his mouth. He started to swallow it which I did not think he would do.

When my cock started to go soft Alex stood over me on the couch offering his little cock to my mouth. When his dry orgasm came I turned him around and used my tongue to his boy hole and balls bringing on another boy climax.

Alex said "Mom told me to tell you that I will staying here over the weekend. I know I am in trouble but would it be okay to have a friend come over sometime. His name is Freddie. I usually stay in his room when I dorm at school. He has a regular roommate Kelly who is fourteen. Freddie is eleven. I stay on the top bunk bed in their room. I am pretty sure that I can get Freddie to get naked for you".

I said "Your mom was pretty adamant that you are to be grounded. If she didn't tell you already you will have extra homework assignments and you will have to do at least one book report from the library. Once you get off of your punishment I will consider letting you have a friend or even friends over. For now you will be in my bed".

He said "I know she told me maybe next weekend Freddie can spend the night, I think you will find him just as cute as you think I am. I don't think you will like Kelly very much, he is a pretty fat kid. Why don't you come to school with me to meet Freddie, I wouldn't mind if he meets my new dad".

"Okay Alex I will come to the school, then we will go to the library".

"I can make it easier, just get on the bus like normal for me. I will bring Freddie with me. We can get off at the library, Freddie can help".

"Alex the book report is for you to do. If your friend helps you I will make sure its twice as long. Any topic you want".

"Freddie likes trains, I like airplanes, does that work for you dad?"

"Yep, now get some clothes on so you don't freeze and get to the homework at the kitchen table. You will also be helping with dinner, if you don't know how ask and I will show you how to do it".

His smirk gave him away "Does that mean my homework as well?"

"You are in enough trouble, do you really want my hand prints to turn that butt even a deeper shade of red".

"Well I am kind of surprised that you haven't tanned my hide, I know I messed up and I won't ever do it again. Mom gave me a good beating and my butt hurts but I know you were and maybe still are mad at me".

He put on a pair of sweats and got to work on his homework. I also got dressed it sweats and brought out the laptop so I could get some work done while he was busy with school work.

I got on the bus and Alex was sitting next to a blond boy. Alex was right he was cute too. "Dad this is Freddie, this is my dad, move over so he can sit we can share this seat". The three of us squeezed into the two seats.

When we got to the library both boys started to look for books that would be suitable for book reports. Alex decided on jet engines, Freddie chose locomotives.

Alex said, "I have to pee, come with us dad I want you to see this".

All three of us entered the men's room and picked the handicap stall. Alex pushed his pants and underwear to his ankles. Freddie waited a second but did the same thing showing a circumcised hairless dick that was about inches soft. Both boys took aim at the toilet at the same time.

When the boys piss streams stopped Alex said to his friend "Show my dad your hole".

Freddie spread his ass cheeks to reveal his asshole that has obviously been fucked many times as the sphincter would not close and his hole was at least an inch wide. "Who did this to you Freddie?"

"My uncle was first but many men use my hole, I love it. You can have it if you want. I had four guys taking turns on me at the park one day. Some of the older boys at school do me as well. I even got one of my teachers one day. He made me stay after class and I bent over his desk. It didn't take long before he had his pants down and shoving his cock up my ass".

I shook my head "Freddie you seem to have been ridden hard and put up wet, you are over used for my taste, at least not without a condom on which I do not have with me".

"I have them in my backpack, my uncle gets them for me. A lot of men have the same fear, some like to ride me bare back others use condoms. The four guys from the park loved to cum in my ass. Two of them did me a second time so I had six loads of cum in my ass and dripping down my legs".

Alex looked at me "I can get the condoms if you want to do him. I know you are going to do it to me but I don't mind if you want to do Freddie first".

So much for keeping a secret.

I said "Let's get back to the book reports, this one is still grounded. Checkout the books you want to use, we can return them in a week".

Freddie boarded the bus back to school and his dorm. Alex and I crossed the street to the bus stop to get home. Alex said, "If you let him spend the night you can do both of us, if you can handle it mom would let you as well".

I rustled his hair "Let's get home and see if I can take your virginity away, we will go slow and if you want me to stop just say so, okay son. By the way I like boys with tight asses when I am inside of them, Freddie is a little too loose for my tastes".

"Kelly will take him when he gets back to the dorm. Kelly has more hanging than you do".

"Thanks a lot kiddo".

We stripped as soon as we got upstairs, kissing his lips and sucking on his tiny tits with some KY pushing one finger into his hole then a second finger in him. I used more KY all over his crack and hole and my cock. Alex was on his side with me spooning behind him. I started with just his ass crack until I started to push at his hole. He pushed back against me until his hole opened and my cock head got into him and the warmth of his hole was awesome.

Rocking slowly my six inches finally was completely in him my balls touching his smooth skin. I reached around him with the KY fingers to play with his cock and balls. He didn't stop me so I continued to slowly fuck the boy. I brought him to a dry climax then I had a very wet and noisy climax deep inside of him.

I kissed his neck, "What do you think kiddo?"

"That was totally awesome dad, I need to get something to drink".

I pulled out of him and used a towel so he didn't drip throughout the house. We descended the stairs still naked and walked into the kitchen. Both of us stopped dead in our tracks. Jessica was in the kitchen.

I tried to hide myself but it was pointless she looked at us both "I was going to repay you for dinner the other night, you left the front door unlocked so I let myself in. As far as making love to our son I will not call the cops on you just so you love him like he loves you. He is happy and I am happy for him".

After dinner, and TV Jessica put Alex to bed in one of the spare beds and closed his door. After a few glasses of wine Jessica was in my bedroom getting undressed. I joined her admiring her medium tits and the brown trimmed bush over her pussy. She was wet and warm as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

We both tried to stay quiet because Alex was in the next room. Jessica was not quiet when her climax came and I was right behind her with a full load of cum inside her.

She put her head on my chest playing with the hair on my chest "Do you want me to leave or stay the night".

I pulled the covers up and over us answering her question. "Thank God for car trouble, Alex is awesome and his mom is pretty good as well. I think I can get used to the Jones' in my life".

She smiled "it could become Jones-Johnson if you play your cards right".

Three months later Alex and Jessica moved from the apartment into the house. Jessica asked me if was opposed to having any more children so after a quick ceremony and the adoption of Alex they both took Johnson as their last name. Jessica became pregnant saying she wanted another child before she got too old to have one. I figured being fifty I wasn't over the hill yet so it was planned. She also told me that Alex's ass and mouth would keep me satisfied during her pregnancy.

Alex would come into my bedroom every morning for his daily daddy cum down his throat before cleaning up and heading for the bus stop. I moved my work into the house so I would be home for him after school.

Alex brought a new friend to the house, "Dad this is Roger, he is new at the school and in the dorm, can we hangout in my room for a while".

"Sure, Alex have fun". Roger was a good-looking boy a little taller than Alex.

I was walking past Alex's room when I heard Roger say, "Dude are you crazy, your dad is home".

Alex replied "My dad is so cool, believe me he would join us if we wanted him too. It's easy, get naked I suck your dick and you suck mine at the same time".

I smiled but left them alone. Maybe Roger would get more comfortable and courageous with some time.

Jessica delivered our son Christopher with a natural birth.

Alex was almost fifteen when he had his first wet orgasm giving me his first watery boy juice. Alex stayed small for a boy his dick and balls still small. He was coming up on his seventeenth birthday when he finally started to sprout sparse hairs at the base of his four-inch cock.

Alex took great pride in teaching his eleven-year younger brother how to suck dads cock and swallow cum. Jessica made it very clear that Christopher's ass was off limits until he turns ten.

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