by Funtails

3 months later...

Krista grew more beautiful every day as she approached her delivery date. Her body, within which she carried our child, was a marvel of erotic contours.

Whenever Billy got home from school, he would rush through the door and kiss his mother's pregnant belly, saying, "Hi, Piper!" to his little sister.

I did much the same when I got home from work. If Krista resented being valued for her baby these last few months, she never said anything. I hoped not. I tried very hard to let her know that she was still the only woman for me, the one I loved above all else, just for who she was.

Truth is she actually seemed as turned on by the pregnancy as Billy and I were. The day she started making breast milk, for instance, she gleefully called us over so we could suck on her swollen breasts. Needless to say, we ended up having quite a fuck session that night.

Now it was almost delivery time. As I walked down the corridor of the small hospital, a Christmas song full of tinkling bells drifted in the air. The end of December was indeed a good time for magical babies conceived in unconventional ways, I thought, smiling to myself.

The only drawback to the imminent arrival of Piper was that Krista had not been in any condition for sex recently. Not even blowjobs or handjobs. She was tired and achy most of the time and I couldn't blame her. She had ballooned out to make space for our baby. The sight of that massive bulge was a turn on for me, but I wouldn't want to carry that thing around everywhere I went.

I turned left at the end of a corridor, where I found the door to room 305. One perk of living in a small town is that we had an easy time getting a private corner room at the hospital. I found Billy in there with his mother. I vaguely noted that he had set up video games to one side, but my attention went straight to the mother-to-be.

Her auburn hair was sweaty against her skin despite the A/C in the room and her eyes were a tired red, but she was still the most beautiful woman in the world. In my head I gave thanks to the Lord above for his bounty.

"Hows it going?" I asked, taking her hand in mine as I eased into the cushioned chair next to her bed.

"Not bad," she grunted. "Doctor says we're all set for tomorrow."

"Nothing's started? No labor?"

"No. The only hurting in here is the one Paul is putting on Billy."

I looked over. Billy was in a chair like mine, on the other side of the bed, near the windows. He had hooked up his laptop to the wide-screen TV in the corner and was now wearing a headset over his blond hair and mashing a game pad in his hands while focused on the game playing out on the large TV.

The laptop itself didn't show the game. Instead, there was a webcam view of his dark-haired friend Paul--also wearing a headset. I felt a little uncomfortable at the sight of the other boy, remembering how he had danced a little too closely at the wedding.

"I'm not losing," said Billy without looking back at us. "Paul isn't playing fair."

"Don't make excuses," said the other boy just as he blasted Billy's Fokker tri-plane out of the sky.

"You see?" said an indignant Billy, finally turning around. "You see that cheap move he just pulled?"

"It's air combat," said his mother. "Cheap shots are the name of the game. You just have to be more devious."

I relaxed with Krista while Billy continued his fruitless campaign on the big screen. We shouted encouragement and made fun of him in equal parts. Every few minutes, I glanced at the medical monitors Krista was hooked up to--they showed two hearts beating steadily.

About fifteen minutes in, the doctor came for a check up. She was actually an old elementary school buddy of mine, so everything was quite casual.

When she was done, the doctor said, "Don't worry about visiting hours, James. I'll let the nurse know to let you guys stay as late as ten."

"Should we order pizza?" Billy asked when we were alone again.

"No," I said. "We should get something--"

"Yeah, we know," Billy said, keeping his attention on his game. "You want nuggets."

"No food," said Krista. "The smell's gonna make me want to throw up."

At that moment, Paul said from the laptop, "Hey, Billy boy, this food talk's making me hungry. I'm gonna go eat. Keep practicing so you can give me a challenge when I get back."

"Oh, fuck you," shouted Billy, but Paul's smirking face was already gone from the screen. Billy played a couple rounds of single-player, but then paused the game and dropped his controller. "I'm bored."

"That fast? You only just--"

"Let's have sex," he said.

"Not me," said his mom. "If you guys want to, go ahead."

I said, "This isn't the time or place, Billy. We're in public."

"The doctor's done for the night." Billy walked over and turned the lock on the room door. "Nobody's gonna bother us."

"Forget it."

He smiled and knelt before me on the green carpet, sliding a hand up my thigh. "You know you want me."

My cock started stiffening against my work pants.

He eased my knees apart by leaning his torso forward and the tip of his tongue did a circle around his open mouth. "You know you want these lips around you."

I was almost totally hard now. I looked over at Krista and said, "Can you believe this little slut of yours?"

"Just stick your cock in his mouth so he stops talking."

'Yeah, James," Billy said, unzipping me, "let me have that big cock."

His small fingers snuck through my open zipper and grabbed my iron-hard cock. I grunted out a breath as he gently squeezed and ran his thumb lightly over the tip. Right away, I started leaking. He spread the slippery juice around the rim of my helmet head, sending shivers of delight up and down my spine. I took a deep breath as he brought my hard cock out through my fly into the open and continued playing with it, his warm hand squeezing and teasing.

Krista and I held hands tighter as we watched.

Billy smiled and started a gentle pumping motion up and down my cock, which was slick with pre-cum. His sliding hand went slowly, massaging the sensitive flesh and making me squirm. The squelchy, rhythmic sound came faster and faster as concentrated on his task, biting his lip.

Krista said, "I don't think there's a boy in the world that loves cock as much as Billy. I can't believe how you've corrupted my boy."

I looked at her in surprise. Usually I was the one teasing her about raising a slutty son.

Without looking up from his self-appointed task, Billy said, "I don't love all cocks. Just this one," and then took the head of said organ into his wet, sucking mouth. His tongue swirled around the knob skillfully and I reached my free hand down to his neck as I soaked up the feeling of his blowjob. I petted him as he knelt there, slurping on me. He used one hand to pump the base of my shaft as he worked the swollen knob with spit and tongue and lips.

One hand on a boy's slender neck as he lovingly sucked my cock, one hand holding his pregnant mother's hand. Could life get any better? Krista smiled knowingly at me and I smiled back. Yeah, I was totally enjoying the perversity of it.

Billy smiled up at me from around the thick cock shaft lodged in his mouth. It was like he was reading my mind too, saying, 'You're such a twisted man, James.'

I stroked his soft, blond hair, thinking, 'I don't care how twisted this is, I can't get enough of it.' Billy's sucking and sliding were getting me worked up. My hips were starting to rock, bumping the top end of my cock against his throat.

Billy pulled off. "You ready to fuck me now?"

"You bet your sexy little ass I am."

He grinned and stood, dropping his jeans to the floor. I stood too and lowered my pants. Then I helped Billy pull his T-shirt over his head and threw it to his mother.

"Wait, I have an idea," said Billy stepping out of his jeans and briefs and running over to the computer quite naked.

"Billy, you're the one who wanted sex. Stop wasting time."

"Hold on, you'll love this," he said, sliding his finger on the touch pad. "It's twisted and perverted."

The scene on the TV switched from the paused game to darkness and then, as Billy moved away, it revealed a live laptop camera shot of Krista's maternity bed, me standing next to it, half naked, my hard cock sticking out. As Billy returned to my side, he entered the frame of the TV picture. He gave himself a thumbs up and leaned over in front of me, taking his mother's hand in his. His face hovered over her pregnant belly.

I looked away from the screen to the slim boy bent over naked in front of me. He was beautiful, from the smooth skin of his neck and shoulders all the way down to the smooth skin of his rounded boy butt.

I squeezed his firm cheeks, letting my fingers taste the cool softness of his skin. His ass felt tiny in my grip. It looked tiny too, seen beneath my swollen, jutting rod. How did he ever take it up there, I wondered for the hundredth time. I took my shirt off as I admired the view.

As he waited, Billy pulled his mom's hospital smock up and over her pregnant bulge. On the screen, the belly seemed like a full moon, glowing and healthy, even with the sensor wires suction cupped at its sides.

The boy leaned forward and kissed it, a big smile on his face. Then he caressed it reverently while his mother's face showed amusement.

I slid a finger along the puckered rim of his little hole. He was already lubed I was unsurprised to find. I knew he kept KY in his pocket at all times, the horny little sex-freak. I probed the smooth opening, getting him loose. On screen, I could see his little dick was stiff.

"You ready for James to fuck you, baby?" Krista asked, stroking his hair with motherly affection.

"Oh, yeah, mom."

"You like that big hard man cock up your ass?"


"Mommy likes watching her boy take that cock. You're so good at it."

I had gotten Billy as stretched out as a little horn dog like him needed to be so I steadied myself by gripping his hips as I crouched behind him, my blunt tip at his eagerly waiting hole. With a steady, grinding motion, I pushed into Billy. He arched his back and breathed out through clenched teeth as the initial discomfort hit him.

Krista reached down and took his hands back into hers. She smiled at him and said, "Take that big cock for me, baby. Mommy gets so horny to see her little boy get fucked."

Billy grunted as he concentrated on taking me into his ass.

Krista looked a little lost for a while then said, "Billy, am I a bad mother?"

"Oh, yeah," Billy sighed, smiling and licking his lips. "But in a good way."


"The best."

My stiff cock reached as far as it could go, deep in Billy's tight warmth, as my pubes settled on the cheeks of his ass. Without waiting, I started a steady out and in rhythm, plunging my shaft through his gripping sphincter again and again while the sensitive skin of my cock head slid along the velvet walls of his chute.

Krista said, "Fuck him faster, James. Give it to him good. He can take it. He's a slut. He wants to take it." Then she looked at Billy and said, "You want more, baby?"

"Yeah, mom." Billy moaned. "Tell him to do me harder."

I sped up, rocking into the tight boy ass below me, each passage into his sweet hole sending pulses of pleasure up my cock, making me widen my stance and dig my fingers into his flesh so I could keep control.

Krista got that lost expression again and then looked at the TV screen and back to Billy. She passed her hand along her naked stomach then asked her son, "Billy, you sure you want to have a baby with me?"

"I dream about it, mom. It's going to be awesome."

"It's going to be hard work, you know. You're not done being a daddy once you shoot your cum in me."

"I know." Billy was using his legs and arms to keep his balance under the force of my thrusts.

Then worry slipped into Billy's voice and he asked, "Do you want to have my baby?"

"Oh, yes, Billy," Krista said, smiling broadly. "More than anything."

"More than for James?" he said, throwing his mischievous voice in my direction.

I countered with three sharp, deep jabs of my cock at his innards and he yelped and then panted for breath and giggled simultaneously.

For some reason, seeing him like that--happy and playful and cute, all while his beautiful body took my plunging cock--filled me with a great wave of love and I reached down and pulled him upright into a hug.

On the screen, I could see his stiff little dick bobbing in the air under my rhythmic assault while he smiled. I wrapped him in my arms and slid my nose through his hair, breathing in the light, fresh smell that was so unique to him.

The differences in our height frustrated me though. I'd fucked his mom in this position a lot since her stomach had grown and she would turn her head so we could kiss as we fucked. Billy was too short, however, to make it work.

I found myself channeling my frustration into more aggressive stabs of my thick cock into his resisting ass. As my passion increased, the image on the TV screen captured my imagination. Yes, he was too small. But that size difference was so exciting in itself. Feeling his young child's body in my embrace...watching his tender, undersized frame on the screen compared to my tall body with its lumber-mill muscles...it triggered a sense of power and lust.

I wanted Billy to feel that difference too. I wanted him to understand without any doubt how much in my power he was. I began sliding my whole length back until the head was almost out of the grasp of his sphincter and popping it back into him with forceful strokes.

He let out little wheezy grunts with each shove of my meaty cock into his ass. On screen, his head was bobbling as his body started going slack. I had to hold the tops of his shoulders to keep him from being lifted into the air with each push I made upwards into his slick channel.

"Oh, fuck him, James," Krista moan. "Fuck my son good."

I did, riding a daze of rising and falling erotic pleasure

And then the magic moment happened. Billy stiffened in my arms and began to gasp. I held him with more force as I kept pumping into him. On screen, he began to spurt boy cum. One, two, three, four silver-white arcs of potent semen seemed to each float in slow motion before spattering on his mother's bare round tummy.

Krista let out a surprised whoop.

My mind went crazy. He could cum! Billy could do what we three had been dreaming of and knock up his mother. I started my own orgasm right away, my mind overloaded with the knowledge of how things had changed. This little boy I was fucking had the power of a man inside him. Yet, all the dimensions of him, his arms, his legs, his spine against my chest, his slender neck...said he was still a child.

The contrast was erotic and I blasted my own cum in heaving thrusts into Billy's ass.

As Billy calmed down, he sank back against me and I held him up. I could barely stand myself.

"Did you see that?" Billy asked excitedly. "Did you see that, Mom?"

"Yes, baby."

He turned to look up at me. "You see that, James?"

"Felt it too." I stroked his head gently, then added, "But what I really want to do is taste it."

Krista gave me a grateful look for jolting us out of our brain fog and remembering the importance of the moment. I pulled away from Billy and my softening cock slipped out of him with a pleasurable tingle. I brought my finger to my wife's pregnant belly where her son's first cum was leaking slowly down its curve. With a careful motion, I scraped up about half of it and brought it to Krista. She accepted my offering with a look of sexual hunger, her lips and tongue taking it from my finger as she moaned in delight.

I kept my finger in place until she was quite done and then pulled it free and watched her swallow.


"Like candy and nutmeg," she said with a teasing smile. Then she reached out for Billy and he took her hand. "Baby, I'm so proud of you."

I got the other half of Billy's cum from Krista's round belly and put my finger to my lips.

"Hey!" said Billy as I was in mid-slurp. "Don't I get any? I made it!"

I stuck my tongue out to show him his delicious boy cream sitting there and then leaned down to him. We kissed and shared his slimy young cum, stretching the slingy, slippery stuff all over out mouths with our overactive tongues.

When there was absolutely nothing left of his first orgasm, we separated, out lips making a smacking sound.

For the next ten minutes, I sat on the chair with Billy in my lap, holding hands with Krista. We could see ourselves on screen, making a little family portrait. We even spent a minute making goofy faces at the camera after Billy said, "You know, the CIA is probably watching us."

But eventually we got chilly and put our clothes back on. Billy went to the TV saying, "I hope the recording worked. My first cum on video would be awesome."

He reset the game screens as I sat back down and said to Krista, "I hope he did record it. We need to record it when he knocks you up too, don't you think?"

She seemed doubtful. "I feel like it would sap the energy from the moment, don't you? Like we'll be so worried about camera angles that we don't have fun?"

"We had fun tonight and we were on camera."

"But this is different. We didn't--" A look of horror came over Krista's face and she said, "Billy, were you still streaming to Paul's computer? Did this video go out?"

Billy looked alarmed then turned to the screen, saying, "Ummm."

"Don't give me 'umm'," she told him. "Did you stream what we did to him?"


"Oh, God!"

"But don't worry," said Billy. "Look." He pulled up the screen to show the empty chair Paul had left behind. "He's still eating. Nobody saw anything."

"I can't believe you were so careless," I shouted at him.

"I'm sorry, okay!?"

"Billy," said his mother, "This is serious stuff. We can't get caught at all."

"I know that. I just didn't know how the--"

Paul showed up just then, taking his seat and saying, "You there, dumbass?"

And so we all pretended to be calm as Billy rejoined his game. Eventually we became calm for real as Paul continued right where he had left off, unaware of the sexual perversion streamed to his laptop while he was off eating.

The steamy, twisted night that saw Billy first cumshot land on his own mother, ended with video games. Well not quite. Right before midnight, baby Piper decided to show up early and I became a father. And our demented little family became a little bigger.

To be continued in 3 months.

Author's Note: My apologies to the fans following along. I know we're still behind schedule on this. Part 5 (and probably the final part) will be done soon, hopefully no more than a month behind its originally scheduled date of March 2017.

Will there be more after part 5? I certainly know what sexy things happen to James and his hot family after that (at least four more chapters), but I'm not sure I can devote the time to it. Let me know what you guys think.

I hope you enjoyed Part 4. Comments welcome. Even if you're reading this in an archive years from now, I'd love to hear what you think.

Also, I'm always in need of proofreaders to help me with the few typos I make. It's light work since I catch most of them via computer check, so if you're interested in looking at early drafts of my man/boy or man/boy/woman stories, let me know.

March, 2017

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