This story is about young friends and older people getting together to do all sorts of fun things you don't want to read this or are under age get lost them k there will be f/m m/m f/f in all sorts of combos there will be more than one chapter so keep looking also comment is appreciated and suggestions maybe put in so suggest away and now on with


Katy was in her element she was telling stories again and entertaining her friends Gary and Sammi. Katy was 16 and had been friends with Gary since she was in second grade when she had walked the boy home from school after his first day at kindergarten and there was no one to pick him up. He was just sitting on the steps crying when she walked over and grabbed his hand and told him his mom asked her to walk him home, of course this wasn't true as his mom was an abusive drunk and she probably didn't care where he was. So she walked him home and on the way she told him a story of how a princess like herself rescued a knight from a fire-breathing dragon. He liked the story so much that he didn't even realize that he was at Katy's house and not his till he was up in her room and sitting in a chair. She brought him home at 7 that night after talking to her mom about what to do with her young friend. They decided to feed him and keep him at their house anytime he wanted to come over, which was almost everyday, since his mom couldn't care less. So that is how they spent their childhood with her telling stories to him to keep him entertained and him sometimes acting out the parts with some friends of theirs.

Katy was telling a story about Gary's favorite subject of late and that was him emerging talent of singing. She was well into a tale of Gary being onstage at a concert and seeing Sammi, the winner of a radio talent contest jamming away to his tunes so he decided to take her on stage and get her to sing a with him. As Katy was telling that part Gary stood up and taking Sammy's hand in his started to softly sing a song he had written. It was a love song that he wrote for Sammi because he had strong feelings for her, but was afraid to tell her. Gary had told Katy about his feelings for Sammi, and knowing how he felt for the young brunette who was just starting to come into her womanhood, Katy used the opportunity to get Gary the chance to sing her the song. After the song ended Katy told how the young singer kisses his new duet partner on the lips in front of the whole audience so that is just what Gary did, he kissed Sammi gently on the lips for a few seconds which turned into a few minutes. Due to the fact that Sammi kept the kiss going as she hungrily attached her lips to his and darted her tongue into his mouth. After a few minutes of this Katy laughed and told them it was time to get back to the story... Well the singer kept her on stage for the rest of the concert and then invited her back stage to see what goes on behind the scenes at a concert he held her hand as they walked around chatting with the road crew and sound techs. He then invited her into his dressing room to share his all time favorite after concert snack of. Chocolate cookies and chocolate milk, the girl told him. He laughed at this and she told him she knew all about his habits like dislikes and all bio on his websites and interviews. He told her there was more to him that just that.

They ate their snack and got chocolate milk mustaches. After they finished their snack the girl noticed that the singer had a little milk left on his lip so she took her finger and wiped it away, looking around for a napkin or towel or anything to wipe her finger on, and not finding one she put her finger in her mouth and licked the milk off. They looked into each other's eyes as they realized how erotic that action was and moved together for a more sensual kiss than the one onstage. As Katy got to that part of the story she noticed that Sammi and Gary were sharing the same type of kiss that she was describing, and looking at her two friends making out got her juices flowing like never before. Katy had liked Gary for a few years now but kept that thought strictly to herself for reasons of her own. As she watched the two start to get more involved in their kiss and judging by the bulge in Gary's pants and the hardening nipples under Sammi,s braless shirt, she could tell that this story could go anywhere she wanted to take it and decided to see how far it would go. Katy went on to explain how the singer's hands started to roam down the girl's body while she shivered and moaned under his touches, the girl started to run her hands on the singers back and removed his shirt after a few seconds so she could trace the scar that he got when he was 9. Nobody had ever done this to him before and he felt himself getting turned on by this action. Gary looked up sharply at Katy as she told this part because since his mother had given him that scar when he was 9 nobody but her had seen him without a shirt on, but as Sammi traced his scar lightly she looked into his eyes and told him not to worry she liked it. Katy went on to tell the two that the singer lifted the girl's shirt off, and said to her that they were now even. The singer took in the girl's body with his eyes and gently but greedily licked and kissed her neck working his way down to the tender flesh that was her blossoming tits. He licked and kissed her right breast until he got to her areola then moved to her left breast and did the same but this time he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it while the girl moaned lowly but getting a bit louder as he kept up his sucking and then running his fingers around her other nipple. He did this for a few minutes and as he did his hands went down her body to her stomach and she shivered under his touch and responded by moving her hands to his chest playing with his nipples. As the singer went further down her body he slid his hand under the edge of her pants and down to her furry little panty covered mound to which the girl moved her hips forward for him to get a better feel of her. He then started to kiss and lick his way down to where his hand was exploring in between the kisses and licks he would gently blow air on the spots his lips and tongue had just left to feel her shiver and hear her moan. She undid the button of her pants for him to slide them off of her, amazing herself at her own boldness. After her pants were taken off she undid his pants and went to take them off of him, to even things up, however her hands grabbed the waistband of his boxers and they slid down as well exposing his rock hard member to her astonished face. She immediately touched the offered cock with her fingers sending shockwaves into his body because until now no one but himself had touched him since he had reached puberty. She started to run her fingers over his veined staff then encircled it in a fist. She saw a drop of fluid at the tip and reached out with her other finger, touched the tip and then put it in her mouth. The taste of his pre-cum so excited her that as she stood there stroking the singer's cock she kept putting his fluid into her mouth. The singer then removed the girl's red lace panties that she had worn for the concert. The singer then rubbed his hand on her now exposed flesh feeling her fuzzy patch but also feeling her swollen clit that had protruded from between her soft furry cunt lips then moved first one finger then two into her twitching cunt. As she kept up her hand motions and fluid tasting, the moans that escaped both of their mouths got louder and louder soon the duo could not contain the cataclysmic explosion that consumed them because of the sexual pleasure and gratification they gave each other. The singer's hand got coated with the girl's hot sticky juice just as the singer shot a massive load of his own into the girl's hand. To which she put her hand to her mouth and licked and sucked her hand and fingers getting all of his cum into her mouth. The singer mean while put his own hand to his mouth and took off the girl's juices with his tongue. Katy then told the two new lovers that the story will continue and at that time they realized that Katy had taken off her own clothes and was as naked as they were as she finished working her fingers in and out of her own excited box. She came to the sight of her two friends looking at her giving her self pleasure. She took in the sight of her two friends enjoying what she saw before her she had seen Gary plenty of times when he slept over and her mom had them take baths together, but she had not seen him naked since he was 9 and her 11 and her mother noticed her imminent puberty. She had never seen a girl naked however and it excited her more. She walked over to Gary and put her hand to his mouth so he could taste her juices but would not let him taste it all before going over to Sammi and offering the rest. She then kissed Sammi on the lips getting a taste of Gary's cum with the kiss then she moved onto Gary and kissed his as well much to his astonishment. Katy told the two not to do anything together for she would tell them more of the story soon. They agreed and separated to their own homes.

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