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The Clean Up Crew

Brian thought it was so sexy to see his friend Monica with a dick stuffed up her ass and her face buried in a pussy that he almost forgot about the dick he was sucking. Of course when the guy grabbed him by the hair he remembered quickly enough.. This was the first time he had ever sucked on a man's cock and he found the taste of the lingering pussy the guy had just left to be intoxicating. Brian licked up and down as he bobbed his head and the guy moaned in pleasure, Brian kept up his pace until he felt the guy swell inside is mouth and pour out a stream of hot wet tangy liquid into his throat most of the guy's cum made it down but a little dribbled on his chin. The guy told him he was pretty good for his first time and with that he pulled out and walked away. Monica had finished cleaning up the woman she was with and helping the guy in her ass fill her with his cum and had come over to brain and licked his chin. How was that dude? She asked? Did I not tell you that being part of the clean up crew for these rich-types was awesome?

I had to admit she was right it was awesome to watch people fucking in anyway shape and form and then to go to them if they pointed to you to clean up what the previous person left behind. At first when Monica told me about the job that her family did I was in shock then she had me talk to her parents about the rules for the clean up crew, First rule is that we wear a mask over our eyes so no one knows who we are if they happen to see us on the street. Second is we never fuck anyone and the girls, meaning his wife and 2 daughters never get fucked in the pussy by the party goers. The can suck a dick or asshole or eat a woman out and be fucked in their ass and we guys meaning myself him and his son Jeffery, will do the same we suck dick and ass and eat pussy and we can get fucked in the ass as well. Third rule is we never suck clean a guy that takes our ass! We always have another member of the clean up crew to do that ok. Forth rule is we always, Always crawl to where we are needed. I was a little hesitant at first till Monica and her sister started rubbing on my crotch begging me to join in Monica is a hot girl about 16 with firm tits and firm ass while her sister is 17 with little nubbins for tit's and as firm an ass as Monica. So when they started rubbing on my 15 year old cock it was almost more than I could bear so I agreed.

When we got to the party we went straight to the playroom as Monica called it and I was raring to go due to the fact that Monica and Kelly and Jacob had all been rubbing my cock the whole way there. The party seemed to be just starting the uniforms we wore had no ass on them just ties for our crotches, so as to give free access to whoever wanted to put anything there. The first person motioned me over was a sexy looking lady in her 20's she had just been fucked to a screaming orgasm and needed to be cleaned out while the guy she was with motioned to Monica so we crawled over to them and I watched as Monica started to gently lick up and down the cock that was before her she looked at me and then at the pussy in front of me and I got the hint so I started to kiss the wet juicy folds of the woman's pussy as she squirmed under my tongue. She told me to open her up and clean out the inside so I put my tongue into her wet twat and tasted her cum mixed with the man Monica was sucking. I kept up my movements until the lady held my head with her thighs and gushed cum onto my face and chin she then told me to clean up her legs and I eagerly licked all her juice up. I looked up as Monica got her mouth full of the man's cum. She then moved to me and kissed me full on the mouth forcing me to swallow the cum form her mouth. They love that she whispered to me. I was then motioned over to a guy who needed his cock cleaned and I crawled over to him and did as I saw Monica doing at first it felt weird to put a cock in my mouth but the more I tasted the more I wanted to be rewarded with my own mouthful. that's when I looked over at Monica and saw that she had a guy up her ass and her face buried in a woman's pussy.

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