Todd, Sara, And Me
By Papa Joe
Copyright 2001

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. It never happened, except in the
author's imagination. This story contains sex between an older man and an under 18 male and female.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what your supposed to
do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to
access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story. The characters are a product of my imagination. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to.

The author retains the copyright of this story. Placing this story on a web site without the authors
permission is a violation of that copyright.

Todd, Sara, And Me

    I lined my dick up with Todd's opening and slowly applied pressure. Sara was laying beside him petting and stroking his chest as she cooed for him to relax. I felt his muscle yeld and my dick gently sank into him. Sara massaged Todd's balls as my dick was enveloped by the moist hotness of his body.

    Todd gave a long satisfied sigh as I bottomed out with my pubes crushed against his butt. Sara watched us a moment as Todd petted her bare back. I started slowly humping. I pulled my dick almost out of Todd. He would tighten his muscles around my cock trying to trap me inside. Todd would relax as I started pushing back in.

    Sara wrapped her hand around his dick and slowly started jacking Todd off in time to my strokes. Todd gave a little whimper as the head of my cock massaged his prostate. I had to speed up as Todd humped his butt urging me to go faster. My balls were slapping against Todd's ass as I fucked faster and faster. Sara reached behind me and I spread my legs so she could cup my balls.

    Between Sara's soft hand massaging my balls and the wonderful feel of Todd, I knew I couldn't last long. It didn't matter. When Sara sucked Todd's dick into her mouth, he gave a long hard groan.

"Oh, crips," Todd groaned. "Oh, ugh, oh, ohhhh, I'm cumming, uggggggh!"

    I had to let out my own moan as Todd tightened around my cock. The cum raced from my balls to splash into Todd as a wonderful climax washed through me. I strained hard against Todd as he strained into Sara's mouth. This was the first time Todd had gotten off today and I know how much he can shoot. Sara never batted an eyelash as she gulped down all he emptied from his balls.

    We all relaxed after Todd and I had come down from our hard climaxes. Todd's ass hole quivered around my cock as I slowly withdrew. I grabbed the towel and wiped Todd's butt and then my soft dick. Sara kissed me on the cheek before french kissing Todd and relaxing across his chest.

"A really good one, huh," Sara asked us.

"Yeah," Todd and I answered in union.

    I lay beside them as they petted each other. Sara hadn't gotten off yet, but she always likes to watch me and Todd first. At 15, it usually doesn't take Todd long to recover and be ready for more. Todd has been getting off 3 or 4 times a day since he started puberty at 13. I have seen him cum 5 times in less than 2 hours when he was really horny, and man does Sara keep him horny. For me, getting off once or twice a day has been enough ever since I turned 50.

    It wasn't but 15 or 20 minutes later that I watched as Todd got between Sara's legs and started licking. Sara soon ripped open a condom and put it on Todd's dick. Yeah, Sara is always hot and horny too. She is 5 months younger than Todd and won't be 15 until next month. When Todd had first introduced me to Sara, I had thought she was younger than she is. I knew Todd had been dating her for a few weeks before I had met her. I knew they were fucking and he couldn't help but brag about the sex they had together. Her breasts are small and even now barely starting to form. She looked more like a young child than a young woman. Now I know it is just her size. She was a late bloomer and will always be a small woman, but man is she hot. Even when she and Todd had first started having sex, it usually wasn't but a few minutes before she found a way for them to be alone and she could get Todd's pants down.

    Sara spread her legs wide and Todd got ready to enter her. He rubbed his dick against her pussy lips to get them both well lubed with her juices. I softy petted the inside of Sara's leg as they started humping. All ready Sara's breathing was coming in fast little pants. Only 9 or 10 minutes had passed and I was tracing my finger around her nipple. Her nipples became very hard and wrinkled. Her toes curled under and she strained hard against Todd. Todd moaned and I knew his balls were emptying once again.

    They rested a moment against each other as I pet them both. Todd withdrew his dick from Sara's pussy and took off the rubber. He tied a knot in the end to seal it and dropped the used condom into the trash can beside the bed. Todd lay beside Sara and grinned at her satisfied smile. He gave her a kiss on the forehead before lying back and grinning his contented grin.

    Todd looked so cute. His soft dick was flopped over to the left a bit and he looked so relaxed. At just under 6 inches hard, his dick is now big enough to lay over to the side. I thought about the first time I had seen him like that. It had been just after his 14th birthday and the age of consent in our state. He had only been shooting a few months and his dick was only about 4 inches when it was rock hard. Even when soft his dick had looked like he had a hard on the way it lay on his big balls.

    Sara rolled over and got on top of me crushing her small boobs against my chest. She gave me a hard hug and a kiss on the cheek. She scooted down being careful of my balls, and lay her head on my chest.

"Thanks, Joe," she whispered.

    I answered by smoothing her beautiful dark brown hair as she hugged against me. Todd wrapped us both in his embrace and kissed us both. We hugged a moment before they got up and started getting dressed. I slipped on my boxers and pants to watch them walk hand in hand to meet their friends. Yeah, I hoped they would someday get married and be very happy. Sara will make Todd a perfect wife. She reminds me a lot of my Bess. The perfect lady in public and an unbridled slut in the bedroom.

    I had known Todd and his mom Kate ever since they had moved in next door. Todd had been about 11 then. At first his dad had lived with them too, but he had walked out about 6 months after they moved in. It was about that time we told Kate my wife and I were a bisexual couple. We invited her to join us for sex sometimes but we made sure she understood it was sex only. My wife and I couldn't have kids because I shoot blanks. She didn't want to have kids by another man even though we often had one join us. We always made sure anyone that joined us understood we would never let anyone come between us. Kate would join us once in a while. Then she met Kevin her boyfriend and it became the 4 of us.

    I never took too much notice of Todd at that time. Oh sure, I saw him skateboarding around the neighborhood and playing with the other kids his age. He seemed to be outgoing an a leader among the kids. I never let him know that waking up on Saturday morning to the sound of a bouncing basketball on their driveway wasn't my ideal. No, we never talked a lot at that time. Sure, I congratulated him when the baseball team he played on did well. But, I just saw him as that little kid next door and I'm sure he saw me as nothing more than that old guy.

    Kate and Kevin would join me and my wife Bess about once a month for a foursome. Those were some fun times. Kevin is a fabulous top! I don't mind being a top most of the time, but being a bottom sometimes is fun too. Bess didn't care too much for Kevin as she thought he was too self centered.

    When Bess was killed in that awful car wreck, Kate and Todd were my rock. Of course mine and Bess' families all came for the funeral. I couldn't wait for the two days they were all there to be over. They all keep going on about all the bad that had happened in Bess' life. If her sister had said one more time what a pity it was we didn't have kids, I don't know what I would have done. They didn't know the Bess I knew. I wanted to remember the look on her face as she achieved an orgasm. The tender touch of her hand on me as she enjoyed another woman licking her cunt. The thrilled look she would get as I splashed my cum into her. The tenderness and compassion she always showed everyone. The way she would take a lost dog into her heart and do everything she could to find the owner. That is the Bess I want to remember.

    Yes, in the weeks after the accident, Kate and Todd were my rock. Todd would take care of the yard and any chores that needed to be done. I would come home to find him mowing the yard. When I tried to pay him he would refuse to take the money. Kate made sure there was something ready to eat in the house and that I didn't let it get filthy. Often she would invite me to spend the night with her and Kevin at her house, but I wanted to be near were my Bess had been.

    It was shortly after I had lost Bess that Kate and Kevin broke up. I guess I was too blinded by grief to see they were having problems. Bess would never have missed the signs. I thought Kate was a beautiful woman at 34, but Kevin found a new girlfriend and left. I knew Kate had some very hard feelings about Kevin after he left but I didn't know why. I just figured it was becuase his new girlfriend was 18.

    About a month after we had buried Bess, Kate and Todd showed up at the back door carrying supper. It was a Friday night and Kate knew I always had Saturday off.

"Time for you to have a decent meal," Kate annouced as she pushed her way into the kitchen.

Todd was right behind her carrying a big platter of pork chops with some bowls balanced on his arms.

"Might as well not fight it when she is in one of these moods," he commented with a grin.

    Todd got the dishes out of the cabinet and set 3 places. Kate set out the pork chops and there was a big bowl of potato salad. The other bowl held a mixture I had never had before. It was spinich with pinto beans and onions. I enjoyed that a lot too. The table talk was just minor everyday things. When we had finished eating, Todd jumped up and started washing the dishes.

"Let's go to the living room, Joe," Kate announced and I knew she had something on her mind.

I followed her into the room and took my favorite easy chair as she sat on the couch.

"I don't know how to say this anyway but to say it," Kate stated in a low voice. "I don't think you have had sex since Bess died."

    "I haven't," I confirmed, as I kept my voice low also. "I have never been with anyone without Bess being there since the day we met. I haven't even gotten a hard on very often the last month. I don't know if I can preform, Kate, but if you want to have sex, I'll try."

    "I would like that, Joe," Kate told me, "but right now it isn't me I'm worried about. It's Todd. I didn't know it at the time, but Kevin was screwing me and Todd both. I'm not happy about Todd's becoming sexually active so young, but like he said, he has a dick and gets horny too. I would much rather he had started with girls, but he didn't."

"Is he gay," I asked.

"I don't know," Kate answered. "He doesn't know himself."

"Do you want me to talk to him," I questioned.

    "Joe," Kate said in a very earnest voice as she stared at me, "I'm so afraid he is going to be hurt. Todd wants an older man. I'm afraid he will find someone that will abuse him or play mental games on him. He doesn't want a boyfriend or lover. He wants sex. You are the only one I know that I feel comfortable with. Todd says you are acceptable to him if he is acceptable to you." Kate sighed a little as she stared at me waiting for me to answer.

    I didn't know what to say. I had never been with anyone as young as Todd. Well, at least not since I was that age myself, and that was a long time ago. I knew I wasn't ready for any kind of a relationship, but this was just for sex.

"Like I said," I told her keeping my voice quiet, "I don't know if I can perform, but if Todd wants to spend the night, we will see how things go."

A loud sharp, "YES!" was screamed from the kitchen causing me and Kate both to laugh.

"You might as well join us if your finished in there," Kate called out.

Todd looked a little bashful as he came into the living room and sat beside his mother.

"Todd," I asked him, "you are sure this is what you want?"

"Yeah," he whisptered. "Jackin ain't near as much fun as getting screwed."

"Okay," I told him. "You do understand that while I do consider you a friend, I can't be your buddy."

"That's cool," he replied.

"Okay," I responded, "we will see how thing go tonight."

"Cool," Todd said as he nodded his head in agreement.

We all just sit there looking at each other. Todd was examining the floor as Kate stared off into space. I watched them both.

"Todd," I suggested, "why don't you help your mom take the dishes back home and then you come back over?"

"Oh," Kate exclamed! "Uh, yeah, uh, I guess you guys would rather I wasn't here."

"Well," I commented, "I think it is one thing for a guy's mom to know he is going to get some, but another for her to watch."

    "Yeah, I guess it is," Kate muttered as she blushed. She stood up and placed a hand on Todd's shoulder. I can handle the dishes, you be home for breakfast. She kissed Todd on the cheek and he returned her kiss. We both listened for the closing of the back door before saying anything.

"Todd," I started, "I guess we had better talk about a few things first."

"Like what," he asked.

"Like what you like and don't like," I answered.

"I like doing everything," Todd told me.

"By everything do you mean sucking and fucking," I asked.

"Yeah," he replied with a grin.

"Okay," I continued, "do you like being sucked or sucking someone else?"

"Both," Todd told me.

"Do you like being a top or a bottom," I asked Todd.

"Huh," he grunted, "what's that?"

I smiled a bit as I rephased the question. "Do you like getting screwed or doing the screwing?"

"Oh," Todd grined, "I loved getting screwed by Kevin."

I had to grin as I answered. "Yeah, Kevin sure knows how to screw a guy good, doesn't he. So, that means you prefer being a bottom."

"Yeah," Todd sighed.

"Todd," I questioned, "have you done anything with anyone besides Kevin?"

"Nope," Todd answered.

"Did you guys use condoms," I asked.

    Todd suddenly found the floor to be very interesting and in need of his attention as he shook his head no. I went over and sat beside him on the couch. I lifted his chin and looked into his eyes.

    "I don't really like using them myself," I told him. "I can't get a woman pregnant, and Bess and I were always careful about who we were with. The only people I have been with in the last year was Bess, Kevin, and your mother. The only one we can't really be sure about is Kevin and since we have both had unprotected sex with him, it is too late to worry about. If you want us to use condoms though, we will."

"Na," Todd replied, "as you said, it is too late to worry about it now."

    We got up and Todd headed for the bath room and a shower as I went around locking the doors and turning off the lights. Todd had used the guest bath so I slipped into the master bathroom and got ready. I sit on the pot and then took a quick shower so I would be clean. Todd was sitting on the edge of my bed as I entered the room. He had a towel wrapped around him the same as I had done.

    I let the towel I had wrapped around me fall to the floor as I reached for the edge of the towel Todd wore. Todd grabbed my hand as he stared at my soft cock. I felt a twinge of stirring as he stared at me. His face showed apprehension.

"Mine is kind of little," he whispered.

"Todd," I reassured him, "it isn't how much you have, it's what you do with it. Besides, you have years to grow yet."

    Todd let go of my hand and undid the towel. He sit there proudly displaying his 4 inch hard on. There were very few of the brown pubic hairs over his dick. I saw none under his arms or on his chest. His straining dick had a translucent look. He looked young. I lay him on his back and he spread his legs as I got between them. His balls were all ready pulled up tight against his body and you could easily see them lying one on each side of his dick.

    I gave them a lick and Todd's hands went to my head as he gave a little whine. I lay my tongue against his dick's shaft and I slurped his dick into my mouth. I could tell the head of his dick was very sensitive so I didn't use my tongue too much to stimulate him. Todd was slowly humping into my mouth. It didn't take at all long. Maybe a minute or two.

"Ugggggh," Todd groaned, "Oh, man..........................."

    My taste buds we flooded with his bittersweet salty taste. As soon as he had shot I could tell he wanted his dick out of my mouth. I must have sucked a little too hard as he was withdrawing because he moaned a soft ouch.

"Sorry," I told him.

"K," he responded. "I get real sore when I shoot, but it doesn't last long."

    Todd scooted around on the bed and I lay down next to him. His hand grasped my cock and I was instantly hard. He gave a few slow tugs on my dick before leaning in and licking my cock head. Oh man, was it ever good. He kissed my nipples and played with my chest hair a while. Todd got on his hands and knees.

"Fuck me," he quietly said.

"Are you sure," I asked.

Todd just nodded.

    I got the Astroglide out of the night stand drawer and liberally applied it to my fingers and Todd's hole. With just one finger I started massaging his rose bud. When my finger slipped inside him, I finger fucked him for a while before trying the second finger. I could tell Todd had done this before and it didn't take long for me to have 3 fingers working inside him.

"I'm ready," Todd told me. "Let me get on top."

    I wiped my hands on the towel and lay on my back. Todd smeared my cock with the lube and I couldn't wait to get inside him. A month is a long time to go without when you are used to getting it regularly. Todd straddled me and taking my cock in his hand he lined us up. He forced the head of my cock into himself and then wiggled a bit as he got right inside. He then slowly sank down on my dick until it was buried inside him. I was trembling as his butt contacted my pubic mound. He raised up and I had to hump upward.

"Oh," Todd giggled, "Joe likes that."

    My breathing was already pants and I could do no more than nod. Todd started working his body on my cock as he quickly would raise up and then slam back down. The expression on his face said he was enjoying himself as much as I was. The cum was boiling inside me. I don't remember ever having been so horny or so in need of cumming. I keep throwing Todd's timing off as I had to almost rabbit fuck straining to release the pressure.

    "Ohmagod," I cried out. "Oh, Todd! Oh...... ugggggggggggggggh!" I groaned hard. The cum was torn from my balls burning it's way out of my cock. It had been so long since I had last shot that the cum actually hurt. The climax was so hard I thought I might pass out.

    Todd kept riding my cock as he sought his own relief. I was barely aware he was jacking himself off until he strained. His first shot hit me on the chin. He fired a second that landed low on my tummy before the rest of his cum oozed out of the slit. He lay on top of me with my cock still buried in his ass as we recovered. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight. I don't know how long we lay there like that. I was about to drop off to sleep.

"Hey," I told Todd, "I need a shower before we go to bed. You want to take one with me?"

"Sure," he replied.

    Todd raised up and my soft dick slipped from his ass with a soft pop. We made our way to the bath and quickly cleaned up before crawling back into bed. Todd snuggled against me and we were soon both asleep. It is amazing how good sex can relax you and erase all the tensions.

   It wasn't long after school had started that I started hearing about Sara. Todd and I were laying on the bed relaxing after having exchanged blow jobs. He placed both of his hands behind his head on the pillow and looked at me. I knew he had something to talk about that was serious to him.

"Joe," Todd started then blushed and looked down before continuing, "what's it feel like to fuck a girl? I mean, is it the same as fucking a guy?"

I had let Todd fuck me a few times by then. He enjoyed it but much preferred to be on the bottom.

    "No," I told him, "in some ways it is about the same, but it is different at the same time. I don't know how to explain it. I think it is about like trying to explain what a climax feels like to a boy that has never had one. You will just have to try it and find out for yourself."

Todd nodded before continuing, "Can you get a girl pregnant if you just do it one time with her?"

"Yeah," I told him, "all it takes is for one of your little sperm cells to get to her egg. That can happen the very first time you have sex with her. Have you met a girl you want to try some things with?"

"Yeah," Todd sighed, "Sara is the most beautiful person in the world. She is nice as can be and man is she funny."

"Well," I told Todd, "you know you can't get her pregnant if you just have oral sex, but if you get your dick anywhere near her pussy you need to use a condom."

Todd turned beet red. "Uh, where can I get a condom," Todd asked.

"I'll get some and put them in the drawer. You just take what you need."

"Thanks, Joe," Todd sighed.

    I got a big box of condoms the next day and couldn't help but notice the were steadily going down. Not that Todd was missing many days with me. We were still playing 2 or 3 days a week. Todd let me know that his girl friend know all about him and me and that she wanted to watch us. I had a problem with that as she was still 13 at that time. 14 is legal in our state but 13 isn't. I told him I would meet her as soon as she turned 14. The day after her 14th birthday, Todd brought her to meet me.

    Sara was small. Her breast hardly made bumps inside her tee shirt. She looked to be closer to 12 than to 14. She watched me fuck Todd and she couldn't keep her hands off him as she cooed to him. She had kept her clothes on while Todd and I had sex but her soft hands would stroke his leg, then his hip. His belly would get petted and she tried to feel my cock inside him. Then she played with his nipples. Her hands stroked his balls and wrapped around his dick. Todd whimpered and started shooting cum. After we had both cum, we lay resting on the bed all together. Todd lay naked between me and Sara, but I couldn't help notice as he stroked her leg and his hand would disappear up the leg of her shorts. You could tell Sara was torn between modesty and horniness as Todd started to pull down her shorts.

"Do you want me to leave," I asked her.

She just shook her head no.

    Sara let Todd pull her shorts off and she lay with her legs clamped together. She had on a pair of pink bikini panties. Todd lifted her tee shirt over her head and Sara sat on the bed with just her panties and bra on. Even so she had on more clothes than Todd and I. We were naked. Todd kissed her neck as he reached behind her and unfastened her bra. Sara shrugged out of her bra and hugged Todd tight against her pressing her breasts against his chest.

    Todd lay her on her back and started kissing down her chest. Her breasts were small but the dark rings around her nipples were the size of quarters and the nipples stood out proud. Todd wrapped his mouth around one of her nipples as he tugged down her panties. Sara reached down and helped pull them off. Todd slipped between her legs as she spread them wide. He kissed down her tummy to her pussy. He moaned a bit as his tongue darted between the lips of her cunt. Sara was breathing hard and pulled Todd up letting him know she wanted his dick inside her.

    Todd grabbed a condom from the drawer and placed it over the head of his dick. He pinched the end just as I had taught him to do to leave room for the cum. Sara quickly helped him unroll the condom onto his dick. Todd only took a moment to be lined up and pushing into her. As Todd started pumping, Sara started bucking her hips in time with his thrusts. She grabbed my hand and lay it on her breast so I started massaging. Oh yeah, I don't deny I enjoyed watching the joy on their young faces as they fucked. When they finished Todd withdrew and disposed of the condom. Sara held my hand trapped and rubbed it on her lower abdomen. Todd lay on the other side of her and caressed her cheek. They held each other with a tenderness you rarely see as I petted them both..

It was the second time they visited me together that Todd told me, "Sara wants you to screw her. She wants to find out what it feels like without a condom."

I looked over at Sara. Her face was beet red!

"Are you sure, Sara," I asked.

    She couldn't do more than just nod as she stared at the floor but became much more animated as Todd helped her undress. Sara climbed to the center of the bed and lay with her legs spread wide. She held her hand over her pussy protecting it for the last time as she watched Todd and me undress. Todd lay beside her and was petting on her as I climbed between her legs. My cock was bigger than Todd's and I could tell Sara was a bit apprehensive as I got close to her pussy. She moved her hands and I saw her face stiffen slightly as my cock touched her pussy.

"Are you sure you want me to do this," I asked Sara.

    She licked her lips and nodded yes. The precum was flowing from my slit and I spread it over her pussy lips. Sara stiffened just a little as I started gently humping against her to start my cock into her cunt. My cock slid into her with no problem and I felt her relax. Sara's pussy was snug around my cock but not painfully tight. I started a few long slow strokes inside her and she was soon humping in time to my fucking. Wilder and wilder she got the longer we fucked. Her moans and groans were loud and I could tell from Todd's face he was enjoying the action too. Sara threw her head back and screamed as she climaxed. I shoved in hard and my balls emptied into her. It was all I could do to keep from collapsing on top of her. I was able to keep my wieght off her as I rested on my elbows and knees. My cock jumped once more inside her when she tightened her pussy muscles and I think I might have squirted one last time. She let me rest as my cock softened inside her. Todd gave us each a kiss on the cheek.

    After that it was always Todd, Sara and me when Todd would come over to play. I realized they often had sex without me. No couple wants a 3rd all the time. But sometimes it would be Todd that wanted to be fucked. Sometimes it was Sara. Todd was a confirmed bottom when it came to man on man sex. He never wanted to be the top. That was all right with me as I love being a top.

    I'm not saying that our relationship was only about sex. Sure we would talk about things too. But the truth is without the sex we had little in common. Their interests were totally different than mine. Sure I took an interest in the teams Todd played on. Sara was a cheerleader and I loved to watch her at the games. But because of the age difference, they were just discovering the world and I was slowing down. They had their group of freinds and I had mine.

    Todd and Sara did see other people too once they turned 16. If the other person didn't have a place they could all play, they would come over to my house. They had a very strict code. If someone they wanted to play with was dating someone else, they would only play as couples. They had one boy they had played with that tried to get them to break their rule. They both enjoyed him but when he got a girl friend, she didn't want to play. The boy wanted Todd and Sara to play with him and lie to his girl friend. I was proud that they wouldn't do it.

    Yeah, it was always Todd and Sara together except when one would have to go out of town. Then, they each had the other's premission to come over when they got horny. That didn't happen often. There were the times that Sara went on vacation with her family. Todd would be over every day. Then there was the week Todd spent at baseball camp. Sara came over a couple of times that week and she would imagine Todd jacking off beside us as we fucked.

    Sara didn't enjoy woman on woman sex, but she would help Todd when he wanted to play with another girl. Todd would always be there if Sara wanted to play with another boy, even if the guy was straight and didn't want Todd to even touch him. Sara enjoyed fucking other guys too. Well at least until the accident.

    It was just before Sara turned 17. They brought over David to play with. He was on the football team with Todd and was a full back. I had seen David play in some of the games but I had never met him.

"Joe," Todd introduced us, "this is David. He has an 8 inch cock and Sara is dying to try it out."

Sara was long past the stage of being embarrassed around me. She just grinned real big as David shook hands with me.

"Well," I told them, "you know the way to the bedroom."

    I sat in the living room watching tv as they had their fun. I could tell from the sounds that Todd was trying out some of that 8 inch cock himself. It was quiet a while and then I heard Sara having fun.

Suddenly I heard Sara scream, "Noooooooo! Get it out! Get it out!"

I jumped up and was running to the bedroom when I heard Todd yell.


    I burst into the bedroom and took in the scene. Sara was crying hysterically and seemed to be trying to stuff a towel up her pussy as the two boys stood there in shock. Finally, Todd looked at me and found his voice.

"David's condom broke inside her!"

    I grabbed up Sara and carried her to the bathroom. I stood her in the shower and turned on the water. She let me take the towel from her and she tried to splash water up her pussy as I found Bess' old douche bag and prepared a strong vinegar douche. I stuck the long nozzle up Sara's pussy and let the bag drain as it washed her out. Sara stood in the shower letting the water run off her as the douche drained from her cunt. I was sure she was cleaned out when I saw a little piece of the condom flow out of her. She still made me refill the douche 4 times before she was satisfied.

    David of course felt real bad. Sara apologized for freaking out so bad, but we were all on pins and needles for weeks until we were sure Sara wasn't pregnant. After that, Sara didn't mind sucking another guy's dick when someone would play with them, but she only let Todd or me fuck her.

    The summer they graduated high school Todd and Sara got married. They would be starting at the University in the fall so Sara's folks gave them a honeymoon to Niagara Falls as their wedding present. My present was a thousand dollars cash so they would have some spending money. I fingured it wouldn't take me that long to recoupe the money in savings from not having to buy condoms for Todd anymore.

    When they got back home from their honeymoon, it wasn't but a few weeks before they were sure Sara was pregnante. They were thrilled. If it was posssible, it seemed Sara was even more horny than usual once she was sure she was pregnante. She and Todd would come over with the plan being I would fuck Todd. It seems somehow during that time it always ended up with Todd and me fucking Sara. Of course Todd and I were always gentle and very careful not to hurt the baby.

    Nine months and 3 days after their wedding, Todd Jr. was born. That is when I became Papa Joe. None of us had realized what caring for a baby involved. Oh, none of us regreted his being born! Sara was talking about dropping out of the University so she could care for him. Of course Todd and I were against that. I had taken early retirement so it was decided I would keep Todd Jr. while they were at school and work. Of course Grandma Kate was right next door if I needed her.

    I had a 3 bedroom house and besides my own bedroom I had one fixed up as a guest room. Todd and Sara had spent many a night there. The other was fixed up kind of like a home office. I didn't really need an office so we converted it to a nursery. Todd Jr. would be dropped off at 8 am and then one of them would be by anytime from 6 pm to 10 pm to pick him up. If Sara and Todd could both pick him up, we would often play a bit before they left. Many nights they just slept in the guest room instead of distrubing the baby at midnight to go home. After a few months of that we had a talk. It was decided they would give up their little apartment where all they did was sleep, and move in with me. That made everything easier on everyone in more ways than one. I at last had the kids I had never had.

    Two years after Todd Jr. was born, Sara Dora arrived. I had another bedroom with bath built onto the den. Todd and Sara moved into the master bedroom and I moved into the new room. We never lied to the kids when it came to sex. Of course we didn't tell them anything they weren't ready for, but we would answer their questions honestly. It was a bit embarrassing when Todd Jr. walked in on us when he was about 8.

    We were in their bedroom on the floor. Sara was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her doggie style. Todd had his dick in Sara's mouth. I guess we got a little too loud. Todd Jr. walked into the room rubbing sleep from his eyes and he just stared at us. Todd took Todd Jr. back to his bed and answered his questions to his satisfaction. Then there was the time when Todd Jr. was 11. He walked in on us while I was fucking Todd. That was a little harder to explain. He was a bit more curious.

    That was when Todd and I had a long talk with Todd Jr. about sex. I told him I kept a box of condoms in my bedside drawer and he should use one if he were to have sex with anyone. I told Todd Jr. how to properly put one on and watched him try one on to make sure he understood. It wasn't too long after that when I started noticing one or two missing every once in a while. Sara Dora got the same talk when she was about 11 too, but she hasn't shown any interest in sex yet. Of course she is only 12 now. Todd Jr. on the other hand became very interested when he hit puberty. Today is Todd Junior's 14th birthday, and I still haven't decided how I'll answer him.

My bedroom door opened and Todd Jr. stuck his head in.

"Papa Joe? I'm 14 now."